General Sale Catalogue 16th January 2018

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1 A Villeroy & Boch “Design 1900″ pattern part tea service.

2 Miscellaneous including model animals and a pair of floral decorated ceramic candlesticks.

3 Decanters and other glass.

4 A Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern baluster shape vase, an Italian model of a blacksmith and three other pieces.

5 A set of eight cut glass sundae dishes and other glass.

6 Five resin model fairies.

7 A pair of resin fairy moulded bookends and two other fairy models.

8 A resin letter rack moulded with a wizard, a similar model cat and three other pieces.

9 A Royal Doulton white and gold Iris pattern jug, height 28cm and a Burley ware blue ground jug painted with peacocks and flowers.

10 A Kent & Co Fenton blue and white floral pattern vase, a ginger jar etc.

11 Glassware including Victorian jug, a decanter and sundae dishes.

12 A collection of Tremar pottery storage jars and other pieces.

13 A peacock decorated plate, two Typhoo Tea teapots etc.

14 Two gilt resin Buddha figures one standing the other cross legged.

15 A stone carving of a temple lion on a square base carved to each side with figures and a gilt metal model of a toad standing on Chinese cash.

16 A resin model of a standing Buddha in an arch and a gilt Buddha head.

17 A brown resin model of a seated Buddha with four small figures about him and four other Buddha figures.

18 A Capodimonte model of an Eastern tinker and a ceramic model of a cockerel.

19 A pair of elephant moulded model garden seats, a Spanish jug etc.

20 Various model Buddha’s and a carved wood model of Ganesha.

21 A Royal Copenhagen rectangular small tray decorated with the head office of Plumrose Ltd together with a pair of penguin moulded salt and pepper pots etc.

22 Models and other china.

23 A 1930s floral painted part tea service and other china.

24 Resin and ceramic models.

25 Tea ware and other china.

26 An Italian tankard decorated with a harvester, a white stoneware jelly mould, other china and an engraved plated jug.

27 A collection of blue and white china.

28 Two Marazion Pottery vases one patterned with flowers the other a pheasant.

29 A Marazion Pottery narrow necked vase decorated with apple blossom and eight other similar pieces.

30 Five pieces of Lamorna Pottery.

31 A Lamorna Pottery green glaze jug decorated with a circular design, a 1930’s leaf painted vase and two other pieces.

32 Two ceramic Cornish mine engine house models one made as a clock the other a table lamp and two similar wooden models.

33 A collection of resin and ceramic model buildings.

34 A collection of model Cornish mine engine houses.

35 A hen moulded egg tureen, a spaghetti jar etc.

36 A cut glass jug, a Burleigh ware green glaze vase the broad rim painted with water lilies etc.

37 Miscellaneous.

38 Two carved wood model elephants and four other models.

39 A Victorian Cranberry glass vase, a red cased glass waisted vase and other glass.

40 Jugs and other china.

41 A Royal Doulton “Sonnet” pattern part tea / dinner service.

42 A Royal Worcester 2002 golden jubilee coffee can and saucer and other china.

43 Glass ware including sundae dishes.

44 A lead crystal decanter, a cut glass thistle moulded vase and one other piece.

45 A Mappin & Webb plated jug, a brass mantel timepiece, a pricket candlestick etc.

46 A collection of continental and other tiles.

47 A Denby “Chevron” pattern part tea service, a collection of Cauldon china, floral decorated plates and saucers etc.

48 A Pot Pourri jar, a ginger jar, hors d’oeuvre dishes and other china.

49 A set of twelve Russian collectors plates each black glaze and decorated with folk tales.

50 A set of eight Wedgwood “The Village in the Valley” series collectors plates.

51 A small collection of mostly cut glass.

52 A set of six Royal Doulton Christmas plates 1977 – 1982 inclusive.

53 A set of twelve Coalport Christmas plates 1976 – 1987 inclusive.

54 A set of eight WWF bird decorated collectors plates.

55 A collection of cut glass including jugs.

56 Mugs, a jardiniere etc.

57 A collection of 19th century blue and white china and one other piece.

58 A Stoneware lidded jar, a jar of wooden kitchen utensils etc.

59 Blue and white plates, a pair of similar candlesticks and two other pieces.

60 A 1930’s jug moulded with wavy lines and painted with an abstract design together with a similar cruciform stepped vase.

61 A Carlton ware tankard decorated to one side a horse drawn fruit and vegetable cart to the other side a drunk leaning on a lamppost watched by a policeman lacks musical movement together with a Samford ware Little Red Riding Hood moulded jug.

62 A character jug and two other pieces.

63 A pair of green Carnival glass dishes and a similar Marigold dish.

64 Glassware etc.

65 A Victorian teapot, commemorative tea ware etc.

66 Two mallet form decanters.

67 Vases, other china, a turned wood nut bowl etc.

68 A dragon decorated toilet jug and bowl together with a square red glass vase, height 35.5cm.

69 Miscellaneous china and glass etc.

70 Miscellaneous china and glass etc.

71 A collection of blue and white china.

72 A Royal Doulton early 20th century gilt cauldron jardiniere with three handles standing on three feet a.f. height 20cm.

73 A chintz pattern fruit bowl, a gilt decorated footed bowl and four model animals.

74 An extensive collection of Violet decorated tea and dinner ware.

75 Mugs, plates, models etc.

76 A collection of plant pots, other china and a small collection of glass.

77 Two blue glaze teapots, a blue and white cheese dish and cover etc.

78 An extensive collection of Wedgwood “Colonnade” pattern coffee and dinner ware.

79 A pair of brass cobra candlesticks and an Art Deco part tea service.

80 Two Georg Bestle Denmark glass musical bottles.

81 A collection of blue and white china including two graduated stoneware jugs.

82 A collection of model fairies.

83 A resin model Buddha, a green glaze bowl on a dragon moulded stand etc.

84 Resin models, a crystal ball etc.

85 Miscellaneous china and glass together with a brass adjustable candlestick.

86 Cushions two bags.

87 Cushions two bags.

88 Table linen.

89 Bed throwovers.

90 Bedding.

91 Bedding.

92 Bedding etc.

93 Indian/Asian textiles.

94 Leather offcuts.

95 Miscellaneous two bags.

96 One floor cushion.

97 Vintage gentlemen’s clothes.

98 A gentleman’s wax jacket.

99 A gentleman’s wax jacket.

100 A gentleman’s wax jacket.

101 A child’s wax jacket.

102 A child’s wax jacket.

103 A lady’s fur coat.

104 A lady’s fur cape.

105 A gentleman’s jacket.

106 Gentlemen’s blazers and trousers.

107 Gentlemen’s sportsware.

108 A buoyancy aid.

109 A wetsuit.

110 Gentlemen’s miscellaneous.

111 Ladies’ handbags.

112 Ladies’ handbags.

113 Ladies’ hats.

114 Table linen.

115 Ladies’ miscellaneous.

116 Chair covers.

117 Gentlemen’s ties etc.

118 Table linen.

119 Ladies’ shoes.

120 A pair of ladies’ leather and suede multi coloured platform sole shoes by Emma of London.

121 Table linen.

122 Bedding.

123 Table linen.

124 A crocodile skin handbag.

125 Snake skin purse.

126 Far eastern hats.

127 A ladies’ Astrakhan jacket.

128 A ladies’ Windsmoor dogtooth jacket.

129 A ladies’ denim Jigsaw jacket.

130 A box of lace, crochet, embroidered drawn thread and other trimmings and a small quantity of children’s vintage night wear.

131 A pair of Japanese oils on board and textured pictures, one of figures and buildings beside a stream the other a building beside a cascade and rocky escarpment.

132 Two boxes of books.

133 Two boxes of books.

134 Two boxes of books.

135 Two boxes of books.

136 Two boxes of books.

137 A box of 33 and 78rpm records.

138 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

139 A framed display of reproduction large copy train tickets.

140 A box of books.

141 A box containing a cordless hammer drill with battery and charger etc.

142 A box of miscellaneous items.

143 A box of cacti.

144 A blender and other kitchen ware.

145 Two boxes of books.

146 An Eastern hardwood box with all over carving, width 78cm.

147 A pastel “Follow that Parrot Fish” signed Stevie H and five other pictures.

148 A watercolour a still life Poppies and five other pictures.

149 A large cabin trunk clad in brown canvas and with wooden bands and metal straps and mounts, width 81.5cm, height 92.5cm, depth 49cm.

150 A dome top cabin trunk with metal straps and wooden bands 87cm.

150A A hardwood effect folding garden chair with a canopy attachment.

151 A Victorian brass and wire fire kerb/guard, width 77cm.

152 A golf bag containing a small collection of clubs.

153 A decorators ‘Universal Marker’.

154 A pair of tubular aluminium and canvas folding walking stick seats.

155 A pair of aluminium adjustable crutches.

155A A large brown plastic pet basket.

155B A brass and mesh fire guard, width 91.5cm.

155C A coolbox and contents.

155D A bundle of drain rods.

156 A diver’s oxygen cylinder with harness.

157 NO LOT.

158 A painted circular metal lidded bin.

159 Two pair of small plastic dumbbells.

160 A tubular metal garden swing seat.

161 An aluminium stepladder.

162 A slatted hardwood folding table.

163 A pair of dumbbells and two other dumbbells.

164 A large white ceramic bowl, one other bowl etc.

165 An aluminium two section extending ladder.

166 A wheeled folding walking aid with cable brakes.

167 A bundle of gardening tools including forks etc.

168 A section of grey plastic shelving.

169 Various concrete and glazed garden pots and a bag of compost.

170 An aluminium stepladder.

171 An Abru adjustable stepladder in its original packaging.

172 A bundle of gardening tools.

173 A bundle of gardening tools.

174 A brightly coloured plastic chest of three drawers.

175 A chrome and hardwood folding stool.

176 An aluminium step/stool.

177 An oval coffee table with a plate glass top on a resin elephant moulded base.

178 A box of kitchenware.

179 A ‘Skimboard’.

180 A pair of black plastic stacking garden chairs.

181 An incinerator bin, an electric hedge trimmer, a plastic chest of drawers, gardening tools etc.

182 A Flymo petrol driven strimmer.

183 A hose on reel.

184 A bundle of gardening tools.

185 An aluminium wheeled walking aid.

186 A wood and metal wine rack to hold 35 bottles.

187 A wrought metal plant stand.

188 A collection of garden pots and plant pots.

188A An iron push plough, lacks handles.

189 A ‘Jazz Dolomite’ folding wheeled walking aid.

190 A Beldray aluminium step ladder.

191 A hose on reel.

192 NO LOT.

193 An adjustable aluminium step ladder.

194 A glass fish tank, width 60cm.

195 A box of teapots including 19th century, most A.F.

196 A Hormann white metal up and over garage door, 213.5cm x 201cm approximately.

197 A metal cantilever tool box and contents.

198 A metal cantilever tool box and contents.

199 A metal cantilever tool box and contents.

200 A cast metal fire front.

201 A box of tools etc.

201A A gentleman’s Apollo 21 speed mountain bike.

201B A lady’s Discovery three speed bicycle.

202 A set of three circular garden tables, simulated wood, each with a snap top on a chrome base.

203 Two pine plan chests.

204 A York Fitness exercise bike.

205 An Erde 122 aluminium trailer, box size 96.5cm x 125cm.

205A A Youngman “Eco” S Line Timber loft ladder and hatch in its original packaging.

205B A pair of folding hardwood chairs each with a cane back and seat.

206 A Thorn powder fire extinguisher.

207 A dress rail.

208 A dress rail.

209 A dress rail.

210 A small circular trampette.

211 Two pasting tables.

212 A folding wheelchair.

213 NO LOT.

214 An aluminium step ladder.

A box of tools etc.

