General Sale Catalogue 11th July 2017

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1 A collection of studio pottery.

2 Eight collectors plates, in their original packaging.

3 A Royal Doulton “Prism” pattern part tea/dinner service.

4 A collection of Bing and Grondahl, Denmark, blue and white year plates and a collection of similar tin trays.

5 A floral decorated part tea service.

6 Stemmed and other glasses.

7 A small figure decorated toilet jug and bowl and a blue glass vase.

8 Three eastern lidded jars.

9 A model owl in Royal Crown Derby style and a similar rabbit.

10 A set of four Waterford glass brandy balloons and other glass.

11 Two 1930’s cake stands and a blue and white bowl.

12 A Duchess China pink floral decorated tea service.

13 A collection of cut glass and an oval vase.

14 Eleven pub advertising jugs.

15 Eleven pub advertising jugs.

16 A Shepherd Meane Brewery advertising plate, together with similar tankard and jug.

17 A continental shallow bowl, a blue glass bowl, etc.

18 Three Coalport model figures of fashionable ladies and other china and glass.

19 Model figures, etc.

20 Stemmed and other glasses.

21 Two Victorian blue and white graduated fruit decorated plates and a stoneware mixing bowl.

22 Seven jardinières, including leaf moulded.

23 A Denby “Memories” pattern part tea/dinner service.

24 A Tremar Pottery “Biscuit” tin jar and three other pieces.

25 Two ginger jars, a lidded jar in eastern style, etc.

26 A waisted vase and other glass.

27 A Marigold “Carnival” glass dish, an oval amber glass vase, etc.

28 Models, a floor decorated bowl with a plated mount, etc.

29 A collection of Wedgwood blue and green jasper ware.

30 A Hornsea part tea service, three storage jars, etc.

31 A collection of coloured and other glass.

32 A German tankard with figure moulded decoration and other china.

33 A collection of stainless steel teaware and a bag of engraved fish knives and forks.

34 Cast white metal figures, cake stand supports, etc.

35 A blue and white lidded dish, vases and other china.

36 Commemorative ware and other china.

37 Mugs a floral decorated teapot, etc.

38 An “Eternal Beau” pattern part tea service a Doulton part service, etc.

39 Collectors and other plates.

40 A green glaze bowl in eastern style and two other pieces.

41 A Fenton china gilt and blue decorated part fruit set, etc.

42 A floral pink transfer meat plate and a collection of tankards.

43 Glassware.

44 Teaware, other china and a collection of glass.

45 A green glaze tea service.

46 Stemmed and other glasses.

47 Cut and other glass.

48 Commemorative ware, a pair of Wedgwood “Strawberry Hill” pattern coffee cup trio’s and other china.

49 A collection of shell models.

50 A collection of coloured glass.

51 A Royal Doulton “Lyric” pattern part tea service and other teaware.

52 Three terracotta storage jars and other china.

53 A Mdina glass small dish, other coloured glass, etc.

54 A studio pottery vase, Poole Pottery model dolphin, etc.

55 A Poole Pottery floral decorated oval dish.

56 A Wedgwood 1930’s cream glaze part dinner service, each piece with gold bands.

57 Three floral decorated jardinières.

58 An eastern blue and white vase, other blue and white, etc.

59 A Royal Worcester “June Garland” pattern dinner service.

60 T.G.Green “Granville” pattern a collection of jars, bowls, etc.

61 Four pieces of Wedgwood blue jasper ware, two other similar pieces, etc.

62 A Country Lane Pottery, Cornwall fish decorated shallow dish, two matching bowls, etc.

63 An Old House Pottery, Cornwall cruciform vase, decorated to two sides with an abstract design and a Perry Marsh Pottery, Ashston, green glaze bowl.

64 A pair of model clown musicians and two other models.

65 A Lamorna Pottery blue glaze footed bowl, diameter 26cm, together with a studio pottery tea kettle.

66 Guinness advertising pub jugs.

67 A collection of advertising pub jugs.

68 Commemorative ware and other china.

69 A collection of mostly Tremar Pottery jars, etc.

70 An octagonal blue and white plate, a pair of 1950’s blue glaze serving dishes, each with a white lid with an abstract design.

71 A Maling Pottery iridescent floral decorated rectangular dish and two other pieces.

72 A collection of models, including a collection of wildlife models, etc.

73 A set of four blue and white graduated jugs, a Royal Minton leaf moulded cheese dish and cover, etc.

74 Four pieces of cranberry glass.

75 A Victorian green glass vase painted in Mary Gregory style, with a girl in a garden.

76 A blue cased glass water jug and a set of six matching stemmed glasses.

77 Two early 20th century twin handle cattle decorated jars and two other pieces.

78 A collection of ceramic hand bells with bird moulded handles, a Hummel style pair of musical figures, three commemorative churns, etc.

79 A Victorian amethyst carnival glass vase, two studio pottery vases, etc.

80 A set of six cut stemmed glasses, a pair of Royal Doulton glasses and other glass.

81 A Victorian large rummer, a cut glass tazza and a cut glass jug.

82 A bag of miscellaneous.

83 A bag of cushions.

84 A patchwork quilt a.f.

85 Two bags of bedding.

86 A bag of miscellaneous.

87 Bedding.

88 A bag of brand new bedding.

89 Three bags of off cut remnants.

90 A bag of miscellaneous.

91 A bag of cushions.

92 A bag of lined curtains.

93 A bag of non-tarnish flatware bags.

94 A bag of bedding.

95 A satin duck egg large bedcover, Marks Spencer.

96 A box of shoulder/clutch bags.

97 A box of boiler suits.

98 A box of ladies and gentlemen’s shoes.

99 A box of quality gentlemen’s shirts to include Charles Tyrwhitt, Drifter, etc.

100 A box of shoulder/hand bags, etc.

101 A ladies mink coat.

102 Men’s lightweight bomber style jackets.

103 Two men’s leather bomber jackets, suede jackets, etc.

104 A ladies printed leopard print faux fur WWF Astraka double breasted lined coat.

105 A ladies half length mink coat.

106 A ladies suede coat and jacket.

107 Two ladies vintage trouser suits.

108 A ladies half length faux fur jacket.

109 A ladies Reddish lustrous mink fur cape/shawl.

110 A gents three quarter length suede coat.

111 A personal body armour vest anti stab.

112 Two Laura Ashley jackets.

113 A ladies velvet jacket.

114 A ladies jacket and skirt.

115 A ladies fur cuffed evening dress.

116 A pair of black leather embroidered Lederhosen.

151 A tin trunk.

152 A cabin trunk.

153 An artist’s studio easel.

154 An octagonal mirror with bevelled glass in a carved oak frame and a similar oval mirror in an inlaid mahogany frame.

155 Two boxes of books.

156 Two boxes of books.

157 Two boxes of books.

158 Two boxes of books.

159 Two boxes of books.

160 Two boxes of books.

161 Two boxes of books.

162 Two boxes of books.

163 Two boxes of books.

164 Two boxes of books.

165 Two boxes of books.

166 A heightened watercolour portrait of a lady, signed E.M. Vigers.

167 Two T.H. Victor, a watercolour of Mousehole harbour, 19.5cm x 29cm.

168 An oil on board of a continental harbour scene signed Abrahms.

169 An Eko acoustic guitar in a grey hard case.

170 A shaped rectangular mirror in a painted frame made as if drawn curtains revealing the mirror, full width 84.5cm, height 64cm.

171 A brown leather suitcase.

172 A brown leather Gladstone bag.

173 A black canvas dome top cabin trunk with leather mounts.

174 A pair of rectangular mirrors in wood effect frames.

175 A rectangular mirror in bevelled glass in a white painted frame and one other mirror.

176 A log section pokerwork panel depicting the Kent countryside with oast houses, thatched cottages and water mill.

177 A projection screen.

178 An artist’s folding easel.

179 A white melamine floating shelf.

180 A Blackspur drain rod set in a canvas bag.

181 A Gravely petrol self-driven 6.75hp, rotary mower with grass box.

182 A green metal Wayn lawn sweeper with a green canvas bag.

183 A Sealey press pedal operated log splitter.

184 A Victorian white marble washstand top, together with a mahogany stained base, a.f.

185 A stoneware wine jar with a wooden spiggot.

185A A tray of tools.

185B A box of tools.

185C A white enamel pail, a glass chamber oil lamp and a garden sprinkler.

185D Seven blue glaze garden pots.

185E A Wygreen bowlers indoor bowling mat, length approx 10 metres on a wheeled stand, width 210cm.

185F A collection of signs, etc.

185G A set of three metal mesh drawers.

185H A greenhouse cover.

185I A cast metal plant trough.

185J A child’s Rayleigh bicycle with stabilisers, helmet, knee pads, etc.

185K An aluminium ladder stand off and a pair of roof ladder wheels.

185L A box of miscellaneous china, kitchenware, etc.

185M A box of miscellaneous china.

185N A box of miscellaneous china.

185O An Art Nouveau brass fire curb, width 133.5cm.

185P A set of three painted pine casement windows, each 181 x 138cm, together with a similar smaller window and three pairs of smaller matching windows.

186 An iron vice and a lathe rest.

187 A pair of axle stands.

188 A trailer board.

189 A petrol driven garden tool with three interchangeable strimmer and chainsaw heads.

190 A wheeled, folding walking aid.

191 A Jonsered BV 32 petrol driven garden blower/vac with various tubes.

192 A metal toolbox and contents.

193 A hose on a reel.

194 A black glass three tier television stand.

195 A floral decorated jardiniere, a stoneware hot water bottle and two other pieces.

196 A large earthenware jug.

197 A vintage petrol can.

198 An aluminium and black plastic step stool and a clothes airer.

199 A wood and galvanised metal wine rack to hold eight bottles.

200 An aluminium two section extending ladder.

201 A mop bucket and mop.

202 A stainless steel pedal bin.

203 A spade, a fork and two other pieces.

204 A bundle of fishing rods and a fixed spool fishing reel.

205 Two bundles of gardening tools including a shovel and a Cornish spade.

206 A bundle of rakes, together with a bundle containing two forks and a spade.

207 A long pruner, a bundle of shears and a bow saw etc.

208 A paraffin greenhouse heater.

209 A bundle of gardening tools.

210 A bundle of gardening tools and a snow spade.

211 A collection of tools, a tamper, a borer and an iron prise bar.

212 An cast iron garden roller.

213 A wooden two section stand off extending ladder.

214 An aluminium ladder stand.

215 A red metal step ladder.

216 A large roll of galvanised wire.

217 A Karcher K4 premium Ecologic pressure washer, together with numerous attachments, a Karcher 1/2 inch hose etc.

218 A hardwood garden bench, width 82cm, made by the Hughes Bolckow Ship Breaking Company Ltd., with teak taken from R.M.S Aquitania.

219 Plastic buckets, a garden kneeler etc.

220 A long pruner etc.

221 A pair of pipe benders etc.

222 An aluminium step ladder.

223 An aluminium two section extending ladder.

224 A section of plastic shelving and a pine stool.

224A A 5Hp petrol driven rotavator.

225 A section of metal shelving.

226 Two sickles, a set of drain rods and other tools.

226A A red metal sack trolley.

227 Two garden sprayers etc.

228 A pair of Stanley Fat Max folding trestles.

229 A pair of saw horse trestles and a folding wooden trestle.

230 A pine work bench with an attached Record vice, width 129.5cm.

231 A pine step ladder.

232 A decorator’s aluminium folding stand.

233 A shopping trolley, two grab rails etc.

234 A folding garden chair.

235 A Bosch electric rotary mower with grass box.

236 A Tecumseh petrol driven rotavator.

237 A pair of wooden trestles.

238 A mirror.

239 Two boxes of kitchenware etc.

240 A small aluminium step ladder.

241 A black metal set of folding steps.

242 A set of white metal folding steps.

243 An aluminium step ladder.

244 A Monrotiller petrol driven rotavator.

245 A good large circular granite trough, diameter 82cm. approximately.

246 A Black and Decker Workmate, together with a wheeled walking aid.

247 A set of folding steps.

248 A Black and Decker aluminium 3 in 1 ladder.

249 A large collection of plastic storage drawers, boxes etc.

250 A bundle of gardening tools.

251 A bundle of gardening tools.

252 A movable step.

253 A box of iron lasts.

254 A television aerial, and an enamel bin containing slates.

255 A bundle of gardening tools and a roll of roofing felt.

256 Chrome shelving.

257 A trolley.

258 A Rover Raider 3.75hp petrol driven rotary mower with grass box.

259 A Black and Decker Workmate.

260 A pair of pine oars and a besom.

261 A Mountfield petrol driven rotary mower with grass box.

262 A circular cast aluminium garden table and a pair of matching chairs.

263 Four toolboxes.

264 A Stanley Fat Max aluminium toolbox and contents.

265 A circular garden table with a blue glass top.

266 A Black and Decker sack trolley.

267 A wheeled walking aid with cable breaks.

268 A folding stand.

269 A bundle of gardening tools.

270 A chrome unicycle.

271 A section of five tier plastic shelving, width 90.5cm.

272 A section of five tier plastic shelving width 60.5cm.

273 A collection of old bottles etc.

274 Two boxes of kitchenware etc.

275 A collection of gardening tools.

276 An arched wrought metal wine rack to hold six bottles.

277 Four leaded glass panels with diamond shaped panes, each 43cm x 89cm.

278 A pair of coloured leaded glass panels, one dated 1900.

279 A small cast iron range ‘The Victoria,’ width 66cm, height excluding chimney 62cm.

280 A sack trolley and a small set of folding steps.

281 A folding sack trolley.

282 A stainless steel barbeque on trolley.

283 A garden backpack sprayer.

284 A folding wheelchair.

285 A hardwood garden bench, width 127cm.

286 A box of miscellaneous china etc.

287 A large earthenware garden pot with brown glazed shoulders.

288 A Flymo electric rotary motor with grass box.

289 A pair of cast iron garden bench supports and a similar back panel.

290 A wrought metal wine rack.

291 A chrome five tier saucepan stand.

292 A galvanised wire three tier stand.

293 A brown resin double sink.

294 A stainless steel single drainer sink with taps.

295 An earthenware chimney cowl.

296 A concrete garden water feature made as a pot mounted with a tap.

297 A resin garden water feature, made as a shell with three cherubs.

298 A pair of cast aluminium pub table bases and a circular glass table top.

299 Four earthenware ridge tiles.

300 A tall wooden step ladder.

301 A Corcho portable gas heater with two cylinders.

302 A hardwood casement window with two openers, 119cm x 119cm.

303 A fire front and a basket.

304 A pair of inlaid walnut 3” bedsteads with drop in side irons.

305 A slatted hardwood garden bench, width 120cm.

306 A four wheel garden trailer.

307 A tray of glass preserving jars.

308 An industrial adjustable lamp.

309 A square cast iron anvil stand.

310 A galvanised pail, a cast iron saucepan and three other pieces.

311 A large stoneware flagon impressed beneath the glaze, Ash & Son, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Devonport, AF, and an earthenware jar.

