November 14th General Sale Results

1 An extensive collection of Copeland Spode ‘Chinese Rose’ pattern tea and dinner ware. £50.00

2 A Keele pottery cottage moulded teapot, a matching butter dish and cover and an Osborne plaque. £2.00

3 Two cottage moulded teapots and a similar biscuit barrel. £2.00

4 A collection of Wedgwood jasperware etc. £15.00

5 Glassware. £2.00

6 A copper lustre jug, a Masons ‘Mandalay’ pattern serving dish, lacks lid, etc. £5.00

7 An Edinburgh Crystal footed bowl and other glass. £20.00

8 A set of twelve Spode Christmas plates 1970 to 1981 inclusive. £5.00

9 A set of eight Coalport limited edition British birds decorated plates and other plates. £15.00

10 Various collectors and other plates. £15.00

11 A Poole pottery leaf shape floral painted plate, a Radford oval floral pattern plate and one other piece. £8.00

12 A Langley ware vase decorated in Glyn Coledge style, a pair of Crown Devon floral swag decorated vases etc. £2.00

13 Four Denby ‘Arabesque’ pattern serving dishes. £8.00

14 A Bavaria ‘Franconia’ floral pattern part dinner service. £0.00

15 Miscellaneous china etc. £8.00

16 Various dishes, lidded jars and other china. £2.00

17 Models including Staffordshire etc. £12.00

18 A white square pressed glass lidded bowl and a collection of vases and other china. £2.00

19 Jugs, a Wedgwood Humphrey Davy tankard etc. £2.00

20 Various collectors plates etc. £5.00

21 A Royal Doulton ‘Expressions’ pattern part tea service with teapot. £2.00

22 A T.G.Green blue and white Cornishware butter dish (bullseye mark). £30.00

23 A set of five T.G.Green blue and white ‘Tally Ho’ 23cm plates and a set of three 16.5cm matching plates the backs with Church Gresley Pottery marks, £40.00

24 NO LOT. £0.00

25 A Spode ‘Italian’ pattern oval lidded serving dish. £2.00

26 Two Japanese Satsuma figure decorated vases and a similar bowl. £1.00

27 A collection of cut stemmed glasses. £8.00

28 A plated beaker, toilet bottles, an eastern fan etc. £2.00

29 A Wedgwood Susie Cooper design ‘Glen Mist’ pattern oval teapot, a floral decorated part tea service and a Portmeirion ‘Totem’ pattern cup. £2.00

30 A Victorian floral decorated ceramic four section egg cruet. £0.00

31 A Wedgwood blue and white ‘Willow’ pattern part tea service. £2.00

32 A collection of blue and white china including a Spode ‘Italian’ pattern jug and a moustache cup. £5.00

33 Four large continental flower and fruit decorated bowls. £0.00

34 A flower pot and stand made as an enormous teacup and saucer. £2.00

35 A pair of bronzed resin models of children and their pets together with a pair of plaster bookends moulded as Victorian ladies. £5.00

36 A collection of video tapes, a blue glass jug, two graduated blue and white jugs, other china, etc. £2.00

37 A Minton ‘Marlow’ pattern part tea service and a matching sandwich plate. £22.00

38 A Spode ‘Italian’ pattern part tea service, other teaware etc. £28.00

39 A Royal Worcester ‘Evesham’ pattern square serving dish, two art pottery lidded serving dishes etc. £2.00

40 A set of three Denby Glyn Colledge style leaf decorated rectangular dishes together with a pair of matching leaf shape dishes and one other piece. £8.00

41 A collection of white and coloured resin models of classical figures. £5.00

42 Miscellaneous including a large seashell and a paper weight. £2.00

43 A collection of model figures. £2.00

44 Models etc. £2.00

45 A Poole pottery floral painted table lamp and a smiliar jug. £5.00

46 A sunflower decorated jar. £0.00

47 A large floral encrusted teapot. a pair of tree painted vases and two other pieces. £15.00

48 A pair of Victorian vases each transfer printed with hanging birds. £15.00

49 A ‘Bunnykins’ pattern bowl and other china. £5.00

50 A collection of catering coffeeware. £0.00

51 A pair of Poole Pottery floral painted bowls, a similar posy bowl, a half moon bowl and a pair of small open salts. £2.00

52 A Crown Staffordshire floral painted pin tray, vases etc. £0.00

53 A Japanese brown lustre bird on a branch decorated part coffee service. £0.00

54 A collection of cut stemmed glasses and other glass. £8.00

55 A Marks and Spencer ‘Carousel’ pattern part dinner service and other china. £5.00

56 A Pyrex roasting dish in its original box and a continental hors d’oeuvre dish. £5.00

57 Two amethyst carnival glass dishes and other glass. £2.00

58 Stemmed glasses and other glass. £8.00

59 Two German stoneware tankards etc. £1.00

60 Glassware etc. £10.00

61 A Coalport ‘Java’ pattern lidded twin handle serving dish and two other pieces. £2.00

62 A plated tea kettle on a spirit burner stand. £2.00

63 Plated ware. £0.00

64 Glassware etc. £12.00

65 A set of five cut stemmed glasses, collection of plates etc. £8.00

66 A Crown Dynasty floral decorated part tea/dinner service. £1.00

67 Miscellaneous china etc. £5.00

68 Four glass bowls and one other piece. £0.00

69 A 1930s yellow glass part dressing table set each piece floral moulded and with butterfly handles. £5.00

70 Carnival and other coloured glass. £2.00

71 A collection of marigold carnival glass bowls and other glass. £10.00

72 A collection of mostly coloured glass. £2.00

73 A collection of mostly advertising glasses. £1.00

74 A Japanese eggshell china figure decorated tea service. £2.00

75 Two oval dishes, an Imari plate, a Wade tortoise, model horses etc. £8.00

76 A Maruhon ware biscuit barrel moulded with Cries of London style street seller, two jugs etc. £2.00

77 A collection of model monk figures. £2.00

78 An Ivy leaf decorated tea service. £10.00

79 Four large coloured glass brandy balloons including Swedish and a large blue stemmed glass. £12.00

80 A late 19th/early 20th century floral decorated tea service. £12.00

81 An Aynsley light green glaze wrythen part tea service together with a small collection of coloured glass. £20.00

82 A set of six large stemmed glasses. £12.00

83 A Victorian floral decorated part tea service. £5.00

84 A large collection of marigold carnival glass. £10.00

85 A set of four Royal Doulton ‘Wind in the Willows’ pattern plates, other plates, teaware etc. £8.00

86 A late 19th/early 20th century green glaze floral and gilt decorated tea service. £25.00

87 A Bavarian fruit decorated part dinner service. £5.00

88 Stemmed glasses and other glass. £12.00

89 Cushions £0.00

90 Bedding. £1.00

91 Curtains. £2.00

92 An assortment of bathmats. £1.00

93 Covers etc. £5.00

94 Miscellaneous fabrics in two bags. £2.00

95 Miscellaneous. £0.00

96 Sofa cushions in two bags. £5.00

97 Cushions. £8.00

98 Bedding. £1.00

99 Miscellaneous. £0.00

100 Miscellaneous good quality soft furnishings. £10.00

101 Lined curtains. £5.00

102 Cushions. £5.00

103 Tapestry wool etc. £30.00

104 Miscellaneous. £12.00

105 Cushions. £2.00

106 Crochet embroidered table linen. £22.00

107 Crochet embroidered table linen. £20.00

108 Miscellaneous. £2.00

109 Kingsize duvet. £40.00

110 Table linen. £2.00

111 Roll of fabric. £15.00

112 Exercise mat. £0.00

113 Curtains. £0.00

114 A pair of waders. £10.00

115 A box of hats and scarves. £0.00

116 Lace makers cushions. £2.00

117 Ladies boots and shoes. £5.00

118 Pillows. £10.00

119 Table linen. £2.00

120 Ladies handbags. £8.00

121 Miscellaneous fabric £2.00

122 Ladies handbags. £2.00

123 Gentlemen’s shoes. £1.00

124 Curtains. £0.00

125 Ladies handbags. £0.00

126 A “Harris Tweed” bag. £18.00

127 A Nike holdall. £0.00

128 Trainers. £5.00

129 A lady’s double breasted coat. £2.00

130 A gentleman’s sheepskin coat, a lady’s trousersuit etc. £30.00

131 A gentlemans brown sheepskin flying jacket. £55.00

132 Cornwall County Fire Brigade tunics etc. £70.00

133 Ladies skirts, dresses etc. £0.00

134 A lady’s fur coat and jacket. £15.00

135 Two gentlemen’s suede jackets. £8.00

136 A gentleman’s brown leather jacket. £5.00

137 A vintage Burberry lady’s wool Alpaca bottle green trenchcoat with detachable shawl and one other garment. £35.00

138 An assortment of ladies dresses. £0.00

139 A gentleman’s overcoat. £0.00

140 Ladies jackets etc. £0.00

141 A ladies velvet skirt and one other. £0.00

142 Ladies skirts. £0.00

143 A lady’s British Airways coat. £10.00

161 A blue painted walnut tool chest with a hinged lid and fall front, width 94cm. £2.00

162 An oil on canvas of a woodland stream by Boyd McNeill in a gilt frame together with a coloured print of riverside cattle. £2.00

163 A collection of prints including Cornish. £1.00

164 Three boxes of books and a box of records. £20.00

165 Four boxes of books. £18.00

166 Four boxes of books. £25.00

167 Four boxes of books. £15.00

168 Two boxes of books. £8.00

169 A box of iron weights etc. £5.00

170 A box of miscellaneous items including a microscope and a drum. £8.00

171 A box of 33 and 45rpm records. £10.00

172 A box of fire implements etc. £1.00

173 A box of wooden planes including moulding planes, plough planes and a jack plane etc. £12.00

174 A box of books. £8.00

175 A box of books. £2.00

176 Two boxes of miscellaneous items and a coloured print. £1.00

177 Dorcie Sykes oil on board of a farm pond, x 90cm. £22.00

178 An oil on canvas ‘Beach Side Shack’ signed Dawson. £0.00

178A A brown leather effect trolley case. £0.00

178B Two tin trunks. £12.00

179 A set of four signed coloured prints after Bob Vigg in gilt frames. £2.00

180 A set of three folding hardwood stools with circular seats. £10.00

180A A pair of director’s chairs. £20.00

181 A pair of art nouveau coloured leaded windows each 63cm x 85.5cm together with a pair of gothic arched leaded windows each height 100cm. £50.00

182 A pair of art nouveau leaded coloured windows each 39.5cm x 40cm. £15.00

183 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame. £5.00

184 A copper warming pan with a turned pine handle. £5.00

185 A bundle of long snooker rests and cues. £5.00

185A A fibreglass 17′ centre cabin boat with a 90hp mercury outboard (57hrs) on a galvanised trailer, built by Dyer Brothers, Southampton. Video available showing engine running. £6500.00

186 An aluminium extending dog ramp. £5.00

186A An Arum lily. £0.00

187 A pair of black plastic water cans. £1.00

188 A collection of galvanised hinges and mounts. £15.00

189 A gas bottle and a galvanised pail. £2.00

190 A blue plastic high chair. £1.00

191 A yellow plastic step. £1.00

192 A galvanised coal scuttle. £12.00

193 A folding wheeled walking aid with cable brakes. £2.00

194 A stainless steel fish pan. £15.00

195 An extending shoe rack. £1.00

196 A cast iron bow front solid fuel stove, width 70cm. £10.00

197 A wrought iron fire basket, width 78cm. £15.00

198 An aluminium single section ladder. £18.00

199 A Trif Hull design fibreglass surfboard, length 202cm. £160.00

200 Four demijohns etc. £10.00

201 An aluminium loft ladder. £8.00

202 A Grafter aluminium step ladder. £2.00

203 Two Black and Decker workmates. £5.00

204 Galvanised cable, a fireguard and paint. £2.00

205 An Aladdin heater and two other pieces. £0.00

206 Five sections of chrome staging. £2.00

207 A bundle of brooms and mops. £20.00

208 A vintage Shell petrol can with a brass cap and other lubricant tins. £22.00

209 Two aluminium step ladders and a wooden step ladder. £20.00

210 A wrought iron arched garden gate, width excluding hinge 73.7cm, height from the top of the arch 179.5cm. £25.00

211 A hardwood folding chair. £18.00

212 A gas cylinder. £2.00

213 A collection of tiles. £2.00

214 A Master Mix electric cement mixer with stand. £30.00

215 An aluminium stepladder.

216 A Carrera Cross Fire 2 18 speed mountain bike. £32.00

217 A childs Tomyhawk bicycle. £8.00

218 Two pairs of director’s chairs. £2.00

219 A section of Dexion type shelving, dismantled. £8.00

220 Two plastic fuel tanks. £18.00

221 A Johnson 6 H.P. outboard motor. £70.00

222 A Jockey wheel. £5.00

223 A Qualcast electric cylinder mower with grass box. £0.00

224 A Victorian wrought iron 3’6″ bedstead with side irons. £20.00

225 A brass and iron 4′ bedstead with side irons. £10.00

226 A Ladies Discovery 3 speed bicycle with cane handlebar basket. £10.00

227 A Sirrus 21 speed mountain bike. £50.00

228 A pair of concrete gate finials each moulded as a bird of prey.
(The wing tip that was previously missing has now been brought in by the vendor). £0.00

229 Two tubs of Unibond floor adhesive. £1.00

230 A Corcho portable gas fire with cylinder. £28.00

231 A garden fork and spade. £8.00

232 A hose on reel. £2.00

233 A galvanised watering can. £2.00

234 A box of car parts, tools etc. £2.00

235 A concrete garden statue moulded as two embracing children. £15.00

236 An ‘Acer Atropurpureon’ in a blue glaze pot. £28.00

237 A collection of garden plants in pots. £28.00

238 A red palm in a large terracotta pot. £40.00

239 A large stoneware basin with taps. £35.00

240 A copper twin handled vessel and one other piece. £28.00

241 A folding wheelchair. £5.00

242 A circular cast aluminium garden table and a pair of matching chairs. £70.00

242A A set of four yellow plastic stacking shelves. £0.00

242B A shallow pierced pan and a toasting fork. £0.00

243 A Wolfcraft folding work bench. £1.00

244 A demijohn and other glass jars. £8.00

245 A pair of black metal stacking garden chairs. £2.00

246 A circular cast aluminium garden table. £10.00

246A A ceramic kitchen sink with single drainer. £28.00

247 A sack trolley. £10.00

248 A cast iron serpentine front fire basket, width 42cm. £0.00

249 A pair of terracotta wall mounted mask moulded plant pockets. £15.00

249A A plumbers pipe benders on stand. £2.00

249B A terracotta strawbery pot £5.00

249C A ship’s lifebelt “Godwit PZ 32″. £12.00

249D A clay chimney pot. £0.00

249E An eastern copper watering can. £12.00

249F A Tilley style paraffin lamp, a galvanised trunk and two other pieces. £1.00