215 Three green canvas camping chairs.

216 A red canvas camping chair.

217 A rectangular mirror patterned with squares, 30cm x 184cm.

218 A Pilates exercise machine.

219 A blue metal folding stool.

220 A hardwood three fold screen with fabric panels.

221 A dress rail.

222 Two boxes of toiletries.

223 Two pairs of director’s chairs.

224 A box of books.

225 An iron safe with a brass handle, lock and makers plate ‘C. Price & Co. Fireproof Safe Wolverhampton’, width 43.5cm, height 61.5cm.

226 A large oil on board of a flower and five other pictures.

227 Montague Dawson, a large signed coloured print ‘In Full Sail’.

228 An oil on canvas of a Parisian street scene signed I. Costello.

229 A large oil on canvas of a Mediterranean bay signed Heiury.

230 A hardwood panel.

231 A 19th century brass fender pierced with rectangular and diamond motifs, depth 32cm, width 124cm, height 15cm.

232 A woven Ali Baba linen basket.

233 A pine toilet mirror, the stand with two drawers.

234 A large oil on canvas of a haycart in a village street, signed S.K. Mitchell.

235 A Japanese model of a riverside three storey building in a perspex case on a bamboo and hardwood base, within a pine box with calligraphy to the sliding front panel, box size 26.5cm x 41.5cm.

236 A pair of Eastern resin model figures.

237 A pair of men’s black leather riding boots, the wooden trees with brass handles.

238 A stoneware ginger beer bottle retailed by J. Tucker and Son, St Ives.

239 Four Welsh stoneware ginger beer bottles, Swansea United Breweries, Hansards Merthyr, E.E. Bevan Neath and Sketch’s Pembroke Dock.

240 A celadon glaze table lamp.

241 A Christa Maria Herrmann Lamorna, glaze flattened circular vase, height 19cm.

242 A native skin drum.

243 A set of twelve Chinese figure decorated collector’s plates.

244 A set of eight Chinese collector’s plates decorated with river scenes.

245 Three fish decorated lidded jars, two other similar jars etc.

246 A box of vintage advertising booklets, maps etc.

247 A continental walnut smoker’s stand with a central brass bound tobacco jar, two match stands and a brass cigar cutter.

248 A mantle clock in an arched inlaid walnut case.

249 A half hull model of a yacht on a hardwood mount.

250 A Salter’s Spring Balance, Class III to 200lbs to weigh by 1lb increments.

251 A box of games and toys.

252 An early 20th century copy of Mrs Beaton’s Household Management.

253 Two fire extinguishers in a cane basket.

254 A large collection of prints in three boxes.

255 A collection of prints.

256 An oil on canvas of figures in a landscape, signed J.R. Harrison 1977.

257 A box of books.

258 Two boxes of books.

259 A box of kitchen utensils etc.

260 A box kitchen ware, a box of china and a box of plated ware etc.

261 A box of stainless steel saucepans, china and a table lamp.

262 A box of 33rpm records including Jazz.

263 A large collection, in two boxes, of 78rpm records.

264 A box of 33rpm records including Jazz.

265 A box of CDs.

266 Two boxes of books including art related.

267 Two boxes of books.

268 A box of 33rpm records including Wings, Meatloaf and The Kinks.

269 A box of books.

270 A mantel timepiece and a sewing box and contents.

271 A bundle of books.

272 An extension lead.

273 A ‘Coopers Fitness Scale’ in its original box.

274 A box of games.

275 A cased set of stainless steel flatware and a bread knife.

276 Two radio control handsets, a large button telephone etc.

277 Tools including two electric drills.

278 A pair of melamine wood effect CD cabinets.

279 A microphone stand.

280 A wooden, height adjustable tripod.

281 A small vacuum cleaner.

281A A folding projection screen and one other screen.

282 Two three tier plate glass TV stands.

283 A black glass three tier TV stand.

284 An electric living flame effect fire infill fire.

285 A melamine wood effect three drawer filing cabinet.

286 A red and grey two drawer filing cabinet.

287 A standard lamp with adjustable arm.

288 A triangular wood and metal standard lamp.

289 A DVD stand.

290 An onyx and brass standard lamp.

291 An electric heater.

292 A Roberts Revival portable radio in a gold rexine case.

293 A National Panacool electric fan.

294 An Equinox Duo twin lens lighting effect lamp.

295 A disco smoke machine with timer controller.

296 A Europower 1200w amplifier in an aluminium and Tufnell case.

297 A Europower 1200w amplifier in an aluminium and Tufnell case.

298 A disco/concert lighting rig with two lamps, foot controller and light mixer in a black canvas transporting case.

299 A Behringer High Performance active 1400w 15″ PA subwoofer.

300 A collection of timepieces.

301 A box of flatware.

302 A box of flatware.

303 A herb knife, a boxed set of tea knives, a brass tray, books etc.

304 A suite of flatware in a hardwood effect canteen.

305 A suite of Viner’s flatware in a mahogany effect canteen.

306 A collection of celebrity chef and other cookbooks.

307 A box of tools etc.

308 A Waterford Crystal ‘Benjamin Franklin Liberty Bowl’ in its original packaging.

309 A box of films on DVD.

310 A box of films on DVD.

311 A coloured print of an 18th century sea battle, a coloured print of kittens and three other prints.

312 A pastel of a woodland hut and four other pieces.

313 A rectangular mirror in a white and grey frame.

314 A pine gallery shelf in its original packaging.

315 Pictures and prints.

316 A convector heater.

317 Two packs of garden edging.

318 A black glass three tier TV stand.

319 A black glass three tier TV stand.

320 A Flymo electric strimmer.

321 A Dyson Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner in grey and blue plastic (EXTRA TO CATALOGUE) and three Dyson spare parts.

322 A Hoover ‘Shampoo/Polisher.’

323 A cane picnic case.

324 A Challenge Xtreme high pressure washer in its original box.

325 A Morphy Richards Super Vac rechargeable upright vacuum cleaner.

326 An Anglepoise type adjustable table lamp.

327 A hanging basket with solar lamp.

328 A Le Crueset style blue enamel saucepan and an aluminium stovetop kettle.

329 A Philips nicam stereo VCR and a set of cordless headphones.

330 A box of new Land Rover spare parts including a window winder.

331 An Apple Final Cut HD Studio in its original box.

332 A white metal table lamp made as an oil lamp.

333 A chrome coffee urn.

333A A Miranda Titan camera tripod.

334 A Power step exerciser.

335 A Vax bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

336 A British Olivetti Ltd. Glasgow portable black enamel typewriter in a black rexine case.

337 A disassembled high chair in its original box.

338 A tent.

339 A large pair of bolt cutters and a nail bar.

340 A convector heater.

341 A Kodak carousel slide projector.

342 A Roberts DAB portable radio.

343 A small hardwood jewellery cabinet with a glazed door beside four drawers.

344 An Irish brown glazed leaf moulded jug and a part coffee service etc.

345 A tower fan heater.

346 A B-Square motorcycle helmet.

347 A Henry vacuum cleaner with attachments.

348 A stainless steel commercial coffee machine.

349 A CB radio with antennae and microphone.

350 A box of prints.

350A A 1950s Ultra radiogram in a walnut case on black tapering legs.

351 A fan heater.

352 A Hoover Whirlwind bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

353 A Partner petrol driven hedge trimmer.

354 An Oregon petrol driven chainsaw.

355 A Homelite petrol driven chainsaw.

356 A chrome six tier shoe rack.

357 An oil on board, a view to St Michaels Mount and five other pictures.

358 A Japanese painting on silk of a bird by apple blossom and a similar needlework panel.

359 Two oil on boards by Kim Treagust ‘Salting The Catch’ and a fisherman sharpening his knife.

360 A watercolour of Penberth by David Colliver and four other pictures.

361 An artist’s folding easel and a butler’s folding tray stand.

362 A watercolour of a stylised flower and three other pieces.

363 Four large painting of flowers.

364 Two large painting of flowers and six other pictures.

365 A Logik 20 Litre dehumidifier.

366 A painted stand made as a profile penguin.

367 A Windsor & Newton table easel in its original box.

368 An art nouveau copper clad fire kerb, width 129cm.

369 A late 19th or early 20th century brass fire kerb, width 125cm.

370 A green metal toolbox and contents.

371 A Toyota electric sewing machine.

372 A JML blender.

373 A Micromark dehumidifier.

374 An electric radiator.

375 A convector heater.

376 A DeLonghi electric radiator.

377 An American White Per??? hand sewing machine with a folding crank in a walnut veneered case.

378 A box of miscellaneous items including a dial telephone.

379 A toolbox and contents.

380 A box of books including ‘Follies of the Year’ by John Leech, 1884 to 1864.

381 A Curver plastic toolbox and contents.

382 A metal cantilever toolbox containing fixings.

383 A Vickers hand sewing machine in an arched walnut veneered case.

384 An Olympus video camera with microphone and eye piece and a Sankyo cine camera together with an aluminium camera case.

385 Two boxes of books.

386 A box of books.

387 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

388 A box of table lamps etc.

389 Two boxes of books.

390 A Frister & Rossmann hand sewing machine in a walnut veneered case.

391 A fan heater made as a solid fuel stove.

392 An electric radiator.

393 An oil filled radiator.

394 An oil filled radiator.

395 A Sony 5.1 speaker system with remote control.

396 A wandering lead.

397 A serpentine table lamp and two other lamps.

398 A grey and brown metal four drawer filing cabinet.

399 A Logik fridge/freezer.

400 A Liebherr Comfort larder fridge.

400A Cookworks mini oven.

401 A Sony 20″ flat screen LCD TV with remote control.

402 A Panasonic microwave oven.

403 A Panasonic 32″ flat screen TV with remote control.

404 A Panasonic 26″ flat screen television with remote control.

405 A Technika 19″ flat screen television with remote control.

406 An Hitachi 42″ flat screen TV with remote control, A.F.

407 A DMTech flat screen computer monitor.

408 An Acoustic Solutions 22″ television, lacks remote control.

409 An LG 27″ flat screen television with remote control.

410 A Beko 15″ LED TV with remote control.

411 A Philips digital cinema sound system with five speakers and sub woofer.

412 A Panasonic five CD changer stereo system with speakers.

413 A George Foreman grilling machine.

Four table lamps.

414 A Wickes twin impeller shower pump and a Maplin UK to USA voltage converter.

415 An electric wok.

416 A camera tripod and two other pieces.

416A A Hitachi freeview box and a TVonic digital recorder with remote control.

416B A Steepletone small record player and related items.

416C A model makers Proxxon mitre saw KGS 80, together with a camera tripod.

417 A Sony pink and white plastic portable CD player/radio.

418 Two magma lamps in their original boxes.

419 A Grundig reel to reel tape recorder.

420 A Paximat slide projector and related items.

421 A vintage cream enamel Belling ‘The Wee Baby’ cooker.

422 A Gaz twin burner camping stove.

423 A Tower Slo-Cooker.

424 An Apple keyboard.(NOW NO LOT – WITH LOT 441)

425 A BH speaker stand in its original box.

426 An Hitachi portable CD player/cassette recorder/radio.

427 A Panasonic Home Theatre 5 DVD video changer.

A Sony DVD player and Now TV box each with remote control.

428 Two pond pumps.

428A A circulation booster with remote control, a pair of binoculars etc.

428B A Silver Crest fan heater with remote control.

