General Sale Catalogue 9th May 2017

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1 An Austrian floral decorated part tea service and one other part service.

2 An extensive collection of Denby ‘Memories’ pattern tea/dinner service.

3 A collection of stemmed glasses and tumblers.

4 A continental part tea/dinner service, each piece with vertical gilt divisions and floral print roundels and other matching pieces.

5 A Delft blue and white jug and bowl on stand and a pair of continental cased glass stemmed overlay glasses.

6 A collection of cut and other glass.

7 A set of eight resin figurative sculptures.

8 A lead crystal decanter and one decanter.

9 A collection of stemmed glasses including Royal Doulton crystal and other glass.

10 A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasperware campana form vases, each height 19cm.

11 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware fluted fruit bowl, diameter 20cm.

12 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware teapot, together with a pair of similar jugs and a hand bell.

13 Two pairs of Wedgwood blue Jasperware vases and one other similar vase.

14 A collection of Wedgwood 20.5cm diameter Christmas plates 1969-1985 inclusive, and 1992-1997, together with a similar 10th anniversary 1969-1978 plate.

15 A set of four Wedgwood blue Jasperware tankards.

16 Two Wedgwood blue Jasperware commemorative plates 1977 and 1992, together with a white Jasperware 1953-1978 plate and a pair of similar small dishes.

17 A selection of Wedgwood blue Jasperware 18.5cm diameter Christmas plates 1986-1997, including two 1989 and 2000-2002.

18 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware circular wall clock and three vases.

19 A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasperware candle sticks and a pair of similar low sticks.

20 Three Wedgwood blue Jasperware commemorative plates, two similar small plates and four pin trays.

21 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware cherub decorated plate and two lidded boxes.

22 A suite of Royal Doulton crystal stemmed glasses and tumblers.

23 A Marmite teapot, a penguin biscuit barrel, a pair of Oceanus cognac bottles etc.

24 Various part tea services.

25 An African carving of a woman, a model of a cherub holding a cornucopia and two other pieces.

26 A majolica vase moulded as a winged nude harp figure, together with a similar jug moulded as a winged cherub with a fish tail.

27 A Sadler ‘Wellington’ pattern part tea service and one other part service.

28 A collection of studio pottery etc.

29 A collection of model frogs.

30 Quimper and other French china.

31 A 1930s wall pocket and an Eternal Beau pattern gravy boat and stand etc.

32 A Royal Doulton jug decorated with a church and a landscape and a Prinknash Pottery vase with an everted rim.

33 An Adams illustration from Dickens lidded jar a similar Cries of London jug and a Spode Byron pattern cup and saucer.

34 A Royal Standard ‘Fancy Free’ pattern part tea service and an Elizabethan playing card decorated part coffee service etc.

35 A boxed set of six stemmed glasses and other glass.

36 A cut glass ship’s decanter and two other decanters.

37 An art glass bowl with a Wrythen pattern, a pair of cased red glass ashtrays etc.

38 A red cased glass bowl and a green glass decanter on a square base.

39 A claret jug, a cut glass tankard and three other pieces.

40 A Royal Worcester ‘Grosvenor’ pattern part tea/dinner service.

41 A Kruger sculpture ‘Noah’s Ark,’ a similar model building etc.

42 Ten Coalport model buildings.

43 Various model houses.

44 A Lurpak toast rack mounted with a figure of Douglas, two pairs of similar egg cups and a cheese dish and cover made as a wedge of cheese with a mouse upon it.

45 Coloured and other glass.

46 A Doulton Lambeth jug with sprigged on decoration, a potpourri jar signed Alvingham and two other pieces.

47 Miscellaneous etc.

48 A pair of eastern figure decorated twin handle vases.

49 A 19th century stoneware Lipscombe & Co. patent twin handle water filter with a sprigged on Royal coat of arms, the lid with vine moulded decoration, height including handle 35.5cm.