250 A painted ceramic wall mounted plant holder. £2.00

251 A fish tank, length 92cm. £5.00

252 A garden sprayer. £0.00

253 A set of three brass fire implements, a stainless steel jug, a pair of poker rests etc. £5.00

254 Hanging baskets etc. £2.00

255 A Giant FCR3 24 speed bicycle. £65.00

255A A small set of folding steps. £2.00

255B A red metal wine rack. £0.00

255C An aluminium ladder stand-off. £2.00

255D Three boxes of tools. £5.00

255E A stoneware bussa and a similar jar. £8.00

255F A cast iron fire basket with brass mounts and one other piece, width 60cm and two other pieces. £1.00

255G A Hayterette petrol driven rotary mower, lacks grass box. £10.00

255H A Black and Decker Workmate. £1.00

255I A cast iron grill, 60.5cm x 60.5cm. £0.00

255J A granite garden roller. £50.00

255K An aluminium step ladder. £1.00

255L A box of glass jars with cork stoppers. £0.00

255M Two drums of gardening and other tools. £18.00

255N An aluminium two section extending ladder. £15.00

255O A small set of aluminium folding steps. £1.00

255P An aluminium step ladder. £5.00

255Q A galvanised watering can and a galvanised pail containing tools together with fire fronts etc. £8.00

255R A concrete bird bath on a naturalistic moulded pedestal. £22.00

255S A garden fork, three walking sticks and a bundle of fishing rods. £5.00

255T A bundle of gardening tools. £12.00

255U A set of white folding steps and a set of black enamel steps. £15.00

255V Two folding garden chairs. £1.00

256 A Velux window, 95cm x 96cm together with its surround. £65.00

257 A folding sack trolley. £5.00

258 Two long pruners etc. £10.00

259 Five bodyboards. £2.00

260 Two rakes. £0.00

261 A wooden step ladder. £8.00

262 Two plywood surfboards. £8.00

263 A bath seat. £0.00

264 A set of four grey metal folding garden chairs. £2.00

265 NO LOT. £0.00

266 A set of drain rods. £2.00

267 A pair of directors chairs. £1.00

268 An oval copper bulb planter and one other piece. £8.00

269 A collection of terracotta plant pots. £5.00

270 A glass 31cm² tank. £0.00

271 A large blue plastic dog basket. £2.00

272 A black metal fireguard. £0.00

273 A deckchair. £1.00

274 Two walking sticks and a broom. £0.00

275 A stripped panelled pine door, 60.7cm x 184cm. £0.00

275A A small snooker table on folding legs 94cm x 182cm together with balls, scoreboard, cues and triangle. £1.00

276 A large coloured print “Journey of the Magi” after Gozzoli. £2.00

277 A large paper guillotine. £1.00

277A A Powerfix trolly. £5.00

277B A skateboard. £12.00

278 A planished copper coal helmet. £30.00

279 A late 19th or early 20th century Salters cast metal Family Scale No. 45 with a brass dial to weigh 7lb by half ounce increments. £8.00

280 A cast iron safe by Whitfield’s Safe and Door Co, London. £70.00

280A A cast iron safe with a brass handle, 52cm x 34.5cm. £65.00

281 A coloured print of Mediterannean boats. £0.00

282 A large coloured print of horses in a gilt frame. £10.00

283 A coloured print of highland cattle before mountains. £5.00

284 A Sportex fibreglass two section fishing rod and a similar split cane rod. £10.00

285 A bag of books. £2.00

286 A box of classical 33rpm records and a small collection of related books. £2.00

287 A 1930s large plaster model of a girl in Victorian costume petting two hunting dogs, after S. Dominiss, on a black marble base, size of base 69.5cm x 21cm. £45.00

288 A 58 piece suite of Viners flatware in a wood effect canteen etc. £30.00

289 A large ceramic tile moulded with a cottage etc. £2.00

290 An oval copper kettle. £22.00

291 A vintage wooden garden trolley, the spoked wheels with rubber rims. £160.00

292 A standard lamp,the turned wood column with a central circular shelf on a tripod base. £5.00

293 A Windsor & Newton ‘Severn’ sketching easel in its original box. £8.00

294 A pair of Victorian rectangular coloured prints of wading birds in wood effect frames. £5.00

295 A mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame. £10.00

296 A heavy stripped pine tool chest with iron mounts and handles, width 98cm. £45.00

296A A square painted box with a brass lock and handles. £2.00

297 An eastern cane blanket box with brass mounts. £2.00

298 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a broad oak frame, size including frame 81.5cm x 127 cm. £50.00

299 A coloured print ‘Pesca’ after Cesar Manrique. £5.00

300 Three framed photographs of old Cornwall, three 19th century German prints and two other pictures. £2.00

301 A Japanese rectangular silk panel embroidered with a geisha girl and an Immortal. £12.00

302 A Japanese silk panel embroidered with a fisherman. £12.00

303 A box of 33rpm records including pop. £10.00

304 Two boxes of 78rpm records. £30.00

305 A box of miscellaneous items. £5.00

306 A box of books. £22.00

307 A box of books. £15.00

308 The clasical 33rpm vinyl record library collection of Richard Platt the prominent musicologist contained in thirteen boxes each containing approximately sixty five records. £200.00

309 Three boxes of books and magazines. £2.00

310 A pair of rectangular mirrors in white and gilt frames together with a similar square mirror. £20.00

311 An Electra convector heater. £2.00

311A A box of miscellaneous items. £5.00

312 A Mapex brass cymbal and a coloured print ‘Aquarius Rising’ after J. Leah. £2.00

313 A multi photgraph frame, a ‘Shoe View Box’ and one other piece. £0.00

314 Two boxed curtain rails with fixings. £0.00

315 A box of brass door handles etc. £8.00

316 Two china baby dolls. £5.00

317 A Black and Decker Professional angle grinder. £2.00

318 A gas weed wand. £5.00

319 A box of classical CDs. £2.00

320 An Underwood vintage portable black enamel typewriter in a black rexin case. £2.00

321 A box of films on DVD. £10.00

322 A pair of candelabra, a salt pot etc. £0.00

323 A set of six green glass decorated stemmed glasses, a set of six glasses in cane holders and a white plate. £8.00

324 An Art Deco cast metal sculpture of a girl holding a bird while watched by a retriever standing on black resin and brown onyx rectangular base, length of base 58cm x 11cm. £90.00

325 Two wooden crates one Pepsi the other Britvic. £25.00

326 Two Sky plus boxes, lack remote controls. £5.00

327 A Kenwood Chef Excel mixer. £8.00

328 A JVC Powered Woofer CD system with carrying strap. £12.00

329 A Smiths mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case and two boxes of recipe cards. £2.00

330 A JVC Super-Base Horn twin CD portable music centre. £20.00

331 A Brecknell iron balance and a collection of weights. £2.00

332 An Indesit spin dryer. £10.00

333 A Karcher K2 pressure washer with its original box of attachments etc. £40.00

334 A Bosch silver American two door fridge. £100.00

335 An artist box/easel. £5.00

336 A Brother grey metal portable typewriter in a brown leather effect case. £10.00

337 An ADM Rock Rascal circular saw/grinder with attached motor. £12.00

338 A Bosch Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner. £2.00

339 A box of light fittings etc. £2.00

340 A box of “The Great Muscians” magazines and records and other records. £1.00

341 An Insectocuter etc. £2.00

342 A Lervia electric radiator. £12.00

343 A grey and blue metal two drawer filing cabinet. £5.00

344 An OXO Good Grips mandolin slicer in its original box. £10.00

345 A Royal vintage black metal typewriter. £5.00

346 A box of new Landrover/Rangerover parts. £10.00

347 A popcorn machine in its original box. £2.00

348 A collection of films on DVD. £2.00

349 A socket set etc. £8.00

350 A fan heater. £0.00

351 A bundle of books. £1.00

352 A pair of Brabantia food warmers in their original boxes and three cardboard model buildings. £8.00

353 A ‘Do Up’ pet waste clearer. £1.00

354 A ‘Do Up’ pet waste clearer in its original box. £2.00

355 A brass coal helmet. £20.00

356 A brass bowl, diameter 37cm. £18.00

357 A brass shell case set with a white metal figure of a naked female archer and two fire implements. £18.00

358 A brass twist stem standard lamp the head with six bulbs and shell moulded shades. £2.00

359 A brass standard lamp with shade. £0.00

360 A stainless steel nine branch floor standing tea-light holder. £0.00

361 Two insectocutors. £1.00

362 A Bisley grey metal office chest of eleven shallow drawers. £20.00

363 A metal lampshade made from recycled cans. £10.00

364 A pair of Staffordshire spaniels. £12.00

365 A Camping Gaz heater in its original box. £2.00

366 An Aldis slide projector in its original box. £0.00

367 A box of Landrover/Rangerover new spares in their original boxes. £12.00

368 A Casio RT-2200 retro radio in a wood effect case with its original box. £5.00

369 A Culinary Concepts rectangular three candle lantern in its original box. £8.00

370 A Corby electric trouser press. £1.00

371 A cane and white metal floor standing vase. £0.00

372 An Aynsley ‘Cottage Garden’ pattern vase and two Wedgwood graduated ‘Apple Blossom’ pattern plates. £12.00

373 Glassware etc. £0.00

374 A large collection of brassware. £8.00

375 An electric fan. £0.00

376 A Gaggia espresso machine. £20.00

377 A Morphy Richards bread maker. £0.00

378 A Ferguson reel to reel tape recorder in a white and green rexine case. £2.00

379 A McCulloch 338 petrol chainsaw. £25.00

380 An Eckman rechargeable electric hedge trimmer with battery and charger. £12.00

381 A McCullock petrol driven chainsaw. £35.00

381B A Dyson upright ball vacuum cleaner. £25.00

381C A MacAllister electric strimmer. £15.00

382 A Wrythen three branch naturalistic floor standing lamp with opaque glass shades and a similar table lamp. £5.00

383 A Sharp stereo stack system with speakers and remote control in a wood effect cabinet. £10.00

384 An AEG Arctis chest freezer, width 133cm. £0.00

385 A National Panasonic Model No. RE-7860 SM receiver with casette recorder, together with its original instruction book. £2.00

385A A black glass three tier TV stand. £0.00

386 A Hotpoint grey metal four ring ceramic hob double oven cooker. £65.00

387 A Powerfix large adjustable tripod. £0.00

387A Two sash cramps. £15.00

388 A Camping Gaz double burner and grill cooker in its original box. £12.00

389 A Myson Lo-Line RC 19-15 low level horizontal RC convector fan in its original box. £2.00

390 A Fusion wall mounted hand rail kit in its original box. £10.00

391 Two French Impressionist prints in gilt frames. £8.00

392 A coloured print of Sunflowers after Van Gogh and three other pieces. £2.00

393 A watercolour coastal scene signed R.H. Walton, 1857 and four other pieces. £12.00

393A A coloured print of moored boats after G. Marconiez and a photograph of breaking seas. £5.00

394 A Tasco Blue Luminova 660 Power Refractor Telescope in its original box. £12.00

395 A rectangular brass panel embossed with figures, together with a coloured print. £1.00

396 A collection of prints etc. £2.00

397 Sue Lewington, a signed limited edition coloured print ‘Derelict Cottages Near Pendeen.’ £15.00

398 A watercolour of a warship, signed Roland Langmain ’25 and two other watercolours. £45.00

399 Sue Lewington, a signed coloured print ‘Garden Cat.’ £10.00

400 A watercolour of a forest before mountains signed Roberta Lynn and two coloured prints. £2.00

400A A coloured print of deck chairs on a beach and eight other prints. £10.00

401 A 19th century coloured print ‘Moel y Shaboed Carnarvonshire’ dated 1818. £2.00

402 A pair of Hitachi speakers. £5.00

403 A Bosch Rotak 320c electric rotary mower with grass box. £8.00

404 A pair of speakers in red painted cases. £2.00

405 A cane Ali Baba linen basket. £5.00

406 A cane and woven leaf basket and one other basket. £0.00

407 A Bosch Rotak 32R electric rotary mower with grass box. £18.00

408 A Dyson Dual Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner in grey, purple and yellow plastic. £8.00

409 A cane fishing basket and a plastic tackle box. £8.00

410 A brown and cream metal four drawer filing cabinet. £15.00

411 A Bisley brown and cream metal four drawer office cabinet. £20.00

412 An LG 7kg automatic washing machine. £2.00

413 A Hotpoint Ice Diamond upright freezer. £5.00

414 A Hotpoint upright freezer. £5.00

415 A Hotpoint Ice Diamond fridge. £5.00

416 A “Period Hi Fidelity” radiogram with Hitachi tape deck and Garrard 125SB record deck made as a side table with drawers on cabriole legs. £8.00

417 A Bosch Rotak 34 Ergoflex Electric rotary motor with grass box. £15.00

418 A Black and Decker electric strimmer. £2.00

419 A Ryobi electric strimmer. £10.00

420 A Westwood electric rotavator. £2.00

421 A Flymo electric ‘Hover Vac.’ £12.00

422 An Ex W.D. Cooke Troughton & Simms Surveyors B287 level in a green metal case with knurled wheel opener and leather handle. £40.00

423 An Ex W.D. Cooke Troughton & Simms Surveyors S037293 level in a grey metal case with knurled wheel opener and leather handle. £45.00

424 A Creed & Co. London 1940s/50s teleprinter No. 11, printing on 3/8 plain and gummed tape. £0.00

425 A 1930s teleprinter machine. £0.00

426 A Remington 1920s ‘Baby Rem’ portable typewriter in a black rexine clad case. £45.00

427 A Lindam stair gate. £5.00

428 A framed Ordnance Survey map of Cornwall. £25.00

429 An adjustable magnifying lamp. £2.00

430 A rack of two floor standing uplighters. £0.00

431 A convector heater. £2.00

432 A convector heater. £2.00

A large box of fixings etc. £0.00

434 A red metal cantilever toolbox and contents. £15.00

435 A plastic tool box and contents. £15.00

436 A Singer electric sewing machine in a green crocodile effect case. £8.00

437 A Singer green enamel electric sewing machine in a cream rexine case. £15.00

438 A box of mostly stainless steel saucepans and other kitchen ware. £15.00

439 A box of tools including planes. £18.00

440 Three tool boxes and contents. £20.00

441 A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched oak veneered case. £12.00

442 Two boxes of tools etc. £25.00

443 A Singer hand sewing machine in an oak veneered case. £12.00

444 An Impact small cylinder vacuum clearner. £10.00

445 A carousel projector in a square card case. £0.00

446 A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched oak veneered case. £15.00

447 A Workzone black and yellow plastic tool chest and contents including a Black & Decker electric circular saw. £20.00

448 Stephen Gayford, two signed limited edition coloured prints of cheetahs and a similar coloured print of a leopard. £10.00

449 Stephen Gayford, two signed limited edition coloured prints of tigers. £10.00

450 Stephen Gayford, two signed limited edition coloured prints of lions.

451 An oil on canvas portrait of a gentleman, together with a furnishing painting of a riverside path and a print. £20.00