429 A Sky+ Box with remote control.

430 A Toshiba DVD player with remote control.

431 A Kenwood Chef mixer with attachments, together with a collection of placemats.

432 A Kenwood Chef mixer with attachments, together with a mixing bowl etc.

433 An Olympus portable video cassette recorder with canvas carrying case.

434 A folding music stand.

435 A Bush DVD player and a Panasonic VCR, each with remote control.

436 An Ion twin cassette ‘USB cassette archiver.’

437 A Black and Decker corded drill, together with various bits etc in a metal case.

438 A Baby Belling cooker.

439 A Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge/freezer.

440 A Lec fridge/freezer.

441 An Apple eMac computer/monitor with its keyboard.

442 A Singer cream and brown plastic electric sewing machine.

443 A Kenlock camera tripod.

444 A Yamaha PSR-730 keyboard on stand.

445 A heavy duty bench grinder.

446 A Tiawanese G1000 wood turning lathe.

447 An electric fan in its original box.

448 An Uher 4000 Report-L portable reel to reel tape recorder etc.

449 A Panasonic fax machine in its original box.

450 A Challenge Xtreme pressure washer in its original box.

451 A box of Action Man type ‘Uniforms of the World’ boxed sets.

452 A Pilot 4 wave band valve radio in a walnut veneered case.

453 A Zanussi Jetsystem Progress 1400 6kg automatic washing machine.

454 A Gorenje WA 60125 automatic washing machine.

455 A box of Land Rover spare parts.

456 A box of pictures and prints.

457 An oil on board of a thatched cottage signed Joyce Dowdall and five other pictures.

458 A coloured print ‘The Concert’ after James Tisset and two other prints.

459 Various prints.

460 An oil on board of a tattooed female nude and eight other pictures.

461 A mixed media ‘Days of Wine’ by Stevie Hawtin and six other pictures.

462 Various oils on board, mostly local scenes.

463 Four abstract prints.

464 Two large prints and a gallery poster.

465 A box of slate placemats.

466 A box of books etc.

467 A box of White Dove alarm clocks.

468 Various prints etc.

469 Mixed media ‘Fire Bush’ by Stevie Hawtin and three other pictures.

470 An etching ‘Dragon and Castle’ by Stevie Hawtin and seven other pictures.

471 A mahogany triple mirror.

472 An oil on board ‘Winter in the Dales’ by J.Hardy Meadows and three other pieces.

473 Two Old Chelsea blue and white jugs etc.

474 A W.R. Midwinter Ltd. Royal Staffordshire ‘Royal England’ pattern part dinner service.

475 A cut glass decanter, other glass and a plated sugar caster.

476 A studio pottery twin handle table lamp.

477 A brass scoop with a turned wood handle and other metal ware.

478 A pair of Art Nouveau wrought iron and brass fire dogs and a pair of bellows.

479 A bronze and brass hand bell with a turned wood handle.

480 A Royal Worcester ‘Rowanoak’ pattern part tea service.

481 A Susie Cooper floral decorated part coffee service and a collection of Minton ‘Haddon Hall’ pattern tea ware.

482 A clay model of a boy playing a pipe, a Poole Pottery model of a thrush, AF, etc.

483 A box of flatware.

484 A collection of flatware in a walnut canteen.

485 A brass clock under dome, a pair of turned wood bookends etc.

486 A Lesley Clarke studio glass spherical vase, two Kosta Boda tea light holders and other glass.

487 A collection of small, framed prints and other prints.

488 A painted jewellery box etc.

489 Model buddhas, other figures etc.

490 A pair of brass ejector candle sticks, other brass etc.

491 A green stone model of a horse and a model of a seated cat.

492 A Tremar Pottery model a Cornish Mine Engine, a house made as a table lamp, a similar model of a cottage and two other pieces.

493 A collection of sports trophies etc.

494 A 1930s plate, a Geevor Mine souvenir etc.

495 A bundle of West Country books.

496 A collection of early 20th century children’s books and magazines etc.

497 An inlaid walnut veneered sewing box and an Auto-mapic.

498 Two cased sets of plated goblets.

499 A glass and plated ware part dressing table set etc.

500 A small Victorian pierced brass fender and three brass fire implements.

501 A bundle of books.

502 Two table lamps, a radio alarm clock etc.

503 A Chinese hardwood model of an immortal.

504 An extensive collection of Spode ‘Italian’ pattern tea and dinner ware.

505 A blue enamel cast metal three tier saucepan stand.

506 A Worcester Kempsey pattern plate and a plaster model of a Venus de Milo.

507 Three twin handle vases and a model shire horse.

508 A bundle of kitchen knives.

509 A collection of sea shells in a green glaze footed bowl.

510 A Redruth Brewery stoneware jar in a cane basket and four other pieces.

511 An ‘S Greenhelgh Botanical Brewer’ stoneware flagon a.f. and two other flagons.

512 A stoneware flagon retailed by Hereford & Tredegar Brewery Ltd.

513 A ‘Horrell’s Stoke Vale Cider’ jar.

514 A stoneware flagon retailed by ‘W. Hargreaves, 1908 Botanical Brewer’ Green Street, Bridgend.

515 A brown glass bottle moulded with the wording Prince of Wales Brew, above a fleur de lys, 1929 Baff, height 30.5cm and one other piece.

516 A stoneware flagon retailed by Lowe Brothers 1912 Potcanna, Cardiff.

517 A stoneware jar in a cane basket, one other stoneware jar and a similar jug impressed ‘Whisker’s Doubleglazed.’

518 A stoneware flagon, retailed beneath the glaze ‘W. J. Williams, Royal Oak Inn, Porthcawl’.

519 Miscellaneous including an unopened Wade Bell’s Scotch Whisky bottle.

520 A green floral transfer print toilet bowl, a chamber pot etc.

521 A collection of oil lamp chimneys and shades.

522 Stemmed and other glasses.

523 A pine counter top display case, 35.5cm x 46cm.

524 A brass companion set.

525 A bar mounted corkscrew etc.

526 Three radio controlled toys in their original boxes, a quartz timepiece etc.

527 Two 19th century copper saucepans with iron handles and two similar lidded twin handle melting pots.

528 A banded oak pail and a stoneware jar.

529 Four glass sweet jars.

530 A plated three nozzle candelabrum, a pair of matching candlesticks and one other piece.

531 A cut glass vase and two other pieces.

532 A pair of Northwest Territory size 6 brown leather boots.

533 A white glaze part tea service.

534 A pair chamber sticks and a pair of candlesticks.

535 Two copper chamber sticks.

536 A Fairy Starlight lamp and one other piece.

537 A pair of white glaze candlesticks made as classical columns and a Belleek small oval dish.

538 A Crock Pot, a giant calculator and two other pieces.

539 A native wall mask, an inlaid musical jewellery box etc.

540 A tin of miscellaneous items including a marble rolling pin.

541 A brass vintage Pyrene fire extinguisher, an iron and a collection of plates.

542 A bag of flatware.

543 A Qauntock Pottery storage jar moulded with flowers, an earthenware cooking pot etc.

544 A Le Crueset ‘Volcanic’ fondue set and related items.

545 A tall brass table lamp with shade.

546 A circular Chinese dish moulded with a dragon.

547 Two stoneware jars.

548 A pair of 1930s plaster figures moulded as a Dutch boy and girl.

549 A pair of continental faience candlesticks and two lamps.

550 Five pieces of studio pottery and two glass paperweights.

551 A Staffordshire style spill vase moulded with a courting couple.

552 A green glass water, a Murano style lidded jar and other glass.

553 A green glass bowl, a similar vase etc.

554 A box of 45rpm records etc.

555 A box of miscellaneous items.

556 Glassware, a quartz wall clock and a cutting board.

557 A bag of plated flatware.

558 A pair of Japanese 7 x 35 binoculars.

559 A Roberts portable radio etc.

560 A Royal Albert tea service, each piece with a patterned border.

561 An Imari bowl, a Japanese cottage moulded teapot etc.

562 A collection of pictures and prints.

563 A box of books.

564 A collection of pictures and prints.

565 Two boxes of books and tin of buttons.

566 A collection of pictures and prints.

567 Two boxes each containing tea and dinner ware.

568 Two boxes of novelty shop stock.

569 A New Zealand carved wood souvenir, other woodware etc.

570 A Japanese circular lacquered box and two other pieces.

571 Three model boats, soft toys etc.

572 Halma and other games.

573 A green glass bottle vase and a set of bathroom scales.

574 A sewing box containing costume jewellery.

575 Four pieces of studio pottery.

576 A pair of polished stone specimen bookends.

577 A Norman Stuart Clark red studio glass vase, height 20cm, a Lesley Clarke red glass vase, height 16.5cm and one other piece.

578 Two German stoneware tankards, a Billabong camouflage canvas bag etc.

579 A plated three nozzle candelabrum and a similar chamberstick.

580 A 1930s glass head of a girl.

581 Three studio pottery bowls.

582 An aluminium flight case/trolley, 75.5cm x 38cm, height 71.5cm.

583 A Stinger stereo guitar amplifier STPTOOGSC with Reverb/Chorus/Gain/Channel pedal.

584 A pendant double tunnel laser stage lamp.

585 A Boss BR-1180 ‘Digital Recording Studio’ in a Rok black canvas case with instruction manual.

586 Two boxes of books.

587 Two boxes of books, mostly about horses.

588 A Singer electric sewing machine in a brown leather effect case.

589 An Indian painting on fabric of figures preparing a feast and a reproduction Egyptian papyrus.

590 A George lll coloured print ‘Volunteer cavalry and infantry with the militia of the county of Herts on June 13th 1800′ printed 1802 by Livesay Portsea Hants, 38cm x 68.5cm.

591 A mirror in an oak frame.

592 An arched mirror in a gilt frame.

593 A birdseye maple veneered picture frame.

594 Cliff Insoll, an oil on board ‘Andreas’ Back’.

595 A small oil on board of a sailing ship in heavy seas signed Dick and other pictures and prints.

596 A watercolour ‘Lincoln’ by Danny Potter and other pictures and prints.

597 Three woolwork panels and two framed cross stitch pictures.

598 A box of china including fish moulded dishes.

599 A box of horse racing, rocking motion toys.

600 A box of computer games.

601 A box of tools etc.

602 A brown leather effect briefcase with combination lock.

603 A box of books.

604 A pair of Japanese oils on canvas river scenes with character signatures.

605 A satchel, two trays and a photograph.

606 A box of games.

607 Two mirrors.

608 A framed photograph ‘Whiteworks, near Princetown Dartmoor’ signed Chris Chapman 1976 and three other pictures.

609 An Angela Stead pastel of a reclining nude, 23cm 23cm and four other paintings.

610 An oil on canvas of a sailing ship signed H. Barden and five other pictures.

611 A black and white oil on canvas of dancers and three prints on canvas.

612 An oil on canvas of a sailing ship signed Bailey and five other pieces.

613 A Christina Rayson mixed media of crofts in the highlands and two other pictures.

614 A box containing a Playstation games machine, Xbox and other games etc.

615 A box of pictures, prints and frames.

616 A box of books.

617 A Brewzer Micro Brewery in its original box.

618 A mirror in a pine frame.

618A Two large soft toys one a rabbit the other a bear.

619 A ceramic elephant moulded garden seat, a stoneware jar with a paper St. George Magnum Bonum plum label and one other piece.

