14th March General Sale Results

1 A Royal Doulton oval floral decorated dish, one other similar dish, etc.£0.00

2 A Spode “Italian” pattern fruit set.£22.00

3 A Japanese Imari bowl and two other pieces. £2.00

4 A Booths “Pompadour” pattern jug a Victorian copper lustre tankard, etc.£2.00

5 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE: Five Danbury Mint resin railway sculptures with their certificates.£20.00

6 A John Anton 1950’s leaf decorated part tea/dinner service.£8.00

7 Five copper lustre jugs.£2.00

8 A collection of coloured glass.£12.00

9 Five pieces of Japanese Satsuma ware and one other piece.£0.00

10 A fruit set, a Royal Doulton elephant decorated plate, etc.£10.00

11 A Victorian black glaze four piece tea service.£0.00

12 A Doulton Lambeth teapot with sprigged on decoration and two matching pieces, each with a silver mount.£12.00

13 A Cornish Harmony Pottery vase tube work decorated with circles and a stylised flower, two ginger jars etc.£2.00

14 An eastern floral decorated part tea service etc.£2.00

15 A collection of vases and jugs with flower and berry moulded decoration and a similar lidded box.£2.00

16 Two Victorian jugs, a Spode blue and white bowl, model figures etc.£2.00

17 Three ceramic piggy banks.£10.00

18 A Royal Standard floral decorated tea service.£15.00

19 A continental vases with a narrow neck and a bulbous body, an eastern resin model toad etc.£2.00

20 A pot pourri jar cut with a tree and two other pieces.£2.00

21 Stemmed glasses and other glass.£2.00

22 A collection of character and Toby jugs.£5.00

23 A puce and gilt part tea service and a studio pottery part services.£2.00

24 A Royal Doulton “Hampshire” pattern serving bowl, together with matching soup bowls, saucers etc.£12.00

25 A set of seven Chinese collectors plates, a dragon decorated bowl and a collection of glass.£10.00

26 Models including Sylvac etc.£12.00

27 Miscellaneous china, including teaware etc.£8.00

28 A flattened oval pink glaze vase and other china and glass, together with a pewter box.£5.00

29 Miscellaneous china and glass.£5.00

30 Five pieces of Celtic Pottery.£15.00

31 A Carn Pottery vase, other studio pottery etc.£15.00

32 Two stoneware jars.£2.00

33 A Villeroy & Boch “Melina” pattern part tea service, other matching pieces etc.£30.00

34 A Villeroy & Boch “Flora Bella” pattern coffee service and other matching pieces, together with a Paragon Edward VIII twin handle mug etc.£22.00

35 A 1970’s Staffordshire gilt and fruit decorated five piece tea service.£10.00

36 Miscellaneous teaware etc.£0.00

37 A collection of mostly green glass.£2.00

38 A Leaper Newlyn oval dish, a Newlyn Pottery fish decorated dish, a Carn Pottery cylindrical floral decorated vase and two other pieces.£25.00

39 Teaware etc.£8.00

40 A continental blue and white animal decorated soup tureen with stand and ladle a.f. and a mottled blue glaze chamber pot.£2.00

41 An “Eternal Beau” pattern tea service and matching cake stand.£2.00

42 A coffin style vase moulded with an abstract design, together with a Wedgwood blue jasper ware” vase and lidded jar.£20.00

43 An oval floral decorated plate, a Beswick “Ballet” pattern cheese dish and tureen dish with cover and one other piece.£10.00

44 Studio pottery, a model boot etc.£2.00

45 Two Victorian graduated “Shells” pattern jugs and a similar teapot decorated with clavical urn and flowers.£2.00

46 A Victorian floral decorated jug, a Hornsea “Fauna” pattern jug etc.£5.00

47 A collection of novelty biscuit barrels etc.£22.00

48 A blue and white vase, two studio pottery mugs etc.£2.00

49 A glass table lamp, a green glass oil lamp and two other pieces.£5.00

50 A novelty biscuit barrel, a pot pourri jar etc.£2.00

51 A Victorian Staffordshire model of a figure in a boat passing beneath a castle and three other pieces.£28.00

52 Four character jugs and two tankards.£5.00

53 Decanters and other glass.£22.00

54 A Victorian oil lamp with a floral painted reservoir on a gilt painted column.£5.00

55 Two Victorian meat plates.£10.00

56 Miscellaneous china and glass.£5.00

57 A Royal Albert “Festival” pattern part tea service etc.£2.00

58 A Czechoslovakia 1930s style coffee service.£18.00

59 A Studio Pottery tea kettle with an impressed “m” mark, a lidded jar etc.£8.00

60 A blue and white charger with a Dutch canal scene.£2.00

60A Two Hoganas plates with Biblical scenes and three other pieces.£5.00

61 Two floral painted bowls, one other bowl and a collection of glass.£5.00

62 A 1930s green glaze vase and four other pieces.£2.00

63 Three novelty biscuit barrels and two similar teapots.£8.00

64 A collection of Langley blue and brown glaze teaware and other matching pieces.£8.00

65 Three stoneware jars and a Minton jug.£0.00

66 A blue and white “Asiatic Pheasant” pattern serving dish and plate, together with a set of six small plates decorated with a version of the “Willow” pattern. £2.00

67 Various plates etc.£2.00

68 A pair of green glaze plant stands made as classical columns.£8.00

69 An extensive collection of bamboo decorated tea and dinnerware.£22.00

70 A collection of oriental china.£0.00

71 A Victorian Chinoiserie teapot and stand, four eastern model figures etc.£22.00

72 A blue glaze teapot and three matching pieces, other china and a pink glass dressing table set.£8.00

73 A resin model of Groucho Marx, a tankard moulded with film stars etc.£2.00

74 Jewellery stands etc.£1.00

75 A Hammersley floral decorated small jug and four matching pieces, a Susie Cooper fruit decorated part coffee service etc.£15.00

76 A Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” pattern tea service.

77 An Aynsley tea service each piece with a resin red and black band of decorations.£25.00

78 An extensive collection of white glaze tea, dinner and coffee ware.£22.00

79 A large orange glaze teapot, other teaware etc.£2.00

80 A pair of good quality lined velvet curtains with tie backs and pelmet coverings.£10.00

81 A pair of lined curtains with tie backs.£15.00

82 Two pink woollen blankets.£0.00

83 A pair of lined curtains.£5.00

84 A bag of miscellaneous, to include bedding curtains etc.£5.00

85 A pair of Mitre Harvest gold coloured blankets.£0.00

86 A bag of bedding sheets, blankets etc.£2.00

87 A bag of assorted cushions etc.£5.00

88 A large quantity of table linen in two bags.£15.00

89 A bag of bedding, including double duvet.£2.00

90 A Snuggledown of Norway goose feather and down double duvet.£5.00

91 Two pairs of Cote D’Azure curtains by Collier Campbell with Fisba, 65″ drop x 100″ width and 80″ drop x 74″ width, plus six piped cushion covers. 25″sq x 16″sq doorstop in matching fabric.£90.00

92 A pair of amber coloured velvet lined curtains, 64″ width x 72″ drop.£0.00

93 A pair of floral lined curtains, 90″ width x 54″ drop.£0.00

94 Two pure new wool blankets.£2.00

95 Two pair of red velvet lined curtains with tie backs.£10.00

96 A pair of brown floral pattern lined curtains with tie backs and pelmet coverings.£5.00

97 Good quality lined curtains in two bags.£30.00

98 A bag of pure new wool blankets.£2.00

99 A pair of blue and white lined curtains.£5.00

100 A pair of terracotta coloured lined curtains.£2.00

101 Two bags of table linen.£20.00

102 Two bags of table linen.£18.00

103 A bag of miscellaneous.£5.00

104 Two bags of bedding.£2.00

105 A bag of mixed cushions.£10.00

106 Two bags of table linen.£12.00

107 Two bags of miscellaneous.£15.00

108 A bag containing crochet and embroidered linen.£12.00

109 A bag of miscellaneous including table cloths, general purpose cloths, oven gloves etc.£15.00

110 A bag of pillows.£8.00

111 A pair of lined floral curtains.£8.00

112 A pair of lined Laura Ashley curtains.£15.00

113 A pair of lined cream coloured curtains.£0.00

114 A bag of curtains a.f.£0.00

115 Three bags containing mixed curtains.£10.00

116 Two bags of cushions and miscellaneous.£2.00

117 A case of leather and other purses.£10.00

118 A case of leather and other purses.£5.00

119 Two boxes of miscellaneous clothing etc.£2.00

120 A box of table linen, including crochet and embroidered.£12.00

121 A box of fabric and other bags.£1.00

122 A box of table linen.£12.00

123 A box of knitting/sewing bags.£0.00

123A A box woollen clothing.£0.00

123B A box of mostly woollen clothing.£5.00

123C A box of scarves.£8.00

123D A box of handbags.£2.00

123E A box of handbags etc.£0.00

123F A box of handbags.£0.00

123G A box of scarves.£2.00

123H A box of handbags.£2.00

123I A box of hats.£2.00

123J A box of hats.£2.00

123K A box of hats.£2.00

123L A box of ladies clothing.£2.00

123M A box of woollen scarves and shawls.£5.00

123N A box of ladies silk and other scarves.£8.00

123O A box of silk and scarves.£8.00

123P A box mostly leather handbags.£2.00

123Q A box mostly leather handbags.£5.00

123R A box of bags, including leather.£2.00

123S A box of ladies shoes.£0.00

123T A box of ladies shoes.£0.00

123U A box of ladies shoes.£2.00

123V A box of good handbags and purses, including Viven Westwood tartan purse and Sable Persian bags etc.£18.00

123W A box of handbags, including Japelle and Lacoste.£8.00

123X A box of ladies handbags, including Italian and Aacia.£15.00

123Y Two suitcases of rubber bar mats.£8.00

123Z A box of mostly soft toys.£2.00

124 A box of boots and shoes, including sheepskin etc.£2.00

125 A box of children’s clothes.£2.00

126 A French Point De Lioselles wall hanging machine tapestry of medieval figures before a view to a lake.£5.00

127 A holdall and other bags.£8.00

128 A yellow ground cross stitch rug, patterned with flower vases and sprays within a patterned border, 117 x 182cm approx.£15.00

129 Car cover for any family size car.£8.00

130 A pair of cream coloured curtains.£0.00

130A A bag of miscellaneous, to include fancy dress theatrical garment off cuts etc.£1.00

130B A crochet bed throwover.£2.00

130C A bag of miscellaneous clothing.£2.00

130D A multi coloured throwover.£5.00

130E A bag of table linen to include lace, crochet and embroidered.£10.00

130F A bag of mixed cushions.£5.00

130G Two Nauticalia totes.£2.00

130H Two Nauticalia bucket/duffel bags.£8.00

130I Three matching South African wall hangings depicting geometric design of animals and figures.£2.00

130J A gents Tri-series Advance Tech Edition Dry Robe.£35.00

130K A clown fancy dress outfit.£1.00

130L A wedding hoop, veil, child’s bridesmaids dress.£2.00

130M A Nomis heated zip hoodie.£12.00

130N A ladies brown leather three quarter length coat along with two other coats.£2.00

130O Three little girls Disney princess dresses.£2.00

130P Boys hoodies.£0.00

130Q Boys jackets.£2.00

130R Ladies coats to include Reggata.£0.00

130S A Pirate fancy dress outfit.£12.00

130T A gents three piece evening suit and jacket.£2.00

130U A ladies full length mink fur coat with collar tapering to waist.£2.00

130V A vintage 1920’s Ermine fur and silk lining stole collar.£10.00

130W A vintage 1930’s fox fur stole with glass eyes, head, tail and feet.£15.00

130X A pair of ladies black boots and a pair of black suede gloves.£1.00

130Y A box of ladies hats and scarves.£0.00

130Z Ladies scarves.£1.00

151 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame, size including frame 133.5 x 72.5cm.£8.00

152 Two boxes of books.£8.00

153 Two boxes of books.£5.00

154 Two boxes of books.£8.00

155 Two boxes of books.£5.00

156 Two boxes of books.£12.00

157 Two boxes of books.£2.00

158 An aluminum folding gazebo frame in a green canvas bag.£1.00

159 A mahogany curtain pole with rings.£0.00

160 A box of photograph frames.£0.00

161 A box of wood ware.£1.00

162 Two boxes of books.£12.00

163 Two boxes of books.£15.00

164 Two boxes of books.£8.00

165 Two boxes of books.£15.00

166 A bag of films on DVD.£15.00

167 A reproduction 17th century print of a river scene and a print of a continental market square.£10.00

168 Pictures and prints.£0.00

169 Two cane trays.£8.00

170 A brown leather suitcase.£15.00

171 A black canvas trolley case.£0.00

172 A pair of hard plastic trolley cases and two other cases.£2.00

173 A collection of golf clubs and balls.£0.00

174 Two golf bags, one with a small collection of clubs.£15.00

174A A Land Rover tow bar with light attachments and other fixings.£22.00

174B A V-Fit rowing exercise machine.£18.00

174C A Webb 24 inch self driven cylinder mower with a Honda 5 horse power overhead cam engine (recently overhauled) with grass box and manual.£0.00

174D A Mountfield RS 100 petrol driven rotary mower with grass box.£10.00

174E Two packs of floor tiles.£0.00

174F A set of four alloy wheels from a VW T4 Transporter.£20.00

174G A bike rack from VW T4 Transporter.£20.00

174H An Olympus Sport exercise bike.£5.00

175 Three large terracotta plant pots.£10.00

176 A pair of car jacks and a set of bolt cutters.£18.00

177 A Record cast iron floor board clamp and a similar “The Crown” clamp.£2.00

178 A motorcycle engine lift.£12.00

179 A wall mounted metal hose reel.£8.00

180 A step stool together with a pedal bin.£5.00

181 A pair of cast iron garden bench supports.£12.00

182 An aluminum step ladder.£1.00

183 A folding three tier plant stand.£8.00

184 Three exterior lamps.£0.00

185 Demijohn and other glass jars.£10.00

186 A Thermos cool box.£2.00

187 A pine fire surround/mantel shelf, width 99cm.£2.00

188 A pine fire surround/mantel shelf, width 122cm.£2.00

189 A mirror.£0.00

190 A box of kitchen unit supports.£0.00

191 A box of tree surgeons equipment.£8.00

192 An engineers leg vice.£18.00

193 A large glass carboy.£15.00

194 An earthenware chimney cowl etc.£1.00

195 A Directors chair, a folding garden chair and a stool.£1.00

196 An aluminum two section extending ladder.£30.00

197 A pair of cast iron garden bench supports.£2.00

198 A collection of gardening tools.£1.00

199 A lawn spiker.£1.00

200 A spike aerator mower attachment.£0.00

201 A petrol mower motor with tank.£2.00

202 An Atco petrol driven 20″ cylinder mower with grass box.£20.00

203 A folding stool and a spray/clean mop in its original box.£2.00

204 A sack trolley.£12.00

205 A large collection of gardening tools.£35.00

206 A dress rail.£15.00

207 A Black and Decker Workmate and a pine trolley.£2.00

208 A bundle of gardening tools and two watering cans.£8.00

209 Two iron lasts and a flat iron.£1.00

210 A pair of directors chairs.£15.00

211 A collection of plant pots.£2.00

212 A folding garden chair, a box of tools and a rotary clothes line.£5.00

213 Two sets of folding steps.£2.00

214 An artist’s donkey bench.£15.00

215 A collection of fluorescent light fittings and tubes.£28.00

216 A fire door set with a toughened glass panel, 85 x 190.5cm and one other fire door.£0.00

217 A collection of roofing slate tiles.£2.00

218 A white marble mantel shelf, 30 x 173cm.£30.00

219 A Royal Doulton white ceramic shower tray.£0.00

220 A sack trolley and a folding garden chair.£0.00

221 A two man cross cut saw and a hay knife.£0.00

222 Two spoked iron machinery wheels, each diameter 51cm.£8.00

223 A pair of cast iron machinery wheels, each diameter 64cm.£12.00

224 A pair of iron and galvanised feeding troughs.£5.00

225 A pair of cast iron garden bench supports.£20.00

226 A stoneware flagon retailed by W.D.Batkin, Stafford and one other jar.£0.00

227 A galvanised watering can and a painted can.£22.00

228 A tin trunk.£2.00

229 A painted wood garden bench, width 130cm.£45.00

230 A pair of garden kneelers, a wrought iron console table and two stoneware jars.£0.00

231 A pine tool chest and contents, together with a green enamel bowl and scoop.£15.00

232 A child’s plastic swing.£0.00

233 A galvanised folding anchor.£0.00

234 A white fibre glass P-shape bath with side panel, shower screen, mixer taps, shower etc.£50.00

235 A circular wrought iron garden table, diameter 65cm and a set of four matching folding chairs.£70.00

236 A wrought iron garden lantern.£5.00

237 A set of four stacking aluminum garden chairs.£35.00

238 A parlour lobster pot.£25.00

239 A vintage iron oil tank, mounted with a crank pump, height including pump 121cm.£45.00

240 A fibre glass walk in bath with chrome mixer tap and side panels.£0.00

241 A pair of arched driveway pine gates, each width 141cm excluding galvanised hinge and each maximum height 143cm..£60.00