452 An oil on canvas of a Victorian child, together with an oil on paper of an oriental girl. £12.00

453 An oil on board of a continental street scene signed Peters and a watercolour of a woodland scene. £2.00

454 An acrylic on paper ‘Kheadah man’ by Tony Jaclin and three other pictures. £2.00

455 A watercolour of riverside buildings signed Lea and two other works. £2.00

456 A set of Avery Weigh Tronix post office scales to weigh one kilogram. £10.00

457 A retro radio in a wooden case. £2.00

458 A weatherproof extension reel in its original box. £12.00

459 A weatherproof extension reel in its original box. £15.00

460 A Hotpoint Aquarius 1000 automatic washing machine. £10.00

461 A Creda Simplicity tumble dryer. £40.00

462 A Creda Cavalier white enamel four ring electric cooker. £0.00

463 An Acoustic Solution 32″ flatscreen television with remote control. £20.00

464 A black glass and chrome three tier TV stand. £0.00

465 A Bush Acoustic record deck and a Cambridge Audio ‘digital to analogue converter’. £20.00

466 An Aiwa VCR with remote control and tapes. £1.00

467 A 1930s teleprinter by Creed & Co. Ltd. London model No. 86R. £1.00

468 A Morphy Richards breadmaker. £2.00

469 A Sobell valve radio in a walnut veneered case. £10.00

470 A Melitta coffee machine. £0.00

471 A Micromark ‘Intruder Alarm’ in its original box. £5.00

472 An Anglepoise type green enamel adjustable table lamp. £8.00

473 A ceramic table lamp. £5.00

474 A Sony 32″ flatscreen television with remote control. £40.00

475 A Bush DAB radio. £5.00

476 A Kodak Brownie Movie 8 projector in its original cardboard box. £2.00

477 A Silver Crest black enamel mini oven. £2.00

478 A Skilsaw electric circular saw. £15.00

479 A Norbar Torque Wrench two spirit levels and a ruler. £10.00

480 A box of tools including a Stanley No. 4 plane. £10.00

481 A SkyPlus box, a Sony set top box with remote control and three Technics speakers. £2.00

482 A George Forman grilling machine. £1.00

483 A Forman router 120W with a box of related blades etc. £8.00

484 A Black & Decker Professional ‘sander/grinder’ in its tin box. £8.00

485 A plastic tool box and contents. £5.00

486 A paper shredder etc. £0.00

487 A Fidelity 1970s/80s three speed record player, together with two pairs of speakers etc. £8.00

488 A Black & Decker corded drill and a Bosch multi-tool each in a fitted plastic case. £10.00

489 A portable gas stove and a Bosch jigsaw. £5.00

490 A Makita corded hammer drill on a adjustable pedestal stand. £20.00

491 A Goblin teasmade. £2.00

492 A pair of Panasonic VCRs each with remote control. £2.00

493 A Panasonic Viera 32″ flatscreen television with remote control. £35.00

494 An Isis 21″ flatscreen television, lacks remote control. £8.00

495 A pair of exterior lights in their original boxes and one other similar light. £8.00

496 A blue enamel and chrome adjustable table lamp. £5.00

497 A brass and alabaster table lamp cast as a girl on a dolphin. £2.00

498 A Samsung 46″ flatscreen smart 3D TV with two remote controls etc. £0.00

499 A Lloytron Rise radio alarm clock. £5.00

500 A SkyPlus HD box with remote control, together with a collection of cables, a ‘Helping Hand’ etc. £5.00

501 A Bush DVD player, lacks remote control. £2.00

502 A Yamaha Porta Sound small electronic keyboard in a brown plastic carrying case. £10.00

503 A Canon computer printer. £1.00

504 A box of Land Rover related spares in their original boxes. £8.00

505 A Denon RDS CD system with remote control and speakers. £30.00

506 A boat heater. £20.00

507 A Kenwood Chefette 350 in its original box. £1.00

507A A vibrating back rest. £2.00

508 A lava lamp. £5.00

509 A Bush DAB radio. £1.00

510 A Danners Ltd. ‘Stabilise Power Unit.’ £15.00

511 A PT1 mini turntable. £2.00

512 A Singer Featherweight Plus small cream plastic electric sewing machine in its original box. £8.00

513 A Philipps four track reel to reel tape recorder. £5.00

514 A Bifinette bread maker and a fire extinguisher. £1.00

515 A carved wood model horse and three other model horses. £2.00

516 An Aladdin chrome oil lamp. £1.00

517 Two Tilley type lamps. £18.00

518 An Ekco stereogram a three way band radio and Garrard deck behind a fall front in a walnut case. £55.00

519 A Roneo Neopost vintage franking machine with adjustment for 4D / 3D and 2 1/2 D in its original card case. £12.00

520 A set of six brown glass tealight holders and a cane basket with a hoop handle. £8.00

521 A Baby Belling cooker. £30.00

522 An Heinatll TH-TS 1525 U circular saw table. £5.00

523 A bench grinder, a site lamp etc. £10.00

524 A small white enamel microwave oven. £2.00

525 A Sharp digital microwave oven. £2.00

526 A Belling silver microwave oven. £10.00

527 An LG silver microwave oven. £5.00

528 NO LOT. £0.00

529 A Samsung Eco Bubble automatic washing machine. £25.00

530 A dishwasher. £20.00

531 A Teba larder fridge. £25.00

532 A Hotpoint Ice Diamond upright freezer. £60.00

533 A Baby Belling cooker. £2.00

534 A Crusader reverse action tabletop tumble dryer. £5.00

535 An Electrolux fridge. £5.00

536 An Ice King tabletop fridge. £25.00

537 A Bosch Classixx fridge / freezer. £5.00

538 A box of miscellaneous china etc. £0.00

539 Miscellaneous including a wall mounted phone. £1.00

539A Two coloured sporting prints after John Riley and four other prints. £10.00

540 An Epsom Perfection film and photo scanner in its original box. £8.00

541 A set of four of late 18th century Cries of London prints and a a 19th century print “Waiting for the Boats”. £0.00

542 A set of four bird prints in gilt frames. £5.00

543 A pair of early 20th century horseracing related prints and a pair of hunting prints. £5.00

544 A pair of oils on board coaching scenes, each initialled CWG together with a watercolour of a fisherman signed Cluttereuck 04 and two other pictures. £18.00

545 A pair of continental watercolours views to a volcano each signed Jemos Horla Fayal and three other pictures. £5.00

546 Two boxes of books. £5.00

547 A box of books. £28.00

548 Two coaching prints and three other prints. £1.00

549 A triple mirror in a white and gilt frame. £2.00

550 Three coloured railway prints after Don Breckon. £0.00

551 A box of Ordnance Survey and other maps. £5.00

551A A box of CDs. £2.00

552 A 19th century coloured print “View from the Citadel at Kingston” and other prints etc. £8.00

553 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame. £10.00

554 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in hardwood frame. £5.00

555 A set of three coloured prints of flowers and butterflies, a lino cut print of an avenue of trees and two other pictures. £5.00

556 A coloured print of a cat and kittens in a gilt frame. £20.00

557 A set of four small coloured prints of castles and other pictures. £2.00

558 A 19th century coloured print of Quebec, other 19th century prints etc. £0.00

559 A set of twelve African straw pictures. £5.00

560 A Lattera 22 portable typewriter in a blue plastic case. £0.00

561 A box of 33rpm records. £2.00

562 A brass coal helmet containing a collection of fire implements etc. £2.00

563 An alabaster horse’s head carved table lamp. £2.00

564 A amythest glass flower basket and an eastern two tier cake stand. £2.00

565 A boxed set in pairs of Coalport “Twleve days of Christmas” pin trays together with an HJ Wood Indian tree pattern jug. £12.00

566 Three plated sweetmeat baskets with swing handles. £1.00

567 Three brass fire implements. £0.00

568 A pair of framed silhouette’s, table lighters etc. £8.00

569 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE. A collection of toilet bottles etc. £2.00

570 A boxed pair of door handles, other handles and a thermos flask. £2.00

571 A pair of Japanese Uniscope 20 x 80 binoculars. £28.00

572 A pair of Ross ‘Tropical Ten’ binoculars in a brown leather case. £60.00

573 A pair of owl moulded tealight holders in their original boxes. £2.00

574 A floral decorated toilet jug and bowl. £0.00

575 A brass cockeral cast model, an eastern engraved brass vase and two other pieces. £10.00

576 A cased pair of engraved nutcrackers and grape scissors together with a box of flatware. £10.00

577 A Zeiss Ikon Contessamat SE 35mm camera in a brown leather ERC and two other cameras. £10.00

578 A Boulton leaf painted part coffee service etc. £2.00

579 Cut and other glass together with a small collection of eastern model figures. £2.00

580 A collection of wooden carvings. £1.00

581 A brass three branch table lamp in classical style. £28.00

582 A green onyx and brass table lamp with shade. £0.00

583 A pink glaze toilet jug and bowl and a green glaze jardiniere. £0.00

584 A set of three graduated copper saucepans and a similar frying pan. £60.00

585 A copper kettle with an acorn finial. £2.00

586 A set of eight small brass graduated saucepans and a set of three similar copper suacepans. £25.00

587 A large brown leather Gladstone type bag. £10.00

588 A floral decorated green glaze table lamp with shade. £0.00

589 A floral decorated biscuit barrel with a plated mount and one other piece. £1.00

590 A brass bell and a cast brass model of a crouching panther. £18.00

591 Collectors plates and other china. £1.00

592 Grindley Green Petal Ware a large collection of tea and dinner ware etc. £2.00

593 Three Kernewek Pottery storage jars and a Spode Christmas plate. £10.00

594 A large collection of a Kernewek Pottery floral decorated part tea / dinner service. £1.00

595 A ceramic model of a tiger cub and four other pieces. £15.00

596 A early 20th century pendant white glass lamp shade decorated with cherubs and birds and other glass. £8.00

597 A pair of T.G. Green black and white clover leaf pattern storage jars together with a similar utensil jar and one other piece. £12.00

598 Two boxes of electronic parts and a toolbox and contents. £30.00

599 A wrought iron companion set, a copper kettle, a brass coal bin, a bronzed resin model of a dog etc. £20.00

600 A ‘Pentargan’ white ceramic toilet pail with a cane handle. £5.00

601 A ‘Hand Made’ glass bowl and a cane basket with a hoop handle. £2.00

602 A TG Green “Chantilly” pattern ginger jar and two other pieces. £1.00

603 A collection model sea lions. £8.00

604 A collection of old bottles. £5.00

605 Three jardiniere’s and a lidded jar. £2.00

606 A Portmeirion “Susan Williams Ellis” design Variations pattern bowl and a Honiton Pottery vase. £8.00

607 A box of seashells including murex and cowrie. £5.00

608 Boxed and loose flatware etc. £15.00

609 An “Englishman’s Fireside” pattern four piece toilet set. £8.00

610 An early 20th century flower and ribbon painted toilet jug and bowl. £2.00

611 A walnut veneered and inlaid sewing box and contents. £20.00

612 Vases etc. £5.00

613 A Wedgwood ‘London Series’ tankard in its original box, an Aynsley cake plate etc. £8.00

614 A collection of African carved wood figures. £20.00

615 A cast brass model cannon and other brass and copper. £8.00

616 A model of an eastern table with a brass top on a folding base. £2.00

617 A pair of figure decorated jardiniere’s. £1.00

618 A pair of floral cloisonne vases and a pendant glass lampshade. £10.00

619 Three green onyx effect and glass table lamps with shades. £0.00

620 A cane two section basket. £2.00

621 A crystal Planet Earth ice bucket in its original box. £40.00

622 A vintage wooden box with metal mounts advertising Folley & Sons, The Castle Stores, Launceston, width 25cm. £18.00

623 A vintage wooden carrying box advertising P.H. Tonkin Fish Merchant, King Street, Truro, width 38cm. £10.00

624 A pair of modern lightwood book ends. £0.00

625 A box of flatware. £20.00

626 An early flat iron and two fire irons. £2.00

627 A box of brass picture rail hooks. £2.00

628 A box of salt and other spoons etc. £18.00

629 A plaster model of a girl and her cat. £2.00

630 A Whitefriar’s red glass jug and two similar graduated footed bowls. £1.00

631 A large plated trophy/vase on a black stone base, together with a biscuit barrel. £2.00

632 A pair of green onyx chest knight carved bookends and two other pieces. £5.00

633 A Villeroy & Boch ‘Botanica’ pattern lidded jar and two other pieces. £2.00

634 A twin brass twin branch table lamp with a brown glass shade. £1.00

635 A large copper and brass jug. £30.00

636 A resin model of an American Indian girl and her papoose. £8.00

637 An Italian large gold lustre baluster shape table lamp painted in green and black with an oriental river scene, signed Ghinza with square bead fringe shade. £40.00

638 A Chinese hardwood standard lamp, the column carved with a dragon, pink fabric shade. £20.00

639 Miscellaneous china and glass etc. £0.00

640 A pair of vintage roller skates with black leather fittings in a small blue case. £8.00

641 A box of books and a box of dress patterns. £85.00

641A A box of books. £35.00

642 Two boxes of books. £25.00

643 Two boxes of books. £12.00

644 A case of 33rpm records etc. £1.00

645 Two boxes of 33, 45 and 78rpm records. £2.00

646 A bundle of 33rpm records. £20.00

647 Amendment to catalogue
A coffee table with a glass top on two resin elephant moulded supports, each height 49cm. £50.00

648 A Whitefriars Geoffrey Baxter design ruby glass ‘Tricorn’ vase, height 23.5cm. £20.00

649 A Whitefriar’s ruby glass six lobe tapering vase, diameter 22.5cm, original paper label. £12.00

650 A Whitefriar’s blue glass circular ribbed tapering bowl, diameter 24.5cm, height 16.5cm. £15.00

651 A boxed pair of oriental porcelain vases each decorated with flowers and birds and with a circular hardwood stand. £8.00

652 A set of five brass horse head cast coat hooks. £22.00

653 A collection of old bottles. £8.00

654 Models etc. £5.00

655 Kitchen glass, plaster plaques etc. £5.00

656 A blue and white plate and other china etc. £5.00

657 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on an oak mount and a resin model building. £15.00

658 Models etc. £2.00

659 A wire egg basket containing model eggs etc. £5.00

660 A pair of copper plant troughs, an oak canteen and a turned wood bowl. £30.00

661 A Copeland Spode ‘Chinese Rose’ pattern part tea/dinner service, together with a small collection of Spode Italian pattern dinnerware etc. £12.00

662 A plated trefoil inkstand with two cut glass bottles and with a stags head cast mount and other plate. £30.00

663 Glassware. £2.00

664 A Prolectrix ice cream maker in its original box. £5.00

665 An Italian light brown leather jewellery box. £0.00

666 A box of resin models. £0.00

667 A Robert’s portable radio. £1.00

668 A Lladro model of a seated girl, and other models etc. £5.00

669 A EPNS four piece tea service. £2.00

670 A pair of octagonal brass candlesticks. £2.00

671 A Victorian blue glass vase with floral enamel decoration and five other pieces. £1.00

672 Two copper kettles. £12.00

673 A brass footed bowl, a turned wood footstool with a floral woolwork top etc. £8.00

674 Woodware including a model of a native canoe etc. £5.00

675 A large collection of Wallace & Gromit toys etc. £10.00

676 A box of soft toys. £5.00

677 A box of soft toys. £8.00

678 A box of books. £2.00

679 Three eastern floral printed fabric panels in gilt frames simulating bamboo. £5.00

680 Five signed caricatures. £8.00

681 A coloured print of a beach scene after Kevin Platt and other pictures. £0.00

681A A case of 78rpm records. £1.00

682 An eastern circular brass tray, diameter 58cm. £2.00

683 A coloured print of St Ives pier, signed to the mount Walton and an aerial photograph. £0.00

684 A collection of cinema stars photographs. £2.00

685 A limited edition abstract print after Komodie. £10.00

686 A pair of prints of tropical beach scenes. £2.00

687 A carved pine panel. £2.00

688 An eastern wooden panel carved with figures flanked by dragons. £2.00

689 A large coloured print of a castle after Sturgeon and a wooden drawing board. £0.00

690 A box of Land Rover and other four wheel drive spares in their original boxes. £12.00

691 A box of ephemera including two autograph albums. £10.00

692 A framed sheet music cover. £2.00

693 An oil on canvas of a lake before mountains signed F. Hoot and other pictures and prints. £10.00

694 A pair of framed harvesting prints, a watercolour of riverside buildings and a map of Oxfordshire. £0.00

695 Pictures and prints including sport and motoring related. £8.00

696 An oil on board abstract work in a white box framed and five other paintings. £35.00

697 A watercolour of a street festival and a black and white print of St Just. £15.00

698 Chas. H. Branscombe, a pair of watercolours, one a beach scene, the other one, coastal rocks, each signed and dated 1920 and each 28cm x 44.5cm. £75.00