620 A small Indian painted chest of jewellery drawers and a glass model horse.

621 A copper candlestick now as a table lamp and one other lamp.

622 A wooden model of a 15th century sailing ship and a clock under dome.

623 A St Ives pottery standard ware jug, one other studio pottery jug and a pewter jug.

624 A studio pottery jardiniere impressed P.S. and a similar jar.

625 A collection of studio pottery bowls.

626 A studio pottery jug and three other pieces.

627 A small folding table painted with hens and chicks, three wooden boxes and a model elephant.

628 A Victorian commemorative jug, a pair of resin owl moulded bookends etc.

629 Three pairs of Dartington stemless wine glasses in their original boxes and a pair of glass candlesticks.

630 A bottle of Spanish Fundador ‘Brandy De Jerez’ and a bottle of Belgian Baltiyar vodka.

631 A Japanese carving of an immortal.

632 A plated epergne wrought with leaves and branches holding four glass spills and two other pieces of plated ware.

633 A Paragon ‘Stirling’ pattern part dinner service with soup bowls and stands.

634 NO LOT.

635 An early 19th century floral and gilt decorated jug, serving dish etc.

636 A box of stemmed glasses.

637 An Eastern carved hardwood stationery rack, other woodware etc.

638 A blue and white Dutch scene decorated wall mounted coffee mill and one other piece.

639 A plaster reproduction art nouveau statue of a maiden flanked to either side by leaves, height 60cm.

640 An oval white finish toilet mirror.

641 A brass rococo easel stand.

642 A plated teapot, a matching hot water jug and a milk jug.

643 A Nic Harrison, Trelowarren Pottery large Tenmoku glaze jug, height 33.5cm.

644 An Alan Brough green glaze baluster shape vase with white lines and patches, height 32cm.

645 A Japanese red and black lacquer landscape decorated jewellery box with two doors opening onto drawers etc.

646 A brass boot table lamp on a hardwood base and two other pieces.

647 A Victorian blue and white willow pattern oval dish and one other piece.

648 Seven quartz wall clocks in their original boxes, one other wall clock and two alarm clocks.

649 An ebony dressing table set, a brass and perspex model of the Post Office Tower etc.

650 A brass dressing table set.

651 Ceramic model flowers etc.

652 Boxed and cased flatware.

653 A rectangular pine case clad in simulated brown leather.

654 A Samsonite hard plastic case with a combination lock and two other pieces.

655 A Wade Nat West Sir Nathaniel money box, a white glaze bread bin etc.

656 A carved wood model cat etc.

657 A cased set of flatware, a wooden hall tidy and three prints.

658 A box of maps.

659 A Dulcis Thistlelight bowler hat.

660 A large red glass vase, height 51.5cm.

661 A Vivitar camera tripod.

662 A hardwood ‘HMS Victory’ painted sign, width 79.5cm.

663 A hardwood carved and painted ‘Welcome’ sign, width 86cm.

664 A reverse painted on glass Guinness sign, width 46cm.

665 A slate sign painted ‘Victorian Era 1837-1901′, width 50cm.

666 A painted hardwood ‘Snooker & Pool’ advertising board, width 72cm.

667 A pink plush articulated teddy bear.

668 A copper samovar now as a table lamp on a circular hardwood base.

669 NO LOT.

670 An eastern hardwood box carved with exotic animals.

671 Miscellaneous china, a fish dish, a cut glass flower basket etc.

672 A quartz mantel timepiece and two table lamps.

673 A Spode Blue Room ‘Caramanian’ pattern octagonal plate, a similar ‘Byron’ pattern jug and two pieces of Italian ware.

674 An Aladdin oil lamp.

675 An Alfred Meakin ‘Hereford’ part tea/dinner service etc.

676 A green and amethyst studio glass vase and a small collection of plates.

677 Stemmed and other glasses.

677A A bottle of Captain Morgan’s Rum and a bottle of Bootlegger Rum.

678 A 1930s twin handled urn vase on a square pedestal painted with a Dutch canal scene together with a similar twin handled vase.

679 Two decanters and other glass.

680 A collection of Torquay pottery mottoware china including jugs.

681 A brass oil lamp and three other pieces.

682 A gilt resin table lamp moulded as a girl with flowers beside a pillar.

683 A Harrods Ltd plated twelve piece fish knife and fork set with ivory handles in an oak canteen together with a similar cased pair of fish servers and three sets of sugar tongs.

684 A bundle of glamour and other calendars.

685 A collection of plated flatware etc in a cane cutlery tray.

686 A collection of plated flatware including Maple & Co in a cane cutlery tray.

687 A set of six fish knives and forks together with a pair of matching servers in an oak canteen.

688 A arched jewellery case with glazed doors opening onto drawers.

689 A large brass model of a seated Buddha on a carved hardwood stand.

690 A large west German vase moulded with flowers, height 52cm.

691 Two 70cl bottles of French Napoleon brandy.

692 Two 1 Litre bottles of French Bonaparte Napoleon brandy.

693 A bottle of Napoleon brandy and a bottle of Martell cognac.

694 Two Isle Of Jura 1 Litre bottles of ten year aged single malt whisky in their original boxes.

695 A reproduction of a 16th century Nicolao Perrenoto globe on turned wood stand.

696 A brass art nouveau coal helmet.

697 Prints, a boxed glass, etc.

698 A floral moulded table centre and two other pieces.

699 A box of wooden puzzles.

700 A wooden coin operated postcard dispensing machine.

701 A brass aneroid barometer on an oak mount.

702 A pair of Wedgwood ‘Tiger Lily’ pattern serving dishes, a pair of matching graduated oval plates and a gravy boat and stand.

703 A large blue glass baluster shape vase, height 45cm.

704 A plated Lazy Susan with glass dishes, a circular engraved tray with a pierced gallery etc.

705 A folding wooden tabletop music stand.

706 Two ceramic model Buddhas.

707 Two resin model Buddhas and a boxed pair of stone stress balls.

708 A collection of model Buddhas.

709 Two resin model Buddhas.

710 Six model Buddhas.

711 A brass mortar, a bronze model Greek helmet etc.

712 Two brass eastern models, one of Buddha, the other a monk.

713 A Clarkson student’s microscope in a wooden case.

714 A box of eye baths, costume jewellery etc.

715 A Dell Latitude E6430 laptop computer.

716 A Dell Latitude D630 laptop computer.

717 A collection of beads and a collection of seashells etc.

718 A Bayard 8 day brass carriage clock.

719 An E. Harrison Keswick planished copper cylindrical vase with a band of repousse decoration and an everted rim, height 20.5cm.

720 A brass postal balance with weights on a hardwood base.

721 A Victorian iron door knocker cast with the head of Mercury and two other pieces.

722 A Tamron Zoom Macro f=85-210mm camera lens and an Olympus 28mm lens.

722A An Alcaltel One Touch Pixle3 smart phone in its original box.

722B A Powerfix digital caliper, a Rapitest meter and a BT Business Smart Hub.

723 A Motorshow Review 1976 Magazine, other vintage car magazines, newspapers etc.

724 An extension lead, two mobile phones etc.

725 A box of books.

726 An oil on canvas ‘Proud Mother at Cudden’ by Phillip Fooks and four other pieces.

727 An oil on board of a cottage garden signed John Taylor and five other pictures.

728 A box of books.

729 A box of books.

730 A pair of carved and painted panels, one of a continental interior and the other a half timbered building, together with two dry point etchings.

731 A circular woolwork of a river scene and a coloured print of a girl.

732 A collection of Penzance related photographs and prints on nine boards.

733 An oval print ‘Landing the Catch’ in an ebonised frame and three other pictures.

734 An oil on canvas of a sailing boat, signed Drake ’81 and two other works.

735 A cane picnic case.

736 An Antler black leather briefcase.

737 A small pine wall mounted display rack and one other piece.

738 A box of china dolls.

739 A box of pictures and prints.

740 A box of books.

741 A box of books.

742 Pictures and prints.

743 A watercolour of a beach scene and other pictures.

744 A quartz clock and a stainless steel print mounted as one and a pine framed mirror etc.

745 A watercolour of a sleeping female nude.

746 An oil on canvas ‘Training Ship Danmark at Mill Bay Dock, Plymouth’ by Phillip Fooks, January 1986 and two other paintings.

747 An oil on canvas of a riverside grazing horse signed A. Wells-Price and four other pictures.

748 Two boxes of Land Rover spares and parts.

749 A box of Land Rover spares and parts, including brake pads.

750 Two boxes of Land Rover parts, filters etc.

751 Two boxes of Land Rover parts and spares including lamp lenses.

752 Two boxes of Land Rover spares/parts including a water pump.

753 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, a collection of prints and two cushions.

754 A collection of stemmed and other glasses, together with a mantle timepiece.

755 A Shorter and Sons ‘Long John Silver’ character jug, three other character jugs and a keg on stand.

756 A Minton “Marlow” pattern part dinner service.

757 A Minton “Marlow” pattern part tea service with teapot.

758 A collection of papier mache puppets, including Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles.

759 A Denby ‘Bakewell’ pattern part tea/dinner service with matching storage jars.

760 Plaster plaques, two brass plaques and one other piece.

761 A Swiza small brass alarm clock in its original box.

762 A fret cut box, other boxes and a pair of turned wood candlesticks.

763 A Honiton Pottery chamber stick, a pair of small crested candlesticks etc.

764 19th century prints, photographs etc.

765 Two aneroid barometers, a mantle timepiece etc.

766 Various plates and a white glass part tea service.

767 A Minton ‘Spring Valley’ part tea for two set, other teaware, glass etc.

768 A collection of blue and white tea and dinner ware.

769 A Japanese dragon decorated part tea service, the cups with geisha girl lithophanes.

770 An Eastern carved hardwood and skin drum, height 70cm.

771 A bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne and three other wines.

772 A bottle of Warre’s Port and two black glazed model big cats.

773 A Minton ‘Troubadour’ pattern tea for two set, together with a set of six similar “Aragon” coffee cans and saucers.

774 A girl in a pink dress pattern part tea service, together with a small collection of commemorative ware.

775 An African carved wood wall mask.

776 A Celtic Pottery ‘Medallion’ pattern bowl, diameter 37.5cm.

777 Two Celtic Pottery mugs, two similar goblets and one other piece.

778 A Celtic Pottery ‘Medallion’ pattern wine bottle, together with three matching goblets and a circular tray.

779 Two Celtic Pottery ‘Medallion’ pattern vases and a collection of similar bowls.

780 A collection of Celtic Pottery ‘Medallion’ pattern cups and a matching mug.

781 Cameras etc.

782 A “Beat the Cube” game.

783 A Bavarian floral decorated part tea service with teapot.

784 Two part tea services.

785 A grey painted toilet mirror.

786 Two wrought metal bottle stands, one made as a dog, the other, a golfer.

787 A pair of plated candlesticks and other metal ware.

788 A native dagger with a horn handle in a wood and skin sheath, together with two carved souvenir hand spears and two other pieces.

789 Various plates, other china, a coloured glass Irish shaped vase etc.

790 A Dalton ‘Jessica’ pattern toilet jug and a quartz timepiece in a turned wood case.

791 A pair of Royal Brierley lead crystal stemmed glasses in their original box, a pair of similar sherry glasses and one other.

792 A Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern rectangular dish, a green glaze serving dish and a floral decorated lidded jar, together with a rectangular copper tray.

793 A plated set of six fish knives and forks, a cased set of tea knives, a toilet case etc.

794 A brown Bakelite hair dryer etc.

795 A Victorian brass and hardwood extending, folding book trough.

796 An aneroid barometer on an inlaid mahogany mount and a turned wood vase.

797 A Dartington Glass 1981 commemorative decanter and two glasses in its original box and a similar tankard.

798 A set of six Czechoslovakian Bohemia stemmed glasses with red glass bowls, together with a pair of similar brandy balloons.

799 A set of six Murano stemmed glasses each with a cut silvered band, original box.

800 A Royal Brierley crystal glass decanter and a pair of similar tumblers.

801 A set of six Royal Brierley lead crystal stemmed glasses.

802 A set of six Royal Brierley lead crystal stemmed glasses.

803 A Royal Brierley lead crystal small jug and bowl in its original box and a pair of similar stemmed glasses.

804 A box of candles.

805 Miscellaneous.

806 A gilt resin table lamp moulded as a fairy with coloured leaded wings.

807 A collection of models.

808 A pair of oak bookends.

809 A large pale blue glaze baluster shape vase Sgraffito decorated with stylized flowers, height 63cm.

810 A Clarice Cliff lidded bowl a.f. and other china and glass.

811 Marazion Pottery, a jug, a lidded jar and a tankard.

812 Marazion Pottery three bird decorated tankards.

813 Marazion Pottery two floral decorated jars, a blossom decorated tankard and an undecorated tankard.

814 A glass dressing table set.

815 Viners “Sable” a set of six stainless cased cake forks and a matching slice in their original box together with a pair of matching boxed salad servers.