50 A Japanese Imari vase, height 32cm.

51 A Burleigh Ware five piece toilet set, each piece with a band of black and white trees.

52 A Bavarian floral decorated part dinner service.

53 A collection of resin figurative sculptures.

54 Five cut glass decanters.

55 A blue and white toilet bowl and three other pieces.

56 A Japanese Satsuma Ware twin handle lidded jar and a similar model pail.

57 A Susie Cooper 1930s floral decorated lidded serving dish and two other pieces.

58 A collection of tea ware including a cottage moulded pot.

59 Two blue glass vases.

60 A green glass pedestal jar and lid, together with a similar jug.

61 Two cranberry glass jugs.

62 A pair of decanters painted with figures in Mary Gregory style and other glass and china.

63 A preplated pair of small open circular salts and a brass crumb scoop.

64 A collection of mostly Victorian jugs.

65 Four cut glass wine rinsers.

66 A Gray’s pottery 1930s floral decorated dinner service.

67 A Denby style baluster shape vase decorated with leaves and stylised flowers, height 33cm.

68 A Victorian blue and white meat plate transfer printed with figures by ruins within a floral border.

69 An extensive collection of Midwinter ‘Michaelmas’ pattern tea and dinner ware.

70 A Beswick 1930s mottled green and yellow glazed vase, height 30cm.

71 A bottle made as a wine bottle in a basket, a decanter and one other piece.

72 An collection of Shelley ‘Wild Flowers’ pattern part tea service and other matching pieces.

73 A continental cup and saucer painted with flowers between gilt divisions and other tea ware.

74 A Japanese red clay vase with decorated panels on a textured body, together with two Imari plates and another piece.

75 A Chinese figure decorated vase and two other pieces.

76 A collection of Minton “York” pattern dinner plates, soup bowls and saucers and other Minton china.

77 A Chinese plate decorated with birds, butterflies and flowers, diameter 31cm.

78 A 1930s floral decorated serving dish and cover a Mason’s square dish transfer printed with a Victorian scene etc.

79 A collection of “Victoria and Flora Dora” pattern dinnerware.

80 A ‘Fantasy’ pattern part tea service and other matching pieces.

81 Four Wedgwood blue Jasperware lidded boxes including commemorative.

82 Four Wedgwood blue Jasperware lidded boxes.

83 Three Wedgwood blue Jasperware egg shaped lidded boxes and two other boxes.

84 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware cruet, a pair of similar salt and pepper pots and a collection of pin trays.