699 A hardwood spoked boat wheel with a brass boss, diameter 63cm. £15.00

700 Two oils on board, one of a garden, the other a woodland stream by Ramsay Andrews, two woolwork panels etc. £2.00

701 Two woodcut prints signed A. Pender Crighton, one of ‘Leamington Bridge’ and ‘Tinto’, the other ‘With the Night Tide’ £10.00

702 A 19th century coloured print of young Scotsman and his bride and four other prints. £5.00

703 A box containing a collection of motorcycle magazines circa 1960s. £15.00

704 An oil on board of harbourside houses signed J. John and two other pictures. £70.00

705 A collection of unframed pictures and prints on canvas. £12.00

706 Various unframed paintings on canvas and other pictures. £10.00

707 A watercolour of a stylised figure and nine other works. £5.00

708 Three coloured hunting prints. £5.00

709 A coloured print of St Michael’s Mount after T.H. Victor and two other prints. £1.00

710 A pair of Victorian yellow glass vases each with floral enamel decoration about riverside houses. £2.00

711 A plaster model of a wise owl. £8.00

712 Four Russian dolls, three of political figures, the other Henry VIII. £25.00

713 Four Russian dolls including a soldier and a fireman. £20.00

714 Four Russian dolls including a golfer and a king. £25.00

715 A collection of white metal printing plates. £8.00

716 A boxed set of Prisma tumblers. £0.00

717 A collection of die cast model Morris Minors, Minis etc. £0.00

718 A box of flatware. £8.00

719 Drawing instruments etc. £8.00

720 A collection of blue and white plates. £0.00

721 Two hat moulded plaques, a small collection of plates etc. £0.00

722 Two plain baskets. £5.00

723 A rectangular cane basket and one other basket. £0.00

724 A Salter letter balance No. 1, an Eastern dragon decorated cloisonne lidded jar etc. £55.00

725 A rectangular hardwood tray and a collection of flatware. £0.00

726 A set of twelve small dishes etc. £0.00

727 A Crown Devon jug decorated with Victorian figures, a trefoil dish etc. £0.00

728 A box of miscellaneous items. £2.00

729 An HMV green rexine portable hand wind gramophone, together with two cases of 78rpm records. £170.00

730 An HMV black rexine portable hand wind gramophone. £65.00

731 A carved and painted table lamp. £0.00

732 An open spiral pricket candlestick. £12.00

733 A collection of stemmed glasses and other glass. £0.00

734 Miscellaneous china etc. £0.00

735 A box of DVDs etc. £5.00

736 Three painted pails and a pricket candlestick. £22.00

737 A good large pond yacht, ‘Hazel NZ-18′, length of hull 99cm, fully rigged and with spare sails, remote control and stand. £65.00

738 A box of brass wall masks etc. £8.00

739 A shaped green onyx bowl. £15.00

740 An oval blue and white plate, other china etc. £5.00

741 Miscellaneous including carvings, a turned wood lidded bowl and a table lamp. £5.00

742 Brass and copper. £2.00

743 A pressure cooker and a collection of kitchen glass. £5.00

744 A brass blow lamp and related items. £2.00

745 Two graduated planished copper saucepans, each with a riveted brass handle and matching lid. £40.00

746 A brass blow lamp, a small copper saucepan etc. £12.00

747 A collection of coffee ware, a model dog and an album of photographs. £12.00

748 A box of vintage clothing patterns. £15.00

749 A pair of bellows, a Queen Mary tin, a cribbage box etc. £22.00

750 A model organ, an oil can etc. £8.00

751 A small box of flatware. £10.00

752 A tray of flatware. £12.00

753 A circular copper log bin on lions paw cast brass feet. £25.00

753A A wrought metal and cane floor standing vase. £5.00

Models etc. £20.00

755 Glassware and small collection of china. £5.00

756 Four wooden model boats. £8.00

757 A collection of resin film related models under plastic domes. £25.00

758 A box of flatware. £12.00

759 A Johnson Bros. Old English pattern part tea/dinner service. £0.00

760 A collection of African carved wood animals and other wood ware. £10.00

761 A stone bust of a bearded man, a chintz coffee pot etc. £5.00

762 An oak biscuit barrel with a plated mount, a brass dish embossed and engraved with a lion etc. £5.00

763 A collection of copperware. £10.00

764 Pewter tankards. £5.00

765 A collection of models etc. £12.00

766 A copper coal helmet with a brass handle. £18.00

767 A resin model of a fairy pond. £1.00

768 A Kodak digital camera in its original box. £1.00

769 A collection of pewter. £8.00

770 A studio pottery bowl, an Eastern hardwood stand etc. £1.00

771 A wire egg basket, a large pair of tailor’s shears etc. £15.00

772 An album of post office post cards. £0.00

773 Two model sows and other model pigs. £15.00

774 An elm box containing mostly engineer’s tools and one other box and contents. £25.00

775 A Harrod’s blue enamelled manicure set and a cased three piece carving set with deer hoof handles. £38.00

776 A wood specimen table lamp and a similar lidded jar. £8.00

777 A tall coloured glass Iris shape vase, height 44cm. £2.00

778 A brass oil lamp with a glass fount on a black glass base. £25.00

779 A native pottery jug and a blue and white jug. £1.00

780 A copper coal helmet. £2.00

781 A Japanese photograph album the cover laquered with a view to Mt Fuji, the inside with painted pages, together with an inlaid octagonal dish. £5.00

782 An African copper jardiniere embossed with animals. £8.00

783 A collection of model pigs. £5.00

784 A collection of model pigs and related items. £5.00

785 A collection of wines etc. £10.00

786 An Eastern mother of pearl inlaid hardwood and fret cut stand, width 95cm. £2.00

787 A brass Lasleur GDR made brass euphonium imported by Boosey & Hawkes, lacks mouthpiece, black rexine covered case. £12.00

788 A Settimio Soprani piano accordion, together with an Italian Fuselli Manifatture black canvas case. £190.00

789 A Kodak 35 camera fitted with a No. 1 Kodamatic lens in a brown leather ERC, together with two albums of negatives. £12.00

790 Two cameo shells, a 1953 commemorative annointing spoon and related coins etc. £8.00

791 A pair of French lead crystal Napoleon glass brandy balloons, each supported on an eagle with spread wings and each height 16.5cm. £5.00

792 A collection of 1930s style coloured plastic napkin rings. £0.00

793 A Maltese ‘Phoenician’ pattern glass vase and other glass. £0.00

794 A set of four Ridgeway ‘Homemaker’ pattern saucers and three matching cups. £18.00

795 A Staunton pattern chess set, one piece AF. £48.00

796 Two glass model sailing ships in bottles with wooden stands. £5.00

797 A carved wood model shark, a horn model penguin and three other pieces. £5.00

798 A resin reproduction scrimshaw of the sea battle, ‘The Glorious First of June 1794.’ £10.00

799 A reproduction resin scrimshaw of Vicksburgh Mississippi beneath a pair of pistols to one side and Vicksburgh beneath a paddle steamer to the other side. £12.00

800 An Eastern figure carved panel, width 100cm. £8.00

801 Three boxes of books. £70.00

802 An Eastern circular brass tray, diameter 47.5cm. £2.00

803 An Eastern occasional table with an octagonal tray top marked with elephants and lions on a folding oak base. £25.00

804 A black mesh and wrought iron folding fire guard, together with a similar log basket, coal shuttle and companion set. £8.00

805 A box of books. £12.00

806 A box of books. £5.00

807 Three boxes of books etc. £2.00

808 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame. £2.00

809 Two oils on board, one of a canal scene, the other a church, each initialled D.E.E. £2.00

810 A box of soft toys. £2.00

811 A box of brass clock movements. £2.00

812 A box of clock mounts etc. £2.00

813 A box of wool etc. £2.00

814 A box of miscellaneous items. £1.00

815 A box of kitchenware etc. £1.00

816 A box of 33rpm records, CDs etc. £2.00

817 A bag of 33rpm records, including Twiggy, Julian Lennon and T’Pau. £1.00

818 Two bundles of 78rpm records including Tex Ritter, Dean Martin and Lonnie Donegan. £2.00

819 A roll of prints. £2.00

820 An oil on canvas furnishing painting of a lake scene, a coloured print of ballerinas after Degas and one other print. £0.00

821 A pastel of ‘The King’s Head Hotel, Shrewsbury’ signed D.C.W. Sabine and four other pieces. £5.00

822 A coloured print of two children, a 19th century print of Scarborough and two other pictures. £0.00

823 Two stainless steel prints, one of Penzance, the other Ben Lomand. £1.00

824 Three coloured prints of an angler ‘Beginner’s Luck’ after Kevin Walsh and an equestrian print, one other print etc. £0.00

825 A coloured print of a seagull and a cat in a boat. £8.00

826 A coloured print of the Madonna and child in a gilt frame. £15.00

827 Ethelg Radcliffe a watercolour of Northcourt, Isle of Wight, dated April 1924, 34cm x 24.5cm. £10.00

828 John Bowes two watercolours, Ludlow and Wilson Bridge, Ross-on-Wye and a coloured print. £12.00

829 A bundle of 33rpm records etc. £0.00

830 A box of clock springs. £2.00

831 A box of clock springs, movements etc. £2.00

832 A box of clock springs and other parts. £2.00

833 A box of clock movements. £2.00

834 A box of clock movements etc. £5.00

835 A box of books etc. £2.00

836 Two watercolours, one a coastal scene, the other a Mediterranean building. £5.00

837 A pastel portrait of a girl and a coloured print of ballerinas after Dame Laura Knight. £0.00

838 Two oils on canvas, Italian scenes. £20.00

839 A typesetter’s pine tray. £20.00

840 A heavily potted jug. £0.00

841 A Sylvac model bulldog, other models etc. £2.00

842 A special boxed edition of Blade Runner on DVD with a related booklet etc. £22.00

843 A pair of Victorian faceted brass candlesticks, and one other pair of similar sticks. £2.00

844 NO LOT. £0.00

844A A rectangular floral engraved tray. £15.00

844B A resin mask moulded bracket, a door lock and a pair of shoe stretchers. £5.00

844C A pair of Staffordshire style models of seated Spaniels marked to the bases ‘Wood.’ £8.00

845 Doll’s teaware, models etc. £1.00

846 A Gama Spain ceramic model of two girls singing, together with two pairs of similar models and one other single model. £18.00

847 Two model birds and a model figure. £0.00

848 A pine box, width 83cm. £15.00

849 Two leather bound bibles and other religious books. £2.00

850 A painted CD cabinet. £1.00

851 A Victorian sewing box, together with a cased set of Walker & Hall tea knives and other flatware. £30.00

852 A collection of Royal Doulton Professional Series plates, ‘The Hunting Man,’ ‘The Admiral,’ ‘The Jester,’ ‘The Mayor’ and ‘The Falconer,’ each diameter 26.5cm. £10.00

853 A ‘Digital Salt Meter’ in its original box. £2.00

854 A Coalport floral decorated tea service and other matching pieces. £35.00

855 Two irridescent, graduated, bird decorated lidded jars and other china and glass. £0.00

856 An irridescent figure decorated part coffee service, commemorative ware, two Bunnykins plates etc. £8.00

857 A sewing basket and contents. £2.00

858 A Holland Studio Craft Nature Heritage series resin models of comic pigs. £20.00

859 An Aynsley model pig, a Border Fine Arts Hog Wash model and others model pigs and three cut glass knife rests. £2.00

860 A cut glass ship’s decanter and two other pieces. £8.00

861 A West German white glazed floral decorated vase. £2.00

862 A Victorian brass and copper oil lamp on a brass gimbal mount. £38.00

863 A pair of World War II Watson-Baker X6 binoculars dated 1942, in their original sand colour webbing case, together with a webbing belt, a pair of puttee and a metal first aid tin. £45.00

864 Two pewter and ceramic tankards. £0.00

865 A pair of maracas and two other instruments. £8.00

866 A gold lustre figure decorated coffee service. £10.00

867 A 1930s cased set of forks and spoons. £5.00

868 An eastern floral decorated vase, a figure decorated ginger jar and three other china. £2.00

869 A set in twelve card and leather bound volumes of the Everyman Encyclopedia. £5.00

870 Three oval clock stands. £10.00

871 A Nao model of two puppies playing. £0.00

872 A Wade piggybank and a Sarreguemines lidded box moulded as a basket of fruit. £5.00

873 Two glass paperweights reverse moulded with animals. £0.00

874 Fourteen die cast model vehicles in their original boxes. £25.00

875 A box mostly photography related items. £10.00

876 A brass clad coalbox embossed with sailing ships. £2.00

877 An eastern carved wood table lamp and a mosaic lamp, each with shade. £2.00

878 A collection of mostly Denby china. £8.00

879 A plated three piece tea service and other plate. £20.00

880 A planked wood hull pond yacht with sails and stand, length of hull excluding bowsprit 59cm. £80.00

881 A Panasonic Lumix digital camera and related items. £22.00

881A A brass quartz clock and barometer on a hardwood mount. £5.00

881B A resin chest set moulded as birds. £2.00

881C Four trays of flatware. £2.00

881D Various magazines including Elvis Monthly Special Flight etc, together with an autographed photograph of Joan Simms etc. £0.00

881E A box of die-cast model vehicles. £10.00

881F A box of flatware. £2.00

881G A cased set of teaspoons and tongs and a pair of plated cake tongs. £8.00

881H A box of brass clock movements etc. £2.00

882 A pair of pink marble vases. £5.00

883 A Royal Doulton figure ‘Tuppence a Bag’ HN2320, together with a Poole Pottery model of two dolphins and a blue glass bottle and bowl. £25.00