312 A ‘Roman’ cast iron shower door, size including edging 90cm x 186cm, together with a shallow shower tray.

313 A zimmer frame.

314 A cast iron fire infill, together with a brass Art Nouveau hood.

315 Three cast iron kettle stands and a Victorian iron door stop cast as two swans beside an urn.

316 A aluminium churn.

317 Four galvanised bird feeders.

318 Four concrete garden ornaments, moulded as toadstools, and a pair of face moulded wall baskets.

319 A pair of car ramps.

320 A Thirsty Work water dispenser.

321 A walking aid.

322 A bin of door closers.

323 A garden umbrella.

324 A Baby Minder folding changing station.

325 A collection of safety rails.

326 A Bosch garden shredder.

327 A Bosch garden shredder.

328 A tub of gardening tools.

329 A Coleman cool box.

330 A bench vice, a small anvil etc.

331 A box of glassware.

332 A box of miscellaneous china.

333 A two man crosscut saw.

333A A black and white double glazed exterior door with a pair of glazed panels above a pair of solid panels, 29.5cm x 191cm.

333B A pair of cast iron garden bench supports.

333C A pair of cast iron garden bench supports.

333D A pair of cast iron garden bench supports together with a cast iron umbrella stand.

334 A fish tank on a metal stand, width 91.5cm.

334A A folding plastic picnic/trestle table.

334B A set of four cast aluminium garden chairs.

334C A set of eight white plastic garden chairs together with a matching oval table and a sun lounger.

334D Three boxes of miscellaneous china and glass.

334E A box of miscellaneous china etc.

334F A Lamorna Pottery brown glaze footed bowl, other china etc.

334G A box of miscellaneous items including a fireguard and china.

334H A box of miscellaneous china and glass.

334I A box of miscellaneous items including china.

334J Two boxes of miscellaneous china and glass.

334K Two boxes of kitchenware etc.

334L An aluminium preserving pan etc.

335 A euphorbia in a grey glazed pot, other potted plants and a stoneware flagon.

336 A collection of stainless steel saucepans.

337 A hose on reel.

338 A box of advertising milk bottles.

339 A collection of buoys and floats.

340 A chrome bath mixer/shower tap etc.

341 A wire wall mounted post box.

342 A portable gas fire, lacks cylinder.

343 Two portable gas fires, lack cylinders.

344 A folding wheeled walking aid.

345 A stoneware bussa and lid.

346 A small stoneware bussa and one other stoneware jar.

347 A warning triangle and two plastic trays.

348 Two bags of golf clubs.

349 Five square hardwood table tops.

350 A heavy duty webbing strap.

351 A pair of Landrover rubber mats.

351A Four partially full gas cylinders.

352 A trolley jack.

353 A gas welder’s trolley with cylinders, hoses and gauges.

354 Two long spirit levels.

355 A Honda E1500 petrol generator.

355A An iron safe by J Cartwight & Sons, West Bromwich.

356 An OO gauge railway layout on a plywood and pine board, 122cm x 190cm.

357 A scythe with an elm handle.

358 An artist’s studio easel.

359 A hearth plate enamelled as if tiled, 30cm x 114cm.

360 An oil on board of a Cornish coastal mine engine house and a woolwork panel.

361 A set of Jaraso cast iron mirror scales.

362 Three cased sets of flatware and a gentleman’s toilet case.

363 A Lego Technic radio controlled digger.

364 A Lego Technic rescue helicopter.

365 A studio pottery blue glazed model bull, painted with flowers, maker’s impressed mark EM, height 23cm, together with a brown glazed bottle and Dicken’s character tankard.

366 A 1950s/60s circular amber plastic lampshade.

367 A Perkins Brailler machine and one other piece.

368 A Russian electric binocular microscope with transformer.

369 A Barium Sulphate Soil Testing Outfit in its original wooden case.

370 A collection of games and a Polaroid camera.

371 Four copper panels.

372 A mirror with bevelled glass, two paintings and a print of wolves.

373 A watercolour of a Mediterranean village street and a coloured print of a railway locomotive.

374 A set of four eastern hardwood rectangular panels, each mother of pearl inlaid with flowers and birds, each 25cm x 60cm.

375 A paper shredder etc.

376 A vintage petrol safety can.

377 A brass ship’s log spinner.

378 A bundle of books.

379 A bundle of books, mostly railway related.

380 Two tins of American coloured slides, sewing box and contents and a hardwood card index box.

381 A scrap metal sculpture of a cat.

382 A wooden fully rigged scale model of a fishing boat, length of hull 62cm.

383 A framed poster “Cherish Our Land and Sea”.

384 An oil on board of a sunset over the sea and coloured print of horses.

385 A large mirror with bevelled glass, in a gilt and hardwood frame, size including frame 92.5 x 122cm.

386 A mirror in a gilt frame, size including frame 179.5 x 112cm.

387 An arched gilt overmantel in Victorian style, width 124cm.

388 A large rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a cream painted blue stencilled frame, size, including frame 77 x 168cm.

388A A sun lounger.

389 A framed poster of sailing ships.

390 An oil on board of stylised trees, signed C.Jenkins.

391 A collection of board games and a metal file case.

392 A box of books.

393 Three boxes of books.

394 Three boxes of books, CDs and DVDs.

395 Two boxes of books.

396 Two boxes of books.

397 Three boxes of books.

398 Six boxes of jigsaw puzzles etc.

399 A box of books about art and artists.

400 A Bissell carpet shampooer.

401 An electric radiator.

402 A green canvas folding stool and bag.

403 A Vax upright bagless vacuum cleaner.

404 A Hoover Whirlwind bag less cylinder vacuum cleaner.

405 A Henry Xtra vacuum cleaner with attachment.

405A A panel heater.

406 A Power G rotary hammer drill in its original plastic case.

407 A Centrifugal pump in its original box.

408 A Smeg two ring hob unit in its original box.

409 A Seamstress electric sewing machine, in an arched case

410 A Partner petrol driven hedge strimmer.

411 A fan heater made as a solid fuel stove.

412 A large pond pump.

412A Two boxes of tools etc.

412B An Aurora paper shredder.

412C A Coopers automatic electric “Mini Walker”.

412D A CD jukebox with remote control.

413 A Bush 1960/70s portable mono record player, with a Monarch deck.

414 A Panasonic 44″ flat screen plasma TV with wall mounts and remote control.

415 A box of tools.

416 A Black and Decker Orbital sander in its original box.

417 A Hanimex slide projector and four carousels.

418 A Defender four way 110V extension box.

419 Two computer keyboards etc.

420 A George Foreman grilling machine.

421 An electric polishing machine.

422 A fax machine, an electric fan, a fan heater etc.

423 A Hanimex slide projector.

424 A black wrought metal table lamp with shade.

425 A deep fat fryer.

426 A Kenwood bread maker.

427 A four way extension lead.

428 A cased set of knives and forks.

429 A Backgammon set in its original box.

430 An Olympia typewriter.

431 An bilge pump.

432 A Goodmans mini CD system with speakers and remote control.

433 A Dyson Dual Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner in grey and yellow plastic.

434 A Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer.

435 A Partner petrol driven chainsaw.

436 A Homelite petrol driven chainsaw.

437 An electric hover mower.

438 A Flymo electric hedge trimmer.

439 A Bosch electric hedge trimmer.

440 A steamer wallpaper stripper.

441 A Flymo Turbo Compact electric hover mower.

442 A electric lawn scraifier with grass box.

443 A red glass vase, a lidded white glass vase etc.

444 A Russell Hobbs stainless steel jug kettle in its original box.

445 A pair of John Lewis twin branch wall light fittings.

446 A gas welding mixer torch with spanner etc.

447 A Powerfix angle grinder stand in its original box.

448 A Coopers electric chainsaw sharpener.

449 A knife block containing five Kitchen Devil knives and a Salter electric sharpener.

450 A pair of battery operated ceiling lights.

451 An Arcam surround sound receiver and a similar DVD player each with remote control, cables etc.

452 A KEF TSW2000 subwoofer.

453 A box of tools.

454 A beach hut tableau in a glazed case.

455 A box of tools including planes.

456 A black canvas bag.

457 A Kenwood juicer.

458 A Black and Decker angle grinder in a fitted black plastic case, together with a metal ammunition box containing a grease gun.

459 A Futava Sky Sports four channel radio control unit in its original box.

460 A Micromark stainless steel electric hot plate and an electric can opener.

461 A Kenwood Brewmaster and a mobile phone.

462 A Scanslib 200 electric grindstone and a pair of G-Clamps.

463 A Steepletone retro radio.

464 A box of miscellaneous items including camping lanterns.

465 A collection of wooden planes etc.

466 A Vision microwave browning dish and a toasted sandwich maker.

467 A Halford battery charger and three other pieces.

468 A Breville stainless steel jug kettle.

469 A bench grinder.

470 A Bosch cutting unit in its original box.

471 A Black and Decker garden vac/blower.

472 A folding blackboard easel.

473 A Coopers electric lawn edger.

474 A Karcher MV 4 Premium vacuum cleaner with car cleaning attachment and filters.

475 A Fellowes paper shredder.

476 A Flymo electric hover mower.

477 A Flymo electric hover mower.

478 A 19th century oil on canvas of coastal shipping, signed Hick, other paintings, a print of Table Mountain etc.

479 A Black and Decker belt sander, a jigsaw etc.

480 A collection of 33rpm records, a flood lamp etc.

481 An arched mirror in a gilt frame with a shell moulded mount.

482 A mirror in a reclaimed pine frame, size, including frame 89cm x 89cm.

483 An Airforce dehumidifier.

484 A Carlton dehumidifier.

485 A Karcher WD 2.200 vacuum cleaner.

486 A Performance garden blower/vac.

487 A bronzed metal wrythen baluster shape table lamp.

488 An electric planer in a fitted plastic case.

489 A Fidelity 1960s portable mono record player in a grey and red rexine case.

490 A box of maps.

491 A riding crop, a toffee hammer etc.

492 A brass clad coal box embossed with figures.

493 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.

494 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.

495 A pair of Draper 1200 mm sash cramps.

496 A Homedream Typhoon upright vacuum cleaner.

497 A Black and Decker 36 volt cordless strimmer with two batteries and charger.

498 A tabletop loom.

499 A Black and Decker garden vac/strimmer.

500 Two artists folio cases.

501 T.E Griffiths, two oils on board of shipwrecks.

502 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame.

503 A mirror advertising Mahoney’s Irish whiskey.

504 A mirror in a gilt frame.

505 A Neff white enamel built in double oven and matching gas hob.

505A A Zanussi upright freezer.

506 A red enamel floor standing adjustable lamp.

507 A green enamel floor standing lamp with a brass adjustable arm.

508 A Dualit cream enamel and stainless steel two slice toaster and a stainless steel Breville toaster

509 A Ferm reciprocating saw in a plastic fitted case.

510 A 110V jigsaw.

511 A Black and Decker jigsaw and a similar corded drill in a metal case.

512 Two boxes of tools etc.

513 A radio microphone set, together with a mini disc player and discs etc.

514 Portable radios, a multi tester etc.

515 Electrical testers etc.

516 Two boxes of tools etc.

517 A Hewlett Packard computer printer, a laminator etc.

518 A box of light bulbs etc.

519 Two boxes of tools etc.

520 Two boxes of tools etc.

521 Two boxes of fixings.

522 A box of tools including a Stanley Bailey number 5 1/2 smoothing plane.

523 A box of tools etc.

524 A box of tools including chisels and draw knives.

525 A Vax wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

525A A Fidelity 1960s portable record player in a blue and white rexine covered case.

526 A Macallister pressure washer.

527 A bag of saws and other tools.

528 A box of wooden clamps etc.

529 A projection screen.

530 A Toshiba 19″ LCD TV in a white case, with remote control.

531 A Brother computer printer.

532 A camera tripod.

533 An Igenix white enamel microwave oven.

534 A Toshiba microwave oven.

535 A Zanussi larder fridge.

536 A Panasonic Viera 26″ flatscreen television, with remote control.

537 A Cookworks microwave oven.

538 A Hotpoint larder fridge.

539 An Indesit white enamel four ring double oven electric cooker.

540 A Karcher window vac with two boxes of accessories.

541 A Black and Decker electric chainsaw.

542 A QD 4240 Quad amplifier.

543 A microwave oven.

544 A set of electrician’s wire guide rods.

545 A Panasonic stereo CD/radio system with speakers and remote control.

546 A plastic fixing cabinet.

547 An artist’s plastic box and contents.

548 A Panasonic 32″ flatscreen television with remote control.

548A A Russell Hobbs steam iron, a hairdryer and a CD Player.

549 A vintage Angle poise black enamel adjustable lamp by Herbert Terry & Sons, Redditch.

550 An Hitachi stereo music centre with speakers.

551 A Kitchens Classics chrome and white enamel juice extractor.

552 A Record Power 16″ variable speed scroll saw.

553 Two Marples tools set squares, a similar mortise cutter, together with a similar BB grooving plane etc.

554 A Stanley 71 plane in its original box and a Paramo No.10 smoothing plane.

555 An HP Photosmart printer.

555A A Campa two ring gas cooker.

556 A Kenwood Chef mixer with blender attachment.

557 A Sky digibox box and a DVD player, each with remote control.

558 An Epsom computer printer.

559 A Bosch adjustable drill stand and two speed drill.

560 A petrol driven hedge trimmer.

561 A Dual stereo record deck.

562 A crank operated ratchet winch with belt.

563 An Ion stereo record deck.

564 A DC power supply.

565 An Acer 24″ flatscreen computer monitor.

566 A Smith car clock and a Gents alarm bell.

566A A Dremel tool in its original packaging.

567 An Ansmann parts mains charger in its original box.

568 A Sony flatscreen computer monitor.

569 An Akura 19″ flatscreen television with remote control.

570 A Panasonic 26″ flatscreen television with remote control.

571 A Cello 39″ LED flatscreen television/combi DVD player, lacks remote control.

572 A Xtreme 24V cordless drill with two batteries, lacks charger.

573 A Bosch jigsaw and a Power Plus Dremel type tool with bits.

574 A Bosch cordless Vi-Li jigsaw and similar reciprocating saw with charger and batteries.

575 A portable gas stove, an engraving tool and a tyre inflator.

576 A laminator.

577 A box of tools.

578 A Vax cordless upright vacuum cleaner with two batteries and charger.

579 A small jug kettle, a toaster, a set of Salter scales etc.

580 A Tec record deck/CD/radio.

581 An Olympia Splended 99 portable typewriter in a brown rexine case.

582 A Bose Acoustimass Module speaker system, with remote control.

583 A drill sharpener etc.

584 A tray of tools.

585 A Mac Allister laser precision sliding mitre saw.

586 A portable gas stove in a fitted plastic case.

587 A portable gas stove in a fitted plastic case.

588 An Acer flatscreen monitor.

588A A Kenwood blender.

589 A Fidelity stereo music centre with speakers.

590 A Technics five part stereo CD stack system with speakers and remote control.

591 A Cooks Professional dry fryer.

592 A Cooksworks mini oven.

593 A DeLonghi stainless steel microwave oven.

594 A Tower stainless steel microwave oven.

595 An A3 paper trimmer.

596 A paper shredder.

597 A Sony mini CD stereo system with speakers and remote control etc.

598 A French SBR model 1053A valve radio, the front dial flanked by illuminated panels, in deco style.

599 A Parkside circular saw in its original box, together with an outdoor Leon light switch.

600 A tray of rasps, files etc.

601 A Phillips portable stereo radio.

602 A Bush VCR with remote control.

603 An Aqua One fish tank in its original box.

604 A Bush cream and blue plastic handbag radio.

605 A wrought iron standard lamp.

606 A circular saw table, a Fox Model No.F36/527 circular saw table.

607 An Indesit A-Class upright freezer.

607A A Morphy Richards Jetstream iron and one other piece.