242 An Odyssey 470 litre locking car top box, with key and fixings.£40.00

243 A child’s toy digger.£5.00

244 A Titan aluminum stepladder.£10.00

245 A similar larger ladder.£10.00

246 A child’s Whizz Kid bicycle.£1.00

247 Three large blue glaze plant pots.£50.00

248 A uPVC double glazed window with one opener, width 158cm, height 122cm.£10.00

249 A pair of uPVC double glazed windows, each with one opener and each width 108cm, height 127cm.£10.00

250 Four boxes of plant pots.£2.00

251 Two pairs of iron height adjustable trestles.£10.00

252 An aluminium ladder.£10.00

253 Two pairs of stacking garden chairs.£2.00

254 A car bike transporting mount.£40.00

255 Two plastic buoys and a pair of plastic fenders.£12.00

256 Two trailer boards.£15.00

257 A Tuff plastic toolbox.£2.00

258 Three folding chairs in canvas bags.£5.00

259 Various lengths of rope.£2.00

260 Two plastic trays of tools etc.£25.00

261 An anchor and a set of boat throttle controls.£12.00

262 A coil of heavy duty cable and two plastic electrical boxes.£25.00

263 A Van Vault tool chest.£22.00

264 A cast iron fire infill, width 61 cm.£2.00

265 Two packs of electrical trunking.£1.00

266 A shower door.£0.00

267 An aluminium step ladder.£8.00

268 An aluminium stepladder.£10.00

269 An aluminium pan with iron handles, two bed slippers etc.£2.00

270 A child’s Raleigh Hot Rod bicycle.£5.00

271 A child’s Blank Ammo bicycle.£2.00

271A A child’s Mongoose Motivator bicycle.£2.00

272 A McLaren folding pushchair and a Graco car seat£1.00

273 A child’s pink plastic swing and a plastic tray.£2.00

274 A Body Style exercise bike.£0.00

275 A large glass carboy.£15.00

276 A terracotta wall pocket, together with a corner plant stand and a folding stool.£22.00

277 A pair of white glaze plant pots with floral moulded decoration.£8.00

278 A gas cylinder.£2.00

279 A sun lounger.£0.00

280 A dress rail on wheels.£2.00

281 A galvanised pail and a similar scoop.£0.00

282 Three Jerry cans.£2.00

282A A folding metal stand.£10.00

282B A wooden bow saw and a similar metal saw.£5.00

283 A Sirroco caravan awning with spare canvas and a caravan porch awning.£35.00

284 An iron sack trolley.£5.00

284A An Arum lily.£8.00

284B A large aluminium lidded bin with a swing handle and a similar saucepan.£5.00

284C A cool box etc.£2.00

285 A large camellia in a black plastic pot.£20.00

286 A mothering-law tongue house plant.£25.00

287 A step exerciser, weights etc.£10.00

288 A folding ebonised chair with a cane back and seat.£2.00

289 A rectangular mirror in a white painted frame size including frame 65 x 156.5 cm.£20.00

290 A teak steamer chair.£15.00

291 An Atce Consort 14 electric cylinder mower with grass box, supplied by David Brown and Sons.£10.00

292 A pair of Hilkinson 15 x 80 binoculars on an adjustable tripod.£35.00

293 An iron last on a wooden leg.£25.00

294 A case of 78rpm records.£2.00

295 A pair of folding card tables.£5.00

296 Four boxes of books.£5.00

297 Three CD racks and two sets of garden lights.£2.00

298 A pair of aluminum and plastic oars.£2.00

299 A cane picnic basket with a fitted interior.£15.00

300 A large square cane basket with a hoop handle.£20.00

301 A Fortnum & Masons cane picnic basket.£25.00

302 Two pairs of fabric covered drawers.£20.00

303 A Tri-ang dolls house with furniture.£12.00

304 A collection of films on DVD.£8.00

305 A collection of Lord of the Rings film related model figures.£8.00

306 A canvas covered cabin trunk with wooden bands, metal mounts and leather straps.£50.00

307 An eastern brass bulbous lidded jar now as a table lamp.£20.00

308 An Indian brass jardiniere with elephant head handles and two bands of animal and figure scenes.£18.00

309 A pair of Cloisonne jars each with a floral decorated black ground a.f.£1.00

310 A large copper lantern head on an iron mount, height including mount 100cm.£80.00

311 A coloured print “South View of Penryn” after W.Penaluna dated 1816.£2.00

312 Two multi media abstract pictures and a print.£10.00

313 Three arched mirrors in Gothic style frames each width 67cm, height 112cm.£20.00

314 Two reproduction posters for the films “Last of the Comanches” and “Rawhide Trail” framed as one.£5.00

315 Two coloured prints of rural scenes.£15.00

316 A framed machine tapestry of an Arabian street scene, 50 x 144cm.£10.00

317 A framed Admiralty chart of the Scilly Isles. £50.00

318 A black and white print of a view to the harbour across the roofs of St.Ives, after J.R.Donnarchie.£40.00

319 Two boxes of games etc.£8.00

320 Three boxes of books.£18.00

321 Two boxes of books.£40.00

322 Two boxes of books.£10.00

323 Two boxes of books.£10.00

324 Two boxes of books.£10.00

325 Two boxes of books.£10.00

326 Two boxes of books.£30.00

327 A box of books.£2.00

328 Four boxes of books.£8.00

329 A Singer electric sewing machine, a Braun blender etc.£8.00

330 Two boxes of books.£2.00

331 T.H.Victor “R.Y.S.Valhalla” watercolour signed and inscribed 35 x 49cm.£30.00

332 An electric razor, a hairdryer etc.£5.00

333 A paper shredder.£0.00

334 A turned and fluted standard lamp.£15.00

335 A “Multi Hanger” in its original box, together with a Bissell feather weight vacuum cleaner.£2.00

336 A projection screen.£2.00

337 A Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaner and a projection screen.£2.00

338 An adjustable table lamp on a tripod.£0.00

339 A Lattera 22 portable typewriter.£5.00

340 An illuminated bathroom cabinet.£2.00

341 An oval mirror with a bevelled glass in a painted frame.£5.00

342 A Flymo Easy Trim hedge trimmer.£8.00

343 A box of engineers tools.£40.00

344 An electric polisher etc.£5.00

345 A Ferm biscuit cutter and a wandering lead.£2.00

346 Miscellaneous.£2.00

347 A Cookworks bread maker.£2.00

348 A plastic toolbox and contents.£5.00

349 A Sanyo transcribing machine in its original box.£8.00

350 A toaster etc.£5.00

351 A Performance hedge grinder.£5.00

352 A Parkside bench grinder.£5.00

353 A Bush portable CD/Radio/Cassette recorder.£20.00

354 A rectangular cane basket.£2.00

355 A turned wood standard lamp.£5.00

356 An electric floor polisher.£18.00

357 A bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.£20.00

358 A white metal framed cloche. £5.00

359 A Qualcast electric rotary mower with grass box.£10.00

360 A Hoover upright vacuum cleaner.£5.00

361 A pair of Wharfedale speakers.£8.00

362 A Marconiphone radiogram with a Garrard deck in a hardwood effect case.£35.00

362A A Jocel stainless steel bottled gas range cooker, width 90cm.£5.00

362B A brass and stainless steel magic lantern now converted to electricity in its original wooden box.£55.00

362C A brass and tin plate magic lantern in its original wooden box.£25.00

362D A box of Sky 3D glasses etc.£2.00

362E A box of plastic baking accessories etc.£0.00

362F An oak tray, two cane baskets and two other pieces.£15.00

362G A box of books.£2.00

363 A reel of cable and a circular electric saw.£2.00

364 A Flymo Revolution electric strimmer.£5.00

365 A early 19th century coloured print of Bedford bridge, a plan for Wrens rebuilding of London and one other print.£2.00

366 A late 18th or early 19th century coloured print of Dundee from the east and two other prints.£18.00

367 A 19th century coloured print of Falmouth Harbour, after J.M.W.Turner, one other similar print of Falmouth and a print Southwark Iron Bridge.£15.00

368 A framed plan of the town of Nottingham 1844.£1.00

369 Three 19th century coloured prints of Penryn, Truro and Trefusis.£20.00

370 An 18th century coloured print “A South East prospect of Kingston-upon-Hull”.£20.00

371 Two early 19th century coloured prints, View of Falmouth from Pendennis Castle and View of Mevagissey. £2.00

372 An early 20th century watercolour of a lakeside chateau and one other picture.£8.00

373 A Matsui dehumidifier. £8.00

374 A pair of cylindrical brass table lamps.£2.00

375 A Royale small vacuum cleaner.£10.00

376 An artists metal folding easel.£5.00

377 A Dyson Root Cyclone bagless upright vacuum cleaner in green and purple plastic.£15.00

378 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.£8.00

379 An Oleo Mac petrol chainsaw.£25.00

380 A petrol chainsaw.£35.00

381 A signed limited edition coloured print of a harbour scene after John Holt and two other prints.£25.00

382 Two coloured prints of pigs.£2.00

383 A watercolour of fishing and steam boats after Alan Stark.£28.00

384 An Oil On Board of a pair of clogs and a pudding signed R. Crook and three prints.£2.00

385 Marsden Prophet an oil on board of a mother and child beside a meagre fire, 44 x 37cm.£450.00

386 A limited edition coloured print of a Cottage after J.L Morrison and one other print.£35.00

386A A watercolour “A hotel gardens, Tresco, Isles of Scilly” by Gillian M. Hobbs.£12.00

387 Two boxes of lamps and other electricals.£2.00

388 A vice, a wandering lead etc.£10.00

389 An early 20th century wrought iron height adjustable oil lamp standard with a copper lamp.£12.00

390 An Ali Baba linen basket.£0.00

391 A child’s Ricardo car seat.£1.00

392 An Outdoor Revolution Compact Pro tent.£10.00

393 A case of 33rpm records.£0.00

394 A halogen heater.£0.00

395 A Sharp dehumidifier.£25.00

396 A portable typewriter.£15.00

397 A Max air pressure nail gun.£10.00

398 A Pioneer sound system with Iphone dock.£18.00

399 A collection of tools in a metal file drawer.£8.00

400 An electric bath lift in its original box.£2.00

401 An AEG electric jigsaw in a fitted case.£1.00

402 A Hobby fret saw disassembled and three garden syringes.£10.00

403 A Bernina electric sewing machine and a corded telephone.£10.00

404 Two boxes of books.£8.00

405 A tin trunk containing saws, chisels and other woodworking tools etc.£30.00

406 A BT telephone system, an ITT recorder etc.£5.00

407 A Siemens telephone, various cables etc.£1.00

408 Electrical boxes, an orbital sander, a safety helmet etc.£12.00

409 A photographic enlarger in its original box.£2.00

410 A Fidelity 1960’s portable record player in grey and blue plastic.£20.00

411 A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched oak veneered case.£10.00

412 An Eltex greenhouse heater in its original box.£5.00

413 A bag of car cleaning materials.£2.00

414 A convector heater.£1.00

415 A Bosch jigsaw and a portable power pack.£12.00

416 A stainless steel gas four ring hob.£0.00

416A A Dimplex living flame effect fan heater.£12.00

416B A Keuco Bellavista illuminated magnifying make-up mirror on an adjustable stand.£10.00

416C A Steepletone multi band radio.£8.00

416D A Bush portable radio/cassette recorder/CD player with remote control.£8.00

416E A Kenwood Gourmet blender with attachments etc.£1.00

416F A Sabre petrol driven strimmer.£5.00

416G A Sony LBT-N550 stereo stack system with five CD changer and RDS radio, together with a record deck and speakers.£50.00

416H An Ebac Homedry dehumifier.£15.00

416I A Liebherr commercial chest freezer with a stainless steel top, width 166cm.£10.00

416J A Zone wireless gaming system and a Visiq foot spa.£1.00

416K A Swan oil filled radiator.£2.00

416L A Singing Machine karaoke music video camera in its original box.£12.00

416M An Insanity workout programme in its original box.£12.00

416N A boxed set the Friends television series.£2.00

416O Two standard lampshades.£0.00

416P A toy zoo and related models.£5.00

416Q A Compact oven/grill in its original box.£8.00

416R A Radio shack 5’5″ portable television.£2.00

416S A Eumig Mark 8 projector in its original box.£5.00

416T An exterior security lamp in its original box.£2.00

416U A Dremel in a fitted plastic case.£10.00

416V A Krups coffee bean grinder, a pasta maker etc.£12.00

417 A floor standing lamp with an adjustable florescent head.£2.00

418 Two telephones, a kettle and a radio.£2.00

419 A brass floor standing lamp with a red fabric shade.£18.00

420 An Hinari foot spa in its original box.£0.00

421 An LG 50″ flat screen television with remote control.£110.00

422 A Panasonic DVD recorder with remote control etc.£2.00

423 A metal card index drawer containing tools.£15.00

424 A Typhoon frying pan.£1.00

425 A box containing wood dye, screwdrivers and other tools.£12.00

426 A box containing wood dye, screwdrivers and other tools.£12.00

426A A boxed set of pry bars.£5.00

427 A box of Elvis Presley CD’s, mugs etc.£10.00

428 A Fidelity portable LW/MW/LUX portable radio and a GEC radio.£18.00

A Walkman tape player.£2.00

A tyre repair kit/inflator.£2.00

430 A Proline larder fridge.£0.00

431 A Zanussi automatic washing machine.£80.00

432 A Bosch dishwasher.£5.00

433 A Samsung inkjet telephone fax with answering machine in its original box.£2.00

434 A metal card index drawer.£2.00

435 A Brother MSC A3 computer printer / scanner / copier.£0.00

436 A boxed set of snow chains.£2.00

437 A mother and daughter lamp.£12.00

438 A Russell Hobbs stainless steel microwave oven.£5.00

439 A Morphy Richards white enamel cordless kettle and a matching four slice toaster.£8.00

440 A Nixplay electronic photo frame in its original box.£2.00

441 A mother and daughter lamp.£0.00

442 A Tilly type paraffin lamp.£10.00

443 Four table lamps and a wall light fitting in its original box.£8.00

444 An Hitachi stainless steel microwave oven.£5.00

445 A 1950 / 60’s Tropicana fan heater etc.£12.00

446 A Creative computer speaker system.£0.00

447 A cordless jigsaw in a fitted plastic case.£8.00

448 A Grundig Elite Boy portable radio and a similar Music Boy radio.£8.00

449 A car steering wheel lock with key.£5.00

450 A Wickes electric pillar drill.£35.00

450A A brass coal helmet, fire implements etc.£20.00

451 A Lakeland tomato compost crock.£5.00

452 A collection of ceiling light fittings some in their original boxes.£2.00

453 A stainless steel toaster, a tea maker etc.£5.00

454 A camera tripod in its original box.£15.00

455 An electric fan.£0.00

456 A Sony stereo CD stack system with record deck, speakers and remote control.£22.00

457 A large floral decorated ceramic lamp base.£15.00

458 An Anglepoise Model 90 adjustable table lamp.£8.00

459 A Classic Anglepoise table lamp by Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd, Redditch.£22.00

460 A Humax personal video recorder and a Bush CD player each with remote control.£8.00

461 A Ferguson record deck with computer connection.£20.00

462 A B&Q rotary laser level in an aluminium case.£15.00

463 Two pairs of speakers.£0.00

464 A pendant chrome and lustre chandelier light fitting.£2.00

465 An Anglepoise 90 brown enamel adjustable lamp and one other piece.£15.00

466 A Sony Bravia 15″ flat screen television.£5.00

467 A pair of Welltech wireless headphones in their original box.£5.00

468 A Toshiba 32″ flat screen television with remote control.£45.00

469 A Steam-O-Power in its original box together with a steam iron and one other piece.£2.00

470 Telephones, a radio alarm clock etc.£5.00

471 A Roberts R 600 portable radio, a Sony radio and a telephone system.£5.00

472 A Black and Decker angle grinder.£8.00

473 A Hewlett-Packard computer printer.£1.00

474 A Camping Gaz Savannah stove in its original box.£12.00

475 A small blue enamel cine projector by E. Paillard & Cie in its original case together with films and reels.£15.00

476 A Paillard film projector, a Eumig cine camera etc.£8.00

477 A tray of cupboard door handles.£2.00

478 A Beko A Class Frost Free fridge/freezer.£20.00

479 An Electrolux fridge/freezer.£30.00

480 A Kenwood microwave oven.£25.00

481 A Burco stainless steel boiler.£2.00

482 A Klarstein red enamel mini kitchen and a Red Bull ice bucket.£0.00

483 A white enamel microwave oven.£10.00

484 A collection of light fittings.£2.00

485 An over sink hot water boiler and an electric shower.£12.00

486 A Kango lightweight rotary electric hammer drill in a metal case.£8.00

487 A Hotpoint Aquarius Extra automatic washing machine.£20.00

A Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg TUMBLE DRYER.£30.00

488A A Bush fridge/freezer.£55.00

488B Two mirrors.£5.00

488C A 18th century coloured print of views of St.James, from Charing Cross and two other prints.£10.00