85 A cut glass bowl and a similar tassa.

86 A cut glass bowl and a similar three nozzle candelabrum.

87 Two cut glass decanters and two similar vases.

88 Five pieces of cut glass and a vase with a band of trailed decoration.

89 A John Beswick ‘Lotus’ pattern bowl, diameter 21.5cm.

90 A Paragon ‘Lady Cynthia’ figurerine, a Doulton stoneware hot water bottle and one other piece.

91 An extensive collection of Royal Doulton ‘Larchmont’ pattern tea and dinnerware.

92 Four resin female sculptures.

93 Cranberry and other glass.

94 A cut glass flower basket, a similar cut tapering vase.

95 A Royal Crown Derby ‘Derby Posies’ pattern teapot.

96 An Aynsley Pembroke pattern jardiniere and a pair Goebels bird moulded plates.

97 A Carton ware ‘Bleu Royale’ pattern dish, a model duck etc.

98 A selection of Royal Doulton Valentine’s Day plates, 1976-1985 inclusive.

99 A set of four Royal Copenhagen blue and white year plates 1972-1975 and three other pieces.

100 A collection of commemorative mugs and four pieces of glassware.

101 A Minton “Haddon Hall” pattern ginger jar together with a pair of matching plates and other china.

102 Two part dinner services and other china.

103 Glassware including a pair of vases.

104 Two Victorian copper lustre jugs, a similar teapot and two other pieces.

105 Miscellaneous china including two wall pockets and a Staffordshire cruet.

106 A collection of commemorative mugs.

107 A bag of towels, cushions etc.

108 Three bags of bedding.

109 A bag of miscellaneous.

110 A bed throwover.

111 A bag of bedding.

112 A pair of lined velvet curtains with tie backs and pelmet covering.

113 A quilted bedspread and pillow sleeves.

114 Ladies vintage clothing.

115 A lady’s vintage ‘Aquascutum’ cashmere winter coat.

116 A lady’s vintage mink jacket.

117 A lady’s vintage mink coat.

118 A lady’s faux fur coat.

119 A lady’s ‘Bailys of Glastonbury’ vintage sheepskin coat.

120 A lady’s Astrakhan jacket.

121 A lady’s ‘Fissler’ herringbone pattern jacket and skirt.

122 A lady’s red ‘Jaeger’ jacket.

123 A lady’s ‘Elegance’ check skirt with a ‘Sommermann’ coordinating blouse.

124 A lady’s ‘Basler’ grey satin skirt with a ‘Cotswold Collection’ grey cardigan.

125 A lady’s ‘Cotswold Collection’ green pleated skirt with ‘Yarell’ blouse.

126 A lady’s ‘Lucia’ green skirt with a coordinating ‘Basler’ blouse.

127 Ladies assorted skirts.

128 A gentleman’s suit along with gentlemen’s jacket and trousers.

129 Men’s designer shirts x 3.

130 Men’s designer shirts x 3.

131 Men’s designer shirts x 3.

132 Men’s designer shirts x 2.

133 A man’s denim Levi jacket.

134 A man’s fleece, hoodies etc.

135 A Heineken Cup rugby shirt and an England rugby coat.

136 A pair of men’s ‘Barbour’ wax lined over trousers.

137 A Barbour warm pile snap in lining.

138 A classic ‘Barbour” waxed wide brim unisex hat, with feather trim, leather band and a check lining.

139 A gent’s ‘United Colors of Benetton’ racing team jacket with Camel logo and trousers.

140 A gent’s racing green ‘Jaguar Unipart’ racing team jacket.

141 A gent’s ‘Animal’ jacket and a set of waterproofs.

142 A child’s wetsuit.

143 A lady’s black patent ‘Peach’ handbag and a small satchel.

144 A lady’s black leather ‘Radley’ handbag.

145 A lady’s black leather ‘Hansson’ handbag.

146 A lady’s black leather ‘Osprey’ shoulder bag.

147 A string of black fur pom poms along with a lambskin fur necktie.

148 A box of miscellaneous.

149 A box of gentlemen’s shoes.

150 An assortment of ladies bags.

151 A box of table linen.

152 A box of fancy dress outfits.

153 A box of ladies clothing etc.

154 A box of vintage children’s ware.

155 A box of ladies handbags etc.

156 A box containing a vintage silk christening gown, vintage undergarments etc.

181 Various cardboard cards, silhouettes and posters from the film ‘Gladiator’ and a ‘Geromino’ card poster.

182 Three boxes of 33rpm records.

183 Two boxes of CD cases.

184 Two boxes of books.

185 Two boxes of books.

186 A coloured print of Mousehole Harbour after Stanhope Forbes.

187 A white and gilt cheval mirror.

188 A collection of The Movie History of the Cinema magazines circa 1990s.

189 A collection of The Record Collector magazines circa 1990s and other magazines.

190 A collection of ‘Guitar’ and other magazines.

191 A collection of Vintage Rock and other magazines.

192 A box of books.

193 A box of 33, 45 and 78rpm records.

194 A canvas clad cabin trunk with bentwood bands.

195 A blue canvas clad cabin trunk with bentwood bands.

196 A Pukka 1940s dream canvas cabin trunk with leather straps.

197 Two tin trunks.

198 Two small tin trunks.

199 Two deed boxes and a small tin trunk.

200 Two hard plastic trolley cases.

201 A bag of golf clubs.

202 Two bags of golf clubs including Ping.

203 A vibrating exercise machine.

204 An Art Nouveau cast iron gas fire.

205 A Webb 24in self driven cylinder mower with a Honda 5HP OHC engine (recently overhauled), with grass box and manual.

206 A set of of seventeen stickback cafe chairs.

207 A McCulloch petrol driven brush cutter.

208 A child’s plastic swing.

209 A wheelbarrow.

210 A tubular metal step ladder with wooden treads.

211 An aluminium ladder stand off’.

212 A collection of gardening tools in a galvanised incinerator bin.

213 A collection of drain/chimney rods in a galvanised coal scuttle.

214 A measuring rope on an iron winder.

215 A Mountfield Empress petrol driven rotary mower with grass box.

216 A pair of pierced metal wall pockets etc.

217 A collection of danns and buoys.

218 A gas cylinder and contents.

218A A white acrylic oval free standing bath on ball and claw feet.