884 A Victorian clock in a slate and marble case. £12.00

885 A white glaze lamp base. £0.00

886 An Eltex green metal bird feeder. £8.00

887 A vintage crank phone exchange box. £15.00

888 Victorian and later tiles. £10.00

889 A pair of nickel and leather field glasses and a collection of plated ware. £10.00

890 A resin model of a belling stag, other models, two marigold carnival glass bowls and one other piece. £5.00

891 A Copeland ‘Chelsea’ pattern meat plate etc. £2.00

892 Blue and white china, together with a box of Roberton Golly figures, Wade Whimsies etc. £2.00

893 A Greek style twin handle vase etc. £0.00

894 A Fisher Price musical plastic scooter in its original box. £5.00

895 A vine decorated three piece toilet set. £2.00

896 Various timepieces. £2.00

897 A bottle of Spumanti Champs, together with a chrome ice bucket and two other pieces. £2.00

898 A box of costume dolls. £5.00

899 Three jardinieres and two other pieces. £5.00

900 A Radford pottery vase, a Shelley 1930s running glaze painted toast rack and five other pieces. £18.00

901 A box of doll’s house furniture etc. £10.00

902 A box of Action Man type figures and related items. £10.00

903 Glassware etc. £5.00

904 Various tins. £2.00

905 A Rosenthal Andy Warhol ‘Daisies Orange’ cake plate and one other similar piece each in its original box. £32.00

906 An eastern figure decorated vase, other china, a clock under dome and one other piece. £2.00

907 Three Straw hats. £1.00

908 A box of Ted Baker toiletries. £12.00

909 A large stainless steel lidded saucepan etc. £18.00

910 A box of Barbie shop shelving and stock. £2.00

911 A George Foreman grilling machine and two other pieces. £2.00

912 A pressure cooker and stainless steel bread bin etc. £12.00

913 Various plates and a Singapore souvenir photograph album. £1.00

914 A collection of boxed and cased flatware. £35.00

914A A Jersey Pottery earthenware cylindrical table lamp with a band of fruit decoration. £0.00

914B Extra Lot to catalogue.
A brass table lamp made as a classical column with a Corinthian capital. £18.00

914C A stoneware bussa and one other jar. £0.00

915 An Andrew James ‘Digital Food Dehydrator’ in its original box. £20.00

916 Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper and other china. £40.00

917 A Clarice Cliff white glaze part coffee service etc. £1.00

918 A large studio pottery jug with scratched decoration. £0.00

919 A painted three nozzle candelabrum. £2.00

920 A figure decorated jardiniere on stand. £0.00

921 A small oak tray set with a pair of Victorian floral tiles, a cress dish and stand, a model figure and a pestle and mortar. £35.00

922 A large earthenware twin handle jar and contents. £2.00

923 An oil on canvas portrait of a lady signed Dan, 1982 and two prints. £0.00

924 A box of magazines etc. £0.00

925 A box of miscellaneous china and glass. £1.00

926 A box of books. £30.00

927 A collection of ‘The War Illustrated’ magazines. £8.00

928 A box of kitchenware including a Le Crueset frying pan and lidded casserole dish. £28.00

929 A box of 78rpm records. £2.00

930 A collection of Opera magazines, circa 1930s. £2.00

931 A box of books. £8.00

932 A brass crocodile skin jug and a copper jug. £1.00

933 An Aynsley bluebird decorated part coffee service. £1.00

934 Two ‘Rotating Warning Beacons’ in their original blister pack. £8.00

935 Miscellaneous. £0.00

936 A boxed set of six crystal brandy balloons and a set of six green stemmed glasses. £8.00

937 Stemmed glasses and other glassware. £1.00

938 Miscellaneous china. £1.00

939 A tin and a case of gambling chips. £2.00

940 A GWR jigsaw puzzle and three other pieces. £12.00

941 Two tins of marbles. £12.00

942 Two cake plates, one Spode ‘Marlborough Spray’ and the other Royal Worcester ‘Gold Chantilly’ pattern etc. £5.00

943 An eastern brass trumpet vase and three other pieces. £5.00

943A Two Victorian amber glass toilet bottles and a similar jewellery stand. £0.00

943B Two cut glass decanters and an oval brass table lamp mounted with a pair of stylised fish. £15.00

944 Miscellaneous china and glass. £1.00

945 A collection of stemmed glasses and a white glazed meat plate. £10.00

946 A 1950s/60s HMV travelling iron in a fitted case, a Velbon camera tripod etc. £1.00

947 A box of films on DVD. £2.00

948 A crate of stoneware. £1.00

949 Two clock cases. £5.00

950 A Siebe Gorman Novita ‘Resuscitation Aparatus Model C’ oxygen cylinder and mask box, the lid with an oval metal label. £5.00

951 A large earthenware jug with impressed marks and two other jugs. £10.00

952 A radio controlled model of a Land Rover Defender in its original box. £18.00

953 A collection of small, mostly china dolls. £2.00

954 A terrestrial globe drinks trolley on turned supports. £32.00

955 A plaster ceiling rose. £1.00

956 Three 1940s/50s W.F. Faull Oatfield Farm, Camborne milk bottles with red printed lettering. £38.00

957 Two brass blow lamps, one by Sievert. £2.00

958 An extensive collection of Royal Doulton ‘Ravenswood’ pattern tea/coffee and dinnerware. £42.00

959 A banded oak plant stand on square section legs. £1.00

960 Football medallions etc. £0.00

961 A basket and contents. £5.00

962 A box of books. £5.00

963 A box of plastic soldiers. £2.00

964 Three wooden jack planes, a smoothing plane, an iron and wood pulley etc. £20.00

965 A collection of ‘Golden Hands Monthly’ magazines. £10.00

966 A box of miscellaneous including hats. £5.00

967 A bag of 78rpm records. £1.00

968 .A box of kitchenware, including a Salter Family scales. £2.00

969 A box of miscellaneous items including two turned wood tankards. £0.00

970 A box of china. £0.00

971 A box of Land Rover and other four wheel drive parts etc in their original packaging. £15.00

972 A box of glassware. £0.00

973 A Star Camp Magnum 260 caravan awning. £2.00

974 A box of miscellaneous items. £2.00

975 NO LOT. £0.00

976 An acoustic guitar, a.f. £10.00

977 A Herald acoustic guitar. £12.00

978 A KC 100 acoustic guitar. £0.00

979 A Sevilla acoustic guitar. £12.00

980 An ESP six string acoustic guitar. £2.00

981 A Countryman black finish acoustic guitar. £0.00

982 A marquetry panel worked with a harbour scene and a rectangular fabric panel. £2.00

983 A fabric blind. £0.00

984 Linda Coole, an oil on canvas of poppies, 55cm x 60.5cm. £0.00

985 Linda Coole, an oil on canvas of a rolling hill and trees, 60.5cm x 60.5cm. £0.00

986 Linda Coole, an oil on canvas of flowers, 76cm x 91cm. £0.00

987 A mirror in a pine frame, size including frame 72cm x 104cm. £15.00

988 A mirror in a broad blue painted frame. £5.00

989 Motoring and other prints. £5.00

990 A large oil on canvas, farmyard scene of a boy and his dogs, initialled L.H.C., 1929.

990A Two watercolours, one of a farm building, the other a garden scene, each by Mollie Fisher. £2.00

991 A large oil on canvas of canal side windmill signed Nirvana, together with a similar still life flowers by Robert Cox. £20.00

992 A 19th century black and white print ‘Wellington and Blucher.’ £10.00

993 A coloured print ‘The Cape Finestre Treboul’ after R. Fouque and an equestrian print. £0.00

994 A mirror in a gilt frame. £5.00

995 A Jolly Farmer painted Inn sign. £38.00

996 A collection of prints etc. £0.00

997 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame. £2.00

998 Four hunting prints a set of four anthropomorphic cat prints. £5.00

998A A collection of prints and a map. £0.00

999 A rectangular mirror in a white painted and leaf carved frame. £25.00

999A An unframed mirror, 53cm x 122cm. £0.00

1000 A large mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame, size including frame 88cm x 116.5cm. £30.00

1001 A large T square. £5.00

Various prints £20.00

1002 A vintage suitcase. £2.00

1003 Three brown leather suitcases. £12.00

1004 A hardwood chest made of various woods, one side a chevron design, width 73cm. £5.00

1005 A floor standing tapestry frame. £8.00

1006 An oval cane basket. £5.00

1007 An oval cane wine basket and a flower basket. £10.00

1008 A vintage green canvas clad suitcase with brown leather mounts and handle. £2.00

1009 An Electrolux large larder fridge, height 179.5cm. £15.00

1010 A large Electrolux upright freezer. £15.00

1011 A red suitcase. £0.00

1012 A trolley case. £5.00

1013 Three vintage suitcases. £8.00

1014 A cane laundry basket. £2.00

1015 A hardwood valet. £5.00

1016 A vintage expanding suitcase. £2.00

1017 Two match blinds and one other piece. £0.00

1018 Two coloured prints of oriental girls. £2.00

1019 A coloured print after Banksy ‘Tesco Bag Flag’ and one other print. £5.00

1020 A rectangular mirror in a hardwood effect frame. £5.00

1021 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame. £8.00

1022 A painted bathroom cabinet. £0.00

1023 A pine CD rack. £1.00

1024 An Edwardian brass firescreen set with a fabric panel. £2.00

1025 A Janome electric sewing machine in a walnut veneered cabinet/table. £0.00

1026 An AEG Lavamat 50500 automatic washing machine. £20.00

1027 An Indesit automatic washing machine. £40.00

1028 Pictures and prints. £0.00

1029 A watercolour of Cornish cottages signed S. Kerr and a coloured print of butterflies. £2.00

1030 Aubrey Ramus, a watercolour of view of St Moritz, 37cm x 25cm, together with a print titled “Old Music” and signed Frich. £8.00

1031 A box of glassware. £0.00

1032 A box of kitchenware. £0.00

1033 A box of small coloured prints, a collection of menu holders and a chamber pot. £2.00

1034 A ceramic doll and two other dolls. £0.00

1035 An oval cane stand. £0.00

1036 A mahogany shelf with a fret cut apron, width 60cm. £2.00

1037 A collection of copperware and a plated cigarette box. £18.00

1038 A Kashmir inlaid box, other boxes, two native daggers etc. £10.00

1039 Two Licensed Victualler’s certificates etc. £0.00

1040 Pictures and prints. £2.00

1041 A piano accordian in a blue rexine case. £30.00

1042 A box of miscellaneous china etc. £1.00

1043 A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc. £1.00

1044 A box of books. £2.00

1045 A box of books. £2.00

1046 A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc. £2.00

1047 Two boxes of foolscap suspension files. £0.00

1048 A box of miscellaneous items including a blue and white pudding basin. £2.00

1049 A box of Nam Eyewitness magazines, CD’s etc. £1.00

1050 A Brother portable typewriter in a brown rexine case. £0.00

1051 A box of miscellaneous items. £1.00

1052 A box of books and set of Babyliss heated curlers. £8.00

1053 A Triton multi-stand in its original box. £2.00

1054 A box of miscellaneous items including a ukulele, a parosol and a large fan. £2.00

1055 A box of flatware and kitchen ware. £8.00

1056 A box of kitchen china etc. £2.00

1057 A picnic rucksack. £5.00

1058 A box of books. £0.00

1059 A set of six Franklin Mint “Flower Festivals” collectors plates in their original boxes. £8.00

1060 A carved wood bowl and two other pieces. £15.00

1061 A Cossor 1960’s portable radio etc. £10.00

1062 Flatware, cake plates etc. £8.00

1063 Two tamborines and an evening bag. £2.00

1064 Miscellaneous including magnifying glasses and spell checkers. £0.00

1065 Three box cameras and a Kodak autographic folding camera. £2.00

1066 A Coronet 35mm camera, a pair of Canon 8 x 30 binoculars and a cine camera. £18.00

1067 An oak firescreen set with a wool panel worked with waterfowl. £2.00

1068 A pendant lamp bowl and a cut glass decanter. £2.00

1069 A cruet moulded as three Dutch girls and a collection of models. £2.00

1070 A brass and glass standard ashtray. £0.00

1071 A black bakelite dial telephone. £5.00

1072 A grey plastic wall mounted dial telephone. £2.00

1073 A plaster model of a wise owl and other models. £5.00

1074 A large ceramic tankard, a stoneware jar etc. £8.00

1075 A collection of Woodware including figures and a pencil case. £2.00

1076 A pair of plated candelabra etc. £15.00

1077 A suite of cut stemmed glasses and matching tumblers. £12.00

1078 Susie Cooper, a puce glaze and floral gilt decorated coffee service boxed etc. £10.00

1079 A box of cut glasses etc. £0.00

1080 A box of clock parts including pendulums. £5.00

1081 A Kernewek Pottery white glaze model of an E Type Jaguar and other china. £2.00

1082 Miscellaneous china, glass etc. £2.00

1083 A carved wood bread plate, a turned wood bowl and a small collection of plate. £5.00

1084 An amethyst glass lamp bowl. £0.00

1085 Various collectors’ thimbles and display stands. £2.00

1086 Two graduated blue and white willow pattern meat plates and one other plate. £1.00

1087 A leather and card bound cash book, a small collection of china, a doll etc. £10.00

1088 A carved stone lidded box and three other boxes. £5.00

1089 A Mara glass bowl in its original box and other boxed glass etc. £2.00

1090 A box of flatware. £8.00

1091 A China doll in its original box. £2.00

1092 A Bristol pottery puce glaze white floral pattern part tea/dinner service. £2.00

1093 A Royal Doulton “Galaxy” pattern part tea/dinner service. £10.00

1094 A set of five Japanese bowls, a ‘Terry Frost For Tate’ design circular dish etc. £30.00

1095 A collection of cut lead crystal and other glass. £0.00

1096 Models etc. £2.00

1097 A suite of Montfort Sheffield flatware in a hardwood effect canteen. £5.00

1098 A radio controlled model Mitsubishi Lancer in its original box. £10.00

1099 A turned wood table lamp with a brass mount and shade. £2.00

1100 A Victorian brass rummer and a wrythen pink glass vase.

1101 A copper coal helmet and one other piece. £22.00

1102 Various novelty teapots. £2.00

1103 A Watford car clock and other similar clock movements etc. £5.00

1103A A Royal Crown Derby puce ground plate decorated with gilt birds, two Spode “Audubon Birds” plates & others. £2.00

1103B A Japanese battery operated automaton toy made as a panda sitting on a barrel pouring into a glass from a bottle together with a reproduction 1960’s “Space Gun”. £8.00

1103C A pair of cut glass decanters. £15.00

1103D A plated basting spoon, ladle and a pair of tablespoons. £8.00

1104 A tin plate automaton made as a bearded oarsman. £35.00

1105 A white glaze lamp base. £0.00

1106 A Beswick model pig C.H. Wall C.H. Boy 53. £15.00

1107 A middle eastern small brass vessel embossed with symbols. £2.00

1108 Two Royal Doulton miniature figures, one Pantallettes, the other Priscilla. £45.00

1109 A Murano style glass jug, height 10.5 cm. £2.00

1110 A Royal Doulton Anne Boleyn character jug and a similar smaller Catherine of Aragon jug. £2.00

1111 A Royal Doulton figurine “Masque”, height 22 cm. £20.00

1112 A Royal Doulton figurine “Janine” H.N. 2461 £8.00

A Royal Doulton mottled gray ground waisted flask with flower and leaf moulded decoration, height 20cm. £0.00