488D An 18th century coloured print north east view of Pendennis castle, dated 1734.£12.00

488E Eight 19th century coloured prints including local scenes.£15.00

488F An oriental print of a warrior and other pictures.£0.00

488G Seven 19th century coloured prints including local and London.£2.00

489 An early 19th century coloured print of Trelowarren published by the Rev. R. Polwhele, August 1st 1804 and two other 19th century prints.£8.00

490 A collection of coloured prints by Jan Stokes, June Hicks and others.£5.00

491 A coloured print of east and west Looe after M.W. Turner dated 1818 and a print of St Germans church dated 1803.£2.00

492 A 19th century map of Penryn and Falmouth from The Ordnance Survey with the facsimile signature of Robert K Dawson Lieut R.E. and a coloured print.£8.00

493 A 19th century coloured print “To Ralph Allen Daniell Esquire” This View of Trelissick after C.S. Gilbert together with two similar prints of Falmouth and St Michael’s Mount.£10.00

494 Five 19th century coloured prints of Guildford etc.£1.00

495 A Robert Morden coloured framed map of Sussex.£15.00

496 A framed black and white photograph of a sailing ship wrecked beside the shore and an oil on canvas furnishing painting of fishing boats.£40.00

497 Two watercolours still lifes flowers by W. Oliver and one other painting.£2.00

498 Two framed machine tapestries of Arabian scenes.£1.00

499 A collection of pictures and prints.£18.00

500 A 19th century furnishing painting oil on canvas of a coastal scene and a similar river scene.£2.00

501 An acrylic “Cornish Harbour” by Joy Day.£15.00

502 An Iso Vac 1950s picnic case with a partially fitted interior.£8.00

503 An 18th century coloured engraving “Fort, Town, Pier & Harbour of St Mary’s in Scilly with the Northern Islands, taken from Bosou Hill” June 5th 1752.£25.00

504 A Gardener’s strip map of the road from London to Land’s End.£5.00

505 An oleograph of a continental country road in a gilt frame.£8.00

506 A Corinthian bagatelle board.£5.00

507 Two watercolours, one a landscape, the other a river scene and five prints.£2.00

508 An oval cane basket with a hoop handle.£2.00

509 A Poole Pottery large stoneware model owl signed to the base W. Linley Adams and initialled E.M. height 33cm.£15.00

510 NO LOT£0.00

511 Two red cricket balls, a white cricket ball, an Everhot type sugar bowl etc.£10.00

512 Eastern model figures etc.£5.00

513 A companion set on an anodised stand cast as a cloaked knight together with a model cannon etc.£5.00

513A An Indian brass and turned wood hookah.£8.00

514 A cased set of six Viners dessert knives and forks with floral spray pattern ceramic handles and one other similar knife.£18.00

514A Coloured glass etc.£8.00

514B A Japanese orange ground dragon decorated eggshell china tea service, the cups with geisha girl lithophanes.£5.00

515 A pair of copper port and starboard navigation lamps now converted to electricity, each height including brass handle 46cm.£180.00

516 Seven ceramic kegs.£5.00

517 A pair of Monk 6x30 Navigator binoculars.£8.00

518 A pair of Bausch & Lomb 7x24 binoculars.£2.00

519 A pair of Bausch & Lomb Audbon Society 7x26 binoculars and a pair of Safari 8x30 binoculars.£8.00

520 A pair of Hilkinson 8x40 binoculars in a brown leather case.£10.00

521 A pair of Karl Zeiss Jenoptem 10x50 binoculars.£40.00

522 A pair of Paralux 7x50 binoculars in a yellow canvas case.£12.00

523 A Trade Winds white glaze part tea/dinner service and other tea ware.£8.00

524 A box of computer mouses.£2.00

525 Three die-cast models of Renault racing cars, two in their original boxes, together with a British Grand Prix Silverstone 2007 programme and a Pirelli 1974 calendar.£18.00


An eastern mask carved with a face of a bearded gentleman and three other pieces. (No tall cylindrical fruit painted vase now lot 526A)

A tall cylindrical vase.£18.00

527 A collection of resin model skulls.£2.00

528 NO LOT.£0.00

529 A stoneware bowl, other china and a candle lantern.£2.00

530 A bar mounted corkscrew, two barrel corkscrews, one other corkscrew and a plated half fluted jug.£5.00

531 A bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne and other bottles.£10.00

532 Five resin models of American Cowboys and Indians.£5.00

533 An oval brass banded oak barrel.£48.00

534 An early 20th century French brass height adjustable table lamp with a white glass shade.£40.00

535 A ceramic table lamp with shade.£2.00

536 A Murano style coloured glass model fish and a pair of decanters.£15.00

537 A portable Fish Finder in its original box.£10.00

538 A West German twin handle table lamp with lamps to the top and pieced base.£35.00

539 An exterior bulkhead style lamp, a ceiling lamp with a white glass shade and two other pieces.£12.00

540 A wrought iron toasting fork and an Arts and Crafts brass and wrought iron ladle.£18.00

541 A harmonica in its original tin, a plated wine bottle stand etc.£8.00

542 A set of four Victorian floral decorated iridescent tiles and three other tiles.£12.00

543 Four sets of boxed and cased flatware and a hairbrush.£20.00

544 A black iron lidded twin handle saucepan and lid.£10.00

545 A pair of blue and white marble glaze table lamps.£8.00

546 A brown ceramic table lamp and a square oak lamp and two other lamps.£2.00

547 Two alabaster table lamps.£0.00

548 A set of six graduated copper saucepans with brass handles.£35.00

549 A collection of wall masks etc.£8.00

550 Two boxed pairs of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, a resin model elephant etc. £10.00

551 A resin table lamp with a coloured leaded shade.£20.00

552 A set of wall mounted kitchen scales.£5.00

553 A ships type bronze bell, height 22cm, lacks clapper.£40.00

554 A wrought iron companion set on a horseshoe stand.£2.00

555 A pair of wrought iron pricket candle brackets etc.£8.00

556 A novelty Karma Chamaeleon telephone with an animated Chamaeleon and harmonica playing bug. £12.00

557 A pair of eastern silver coloured metal napkin rings, each cast with a band of figures and trees etc.£2.00

558 An Edwardian style cast iron letters box etc.£10.00

559 An early 20th century door lock.£5.00

560 An iron door lock, a similar bolt, brass knobs etc.£10.00

561 A coloured glass vase and two pewter tankards.£12.00

562 A footed glass bowl and a resin model bird.£8.00

562A A Retina II S 35mm camera, in a brown leather ERC, a Cosina CT-4 35mm camera, a folding camera, two lens etc.£5.00

563 A collection of plated ware.£8.00

564 A pair of native carved wood masks.£10.00

565 A box of flatware.£5.00

566 A set of domino’s in an eastern hardwood box and three other pieces.£8.00

567 A brass kettle with an amber glass handle standing on four cast feet.£2.00

568 A pair of modern Staffordshire blue and and white painted spaniels.£22.00

569 A brass table lamp made as an eastern four branch oil lamp.£15.00

570 A Hermann Limited Edition articulated plush teddy bear and one other soft toy.£40.00

571 Artist materials, a mirror in a walnut effect frame etc.£5.00

572 NO LOT.£0.00

573 A suite of EPNS flatware in an oak canteen.£45.00

574 An early 20th century Staffordshire fruit and gilt decorated teapot with stand and jug, together with a collection of plated ware.£18.00

575 A plated egg coddler, other plate and a cast iron twin branch pricket candlestick.£20.00

576 A pair of light wood bongo drums.£15.00

577 A Rabone No.1611 ebonised folding locking 5ft measure.£10.00

578 A plaster model hedgehog and one other piece.£5.00

579 A carved wood leaf sculpture in an ebonised frame.£1.00

580 A box of books.£10.00

581 A metal mesh clad soda siphon now as a table lamp.£10.00

582 An eastern metal canister shape metal jar with a wooden lid.£5.00

583 An eastern carved wood sculpture of a seated deity.£20.00

584 A large brass model tiger.£0.00

585 A set of three graduated eastern daggers on an ebonised stand.£35.00

586 A box of maps.£1.00

587 A bundle of four Terry Pratchett books.£5.00

588 A bundle of books.£5.00

589 A bundle of books.£5.00

590 A bundle of books.£12.00

591 An electric tile cutter.£2.00

592 A resin sculpture of a giraffe, height 138cm.£40.00

593 A drill stand.£2.00

594 A wooden model of the part sail/paddle boat “Gulnara Built in England 1832″.£10.00

595 Four die-cast model buses, in their original boxes, one with an accompanying model Morris Minor Traveller.£30.00

596 A bundle of West Country books.£12.00

597 A collection of Dr.Who books.£8.00

598 An oil on board coastal scene, signed V.Yelland.£5.00

599 An oil on board of a coastal Cornish mine.£1.00

600 A Wedgwood blue jasper ware jardiniere and a similar Victorian jug with figures above basket work.£28.00

601 A pair eastern figure decorated blue and white lidded jars, a ginger jar and an Italian vase.£40.00

602 A pair of Aesthetic Movement cups and saucers, a pair of candlesticks moulded with bull rushes etc.£10.00

603 A pair of cut glass vases and three other pieces.£8.00

604 A 1930s Wade Heath “Orcadia Ware” twin handle vase, a footed dish and three other pieces.£5.00

605 A blue metal CD rack made as a rocket ship and a pair of red plastic racks.£2.00

606 A Royal Albert “Elfin” pattern part tea service, a pair of eastern figure decorated vases etc.£20.00

607 A commemorative pressed glass dish, the border with the name Gladstone and other glass.£2.00

608 A 1953 commemorative pressed glass plate and a Royal Wedding 2011 commemorative plate.£8.00

608A Two cast brass door handles.£28.00

608B AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE: A collection of chamber pots.£8.00

609 A pair of German KPM bowls each decorated with classical figures together with Mason’s, Doulton and other plates.£5.00

610 A box of cricket stumps.£5.00

611 A box of sea shells including abalone and corals.£18.00

612 Two boxes of books.£2.00

613 Two cycle helmets.£8.00

614 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.£2.00

614A Cane baskets etc.£2.00

615 A box of 33 and 45rpm records.£5.00

616 A sheet metal candle lantern by the Veritas Lamp Works together with an iron cooking pot, weight and last.£20.00

617 Two boxes of films on DVD and a small collection of pre recorded audio cassettes.£20.00

618 A Le Creuset cream enamel stove top kettle and two other peices.£15.00

619 An indoor fountain, a Celtic Pottery jug and two other pieces.£5.00

620 A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware plate and a similar vase.£5.00

620A A reproduction black metal and brass telephone.£5.00

620B A large Collage resin model of a crouching leopard on a rocky crag, length 65cm.£100.00

620C A hardwood carving of a pensive figure.£15.00

620D A pair of plated chocolate pots with turned ebonised handles.£20.00

620E Two Royal Doulton character jugs, Lobster Man and Long John Silver together with a white ceramic match holder/striker.£15.00

621 A Wedgwood Richard Guyatt design 2002 commemorative tankard and three pieces of commemorative Jasperware.£2.00

622 A Japanese rose decorated tea service, fruit set and matching pieces etc.£1.00

623 A box of books including Winston Churchill’s history of the English speaking peoples in two volumes and History of the Second World War in three volumes.£5.00

624 A box of glass jars, a wooden biscuit barrel, a stool etc.£2.00

625 A box of miscellaneous items including flatware and a stainless steel teapot.£2.00

626 A hardwood and cane stationery rack, a tabletop easel etc.£2.00

627 A box of films on DVD.£8.00

628 An oil on board still life of a chair, hat and cardigan, together with a watercolour of an equestrian figure signed S. Raybeft.£12.00

629 A signed limited edition coloured print of two black labradors after Nigel Hemming.£18.00

630 Two Chinese paintings on silk of river junks.£2.00

631 An oil on canvas ‘Beach Babes’ signed Insoll, ’01.£35.00

632 An oval mirror.£10.00

633 Four coloured hunting prints.£22.00

634 A watercolour, a view to a country house and a limited edition engraving of flowers and a butterfly.£10.00

635 Two oils on board one of poppies, the other ‘Open Day Tregothnan.’£10.00

636 Two oils on board, ‘Launching The Dinghy,’ ‘Stonework Quay,’ St Mawes, signed James and ‘A Woodland Pond,’ by the same artist together with a photograph of a harbour.£2.00

637 An oil on board, coastal scene, signed V. Neal and a watercolour of a landscape.£8.00

638 An oil on board ‘Coastal Cliffs,’ signed H. Lugg and two other pictures.£2.00

639 A 1950s/60s circular photograph of a harbour under convex glass.£5.00

640 An oil on board of lakeside buildings.£0.00

641 Three prints in white painted frames, an oil on canvas of a beach scene and one other picture.£25.00

642 A box of books, including a copy of famous paintings, dated 1913.£5.00

643 Two boxes of miscellaneous china etc.£1.00

644 A box of picture frames.£2.00

645 Two mirrors.£12.00

646 A black fibre board desktop chest of six drawers, width 38.5cm, an embroidered jewellery box and a collection of brushes. £10.00

647 An early 20th century mirror in a gold painted frame, reverse cut with a stylised flower.£5.00

648 A framed needlework panel worked with the head of a stylish girl.£8.00

649 A mirror in a gilt frame.£2.00

650 A mirror with bevelled glass.£5.00

650A A watercolour, a street scene signed Harry 1914 and other pictures.£12.00

650B An oak five screen set with a floral woolwork panel.£2.00

650C An oak fire screen set with a woolwork of a woodland scene.£2.00

651 A 1930’s mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case, a wrought iron fire screen and one other piece.£2.00

652 A mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case.£2.00

653 A Romanian glass punch bowl with lid and ladle, cut with leaves and berries, together with matching decanter, six stemmed glasses and six cups.£12.00

654 A brass Premier carbide lamp, a Hughes’s brass pocket balance No.5 and other brass.£2.00

655 A pair of copper jugs and other copper.£8.00

656 A hardwood effect magazine rack.£2.00

657 A wrought iron table lamp.£0.00

658 A nest of four oak office card index drawers.£22.00

659 A copper saucepan, a set of china, a turned wood bowl etc.£8.00

660 A box of picture frames.£2.00

661 An early 20th century iron money box, cast as a dog carrying a parcel, a pair of brushes in a leather case etc.£50.00