816 A set of six 1981 commemorative teaspoons and a Minton “Marlow” pattern rectangular dish in its original box.

817 A fabric covered sewing box and contents and one other sewing box.

818 A brass oil lamp on a wrought iron stand together with a red glaze vase.

819 A brass coal helmet together with a selection of fire implements and a stoneware jar.

820 A suite of Osborne Kings pattern suite of cutlery in a hardwood effect canteen.

821 A Halford’s 12 volt cool box and a “Furnace Cooler”.

822 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

823 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

824 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

825 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

826 A picnic rucksack.

827 A case of a Sentinel and other 33rpm and 45rpm records.

828 A box of books.

829 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

830 Two boxes of books including West Country related.

831 Two boxes of artists materials mostly paints.

832 An artist’s folio case containing art paper etc.

833 A boxed tea service.

834 A box of miscellaneous items.

835 A box of books.

836 A box of pre-recorded cassettes.

837 Three picnic rucksacks.

838 A box of Horticultural Week magazine.

839 An oil on canvas of a river scene ad three other pictures.

840 A Victorian black glaze tea kettle with floral enamel decoration and a glass fly trap.

841 A pewter capstan inkwell.

842 A small square nickel night light the four faces with lithopane panels.

843 Die cast model vehicles etc.

844 A pair of Japanese cast metal tapering vases, a stone pestle and mortar and a glass vase.

845 An African carved head of a lady.

846 A bundle of cooking and wine related books.

847 A Zephyr portable typewriter in a grey hard plastic case together with a paper shredder and a small collection of china etc.

848 An aluminium saucepans and a table brush with a plated handle.

849 Six mugs in their original boxes and two board games etc.

850 Model animals and other china and glass.

851 A blue glass twin handle vase, a white ceramic candelabrum etc.

852 Plated and flat ware.

853 Three bronzed resin model animals etc.

854 A 1930’s floral painted small vase other china and a small collection of plate including three dishes with vine cast borders.

855 A chrome CD rack.

856 A brass and resin standard lamp.

857 A Chinese dish painted with a river scene before mountains marked to back decorated in Hong Kong Fao Fong Shan, diameter 31cm.

857A A brass coal helmet and two other pieces.

858 A turned wood spinning wheel, height 90cm.

859 An early 20th century brass and wrought iron oil lamp standard on three supports, now converted to electricity.

860 A white melamine and metal bed trolley.

860A An oval black glass three tier television stand.

861 A small white painted chest of two short and two long drawers with pink glass handles, width 40.5cm, height 44.5cm.

862 A bundle of books by Jessica Mann.

863 A box of flatware etc.

864 Two Le Creuset brown enamel lidded casserole dishes and a similar small oval serving dish.

865 A box of glass ware including old bottles and a funnel.

866 A Wade Natwest little girl piggy bank and a Sylvac vase moulded as a tree with a faun beside it No. 487.

867 A bundle of Alan Hunter books.

868 A T.G. Green “Cloverleaf” blue and white Cornish ware mug and other tea ware etc.

869 Two James Dickson & Son pewter hot plates each diameter 19.5cm together with an earlier similar plate with touch marks stamped Thomas Page, London, diameter 23cm.

870 A large Eastern brass vase decorated with animals and figures and one other piece.

871 An Oxford Lego type construction model of the Titanic and a Match model kit of a 1920’s omnibus.

872 A Doulton Burslem “Jessica” pattern chamber pot and one other chamber pot.

873 A bundle of children’s books including “The Mice of Mousehole” and “The Cornish Cat who went to Sea”.

874 A pair of watercolours “Ebb Tide” and “Gone Fishing” each signed H. Baxter and three other pictures.

875 A John Bruce Berry ceramic model “Picowso’s Eyes Large” sculpture in its original box.

876 A box of CDs.

877 A box of flatware, a wrought metal recipe rest etc.

878 A lawn bowling umpires case and contents.

879 A woven leaf square lidded box and two baskets.

880 An oak easel.

881 An Elevation acoustic guitar.

882 A C. Giant acoustic guitar.

883 A Spanish BM acoustic guitar.

884 A circular hardwood folding stool.

885 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a painted white frame.

886 Two pine shelves in their original packaging.

887 A pair of Tyrolia skis and two pairs of ski sticks in a black canvas case together with a pair of Salomon ski boots in a green and canvas case.

888 A rectangular mirror in a floral decorated frame.

889 A mirror in a hardwood frame.

890 A framed 19th century Indenture for the mortgage between George Thompson and James Nock in the county of Worcester 1877.

891 A Sisal chest with two small drawers above a longer drawer, width 40cm.

892 A black leather suitcase.

893 A painted rocking horse on stand.

894 A blue metal bathroom cabinet.

895 A hardwood coat rack with three iron hooks, length 94cm.

895A A cane picnic case.

896 Four silvered iridescent fantasy prints.

897 A framed reproduction map of Somerset and six prints.

898 An oil on canvas a still life flowers signed Angela Hutt and three other pictures.

899 An oil on canvas of 18th century shipping signed Frederick Dainton.

900 An oil on canvas of Moulin Rouge signed Bernette, 59.5 x 89.5cm.

901 An oil on canvas of the Cutty Sark signed Edward Paling 1971.

902 A coloured print of a lake before mountains.

903 A watercolour of still life flowers signed Frank Robinson, March 2003 and five other pictures.

904 An oil on board of riverside houses signed I. Hess together with an oil on canvas river landscape and coloured print of an orchestra.

905 A watercolour of a badger and four other pictures.

906 A large oil on canvas of ducks taking flight signed L Carrol and an oil on board of a lake before mountains.

907 Patricia Dearden an acrylic on board “Aging Actress”.

908 A large coloured print of an African landscape in a pine frame.

909 A black rexine covered car boot case.

910 An oil on canvas of a Parisian street scene signed Vernett.

911 An oil on canvas a still life vegetables, a saucepan and a stoneware jar and one other painting of poppies in a meadow.

912 Two wall hanging racks of open display shelves.

913 An oil on canvas of a harbour scene signed Argyle and three other pictures.

914 An early 20th century coloured print of boy by a drinking fountain “Presented to his Majesty’s Forces” By E F & A. Robinson Ltd, Bristol and three other pictures.

915 A pastel of a sleeping female nude by S. Hawkins.

916 A framed map of Florence.

917 An oil on board of a boy fishing.

918 A 19th century continental watercolour of figures on a valley path leading to a castle.

919 Patricia Dearden, an acrylic ‘Flight.’

An oil on canvas a still life flowers signed S. Roberts and a late 19th or early 20th century oil on canvas still life fruit.

921 A coloured print of ‘Yachts at Twilight.’

922 A signed limited edition coloured print of Falmouth circa 1826, after Colin Lehmann, an oil on board of bathers by Richard Brown and two other paintings.

923 An Eastern oil on board of thatched riverside buildings signed Julio and a coloured print of Mousehole Harbour after Stanhope Forbes.

924 A Vono folding card table and a dressing table mirror.

925 Two boxes of books.

926 A box of books etc.

927 A box of books.

928 A box of kitchen ware.

929 A box of books.

930 A box of Land Rover spares including an electric wing mirror.

931 A box of miscellaneous items.

932 A Bezique hardwood card box, various photographs etc.

932A A box of books.

933 Two boxes of books, including West Country related.

934 Two boxes of books, including West Country related.

935 A box of 33rpm records.

936 A wooden painted model of a Cornish skiff, length of hull 57.5cm.

937 A fibreglass pond yacht, length of hull 92cm, height with mast to keel 140cm.

938 A planked wood model of a sailing boat, length of hull 53cm, height including mast, but excluding brass folding keel, 64cm.

939 A child’s Raleigh tricycle.

940 A 1930s Flaxmanware jug made as a bird bath with a perched budgerigar forming the handle.

941 A pair of Japanese figure decorated Satsuma vases.

942 A Japanese foil decorated vase and a similar ceramic vase.

943 Two Wade Bell’s Whiskey bottles, one commemorating the birth of Prince William, 1982, the other, the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986, each with its original contents, together with three empty bottles.

944 A ceramic model of a crouching girl, a pair of large knitting needles with black ceramic handles and one other piece.

945 A bentwood hat stand.

946 A bentwood hat stand.

947 An ornate Victorian copper and brass height adjustable oil lamp standard cast with dragons to three pillars about the main shaft standing on three legs with matching brackets and flambeau centre.

948 A hardwood countertop display case, glazed to the lid, 36cm x 45cm.

949 An oak counter top display case, 56cm x 34.5cm.

950 A tin of souvenir teaspoons.

950A A large copper kettle with a brass handle and a copper wash dolly.

951 Four musical ceramic figures and a clock under dome.

952 An oak biscuit barrel with plated mounts, a small collection of flatware with mother of pearl handles, a crumb scoop and brush etc.

953 A pair of cut glass decanters.

954 Two glass bowls on plated stands and other glass.

955 Dinnerware and other china.

956 A pair of glass vases with silver mounts, two plated tankards and a ‘Rotenburg’ pewter dish.

957 A Honiton Pottery four section egg cup cruet, two graduated Staffordshire jugs etc.

958 A set of six Falmouth scenes collector’s plates and three other plates.

959 A sewing basket and contents, together with a box of buttons etc.

960 A bird decorated plaque, other china and a cut glass scent bottle with a silver mount.

961 A box of 60w light bulbs.

962 A crocodile skin briefcase by Henry C. Bishop, Bournemouth, with brass catches.

963 A 1930s entree dish and other plate.

964 A white glaze serving dish and other china and glass.

964A A pair of Japanese figure decorated Satsuma vases on turned wood stands.

965 A 19th century leather bound copy of ‘Bunyan’s Works’ with brass mounts and catches.

966 A 19th century leather bound family Bible and a copy of the Reverend J. Fleetwood’s ‘The Life of Jesus Christ,’ each dated 1860.

967 A Medina Glass chess knight paperweight and one other similar weight.

968 Two paperweights and two Eastern gilt model pigs in perspex cases.

969 A George III small gilt decorated decanter with rounded shoulders and a vinegar/oil crossover bottle with silver mounts and faceted stoppers.

970 Two Victorian glass rummers and a similar smaller glass.

971 Five Caithness glass paperweights.

972 A ceramic perfume atomiser bottle moulded as a Dutch girl.

973 Two Worcester model children of the week figures, af., and a similar ‘September’ model by Freda Doughty, af.

974 A Lladro ceramic model of a sleeping girl in a rocking chair, clutching her doll and a model of a hunting dog,af.

975 Three reproduction ancient earthenware oil lamps.

976 Two Royal Worcester oval lidded boxes patterned with Chinese figures in a garden, together with a matching hexagonal box and a pin tray, together with a similar lidded bottle black transfer printed with a palace and a church.

977 A Royal Doulton Robin Hood small character jug, a similar Night Watchman jug and a collection of model animals and figures, including a Nao child.

978 A pair of red overlay glass decanters with stoppers and a similar circular lidded box.

979 A set of six Berlin blue and white floral motif painted coffee cups and saucers.

980 A Royal Doulton ‘Winston Churchill’ character jug, height 14cm and four other character jugs.

981 A large Royal Doulton ‘Schubert’ character jug modelled by Stanley James Taylor.

982 A Royal Doulton ‘Robinson Crusoe’ small character jug D 6539 and a similar ‘Capt Ahab’ jug D 6506 jug.

983 Three Royal Doulton small character jugs, Beefeater, Town Cryer and Goalor, together with a Wood Pottery Winston Churchill jug and one other.