1114 A Poole pottery black glaze vase with amber and orange glaze daubs, height 22 cm. £15.00

1114B NO LOT £0.00

1115 A Poole pottery orange glaze vase with coloured daubs, height 16.5 cm. £15.00

1116 A Poole pottery orange and amber glaze vase with coloured daubs and lines, height 16.5 cm. £18.00

A late 19th or early 20th century die cast metal miniature sewing machine with gilt decoration on an orange ground. £0.00

1118 A Beswick model pig “C.H. Wall C.H. Boy 1953″

1119 Three Royal Doulton model pigs and a similar piglet including Tamworth and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs. £20.00

1120 A set of six collector’s fairy plates, a Royal Doulton ‘Dick Swiveller’ Dickens ware plate and one other. £10.00

1121 A vintage black wood violin case. £5.00

1122 A Nao model of a girl in a hat. £8.00

1123 Four resin Keepsake teddies in their original boxes and an Aynsley commemorative mug. £2.00

1124 Five Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines with their original boxes. £28.00

1125 Eleven Hummel model figures. £30.00

1126 A Coalport In Vogue collection model of Grace. £8.00

1127 A set of twelve Royal Doulton “Pigs in Bloom” pattern collector’s plates. £22.00

1128 A bundle of books. £2.00

1129 An Edwardian brass firescreen set with a floral painted mirror. £5.00

1130 Two Clarecraft pottery model wizards and one other piece. £8.00

1131 A Welsh brass miner’s lamp, other brass and a Royal Doulton Twelve Days of Christmas goblet. £18.00

1132 A large coloured print of Anglers “That Magic Moment’ After Gerald Coulson”. £5.00

1133 A coloured print of a girl in a ball gown. £10.00

1134 A circular pine pizza paddle. £2.00

1135 An oil of canvas of The Promenade, Penzance by John Reed 1972. £5.00

1136 A signed limited edition print “The Walk Along Fellfoot Road, Castleton” signed Holland 2000. £10.00

1137 A Chinese painting on fabric of four figures in tradition costume and a Victorian print. £8.00

1138 A watercolour, a still life, a bowl and a boat and two prints. £0.00

1139 A coloured print “Harvest at La Crau” after Van Gogh and one other print. £0.00

1140 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame. £0.00

1141 An engraving of a half timbered building signed Barnard and a coloured print of a church after Sally Kerr. £2.00

1142 A cylindrical make up basket and a Coalport model figure. £1.00

1143 Three vintage bottles, one Chirgwin Penzance, R.W. Wakefield Hayle with original paper label and an Ellis Hayle beer bottle. £160.00

1144 Two Japanese knives in red lacquer sheaths and a pair of nunchucks. £2.00

1145 A set of nine Trade & Aid Charlotte di Vita design enamel model teapots. £32.00

1146 A glass and brass pendant star shape lamp holder.

1147 A pendant gilt five branch light fitting with opaque glass shades. £1.00

1148 A square tapering copper hall lantern. £8.00

1149 A pendant brass oil lamp holder and lamp with a white glass shade now converted to electricity. £10.00

1150 A pendant brass three branch light fitting with amber glass shades. £0.00

1151 A wrought iron pendant basket shape light fitting with five lamp holders. £2.00

1152 A pair of pendant stainless steel chain hanging twin lamp light fittings each with a white glass shade. £2.00

1153 A pendant white marbled glass lamp bowl decorated with flowers and leaves. £2.00

1154 A pendant five branch light fitting with spherical white glass shades. £0.00

1155 A large green glass champagne bottle. £15.00

1156 A bundle of Beatles and other singles including the EP ‘Beatles No.1′. £2.00

1157 A bundle of Beatles records including The Magical Mystery Tour double EP and Beatles hits.. £18.00

1158 A box of 45rpm records including Bowie, Michael Jackson and Motorhead’s Ace of Spades (BRO106) £2.00

1159 A copy of the Beatles ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album, mono pmc7027, the sleeve printed by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd with its original cut outs card, with facsimile Blake/Haworph signatures. £25.00

1160 A copy of a Beatles ‘Help’ album PNC1255 Mono and a copy of the Beatles ’62-66′ double album. £18.00

1161 A copy of the Rolling Stones ‘Let It Bleed’ album, Mono LK5025, a copy of George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ boxed album and two other records. £25.00

1162 A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1980s. £5.00

1163 A HMV Elvis Presley ‘Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One’ 78rpm record the blue label with silver print and other 78s.

1163A A copy of The Beatles “Sergeant Pepper’s” album stereo PCS7027 sleeve printed and made by Garrard & Lofthouse Limited facsimilie signitures to the cut out slip together with a copy of “The Let It Be” album. £15.00

1163B A bundle of 33rpm records including The Goons “Bridge on the Wye” together with a small collection of 78 & 45rpm records. £8.00

1164 A cash tin containing old identity cards, pre NHS health contribution cards, a Common Prayer Book etc. £5.00

1165 A brass compass, military badges etc. £20.00

1166 A box of costume jewellery. £28.00

1167 A box containing thirty Lledo die cast model vehicles in their original boxes. £0.00

1167A A set of blue stemmed glasses, a set of four Pony advertising glasses and set of plated coasters. £2.00

1168 A box of marbles. £1.00

1169 A tray of costume jewellery. £2.00

1170 A turned ebony truncheon. £10.00

1171 Miscellaneous including a Snoopy wristwatch and a 1950s minature cigarette lighter with a glamour picture to each side. £5.00

1172 A box of evening bags, costume jewellery etc. £8.00

1173 A collection of costume jewellery in a floral decorated papier mache box. £1.00

1174 A box of mostly Irish 1940s copper pennies and other coins. £5.00

1175 A silver backed hand mirror and matching hairbrush a.f. together with a mother of pearl and brass box. £15.00

1176 A pair of eastern silver coloured metal spill vases embossed with dancing figures beneath inverted leaf cut rims, each height 18cm, together with three plated napkin rings in their original boxes. £55.00

1177 A cased set of plated tea knives and a similar set of butter knives. £5.00

1178 A Rabone & Son leather and brass vintage tape measure. £15.00

1179 A miniature brass four fluke folding anchor. £8.00

1180 A pair of Motorola Talkabout SR50 walkie talkies. £10.00

1181 A pair of Cobra Micro Talk walkie talkies. £10.00

1182 A Panasonic 16 mega pixel HD Dual Camera. £2.00

1183 A Rolex green leather covered box. £22.00

1184 A ladies Seconda 9ct gold wristwatch and three other ladies watches. £8.00

1185 A ladies quartz Zurich Sports wristwatch in its original box together with a small collection of costume jewellery and stainless two hip flasks. £18.00

1186 A box containing Russian miliatary badges, a cigarette case, wristwatches etc. £8.00

1187 A 19th century continental ceramic blue glaze chamber stick with floral and gilt decorations a.f. £0.00

1188 A cased set of six silver teaspoons Sheffield 1967 and two other pieces. £28.00

1189 A collection of R.A.O.B. jewels including silver etc. £15.00

1190 Three trays of costume jewellery. £15.00

1191 A Seiko quartz chronograph wristwatch. £40.00

1192 A black Type 2 commando knife in Fairburn Sykes style by J. Nowill & Sons. Sheffield, total length 29cm in a black leather sheaf together with a penknife. £32.00

1193 Various sheets of stamps including Maldives and Lexington and Concorde. £12.00

1194 A 1960s American Debonair glamour magazine together with a copy of Mayfair August 1966 and The Cabaret Girls in 3D. £1.00

1195 Various car magazines including 1960s Jaguar Driver, the Singer Gazelle sales booklet and Morris Oxford Traveller sales booklets. £10.00

1196 A box of costume jewellery. £8.00

1197 A leather and card covered copy of ‘Pamela’ or ‘Virtue Rewarded’ by Richardson, dated 1827. £2.00

1198 Two rectangular lithophanes, one of a shepherdess, the other a courting couple. £2.00

1199 An album of coins including post 1947 silver and commemorative crowns together with two bank notes. £20.00

1200 A gentlemans Tissot ‘PR50′ wristwatch in its original box with instructions. £12.00

1201 A modern oval miniature of an 18th century lady in a gilt and green fabric frame signed Ruby. £15.00

1201A Two scent bottles with silver mounts, a similar bottle in a circular silver stand and a Victorian nursery plate. £18.00

1201B A collection of mostly British pre decimal coins. £12.00

1202 Two Victorian crowns dated 1889 and 1887 together with modern crowns and other coins. £38.00

1203 A Hohner harmonica. £8.00

1204 Plated flatware including sugar tongs and small ladle together with a gilt and hardstone seal. £15.00

1205 A collection of quartz and other wristwatches. £5.00

1206 A collection of penknives etc. £15.00

1207 A 9ct gold bright cut cross on a similar chain together with a silver coloured metal bangle etc. £18.00

1208 Two oak wall clocks and an inlaind wall clock.a.f. £18.00

1209 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on a hardwood mount. £2.00

1210 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on a carved wood mount. £2.00

1211 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on an oak mount. £2.00

1212 A modern French mercury barometer on a hardwood effect mount with a brass scale. £8.00

1213 A W.Sands, a watercolour of St. Ives. £32.00

1213A A pair of late 18th century circular coloured stipple engravings one of children playing at soldiers, the other, three girls before a cottage, gilt frames. £20.00

1213B A ladies pale brown leather shoulder bag. £2.00

1214 A George lll mirror in a mahogany frame. £25.00

1215 An engraving ‘House on the Props, Polperro’ signed Frank B. Jowett, 36.5cm x 30.5cm. £10.00

1216 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle. £2.00

1217 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle. £2.00

1218 A plaited leather dog lead and brass mounted collar. £2.00

1219 A pair of Trio folding aluminium and plastic sticks/seats. £5.00

1220 An Italian eight string mandolin in a brown rexine soft case. £18.00

1221 A large eastern paper and hardwood fan painted with flowers and trees. £2.00

1222 A copper warming pan with a turned ebonised handle. £5.00

1223 Walking sticks, a shooting stick etc. £2.00

1224 An artists Mabef folding easel and a mahl stick. £5.00

1225 A bundle of walking sticks. £5.00

1226 Two Peruvian carved wood recorder type instruments. £2.00

1227 Three umbrellas and a walking stick in a converted fire extinguisher stick stand. £0.00

1228 A Victorian walking cane with an antler handle and silver mount, London 1887. £10.00

1229 A walking stick, the brass handle unscrewing to reveal a compass together with an ebony stick with a plated mount and other sticks in a ceramic vase with scratched decoration. £18.00

1230 A hardwood walking stick with a brass dogs head cast handle. £5.00

1231 A walking stick. £2.00

1232 An African wood specimen walking stick the handle carved with the head of a hippopotamus. £10.00

1233 An malacca walking stick with an ivory handle and an eastern turned wood stick decorated with characters above a river scene. £15.00

1234 A bundle of walking sticks including two with cast brass handles together with a black rexine covered club. £5.00

1235 An eastern black fabric panel painted with flowers in an ebonised frame. £0.00

1236 A large rolled wall hanging poster for the film ‘Abiding Citizen’ 153cm x 241cm. £0.00

1237 A Trechikoff coloured print ‘Balinese girl’. £22.00

1238 A Trechikoff print ‘Chinese Girl, Yellow Jacket’. £80.00

1239 A carpenters mahogany pine tool chest and contents including moulding planes, saws, chisels, a ratchet brace and bits etc. £110.00

1240 A mirror and a pack of four mirrors. £1.00

1241 An octagonal mirror in a gilt frame. £2.00

1242 An abstract oil on canvas composed of textured coloured lines, 119.5cm x 49cm. £0.00

1243 An oil on canvas furnishing painting of a lake before mountains signed Becker, 48.5cm x 75cm. £10.00

1244 An oil on board furnishing painting of a lakeside castle before a view to mountains signed W. Collins, 44cm x 109.5cm. £12.00

1245 An arched mirror cut and leaded with water lilies and frog. £1.00

1246 A blue painted bathroom board mounted with five painted metal mackerel. £30.00

1247 An Indian hardwood tray set with brass in Kashmir style. £2.00

1248 A small watercolour ‘A View to London’ signed Bernard White and a 19th century print of a lakeside scene after Brugner. £18.00

1249 A reproduction 1920s Vogue advertising mirror. £5.00

1250 An oil on canvas of a snow scene and three other pictures. £8.00

1251 A box of tiles. £2.00

1252 A stoneware “Virol” jar and two other pieces. £2.00

1253 A Giotto camera tripod in its original box. £5.00

1254 Pictures and prints. £38.00

1255 A Bose Acoustimass Module Surround Sound System with two speakers, sub woofer, receiver and remote control. £45.00

1256 A Toshiba Combi DVD/VCR with remote control, together with a box of HDMI and other cables. £1.00

1257 Two Taylor’s boxwood and brass measures, one Taylor & Cutter square, the other, a proportionate waist measure. £28.00

1258 A pair of brass bee cast and engraved wall sconces. £12.00

1259 A basket of flatware. £1.00

1260 A copy of Baron Munchausen, published by Frederick Warne and Co., illustrated by Bichard, large format, coloured chromolithographic illustrations. £12.00

1261 A Cornwall Domesday Book edition comprising Introduction and Translation, Folios and Domesday Book studies, slip case. £50.00

1262 J.C. Tregarthen, three early 20th century Cornish books, ‘Wildlife at Land’s End,’ ‘The Story of a Hare’ and ‘A Life Story of an Otter,’ £12.00

1263 Charles Darwin’s ‘The Origin of the Species and the Descent of Man, printed by John Murray, Albermarle Street, one 1911, the other 1906, in green card covers. £8.00

1264 A collection of glass bulb jars. £0.00

1264A Nigel Hallard, an oil on board ‘The Rance Estuary’ inscribed to the back. £20.00

1265 A collection of films on DVD. £2.00

1266 A Canon digital Ixus 500 camera and related items. £20.00

1267 A Canon Ixus 9701S digital camera and related items. £20.00

1268 Twenty-five pieces of Goss Crested Ware including a Folkestone Font and a Marazion ancient lamp. £5.00

1269 A black rexine covered vintage violin case. £5.00

1270 A vintage black wood violin case. £2.00

1271 A Lloyd Loom by Lusty pink circular wastebin. £15.00

1272 Miscellaneous including a flat iron, CDs and a carving set. £1.00

1273 A big digital video camera, two masonic aprons and a puppet. £10.00

1274 A box of clock and watch parts. £1.00

1275 A glass chess set and board etc. £1.00

1276 A pair of 19th century cow creamers etc. £1.00

1277 A box of 33rpm records including Donovan. £8.00

1278 Two boxes of tools including chisels and a breast drill. £18.00

1279 A box of tools, fixings etc. £2.00

1280 A box of ‘Discovering the Great Paintings’ Magazine. £8.00

1281 A box of tools including an orbital sander and a drill stand etc. £5.00

1282 One box of books and magazines. £1.00

1283 A box of jugglers clubs, balls etc. £5.00

1284 A coloured print of peacocks and four other prints. £5.00

1285 A signed limited edition coloured print of a beach scene after Julian Hobbs and a John Dyer Exhibition Wave Gallery poster. £5.00