662 A Dutchess bone china “Rose” decorated part tea service.£15.00

663 Miscellaneous china.£1.00

664 Five commemorative mugs and a boxed set of table knives.£8.00

665 A Satsuma vase, a biscuit barrel, two commemorative churns etc.£12.00

666 A collection of home brew equipment.£0.00

667 A set of six fish knives and forks with ivorine handles in an oak canteen.£10.00

668 A cased pair of engraved fish servers.£8.00

669 Boxed and cased flatware.£18.00

670 An early 20th century set of six engraved plated fish knives and forks with ivory handles in an oak canteen.£12.00

671 A circular pierced brass bin, the lid with an acorn finial.£20.00

672 Resin figures, a pair of Pathescope 8 x 30 binoculars etc.£1.00

673 A black resin female torso display mannequin.£10.00

673A A wooden carving of an elongated head.£10.00

674 A wooden carving of two eagles.£10.00

675 A copper coal helmet.£10.00

676 A set of twelve Wedgwood “Wind in the Willows” collector’s plates, decorated by Eric Kincaid.£8.00

677 An eastern lidded jar and two other pieces.£2.00

678 A box of spirit miniatures, a soda syphon etc.£1.00

679 A pair of Mark Scheffel 20 x 50 binoculars and one other pair of binoculars.£5.00

680 A Japanese geisha girl decorated coffee service.£10.00

681 A collection of souvenir spoons and three display cases.£2.00

682 A High Noon collector’s boxed set.£2.00

683 A wall mask carved with the head of an animal and two other pieces.£2.00

684 A collection of die-cast model vehicles.£15.00

685 A 1930s pink glass plate on a chrome stand. a cottage moulded teapot etc.£2.00

686 A resin model elephant.£35.00

687 A pair of ebony elephant carved bookends.£22.00

688 A heavy crystal glass vase cut with an abstract design.£25.00

689 Three eastern table lamps.£15.00

690 A pair of Indian engraved white metal lamp bases.£12.00

691 A pair of brass candlestick table lamps.£8.00

692 Two oval white fabric shades.£8.00

693 Three “Oyster Shell” table lampshades and one other lampshade.£1.00

694 A hardwood tray set with four Victorian floral decorated tiles etc.£18.00

695 Two small oils on board of Cornish scenes, a resin plague and two other pieces.£5.00

696 A cased set of six dessert knives with filled silver pistol handles and a similiar set of plated knives.£5.00

697 Miscellaneous.£8.00

698 Three copper saucepans with iron handles etc.£30.00

698A A Victorian iron with a brass handle on a cast foot.£10.00

699 NO LOT£0.00

700 A box of miscellaneous items.£12.00

701 Two bottles of ginger wine, a bottle of blackberry wine and a bottle of white wine vinegar.£10.00

702 A litre bottle of Campari and three other bottles of wine.£8.00

703 A litre bottle of Tia Maria and other wines etc.£8.00

704 A bottle of Chateau Phelan Segur Saint Estephe 1972.£2.00

705 Eight bottles of wine.£2.00

706 Three bottles of Valdeinfante 1990.£10.00

707 Three bottles of Bourgogne Chardonnay 1997.£8.00

708 Four bottles of Torre Grande Reserva Almansa 1990.£10.00

709 Two bottles of Pommard 1 BR Cru 1996 and a bottle of Mouton Cadet 1996.£5.00

710 A bottle of German Binger St Rochuskapelle Kabinett 1978 and two other wines.£5.00

711 Two bottles of Cru Cantemerle Bordeaux 1976.£12.00

712 Three bottles of Chateau Bellegrave Pauillac 1976.£20.00

713 A Steiff articulated plush teddy bear “Teddybar Nutsknacker”with its original box.£30.00

714 A Steiff articulated plush covered teddy bear with its certificate.£45.00

715 A Hermann articulated plush teddy bear in its original box.£12.00

716 A Deans Golden Jubilee 2002 plush articulated teddy bear in its original box.£15.00

717 A HMV oak hand wind table top gramophone with a No.4 pick up.£55.00

718 A cane basket with an arched handle and two painted baskets.£5.00

719 A brown Bakelite mantel clock with Westminster chime.£12.00

720 A mantel clock with Westminster chime in an arched oak veneered case.£10.00

721 A collection of CD’s.£5.00

722 Miscellaneous china etc.£1.00

723 Serpentine, other stoneware etc.£10.00

724 A Royal Worcester “Evesham” pattern saucepan and two other pieces.£0.00

725 A die-cast model of a fire engine in its original box and a Lledo “The Queen Mother” commemorative set of four die-cast vehicles in their original box.£10.00

726 A copper kettle, two kettle stands and a brass tray.£8.00

727 An Olympus Trip 35mm camera and a Pentax camera.£20.00

728 A Canon Eos 650 35mm camera fitted with a 35-70mm zoom lens in a black canvas bag with instructions.£40.00

729 A set of nine of the Romany series books by Bramwell Evens.£35.00

730 Four Biggles books and a copy of Pigeon Post by Arthur Ransome.£8.00

730A A 1930’s yellow glaze part coffee service, a footed blue and white dish, a small collection of glass and a small collection of 78rpm records.£10.00

730B A large Victorian copper kettle, an Art Nouveau white metal twin handle vase, cast with classical figures and a brass toasting fork.£28.00

731 An African carved wood bust of a gentleman and a chess set in a wooden box.£18.00

732 A Denby “Manor Green” jug and an eastern figure decorated vase.£10.00

733 A large early 20th century mantle clock in an inlaid arched case, the steel dial with Roman numerals.£25.00

734 A Tri-ang tin plate crane.£18.00

735 A resin bust of a girl facing left, her hair worn up beneath a scarf, height 50cm.£25.00

736 A gemstone terrestrial globe on a brass stand set with a compass.£0.00

737 A pair of brass open spiral candlesticks.£12.00

738 A Kundo brass clock under a plastic dome.£8.00

739 Twenty one model military vehicles in their original boxes.£50.00

740 A laptop cooling station and a battery wall clock.£2.00

741 An engraved plated coffee pot and a pewter tankard.£1.00

742 A possibly Italian pink candy stripe vase, a Caithness blue glass vase etc.£5.00

743 Two bottles of Moscatel dessert wine and two bottles of sherry.£2.00

744 Two 1.5 litre bottles of Valencia sweet white wine and two 75cl bottles.£15.00

745 A pair of Delft blue and white vases together with one other similar blue and white vase, a gin bottle and two other pieces.£2.00

746 A stool the seat made from a panel painted with a lakeside castle.£2.00

747 Two stacking laboratory test sieves.£55.00

748 A 19th century pierced brass and iron kettle stand with a turned wood handle and a copper stove top kettle.£10.00

749 A set in eight volumes of Gibbons History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire dated 1827.£22.00

750 A copy of Hulmes History of England dated 1782, a copy of The Lucubrations of Isaac Pickerstaff dated 1749 and four other books.£45.00

751 A set in seven volumes of Memoires Of The Life of Sir Walter Scott Bart dated 1837.£15.00

752 A set in six volumes of Africa And Its Explorations As Told By Its Explorers printed by Sampson Lowe, Marston and Company 1892.£45.00

753 A set in four leather bound volumes of Herodotus translated from the Greek by the Reverend William Belowe dated 1812.£15.00

754 A copy of The History of Don Quixote by Cervantes in four leather bound volumes dated 1747.£65.00

755 A set in three card and leather bound volumes of Lord Tennyson’s works dated 1892.£25.00

756 Five small books including a copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1908.£5.00

757 A collection of mostly 19th century books.£95.00

758 An album of 78rpm records.£1.00

759 Two large resin model dogs.£10.00

760 A large bronzed Art Nouveau style bronzed resin bust of a girl entitled Le Printemps.£0.00

761 A large bronzed resin model of a jolly Buddha, height 54cm.£80.00

762 An Aldo Vitaleh bronze of a dancing girl on a square marble base, height including base 55cm.£90.00

763 A brass A.R.P. bell impressed G&J 1939.£40.00

764 A WWII wooden bottle used to launch the submarine HMS Unruffled (P 46) December 19th 1941 N.B. this vessel saw much action in WWII including Mediterranean until she was paid off into reserve 18th October 1945.£50.00

765 Two Pay As You Go mobile phones.£2.00

766 An unopened box of King Edward The Seventh Cigars.£25.00

767 A silk of Winston Churchill with facsimile signature.£2.00

768 An autograph album containing many signatures including Richard Dimbleby, Gilbert Harding, Wilfred Pickles, Roger Bannister and others.£8.00

769 A cased manicure set and four white metal menu stands, three cast as sea shells the other a fish.£10.00

770 A collection of Wade Whimsies.£5.00

771 An early 20th century wooden fishing reel with brass mounts.£12.00

772 A bundle of postcards.£28.00

773 A pair of Armstrongs of Manchester binoculars in a brown leather case.£1.00

774 A brown bakelite Viewmaster stereo viewer, together with a collection of view cards including cowboy, Cape Canaveral rocket launch and Cornwall.£10.00

775 A rosewood piccolo.£35.00

776 A rosewood flute.£18.00

777 An autographed photographed of Jimmy Greaves and a print of Henry Cooper with Muhammad Ali.£0.00

778 A Vivo large surface electric griddle in its original box.£2.00

779 A pair of portable fold up solar panels in their original boxes.£30.00

780 A saddle rest.£2.00

781 Two boxes of books, including mostly about ceramics.£8.00

782 An illuminated model village.£10.00

783 A square tapering oak bin.£5.00

784 A box of books mostly art related.£8.00

785 A collection of prints.£1.00

786 An oil on canvas of an estuary scene signed Les Parson.£25.00

787 A large oil on canvas of a river scene signed Reg Brown.£0.00

788 An oil on canvas of a Chinese river scene, signed Tang Ping, together with an oil on canvas of a cascade signed David James.£2.00

789 A brass and mesh four fold firescreen.£0.00

790 A watercolour of a moorland scene signed Aurens Sauthey and two other pictures.£18.00

791 A watercolour of a barren winter landscape signed Sheila White and three other pictures.£0.00

792 Two signed Tony Bailey prints “Sunbeams off St Mawes” and “Misty Morning on the Fowey”.£0.00

793 A set of five L.S. Lowry prints and one other picture.£5.00

794 Two oils on canvas coastal scenes by Cedric Harvey and two other pictures.£35.00

795 An oil on canvas portrait of an elderly lady by Anna Hornby.£25.00

796 An oil on canvas Seagulls over a Rocky Coast, signed D.E. Hulme.£25.00

797 An oil on canvas of Mediterranean coastal buildings and four other pictures.£0.00

798 Two train sets in their original boxes.£2.00

799 Six bottles of Moscatel.£1.00

800 A Victoria electric sewing machine.£2.00

801 A case of 33rpm and 78rpm records.£2.00

802 A brown leather suitcase with nickel catches.£22.00

803 An oil on board, a still life flowers and one other picture.£15.00

804 A bagatelle board, a mirror, a cross stitch panel and a print.£2.00

805 A John Miller, signed Limited Edition print “Cornubia Land of the Saints”.£1.00

806 Three watercolours two of country houses the other a bridge.£8.00

807 Five 19th century coloured prints of local scenes.£2.00

808 Three 19th century coloured prints of Pendennis.£2.00

809 Six 19th century coloured prints of local scenes.£5.00

810 An Ogilby style strip map of Truro and area, together with a 19th century print of Helston and one other piece.£12.00

811 A Kashmir open spiral table lamp.£40.00

812 An early 20th century mantel timepiece in an arched walnut veneered case, the white enamel dial with Rome numerals.£8.00

813 Two cast white metal models, one HMS Bounty the other Golden Hind.£10.00

814 A rosewood box and three other boxes.£10.00

815 Two decanters.£15.00

816 A small blue painted cabinet, decorated with flowers and with flower moulded decoration.£30.00

817 A copper kettle, other copper and an hour glass.£10.00

818 A Japanese Imari bowl and other china.£8.00

819 An Art Nouveau style cast brass hand bell and other brass.£8.00

820 A box of fishing flies.£5.00

821 A Czechoslovakian blue and gilt decorated part tea service and a studio pottery part service.£0.00

822 An eastern blue and white lidded jar, other blue and white etc.£8.00

823 Four teapots and two other pieces.£0.00

824 A brass bowl on three imp cast feet and three other pieces.£20.00

825 An Everhot type teapot and two cameras.£20.00

826 A gilt and cut glass jug etc.£12.00

827 A box of plate, brass etc.£10.00

828 A bundle of National Geographic magazines, circa 1940’s and 50’s.£0.00

829 A trench art shell case, other brass etc.£8.00

830 Four brass fire implements and a toasting fork. £5.00

831 A collection of sea shells and coral.£12.00

832 A table lamp with a circular wooden base mounted with a resin model of a Kingfisher.£1.00

833 A Victorian copper kettle with a turned wood handle.£25.00

834 A brass table lamp made as a candlestick.£0.00

835 A painted hand bell with a turned wood handle.£10.00

836 A small brass pail with a swing handle.£10.00

837 A brass pail with a swing handle.£15.00

838 A copper coal helmet with a brass handle. £20.00

839 A cycle helmet and two other pieces.£2.00

840 A desktop chest of four fibre board file drawers.£15.00

840A A pair of 1950’s/60’s White Friars style vases, each height 25cm. £22.00

840B A pair of continental twin handle vases, each decorated with thistles on a green ground and each height 26cm £10.00

841 An anodised companion set stand, cast as an 18th century dandy.£10.00

842 A 1950’s companion set the implements with coloured plastic ball terminals.£2.00

843 A large copper kettle on a brass trivet.£8.00

844 A brass beam balance on a hardwood base.£25.00

844A A plated half fruited teapot, a pair of field glasses and a 1950’s Metamec electric wall clock with an orange face.£15.00

845 Eight commemorative mugs.£1.00

846 Pint mugs and other glasses.£0.00

847 A collection of spirit miniatures.£2.00

848 A Dartington glass stand, a yellow glass vase, etc.£8.00

849 Two bottles of King’s Oak Ginger wine and a bottle of Muscatel.£10.00

850 A late 19th, early 20th century floral decorated tea service.£20.00

851 A 35cl bottle of Teachers whisky and two bottles of wine.£10.00

852 An oak box.£22.00

853 Four builders magazines, circa 1939, etc.£8.00

854 An eastern carved hardwood box, containing two wall masks.£8.00

855 Four green glass fishing floats.£18.00

856 A canteen of eastern bronze flatware with hardwood handles.£15.00

857 A stainless steel bread bin, a soda siphon, etc.£5.00

858 A pair of alabaster and brass table lamps.£0.00

859 Six static model locomotives.£10.00

860 An eastern floor standing vase.£1.00

861 A 1950’s/70’s hardwood brass table lamp with a brown and cream plastic shade.£2.00

862 A large glass and white metal pricket candle holder.£10.00

863 A pair of small stools with copper seats, a similar stool and four other pieces.£8.00

864 A mirrored frame, a small collection of china, etc.£1.00

865 A Bucara Bongo drum with cover.£30.00

866 A bed trolley.£2.00

867 A bed trolley.£1.00

868 A 1930’s Marconi valve radio in a stepped walnut and Bakelite case.£75.00

869 Two circular convex mirrors in brass frames.£2.00

870 A bronzed bust of a fireman and a Chinese stone carving of a lion.£2.00

871 Three serpentine table lamps.£20.00

872 A vintage brass car headlamp by CAV, now mounted on a wooden base.£20.00

873 A toasted sandwich maker and a table lamp.£8.00

874 A terracotta bird house, a bird decorated vase, etc.£5.00

875 A pair of brass coach lamps, each with an eagle cast mount.£25.00

876 A pair of Opticron Countryman 8 x 42 binoculars.£20.00

877 A pair of Swift Audubon 8.5 x 44 binoculars.£30.00

878 A pair of Mirador 10 x 42 binoculars and one other pair of binoculars.£2.00

879 Miscellaneous china, etc.£0.00

880 A Copeland Spode “Chinese Rose” pattern dinner service, including meat plates and serving dishes.£90.00

881 A Celtic Pottery jug, a similar “Folksy” pattern oval dish and four other pieces. £15.00

882 A collection of model teapots, etc.£12.00

883 A Japanese gilt river scene decorated coffee service, the cups with geisha girl lithophanes.£2.00

884 A box of flatware.£10.00

885 Seven collectors plates.£2.00

886 A bronzed resin model of a coiled rearing Cobra on a pile of cash coins and a box the lid mounted with a model pistol.£15.00