984 Two fairings ‘Who is Coming?’ and ‘After the Marriage,’ together with a doll finial and three other pieces.

985 A pair of Japanese satsuma vases and a similar celluloid box made as a Geisha girl, containing a cotton reel.

986 Three African black doll figures with fur costumes.

987 A set of three Goebels monk moulded graduated jugs.

988 A Tremar style pottery model of a shepherd and lamb, initialled to the base B.T.

989 A glass paperweight by Julia Donnelly, 1996 and two other weights.

990 A Sylvac model of a Chow dog No. 3173.

991 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Lily’ af.

992 A floral and gilt decorated footed cup and saucer, together with a similar cup with bands of decoration.

993 A Belleek white glaze vase moulded with a butterfly and bulrushes with its original box.

994 A Belleek brown mark shell moulded dish and a green mark boat moulded ashtray.

995 A Belleek green mark twin handle vase painted with shamrocks, together with a similar cup and saucer, each moulded with sea shells.

996 A collection of pre decimal copper coins and a Franklin Mint Harley Davidson silvered resin model Eagle.

996A Miscellaneous including an Eastern bone carving, an AA badge and a condenser microscope lens by J. Swift and Son, London.

997 S. Tyzack, an oil on board of ‘Scrooge,’ together with a similar oil on canvas of a village street.

998 An octagonal oak tray with brass handles.

999 A Royal Doulton 2003 model of the year ‘Elizabeth.’

1000 A Royal Doulton model ‘Top O’er the Hill.’

1001 A Royal Doulton matte model of a fisherman cooking his catch ‘Bon Appetit’ HN2444, and one other model.

1002 A Cheryl Johnson model of a trombonist and a Goebels oil lamp printed to each side with a female figure.

1003 A vintage wood and brass fishing reel, a collection of badges and watch parts etc.

1004 A Scandinavian carved wood jug and other wood ware.

1005 A box of souvenir teaspoons and a Royal Doulton ‘Spitfire Coming Home’ collector’s plate.

1006 Seven Elvis Presley 78rpm records including ‘All Shook Up,’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes,’ ‘Love Me Tender,’ and ‘Rip it Up’ on the blue HMV label.

1007 Three fabric pictures, two of birds, the other an abstract, each signed Haylett, together with a quilted picture of a landscape.

1008 A watercolour of fruit, initialled M.R.T. and four other pictures.

1009 A collection of prints.

1010 A watercolour of cattle by a lake signed McLane and five other paintings.

1011 A small oil on canvas of figures by a thatched cottage signed E. Hampton, 1913 and a coloured print of a girl ‘Gladys.’

1012 A Beswick model Boxer dog and three other pieces.

1013 A Jo Malone boxed body lotion/cologne set.

1014 A plaster model of the Newlyn Board School by Roscanne Tullam.

1015 A copy of ‘The History of Polperro’ by Jonathan Couch, dated 1871 and three other books.

1016 A Victorian brass oil lamp in a pendant wrought iron holder.

1017 A pendant chrome five branch light fitting with oval glass shades.

1018 A pair of pendant white wood five branch light fittings.

1019 A large pendant spherical white cane light fitting/shade.

1020 A bundle of Elvis Presley LPs including ‘G.I. Blues’ on the RCA label.

1021 A copy of The Beatles’ ‘Hard Days Night’ LP Stereo PCS 3058 and two M.F.P. Beatles ‘Rock ‘n Roll Music’ albums.

1022 A box of 45rpm records including The Beatles’ ‘Twist and Shout’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’ EPs, together with a small collection of 33rpm records.

1023 A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1960s.

1024 A box of costume jewellery.

1025 A bag of costume jewellery.

1026 A bag of costume jewellery.

1027 A bag of costume jewellery.

1028 A bag of costume jewellery etc.

1029 A bag of mobile phones and phone boxes.

1030 Two Swatch watches and one other.

1031 A tray of costume jewellery.

1032 A box of costume jewellery.

1033 A box of costume jewellery.

1034 A bag of imitation pearl necklaces.

1035 A 9ct gold tie pin, other tie pins and a gentleman’s Oris wristwatch.

1036 A jewellery box and contents.

1037 A silver tea strainer, Birmingham 1902 and two shoehorns with filled silver handles.

1038 A box of quartz wristwatches etc.

1039 A box of commemorative crowns and other coins together with an electronic cigarette lighter.

1040 A Chronostamp time marker.

1041 A set of six silver coffee spoon and a matching pair of sugar tongs, cased Sheffield 1901/2 together with an amethyst set silver elephant pendant and a powder compact.

1042 A bag of costume jewellery.

1043 A small collection of plated spoons and a similar pair of sugar tongs.

1044 A box of watches etc.

1045 A bag of commemorative crowns, other coins and a £1 banknote.

1046 Two late 19th/early 20th century white metal letter clips each marked A I.

1047 A bundle of glamour magazines including Playboy 1969.

1048 Miscellaneous including a pair of opera glasses, postcards and cigarette cards.

1049 A pair of Edward Vll commemorative medallions, similar George V medallion etc.

1050 A bag of coins mostly pre-decimal copper.

1051 Costume jewellery and badges including RAF and BMC drivers club.

1052 A bag of photographs, postcards etc.

1053 A jewellery box containing postcards, a 1977 commemorative car badge and a plated matchbox cover.

1054 Miscellaneous including cigarette lighters, cigarette cards, postcards etc.

1055 Two boxes of costume jewellery etc.

1056 An eastern carved horn amulet.

1057 A framed notification by the Kings order in the name of John Grenfell, mentioned in dispatches London Gazette 2nd June 1943.

1058 An Odd Fellows enamelled silver medal etc.

1059 Two silver stone set pendants and other jewellery.

1060 A box of watches and costume jewellery together with a boxed imitation pearl necklace.

1061 A St Justin pewter hip flask, a pair of Tank Regiment cufflinks, pen sets, a Festival of Britain crown etc.

1062 A bag of coins and a Syrian banknote.

1063 A bag of costume jewellery.

1064 A Victorian wall clock with a brass and enamel dial in an ebonised case.

1065 A wall clock in an oak case.

1066 A wall clock in an oak case.

1066A A cane and antler riding whip handle.

1067 Two tennis rackets and a hockey stick.

1068 Three walking sticks and a shooting stick.

1069 A Head Titanium Supreme tennis racket and cover and a Wilson racket.

1070 Three walking sticks, one with a brass handle.

1071 A steel poker and a brass poker.

1072 Three walking sticks and two shooting sticks.

1073 Two walking sticks.

1074 A malacca walking stick with an antler handle and white metal mount together with two other walking sticks and an umbrella.

1075 A bundle of walking sticks and poles.

1076 A shillelagh, two walking sticks with silver coloured metal mounts, two other sticks and an umbrella.

1077 A Shepherds crook together with a collection of walking sticks and umbrellas.

1078 A native wall mask carved with lizards.

1079 A didgeridoo painted with a turtle.

1080 A small Herald acoustic guitar.

1081 A set of three brass fire implements.

1082 A basket containing eastern parasols, walking sticks etc.

1083 An eastern leather bin painted and decorated with beads containing parasols, rolling pins etc.

1084 A 31 day wall clock in a hardwood effect case.

A coloured print of Penzance Railway Station after Stanhope Forbes.

1085 T.H. Victor, a watercolour of ‘Newlyn Harbour.’

1086 A circular mirror in a resin frame.

1087 A rectangular mirror in an oak frame.

1088 A circular mirror in a stainless steel frame.

1089 An oil on board of an 18th century sea battle, signed J. Harvey.

1090 A signed limited edition coloured print ‘Poppies’ after Valerie Daniel.

1091 A watercolour a still life flowers by Rosemarie Ziar, 37.5 x 48.5cm.

1092 An oil on canvas ‘Up From the Woods Trevaylor’ by John Stevenson.

1093 An oil on canvas, the departure of a cruise ship, signed A. K. Oliva.

1094 A signed limited edition coloured print of moored boats in an estuary, signed Dyer and four other pieces.

1095 Two oils on board, one of a fishing boat, the other rough seas, each signed Raymond Price and a St Ives Studio photograph, evening light.

1096 A 19th century watercolour ‘Angera Lago Maggiore’ signed Louise Bracker, 1865, together with an oil on board of a stone bridge, signed T. Wood and a watercolour of a village street painted by Louise Bracker.

1097 An oil on canvas ‘Night Fishing off Praa Sands’ by D. Jager, together with an acrylic on paper of a fisherman landing his catch by William Cooper.

1098 A watercolour ‘January Perranporth Beach’ by Bendall-Bayly, an oil on board of a lake before mountains signed Hugh Bennett Brown.

1099 A signed limited edition coloured print, ‘The Homeward Trawler, Newlyn’ signed T. Mawhood and four other pictures.

1100 A pastel of a nude, a watercolour of a church steeple and one other work.

1101 An oil on canvas a still life fruit of a bird, signed E. Glaston.

1102 An oil on canvas of the lifeboat ‘Flank Tenfold Marshall’ in St Ives Harbour, signed W.G. Hurst together with a watercolour ‘Late Autumn Poole Harbour’ by Ralph Leaper and one other picture.