607B A Hozelock Titan 5500 pond pump.

608 A Orteguil picture framer’s lever operated mitre cutter.

609 A Fridgemaster upright freezer.

610 A Whirlpool A-Class fridge/freezer.

611 A Zanussi Essential 1400 6kg automatic washing machine.

612 A small plastic cabinet of model makers paints.

612A A Ne-Too electric drill press.

613 A collection of mostly Triumph car manuals, including Spitfire, GT6 and Vitesse etc.

614 A Victorian leather bound family Bible with brass catches and one other similar book.

615 A collection of gas cylinder regulators etc.

616 A leaded glass panel worked with a dove of peace.

617 A signed coloured print “Belle View, St. Mary” after Stephen Morris, together with three framed floral prints and a print of a lighthouse.

618 A 19th century framed coloured map of New Zealand and a framed map of St.Buryan.

619 A coloured print of an angel in a reclaimed wood frame and a mirror.

620 Geoff Opie two oils on board, one a portrait of a lady the other a stylised figure.

621 A framed collection of cigarette silks of flags of nations and a similar framed set of military badges.

622 Two boxes of books.

623 A pastel view of ‘St.Ives Bay by Night’ and two still lives.

624 Two boxes of books.

625 Two boxes of books.

626 Two boxes of books.

627 Two boxes of books.

628 Three boxes of books.

629 Two boxes of books.

630 A box of children’s books and a collection of games.

631 Two boxes of books.

632 An Epsom computer scanner, keyboard, inks, etc.

633 Two boxed dinner services.

634 A wooden model of a fully rigged three mast yacht, length of hull 50cm.

635 Portmeirion and other china, together with a collection of glass etc.

636 A collection of Carlton ware leaf shaped dishes etc.

637 Ten Wade fallen tree moulded posy vases.

638 Ebony dressing tableware etc.

639 A collection of floral decorated cups and saucers.

640 A brass fan fire screen.

641 A Falcon ware green glaze oval twin handle vase moulded with flower and leaves, together with a Coalport Country ware three piece cruet.

642 Two Carlton ware oval leaf moulded dishes, a pair of Goebels bird moulded plates, a Capodimonte model of a boy and his donkey etc.

643 A Wedgwood black glass whale moulded paperweight, two other paperweights and a iridescent amber glass stemmed vase moulded with bamboo.

644 A pair of black glaze Staffordshire model spaniels.

645 A spun brass preserving pan with arched iron handle.

646 A continental vase painted with a lake scene, together with a model keg and other china.

647 A pair of pink glaze table lamps each moulded with an abstract design.

647A A ceramic model keg and two jardinières.

648 A floor standing carved wood model of a stylised leopard.

649 A Victorian mahogany sewing box.

649A A Victorian mantle clock with a revealed anchor escape route movement in an alabaster case.

650 A pair of Royal Doulton crystal decanters, a similar Royal Birierley decanter and a cut glass bowl.

651 A Rumtopf pot and a set of six Royal Cauldon floral decorated oval dishes.

652 An oak biscuit barrel with brass mounts and an eastern brass jardiniere.

653 Miscellaneous including a pair of Miranda 10 x 50 binoculars and an AA badge.

654 Glassware.

655 A set of six bamboo napkin rings, two pairs of wooden salad servers etc.

656 Miscellaneous china and glass, together with models etc.

657 A pair of pink glass spill vases with silver mounts, a pair of twin handle vase etc.

658 A collection of wooden shoe stretchers, a bundle of maps etc.

659 A box of flatware.

660 A mantel timepiece in a floral decorated ceramic case.

661 An eastern carved hardwood lamp base, a similar book trough etc.

662 A Victorian oil lamp with a brass burner and pink glass fount on a brass and black glass base.

663 A circular timepiece in a red serpentine case and two other pieces.

664 A brass clad magazine rack embossed with a coaching scene.

665 A pine box, together with a pair of St Ives souvenir twin handle vases etc.

666 A floral decorated tea service and a pair of similar vegetable dishes.

666A Two cow creamers, a pair of St.Ives souvenir vases, etc.

667 A rose decorated coffee service.

668 Two Staffordshire equestrian figures.

669 A pair of spelter models of “Night and Day”, together with two pewter tankards.

670 A ceramic model of a spaniel.

671 A Smith mantel clock in a walnut veneered case and two other pieces.

672 An early 20th century oval tin hat box.

673 Plated ware, flat ware and glass.

674 Brassware, shells etc.

675 Miscellaneous china.

676 A Victorian copper lustre jug, a Welsh costumes moustache cup and saucer etc.

676A A pair of Staffordshire model spaniels.

676B A prickett candlestick, two other pairs of candlesticks and a pair of candelabra.

677 A Victorian plated tea kettle engraved with flowers on a naturalistically cast stand with spirit burner.

678 A Victorian leather bound family bible with brass catches and one other bible, a folding camera etc.

679 Two shelves of DVDs.

680 Miscellaneous including candlesticks and a clock under dome.

681 Two model shire horses, a resin model spaniel etc.

682 Miscellaneous china and a coffee plunger etc.

683 Two eastern carved hardwood boxes.

684 A Victorian green glass vase, floral enamelled about a transfer print of a pretty girl and a toilet jug.

685 Miscellaneous including china, tins, bags etc.

686 A pair of Staffordshire model spaniels.

687 A gilt table lamp with a hexagonal column on a square base.

688 A cut glass cheese dish and cover.

689 A 1930s chrome and Tufnel electric mantle timepiece, a turned wood small pestle and mortar etc.

690 A Leach Pottery St Ives “Bacci” jar and a similar bowl a.f.

691 An Indian carved wood and ivory inlaid box a.f.

692 A pair of bellows, a collection of brass fire implements etc

693 Two canvas fishing bags, a pair of waders etc.

694 Three cases of 33 rpm records.

695 A 110 volt drill in a metal case.

696 A Maypole heavy duty 12 volt power winch in its original box.

697 A box of books.

698 A 1930s twin handle vase, a similar jug etc.

699 A plated three piece tea service and matching tray.

700 A Royal Albert floral decorated part tea service, an oval fish dish moulded with lobsters and shells etc.

701 Brass and copper ware, together with a floral decorated part tea service.

702 An oak book rest and large cowbell.

703 An eastern red lacquer magazine rack decorated to each side with a figure before a building.

704 A brown leather Gladstone bag.

705 A horn beaker, an eastern cast metal box, etc.

706 A collection of blue and white china.

707 A Sylvac brown glaze leaf moulded jug No.2037, together with a hunting jug.

708 A studio glass vase, the iridescent lilac body with coloured lines, together with a footed bowl.

709 A Tempo metronome and a wood specimen octagonal lidded tea caddy.

709A An oak extending book trough.

710 A box of books.

711 A box of books including Chambers Encyclopedia.

712 John Miller, a signed coloured print “At Rest” numbered 649 of 900.

713 A watercolour of a fishing boat at Looe Harbour signed Sam Burden, a coloured engraving of a Warwickshire lane after Alice Barswell and a set of four New Zealand prints framed as one.

714 A box of 78 rpm records.

714A A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched oak veneered case.

715 A box of Codds and other vintage bottles.

716 A radio controlled model of a WWII German Tiger tank.

717 Thirteen small lampshades.

718 A large German stoneware jug moulded with a comic scene.

719 An small amber glass fruit set.

720 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware bowl, a blue and white twin handle bowl and one other piece.

721 Three transformers.

722 A Mamod stationary steam engine in its original box.

723 A collection of turned wood door knobs etc.

724 A Monopoly game, jigsaw puzzles etc.

725 A sandwich set, a 1950s model woodpecker, a Spode hunting scene tankard, a cased set of six teaspoons etc.

726 An exterior security light etc.

727 Two Royal Doulton Americas Cup 1987 ship’s decanters, one with its original stopper.

728 An RAC map of England, Wales and the lowlands of Scotland.

729 A mirror in a pine frame and a coloured print of Newlyn after Ken Howard.

730 An oil on canvas of two kittens and other pictures, etc.

731 A print on canvas of a sailing ship, after Montague Dawson.

732 A box of tools including a reciprocating saw.

733 A box of tools, drill bits etc.

734 A bag of National Geographic magazines.

735 A box of classic 33 rpm records in boxed albums and a small collection of books.

736 A box of flatware, a mirror and three trays.

737 A brass and mesh folding fireguard.

738 Rowen James St Ives 1972, an oil on canvas “Involution”

739 A coloured print of figures before a thatched cottage after J.L. Chapman and two other prints and two mirrors.

740 Two late 19th or early 20th century chromolithographic prints, one Mother Love after Walter Langley, the other Full-Up after Arthur Elsley.

741 An eastern coastal watercolour signed Patl

742 A pair of Isles of Wight studio coloured coastal scenes in silvered frames.

743 A set of three cartoons possibly of Gerald Navarro by Ted Stewart.

744 A watercolour of a country bridge signed H.H. Winter and other pictures, prints etc.

745 Two coloured prints after William Haenraets, one of a mother and child before a landscape, the other steps beside a house and one other print.

746 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in an oak frame.

747 David Faull, a watercolour of a view to St Michaels Mount, 33.5 x 45.5 cm, together with a coloured print.

748 Sue Halliday a small oil on canvas coastal scene and four other pictures.

749 A mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

750 Hilda M Dean, an oil on board “West of Porthgwarra”

751 Tony Warren an oil on canvas of a sailing ship in heavy seas, 61 x 92cm.

752 A coloured print of Victorian London.

753 A Victorian watercolour of cattle in a landscape, signed C.Thornton.

754 A coloured print of poppies, one other picture and a glass recipe chopping board.

755 A surrealistic watercolour “Landscape” by Stef Miles and an abstract oil on card, signed Diana Rush.

756 A watercolour of riverside buildings and two other paintings.

757 A Victorian oil on canvas of a family group and three other pictures.

758 A mixed media work shelves, by Diana Rush and three other paintings.

759 An oil on board of two children before a landscape, an oil on canvas a view to a lake and three other paintings.

760 An oil on canvas, a still life of a jug, a bowl and fruit, signed E.Cash, 1934 and an oil on board furnishing painting of a lakeside building.

761 Four Wade Bells whiskey bottles.

762 A ship in a blue glass bottle, a decanter, etc.

763 Card games, a View Master stereo viewer and slides, etc.

764 Miscellaneous china, etc.

765 A tray of flatware, boxed flatware, etc.

766 A pair of pricket candelabra a large bobbin reel and one other piece.

766A Six Beswick “Hippos on Holiday”, limited edition models and one other piece.

767 A collection of studio pottery vases.

768 A collection of model animals.

769 A collection of model paperweights, etc.

770 A pair of continental beige glass vases, each transfer printed with a fisher women, together with two coloured glass handkerchief vases.

771 A model of the sailing ship “America” length of hull 42cm.

772 A wooden model of a fully rigged yacht, length of hull 60cm.

773 A sewing basket and contents.

774 A print of the market place Settle, a 19th century coloured print of Bowbridge, Essex and two other prints.

775 A cut glass vase, a Codd bottle and other glass.

776 Two graduated blue and white jugs, a pair of serving dishes and other china.

777 A painted table lamp made as a classic column.

778 Tools, etc.

779 A Perkins Brailler in a brown rexine case.

779A A suite of Queen pattern flatware.

779B A collection of blue and white china, a pewter tankard, a plastic model of Concorde etc.

780 A small Salter letter balance No.11 to weigh 24oz by ¼oz increments an eastern cast metal figure, etc.

781 An eastern circular brass tray engraved with figures before building and a pair of open spiral brass candlesticks.

782 A paper guillotine.

783 A model makers selector Unimat lathe, together with a Wolf lathe set and one other piece.

784 A collection of books.

785 A Quartz mantel timepiece, etc.

786 A Elkington & Co large copper saucepan, with a cast aluminium handle, diameter 26cm, together a similar saucepan cover.

787 A set of five graduated copper saucepans with iron handles.

788 A Newlyn Tinning copper saucepan with a freshly tinned interior and riveted brass handle, diameter 19cm.

789 A pig skin suitcase, together with two small leather cases and a satchel.

790 An extensive collection of St.Michael’s “Harvest” pattern tea and dinnerware, etc. together with a flour grader figure.

791 A flower shop display model delivery bike.

792 A Troop London green canvas shoulder bag.

793 Miscellaneous, including brass irons.

794 A stoneware “Beer” keg and five other pieces.

795 A brass tea kettle with a turned wood handle on a matching stand, lacks spirit burner.

796 A cast metal coffee mill and two other pieces.

797 A Tremaen Pottery lamp base, moulded to both sides with flowers and two other pieces.

798 A EPNS half fluted three piece tea service and one other piece.

799 An illuminated model tree table lamp, three other lamps and a collection of glassware.

800 A Smith, London, car clock in a nickel and black metal case.

800A A Watford car clock marked to the black dial North & Sons Ltd., Watford and London.

801 Miscellaneous, including a postal scale stand and one other piece.

802 A boxed set of crayons.

803 A box set of six cut stemmed glasses and a cased set of engraved plated goblets.

804 Two pairs of serving dishes.

805 A copy of the Times “Complete History of the World”, in its original carved cover.

806 A Victorian brass coal box.

807 A steel companion set.

808 A Hughes baby weigher No..48B scales, to weight 20lb by 1oz increments.

809 A Franklin Mint model of a 1911 Rolls Royce Tourer with its original packaging.

810 A Mamod live steam car with a brass cased marked Captain Fortesque.

811 A Mamod steam roller.

812 Crested ware, etc.

813 A brass postal balance with weights on an oak stand and a kettle stand.

814 A set of six Susie Cooper coloured bark pattern coffee cups and saucers.

815 A pair of early 20th century opaque white glass vases, each painted with birds and flowers.

816 An oval copper plant tub with brass lions head handles, standing on four splayed lions paw feet.

816A A small iron birdbath cast as a leaf with a bird upon it and two other pieces.

817 A Wedgwood blue Jasper Ware planter and a similar campana form vase.

818 A vintage jigsaw puzzle and one other piece.

819 A pair of Spode “Italian” pattern serving dishes and two other pieces.

820 A collection of Spode Italian plates and a similar gravy boat and stand.

821 A collection of Spode “Italian” pattern dishes and bowls.

822 A Spode “Italian” pattern butter dish and cover, etc.

823 A Spode “Italian” pattern biscuit barrel, two matching graduated jugs and one other piece.

824 A wooden full rigged model of “The Hooker” fishing boat, length of hull 62cm.

824A A grey matte glass vase decorated with an eastern character.