887 A Chinese bronzed resin model pig, standing on cash coins.£18.00

888 A carved wood model frog.£8.00

889 A glass paperweight reverse moulded with a wading bird, a commemorative glass plate and four other pieces. £8.00

890 A 19th century Staffordshire floral decorated teapot and stand, two Masons “Mandalay” pattern rectangular trays and two other pieces.£10.00

891 A large fruit painted bowl, a plaque with apple and leaf moulded decoration, etc.£8.00

892 A ginger jar, a Spode “Italian” pattern cup, etc.£0.00

893 Blue and white and other china.£2.00

894 Miscellaneous.£2.00

895 An art glass vase with a bulbous body and narrow neck trailed with an amethyst glass line, etc.£10.00

896 A plated egg coddler and one other piece.£5.00

897 An Indian bronzed ball table lamp.£2.00

898 A Victorian plated leaf engraved teapot and other metalware.£0.00

899 An early 20th century brass kettle, on a spirit burner stand.£8.00

900 A Victorian large copper stove top kettle.£15.00

901 A square black metal lantern with coloured glass panels.£20.00

902 An Aladdin brass oil lamp with a white glass shade. £28.00

903 An oil lamp with a red glass reservoir on a plated stem.£22.00

904 A brass oil lamp with a white glass shade.£35.00

905 A brass oil lamp with a white glass shade and a chamber oil lamp.£28.00

906 An extensive collection of rose decorated tea and dinnerware, etc.£10.00

907 A plated soda siphon stand and three other pieces.£2.00

907A A brown leather suitcase with brass catches.£2.00

907B A resin elephants head plaque.£1.00

908 A brass blow lamp, a plated tray with a pieced gallery and four other pieces.£1.00

909 A box of china dolls.£2.00

910 A box containing highway codes, Giles and other books etc.£1.00

911 Two boxes of books.£2.00

912 A box of plant pots etc, and a box of miscellaneous items.£2.00

913 An Aynsley “Las Palmas” pattern part tea service and one other part service.£2.00

914 A Bosch steam iron and a mirror in a painted frame.£8.00

915 Mugs, and other china and glass.£0.00

916 A box of CDs.£5.00

916A A tray of flatware.£18.00

916B A box of flatware.£18.00

917 A small two tier corner stand, a jewellery box etc.£5.00

918 An extensive Noritake “Maya” pattern tea/dinner service.£30.00

919 A sewing box and contents etc.£2.00

920 NO LOT.£0.00

921 A “High Power” compressor.£2.00

922 A collection of craft materials etc.£10.00

923 A brass coal helmet and two black metal coal scuttles.£5.00

924 A planished brass coal scuttle, a similar companion set etc.£12.00

925 A box of books.£5.00

926 An illuminated model of a winter village.£12.00

927 A Playmobil farm stables.£2.00

928 A box of books and a box of sale catalogues.£0.00

928A An electronic drum set, a blender, etc.£10.00

929 Two boxes of rug making and other materials.£8.00

930 An American bowling ball in a red canvas bag.£1.00

931 A box of light bulbs and a folding wine rack.£2.00

932 Two boxes of books.£5.00

933 A pair of lampshades.£2.00

934 A circular cane log basket.£22.00

935 A cane stair basket with a hoop handle.£12.00

936 A cut glass part dressing table set, two Dr Nelson’s inhalers etc.£10.00

937 A pair of Ranger 7-15 x 35 zoom binoculars.£2.00

938 A cased set of fish knives and forks, an early 20th century photograph album, a bag of Holman’s related ephemera etc.£5.00

939 A box of kitchen utensils etc.£2.00

940 A bundle of 33 and 45 rpm records.£5.00

940A A Foley china floral decorated part tea service, a Victorian part service, other teaware etc.£2.00

940B Two cash tins and a deed box.£10.00

941 A ceramic flower basket and two other pieces.£8.00

942 A floral decorated bin, a rolled rag basket etc.£15.00

943 A set of five white glazed 32 cm diameter dinner plates£0.00

944 A brass companion set and a similar toasting fork.£2.00

945 A pair of eastern resin figure moulded table lamps and a stone pestle and mortar.£18.00

946 A carving of two stylised figure, an African carving of two pairs of figures and an eastern resin model figure.£15.00

947 A hardwood effect magazine rack.£2.00

948 A canvas clad dome top cabin truck with wooden bands and metal mounts.£20.00

949 A box of sea urchins.£5.00

950 A box of picture frames.£2.00

951 A box of cottons, a collection of table mats, etc.£15.00

952 A box of china dolls.£2.00

953 A coloured print of a mother and child and a hunting print.£0.00

954 Three Abdington School photographs, circa 1960’s.£2.00

955 A large eastern decorative fan painted with a river scene.£5.00

956 A collection of mounted prints.£8.00

957 A hardwood effect magazine rack.£5.00

958 A Tatra Classic Acoustic guitar, in a soft brown plastic case.£10.00

959 A large eastern circular brass table top tray, diameter 69cm, together with a fire screen set with a floral needlework panel.£12.00

960 A watercolour, a landscape signed D.Stubbs, a 19th century coloured print of Guildford and four other pictures.£2.00

961 A rectangular wrought iron tray.£8.00

962 A brown leather case.£1.00

963 A nest of eight oak drawers, width 40cm.£25.00

964 An office desktop nest of four card index drawers, width 41cm.£20.00

965 An office desktop nest of four card index drawers, width 41cm.£20.00

966 A modern pine dome top trunk, width 55.5cm.£12.00

967 A Chinese framed wooden panel, carved with figures before buildings, panel size 30 x 86cm.£10.00

968 A Chinese painting on fabric of bamboo, to one side calligraphy.£0.00

969 A framed satellite map of West Cornwall.£2.00

970 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass, in a hardwood effect frame and one other frame.£5.00

971 A leather suitcase.£8.00

972 A cane picnic case with a fitted interior.£1.00

973 Two canvas holdall’s.£1.00

974 A pine magazine rack.£8.00

975 A pine office desktop nest of four card index drawers, width 49cm.£32.00

976 A small brown leather case and three other cases.£15.00

977 A pair of short pine drawers and a pair of matching graduated long drawers.£2.00

978 Two wooden tray stands.£2.00

979 Two framed needleworks of birds, a pair of figure moulded plaques and one other picture.£1.00

980 A watercolour of a stream side cottage and a coloured print after Utrillo.£10.00

981 Two eastern silk embroideries of birds and flowers. £12.00

982 An oil on board “Pole Dancing at Elmo’s Bar” by Ritchie 2012.£2.00

983 A coloured print of a shepherd and his sheep, after Alan Ingham and a print on board after Dali.£2.00

984 A rectangular mirror with the wording ‘1% M.C.Cornwall’.£5.00

985 Two watercolours of farm buildings and one other picture.£0.00

986 An oak fire screen set with a hunting woolwork.£0.00

987 A collection of prints and frames.£2.00

988 A collection of mounted prints.£2.00

989 A coloured print of a sea battle, in a gilt frame.£2.00

990 A folding plate rack and two other pieces.£1.00

990A A blue fabric covered bed roll.£0.00

990B A late 19th early 20th century coloured print “Forging the Anchor” after Stanhope Forbes and five other prints.£8.00

990C A small knot board and a collection of prints and frames.£0.00

990D An early 19th century map of the road to Lands Ends and a collection of mounted coloured prints.£12.00

990E A 19th century coloured prints mostly Falmouth and Pendennis.£0.00

990F A collection of 19th century mounted prints.£5.00

990G A large oil on canvas of water lilies in the manner of Monet, 100 x 100cm, unframed.£2.00

991 An oil on canvas of 1970’s street scene.£5.00

992 A mirror with bevelled glass in a pine frame.£8.00

993 A box of Harry Potter and other books.£5.00

994 A box of children’s Ladybird books.£12.00

995 An Orbital sander, in its original box and a pair of furniture movers.£8.00

996 A box of carafes.£1.00

997 A box of prints, maps, frames, etc.£0.00

998 A box of vintage games.£15.00

999 Two boxes of miscellaneous items, including a toaster.£2.00

1000 A Vango eight man tent, in a black canvas bag.£25.00

1001 A box of books.£10.00

1002 A box of sheet music, including pop.£8.00

1003 A box of mostly Cornish books.£25.00

1004 Two boxes of books.£2.00

1005 Two boxes of prints and frames.£1.00

1006 A box of miscellaneous china etc.£2.00

1007 A box of prints and frames.£0.00

1008 An “Electronic Digital Safe” £0.00

1009 A vintage Esso petrol can.£10.00

1010 A pair of pendent blue enamel lampshades.£35.00

1011 A small stoneware jar impressed beneath the glaze Flower & Sons Ltd and one other stoneware jar.£2.00

1012 An Eumig P8 cine projector and a cine camera.£2.00

1013 Three eastern hardwood model flowers.£0.00

1014 A Pifco teasmade and a vintage toaster with its original box.£22.00

1014A A set of three brass oil lamps on wall mounted gimbal mounts.£20.00

1014B AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE: (Please announce Christopher Wray Lights). A brass twin branch wall light with coloured glass flowerhead shades and a set of six matching single branch light fittings with shades.£30.00

1014C Three wall lights made as oil lamps on gimbal mounts.£30.00

1014D A metal wall light fitting wrought with flowers, together with other light fittings and an hour glass.£5.00

1015 A drawer of sewing materials.£5.00

1016 An adjustable table lamp, an eastern carved wood box etc.£2.00

1017 A game pie dish and other china.£0.00

1018 A curved planished copper tray impressed makers mark H.I., together with a copper abstract panel by Helen Mummery of Newlyn.£18.00

1019 A riding helmet.£8.00

1020 An Helena 35 mm camera, a Canon camera etc.£2.00

1021 A box of flatware.£45.00

1022 A Staffordshire model building, a model huntsman and a horse etc.£2.00

1023 A box of miscellaneous items.£5.00

1024 A spaghetti jar, a set of stainless steel ware etc.£1.00

1025 Two Marigold Carnival glass dishes, a Hornsea Fauna “Playmates” pattern jug and other china etc.£2.00

1026 A storage jar, a model sea lion etc.£2.00

1027 Two T.G. Green’s oval blue and white Cornish Ware plates, a Johnson Brothers plate and a small collection of glass etc.£35.00

1028 Four Celtic pottery ‘Folksy’ pattern plates, each diameter 20.5 cm.£20.00

1029 A cast metal number plate, a brass tray etc.£5.00

1030 A digital photograph frame.£10.00

1031 Two cut glass vases and other glass.£8.00

1032 A 1950s bamboo decorated three piece tea service and other china and glass.£2.00

1033 A puffin painted quartz wall clock, a mirror and one other piece.£2.00

1034 A small arched chest of three drawers set with a quartz clock.£2.00

1035 A 1930s boat table lamp.£8.00

1036 A Beswick model of a Appaloosa stallion a.f.£12.00

1037 A Beswick model of a large hunter Palameno horse, height 28.5 cm.£35.00

1038 An ostrich skin clutch bag, a leather handbag and a red fabric bag.£2.00

1038A Two Australian souvenir boomerangs.£2.00

1039 A Black Forest vine carved box, a pink glass perfume bottle etc.£5.00

1040 A collection of wood ware.£2.00

1041 Two mantle timepieces etc.£5.00

1042 A tin plate model of a Landrover£8.00

1043 A black bakelite model S.52596M telephone.£45.00

1044 A pair of Hans Weiss 8 x 40 binoculars.£2.00

1045 A 19th century Japanese blue and white ginger jar painted with a river scene and two other pieces of blue and white china.£2.00

1046 A Royal Copenhagen blue and white spoon rest and three other pieces.£10.00

1047 A brass theodolite£50.00

1048 A possibly American brown leather bag, the side pockets with bulls head embossed flaps.£12.00

1049 A box of die-cast model vehicles.£22.00

1050 A ladies evening bag, the front with a compartment holding a pair of opera glasses in matching fabric, together with two eastern lacquered glove boxes.£20.00

1051 A Victorian blue and white toilet jug and bowl and one other toilet bowl.£2.00

1052 A stainless steel stove top kettle and three other pieces.£5.00

1053 A cased set of six fish knives and forks with ivory handles and a pair of matching servers.£8.00

1054 A box of card making materials, etc.£8.00

1055 A fruit bowl made as a flower moulded basket, together with three pieces of marigold carnival glass and one other piece.£10.00

1056 A Mamod M.2 stationary steam engine in its original box, together with one other steam engine and related parts.£20.00

1057 A mini air compressor, two quartz timepieces etc.£2.00

1058 A gold silk lampshade.£8.00

1059 A continental early 20th century match holder/striker made as a cross legged Chinaman, a basket at his back, a washboard at his front.£10.00

1060 A Royal Doulton Winston Churchill character jug, height 9.5 cm.£8.00

1061 An Arton china model of a highland dancer.£12.00

1062 A Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge collection model of Mrs Crustybread.£12.00

1063 A Royal Doulton Captain Ahab character jug D6500, height 17 cm.£10.00

1064 A Royal Doulton character jug “The Vicar of Bray”, height 17 cm, together with a similar Toby Catchpole jug, height 8 cm.£15.00

1065 A Nao figurine of a girl in a nightdress stifling a yawn, height 30 cm.£10.00

1066 A Nao model of two choir boys£12.00

1067 Two Nao figurines, one of a girl with a puppy, the other of a boy stretching, together with a Poole Pottery white glazed model sea lion.£15.00

1068 A Victorian Staffordshire vase made as a twin handle urn, together with a similar teapot and stand.£0.00

1069 A Victorian Staffordshire baluster shape lidded jar painted with flowers, marked to the base C.B., height including gilt finial 19 cm.£2.00

1070 An early 20th century Chinese blue and white figure decorated coffee cup and saucer.£2.00

1071 A Wedgwood grey glass seal lion paperweight and a similar red glass bird weight.£0.00

1072 A dolls house and furniture.£10.00

1073 Seven Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, lack boxes.£25.00

1074 Four Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, “Pilgrim Bunnykins”, “Statue of Liberty”, “Deep Sea Diver” and “Mystic Bunnykins”£20.00

1075 Five Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures of the year: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 in their original boxes.£20.00

1076 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, Helping Mother, Mrs Bunny The Easter Parade, Mr Bunny The Easter Parade, Billy, Cheer Leader, (Yellow) and Bogey Bunnykins.£40.00

1077 Five Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, Irishman Bunnykins, Gardener, Rocketman, Old Balloon Bunnykin and Sweetheart.£35.00

1078 SIx Royal Doulton Bunnykin figures in their original boxes, Shopper, Downhill, Home Run, Cheerleader (Orange), Fisherman and Fortune Teller.£35.00

1079 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, Dutch Bunny, Easter Surprise, Sweetheart, Flamenco, Uncle Sam and Sleigh ride.£25.00

1080 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, Birthday Bunny, Scarecrow, Aerobic, Little Boy Blue, Matador and Bath Time.£25.00

1081 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, Boy Skater x 2, Girl Skater, Mary Mary, Bedtime and Samurai Bunny.£25.00

1082 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures in their original boxes, School Boy, School Days, School Master, Grocer, Choir Singer and Vicar.£25.00

1083 A brass twin branch table lamp.£0.00

1084 A large 1930s mantle clock in a walnut veneered case.£10.00

1085 A pair of glass rummers.£10.00

1086 A collection of brass weights.£5.00

1087 Four early 20th century fairings and a crested dog.£10.00

1088 Two crested Cornish pasties ‘Falmouth’ and ‘Newquay’ and two other pieces.£15.00

1089 A brass and hardwood snuffbox, a turned wood box carved with the wording My Dear Mother etc.£15.00

1090 A walnut stand holding bottles behind an ebonised bar, the base with four ceramic drawers containing further bottles, width 27 cm.£25.00

1091 A large ammonite fossil with its certificate.£45.00

A 1930s aluminium dish cast as a streamlined car.£20.00

1092 A fossil ammonite with certificate and a Cuban carved wood model of a leaping dolphin.£2.00

1093 Miscellaneous including a cased set of drawing instruments, a badge and a 1930’s mug the handle moulded as a girl.£10.00