1103 An oil on board of a river estuary signed Geoff Shaw.

1104 An acrylic on canvas, Two Viragos by Patricia Dearden and one other picture.

1105 A mirror in a hardwood frame.

1106 A collection of small mirrors.

1107 A collection of prints.

1108 A watercolour of a farm, a coloured print “The Thin Red Line.” and three other pictures.

1109 A pair of Japanese paintings on silk, one of a girl at a window, the other a butterfly and flowers.

1110 A pair of antlers.

1111 An England Rugby World Cup shirt with eight signatures including Mike Catt.

1112 A 19th century wooden brace with brass mounts and button catch marked Nixon.

1113 A Staffordshire footed bowl containing a bone neckless, plated salt and pepper mills etc.

1114 Two WWII Kangol wear limited 1945 red berets, together with an Italian Naval cap.

1115 A floral decorated finger plate, together with matching door knobs etc.

1116 A collection of Russian models of dancing figures, other models etc.

1117 A box of world mineral samples with identification list.

1118 An English walnut box with a cedar insert.

1119 Two John Beswick Beatrix Potter models of Peter Rabbit digging and Jemima and her ducklings.

1120 A 1930s Green Grass dressing table set, together with two Villeroy & Boch lidded box.

1121 A pair of vintage brass and black metal binoculars.

1122 A suite of flatware in a black, white and gold paper covered canteen.

1123 A towel rail.

1124 An early 20th century ebonised wood cello case with brass carrying handles.

1125 An early 20th century ebonised wood cello case with brass carrying handles.

1126 An early 20th century cello case clad in simulated snake skin.

1127 A black rexine clad cello case.

1128 A green canvas bag cello case.

1129 An artist’s folio case containing pictures and prints.

1130 A set of four coaching watercolours and other pictures and prints.

1131 Two boxes of soft toys.

1132 A knotted fabric scarf etc.

1133 A BT Paragon telephone answering machine and an RAC satnav.

1134 A glass wine pourer and five pint glasses.

1135 Miscellaneous china and glass etc.

1136 A model dog.

1137 A bundle of games.

1138 A collection of Victorian and later photographs.

1139 Four late 19th and early 20th century greyhound stud books, other books etc.

1140 A case containing an 00 gauge railway set including a locomotive and transformer.

1141 A Philips portable radio.

1142 An Xtreme detail sander.

1143 A box of model animals most in their original boxes.

1144 A box of tea ware etc.

1145 A box of books, booklets etc.

1146 Marbles, a magnifying glass etc.

1147 A box of dinosaur toys.

1148 A small collection of tea ware.

1149 A 19th century leather bound family Bible.

1150 A collection of books including The Rev. A Dyce’s Shakespeare.

1151 A blue enamel bread bin, two small churns etc.

1152 A pair of brown ceramic table lamps with ‘suede’ shades.

1153 A shelf of books.

1154 A hardwood box with a brass handle.

1155 Two pairs of bowling woods etc.

1156 Two brass fire implements etc.

1157 A box of books.

1158 A box of models.

1159 A shelf of films on DVD and CDs.

1160 A box of books etc.

1161 A box of miscellaneous items.

1162 A Mousehole printing block and a collection of prints.

1163 Two serving dishes, a small collection of seashells etc.

1164 A Canon video camera.

1165 A collection of fishing tackle including a pair of Daiwa drilled aluminium centre pin reels.

1166 An adjustable reading stand.

1167 Two baskets and a picnic blanket.

1168 A nativity set and a turned wood bowl.

1169 A Doulton Burslem ‘Jessica’ pattern four piece toilet set.

1170 A Victorian blue and white ‘Caister Castle Norfolk’ pattern soup tureen with stand and ladle.

1171 A circular cane lidded basket and a green glass fishing float.

1172 An animated battery operated Charlie Weaver bartender toy.

1173 A basket of miscellaneous items.

1174 Two boxes of prints.

1175 A collection of photographs and prints including local scenes.

1176 A box of books and a box of DVDs and CDs.

1177 A mirror in a hardwood frame.

1178 A bag of watercolours.

1179 A folding sewing basket.

1180 A signed limited edition coloured print of French life.

1181 An oil on board of a grounded fishing boat signed Ray Lloyd and one other painting.

1182 A collection of pictures and prints.

1183 A collection of prints.

1184 Two framed maps, a watercolour coastal scene and a coloured print.

1185 A box of ring files.

1186 Prints etc.

1187 A box of pictures, prints and two sombreros.

1188 A box of prints etc.

1189 A box of prints etc.

1190 A box of tools etc.

1191 Two bags of auction catalogues.

1192 Two boxes of kitchenware.

1193 A vintage blue suitcase.

1194 A canvas laptop bag.

1195 A box of pictures and prints.

1196 A box of pictures and prints.

1197 A box of pictures and prints.

1198 A box of pictures and prints.

1199 A box of pictures and prints.

1200 A box of pictures and prints.

1201 A box of prints, charts etc.

1202 A box of prints.

1203 An oil on board of still life flowers and two other pictures.

1204 An oil on canvas ‘Summers Reach’ by John Stevenson, a signed limited edition coloured print of cottages after Sue Lewington and one other picture.

1205 Two books about Papua New Guinea.

1206 An oval toilet mirror on a glass stand, a Scottish stoneware plate decorated with sheep and a quartz clock.

1207 A turned boxwood recorder type instrument, two slide rules etc.

1208 A box of novelty shop stock etc.

1209 A box of pictures and prints.

1236 An Edwardian elm beside cupboard with a panelled door.

1237 A Victorian mahogany veneered box commode.

1238 An oak veneered companion table.

1239 A pine bedside chest of three drawers.

1240 A pair of pine bedside cabinets each with a shelf above a hinged lid and a panelled cupboard door.

1241 A pair of Stag Minstrel bedside cabinets each with an open shelf above a drawer.

1242 A pair of green ground floral painted narrow chest of seven drawers, each width 28cm, height 96.5cm.

1243 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 93.5cm.

1244 A Victorian mahogany veneered serpentine front step commode, width 47cm.

1245 A blue painted wall hanging cabinet with an open shelf above a glazed door and drawers, width 32.5cm

1246 A pink draylon covered ottoman.

1247 An oak hall robe with a single panelled door and iron hinges, width 75cm.

1248 A Stag Minstrel double wardrobe, width 96cm.

1249 A tall narrow hardwood cabinet with a carved door opening onto shelves standing on four legs, width 36cm.

1250 A Lloyd Loom blue painted rectangular linen basket.

1251 A woven fibre ottoman linen basket.

1252 A hardwood effect cabinet with a pair of doors opening onto shelves, width 56cm.

1253 An arched wall hanging cupboard with a pair of doors opening onto shelves, width 50.5cm.

1254 An Old Charm style bureau with a linen fold panelled slope front above three drawers, width 76.5cm.

1255 A white painted chest of three long drawers, width 76.5cm.

1256 A pine bedside chest of three drawers.

1257 A painted chest of five drawers, width 60.5cm.

1257A A hardwood effect small chest of three drawers, width 52cm.

1258 An Edwardian walnut small cupboard with a pair of panelled doors opening onto shelves, width 62.5cm.

1259 An oak bureau with a slope front above three drawers, width 88cm.

1260 A white painted valet.

1261 A turned pine towel rail.

1262 A pair of Victorian pitch pine bedroom chairs each with a cane seat and on turned legs.

1263 A set of six Edwardian oak dining chairs each with a carved crest rail, padded seat and on turned legs.

1264 A pine stick back dining chair.

1265 A set of four oak dining chairs each with a drop-in seat and on square section legs.

1266 A dining chair in 18th century style with a carved and pierced vertical slat, padded seat and on cabriole legs.

1267 A bamboo two tier occasional table.

1268 An oak cheval mirror on barley twist supports.

1269 A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1270 A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1270A A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1270B A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1271 A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1272 A square hardwood pub/restaurant table on a baluster shape cast metal pedestal, 69.5cm square.

1273 A hardwood table on a pair of baluster shape cast metal supports, 120cm x 69.5cm.

1274 A hardwood table on a pair of baluster shape cast metal supports, 120cm x 69.5cm.

1275 A hardwood table on a pair of baluster shape cast metal supports, 120cm x 69.5cm.

1276 An Ercol dark elm refectory table on shaped supports, 150cm x 77cm.

1277 An oval mahogany cheval mirror.

1278 A circular pine dining table on a painted pedestal and four legs, diameter 137cm.

1279 A circular teak effect dining table standing on a pedestal and four legs, diameter 153cm.

1280 An occasional table on turned supports.

1281 A turned wood towel rail.

1282 An oval oak gateleg table on barley twist supports.

1283 A hardwood effect dining table, 75.5cm x 121cm.

1284 An oak stickback bentwood armchair on turned legs.

1285 A Victorian ebonised easy chair with a cane back and seat on turned and fluted legs.

1286 A woven fibre armchair.

1287 A wing armchair upholstered in floral patterned fabric.

1288 A late 19th or early 20th century ottoman upholstered in blue fabric.

1289 An Edwardian walnut chaise longue, upholstered in patterned pale pink fabric, on turned tapering supports, height 70cm, length 166cm, depth 59cm.

1290 A pine blanket box with a brass escutcheon, width 85cm.

1291 A pair of oak dining chairs each with an arched stickback and on turned legs.

1292 A mahogany veneered Canterbury on turned legs with brass casters.

1293 A Victorian low armchair upholstered in brown draylon on turned legs.

1294 A good late 19th or early 20th century mahogany wardrobe with a pair of central panelled doors on ball bearing hinges above a long drawer, flanked by panelled doors above tiers of two short drawers, width 245cm, height 199.5 cm.

1295 A 1930s oak veneered hall robe with a single panelled door, width 76 cm.

1296 A 1930s “Hometts” oak magazine rack.

1297 An eastern style hardwood coffee table on curved supports, 150 x 45.5 cm.

1298 A pine dining table, 160 x 70 cm.

1299 A lath back rocking chair on turned supports.

1300 A white painted Regency style dining chair upholstered in striped white fabric on fluted legs.

1301 A bentwood high chair.

1302 A set of five hardwood dining chairs, each with a pale gray “leather” back and seat.

1303 An Edwardian walnut rocking chair with a cane back and seat.

1304 A white painted chair, the curved back and seat apron floral painted, on sabre legs.

1305 A child’s stool with a curved stick back on turned legs.

1306 An Edwardian lady’s inlaid walnut open armchair with a woolwork seat.

1307 A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs, each with a cane seat.

1308 A cane armchair.

1309 A wheel and stickback dining chair.

1310 A set of four modern hardwood effect dining chairs, each with a padded seat.

1311 A set of four Victorian oak balloon back dining chairs, each with a padded seat and on turned and fluted legs.

1312 A Victorian walnut dining chair with a padded seat on turned legs.

1313 A Victorian walnut dining chair with a serpentine front, padded seat on turned legs.

1314 An elm ladder back dining chair on turned legs.

1315 A melamine wood effect rack of open shelving.

1316 A painted pine open bookcase, width 93 cm.

1317 A G Plan style concave front dressing table with a drawer above a kneehole flanked by two tiers of three drawers, width 162.5 cm.

1318 A French Empire style breakfront triple wardrobe with gilt mouldings, the central door with an oval mirror, width 192cm.

1319 A painted pine open bookcase, width 68 cm.

1320 A melamine pine effect chest of two short and four long drawers, width 72 cm.

1321 A bamboo five tier open stand, width 36 cm.

1322 A white melamine sideboard with a pair of smoke glass doors beside a tier of four drawers, width 182.5 cm.

1323 A burr walnut veneered double wardrobe, width 125.5 cm.

1324 A Stag style double wardrobe, width 111cm.

1325 NO LOT.

1326 A 3′ melamine wood effect bed standing on four silvered metal legs together with a spring interior mattress.

1327 A pine 3′ bedstead.

1328 A pine bunkbed.

1329 A black metal 4’6″ headboard with brass mounts.

1330 A burr walnut veneered 4’6″ bedstead.

1331 An oak veneered 4’6″ bedstead.

1332 A mahogany stained 3′ bedstead.

1333 A pair of 3′ headboards upholstered in green floral ‘damask’ fabric.

1334 A pine dresser, the open rack with three shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of doors, width 88.5cm, height 202cm.

1335 A pair of white melamine open floor standing bookcases, width 80cm, height 204cm.

1336 A G-Plan (Red Label) side cabinet with open shelves above a pair of cupboard doors, width 90cm, height 201.5cm.

1337 An Ercol Old Colonial dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 132cm, height 163cm.

1338 A mahogany effect arched towel rail.

1339 A Victorian stripped pine dresser, the upper part with a pair of glazed doors flanking a glazed panel each with fret cut corners, the base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 136cm, height 205cm.

1340 A rectangular oak stool with an arcaded apron on turned legs.

1341 A Victorian inlaid walnut veneered music cabinet with a single glazed door, width 76cm.

1342 A painted ladder back bedroom chair.

1343 A bedroom chair on turned legs.

1344 A bentwood chair with a circular seat.

1345 A 19th century elm ladder back dining chair with a seagrass seat on turned legs.

1346 A 19th century chair with a spindle back, seagrass seat and on turned legs.

1347 A painted bedroom chair.

1348 A 1930s small armchair with an arched back on square section tapering legs.

1349 A Regency mahogany carving chair on turned tapering legs.

1350 A set of six Victorian mahogany dining chairs each with a curved crest rail, padded seat and on turned tapering legs.

1351 A pair of 19th century elm dining chairs each with a curved padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1352 A reproduction Chippendale style dining chair with a carved and pierced vertical slat, padded seat and on square section legs.

1353 A Victorian carved walnut balloon back chair with a padded seat on cabriole legs.

1354 A painted kitchen chair with a horizontal scroll splat.

1355 A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs each with a padded seat and on turned tapering legs.

1356 A set of six walnut dining chairs including a pair of carvers each with a padded seat and on cabriole legs.

1357 A set of six modern ladder back dining chairs each with a seagrass seat and on square section legs.

1358 A set of four ebonised dining chairs each with a low back, seagrass seat and on turned legs.

1359 A mid 20th century Herbert E. Gibbs oak bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors above sliding cupboard doors, width 89cm, height 112.5cm.