1286 An artist’s folding easel and one other piece. £2.00

1287 A small cane wall hanging rack of two shelves. £0.00

1288 A small pine wine rack to hold six bottles. £1.00

1289 A pair of late 19th or ealy 20th century blue glass vases each with a band of floral gilt decoration. £8.00

1289A A novelty cat figure and a musical, dancing clown. £10.00

1290 A jardiniere transfer printed with farmyard scenes after Penn. £5.00

1291 An Eastern vase sgraffito decorated with figures, a Victorian white glass vase painted with a bird on a branch. £0.00

1292 A large ceramic lamp base painted with vertical blue and green lines on a metal base. £25.00

1293 An Avery spring balance to weigh three pounds by one ounce increments. £10.00

1294 A set of four turned wood furniture feet with brass casters and one other piece. £18.00

1295 A Tremar Pottery large lamp base moulded to each side with an oval design, on a rectangular hardwood base. £30.00

1296 A DeWalt band saw. £25.00

1297 A Matsui 22″ flat screen television with remote control. £30.00

1298 Various plates, a collection of flatware etc. £2.00

1299 A turned oak club set with studs and a sickle. £5.00

1300 Cut and other glass. £1.00

1301 An oval cast iron lidded twin handle saucepan. £2.00

1302 A part tea service, a collection of glass etc. £1.00

1303 Miscellaneous including an Electrolux hand vacuum cleaner and a cordless jug kettle. £1.00

1304 An aneroid barometer, a table lamp made into an oil lamp etc. £2.00

1305 Die cast toys, glassware etc. £5.00

1306 NO LOT. £0.00

1307 A collection of watercolours and ink drawings by D Hosking together with an oval plate, a cloisonne dish etc. £38.00

1308 Trade cards, plates, a 1930s oak photograph frame etc. £2.00

1309 A collection of handbags and hats. £2.00

1310 A reproduction Salop Iron fire mark cast as a sun above the date 1710. £12.00

1311 A box of tools including a Black and Decker router, a belt sander etc. together with a tool box and contents. £8.00

1312 A box of kitchenware. £1.00

1313 A box of china etc. £0.00

1314 A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc £1.00

1315 A box of kitchenware. £10.00

1316 A basket of green glass fishing floats. £45.00

A reproduction Georgian mahogany mirror with a painted hunting panel above a rectangular glass by Titchmarsh & Goodwin. £0.00

A reproduction Georgian mahogany mirror with a floral painted panel above a rectangular glass by Titchmarsh & Goodwin. £0.00

1319 A Tremaen Pottery, Newlyn square lamp base moulded to two sides with an abstract design. £35.00

1320 A pair of octagonal studio pottery lamps and two other lamps. £10.00

1321 Four resin model fairies and two Hummel figures. £18.00

1322 A green serpentine inkwell and one other piece. £1.00

1323 A chrome extending shoe rack. £0.00

1324 A small oil on board of boats in a harbour signed G. Shaw. £10.00

1325 A plaster model of a Greek bronze helmet. £2.00

1326 A collection of resin model dogs. £5.00

1327 An Art Deco cast metal model of a stag on an oval pink marble base and one other piece. £20.00

1328 A serpentine ashtray, a bronzed resin fisherman’s paperweight etc. £15.00

1329 Coloured and other glass, together with clock under dome. £30.00

1330 A painted wooden rocking horse. £10.00

1331 A pair of Denby pale green glazed vases with white trailed decorations. £2.00

1332 A 1930s Tenco electric mantle timepiece in a silvered metal and black resin case and one other timepiece. £10.00

1333 Six pieces of cranberry glass. £15.00

1334 A Royal Doulton floral decorated tea for one set, a set of five Johnson Brothers fish decorated plates etc. £22.00

1335 Two pairs of Victorian glass rummers, other glass and a stainless steel tray. £20.00

1336 A Royal Standard ‘Romance’ pattern tea service. £20.00

1337 A Susie Cooper brown and white glaze spotted coffee service. £18.00

1338 A collection of cut and other glass. £0.00

1339 A Celtic Pottery “Folksy” pattern oval dish, length 36.5cm. £8.00

1340 Two Celtic Pottery teardrop shape dishes, one patterned with a bird the other a fish together with a cylindrical vase. £8.00

1341 A Celtic Pottery rectangular dish decorated with a stylised horse and a similar oval bird decorated dish. £8.00

1342 A Victorian pale green glass twin handle vase transfer printed with a classical scene, a Radford Pottery floral decorated vase and two other vases. £12.00

1343 A pair of plated oval entre dishes and other metal ware. £2.00

1344 A Victorian copper lustre jug moulded with classical figures and three other pieces. £1.00

1345 A large coloured print of a railway locomotive after Don Breckon. £5.00

1346 A framed coloured print of the cruise ship Emerald Sea’s. £0.00

1347 A pair of oak picture frames. £0.00

1348 A coloured print of Salisbury Cathedral after John Constable. £0.00

1349 A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc. £1.00

1350 A box of miscellaneous items. £5.00

1351 A box of books. £0.00

1352 A box of Harper’s Bazaar magazines circa 2013. £5.00

1353 A box of tools including a circular saw etc. £5.00

1354 A signed coloured print of Mevagissey after Elizabeth Clarke, an oil on canvas coastal scene, a Victorian school photograph and three frames. £8.00

1355 A Victorian furnishing painting of a lake scene signed Becker in a gilt frame. £15.00

1356 Two large Cadbury’s teddy bears etc. £2.00

1357 An ebony model elephant and three other pieces. £1.00

1358 Cut and other glass. £0.00

1359 Studio Pottery etc. £0.00

1360 A set of six USSR blue and white bowls, a collection of plates decorated with 18th century figures etc. £15.00

1361 A Staffordshire model spaniel, a pair of American models of lambs and other china. £5.00

1361A A Scandinavian carved wood jug, a similar twin handle model pail and four other pieces. £1.00

1362 Miscellaneous china including a Fortum & Mason stilton jar. £0.00

1363 A collection of Studio and other pottery. £15.00

1364 A pair of American “Pilgrim Glass” owl moulded book ends, a Murano style model pelican and three glass finger plates. £28.00

1365 A faceted glass scent bottle, a pink Medina glass vase and other glass. £8.00

1366 An Alan Brough Studio Pottery brown glaze lidded jar, a Marazion Pottery plate and four other pieces. £10.00

1367 Two Quartz wall clocks. £0.00

1368 A Goblin Teasmade. £2.00

1369 A large heavy plated tray. £2.00

1370 A coloured print of girls by a river. £0.00

1371 A continental coloured print of a lake before mountains and two other pictures. £0.00

1372 An oil on board of clifftop houses and one other picture. £10.00

1373 An Eastern circular brass tray, diameter 59cm. £2.00

1374 A roll of prints. £0.00

1375 A collection of unframed paintings. £130.00

1376 Three prints on canvas. £2.00

1377 An oil on board of Mullion Cove signed C Beal. £0.00

1378 A pair of late 19th or early 20th century coloured prints of stags in oak frames. £5.00

1379 A female shop mannequin. £10.00

1380 A pair of plates each decorated with a beach umbrella afetr John Miller. £0.00

1381 An Art Nouveau style box with padded sides and metal mounts. £10.00

1382 One copy “The Lead – Swinger” the bivouac journal of the 1/3 W. Riding Field Ambulance September – December 1915 and other books. £60.00

1383 A Giovanni showman bronzed resin sculpture moulded to each side with a face of a girl facimile signiture together with a cast brass model camel and two other pieces. £2.00

1384 Miscellaneous china including a set of six Hornsea Pottery “Heirloom” patterned spice jars. £10.00

1385 A Cannon video camera and related items in a fitted case. £0.00

1386 A 1960 / 70’s blue metal adjustable table strip lamp. £22.00

1387 A red plastic dial telephone. £15.00

1388 Scissors, hair clippers etc. £1.00

1389 A bird decorated dressing table set. £1.00

1390 A collection of model pigs and a set of four related glasses. £15.00

1391 A pair of Royal Albert Beatrix Potter models of Little Pig Robinson and Pigling Bland. £5.00

1392 Two beswick models of a gentleman pig and a lady pig. £5.00

1393 A Border Fine Ar’st model of Pigling Bland and other model pigs. £15.00

1394 Four Border Fine Art’s Beatrix Potter model pigs, one other similar model and a Royal Doulton model piglet. £15.00

1395 A set of nine John Beswick pig moulded bandsmen with their original boxes. £70.00

1396 An Aynsley “Grotto Rose” tea for one set. £20.00

1397 A Royal Doulton “Old Colony” pattern tea service for eight with teapot. £8.00

1398 Two baskets. £5.00

1451 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 84cm. £35.00

1452 A white painted double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 123cm. £2.00

1453 A pine sewing cabinet with a hinged lid above a door and a fall front, width 40cm. £2.00

1454 A woven fibre ottoman. £2.00

1455 A mahogany veneered cabinet with a drawer above a cupboard door. £5.00

1456 A modern pine bedside chest of three drawers. £15.00

1457 A Ducal style pine bedside chest with three drawers. £10.00

1458 A Lloyd Loom yellow painted linen box.

1459 A 1950s oak veneered single wardrobe with a panelled door, width 62cm. £15.00

1460 A Victorian walnut wardrobe with an arched mirrored door flanked by panelled doors opening onto slides, drawers and hanging space, width 196cm. £2.00

1461 A set of four Ercol ‘Golden Dawn’ Fleur de Lys hoop and stickback dining chairs. £60.00

1462 A turned wood towel rail. £2.00

1463 A pine wall hanging corner cupboard with a panelled door opening onto shelves. £25.00

1464 An Indian hardwood coffee table with metal mounts on turned legs. £30.00

1465 An oval pine extending dining table with a fold out leaf, size extended 177cm by 90cm. £15.00

1466 A carved oval oak gate leg table on turned supports. £5.00

1467 A French style oval cream ground and floral painted dining table with gilt highlights, glass top together with a set of six matching chairs each with a cane back and padded seat. £20.00

1468 A small pine table on a turned pedestal. £5.00

1469 A circular oak occassional table on turned legs. £2.00

1470 A George lll circular pedestal snap top table on a tripod base, diameter 76cm. £10.00

1471 A Victorian circular mahogany snap top dining table on a substantial turned pedestal standing on three carved legs, diameter 112cm. £0.00

1472 A set of six Edwardian mahogany dining chairs including one carver,each with a carved crest rail, padded seat and on square section tapering legs. £15.00

1473 A black leather effect office swivel chair. £5.00

1474 A green woven fibre armchair and a matching small ottoman. £5.00

1475 A pair of plywood ‘ant’ chairs on chrome legs. £10.00

1476 An American turned walnut rocking chair. £15.00

1477 An Edwardian walnut salon chair upholstered in floral patterned cream fabric on turned legs. £30.00

1478 A 1930s bentwood armchair with a cane back and padded seat. £30.00

1479 An Arts and Crafts elm wardrobe with a single panelled door, width 114cm. £10.00

1480 A hardwood stand with twelve open shelves, width 21cm. £30.00

1481 A Victorian gothic walnut Bible stand. £25.00

1482 A George lll substantial mahogany drop leaf table on square section legs, 107 x 134cm. £0.00

1483 A pine kitchen table on green painted turned legs, 74 x 125cm. £30.00

1484 An arched oak armoire with a pair of panelled doors on a stand with cabriole legs, width 115.5cm. £100.00

1485 A Lloyd Loom pink painted armchair. £5.00

1486 A 1950s hardwood chest of three graduated drawers, width 81.5cm. £10.00

1487 A 1930s oak veneered small wardrobe, doors with chrome handles and fruit mouldings, the back with an E Gomme (later G-Plan) label dated 03/07/35, width 83cm, height 122cm. £10.00

1488 A child’s reproduction salon armchair upholstered in floral patterned fabric. £10.00

1489 An Edwardian inlaid walnut double wardrobe with cupboards above a niche and drawers flanked by mirrored doors, width 192cm. £5.00

1490 A Habitat easy chair upholstered in white fabric and a loose cotton cover on square section tapering legs. £10.00

1491 A modern black ‘leather’ office swivel chair. £10.00

1492 A sculpted perspex chair on a chrome cantilever frame. £10.00

1493 A child’s green tub chair on spiral twist legs. £10.00

1494 A small Edwardian oak two seat sofa upholstered in ‘tapestry’ fabric on bobbin turned legs. £60.00

1495 A small hardwood rocking chair upholstered in buttoned blue draylon. £5.00

1496 An office swivel chair upholstered in red rexine on a black metal and aluminium frame. £2.00

1497 A pair of oak carving chairs each on turned legs with bobbin turned stretchers. £5.00

1498 A Lloyd Loom green painted armchair. £35.00

1499 A chrome cantilever chair with red leather effect back and seat. £25.00

1500 A set of six oak lath back dining chairs each with a drop in seat covered in William Morris fabric and on square section tapering legs. £80.00

1501 A set of four 1950s dining chairs each with a shaped curved seat back, red rexine seats and on a black frame, NB these chairs match the sideboard in Lot 1608 and table in Lot 1550. £25.00

1502 An Edwardian ladies walnut chair, the high back with a padded panel and curved arms on turned rests. £15.00

1503 A pair of pine dining chairs on turned legs. £10.00

1504 A pair of 1930s oak dining chairs each with a drop in seat and on turned legs, together with one other similar chair. £10.00

1505 A ladies Edwardian walnut stickback chair on turned legs. £10.00

1506 A hoop and stickback carving chair on turned legs and two similar dining chairs. £10.00

1507 A set of four 1950s dining chairs each with a curved lath back and black rexine seat. £10.00

1508 A hardwood open bookcase with adjustable shelves on cabriole legs, width 87cm. £5.00

1509 A pine bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard. £15.00

1510 A pine bedside cabinet with a shelf above a panelled door. £15.00

1511 A light oak and chrome four tier open stand, width 75cm. £5.00

1512 A hardwood rectangular table with a black ‘leather’ set top on square section tapering legs, 76 x 183cm. £0.00

1513 A melamine wood effect narrow open stand with adjustable shelves, width 37.5cm. £0.00

1514 An adjustable bed table on a cantilever frame. £0.00

1515 A Stag Minstrel floor standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 85cm. £15.00

1515A A blue and white painted occasional table. £2.00

1516 A walnut veneered double wardrobe and a matching smaller wardrobe. £15.00

1517 An Invacare Soft Form Premier single mattress with waterproof cover and a matching Propad overlay. £5.00

1518 A 4′ 6″ divan bed with spring interior mattress. £5.00

1519 A 4′ 6″ divan bed with spring interior mattress. £20.00

1520 A walnut veneered 4′ 6″ bedstead with spring base, divan base and mattress. £5.00

1521 A white tubular metal 4′ 6″ bedstead. £5.00

1522 A pair of white painted 3′ bedsteads with mattresses. £5.00

1523 A pair of pine 3′ bedsteads. £15.00

1523A A folding bed in its original box. £10.00

1524 A pair of elm 3′ bedsteads with upholstered bases. £0.00

1525 A pine 5′ bedstead. £5.00

1526 A pine 4′ 6″ bedstead. £5.00

1527 A pine 4′ 6″ headboard. £2.00

1528 A single headboard upholstered in white fabric. £2.00

1529 A 3′ headboard upholstered in blue fabric. £0.00

1530 An oak 3′ bedstead, the head with painted carved arches. £15.00

1531 An oak ‘Revertable’ circular occasional table/fire screen. £5.00

1532 A 1930s limed oak dressing chest of two long drawers, width 103cm. £15.00

1532A A modern panelled pine blanket box. £10.00

1532B A modern office swivel chair upholstered in blue fabric. £0.00

1532C A cream kidney shaped dressing table with mirror on cabriole legs with gilt finish, width 93 cm. £25.00