1094 A box of maps, pocket books, etc.£1.00

1095 A Jupiter brass trumpet with mouth piece in fitted hard plastic case.£5.00

1096 Miscellaneous including a hip flask and a cigarette case.£8.00

1097 A box of drill bits.£12.00

1098 A box of postcards.£5.00

1099 A Bresser telescope with tripod in a fitted black canvas case.£60.00

1100 A folding wine rack and other wood ware.£1.00

1101 An Italian Napoli eight string mandolin by Felici Cavallacci & Figlio in a fitted black rexine case.£8.00

1102 NO LOT.£0.00

1103 A copy of ‘P & O sketches in pen and ink by Harry Furniss’, together with a cased set of six dessert knifes.£22.00

1104 A Lladro Christmas bell in its original box and a plated swag engraved vase.£2.00

1105 A set of eight bronze hinges.£20.00

1106 A cased set of EPNS teaspoons and sugar tongs together with a copy of the book “Ship Wreck” with photographs by Gibson’s of Scilly.£8.00

1107 A box of corkscrews etc.£2.00

1108 A Zig Zag corkscrew.£10.00

1109 A Brevete S.G.D.G Perfect corkscrew.£2.00

1110 A Monocol AH-SO cork lifter, a steel corkscrew and two others.£1.00

1111 An early 20th century black leather purse with silver mounts, other purses, a cased set of drawing instruments, a fan etc.£8.00

1112 A heightened charcoal of “Church at Tillingham, Essex” signed Jay 1974.£0.00

1113 A copper warming pan with a turned ebonised handle.£2.00

1114 An engraved copper warming pan with a turned oak handle.£2.00

1115 A coloured dragonfly leaded lamp bowl.£30.00

1116 A coloured dragonfly and flower leaded pendant light fitting.£25.00

1117 A coloured dragonfly and flower leaded pendant light fitting.£12.00

1118 A pair of Chinese red fabric and gold lanterns.£2.00

1119 A collection of costume jewellery. £30.00

1120 Two Word War I British War and Victory medals presented to DM2-162666 PTE.R.SENTIMAN.A.S.C. framed together with various safe driving medals with bars circa. 1940s / ’50s / ’60s and a Royal Corps of Signals cap badge.£35.00

1120A A bag of costume jewellery a family Bible, etc.£15.00

1121 Two model katanas in engraved scabbards together with a wooden display stand.£8.00

1122 A ladies Everite 9crt. gold wristwatch with a plated strap.£12.00

1123 A Parker stainless steel ballpoint pen, a cased set of spoons etc.£5.00

1124 A box of costume jewellery.£25.00

1125 A KWC Pietro Beretta BB pistol and two tins of ammunition. £20.00

1126 Two catapults. £2.00

1127 A Walther CP 88.177 gas powered air pistol and related items in a fitted case together with six spare cylinders.£110.00

1128 A Crosman.177 gas powered repeater air pistol with related items in a fitted case and six spare cylinders.£40.00

1129 A box of costume jewellery etc.£35.00

1130 A box of costume jewellery etc.£45.00

1131 A jewellery box and contents.£30.00

1132 A jewellery box and contents.£25.00

1133 A mother of pearl and plate crucifix. £10.00

1134 Postcards, early 1950’s ration coupons, a Christmas 1919 card etc.£8.00

1135 A Russian floral painted black lacquer lidded box.£8.00

1135A A KPM Freedom bell dated 24.10.1950 “That This World Under God Shall Have a New Birth of Freedom” on an ebonised stand.£0.00

1135B An inlaid mother of pearl inlaid marble Taj Mahal souvenir.£2.00

1135C A Dahl Jensen Copenhagen model.£25.00

1135D A Crown Devon model of a Spanish dancing girl and a cut glass vase.£12.00

1136 A collection of military and other cloth badges and a black and white photograph of Winston Churchill.£18.00

1137 A collection of plated salt and mustard spoons.£8.00

1138 A tin of mostly pre 1947 silver coins.£38.00

1139 Thimbles, a 1950’s Vistascreen stereo viewer, various Kensitas silks etc.£2.00

1140 A small circular silver photograph frame London 1915 together with a plated Vesta case advertising Red Star Binder Twine above a star to one side the other side with a British Bulldog.£25.00

1141 A gentleman’s Mondaine automatic Incabloc wristwatch with a sweep second hand and a minutes window at 3 o’clock together with an Accurist analogue watch and four other watches.£18.00

1142 Three military cap badges.£10.00

1143 A Tri-ang Toys advertising folding leaflet picturing pedal cars, prams, Frog aircraft and other toys.£2.00

1144 Four cutthroat razors.£10.00

1145 A Jet Boat in its original box, a Frog revmaster electric motor and a gyroscope.£12.00

1146 A Mamod “Miniature Polishing Machine” in its original box.£8.00

1147 Miscellaneous including a small drogue parachute, a table winder, a Lledo Days Gone By model of Campbell’s Bluebird etc.£1.00

1148 An enamel RAF brooch, a silver coloured metal watch chain, one other chain and a bright cut bangle.£15.00

1149 A bag of military buttons, badges etc.£18.00

1150 A bag of costume jewellery.£5.00

1151 A bag of vintage marbles.£2.00

1152 A bag of pens etc.£5.00

1153 Two copper spoons and a collection of coins.£2.00

1154 Eighteen DHF Somerset uncirculated £1 notes and a signed JS Fforde 10 shilling note.£30.00

1155 An American silver half dollar dated 1936 and four other American coins.£12.00

1156 A collection of pre-decimal copper coins including Victorian.£8.00

1157 A Victorian 1887 half crown, a similar 1898 shilling and a 1880 sixpence. £18.00

1158 A bag of pre and post decimal “silver” including some pre 1947.£15.00

1159 A Festival of Britain crown, two other crowns and a Churchill bronze medallion dated 1945 designed by A Loewentall Lincoln.£8.00

1160 A Swarosvki Components necklace with coloured glass stones together with an imitation pearl necklace.£0.00

1161 A penknife engraved to one side Currey Lockspike Captain and a pair of dividers.£10.00

1162 A Citizin Eco Drive quartz chronograph wristwatch and two other pieces.£22.00

1163 An album of stamps.£0.00

1164 A bag of silver coloured metal jewellery.£45.00

1165 Two silver back brushes.£2.00

1166 A gentleman’s quartz wristwatch.£22.00

1167 A bag of pre decimal copper coins.£8.00

1168 A bag of pre decimal silver coins including some pre 1947.£20.00

1169 A bag of coins including George III ha’pennys.£20.00

1169A Coins including 1797 cartwheel penny.£28.00

1169B Two World War II 1939-1945 and Italy stars and a “Palestine Police” cloth badge.£12.00

1169C A 1958 “Exposition De Bruxelles” souvenir trio, in its original box.£2.00

1170 A bag of costume jewelery.£8.00

1171 A bag of costume jewellery.£12.00

1172 A bag of costume jewellery.£12.00

1173 A bag of costume jewellery.£12.00

1174 A bag of costume jewellery.£12.00

1175 A tray of costume jewellery.£22.00

1175A A bag of British and foreign coins.£2.00

1175B A leather shot flask.£12.00

1175C A copper shot flask with a brass mount.£45.00

1175D A small carved wood puzzle box. £2.00

1175E A tin of costume jewellery.£15.00

1175F Albums of and loose trade cards.£0.00

1175G A model rifle, two fountain pens, a fruit knife with a silver blade a.f. a Kings Rifle Core badge, other badges, etc.£18.00

1175H A collection of World War I prints, including British Expeditionary Force, A letter from Daddy Smiling and Smoking Cigarettes, published by Abdulla & Co Ltd.£8.00

1175I An early 20th century Phil May ‘Book of Sketches’, with advertisements for Brunsmead pianos and Pears soap.£18.00

1175J A bag of bead necklaces.£2.00

1175K A bag of gold coloured necklaces and other jewellery.£2.00

1175L A bag of quartz wristwatches.£2.00

1176 A gentleman’s Emporio Armani quartz wristwatch on a brown leather strap.£25.00

1177 A De Armond semi acoustic Starfire Custom six string guitar in a black canvas case.£200.00

1178 A Technics quartz Direct Drive SL-1200 Mk2 stereo turntable.£200.00

1179 A Marshall AS50R guitar amplifier.£65.00

1180 A collection of posters including John Coltrane and other jazz.£2.00

1181 Three tennis rackets in a blue canvas bag.£2.00

1182 An Eko Ranger 12, twelve string acoustic guitar in a black rexine covered hard case.£95.00

1183 An album of postcards and a bag of loose cards.£30.00

1184 A .177 air rifle in a brown rexine case.£30.00

1185 An Airsporter Underlever .22 air rifle fitted with BSA 4x20 telescopic sight and in a brown plastic case.£55.00

1186 A Beuchat speargun.£20.00

1187 Three fishing rods, one with a fixed spool reel.£2.00

1188 A souvenir shillelagh.£1.00

1189 Two straw hats.£15.00

1190 Two cane root handle walking sticks and two other sticks.£0.00

1190A An eastern octagonal brass tray the centre set with plated and copper squares, embossed with animals, length excluding handles 61cm. £2.00

1190B A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.£1.00

1191 A bundle of walking sticks and umbrellas.£1.00

1192 Three umbrellas.£0.00

1193 An eastern hardwood walking stick carved with a snake about it and two other sticks.£2.00

1194 A bundle of 68 cm stair rods.£8.00

1195 A Cressi-Sub SL Star compressed air spear gun.£8.00

1196 A Warsop Pennant cricket bat signed by the Australian team 1956 and England 1986, together with a Caerulex bat.£8.00

1197 An ebony walking cane with a silver coloured metal handle.£5.00

A black sword stick.£65.00

1199 An umbrella stand and contents.£8.00

1200 A wooden table lamp turned as an urn on a hexagonal base.£2.00

1201 An album of early 20th century greetings cards, 1st day covers etc.£8.00

1202 Two albums of postcards.£2.00

1203 An album of postcards including Cornish and a bundle of postcards.£35.00

1204 A box of costume jewellery.£2.00

1205 A 19th century leather and card bound copy of “The Day of Rest” and a copy of “Good Words” dated 1880.£2.00

1206 A bundle of postcards.£5.00

1207 Albums of Jersey stamps and other stamps.£0.00

1208 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1209 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1210 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1211 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1212 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1213 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00


1215 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1216 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1217 Two oval cane baskets.£1.00

1218 A set of six white fabric lamp shades.£8.00

1219 A willow and sisal log basket.£5.00

1220 Two models of sailing ships.£10.00

1221 Two model sailing ships and a model yacht and a fishing boat.£15.00

1222 An arched mirror with bevelled glass in a black painted frame.£35.00

1223 An Edwardian walnut hall mirror.£12.00

1224 Five Pirelli calenders 1988, 1989, 1990, 2000, 2001 each in its original cardboard box.£40.00

1225 A small alpha numeric cross stitch sampler by Florence Weatherly January 23rd 1879 and two prints.£20.00

1226 An oil on board “The Loneliness of an Early Morning Cyclist” signed P. Harvey and five other pictures.£8.00

1227 A pair of coloured prints, Morning Estuary and Afternoon Light after John Miller.£1.00

1228 A mirror in a gilt and white frame and two prints.£0.00

1229 A late 18th century map of Cornwall engraved for J. Harrison 22nd July 1790.£25.00

1230 A pair of Cecil Aldin coaching prints.£15.00

1231 A pair of framed Team 1990 sleeves and a similar single sleeve.£5.00

1232 A pair of framed coloured advertisements for Johnny Walker and Bass together with a Frys Five Boys mirror and a Rum sign.£12.00

1233 A coloured print of houses.

1234 A watercolour of a valley river ‘Simond’s Yat’ signed P Chapman 1917.£0.00

1235 A Star Wars monopoly set, a Millennium Falcon 3D puzzle and a Tazos album.£5.00

1236 Two Sue Lewington coloured prints one of cottages the other a garden cat and three other prints.£10.00

1237 Two sets of four framed saucy postcards and a related book.£8.00

1238 Three coloured prints of 18th century eastern harbours and two other pictures.£10.00

1239 An oil on board of riverside buildings signed Skinner and an oil on canvas of fishing boats in a harbour signed Jones.£22.00

1240 Caravan extension cables etc.£2.00

1241 A box of 45rpm records.£1.00

1242 A box of toys.£0.00

1243 A pair of coloured prints of harbour scenes after Kitto and three other pictures.£10.00

1244 An ironing board.£0.00

1245 A set of Horstman dog clippers in a wooden box and a parallel rule.£1.00

1246 A pair of Halina 10 x 50 binoculars. £2.00

1247 A pair of Chinon 26 x 50 zoom binoculars.£2.00

1248 Two cut glass vases.£5.00

1249 A collection of plated ware, including teapots and a cigarette box.£12.00

1250 Six glass sundae dishes.£0.00

1251 A bag of pens, a vintage penknife, etc.£2.00

1252 A pair of plated beakers, by Mappin & Webb.£2.00

1253 Six magnifying glasses.£5.00

1254 A small satin walnut table top chest of three drawers.£20.00

1255 Two eastern lidded jars, a similar bird decorated table lamp, a Radford Pottery ashtray, a Poole Pottery vase marked Mia to the base, etc.£5.00

1256 A Dartington glass decanter and two other decanters.£10.00

1257 A Trade.Wnds white glaze part tea/dinner services.£2.00

1258 Ten Franklin Mint collectors plates decorated with Native Americans.£12.00

1259 A collection of mounted 19th century coloured prints and other pictures.£5.00

1260 A Kundo clock under dome, in its original box.£12.00

1261 An oil on board of a bearded gentleman in 17th century clothing, one other oil on board of a fairy carrying a female nude, initialled FLL 1899 and two 18th century heighten prints.£18.00

1262 Four copper saucepans with iron handles, each with its lid.£50.00

1263 A brass 4.5cm three draw telescope marked Stanley London and a painted last.£2.00

1264 A model of a Penzance drifter, length of hull 41cm.£15.00

1265 A pair of O.I.P. Gand binoculars, in a brown leather case.£5.00

1266 Brass ware.£5.00

1267 A collection of iron and brass weights.£15.00

1268 Five model boats and three plastic model sailors.£15.00

1269 A China shoulder plate doll.£5.00

1270 An oak box and three other boxes.£8.00

1271 A bundle of 33rpm records, including the Overlanders and Elvis Presley.£1.00

1272 A collection of 33rpm records, including Johnny Cash and Slim Whitman.£2.00

1273 A small wooden pail containing wooden utensils.£2.00

1274 A half hull model of the Skiff ‘Energy 1985′, mounted on a hardwood board.£8.00

1275 An oak tray and a pine cutlery tray and contents.£10.00

1276 A collection of 78rpm and 33rpm records, etc.£1.00

1277 A bundle of 45rpm records.£1.00

1278 Three AA badges and a RAC badge.£10.00

1279 A boat compass, a syringe, a door lock, etc.£12.00

1280 A Times Atlas of World, in its carb sleeve.£5.00

1280A An Aga red enamel non-stick cast iron lidded saucepan and matching twin handle bowl.£20.00

1281 An album of postcards mostly Cornish.£2.00

1282 A digital tyre inflator.£12.00

1283 A collection of sea shells, a Spong mincer, etc.£5.00

1284 A stationery rack, two carved wood model elephants, etc.£8.00

1285 Four coloured glass model boats and a half hull model with brass sails.£10.00

1286 A poseable figure and other wood ware, etc.£12.00

1287 Victorian meat plate and a ‘Fireproof’ cooking bowl, by Moore & Co, Southwick.£2.00

1288 A stationery rack, other wood ware, etc.£10.00

1288A Miscellaneous china, a hardwood tray etc.£0.00

1289 A cane basket and a wine basket.£2.00

1290 NO LOT.£0.00

1291 A pair of gentleman’s riding boots.£10.00

1292 A pair of gentleman’s black leather riding boots.£30.00

1293 A pair of gentleman’s black leather riding boots, with wooden trees.£40.00

1294 Two Robert radios.£5.00

1295 A Nikon D40 digital camera and three other cameras.£50.00

1296 Two cake plates and other wood ware.£2.00

1297 A Myott “Royal Mail” pattern part coffee service, etc.£1.00

1298 A copper jug, three cast brass door knockers and three other pieces.£12.00

1299 A set of plaster models of Snow White and the Seven dwarves and a garden gnome.£2.00

1300 A collection of 78rpm records.£1.00

1301 An Imari bowl, a similar oval dish, an eastern model figure, etc.£5.00

1302 A Minolta X-500 35mm camera fitted with a Tokina 55mm zoom lens and one other similar lens.£20.00

1303 A Minolta Dynax 500SI 35mm camera and other items, in a black canvas bag.£2.00

1304 A stoneware lidded jar and other similar jar.£0.00

1305 A box of books.£12.00

1306 A box of picture frames.£0.00

1307 A box of prints, frames and a mirror.£0.00

1308 Three boxes of kitchenware, etc.£8.00

1309 An iron fire screen wrought with flowers, about an urn.£35.00

1310 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in an oak frame and a similar unframed mirror.£15.00