825 A cased set of six engraved plated fish knives and fork with ivorine handles and a similar fish server, etc.

826 A Quartz mantel timepiece, a pair telephones, etc.

827 A German white glaze coffee service each piece with a silver coloured band.

828 A Vax charger, a case of artist equipment, a miniature plane, etc.

829 A wooden model of a full rigged yacht, length of hull 57cm.

830 A box of Ordnance Survey maps.

831 An artists pine donkey bench.

832 Four fish jugs.

833 A brass oil lamp the white glass shade blue and white decorated with thatched buildings.

834 A Coronation 1937 “Royal Souvenir Casket”, etc.

835 A Christmas illuminated village street.

836 A Celtic Pottery oval ship decorated dish, a similar fish decorated dish other studio pottery, etc.

837 NO LOT.

838 A Wedgwood glass decanter, a ships decanter and other glass.

839 Miscellaneous, including brass models, an olive wood stamp box, etc.

840 A walnut veneered stationery box the two doors opening onto a calendar and compartments, a.f.

841 Two table lamps.

842 A set of six cut glass tumblers and other glass.

843 A Staffordshire model of the highwayman “Tom King”.

844 Miscellaneous, including a small watercolour of a riverside cottage, a coat rack and a vintage petrol can.

845 A modern pine toilet mirror the base with two drawers.

846 A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1980’s.

847 A 1930’s eight day timepiece/barometer/thermometer, in a chrome case.

848 A Whitle model of a seated cat, together with a Sylvac model of a palomino horse grazing and an Italian glass model horse.

849 Two Sylvac model dogs.

850 Costume jewellery, etc.

851 A vintage box wood and brass snooker cue tipper with its attached file.

852 A brass cartridge loader, together with two brass shot measures each with a turned ebony handle.

853 A Roberts DAB portable radio.

854 A Praktica BX20 35mm camera fitted with a 3.5-4.5/35-70 lens and with a 4-5.6/70-210 spare lens and flash gun, in a fitted canvas case.

855 A pair of oval silver monogrammed napkin rings an engine turned rectangular ring a collection of spoon, in a box and eight dessert spoons.

856 A three piece carving set with antler handles by Thomas Turner & Co.

857 A pair of Swift 10 x 50 binoculars.

858 An album of 1st Day Covers.

859 A Blue Peter 15th book, signed by the presenters Simon Groom and Lesley Judd, together with a signed copy of Evie Thompsons “Paths of Destiny” and a Victorian copy of Ludwigs Treasure, by Kate.T.Sizer dedicated with the “authoresses bed wishes 1898″.

860 Three albums of stamps, a collection of lose stamps and a related book.

861 A box of dolls teaware, including blue and white and a collection of model cats.

862 Two mirrors.

863 An oval mirror in a white frame.

864 A coloured print of a river scene.

865 Two watercolour one of a shipwreck, signed A.P.William the other a coastal scene, signed Garry Harris, a Forresters certificate and one other piece.

866 An eastern circular brass tray.

867 Two boxes of books.

868 A box of books.

869 A box of mostly Ordnance Survey maps.

870 A box of books.

871 An oil on canvas “Portloe”, signed G.A.Garceau and three other paintings.

872 An oil on board coastal scene, two other paintings, two prints and a photograph of an artillery man.

873 Construction kits, model soldiers, etc.

874 A Bosch detail sander and other tools, etc.

875 A collection of National Geographic magazines.

876 C.Jenkins five oils on board.

877 Five prints on canvas and framed photograph.

878 A coloured print “Youth or Age?” , after Jan Steen and one other old master print.

879 A Brexton blue rexine covered picnic case with a fitted interior and a set of rollers.

880 A box of books.

881 A box of place mats, etc. and a box of glassware.

882 Two boxes of DVD’s.

883 A box of hurricane lamps.

884 A box of kitchenware, etc.

885 A reproduction GWR metal sign, advertising Cornwall and Italy railway journeys.

886 Two fire screens, one set with a floral woolwork panel the other worked with a girl at a window.

887 A watercolour of a shepherds cottage before a landscape and two other pictures.

888 A bag of 33rpm records, including Led Zeppelin II and a collection of 45rpm records.

889 A box of 33rpm records.

890 A ceramic model of a cavalier with its original box.

891 Three Wade Bells Whiskey bottles, three ceramic kegs, etc.

892 An Alpha fixed spool fishing reel and two other pieces.

893 A box of games, etc. and three other pieces.

894 A black Bakelite Avo Meter, in a brown leather case.

895 A Burago of a Mercedes Benz FSK and one other piece.

896 A 1930’s electric pump, in a wooden box.

897 A part suite of stemmed glasses and other glass.

898 A collection of commemorative ales.

899 A brass companion set cast with horses heads and a stoneware hot water bottle.

900 A small cast iron campana form garden urn.

901 Two British Rail posters, one advertising freight in 1956, the other motoring holidays.

902 A Hughes & Co floral decorated tea service and other china.

903 An oval copper bin, a stove top kettle and an Art Nouveau match holder.

904 A pair of ebony elephant bookends and a pair of cow painted bookends.

905 A collection of commemorative and crested ware.

906 A stoneware hot water and two similar jars.

907 A set of small brass bell weights, other brass weights, a Kremlin carved wood souvenir beaker, etc.

908 The Prices coloured glass fairy lamp holders, a set of four graduated iron weights, etc.

909 A copper Jersey can, a copper biscuit barrel and three other pieces.

910 NO LOT

911 Two oval meat plates and an Egyptian souvenir metal tray.

912 A Kershaw Peguin and 8/20 folding camera with instructions, in a brown canvas case and a Bell and Howell Sportster wind up cine camera, in a leather case.

912A Two field telephones in yellow plastic cases.

912B A vintage black Bakelite dial telephone with numbers drawer.

912C Two albums of 1st Day Covers and a collection of loose stamps.

912D A J & G Meakin floral decorated coffee service and a Tremar Pottery tea caddy.

913 Miscellaneous, including a wrought metal timepiece.

914 A bundle of books.

915 A boxed 1958 Expedition Universal D’Bruxelles.

916 A box of mineral specimens.

917 A collection of flatware, in a mahogany veneered canteen and an octagonal copper tray.

918 A small cine projector, in its original case.

919 An eastern wooden model of a three mast sailing ship.

920 A magnetic globe and two other pieces.

921 A model pine dresser.

922 A collection of crested ware and other china.

923 A Dupont chrome Alto saxaphone with mouth piece, etc. in a fitted black rexine covered case.

924 Miscellaneous, including a black canvas bag.

925 A collection of television series DVD’s.

926 A collection of “The Avengers” television series on DVD.

927 A pair of floral decorated table lamps.

928 Mugs, etc.

929 A pair of elephant carved bookends.

930 A serpentine low candlestick and one other piece.

931 A Mary Rich mottled pink glaze tapering circular vase, on a narrow foot impressed mark, diameter 16cm and four other pieces

932 A tin of marbles.

933 Miscellaneous.

934 An “Eternal Beau” pattern part tea/dinner service, a small collection of Doulton light blue glaze teaware, etc.

935 A collection of Wade posy vases, Whimsies, etc.

936 A Lego Technic model of a mobile crane with remote control.

937 A Zebra skin handbag, a purse and a snakeskin effect bag.

938 A small serpentine lighthouse and 1930’s pink glass vase spreader, moulded as a girl.

939 A Green Kat 10 x -30 x zoom telescope on a small tripod.

940 A companion set.

941 A box of mostly Ordnance Survey maps.

942 An Indian inlaid box, a Skol lager advertising table lamp and two other pieces.

943 Models and other china, together with a set of six cut coloured stemmed glasses.

944 A Kensington Pottery model cat, a model Shire horse and other china.

945 A jewellery box, two boxes of painting knives and one other piece.

946 A box of sewing materials.

947 A mahogany box and two other pieces.

948 A CP Link router and two other pieces.

949 Models, etc.

950 A boxed pair of Waterford crystal stemmed glasses and two collectors plates.

951 A German walnut band ware box, a model of a printing press and three other pieces.

952 A Brexton blue rexine covered picnic case, with a fitted interior.

952A A box of flatware.

953 A collection of mostly stemmed glasses.

954 A model of an open pine dresser the base with two short and three long drawers, width 38.5cm, height 70cm.

955 A companion set on a anodised stand cast as a knight.

956 A larva lamp, miscellaneous china, etc.

957 A Marigold Carnival glass dish and other glass, china, etc.

958 An amethyst glass flattened oval vase, a model of a temple lion and three other pieces.

959 An eastern blue glaze jardiniere with fruit and flower moulded decoration.

960 A collection of fire implements.

961 A hexagonal oak bin with chrome bands.

962 A Breville white enamel mixer, together with a cordless keyboard and mouse.

962A An oak book trough.

963 A Paragon F=400mm camera lens.

964 An opaque glass candle lantern.

965 An Italian iridescent jardiniere the blue ground patterned with faces and armorial’s in 17th century style.

966 A pair of brass table lamps with white glass shades.

967 A collection of Tienshan fruit decorated tea and dinnerware, etc.

968 A white ceramic bread bin, a stoneware bottle and a pair of stoneware small flagons.

969 A carved wood model elephant.

970 A green Carnival glass dish with vine moulded decoration, two pieces of Marigold Carnival glass, a Victorian papier mache mother of pearl inlaid tray and four other pieces.

971 A Technika 19″ flat screen TV/DVD combi lacks remote control.

972 A Technika 22″ flat screen television with remote control.

973 A Bench radio/CD player and a Bush DVD player with remote control.

974 A cordless iron, a table lamp and rechargeable torch.

975 A Belkin wireless router and a black hard plastic briefcase.

976 A box of books.

977 A box of books.

978 Two box of books and CD’s.

979 Two boxes of miscellaneous items, including a Japanese white metal photograph frame.

980 A box of Christmas paper, etc.

981 A box of 33rpm records.

982 A box of sewing materials.

983 A box of DVD’s and CD’s.

983A A box miscellaneous items.

984 A collection of classical 33rpm records, in a tin case.

985 Two boxes of 33rpm records mostly 1980’s pop.

986 Four boxes of miscellaneous china and glass.

987 A box of books.

988 A box of soft toys.

989 A box of mostly 1980s 33rpm LPs and 12″ singles.

990 A wooden three tier stand.

991 Models, etc.

992 A Pratt ware style oval dish and other china.

993 Miscellaneous

994 A collection of teaware.

995 A turned wood lidded bowl and two other pieces.

996 A drill stand with drill and one other piece.

997 A Bosch reciprocating saw, with blades, a cordless garden trimmer and one other piece.

998 A tray of flatware and kitchen utensils.

999 Four oval plates, etc.

1000 A jug kettle and a toaster.

1001 A collection of Wedgwood, blue and green Jasper Ware.

1002 A Beswick novelty teapot made as a Panda, a Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Benjamin Bunny figure and other china.

1003 A Philips portable radio/TV player, etc.

1004 A Kenwood toast, a steam iron, storage jars, etc.

1005 A Dremel tool with attachments and a electric corded drill

1006 A GWR Cornish fishing village jigsaw, a Poole Pottery model of a leaping dolphin, an aneroid barometer, etc.

1007 A cowbell a green glass fishing float, etc.

1008 A Charlton Ware mushroom moulded three section cruet, etc.

1009 A collection of Alfred Hitchcock and other films on DVD.

1010 Two boxed sets of Gerry Andersons UFO television series on DVD, etc.

1011 A collection of films on DVD.

1012 Model lighthouses and pillar boxes, together with a bowl of model eggs, etc.

1013 Miscellaneous.

1014 A photo screen with remote control, etc.

1014A A box of fossils, including sea urchins, etc.

1015 A rosewood sewing box and one other box containing cars.

1016 An artist’s box/easel.

1017 An artist’s table top/easel.

1018 An Hokada acoustic guitar.

1019 A John Hornby Skewes & Co. acoustic guitar.

1020 An Hokada acoustic guitar.

1021 A CB Sky six string electric guitar.

1022 A Hohner Rockwood six string electric guitar.

1023 A child’s Bontempi acoustic guitar.

1024 An Encore green acoustic guitar.

1025 A signed limited edition coloured print of a girl with theatre masks.

1026 A Victorian print of girls feeding birds and a large gilt frame.

1027 Two oils on board by Geoff Opie, one of a boy, the other a female nude, together with an oil on board of a Jaguar XK120, signed John Stewart and one other work.

1028 A mirror in a gold coloured frame.

1029 A painted rocking horse.

1030 An oil on board of ‘Gathering Storm’ by Pamela D’Ivernois and two other works.

1031 A framed map of Cornwall, a coloured print, ‘The Boy in a Cornfield’ after John Constable and one other print.

1032 A floor standing tapestry frame.

1033 A coloured print of a boatmender’s workshop after Chevallier Taylor, together with a print of Bubbles and a furnishing painting.

1034 A magazine rack.

1035 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a pine frame.

1036 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a mahogany effect frame.

1037 An artist’s folding studio easel.

1037A A collection of balsa wood in two boxes.

1038 An arched cane cat transporting basket.

1039 A wooden wine rack to hold eight bottles.

1040 A artist’s small chest of three drawers containing pencils and crayons, a homemade kaleidoscope etc.

1041 A watercolour of a Cornish cove initialled CTB, together with a Chinese painting on silk of a rearing horse, an Egyptian papyrus picture and two other works.

1042 A lilac painted bathroom cabinet.

1043 A Delta electric bandsaw.

1044 Two French impressionist prints and three other prints.

1045 Two oval mirrors with bevelled glass.

1046 Three mirrors.

1047 Cries of London prints, two oils on board landscapes etc.

1048 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a grey frame.

1049 A black and white print of a country cottage, a collection of artist’s paper and an artist’s canvas.

1050 A Physics Workshop toy and one other piece.

1051 An electric fan, two cases, two umbrellas and one other piece.

1052 A box of books.

1053 A 1930s Pathescope 200-B projector in its original black rexine case.

1054 A box of kitchenware etc.

1055 Three boxes of books.

1056 A box of artist’s materials including brushes.

1057 Two boxes of books.

1058 Three boxes of poker work, boxes, pictures etc.

1059 Two boxes of books.

1060 A Singer Talent electric sewing machine in its original box.

1061 A box of books.

1062 A box of artist’s canvases etc.

1063 Two boxes of construction kits and model railway accessories.

1064 A box of toys and a set of four kitchen basket shelves.

1065 A box of Art Straws and a related book.

1066 A Singer hand sewing machine.

1067 A turned wood spinning wheel.

1068 A wooden spinning wheel.

1069 A set of six Babycham saucers and a blue and white bowl.

1070 A plated four piece tea service and one other piece.

1071 A basket of china and two other pieces.

1072 Miscellaneous including plated trophies.

1073 Two brass toasting forks.

1074 1930s and other china, together with a collection of plated ware.

1075 NO LOT

1076 A collection of black and white and other china etc.

1076A Miscellaneous china, a leaf carved dish etc.

1076B A Royal Doulton musketeer decorated moulded tankard, a Victorian jug and four other pieces.