1532D A cream five drawer kidney shaped dressing table with glass top and a fold mirror standing on cabriole legs with gilt finish, width 132 cm. £15.00

1532E A grey five drawer serpentine dressing table with triple mirror standing on cabriole legs, width 135 cm. £15.00

1532F A circular white painted two tier occasional table. £2.00

1532G A pair of grey painted bedside tables. £10.00

1532H A pair of standard lamp bases. £2.00

1533 A pine computer desk. £5.00

1534 A pink painted Lloyd Loom bow front corner linen basket. £5.00

1535 A mahogany effect floor standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 91cm. £5.00

1536 A modern pine dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with drawers above panelled doors, width 120cm, height 194cm. £2.00

1537 An oak wall hanging bow front corner cupboard with a pair of doors opening on shelves. £45.00

1538 A set of three modern turned stickback dining chairs on turned legs. £2.00

1539 A pair of Victorian balloon back bedroom chairs and one other similar chair. £20.00

1540 A set of four bentwood dining chairs. £60.00

1541 A set of four hoop and stick back dining chairs each painted white and with a natural seat. £50.00

1542 A Queen Anne style dining chair with a vase shape splat on cabriole legs. £2.00

1543 A pair of Victorian elm ladder back armchairs each with a seagrass seat and on turned legs joined by stretchers. £30.00

1544 A set of four Edwardian inlaid mahogany dining chairs including a pair of carvers, each with a drop in seat and on square section tapering legs. £5.00

1545 The base of a Georgian walnut corner washstand. £5.00

1546 An oak veneered small drop leaf table. £10.00

1547 An Eastern table with a circular brass tray top on a turned and bobbin base. £10.00

1548 An early 20th century folding campaign table on turned legs, diameter 91cm. £40.00

1549 A circular walnut occasional table with a glass top and turned tapering legs joined by stretchers. £20.00

1550 A 1950s ‘teak’ effect extending dining table with one leaf, on an ebonised base, size extended, 151.5 x 76cm, NB, this table matches the sideboard in lot 1608 and chairs in Lot 1501. £5.00

1551 A rectangular stool on a hardwood base with two drawers. £5.00

1552 A mahogany effect drawleaf dining table, size extended 91 x 153cm. £0.00

1553 An Edwardian square oak plant stand. £10.00

1554 A George lll mahogany corner cabinet with an astragal glazed door on a custom made matching base with a low shaped shelf. £10.00

1554A A Victorian pine chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers. £15.00

1555 A Victorian oak bookcase with a pair of glazed doors above drawers and panelled doors, width 125cm. £20.00

1556 A 1930s oak desk with a fall front above a drawer and open shelves flanked by panelled doors above drawers, width 102.5cm. £40.00

1557 A circular carved oak stool on bobbin turned legs joined by stretchers. £0.00

1558 An oak twin pedestal desk, width 143.5cm. £10.00

1559 A low blue painted stool. £2.00

1560 A wheel and stick back dining chair. £15.00

1560A EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE: A Lloyd Loom pink painted armchair. £30.00

1560B EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE. A set of eight hardwood chairs with a broad curved splat on curved legs. £50.00

1561 A white painted cane armchair. £1.00

1562 A pair of green painted cane armchairs. £25.00

1563 A Victorian mahogany dining chair on turned legs. £2.00

1564 A pair of oak chairs on square section legs. £2.00

1564A A hoop and stickback dining chair. £2.00

1565 A child’s white painted stick back chair. £2.00

1566 An Edwardian walnut music stool with a box seat on cabriole legs. £10.00

1567 A pair of circular stools, the top of each carved with a face. £5.00

1568 A circular log section stool on three legs. £2.00

1569 A dressing stool. £2.00

1570 An Edwardian walnut piano stool with a box seat on cabriole legs. £10.00

1571 An oak stool with a sisal seat. £10.00

1572 A circular pine stool on turned legs. £15.00

1573 A square white painted stool. £2.00

1574 A set of four circular pine stools on turned legs. £40.00

1575 A circular stool on turned legs. £5.00

1576 An oval stool on turned legs. £5.00

1577 A circular stool on turned legs. £2.00

1578 A duet stool with box seat, legs reduced. £10.00

1579 A square pouffe/box upholstered in diamond patterned beige fabric. £10.00

1580 A square pine stool. £1.00

1581 A walnut dressing stool on cabriole legs. £5.00

1582 A small pine stool. £2.00

1583 An Edwardian two seat sofa with one drop end upholstered in patterned red fabric and on cabriole legs together with a pair of matching armchairs. £130.00

1584 A two seat Chesterfield with one drop end, upholstered in red fabric with an armorial design. £130.00

1585 An armchair upholstered in purple fabric. £0.00

1586 A brown leather armchair. £40.00

1587 An electrically operated reclining armchair upholstered in leaf cut beige fabric. £5.00

1588 A 1930s oak reclining armchair on barley twist supports. £15.00

1589 A two seat simulated bamboo and cane sofa, upholstered in floral patterned blue fabric. £10.00

1590 A three seat low back sofa, upholstered in patterned pale gold fabric. £55.00

1591 An armchair with loose purple covers. £2.00

1592 A pair of oak craftsman made armchairs, upholstered in sage green fabric. £50.00

1593 An armchair with loose gold covers. £2.00

1593A A reproduction Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge LC4 in black leather on a chrome frame with a black metal stand. £80.00

1593B An Edwardian walnut salon chair upholstered in floral pattern beige fabric together with a stool on turned legs upholstered in matching fabric. £50.00

1594 A three seat sofa uphostered in wheat coloured floral patterned fabric and a pair of matching armchairs. £5.00

1595 An alcantara upholstered low back three seat sofa. £5.00

1596 An oak monk’s bench, width 100.5cm. £85.00

1597 A pitch pine pew, width 198cm. £80.00

1598 A Kilim carpet runner, 79cm x 370cm approximately, worn. £25.00

1599 A green ground ‘Kashmir’ rug, 70cm x 140cm approximately. £15.00

1600 A pale blue and white ground Kilim pattern with a geometric design within a patterned border, 115cm x 160cm approximately. £40.00

1601 A Chinese dark green ground cut pile half round hearth rug. £2.00

1602 An eastern small hand knotted pale pink ground rug patterned with two rows of guls within a patterned border, 65.5cm x 105cm approximately. £10.00

1603 A Laura Ashley Indian wool “Aelfie” pattern rug patterned with predominantly blue striped, 89cm x 119cm approximately. £15.00

1604 An Eastern blue ground hand knotted carpet patterned with stylised flowers within a patterned border, 128cm x 190cm approximately. £120.00

1605 A telephone table. £2.00

1606 A pine two tier stand. £2.00

1607 An occasional table with a chessboard top. £10.00

1608 A 1950s teak and birdseye maple sideboard, the central cantilever cocktail cabinet flanked by cupboard doors above three drawers, width 145cm, NB, the sideboard matches the chairs in Lot 1501 and table in Lot 1550. £15.00

1609 A nest of three mahogany effect tables. £2.00

1610 A pine stand with two open shelves, width 45cm. £10.00

1611 A mahogany and crossbanded breakfront sideboard with three drawers above panelled cupboard doors, width 153cm. £25.00

1612 An Edwardian walnut centre table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf. £5.00

1613 A hardwood coffee table with a blind fret cut apron. £5.00

1614 A painted side table with one drawer on square section tapering legs, 60cm x 97cm. £15.00

1615 An Ercol Golden Dawn coffee table on turned legs joined by a magazine shelf. £70.00

1616 A hardwood coffee table on shaped supports, 56cm x 121cm. £5.00

1617 A 1930s plastic wire-bound two tier trolley. £45.00

1618 A 1960s/70s walnut sideboard with three central drawers flanked by a cupboard to one side and a fall front cocktail cabinet to the other, width 198.5cm. £5.00

1619 A gilt metal two tier trolley. £2.00

1620 A cane telephone table. £0.00

1621 A painted pine chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, width 110cm. £65.00

1622 A hardwood two tier buffet with woven seagrass sides, width 122cm. £2.00

1622A A joined oak stool on turned legs. £25.00

1623 A modern pine chest with two tiers of four drawers, width 150cm. £40.00

1624 A small hardwood cabinet with a panelled door beside three small drawers above a long drawer, width 64.5cm. £15.00

1625 A modern pine chest of four long drawers, width 76cm. £30.00

1626 A Victorian mahogany fold-top card table on an octagonal pedestal and circular base with four scroll feet. £5.00

1627 A 1950s/60s kitchen table with a wood effect formica top, 59.5cm x 87.5cm. £2.00

1628 A G-Plan style hardwood coffee table with a tile set top, 112cm x 52cm. £20.00

1629 A pine kitchen table with a drawer to one side on turned legs, 82.5cm x 137.5cm. £0.00

1630 A circular oak coffee table on turned tapering legs. £2.00

1631 A square ‘teak’ coffee table standing on four square grey metal legs. £2.00

1632 An oak extending dining table with a fold-out leaf on cabriole legs, size extended 167cm x 106cm. £2.00

1633 A circular gold painted two tier occasional table with all over carving. £5.00

1634 A rectangular oak occasional table on barley twist legs. £10.00

1635 A small oak side pedestal desk with a drop leaf to one side, width excluding leaf 86cm. £15.00

1636 A Marks & Spencer hardwood kitchen trolley with a single drawer above two chrome wire racks, width 58cm. £60.00

1636A A modern pine triple toilet mirror, the base with a hinged lid. £0.00

1637 A circular folding table on turned supports, diameter 76cm. £15.00

1638 An oak school desk with an inclined lid. £10.00

1639 A hardwood plan chest of eight drawers, 124cm x 88cm. £55.00

1640 An oval twin pedestal coffee table. £2.00

1641 A circular hardwood effect occasional table. £2.00

1642 A pine chest with two tiers of six drawers, 157cm x 75cm. £95.00

1643 A painted side table on square section tapering legs. £10.00

1644 A 1920s/30s elm twin pedestal desk with a green leather set top, the drawers with amber resin handles, width 147cm. £10.00

1645 A wine table. £2.00

1646 A square oak two tier plant stand. £2.00

1647 A wine table. £2.00

1648 An Edwardian walnut chest of three long drawers, width 92cm. £40.00

1649 A teak effect occasional table. £2.00

1650 A melamine light wood effect three tier open stand. £0.00

1651 An inlaid mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers, width 106.5cm. £15.00

1652 An oak dresser, the open arched back with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 92cm. £20.00

1653 An Edwardian walnut dressing chest of three long drawers, width 91cm. £20.00

1654 A nest of two walnut tables on fluted supports. £5.00

1655 A kidney shape dressing table. £20.00

1656 A hardwood coffee table with a tile set top. £2.00

1657 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and four long cock beaded graduated drawers, width 120cm. £15.00

1658 A circular oak two tier plant stand. £2.00

1659 An Arts and Crafts dresser, the mirror back with a high shelf, the base with a pair of drawers above of pair of doors with carved panels, width 132cm. £20.00

1660 A 1950s/60s burr walnut effect formica covered display cabinet with a pair of sliding glass doors, width 112.5cm. £25.00

1661 A pine effect occasional table. £2.00

1662 A pine Ducal style TV stand. £25.00

1662A An oak fold-top table. £2.00

1663 A walnut veneered bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard. £1.00

1664 A 1950s walnut veneered chest of four long drawers, width 76cm. £15.00

1665 A 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet, width 89cm. £20.00

1666 A small rectangular oak occasional table. £2.00

1667 A 1970s oak effect draw leaf dining table, 61cm x 122cm. £5.00

1668 A rectangular oak occasional table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf. £5.00

1669 A 1950s walnut veneered dressing table on cabriole legs, width 120cm. £10.00

1670 A mahogany stained cupboard with a pair of glazed doors opening onto shelves, width 62.5cm, height 71.5cm. £0.00

1671 A painted pine chest of six graduated drawers, width 64.5cm. £120.00

1672 An oak display cabinet on square section legs, width 58cm. £30.00

1673 A small dressing chest painted with flowers on a white ground, on cabriole legs, width 78cm. £50.00

1674 A white painted cabinet with three open shelves on cabriole legs with shell carved knees, width 84cm. £5.00

1675 A hardwood effect coffee table on turned tapering legs. £2.00

1676 A plant stand. £2.00

1677 A washstand with a later top on a walnut base with a pair of panelled doors, width 104.5cm. £5.00

1678 An oval wood effect coffee table on cabriole legs. £2.00

1679 A pine cabinet with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 123cm. £55.00

1680 A wood effect coffee table. £2.00

1681 A white painted sewing table on moulded legs. £2.00

1682 A child’s “Swallow” roll top desk. £5.00

1683 A sideboard with a formica pine effect top on a pine base with two drawers above two pairs of cupboard doors beside two full length doors, width 197.5cm. £20.00

1684 An Old Charm telephone table with an arcaded drawer above an open shelf. £15.00

1684A A pine triple mirror. £5.00

1685 A hardwood encyclopedia table with open shelves to both side on fluted supports, 120cm x 56cm. £2.00

1686 An oak plant stand. £2.00

1687 A 1930s oak tall boy with a pair of cupboard doors above a pair of drawers, width 60.5cm. £15.00

1688 A folding table. £15.00

1689 A wine table. £2.00

1690 An Indian hardwood coffee table with metal mounts on turned legs. £10.00

1691 A modern pine dining table on turned legs, 120cm x 80cm. £10.00

1692 A rectangular stool on cabriole legs. £2.00

1693 A G-Plan ‘Teak’ coffee table on turned legs joined by a magazine shelf. £10.00

1694 A dining table with a white wood effect top on white painted legs, 121cm x 76cm. £15.00

1695 A white painted coffee table on square section legs. £2.00

1696 A walnut veneered display cabinet on cabriole legs, width 91cm. £20.00

1697 A hardwood coffee table on turned tapering supports, 120cm x 70cm. £5.00

1698 A substantial light oak extending dining table with two leaves on square section legs, size extended 264cm x 99.5cm. £200.00

1699 A Victorian ebonised side cabinet with a glazed door flanked by open shelves, width 120cm. £30.00

1700 A hardwood bow front corner cabinet with a turned gallery above two glazed doors with bowed glass panels. £20.00

1701 A white painted chest with two tiers of five coloured drawers, width 60cm. £20.00

1702 A walnut veneered bureau with a slope front above three long drawers on cabriole legs, width 76cm. £15.00

1702A A folding card table. £2.00

1703 An inlaid mahogany bureau with a slope front above a drawer and a cupboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 76cm. £20.00

1704 A small oak cupboard with a pair of doors above a hinged panel, width 46.5cm. £15.00

1705 A three tier folding cake stand. £5.00

1706 A 1930s walnut veneered cabinet with a glazed door opening onto shelves, flanked by cupboard doors, width 135cm. £10.00

1707 A small modern pine chest with two short and two long drawers, width 84cm. £20.00

1708 A hardwood twin pedestal desk with a green formica top, width 105.5cm. £5.00