1311 A Voigtlander Prominent 35mm camera fitted with an Ultra 1:2/50 Synchro Compur lens, together with a similar 13.5/35 Skopar lens, manual etc.£50.00

1312 An Epsilon folding camera and a Zeiss Ikon folding camera and other photography related items, in a brown leather case embossed with wording “Exploder Dynamo Condenser”.£12.00

1313 A 1950’s/60’s Wba wall clock.£15.00

1314 Three small pictures of boats in gilt frames.£55.00

1315 Two hardwood folding boot jacks, each containing a pair of steel boot hooks with folding handles.£65.00

1316 An Indian box carved as a bull, etc.£2.00

1317 Glassware, including a chamber oil lamp.£8.00

1317A Four piece of Marigold “Carnival” glass, other glass and two stoneware dishes.£0.00

1318 Miscellaneous china, etc.£2.00

1319 A Victorian ebonised sewing box.£1.00

1320 An American mantel clock, in a carved walnut case a.f.£2.00

1321 A hardwood effect magazine rack.£0.00

1322 An extensive Royal Doulton “Larchmont” pattern tea/dinner service. £35.00

1323 A Victorian engraved plated oval sugar bowl and matching jug.£5.00

1324 A 1970’s gas mask, in a green canvas case.£2.00

1325 An Eagle public address amplifier, a Kodak Automatic 8 cine camera, other cameras, a projector, an editor and a teddy bear.£2.00

1326 A box of films on DVD.£8.00

1327 A box of mostly classic records.£0.00

1328 A box of books.£0.00

1329 A box of picture frames.£10.00

1330 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE: Two boxes of children’s annuals, including 1943 Radio Fun and Rupert.£22.00

1331 A box of picture frames.£1.00

1332 A collection of 19th century coloured prints.£12.00

1333 A box of books, including a 19th century French copy of “Histoire Des Peintres Ecole Flamande” by Charles Blanc.£15.00

1334 A framed fabric panel embroidered with a wading bird, two other embroidered panels and a coloured print of African figures.£0.00

1335 A coloured print of the “Blue Boy” after Gainsborough.£18.00

1336 A 19th century Pears coloured print of two monks tasting food.£0.00

1337 A signed Limited Edition coloured print of “Atlantic Challenge Canada 92″ after Shellie.£12.00

1338 A quartz clock in a painted surround advertising Bordeaux St.Emilion.£12.00

1339 A large framed poster of Miles Davies and one other poster.£8.00

1340 Two signed Limited Edition prints of pigs and three other pictures.£5.00

1341 A watercolour of a harbour scene by Phylis Ann Read, one other watercolour of a farm Predannack, by Molly Fisher and two other pictures.£5.00

1342 A box of lost head nails.£1.00

1343 A drill attachment, a tile cutter, etc.£0.00

1344 A Maglight, in its original box.£5.00

1345 A standard lampshade.£0.00

1346 A box containing a plastic railway layout, etc.£0.00

1347 A large Spiderman soft toy, etc.£2.00

1348 A car steering lock and two mugs, in their original boxes.£0.00

1349 An arched cane mirror.£1.00

1350 A carved wood bowl, two eastern parasols and one other piece.£0.00

1351 A Royal Winton green glaze tea for one set the teapot with a rose finial and handle, together with a similar summertime small teapot, etc.£18.00

1352 An Arabia black glaze small tea kettle and a collection of mugs.£2.00

1353 A Praktica Nova II 35mm camera and related items, in a blue canvas case.£1.00

1354 Six Victorian cut stemmed glasses, a glass jar with a Bakelite lid, etc.£10.00

1355 A plated four section cruet stand and other plate.£5.00

1356 A pair of Regent 7 x 50 binoculars.£2.00

1357 A cane basket and a sisal basket.£0.00

1358 A blue and white Blakeney Ironstone chamber pot and two other pieces.£1.00

1359 A small box of books, including the “Pleasure Haunts of London” by E.Beresford Chancellor, 1925.£8.00

1360 A 1930’s planished plated three piece tea service and two other pieces.£2.00

1361 A Bentima mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case.£1.00

1362 A naturalistic bracket painted with a religious homily.£1.00

1363 A bundle of postcards.£20.00

1364 An inlaid mahogany sewing box.£25.00

1365 A pair of brass mounted coach horns.£25.00

1366 A watercolour of a view to St.Ives, harbour, signed L.A.Moorhouse.£5.00

1366A Five glass models.£10.00

1366B A yellow ceramic table lamp and two shades.£0.00

1366C Two baskets.£2.00

1367 Two bundles of mostly West Country books.£10.00

1368 A box of books.£0.00

1369 A box of books.£8.00

1370 Two small boxes of books.£5.00

1371 A box of books, including West Country related.£2.00

1372 Two boxes of books.£22.00

1373 An illuminated model Coca Cola winter village.£0.00

1374 A collection of pint glasses and other glass.£1.00

1375 A felt work picture of “Oriental Pink” by Deborah Poole.£2.00

1376 A mirror in Art Nouveau style.£2.00

1377 A paper shredder, in its original box.£0.00

1378 A box of kitchenware, etc.£1.00

1379 A box of toys and children books.£0.00

1380 A box of books.£25.00

1381 A box of books.£15.00

1382 A box of books.£15.00

1383 Wood ware, etc.£5.00

1384 A bundle of sports rackets, a bread bin, etc.£1.00

1385 A small case of wool.£8.00

1386 Miscellaneous 00 gauge track, buildings etc and a large wood fitted box.£30.00

1387 Transformers, track, signals etc, contained in a large wood fitted box.£50.00

1388 Meccano:- A collection of components in a gift box (no 7) together with a camera, spoons, paper weight etc.

1389 Hornby ‘0’ gauge:- Hornby series barrel wagon and Hornby series shell tank wagon each boxed.

1390 Miscellaneous 00 gauge track, buildings etc and a large wood fitted box.£18.00

1391 Juvenile albums etc£10.00

1392 A food chopper, a Fisher Price toy, etc.£0.00

1393 A clay twin handle vase and a black glass vase.£5.00

1394 A brass fire screen embossed with a galleon.£0.00

1395 A 1930s Sudlows Burslem jug painted with stylised clouds, a continental model figure, a Satsuma vase etc.£2.00

1396 Two Victorian floral decorated vases and three other pieces of glass.£10.00

1397 A ladle, two basting spoons and other plate.£10.00

1398 Blue and white and other china, etc.£30.00

1399 A 1930’s amber glass part dressing table set.£2.00

1400 Collectors plates, etc.£12.00

1401 A Torquay Pottery motto ware puzzle jug.£5.00

1402 A pair of Staffordshire model spaniels.£0.00

1403 A late 19th or early 20th century continental fruit moulded tea pot with a leaf spout and handle and flower moulded lid.£10.00

1403A A burslem stoneware flagon printed with Burn’s Monument.£10.00

1404 A jigsaw puzzle, a collection of National Enquirer magazines etc.£0.00

1405 NO LOT£0.00

1406 A pair of red glass vases each etched with a deer in a landscape and three other pieces.£1.00

1407 A set of three 19th century Staffordshire graduated jugs, an early 19th century cup and saucer and a copper lustre bowl.£10.00

1408 A Torquay pottery floral decorated vase, a pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, other china and a 1953 commemorative book,£10.00

1409 A paper guillotine in its original box.£1.00

1410 A box of stamp albums and related items.£2.00

1411 A Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern teapot and three matching pieces.£20.00

1412 A glass dressing table set.£2.00

1413 A Sanyo radio, a mini food processor etc.£0.00

1414 A leaf decorated chamber pot and four other pieces.£1.00

1415 A brass twist candlestick table lamp and one other piece.£2.00

1416 A collection of stoneware etc.£0.00

1417 A pendant brass five branch light fitting.£1.00

1418 A copper panel enamelled with stylised leaves.£18.00

1419 Mugs, other china etc.£0.00

1420 A pair of coloured prints after Claude Rowbotham and two signed lithographs by Andrew Shortland.£2.00

1421 A box of miscellaneous items.£5.00

1422 Two large fox Huntsman and Lady toys by Little Folk, Tiverton, Devon.£25.00

1423 A metal model of a Chinese junk with calligraphy to the back board, together with a similar model of a rickshaw.£22.00

1424 A 19th century possibly Russian square hall lantern with coloured leaded panels, the oil light fitting now converted to electricity.£110.00

1425 A blue painted spiral twist candlestick table lamp.£8.00

1426 A tablelamp turned as a candlestick.£10.00

1427 A collection of serpentine and other stone.£15.00

1428 Miscellaneous.£8.00

1429 A Wedgwood Carlyn pattern tea service, and a set of six Royal Albert plates and a collection of model figures etc.£30.00

1430 A Royal Albert floral decorated part tea service.£30.00

1431 A Royal Worcester Eavesham pattern part tea/dinner service and a glass cake plate.£35.00

1432 An eastern bird decorated vase, a yellow iridescent glass vase etc.£2.00

1450 A small painted cupboard stencilled with flowers, one other similar cupboard and a coat rack.£15.00

1451 A brown rexine upholstered stool/box.£2.00

1452 A woven fibre ottoman.£12.00

1453 A pine occasional table with a drawer above shelves.£0.00

1454 An oak bureau af.£2.00

1455 A walnut bureau with a slope front above three drawers.£2.00

1456 A Lloyd Loom pink painted bow front ottoman.£0.00

1457 A white painted laundry box.£0.00

1458 A mahogany veneered bureau with a fall front above drawers and a cupboard, flanked by cupboard doors.£0.00

1459 A pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 105 cm£75.00

1460 An oak bureau in Dutch style with a slope front above a carved serpentine drawer and two further long drawers, width 74 cm.£30.00

1460A A cane chest of two drawers.£5.00

1461 A Victorian pitch pine pew, width 232 cm.£70.00

1462 A yellow painted cabinet with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 57 cm.£45.00

1463 A walnut veneered bureau with a slope front above three long drawers on cabriole legs, width 75 cm.£5.00

1464 A white melamine bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard.£0.00

1465 A melamine pine effect small chest of three drawers.£5.00

1466 An oak cabinet with a single door opening onto bottle slides, width 51 cm.£5.00

1467 A Stag Minstrel bedside chest of two drawers.£5.00

1468 A white painted bedside chest of three drawers.£10.00

1469 A plywood cupboard with a single locking door.£20.00

1470 A bedside cabinet with a shelf above a cupboard.£20.00

1471 A mahogany effect small bureau with a slope front above four drawers, width 51 cm.£10.00

1472 A narrow hardwood chest of six drawers, width 61 cm.£15.00

1473 An Edwardian walnut bedside cupboard with a panelled door, width 36.5 cm.£30.00

1474 A woven fibre corner linen basket.£2.00

1475 A Lloyd Loom blue painted rectangular linen basket.£2.00

1476 A white painted armoire with a single mirrored door, width 85 cm, height including carved mount 213 cm.£0.00

1477 A rectangular cane linen basket.£0.00

1478 A carved hardwood coffee table with a drawer to one end, on square section legs, joined by a magazine shelf.£5.00

1479 A beech dining table, 106 x 75.5 cm.£35.00

1480 A 1950/60s teak effect and black corner telephone table.£2.00

1481 An eastern substantial hardwood dining table on square section legs 150 x 93.5 cm, together with a set of six matching chairs.£140.00

1482 A square table with an oak top on a painted frame with square section tapering legs, 75 x 75 cm.£45.00

1483 An Indian square hardwood coffee table with metal mounts on turned legs.£5.00

1484 An Ercol “Golden Dawn” circular drop leaf dining table.£140.00

1485 A set of four cane armchairs.£15.00

1486 A set of four oak dining chairs, each with a padded back and seat and on cup and cover turned legs.£2.00

1487 A cane coffee table with a glass top.£0.00

1488 A Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair.£20.00

1489 A woven fibre easy chair on a tubular metal frame.£2.00

1490 A pair of grey fibreglass and chrome height adjustable kitchen stools.£20.00

1491 A carved oak Bible box on square section legs joined by low stretchers, width 65 cm.£30.00

1492 A panelled oak coffer, width 106 cm.£35.00

1493 A carved panelled oak coffer, width 105.5 cm.£40.00

1494 A carved panelled oak coffer, width 90 cm.£40.00

1495 A fabric covered ottoman, width 122 cm.£0.00

1496 An inlaid mahogany bowfront sideboard in Regency style, the centre with a drawer above a cupboard with tambour shutters, the rounded corners with doors above drawers, width 180 cm.£60.00

1497 A narrow painted floor standing cupboard, width 61 cm.£0.00

1497A A trestle table.£2.00

1498 A kitchen cabinet with an open shelf above a drawer of fall front and a cupboard, width 59.5 cm.£5.00

An Alstons Furniture light wood effect double wardrobe, the doors with bowed panels, width 76 cm. along with a matching headboard.£90.00

1500 A pair of matching bedside chests each with three drawers.£60.00

1501 A matching narrow chest of five drawers, width 48 cm.£60.00

1502 A set of six American walnut Art Nouveau style chairs, including a pair of carvers, each with a tapering padded back, padded seat and on square section tapering legs.£60.00

1503 A Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair.£25.00

1504 A 1920s Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair, the feet with brass caps.£30.00

1505 A Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair.£25.00

1506 A Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair.£25.00

1507 A square hardwood stool.£0.00

1508 An elm spindle back chair with a seagrass seat on turned legs with pad feet.£25.00

1509 An open armchair with a seagrass seat on turned legs.£20.00

1510 A set of four lightwood effect dining chairs, each with a padded seat.£5.00

1511 A set of nine dining chairs, each with a curved stick back and on turned legs.£200.00

1512 A set of three dining chairs, each with a curved lath back and on turned legs.£50.00

1513 A small oak gate leg table on turned supports.£2.00

1514 A limed pine chest of five drawers, width 64.5 cm.£25.00

1515 A pair of limed pine bedside tables, each with one drawer and on square section tapering legs and each with width 52.5 cm.£15.00

1516 A 1950/60s hardwood effect wardrobe with a mirror beside a door, width 76 cm.£2.00

1517 A hardwood effect floor standing open bookcase, width 88 cm.£5.00

1518 An Ercol modern light elm hi-fi cabinet with a glazed door above a drawer with a recessed handle, width 50 cm.£100.00

1519 A white cane double wardrobe, width 110 cm.£35.00

1520 A white cane chest of three long drawers, width 95 cm.£35.00

1520A A painted shelf.£0.00

1521 A small pine kitchen table with a drawer to one side on turned legs, 107 x 63.5 cm.£40.00

1522 A light wood effect book trough.£2.00

1523 A rack of four pine wall hanging shelves, width 84 cm.£2.00

1524 A blue painted pine wall hanging cupboard with a leaded glass door above coat hooks, width 34 cm.£20.00

1525 A Victorian reverse breakfront mahogany wardrobe with sentry box, robes, flanking, a pair of cupboard doors above three cock beaded drawers, width 175 cm.£55.00