1077 Three fixed spool fishing reels and a centre pin reel.

1078 Glassware.

1079 Models etc.

1080 A basket containing Russian dolls, a soft toy bear etc.

1081 A Chinese dragon carved hardwood stationary cabinet.

1082 A ceramic table lamp, the base moulded with a courting couple.

1083 A collection of baskets.

1084 A clock under dome and a jardiniere.

1085 A brass candelabrum, an oil lamp etc.

1086 A British Berkefeld stoneware water filter jar.

1087 A Royal Doulton ‘Fenland’ pattern part coffee service etc.

1088 A collection of Carlton Ware including a cruet and pin trays etc.

1089 An eastern coffee service and a small collection of glass.

1090 A collection of Wade china including a long ship and a starfish dish.

1091 A box of lathes, chisels etc.

1091A Glassware, three Matchbox Models of Yesteryear die cast cars etc.

1092 A bundle of books.

1093 An FIP electric welding kit in its original box.

1094 A Portuguese bird painted charger.

1095 Two pendant marbled glass lampshades etc.

1096 A box of tropical seashells.

1097 African carved wood figures etc.

1098 Jugs and vases etc.

1099 A Cookworks slow cooker etc.

1100 A blue leather handbag, a red leather bag a monopoly game etc.

1101 Royal Doulton, two part tea/dinner services.

1102 A box of Meccano.

1103 A brass and onyx standard lamp and shade.

1104 Two Anglepoise style adjustable table lamps and a similar clip on lamp.

1105 A Bosch drill stand and a router table.

1106 A double sided garden clock with a quartz movement.

1107 Various bottles of wine etc.

1108 Horse brasses etc.

1109 Three marigold carnival glass dishes and other glass.

1110 A wooden lidded barrel etc.

1111 A gold coloured metal rose in a presentation box.

1112 A collection of sheet music in a brown leather case.

1113 A collection of the Midsummer’s Murders television series on DVD.

1114 A Murano green and a white model flower.

1115 A Royal Doulton model of the ‘Wayfarer’ HN 2362.

1116 A Royal Doulton model ‘The Lobster Man’ HN 2317.

1117 A Royal Doulton model ‘A Good Catch’ HN 2258.

1118 A Wedgwood blue Jasparware lidded box, a pair of Coalport shell moulded open salts and a Radford fruit decorated trio.

1119 A Marazion pottery leaf decorated sugar caster, height 15cm.

1120 A Beswick Scrooge character jug, height 80cm, together with two similar model birds.

1121 Four animal moulded coloured glass paperweights.

1122 Two Royal Doulton white glaze figure groups “Brother and Sister” and “Daddy’s Girl”, together with two Lomonosov models of a bear and a panda.

1123 Five Border Fine Arts resin model animals.

1124 Leaper Newlyn, an irregular square dish, two saucers a low candlestick, together with a Zennor Pottery square dish Seviers bowl and a John Harlow small lidded jar.

1125 Four Liskeard glass paperweights.

1126 Four faceted glass paperweights.

1127 A Liskeard glass tapering paperweight with an internal spiral twist, one other paperweight and a Murano style model donkey.

1128 A Liskeard purple glass Jim Dyer design “Knobbly” vase, together with a similar clear glass bowl and jug.

1129 A Wedgwood green glass tapering paperweight, a similar Owl moulded paperweight and two coloured faceted weights.

1130 A trench art Arras waisted brass shell case vase.

1131 A table lamp with a white glass globe shade on an amber glass ring base, together with a lidded jar.

1132 A white ceramic model of the “Three Graces”.

1133 A small display case.

1134 Two Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff floral painted bowls, a similar Bizarre small dish painted with stylised flowers and two other pieces.

1135 A Leaper Newlyn the rectangular poly chrome dishes and a similar triangle dish.

1136 Glass paperweights, etc.

1136A A Leaper Newlyn rectangular poly chrome dish.

1137 A collection of Wedgwood blue and green Jasper Ware and a Royal Doulton model of Topaz.

1138 A box of 45rpm records a quartz clock, etc.

1139 A Royal Doulton seven Bunnykins boxed figures.

1140 Three Aynsley commemorative tankards, in their original boxes, three Keppsake Teddies and two other pieces.

1141 Two Royal Albert Beatrix Potter models of Jemima Puddleduck and Benjamin Bunny, in their original boxes.

1142 A Wedgwood Piccadilly souvenir mug, in its original box, a Chilteron Collection Border Fine Arts resin model of a tigress and two cubs and two other pieces.

1143 Miscellaneous china, including Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff soup bowls and other china.

1144 A pair of Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Ltd cornucopia jugs, each with a gilt foot and handle.

1145 A Clarice Cliff “Celtic Harvest” conserve jar.

1146 A Royal Worcester V & A Museum model of Walking out Dresses 19th century and a Royal Doulton model of Antoinette.

1147 A Royal Doulton “Smuggler” character jug, height 17cm, together with a Capodimonte M.Marini model of a boy and lamb.

1148 A collection of prints, a woolwork panel and a Australian print on fabric.

1149 An oil on board of a tiger, signed Brenda Barratt and three other works.

1150 An oil on board a view to a harbour, signed V.Brooks.

1151 Two coloured print “The Rain it Raineth”, after Norman Garstin and “Figures in a Cellar”, after Russell Flint.

1152 Two pencil drawings of ballerina’s initialled JB.

1153 A watercolour a coastal scene signed Nevitt, a print of a country cottage and other pictures.

1154 A plaque moulded with a Cornish mine engine house.

1155 A Bresser Biolux microscope kit, in a black rexine case.

1156 A Praktica LTL 35mm camera and related items, in a canvas case.

1157 Two Compton & Woodhouse female figures with floral patterned dresses, in their original boxes.

1158 A Mitchell Garcia multiplier fishing reel, in its original box and a Daiwa fixed spool reel.

1159 A ship’s bulkhead clock in a bronze case, by Roth Bross, New York the black dial with a subsidiary seconds dial, below the twelve, diameter 14.8cm.

1160 A Manchester United official size and weight 5 leather football, signed bv Eric Cantona and Ryan Giggs.

1161 A pendant circular chrome and plate glass light fitting.

1161A A seashell lamp hanger.

1161B A ceramic and brass five branch pendant light fitting.

1162 A pendant wrought iron four branch candle candela.

1163 A pendant hexagonal brass hall lantern.

1164 An early 20th century Art Nouveau pale blue glass lamp bowl with a Greek key border and hung with a cast gilt tassel.

1165 A cut glass lamp bowl.

1166 A circular bronzed metal ceiling lamp fitting with a marbled glass shade.

1167 A bundle of Rolling Stones EP’s and singles nearly all on the Decca label.

1168 The Sex Pistols “The Great Rock and Roll Swindle”, five 45rpm related singles, including “Anarchy In The UK” and “Black Leather”.

1169 A bundle of 45rpm records, including Chuck Berry “Blue Mood” EP and Donovan Vol.1.

1170 A bundle of The Creatures 45rpm records, including “Wild Things”, in a gate fold sleeve.

1171 A collection of 45rpm records, Susie and the Banshees, twenty two 45rpm singles, including “Wheels On Fire, Slow Dive and The Last Beat Of My Heart” Limited Edition.

1172 Five Mothers of Invention albums, including “Weasels”, “Ripped My Flesh” and the “Best of the Mothers”.

1173 Frank Zappa two albums “Lumpy Gravy, gatefold sleeve, stereo and Hot Rats stereo albums.

1173A Hawkwind four albums ‘In Search of Space’ fold out sleeve without logbook, ‘Flying is Trying to Die’ and ‘Levitation’ and Hawkwind gatefold sleeve, black label.

1174 Frank Zappa four albums, including “Ship Arriving Too Late” and “Tinseltown Rebellion”, together with a 12in picture disc single “You Are What You Is”, on Barking Pumpkin records.

1175 Frank Zappa two boxed albums “Thing – Fish” and “Jo’s Garage”. Frank Zappa seven albums including 200 Motels and Studio Tan, together with “The True Glove” four track max single.

1176 Frank Zappa eight albums including 200 Motels and Studio Tan, together with “The True Glove” four track maxi single.

1177 Frank Zappa – Fred Zappelin Limited Edition unofficial release double album, one with orange centre the other green, black and white sleeve, Mud Shark stereo MZ 3606.

1178 Frank Zappa six albums including “Roxy & Elsewhere” and “Sheik Yer Bouti”.

1179 A collection of 33rpm records, including Roxy Music ten years after Flo & Eddie, etc.

1180 A “Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band” album, “The Doughnut in Grannies Greenhouse” album Liberty LBL 831 58E.

1181 The Rolling Stones five albums, Beggars Banquet, Exile on Main Street, Goathead Soup, Black and Blue and Emotional Rescue.

1181A Five albums including Pink Floyd’s ‘A Saucer Full of Secrets,’ and Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band’s ‘Doc the Radar Station.’

1182 The Rolling Stones four albums, ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ later version non flip cover, ‘No. 2 Album’ with the the blind man cover but drawn on, ‘Let it Bleed’ and the ‘1st Album’ digitally remastered.

1183 The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (small zip version) and Some Girls albums.

1184 A collection of albums including David Bowie The Man who Sold the World, The Walker Brothers Images and Picnic (Breath of Fresh Air).

1185 Sam Gopal ‘Escalator ‘album, gate fold sleeve, black/silver label, SLE8001.

1186 Various albums including Cream’s ‘Disraeli Gears’, and ‘Led Zeppelin lV’.

1187 Pink Floyd, six albums ‘Ummagumma’ gate fold sleeve with EMI logo, ‘Meddle’ on the Harvest label, ‘Atom Heart Mother’, ‘The Wall’, ‘Obscured by Clouds’ and ‘The Final Cut’.

1188 A bundle of albums including The Who ‘Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy’, ‘T-Rex in Concert’ and Deep Purple’s ‘The Book of Taliesyn’.

1189 Spooky Tooth/Pierre Henry, the ‘Ceremony’ album together with two Edgar Broughton Band albums ‘Wasa Wasa’ and ‘A Bunch of 45s’.

1190 Donovan, two albums, ‘Fairytale’ and ‘Golden Hour of Donovan’ together with a copy of ‘The Vertigo Annual 1970′ and other records.

1191 Traffic ‘Last Exit’ album, pink label with black/red eyeball logo on Island Records, stereo ILPS 9097.

1192 Jefferson Aeroplane ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ black, white and silver label, mono RD-7889, other Jefferson Aeroplane and Starship albums and others.

1193 John Mayall three albums, ‘The Blues Alone’, ‘Blues for Laurel Canyon’ and ‘Looking Back’.

1194 Black Sabbath ‘Vertigo VO 6′ LP with black gate fold sleeve, no composers/publisher credits on cross, swirl label, together with a copy of ‘Paranoid’, gate fold sleeve, swirl label and ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’.

1195 Steppenwolf ‘Born to be Wild’ and ‘The Second Album’, together with a copy of Bram Stoker’s ‘Heavy Rock Spectacular’ and two other albums.

1196 Jimi Hendrix ‘Axis: Bold as Love’, mono, gate fold sleeve without insert, together with a copy of ‘Smash Hits’ and ‘Are you Experienced Backtrack 10′ albums.

1197 ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ produced by Andy Warhol on Verve Records together with a copy of ‘The Velvet Underground Live at Maxi’s Kansas City’, ‘Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground’ and Lou Reed ‘Transformer’ albums.

1198 Spooky Tooth two albums, ‘It’s all About’ first pressing, pink label with eyeball logo and ‘Witness’ albums.

1199 The Doors three albums, ‘The Soft Parade’, orange label,gate fold sleeve, ‘L.A. Woman’ and ‘The Doors’.

1200 Aynsley Dunbar ‘Retaliation’, Dr Dunbar’s ‘Prescription’ LP Mono LBL 83177P on the Liberty label.

1201 A bundle of Yes albums, ‘Fragile’, ‘Close to the Edge’, ‘Yesterdays’, ‘Drama’, ‘Yessongs’, ‘Tales From Topographic Oceans’, ‘Relayer’, ‘Going for the One’ and ‘Tormato’.

1202 A collection of albums including Bruce Springsteen ‘The River’ double album.

1203 A bundle of mostly Punk albums including The Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, Strawberry Switch Blade and Siouxsie and The Banshees.

1204 A copy of ‘Slate’ by The Fall, 10″ single, together with a collection of albums including Elvis Costello ‘Public Enemy’ and Sigue Sigue ‘Sputnik’.

1205 A copy of the Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ album, a copy of ‘Sid Sings’, three Malcolm McLaren albums and a copy of Public Images Limited ‘Warrior’ 12″ single.

1206 Eight Rush albums including ‘Moving Pictures’, ‘Hemisphere’ and ‘Caress of Steel’.

1207 A bundle of albums including White Snake, Hawkwind, The Undertones and Talking Heads.

1208 Six Status Quo albums including ‘Never too Late’ and ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’.

1209 The Police, five albums including ‘Synochronicity’ and ‘Outlandos d’amour’.

1210 ‘The Rolling Stones No 2′ album, mono with the blind man sleeve together with ‘Rolled Gold, ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Stones Story’ albums.

1211 Public Image Limited five albums, ‘First Issue’, ‘Happy?’, ‘Paris in the Spring’, ‘The Flowers of Romance’ and ‘Second Edition’.

1212 A bundle of albums including ‘Rainbow’, ‘Propaganda’ and ‘Psychic TV’.

1213 A collection of albums including Robert Plant, Pink Floyd and Yes.

1213A The Who’s ‘Tommy’ double album with gate fold sleeve and booklet.

1214 The Who three albums, ‘The Who by Numbers’, ‘Who’s Next’, and ‘Face Dances’, together with Pete Townshend’s ‘Empty Glass’ album, ‘The Doors’, ‘Goodbye Cream’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ albums.

1215 Gillan five albums including ‘Mr Universe’ and ‘Live at the Budokan’ and one other album.

1216 Various albums including Brian Eno ‘Editions’, Half Man Half Biscuit ‘Back in the DHSS’, ‘Hip Priest and Kamerads’.

1217 Pink Floyd, six albums including ‘Meddle’, ‘Atom Heart Mother’ and ‘Relics’ , together with a copy of ‘Led Zeppelin lV’ lacks sleeve.

1218 A bundle of 33rpm records, Soft Cell, Rick Wakeman and the Michael Schenker Group.

1219 A bundle of albums including Brian Eno, Echo and The Bunnymen and Blamanche.

1220 Led Zeppelin albums 1,2 and 3 together with a copies of ‘House of the Holy’, ‘Songs Remain the Same’, ‘Physical Graffiti’, ‘Presence’ and ‘Coda’ albums.

1221 Four Lynyrd Skynyrd albums and three other albums.

1222 Sixteen Deep Purple albums including ‘Fireball’ textured gate fold sleeve with lyric inserts, ‘Come Taste the Band’, ‘Who do We Think We Are’ and ‘Burn’.

1223 Four Pure albums including ‘Japanese Whispers’, ‘The Damned’ and other albums.

1224 Crass, a boxed double album, ‘Existential Crass’ together with four other Crass albums including ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand’.

1225 Paul McCartney and Wings eight albums.

1225A Derek and Clyde’s ‘Come Again’ album, a copy of the Moves ‘Message from the Country’ on Harvest EMI SHSP 4013 and other records.

1226 Elvis Presley Monthly Magazine circa mid 1960s, 71 editions.

1227 An aluminium coin case and contents, including pre and post 1947 silver farthings and a German fleet 1916 commemorative medal.