1360 A wine table.

1361 An eastern circular carved and brass inlaid coffee table on octagonal fret cut bade, diameter 75cm.

1362 An eastern circular inlaid occasional table.

1363 A Japanese circular black lacquered coffee table painted with a landscape and with applied figure decoration, on carved legs with claw feet together with a pair of matching nesting tables.

1364 An oak desk with a brown leather set top above a drawer and kneehole flanked by drawer pedestals, width 153cm.

1365 A Victorian mahogany veneered circular snap top dining table on a turned pedestal standing on three acanthus carved legs, diameter 104cm.

1366 A 1950s ‘Redwing’ brown formica covered table on a metal frame, 76cm x 122cm.

1367 An octagonal low table/cupboard with panelled sides.

1368 A walnut wall hanging rack of open shelves, width 78.5cm.

1369 A pine dining table, 128cm x 76cm.

1370 A circular oak turn top drop leaf trolley/table on turned legs.

1371 A modern butler’s tray on stand.

1372 A modern pine dining table on turned legs, 147.5cm x 75cm.

1373 A set of six white painted chairs, each with a curved back padded seat and on tapering legs.

1374 A set of six white painted chairs, each with a curved back padded seat and on tapering legs.

1375 A set of six white painted chairs, each with a curved back padded seat and on tapering legs.

1376 A set of four white painted chairs, each with a curved back padded seat and on tapering legs.

1377 Two pairs of blue painted chairs, each with a curved back.

1378 A set of six Ercol dark elm dining chairs including a pair of carvers, each with tapering stick back and on turned tapering legs.

1379 A set of four modern hoop and stick back dining chairs on turned legs.

1380 A Victorian circular mahogany footstool with a beadwork top.

1381 An oak piano stool with a floral fabric seat.

1382 Two stools, each with a coloured sisal seat and on turned legs.

1383 A square brown leather stool on square section legs.

1384 A dressing stool.

1385 A two seat wing sofa upholstered in pale green floral cut fabric and a matching armchair.

1386 A pair of 1920/30s walnut Bergere armchairs on ball and claw feet.

1387 A pair of late 19th/early 20th century armchairs upholstered in green cord fabric on turned legs.

1388 An early 20th century oak office swivel chair with bentwood arms.

1389 A modern office swivel armchair upholstered in black fabric.

1390 A pair of early 20th century mahogany open armchairs, each upholstered in William Morris style floral fabric on square section tapering legs with spade feet, originally retailed to the Penzance Gentlemens Club by I. A .J. Fuzzey Pz.

1391 An Edwardian wing armchair upholstered in green draylon on walnut square section tapering legs.

1392 A Knowle two seat sofa upholstered in floral patterned white fabric.

1393 A pair of Edwardian wing armchairs, each with loose green covers and on square section tapering legs.

1394 A walnut wing armchair upholstered in green draylon.

1395 A small early 20th century tub chair with loose blue covers.

1396 A Victorian armchair with loose floral patterned white covers.

1397 A low easy chair on turned legs.

1398 A wing armchair upholstered in patterned brown fabric.

1399 A circular screw action height adjustable pine stool.

1400 A Victorian carved mahogany chaise longue upholstered in patterned blue fabric.

1401 A plastic garden chair simulating cane.

1402 A small Eastern red ground rug patterned with a geometric design and a similar narrow carpet runner.

1403 An Eastern red round rug patterned with a geometric design.

1404 An Axminster ‘picture rug’ of a steam locomotive with carriages in GWR livery by G.W. Wilson, together with a similar rug depicting a ploughing scene after M. Burke.

1405 Three ‘Luan Tapestry’ rugs, worked as the head of girl, an armorial knight and a puppy.

1406 A pair of tapestry rugs depicting native villages and a green ground floral patterned hearth rug.

1407 A white sheepskin rug.

1408 An Indian pink ground cut pile carpets with a patterned white border, 90cm x 150cm approximately.

1409 A set of three matching light grey floral patterned carpets, each 100cm x 140cm approximately.

1410 A Colour Roll ‘Hand Carved Red Flower’ carpet, 100cm x 150cm approximately.

1411 A beige ground floral patterned carpet, 93cm x 170cm approximately.

1412 An Eastern style pale yellow ground carpet patterned with two rows of guls within a patterned border, 128cm x 196cm approximately.

1413 A red ground floral patterned carpet, 89cm x 160cm approximately, together with a green ground carpet 93cm x 148cm approximately.

1414 An Eastern pale green ground carpet with a patterned border, 96cm x 180cm approximately.

1415 An Indian rug, the sky blue field with an all over design of palmettes, flowering vines and leaves, within a similar border, 231 x 161cm.

1416 A Kashan design machine made rug, the green field with a central polychrome lobed medallion, within an indigo arabesque border, 280 x 200cm.

1417 A brown ground carpet, 175cm x 175cm approximately.

1418 A cream ground carpet patterned with flowers within a patterned border, 247cm x 340cm approximately.

1419 A hardwood effect three tier trolley.

1420 An Old Charm style oak Court Cupboard the upper part with three cupboard doors, the base with drawers above cupboard doors, width 140cm.

1421 A melamine wood effect open bookcase.

1422 A 1930s walnut veneered chest of five drawers, width 74.5cm.

1423 A mahogany effect telephone table.

1424 An open oak bookcase, width 92cm.

1425 A pine cabinet with a fall front above two smaller fall fronts, width 128cm.

1426 A rectangular walnut occasional table on four turned supports.

1427 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long cock beaded drawers, width 111cm.

1428 A white painted stool on cabriole legs.

1429 A Milo pine stool on turned legs.

1430 A walnut occasional table on square section tapering legs.

1431 A small walnut open bookcase, width 47cm.

1432 A G-Plan hardwood effect dressing table with five drawers about a kneehole, width 149.5cm.

1433 A hardwood open bookcase, width 61cm.

1434 A G-Plan (Gold Mark) oak veneered chest of three long drawers, width 76.5cm.

1434A A folding three tier pine corner whatnot.

1434B A hand carved elephant table.

1434C A mahogany two tiered lobed side table with foliate carving.

1435 A G-Plan (Gold Mark) dressing table with two short and one long drawer, width 107cm.

1436 A 19th century mahogany dresser rack with two open shelves above four spice drawers, width 117cm.

1437 A green limed oak sideboard with three open shelves flanked by cupboards, together with a matching cupboard, width 90cm,

1438 A walnut veneered two tier trolley.

1439 A square pine and blue finish table on a cast iron tripod with a trefoil base.

1440 A modern hardwood effect twin pedestal desk, width 137.5cm.

1441 A Victorian walnut Sutherland table.

1442 A walnut trolley with a drawer to one side.

1443 An oak twin pedestal desk, width 137cm.

1444 An oval oak gate leg table on turned supports.

1445 An oval hardwood effect dining table with a fold-out leaf on turned tapering legs, size extended 184cm x 90cm.

1446 A George III mahogany bowfront corner washstand, the lower level with a single drawer.

1447 A walnut open bookcase, width 45.5cm.

1448 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest with a cushion drawer above three long graduated drawers, width 111cm.

1449 An Arkana aluminium tulip stool now as an occasional table with a rosewood top.

1450 An Arkana aluminium tulip stool now as an occasional table with a circular ebonised top.

1451 A rectangular bench, width 66cm.

1452 A mahogany reverse breakfront sideboard with three drawers flanked by cupboards on cabriole legs, width 168cm.

1453 A nest of three tables on cabriole legs.

1454 A rectangular coffee table on turned legs.

1455 A mahogany luggage stand on turned legs.

1456 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany side table with two cock beaded drawers on square section tapering legs, width 125.5cm.

1457 A green painted small open cabinet with three shelves, width 42cm.

1458 A white painted dressing table with a mirror above a single drawer on cabriole legs, width 80cm.

1459 A pine table on rectangular legs, 110cm x 53cm.

1460 A telephone table/seat.

1461 A Victorian mahogany veneered bowfront chest of two short and three long graduated drawers on turned feet, width 107cm.

1462 A hardwood effect and wrought metal two tier telephone table.

1463 A painted bentwood coffee table, 111.5cm x 38cm.

1464 A Victorian inlaid mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers, width 109cm.

1465 A nest of two pine tables on square section legs.

1466 A Stag Minstrel chest of drawers, width 82cm.

1467 A mahogany display table with serpentine sides and ends on carved cabriole legs, width 60cm.

1468 An occasional table.

1469 A folding bed table on turned legs.

1470 A 1930s walnut veneered sideboard with three drawers flanked by bowed cupboards, width 138cm.

1471 A mahogany effect console table with one drawer on turned and fluted legs.

1472 A small oak open bookcase, width 38.5cm.

1473 A mahogany effect four tier bow front whatnot.

1474 A Stag Minstrel dressing table with five drawers about a kneehole, width 152cm.

1475 A melamine wood effect floor standing open bookcase, width 69cm.

1476 An oak effect two tier trolley.

1477 A Stag Minstrel tallboy, width 81.5cm.

1478 An open oak bookcase, width 77.5cm.

1478A Six table lamps.

1479 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with a drawer to one end on turned legs.

1480 A pair of limed wood effect bedside tables each with a single drawer and on square section tapering legs.

1481 A stripped pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 111cm.

1482 A nest of three dark wood effect tables on turned legs.

1483 A square oak plant stand.

1484 A 1930s walnut veneered sideboard with three drawers above two cupboard doors, width 122cm.

1485 A painted bamboo plant stand.

1486 A side table with a pierced gallery on turned supports above a magazine rack base and a single drawer, width 55.5cm.

1487 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror the stand with a single drawer.

1488 A modern pine bedside table with a drawer above an open shelf.

1489 An oak veneered two tier occasional table on turned supports.

1490 A nest of two tables on turned legs.

1491 A Stag Minstrel dressing table with five drawers about a kneehole, width 152.5cm.

1492 A Stag Minstrel bedside chest of three drawers, width 52cm.

1493 A Stag MInstrel small wardrobe with a door beside six drawers, width 96cm.

1494 A hardwood effect open bookcase, width 62cm.

1495 A melamine wood effect chest of five long drawers, width 76.5cm.

1496 A hardwood effect bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors, width 81.5cm.

1497 A modern pine chest of four long drawers, width 84cm.

1498 An occasional table.

1499 A pine effect coffee table on turned legs.

1500 A small open oak bookcase, width 47.5cm.

1501 A mahogany coffee table on cabriole legs.

1502 A pine workbench/greenhouse bench on substantial square section legs, width 208cm.

1503 A painted occasional table.

1504 A 19th century wine table A.F.

1505 An early 20th century small oak dining table on turned tapering legs, 91.5cm x 61cm.

1506 A ‘Revertable’ fire screen/card table.

1507 A nest of two mahogany effect tables on turned and fluted legs.

1508 An oak two tier drop leaf trolley with a drawer to one end.

1509 A folding table.

1510 A six tier stand with adjustable shelves.

1511 A mahogany veneered bureau/bookcase, the upper part with a pair of astragal glazed doors, the base with a slope front above four long drawers, width 74.5cm, height 189.5cm.

1512 An ebonised hexagonal occasional table with all over carving.

1513 An eastern circular carved hardwood and inlaid occasional table.

1514 A carved oak two tier drop leaf trolley.

1515 A mahogany effect corner cabinet with a lancet glazed door above a cupboard, width 65cm.

1516 A light oak effect oval extending dining table with a fold out leaf on turned legs, size extended 166cm x 91cm.

1517 A hardwood effect cabinet with a drawer above a pair of cupboard doors, width 61cm.