1526 A red painted pine cupboard with a panelled door, width 51.5 cm.£2.00

1527 A painted hardwood box/coffee table with two centrally hinged lids and metal catches, 91 x 91 cm.£5.00

1528 A silver painted 4’6″ bedstead.£5.00

1529 A black metal and hardwood effect 6′ bedstead.£40.00

1530 A Myers 4′ bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress.£5.00

1531 A 5′ bed with two part divan base and spring interior mattress.£35.00

1532 A 4’6″ divan bed with spring interior mattress.£55.00

1533 A 4′ divan bed with spring interior mattress and brown dralon headboard.£5.00

1534 A 3′ bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress and buttoned headboard.£45.00

1535 A cane crib on stand and a collection of sports rackets etc.£5.00

1536 A pair of arched wood towel rails.£30.00

1537 A melamine wood effect floor standing open bookcase, width 78 cm.£20.00

1538 A nest of three mahogany effect tables.£2.00

1539 A Victorian small walnut Penbroke table with a drawer to one end.£30.00

1540 A painted chest of three graduated drawers, width 77 cm.£40.00

1541 A white painted chest of three graduated drawers, width 77 cm.£40.00

1542 A pine chest of three long drawers, width 90.5 cm£35.00

1543 A Chinese hardwood coffee table with curved carved supports, width 85.5 cm.£10.00

1544 A blue painted pine dresser, the open rack with two shelves, a base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 151.5 cm, height 192 cm.£270.00

1545 An American walnut side cabinet, the upper part with a glazed panel flanked by glazed grill doors, the base with three panelled cupboard doors, width 139 cm, height 198.5 cm.£10.00

1546 An Edwardian walnut side cabinet, the mirror back with a raised shelf, the base with a drawer above a pair of curved glazed doors, width 60.5 cm£35.00

1547 A child’s bentwood armchair with a cane seat.£10.00

1548 A pair of Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs, each with a padded seat and on turned legs.£2.00

1549 A ladder back chair.£0.00

1550 A set of five bentwood carving chairs, each with a curved back.£90.00

1551 A set of three wheel and stick back carving chairs on turned legs.£45.00

1552 A pair of dining chairs each with a curved stick back and on turned legs.£45.00

1553 A painted lath back kitchen chair on turned legs.£20.00

1554 A harlequin set of eight hoop and stick back dining chairs on turned legs.£140.00

1555 An oak bedroom chair with a cane seat.£5.00

1556 A set of four dining chairs, each with a curved stick back and on turned legs.£30.00

1557 An octagonal mahogany wine table on three turned supports and on a tripod base.£5.00

1558 An octagonal walnut centre table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.£0.00

1559 A child’s stick back chair on turned legs.£15.00

1560 An oval oak gate leg table on turned supports.£25.00

1561 A child’s 1950s/60s blue and white woven fibre chair on a wrought metal frame.£20.00

1562 A circular black plastic stool.£0.00

1563 An eastern carved circular hardwood stool on an intertwined pedestal. £2.00

1564 A mahogany stained stool on three legs.£2.00

1565 A square oak plant stand.£10.00

1566 A circular elm stool on four turned legs.£10.00

1567 An inlaid oval pedestal dining table on three legs. £2.00

1568 A hardwood effect drop leaf dining table. £2.00

1569 An extending dining table on shaped supports with iron bracers, size with single leaf inserted, 193 x 106.5cm. £5.00

1570 A Lloyd Loom pink painted circular table.£20.00

1571 A pine toilet mirror.£10.00

1572 A table on folding legs.£0.00

1573 A nest of two pine tables on square section legs. £5.00

1574 An eastern black lacquer stand painted with pagodas and trees.£0.00

1575 A mahogany Canterbury on turned supports with brass castors.£10.00

1576 A kitchen table with a marbled formica top on a metal frame.£2.00

1577 An oak draw leaf refectory table, size extended, 175 x 71cm. £5.00

1578 An oak draw leaf dining table, size extended, 153 x 84cm.£2.00

1579 An American style elm stick back carving chair with bentwood arms on turned tapering legs. £55.00

1580 A Windsor rocking chair in 18th century style with a comb back on turned legs. £30.00

1581 A lath back Windsor armchair on turned legs. £25.00

1582 A harlequin set of four wheel and stick back dining chairs on turned legs.£20.00

1583 An Art Nouveau style dining chair the seat with a William Morris style cover, on square section tapering legs.£20.00

1584 A bedroom chair with a spindle back, seagrass seat and on turned tapering legs.£2.00

1584A A pair of Edwardian oak bedroom chairs.£2.00

1585 A set of four Ercol light elm dining chairs each with an arched stick back and on turned legs and each with its squab cushion.£170.00

1586 A child’s bentwood chair.£5.00

1587 A balloon back bedroom chair a.f.£0.00

1588 A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs each with a cane seat.£15.00

1589 An elm ladder back dining chair with a seagrass seat.£5.00

1590 A ladder back dining chair with a seagrass seat.£2.00

1591 A set of three blue painted bentwood dining chairs.£2.00

1592 An Edwardian walnut corner chair on square sectioned tapering legs.£10.00

1593 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE: A set of six modern oak stools on square section legs.£100.00

1594 A pair of director’s chairs with red fabric backs and seats.£10.00

1595 An Eastern ebonised telephone table, the top and shelf painted with a river scene.£2.00

1596 A walnut dressing stool.£5.00

1597 A cane armchair.£25.00

1597A A woven fibre commode chair.£0.00

1598 A late 19th/early 20th century two seat sofa with one drop end, upholstered in its original floral patterned fabric£70.00

1599 A long oak stool with a hinged lid upholstered in green and gold striped fabric.£5.00

1600 A walnut piano stool with box seat on cabriole legs.£20.00

1601 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE. A circular leather pouffe.£15.00

1601A EXTRA TO CATALOGUE. A red circular leather pouffe.£2.00

1602 A circular kitchen stool on a chrome base, the seat upholstered in orange vinyl.£2.00

1603 A walnut piano stool with a box seat on cabriole legs.£10.00

1604 A three seat sofa upholstered in floral patterned fabric together with a pair of matching wing armchairs and a pouffe.£2.00

1604A EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE. A brown leather two seat sofa.£2.00

1605 A walnut dressing stool with a cane seat on cabriole legs.£2.00

1606 An oak stool with a sisal seat.£5.00

1607 A two seat sofa upholstered in buttoned patterned blue fabric and a matching armchair.£2.00

1608 A Victorian wing armchair upholstered in striped pink fabric.£30.00

1609 A three seat sofa upholstered in floral patterned beige fabric.£55.00

1610 A brown leather three seat sofa with a matching armchair and pouffe.£100.00

1611 A buttoned red leather wing armchair on cabriole legs.£85.00

1612 An Edwardian wing armchair upholstered in pale blue ‘damask’ fabric.£20.00

1613 A 1930s red rexine upholstered reclining armchair.£70.00

1614 A four seat sofa upholstered in beige fabric with out curving arms.£300.00

1615 A three seat sofa upholstered in beige fabric, one end with an extended cushion.£35.00

1616 A jute carpet runner with a blue Greek key border, 60 x 230cm approximately.£5.00

1617 A knotted hemp carpet 200 x 240 approximately.£50.00

1618 A pair of Indian cream wool ‘Noodle Shaggy Rugs’, each 118 x 170 cm approximately.£20.00

1619 A Kashan design machine made carpet the ivory field with a lobed pole medallion within a madder arabesque border 230 x 160cm.£30.00

1620 A dusky pink ground rug with a central medallion within a patterned border, 116 x 167cm. approximately.£0.00

1621 An Eastern hand knotted dusky pink ground rug with a central panel with a row of three guls within a geometrically patterned border, 89 x 135cm. approximately.£10.00

1622 A 1970s multi-coloured circular Axminster carpet, diameter 137cm.£5.00

1623 A white ground carpet patterned with floral sprays within a patterned border, 80 x 152cm approximately.£0.00

1624 A pink ground nursery hopscotch carpet, 79 x 147cm.£0.00

1625 A Belgian Samarkand style woven carpet runner, 81 x 285cm.£0.00

1626 A pair of Indian white ground cut pile carpets each 63 x 132cm approximately.£5.00

1627 An Eastern hand knotted carpet with a blue ground patterned with flowering tendrils within a floral patterned border, 144 x 222cm.£5.00

1627A A carpet in eastern style with patterned squares & rectangles 137 x 230 cm approximately.£2.00

1628 A small pine table top chest with two tiers of two drawers above one long drawer.£2.00

1629 A 1950s wrought iron magazine rack/occasional table with a fabric set top.£2.00

1630 A pine coffee table on turned supports, 90 x 60cm.£45.00

1631 A pine side cabinet with a pair of panelled drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 107cm.£40.00

1632 A small oak stool.£5.00

1633 A wall hanging corner cabinet with a mirrored door.£15.00

1634 A hardwood effect bookcase with two pairs of sliding glass doors, width 99cm.£0.00

1635 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers.£70.00

1636 A rack of open shelves, width 89cm.£5.00

1637 An oak desk top set of pigeon holes, width 98cm.£25.00

1638 A hardwood coffee table, 120 x 52 cm.£5.00

1639 An oak sewing table with a hinged lid above a drawer.£10.00

1640 An oak side table with one drawer on square section tapering legs, width 56cm.£5.00

1641 An American walnut sideboard with drawers flanked by panelled doors, width 178cm.£5.00

1642 A display stand of three open shelves, width 69cm.£0.00

1643 A cast metal four tier stand.£10.00

1644 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of three long drawers, width 100cm.£55.00

1645 A carved oak open bookcase, width 91cm.£45.00

1646 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers, width 95cm. £110.00

1647 An oak wall hanging rack of two open shelves, width 65cm.£15.00

1648 A small open oak bookcase, width 49cm.£20.00

1649 A hardwood effect bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors, width 122cm.£2.00

1650 A mahogany veneered sideboard with open shelves flanked by cupboards, width 123cm.£5.00

1651 An oak bed tray.£10.00

1652 An oak two tier occasional table on square section tapering legs.£5.00

1653 A square mahogany occasional table on turned legs.£5.00

1654 An Edwardian oak twin pedestal desk, width 106cm.£65.00

1655 A three tier display stand, width 70cm.£2.00

1656 A stripped pine bow front chest of two short and two long drawers, width 93cm.£120.00

1657 A narrow oak floor standing open bookcase, width 48cm, height 181cm.£50.00

1658 A cane three tier corner what-not.£5.00

1659 A pine coffee table on turned legs joined by a low shelf, 105 x 53cm.£15.00

1660 A square oak pedestal table.£0.00

1661 A pine kitchen table with a drawer to one end on turned legs, 91 x 65cm.£60.00

1662 A hard wood effect coffee table on turned legs.£5.00

1663 A rectangular oak pedestal table.£0.00

1664 A rectangular oak pedestal table.£2.00

1665 A painted coffee table made from branches.£5.00

1666 A square pub table on turned legs.£2.00

1667 A refectory table on turned supports, 105 x 61cm.£2.00

1668 A refectory table on turned supports, 121 x 60cm.£5.00

1669 A rectangular table on a turned pedestal, 121 x 60cm.£5.00

1670 A Edwardian walnut side table with one drawer on cabriole legs joined by a shelf, width 72cm.£10.00

1671 An oak telephone table with two open shelves.£5.00

1672 An Ercol ‘Golden Dawn’ sideboard with three cupboard doors above two drawers with inset handles, width 129cm.£210.00

1673 A nest of three oak tables on turned legs.£20.00

1674 A mahogany cupboard with a pair of doors with raised panels opening onto shelves, width 91cm.£0.00

1675 An oak veneered sewing table/trolley with a hinged lid above a drawer and a shelf.£10.00

1676 A cream painted side table with a hinged lid above two false drawer fronts on turned legs joined by a low shelf, width 77.5cm.£5.00

1677 An oak veneered bow front sideboard with a central cupboard flanked by cupboards, width 137cm.£15.00

1678 A nest of three oak tables on square section legs.£5.00

1679 A mahogany effect coffee table on square section moulded legs.£0.00

1680 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and two long drawers, later top, width 110cm.£20.00

1681 A teak effect bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors beside a cupboard, width 121.5cm.£0.00

1682 A 1950s teak effect sideboard, with four drawers flanked by cupboards, width 137cm.£2.00

1683 A small open pine bookcase, width 63cm.£5.00

1684 A 1950s oak veneered chest of five long drawers, width 74.5cm.£50.00

1685 A 1930s oak three tier trolley, width 61cm.£2.00

1686 An oak gateleg table on barley twist supports.£2.00

1687 A Victorian kitchen table with two drawers to one side on turned legs, 122.5 x 52cm.£20.00

1688 A panelled oak monks bench, width 95.5cm.£90.00

1689 A light oak desk with a hinged centre flanked by a cupboard to one side and drawers to the other, width 121cm.£30.00

1690 An open oak bookcase, width 47cm.£15.00

1691 A mahogany stained coffee table the top set with a square of polished ‘Brazilian river bed granite’, 52 x 52cm.£5.00

1692 A Victorian mahogany chest with a pair of deep drawers above three long drawers, width 117cm.£130.00

1693 An early 20th century inlaid mahogany bow front display cabinet with a pair of leaded glass doors on square section tapering legs, width 113.5cm.£20.00

1694 A rectangular oak veneered table on turned legs, 90.5 x 60cm.£2.00

1695 A rectangular refectory table on turned supports, 105.5 x 60cm.£2.00

1696 An oak veneered pedestal dining table, 122 x 60.5cm.£2.00

1697 An oak veneered refectory table on turned supports, 152 x 61.5cm.£5.00

1698 A Victorian mahogany veneered side table with an arcaded apron on square section legs joined by a stretcher, width 90cm.£20.00

1699 A cane two tier occasional table.£5.00

1700 A chrome four tier stand with melamine wood effect shelves.£0.00

1701 A walnut chest of two short and two long drawers, width 88cm.£30.00

1702 A G-Plan ‘Gold Mark’ teak sideboard with a cupboard beside three drawers, width 152.5cm.£120.00

1703 A 1950s walnut veneered dressing table with an oval mirror above two tambour shutters, the base with a pair of curved cupboards flanking two bowed drawers, width 131cm.£5.00

1704 A Victorian stripped pine chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, width 108cm.£90.00

1705 A beech school, desk with a hinged lid on square section legs, width 55cm.£20.00

1706 A square oak plant stand.£2.00

1707 A melamine wood effect open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 58cm.£15.00

1708 A Victorian walnut wine table with a rectangular top on a turned pedestal with a tripod base.£35.00

1709 An oak veneered table on turned legs, 106 x 60cm.£0.00

1710 A refectory table on turned supports, 119 x 59cm.£2.00

1711 A white painted console table on cabriole legs.£5.00

1712 A modern pine sideboard with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 118cm.£45.00

1713 A small mahogany veneered reproduction sofa table on lyre shape supports.£20.00

1714 A 1950s Hygena white painted kitchen cabinet with a drawer above a cupboard door, width 53.5cm.£0.00

1715 An Edwardian walnut centre table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.£0.00

1716 A white painted chest of three drawers, width 60cm.£0.00

1717 A Victorian mahogany straight front chest of two short and three long drawers, width 98.5cm.£65.00

1718 An Edwardian ash chest of three long drawers, width 83.5cm.£50.00

1719 A mahogany veneered bureau with a slope front above two drawers on cabriole legs, width 61cm.£30.00

1720 A pine refectory table on shaped supports, 121 x 67cm.£5.00

1721 A pine refectory table on shaped supports, 121 x 67cm.£5.00

1722 An oak draw leaf refectory table on cup and cover turned supports, size extended, 169 x 83cm.£20.00

1723 A pine kitchen/dining table with a drawer to one end on turned legs, 183 x 90cm.£55.00

1723A A hardwood stool.£2.00

1724 A painted metal laundry box.£0.00

1725 A circular wood effect pedestal table, diameter 61cm.£5.00

1726 A circular wood effect table, diameter 68cm.£5.00

1727 A 60 cm square pedestal table.£5.00

1728 A rectangular walnut dining table, on cabriole legs size with single leaf inserted, 168 x 81cm. £0.00

1729 A pine floor standing open bookcase, width 82cm, height 180cm.£25.00

1730 A 1950’s walnut veneered bow front display cabinet with eastern lacquer decoration, on cabriole legs, width 103cm.£5.00

1731 A four fold screen with floral painted panels.£55.00

1732 An eastern carved camphor wood chest, width 101cm. £50.00

1733 A small oak hall stand, width 47cm.£55.00

1734 A walnut bookcase with a pair of glazed doors above a pair of panelled cupboard doors, width 108.5 cm, height 194.5 cm.£30.00