1228 A collection of stamps, postal orders, etc.

1229 A brown leather and brass shot flask.

1230 A resin netsuke carved as a buddha type figure.

1231 A travelling alarm clock, in a circular steel case the white dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial.

1232 A circular lidded brass box in 18th century style.

1233 A pair of brass French Archimede skeleton binoculars.

1234 A Sekonda pocket watch.

1235 A box of mostly foreign coins and a pocket watch.

1236 A tin of pre-decimal copper pennies and halfpennies.

1237 Souvenir spoons, etc.

1238 A plated engraved cigarette case and a bag of coins.

1239 A silver coloured metal photograph frame.

1240 Two Royal Mint boxed proof sets of decimal coins.

1240A Two pairs of scissors, cased, a collection of costume jewellery etc.

1240B A tin and a purse containing pre-decimal copper coins.

1240C Two RAF cap badges, other badges and a pair of vintage nickel and leather binoculars.

1240D Two plated pens.

1240E An Association wreck coin, William lll mounted shilling dated 1701 together with its certificate and a box.

1241 An album of British stamps 1953 to 1975.

1242 A set of six Norwegian silver coffee spoons each with an 830 purity mark.

1243 Two steel and brass balances, together with a brass longcase winder with a horn handle.

1244 Miscellaneous including costume jewellery and a Parker pen.

1245 Miscellaneous, including an engraved plated cigarette case, a silver penknife, necklaces, etc. together with a turned wood ashtray made with teak of HMS Ormonde.

1246 Two fountain pens, one Waterman’s the other Schaeffer.

1247 A pair of Police sunglasses, in their black fabric case.

1248 A reproduction brass triangular sighting compass, marked Kelvin & Hughes, London 1917.

1249 A KWC BB pistol and related items.

1250 Miscellaneous, including drawing instruments, costume jewellery, a Penzance and Newlyn RFC bumper badge, etc.

1251 A tin of mostly pre-decimal copper coins.

1252 A vintage Sharp’s Homemade Super Kreem toffee tin and a miniature Huntley Palmers biscuits square tin.

1253 An American Waltham Watch Company, pocket watch in a Deuber case, the movement marked Frank M Jackson, Los Gatos, California, together with a silver cased staff wind watch and one other.

1254 A gentleman’s Seiko 5 wristwatch with a day and date window at 3 o’clock, three other pocket watches, etc.

1255 A Barkers Brothers, Birmingham silver baby feeding spoon and three fruit forks with silver mounts and ivory handles.

1256 A collection of mostly silver, including Georgian and a plated spoon.

1257 A set of four George III silver teaspoons, London 1799, together with one other spoon and a pair of sugar tongs.

1258 A jewellery box and contents.

1259 Coins, a hard stone seal, etc.

1260 Six pocket watches and two wristwatches.

1260A A tin of pre-decimal mostly Georgian copper and a banknote.

1261 A set of steel candle snuffers with sprung wick trimmer, together with corkscrews, a birds maple snuff box and one other piece.

1262 A bag of costume jewellery.

1263 A bag of costume jewellery.

1264 A box of costume jewellery.

1265 A half hunter pocket watch in a Dennison case.

1266 A tin of costume jewellery, a DCLI badge and a cut glass toilet box with a silver lid.

1267 A bag of pocket and wristwatches.

1268 Two compacts, a cigarette lighter, etc.

1269 Two penknives, a corkscrew and a gyroscope.

1270 A bag of Wade Whimsies.

1271 A tin of costume jewellery, etc.

1272 A tin of coins mostly pre-decimal copper.

1273 A tin of coins mostly pre-decimal copper, together with a collection of commemorative crowns and a German banknote.

1274 A silver photograph frame.

1275 Vintage nickel vault meter, together with a pair of opera glass on a folding arm a.f.

1276 A pair of engraved silver napkin rings.

1277 Two vintage brass centre pin fishing reels, one diameter 7.5cm the other 3.8cm.

1278 A silver watch chain.

1279 A late 19th/early 20th century glass camera lens, by F.Lancaster & Sons, patent Birmingham, in its original leather case.

1280 A bag of costume jewellery.

1281 Miscellaneous, including a compass on a serpentine stand, an Acme City whistle, a silver napkin ring, etc.

1282 Watches, a travelling alarm clock, etc.

1283 An album of old postcards of Hastings.

1284 A Sandston Silver Collection necklaces, an amethyst necklace, a hardstone necklace and enamelled magnifying lens, each in its original presentation box.

1285 A Indian silver coloured metal pendant set with an iridescent stone and other boxed costume jewellery.

1286 A collection of boxed costume jewellery, including silver coloured metal.

1287 Boxed costume jewellery including silver coloured metal, together with a jewellery case.

1288 A collection of silver coloured metal and other costume jewellery, in presentation boxes.

1289 A collection of silver coloured metal and other costume jewellery, in presentation boxes.

1290 A box of costume jewellery, including a silver hall marked Ingus pendant.

1291 A box of fresh water pearl necklaces, bracelets, etc.

1292 A box of costume jewellery, including bracelets.

1293 A small white stone geode, in a presentation box.

1294 John J Fletcher a collage of racing yachts, 87.5x 116.5cm.

1295 John J. Fletcher, a collage, a line of yachts beside a harbour in a pine frame, 54.5cm x 75cm.

1295A John Fletcher a collage of a yacht No.43, together with a coloured print of a coastal scene.

1295B A 1930’s square aneroid barometer/thermometer on an oak mount.

1296 Richard Thorgood, a textured panel ‘Emerging from Strata 3,’ size of panel 26cm x 11.5cm.

1297 A Cobra System small pistol crossbow and a pack of bolts.

1298 A Diablo catapult.

1299 An oval mirror in a gilt frame with a ribbon mount.

1300 An octagonal drop case wall clock.

1301 A brass and cast iron fire curb, width 91cm.

1302 A pierced brass fire kerb curtain with swag mounted decorations, width 125.5cm.

1303 A Leslie’s 12lb fibreglass fishing rod with fixed spool reel.

1304 A polished granite curling stone.

1305 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1306 A brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1307 A copper warming pan with a turned wood panel.

1308 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1309 Three walking sticks.

1310 A long pruner and two walking sticks.

1311 A two section fishing rod and two landing nets.

1312 Three fishing rods.

1313 A set of fifteen triangular brass stair rods, each width 82.5cm.

1314 A section of sliding door rail.

1315 J. Sewill Ltd., a marine stick barometer Mark 1 with wall mount, lacks glass.

1316 A briar walking stick.

1316A A reproduction Japanese Wakizashi and a cricket bat.

1317 A cane carpet beater.

1317B A bundle of riding crops and one other piece.

1317C A ‘Venetian’ rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a black glass frame, 116.5cm, width 23cm.

1318 A George III oak longcase clock, the dial with subsidiary seconds and calendar dials and floral painted corners.

1319 A quartz wall clock, the large dial printed with roman numerals about an opening with a brass pendulum, diameter 59cm.

1320 A 19th century walnut wall clock, the dial within a fret cut panel above a mirrored panel.

1321 An oil on canvas, ‘Watergate Bay near Newquay,’ signed E. Whendon.

1322 A furnishing painting of a coastal windmill.

1323 Two poker work panels, one a fox, the other an owl.

1324 Two poker work panels, one a ploughman at work, the other an owl, one signed Andy Snowden.

1325 Two Andrew Snowdon poker work panels of rural scenes.

1325A A box of miscellaneous items.

1325B A box of model animals.

1326 A box of children’s DVDs, books etc.

1327 A large eastern copper tray with a central flower worked panel within a plain circle and matching outer, diameter 84cm.

1328 A blue and white stick stand and contents.

1329 A coloured print of a Dutch canal scene.

1330 Tony Warren, an oil on board of two sailing boats in rough seas, 44cm x 54.5cm.

1331 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on an oak mount.

1332 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a walnut frame.

1333 A coloured print of a lighthouse keeper at his station in a heavy sea.

1334 An oil on board of a blacksmith at work, signed Andrew.

1335 A hardwood chess board, an oil on board of a sunset and three prints.

1336 Two Victorian oils on canvas, one of a lightboat rescue, the other two sailing ships in a heavy sea, each initialled CML, 1897 and other pictures.

1337 An oil on canvas ‘Waiting 4′ by Diane Wayne.

1338 A watercolour of a coastal cottage, signed F. Parr.

1339 A watercolour of an elderly couple in their cottage, signed Gladys Jarvis, ’08, together with an oil on panel, a still life flowers, signed Rachel and two prints.

1340 A framed woolwork of a horse drawn cart.

1341 A coloured print of a lock on the Stour.

1342 A mirror in a gilt frame.

1343 A collection of prints.

1344 Pat Reid, three oils on board of rural views.

1345 Pictures, prints etc.

1346 Taxidermy, a hen pheasant in a glazed case, size of case 114 x 53.5cm.

1347 An album of local postcards, circa 1960s/70s.

1348 Three J. Lyons and Company albums of tea cards, together with a collection of post cards etc.

1349 A vintage soft toy model bear, standing four square, together with a similar model rabbit.

1350 A Nao model of a yawning girl and two resin model cats.

1350A The Works of William Shakespeare in fourteen volumes edited by Henry Irving and Frank A Marshall.

1350B A Royal Worcester model figure ‘Rosie picking apples,’ together with a Coalport model of Lousia at Ascot.

1351 An album of 1920s photographs, other pictures etc.

1352 Three albums of cigarette cards and an envelope of loose cards.

1353 A box of postcards.

1354 A full 1966 bottle of Italian Melini wine, together with a bottle of Vecchia Romagna brandy.

1355 An Ernemann folding plate camera and a Canon 80-200mm zoom lens.

1356 A small laptop computer camera, an Opteka camera lens and one other piece.

1356A A tin of flatware.

1357 A Konig folding photographic studio.

1358 A collection of tropical sea shells including large pink murex.

1359 A Royal Doulton figure of the year 1993 ‘Patricia’ and a similar model of ‘Coralie.’

1360 Three Royal Doulton figures, ‘Fragrance,’ ‘Buttercup’ and ‘Turquoise.’

1361 A collection of Poole Pottery.

1362 Poole Pottery, a circular lidded box painted with an abstract design and six other pieces.

1363 A Poole Pottery spearhead shaped dish painted with an abstract design, together with a similar ashtray.

1364 Poole Pottery, a set of five triangular dishes, each painted with an abstract design, together with a set of seven similar truncated triangle dishes, painted with various designs.

1365 Poole Pottery, a set of eight circular dishes, each painted with an abstract design and each diameter 12.5cm.

1366 Poole Pottery, a pair of orange glazed vases and one other similar vase.

1367 Poole Pottery, a baluster shape vase with a rounded neck, painted with an abstract design, together with a pair of similar smaller vases, each with an everted neck.

1368 Poole Pottery, a set of six truncated triangular bowls, painted with various designs, together with two small circular bowls and a larger bowl.

1369 A box of tropical sea shells, barnacles etc.

1370 A box of Meccano, including a blue E15R electric motor and a clockwork motor, together with various related booklets.

1371 A set of six Denby Greenwheat, Glyn Coledge soup bowls with saucers and lids, together with a Denby part tea service and a set of six honey glazed twin handle lidded jars etc.

1372 A dressmaker’s adjustable dummy.

1373 A large teddy bear.

1374 A Wedgwood blue Jasparware footed fruit bowl, together with a pair of white bisque figures of a boy and girl.

1375 A Lladro model of an Inuit child cuddling a polar bear cub, together with an Aynsley Mayflower mug and two other pieces.

1376 Poole Pottery, three dishes painted with various patterns, each diameter 28cm.

1377 Leaper Newlyn, two triangular polychrome dishes, together with a pair of similar black glaze dishes each with a blue stripe border.

1378 Three cut glass rose bowls, including Edinburgh crystal.

1379 A Victorian model of a seated Spaniel with textured ears and tail, height 24cm.

1380 A polyagonal chrome radiator cap mounted with a white metal model spaniel.

1381 Two 1930s tapering circular jugs, together with a Carlton ware blossom decorated jug and a flattened oval vase.

1382 A Delan Cookson studio pottery cobalt blue bulbous vase with a narrow flared neck, height 30cm, together with a crackle glass twin handle vase.

1383 A collection of fishing tackle, including a Sportex fixed spool reel.

1384 Four early 20th century hardwood and brass centre pin reels, the largest 10cm in diameter.

1385 A Beswick bell shape wall pocket, together with a Carlton ware book end moulded with a tree.

1386 A Sony video camera and related items in a canvas bag.

1387 A Canon Legria video camera and related items in its original box, together with a Sanyo Xacti camera and a Fuji 8.3 megapixel camera.

1388 An eastern resin figure made as a fat man carrying a bag, together with a bronzed resin bust of an African warrior and one other piece.

1389 An octagonal brass lidded footed box, together with a bullseye lantern, a brass shell case and one other piece.

1390 China and glass.

1391 A rectangular hall mirror with bevelled glass in a brass fruit embossed frame with a pair of candle sconces.

1392 Six Captain W.E. Johns hardback Biggles books with dust jackets and three other books.

1393 Two Corgi Icon cast metal models of Henry VIII and Mary Queen of Scots with their original boxes and two pieces of Aynsley commemorative ware.

1394 DVDs, CDs and a telephone system etc.

1395 Miscellaneous including iron weights and a hardwood stationary box.

1396 Albums of trade cards, and loose cards.

1396A A Coldstone pottery honey glaze rectangular dish painted with two stylised fish and a similar cockerel painted circular dish.

1397 A pair of Carlton Ware lime green glaze ribbed salt and pepper pots, a similar red glazed jug and three other pieces.

1398 A pair of Celtic Pottery Folksy pattern square dishes, one a.f., a similar rectangular dish, a fish decorated oval dish and a ‘Medallion’ pattern mug.

1399 A studio pottery rectangular dish painted with a face and one other piece.

1400 Cabinet cups and saucers including Pratt Ware etc.

1401 A collection of stemmed glasses.

1402 Miscellaneous china including Poole Pottery and a model of a cow taking a bath.

1403 Two standard lampshades.

1403A A Gygy sit on soft toy rocking duck.

1404 Two soft toys.

1405 A large vintage plush covered articulated teddy bear with canvas feet, paws and growler.

1406 Four table top easels.

1407 A Garth Sailplanes International model glider in its original box.

1408 Two boxes of books.

1409 A mirror made as if a window with louvered shutters.

1409A A box of 33 & 78rpm records.

1410 A box of tools and a box of miscellaneous items.

1411 A Jones grey enamel electric sewing machine in a fitted case.

1412 A box of 78rpm records.

1413 A box of Lego.

1414 Three Italian black glazed unopened bottles of cherry wine etc.

1415 A collection of plated ware.

1416 Two stoneware hot water bottles.

1417 A Lamorna Pottery blue glazed table lamp with a shade and a wood specimen lamp.

1418 A cast iron kitchen balance ‘To Weigh 4 Lbs.’

1419 A pair of glass candlesticks, a pair of brass glass and alabaster candlesticks etc.

1420 A Chinese blue and white bird decorated vase now as a table lamp, together with a brass desk lamp.

1421 A reproduction dome top bottle box.

1422 Various wines etc.

1423 A Myott Son & Co. Art Deco cruciform vase and two 1930s jugs.

1424 Five studio pottery vases.

1425 A cranberry glass jug and other jugs and glass.

1425A A brass Primus paraffin stove and a table lamp.

1426 A poster translation of the Magna Carta and other posters.

1426A Miscellaneous china and glass etc.

1426B A collection of shell models.

1426C A Noritake floral spray decorated tea service.

1426D Two green glass fishing floats and a jar of marbles.

1427 A Wedgwood ‘Frankenthal’ pattern and a blue and white bowl, together with a collection of matching plates and blue glass cake dish on a brass stand.

1428 Various coral specimens etc.

1429 A bundle of Giles cartoon books.

1430 A PG Tips soft toy monkey and two dolls.

1431 A Susie Cooper leaf decorated serving dish and two sets of three matching plates.

1432 A Kenwood Chef mixer.

1433 Two wireless network adapters etc.

1434 Two Wedgwood tankards in their original boxes, the Mayflower 1620 and Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965.

1435 A Lincoln Cathedral commemorative plate, a Leonardo collection model figure and a petrol rationing book.

1436 Miscellaneous china and glass.

1436A A Mercedes Benz chrome grill surround in its original packaging.

1436B A Mercedes Benz 220D advertising brochure and four other Mercedes brochures.

1437 Miscellaneous including a part suite of flatware and a fishing reel.

1438 A brass open spiral candlestick and two pieces of glassware.

1439 Three Aynsley Nursery Rhyme Collection plates and bowls in their original boxes and one other piece.

1439A Miscellaneous china and glass including a Carltonware flower moulded dish and a Wedgwood lilac Jasperware lidded box.

1440 Miscellaneous metal ware including an orange tree cast door stop and two oil lamps etc.

1441 A box of telephones.

1442 Four cases of cigarette and trade cards, box wallets etc.

1443 A box of china, glass etc.

1444 A box of tools etc.

1445 A collection of advertising ashtrays.

1446 A pair of brass shell cases dated 1917, a brass mirror on a cast stand etc.

1447 Three Wedgwood tankards in their original boxes, John Ogelby map, The Old English calendar and Lincoln Cathedral mug.

1448 Teapots, commemorative mugs etc.

1449 A tray of Kings and Queens pattern flatware etc.

1450 An early 20th century mantle timepiece in an alabaster case.

1451 An Italian matte brown vase enamelled with figures, buildings etc.

1452 A collection of tobacco tins, pouches and lighters.

1453 Plates, a blue Jasparware vase etc.

1454 A carbide lamp, a Tilley lamp and a brass oil lamp.

1455 A folder of ephemera including Penzance and Newlyn rugby related.

1456 An Edwardian walnut coal box with an Art Nouveau cart handle.

1457 A folding oak coatrack with a brass label by Oetzmann & Co., Hampstead Road, London, the hangers with white ceramic terminals.

1458 Miscellaneous china.

1459 A table lamp made as a pub sign hanger and an adjustable lamp.

1460 A box of books.

1461 A disassembled spinning wheel.

1462 A box of chair webbing.

1463 A set of seven mounted floral prints.

1464 A large copper saucepan with an iron handle, a plated punch bowl, a brass tea kettle etc.

1465 Three cast white metal figures, an oval ceramic tray in a WMS pierced plated mount etc.

1466 A Tremar pottery lamp base, a pair of Wade taper holders, a pair of model figures etc.

1467 A copper panel embossed with the head of an Australian Aborigine etc.

1468 A set of nine Portuguese bird painted octagonal plates.

1469 A box of classic plastic and a box of wood ware.

1470 A box of kitchen ware.

1471 Two boxes of books.

1472 A studio pottery table lamp moulded with flowers etc.

1473 A rectangular plaque moulded with a frog on a reed etc.

1474 A box of miscellaneous items including a child’s clog and last.

1475 A pair of white glass ceiling lampshades etc.

1476 An eastern parasol in its original wooden holder.

1476A A mahogany extending book trough, coat hooks etc.

1477 A Salter, No. 20T, spring balance, to weigh 100lbs by 1/8 lb increments.

1478 Five Wade wine and spirit kegs and three pub advertising jugs.

1479 An eastern red glazed lamp base enamelled with birds and a deer amid foliage.

1480 A metal table lamp cast as a drunk holding onto a lamp post and two other pieces.

1481 A Scrabble game.

1482 Two boxes of books.

1483 An Edwardian brass clad fire curb, width 138cm.

1484 An early 20th century extending brass fire curb.

1485 A brass and black mesh folding fire guard.

1486 A fan heater made as a solid fuel stove.

1487 A native drum, a Bell’s Whisky collection bottle etc.

1488 Miscellaneous including a possibly military brass torch etc.

1489 A set of five Indian Tree pattern serving dishes, a stoneware hot water bottle etc.

1490 An Edwardian brass and hardwood magazine rack on stand.

1491 A pond pump etc.

1492 A possibly military telephone with the handset with a dial to the back of the handset, a two part telephone made as a pair of lips and two torches.

1493 NO LOT

1494 Plated ware, three jardinieres etc.

1495 A tray of flatware, an eastern hardwood stand and other wood.

1496 An oval mirror in an ornate gilt frame, together with a coloured print in an oval gilt painted plaster frame.

1497 Two oils on board, one of a cottage courtyard, the other a harvested field, signed Hilda Dean, together with other pictures and prints.

1498 An oil on board abstract work, Penlee Variation by Paul Evans and four other works.

1499 An electric long handled hedge trimmer, together with boxed goggles and visor.

1500 A collection of blue and white china etc.

1501 A Victorian stoneware ginger beer bottle, Rock Blue, Blue Makers to Her Majesty the Queen, WR Hatton & Son, Wormwood Scrubs, London, together with a similar bottle, retailed by Lovibond & Sons Ltd., Henley on Thames.

1502 A stoneware ginger beer bottle retailed by the Crieff Aerated Water Co. Ltd., Crieff, together with a similar Morrell’s Trustees Lion Brewery Oxford Bottle.

1503 A collection of stoneware pot lids, including Calverts Carbolic Toothpaste and American Dentifrice Compound made by CR Coffin.

1504 A collection of stoneware pot lids, including Saponaceous Toothpowder by Dr Bowditch and Cherry Toothpaste.

1505 A collection of stoneware ink bottles, together with other bottles.

1506 Two house plants in glazed pots.

1507 Three dog moulded biscuit barrels.

1508 A Fortnum and Mason’s cane picnic case.

1509 Miscellaneous including RAC badges and a music stand.

1510 Studio pottery etc.

1511 A Star Wars X Wing fighter and one other model.

1512 A bag of needlework materials.

1513 A Hilka 12 volt cordless drill kit in a fitted plastic case.

1514 A Praktica BNS Electronic 35mm camera fitted with F=135 lens, together with one other lens and a flash gun.

1515 A bundle of American Geographical Society ‘Around the World Programme’ booklets.

1516 Two handbags.

1517 A box of ties.

1518 A bundle of Beano and other books and a bundle of Beano comics, circa 1980s.

1519 A hardwood chest with an iron carrying handle, stencilled with a name Major C. Woods.

1520 Two camera tripods.

1521 A brown and cream enamel metal two drawer filing cabinet.

1522 A Columbia floor standing hand wind cabinet gramophone with twisting volume shutters, above a record store.

1523 A mottled blue glaze vase and other china together with an orange enamel saucepan etc.

1524 Two pendant glass lampshades and one other piece.

1525 A collection of Mellaware coloured plastic tableware and other similar pieces.

1526 An American Ken Hopkins limited edition carved wood mallard decoy duck and one other piece.

1527 A small pine stool.

1528 Two metal deed boxes.

1529 Two boxes of books.

1530 Shorter and Sons a fish moulded serving plate and a set of six matching dinner plates.

1531 A Leach Pottery, St Ives standard ware lidded jug, height 22cm.

1532 Miscellaneous china including fairings and crested ware.

1533 An R M circular brass paraffin stove in its original box.

1534 A Sadler OK Tea 42 cream glaze silver lustre racing car teapot.

1535 A Wedgwood campana form blue Jasperware vase and two other pieces.

1536 A pair of Japanese blue cloisonne dragon decorated small vases, a pair of stainless steel goblets etc.

1537 A Lovatts “Butler’s” jug and other china.

1538 A Mamod steam car with its original box.

1539 A Mamod steam tractor with its original box.

1540 A Royal Devon, Fieldings & Co floral decorated biscuit barrel with a plated mount and three other pieces.

1541 An Addis bag.

1542 An oval mirror in a white painted frame and a similar mirror in pink frame.

1600 An Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with a mirrored door, flanked by carved panels above a drawer, width 96.5cm.

1601 A modern pine narrow chest of six drawers, width 46cm.

1602 A painted wall hanging cabinet, the door with eight glazed panels, width 52cm.

1603 A melamine wood effect wall hanging display case with a pair of sliding glass doors, width 80cm.

1604 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 86cm.

1605 A small panelled oak coffer, width 65cm.

1606 An arched wood towel rail.

1607 A modern pine triple wardrobe with three panelled doors above drawers, width 147.5cm.

1608 A pair of modern pine bedside chests, each with three drawers.

1609 A modern pine bedside chest with an open shelf above two drawers.

1610 A pine companion table.

1611 An Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with a mirrored drawer, flanked by carved panels above a long drawer, width 95cm.

1612 A rack of four open oak wall hanging shelves.

1613 A modern pine blanket box.

1614 A modern pine double wardrobe, width 118cm.

1615 A hexagonal cane occasional table.

1616 A cantilever bed table.

1617 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 89cm.

1618 A pine wall hanging cabinet with a mirrored door beside open shelves above four spice drawers.

1619 A set of six Edwardian carved oak dining chairs each with a padded seat and on turned tapering legs.

1620 Three bedroom chairs.

1621 A modern pine cheval mirror, the base with a single drawer.

1622 A Victorian arched and bobbin turned towel rail.

1623 A mahogany drop leaf table.

1624 An oval hard wood effect extending dining table with a fold out leaf on cabriole legs.

1625 A Victorian circular mahogany occasional table, with a floral needlework top on a turned pedestal and a trefoil base, diameter 38cm.

1626 A circular occasional table on a folding base with four barley twist legs.

1627 An Indian hardwood coffee table on square section legs, 110 x 60cm.

1628 An oval oak effect drop leaf dining table on turned supports.

1629 A square pine plant stand.

1630 A Victorian square oak veneered and cross banded snap top table on a turned pedestal with three sabre legs.

1631 A circular snap top table on a turned pedestal with four moulded legs.

1632 A woven fibre armchair.

1633 A Victorian Gothic oak hall chair on turned legs.

1634 A woven fibre open armchair.

1635 A child’s painted bentwood chair.

1636 A cane porter’s chair.

1637 A Victorian low easy chair upholstered in patterned white fabric on turned tapering legs.

1638 A pair of easy chairs upholstered in brown dralon on tapering legs.

1639 A Continental oak side cabinet with a pair of doors with raised panels on a base with a single drawer, width 120cm.

1640 A pine tool chest.

1641 A G-Plan teak concave corner cabinet with open shelves above a cupboard, together with a matching bowed end cabinet.

1642 A G-Plan ‘teak’ corner cabinet, the upper part with glazed doors and glass shelves above an open shelf, the base with a drawer above cupboards, width 100cm.

1643 An inlaid mahogany wardrobe with an mirrored door above a drawer, width 117cm.

1644 A 19th century pedestal table a.f.

1645 A Victorian pine wardrobe with a large door beside a pair of doors above two drawers, width 208cm, height 214cm.

1646 A hardwood throne dressing stool in ancient style.

1647 NO LOT

1647A An arched cheval mirror on an oak stand.

1648 A pair of modern chairs each with a moulded perspex seat on turned tapering legs joined by a wrought metal frame.

1649 A Lloyd Loom easy chair.

1650 A chrome frame armchair with a black fabric back and seat.

1651 A modern lath back Windsor armchair on turned legs.

1652 A reproduction Victorian bedroom chair with a beige draylon back and seat on cabriole legs.

1653 A small open armchair upholstered in green and pink striped fabric on sabre legs.

1654 A Victorian fret cut walnut open armchair with a padded seat on cabriole legs.

1655 A Victorian corner chair with floral Art Nouveau inlay on turned tapering legs.

1656 A modern stickback Windsor rocking chair.

1657 A rack of five open pine shelves, width 77.5cm.

1658 A white painted chest of two short drawers, width 89cm, height 72cm.

1659 A white painted chest of three long drawers, width 91cm., height 68cm.

1660 A green painted small table on turned legs, 73.5 x 40cm.

1661 A pine rack of open shelves, width 75.5cm.

1662 A set of four G-Plan ‘teak’ side cabinets, two with open shelves above drawers, one with glazed doors above drawers, the fourth with an open shelf and a fall front, each width 81cm.

1663 A Victorian mahogany wardrobe the two doors with arched panels, width 134cm.

1664 A modern pine triple wardrobe with doors above drawers, width 139cm.

1665 A Victorian walnut and cross banded wardrobe with an arched top above a large mirrored door flanked by smaller doors above drawers, width 155cm.

1666 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of two short and three long drawers on turned feet, width 123cm.

1667 A stool on turned legs.

1668 A pine side table with one drawer on turned tapering legs, width 81cm.

1669 A pair of modern white finish dining chairs each with a curved back and padded seat.

1670 A set of four Victorian carved walnut dining chairs each with a brown rexine padded back and seat on turned and fluted legs.

1671 A set of four 1960s dining chairs each with a curved back and on square section tapering legs.

1672 A set of four reproduction Regency dining chairs on sabre legs.

1673 A pair of 1950s/60s chairs each with a square back and on square section tapering legs.

1674 A set of four 19th century kitchen chairs on turned legs.

1675 A 19th century arched tubular 3′ bedstead with drop in side irons.

1676 An oak veneered cot.

1677 A pine 4′ 6″ bedstead with four matching underbed drawers.

1678 A white painted and brass 3′ headboard.

1679 A 4′ 6″ spring interior mattress.

1680 A 4′ 6″ bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress.

1681 A 4′ 6″ spring interior mattress.

1682 A hardwood 4′ 6″ bedstead.

1683 A white finish 4′ 6″ bedstead with spring interior mattress.

1684 A pair of pine bunk beds.

1685 A 3′ spring interior mattress.

1686 A 3′ spring interior mattress.

1687 A 3′ spring interior mattress.

1688 A 3′ spring interior mattress.

1689 A pine 3′ bed and a matching truckle bed, each with spring interior mattress.

1690 A Cosatto cot & mattress.

1691 A 4′ 6″ spring interior mattress.

1692 A pine 3′ bedstead.

1693 A brown faux leather 3ft headboard.

1694 A white finish 3ft bedstead.

1695 A pine 3ft headboard.

1696 A Victorian grained pine dresser the upper part with a pair of sliding glass doors, opening onto shelves the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 128cm, height 186cm.

1697 An arched pine towel rail.

1698 A modern pine bookcase the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, opening onto shelves the base with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 91.5cm, height 203cm.

1699 An early 20th century oak bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors, above a pair of panelled cupboard doors, width 90cm, height from the top of the arch 199cm.

1700 A modern mahogany effect bookcase with a pair of lancet glaze doors, above a drawer and a pair of cupboard doors, width 87.5cm, height 183cm.

1701 A Nathan teak effect side cabinet with an open shelf, above a pair of glazed doors the base with panelled doors, width 120cm, height 194.5cm.

1702 A dark oak effect dresser the open rack with two shelves the base with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 93cm, height 176cm.

1703 An oak open bookcase with adjustable shelves, lacks shelf supports, width 135cm.

1704 A chapel chair with a sisal seat on turned tapering legs.

1705 A stickback Windsor armchair with a fret cut splat on turned tapering legs.

1706 An early 20th century bentwood chair with a circular seat.

1707 A small dining chair a curved stickback circular seat and on turned legs.

1708 An oak carving chair with a drop in seat, on barley twist legs.

1709 A 19th century mahogany dining chair with a floral woolwork seat, on turned tapering legs.

1710 A turned stickback captain’s chair on substantial turned legs.

1711 A pair of Queen Ann style dining chairs each with vase shape splat and on cabriole legs.

1712 A set of four Ercol Old Colonial style dining chairs each with a drop in seat and on turned and fluted legs.

1713 A set of four modern hoop and stickback dining chairs on turned legs.

1714 An inlaid bedroom chair.

1715 An elm turned stickback carving chair with a seagrass seat on turned tapering legs, joined by stretchers.

1716 A bobbin turned bedroom chair with a cane seat.

1717 A set of six reproduction Regency dining chairs, including a pair of carvers, each with a drop in seat.

1718 A small oval oak gate leg table, on barley twist supports.

1719 A circular hardwood gate leg table.

1720 An oak folding three tier cake stand.

1721 A small Victorian circular walnut pedestal table, on a lobed base standing on lion paw feet.

1722 A Victorian small hardwood Sutherland table on turned and fluted supports.

1723 A circular cane coffee table with a glass top, above a low shelf.

1724 A square pine coffee table on substantial square section legs.

1725 A reproduction D-end twin pedestal extending dining table.

1725A A small rosewood veneered chest of four drawers, width 33 cm, height 69 cm.

1726 A Victorian inlaid walnut desktop with a hinged back and lid.

1727 An oak Glastonbury chair.

1728 A walnut desk with a central drawer, above a kneehole flanked by two tiers of two drawers, on cabriole legs with shell carved knees, width 109cm.

1729 A small white melamine drop leaf kitchen table, on turned tapering legs.

1730 A coffee table with a plate glass top, on a wrought metal base, 121.5 x 65cm.

1731 A circular hardwood stool.

1732 A mahogany stained glazed bookcase, width 96cm.

1733 An oak square stool with a box seat on turned legs.

1734 A two part sectional bookcase with sliding glass doors.

1735 A 19th century side table with two drawers on turned legs, width 90cm.

1736 An Edwardian inlaid walnut dressing chest of two short and one long drawer.

1737 A carved oak monk’s bench.

1738 A Victorian mahogany veneered bowfront chest of two short and two long drawers, lacks feet.

1739 A doll’s pine wing armchair.

1740 An Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door, flanked by carved fret cut flower and leaf panels, together with a matching dressing chest of two short and two long drawers.

1741 A small stripped pine kitchen table with two drawers to one side on turned legs, 121.5cm x 63.5cm.

1742 A melamine wood effect narrow rack of adjustable shelves, width 45cm, height 202.5cm.

1743 A modern pine dresser the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of doors, width 91cm, height 192.5cm.

1744 A stripped pine rack of four open shelves, width 80.5cm.

1745 A modern pine chest of two short and four long drawers, width 84cm.

1746 A pine stool.

1747 A pine cabinet, glazed to both sides and the two doors, width 65.5cm.

1748 A pine side pedestal desk with four drawers, width 101cm.

1749 A pair of small storage racks.

1750 A set of four cane dining chairs on grey metal frames.

1751 A set of five modern hardwood effect dining chairs, each with an arched back and padded seat.

1752 A ladderback stool with a seagrass seat on square section legs.

1753 A pair of painted wheel and stickback dining chairs.

1754 A pair of painted chapel chairs on turned legs.

1755 An Ercol classic light elm stick back Windsor armchair with upcurved arms on turned tapering legs.

1756 A stick back captain’s style chair on turned legs.

1757 A pair of hoop and stick back kitchen chairs on turned legs.

1758 A set of five wheel and stick back dining chairs including one carver.

1759 A set of three Drevounia Czechoslovakian dining chairs each with a curved stick back and on turned tapering legs.

1760 A circular leather pouffe.

1761 A Joynson wing armchair upholstered in green fabric.

1762 A circular beige dralon upholstered pouffe.

1763 An armchair upholstered in green fabric.

1764 A wing armchair upholstered in wheat coloured fabric.

1765 A circular stool on four turned legs.

1766 A small hardwood stool with concave sides on turned legs.

1767 An ebonised Victorian footstool with a woolwork top.

1768 A late 19th/early 20th century two seat sofa with one drop end, upholstered in leaf pattern pale brown moquette, together with a pair of matching armchairs all on square section tapering legs.

1769 An ebonised stool on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet.

1770 An elm stool on turned legs.

1771 An inlaid walnut duet stool on square section tapering legs.

1772 An American turned walnut rocking chair, the head pad, back and seat upholstered in striped green fabric.

1773 A two seat sofa upholstered in cut blue fabric, together with a matching armchair.

1774 A white leather three seat sofa.

1775 A pair of square stools on splayed legs.

1776 A square stool.

1777 An oval elm stool on four turned legs.

1778 A circular elm stool on four turned legs.

1779 A circular stool on turned legs.

1780 A modern pine dressing stool with a buttoned beige dralon seat.

1781 A square stool with a black rexine seat.

1782 A G-Plan electrically operated reclining wing armchair upholstered in red fabric.

1783 A brown leather armchair.

1784 A Crossley rugs ‘Manhattan’ carpet 128cm x 170cm approximately.

1785 An eastern spun rayon blue ground carpet runner patterned with two medallions within a patterned border, 67cm x 200cm approximately.

1786 An eastern hand knotted carpet, the red ground with three stylised crosses within a broad patterned border, 127cm x 217cm approximately.

1787 An eastern hand knotted terracotta ground carpet with a central floral medallion within a patterned border, 134cm x 190cm approximately.

1788 A roll of linoleum simulating tiles, width 200cm.

1789 An eastern carpet, the blue ground with a central floral medallion within a broad patterned border, 117 x 176 cm approximately.

1790 A large Chinese cut pile carpet, the blue ground with a central medallion with a floral spray within the floral patterned border, 330cm x 430cm approximately.

1791 A pale green ground carpet, patterned with floral geometric shapes within a floral patterned border, 392cm x 470cm approximately.

1792 A hardwood kitchen trolley with a drawer over two open shelves.

1793 A small open oak bookcase, width 38cm.

1794 A stripped pine chest of two short and two long drawers, width 104.5cm.

1794A An oak bureau with a fall front above open shelves, width 61 cm.

1795 An Edwardian dressing table mirror on an inlaid walnut stand the base with three drawers.

1796 A carved oak court cupboard, width 140cm.

1797 A nest of three hardwood effect tables, on square section legs.

1798 A log section coffee table, width 112cm.

1799 A square bamboo plant stand.

1800 A modern pine twin pedestal desk, width 140cm.

1801 A nest of three oak tables on turned legs.

1802 A walnut overmantle.

1803 An early 20th century oak sideboard with two deep drawers on cabriole legs, width 137cm.

1804 A small open oak bookcase, width 60.5cm.

1805 A square resin occasional table made as a stack of books.

1806 An oak side table with a pair of cock beaded drawers, above one long drawer, width 101cm.

1807 A square walnut three tier trolley, on turned supports with brass casters.

1808 A small open oak bookcase, width 30.5cm.

1809 A white painted toilet mirror.

1810 A nest of two G-Plan style tables.

1811 A Stag light oak veneered dressing chest with two long drawers, beside three short drawers, width 121cm.

1812 A melamine mahogany effect open bookcase, width 70cm.

1813 A 19th century mahogany fold top card table, on square section legs, width 81.5cm.

1814 A small open pine bookcase, width 61.5cm.

1815 An early 20th century walnut side table with one drawer, on square section legs, width 80cm.

1816 A small pine rack of three open shelves, width 32.5cm.

1817 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, on turned tapering legs.

1818 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror.

1819 A early 20th century Arts and Crafts oak side table the single drawer with a brass handle/lock on square section tapering legs, width 55cm.

1820 A butchers block the top with chrome corners and manufactures plate, by T.Errington & Sons, Southsea Works, Portsmouth on a blue painted base, with a single drawer on square section supports, 64cm sq.

1821 A rectangular pine occasional table with a steel clad top and square section legs, joined by a low shelf, 40.5 x 76.5cm.

1822 A reproduction four tier what-not.

1823 A reproduction yew veneered D-end twin pedestal extending dining table.

1824 An oval oak occasional table on barley twist legs.

1825 A nest of three oak tables on turned legs.

1826 An oak refectory table on cut and cover supports, 152 x 76.5cm.

1827 A 1950’s style coffee table with a wood effect top and shelf, on turned tapering ebonised legs.

1828 A Victorian satin walnut washstand with an Art Nouveau green tiled back and marble top, above a pair of panelled doors, width 91.5cm.

1829 A coffee table on cabriole legs.

1830 A 19th century mahogany sideboard with a pair of drawers, above a pair panelled doors, width 114cm.

1831 An oval inlaid mahogany occasional table on square section legs, joined by a low shelf.

1832 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on square section legs, lacks drawer, width 83cm.

1833 An oak open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 91.5cm.

1834 A small hardwood kitchen table with a drawer to one side, on square section legs, 106 x 61cm.

1835 An oak Arts and Crafts side cabinet the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, the base with a brushing slide, above a drawer and pair of doors with carved panels, width 108cm, height 191cm.

1836 A nest of three table on turned tapering fluted legs.

1837 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawer, on bracket feet, width 106.5cm.

1838 An early 20th century wall hanging rack of three shelves with fret cut sides, width 50.5cm.

1839 A hardwood folding table.

1840 A hardwood coffee table on turned legs, joined by a magazine shelf.

1841 A 1950’s hardwood sideboard the centre with four overlapping drawers, flanked by cupboards on splayed legs, width 138cm.

1842 A carved oak court cupboard, width 122cm.

1843 A tiled top coffee table.

1844 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest with two short and three long graduated drawers, on turned feet, width 121cm.

1845 A 1930s oak sideboard the raised top with a black and two drawers above a further two drawers and a pair of cupboard doors, width 114cm.

1846 A mahogany effect side cabinet the top with a pair of drawers, above a full front the base with four cock beaded drawers, width 62.5cm.

1847 An occasional table on cabriole legs.

1848 A wine table.

1849 A mahogany cupboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 88.5cm.

1850 A nest of two teak effect tables.

1851 A Victorian pitch pine chest of two short and three long graduated drawers with glass handles, width 114.5cm.

1852 A 1930’s walnut veneered display cabinet on cabriole legs, width 99cm.

1853 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1854 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1855 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1856 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1857 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1858 A pine folding rack with three shelves, width 70.5cm.

1859 An Edwardian small oak bureau with a fall front above two open shelves, width 57.5cm.

1860 An Ercol Old Colonial sideboard with four drawers, flanked by panelled doors, width 145cm.

1861 A 1960’s/70’s “teak” sideboard the top with a raised shelf with three drawers the base with a fall front, flanked by cupboards each with a raised handle, width 168cm, height 102cm.

1862 An open oak dresser rack, width 106.5cm.

1863 An oak chest with a brushing slide on square section legs, width ???.

1864 A small modern chest with a pine top, on a pale green painted base of two short and three long drawers, width 80cm.

1865 A nest of three tile top tables.

1866 A reproduction Regency serpentine front sideboard, width 145.5cm.

1867 A pair of 1950’s oak dressing chests each with two long drawers and each width 99cm.

1868 A nest of two tables each with a green leather top and on turned legs.

1869 A walnut sideboard with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors on cabriole legs, width 122cm.

1870 A Continental oak side cabinet with a pair of glazed doors opening on shelves, flanked by cupboard doors with raised carved panels on a base with four carved drawers, width 219cm., height 149cm.

1871 An Edwardian satin walnut dressing chest of three long drawers, width 99cm.

1872 A Victorian walnut dressing table, the bowed front with a single drawer on carved cabriole legs, width 96cm.

1873 An oak bureau with slope front above a long drawer and a pair of cupboard doors, width 74cm.

1874 A pine coat rack with four brass hooks.

1875 An oak canteen with brass carrying handles, width 53.5cm.

1875A A pair of bellows.

1876 An Edwardian walnut wall hanging rack of three open shelves with fret cut sides, width 60.5cm.

1877 An oak veneered bureau with a slope front above a drawer and open shelves, width 61cm.

1877A A Victorian arched mahogany towel rail.

1878 A George lll small oak snap top pedestal table on three legs, diameter 74.5cm.

1879 A square oak plant stand.

1880 An oak refectory table on shaped supports, 157 x 80cm.

1881 A 1930s oak corner bookcase.

1882 A pair of white painted occasional tables.

1883 A circular whitewood pedestal dining table, diameter 90cm.

1884 An oval mahogany extending dining table on turned legs, length with single leaf inserted 195cm, width 120cm.

1885 A 1930s circular walnut veneered coffee table on cabriole legs.

1886 A 1930s circular walnut veneered occasional table.

1887 A pine coffee table on turned supports, 134 x 79cm.

1888 A modern oak extending dining table on square section legs, 147.5 x 86cm.

1889 A mahogany effect side cabinet the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, the base with a pair of cupboard doors, width 79.5cm.

1890 A narrow modern pine chest of seven drawers, width 42.5cm.

1891 An Ercol ‘Golden Dawn’ elm wall hanging two tier plate rack.

1892 An oak effect corner cabinet the upper part with a pair of leaded glass doors, the base with a pair of panelled doors.

1893 An oak bureau with a panelled slope front above two long drawers, width 73cm.

1894 A nest of hexagonal cane tables.

1895 An Stag Minstrel bureau with a slope front above three short and two long drawers, width 75.5cm.

1896 An oak cupboard with a panelled door opening onto shelves, width 57cm.

1897 A 1950s chest of five long drawers, width 75cm.

1898 A white finish rack of two open shelves the base with a pair of drawers, width 47cm.

1899 A melamine wood effect chest of three drawers, width 38cm.

1900 A melamine wood effect chest of three drawers with stainless steel handles, width 41cm.

1901 A small chest with a pine top on a white finish base with three drawers, width 52cm.

1901A An eastern circular carved hardwood occasional table.

1901B A small circular drop leaf table.

1902 A bedside chest with two open shelves above a pair of cupboard doors, width 54cm.

1903 A melamine pine effect beside chest of three drawers.

1904 A pine bedside chest of three drawers.

1905 A modern pine bedside chest of three drawers.

1906 A painted pine floor standing cupboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 122.5cm.

1907 A pair of oak bedside cabinets each with a drawer above a cupboard.

1908 A small mahogany bureau with a slope front and drawer on cabriole legs, width 53.5cm.