218B An airing cupboard cylinder.

218C A section of Dexion type shelving, width 83cm.

218D A basket of galvanised chains.

218E A pair of boat fenders, a fishing net and a length of rope.

218F A patio heater.

218G A parlour lobster pot.

218H A circular aluminum pedestal garden table, diameter 70cm, together with a set of three similar chairs.

218I A small fish tank, width 46cm.

218J A Pilates exercise machine.

218K An Arum lilly in a plastic pot.

218L A Panasonic VCR with remote control and manual.

218M A Norlett two stroke self-propelled petrol driven rotary “Rough Grass Mower” with interchangeable front wheel.

218N A Makita electric rotary mower with grass box.

218O A wooden garden chair.


A folding three speed bicycle.

218Q A cool box trolley.

218R A metal frame garden swing seat with cushions.

218S A Lavor pressure washer.

218T Three wrought metal parlour lobster pots.

218U A wire and plastic pet cage.

218V A Clarke electric cement mixer.

219 A Lakes Pottery, Truro large earthenware jug.

220 A Lakes Pottery, Truro large earthenware jug.

221 A Lakes Pottery, Truro large earthenware jug.

222 A Lakes Pottery, Truro large earthenware jug.

223 A Lakes style large earthenware jug and a similar smaller jug.

224 An Al-Ko garden (was – large) shredder.

225 A box of door latches.

226 A white painted step stool.

227 A wrought iron garden bench, width including out scrolling arms 148cm.

228 A slatted wood garden bench on iron supports, width 130cm.

229 A box of miscellaneous china and glass.

230 A pair of slatted wood garden chairs on cast iron supports, each width 62cm.

231 A slatted wood garden bench on cast iron supports, width 127cm.

232 A jerry can.

233 An iron foot scraper and a galvanised watering can.

234 Two windbreaks.

235 A pair of aluminium stilts.

236 A bundle of garden tools, a windbreak, etc.

237 A plywood surfboard.

238 A yellow painted director’s chair.

239 A green plastic water butt with stand.

240 A folding wire stand and an aluminium saucepan.

241 A collection of floor tiles.

242 A collection of plant pots, wall baskets etc.

243 NO LOT

244 A small circular grey metal garden table and a pair of matching chairs.

245 A grey metal garden chair with cushions.

246 A collection of terracotta and plastic garden pots, a watering can etc.

247 A slatted wood garden bench on cast iron supports, width 122cm.

248 A Potter’s Ratcliffe clay pug.

249 A cast iron fire basket, width 50cm.

250 A 15ft diameter Intex Easy Set plastic swimming pool and related items including solar water heater and steps.

251 A Longrow Super Cloche.

252 A wooden raised bed kit.

253 A cast iron fire infill and two sections of black marble grate.


A circular hardwood folding garden table.


A tubular metal step ladder with wooden treads.

254 A painted pine window frame with two openers, width 119.5cm.

255 An aluminium ladder, a similar stepladder and a collection of hanging baskets.

256 A bundle of gardening tools.

257 An aluminum two section loft ladder.

258 A spade, a fork, a hoe and a petrol can.

259 A white painted fire surround/mantel shelf, width 142.5cm.

260 A Unicycle.

261 A child’s slated wood garden bench with an iron back, cast with African animals on iron supports, width 78cm.

262 A teak steamer chair.

263 A Traderack heavy duty galvanised roof rack, to fit a VW LT35 van, 163 x 335cm.

264 An anchor with a swivel fluke.

265 A folding anchor.

266 A box of tools etc.

267 A metal cantilever toolbox.

268 A rack of shop display shelves and two boxes of related parts.

269 A rack of grey metal shop display shelves.

270 A Garden Chef “Char-Vroil” gas barbecue.

271 A George Foreman grilling machine on a barbecue trolley.

272 A wooden stepladder.

272A 45 meters of 25mm self adhesive electrical trunking.

273 Three bags of golf clubs and a golf trolley.

274 A folding golf trolley.

275 A pine and galvanised metal wine rack, to hold twenty four bottles.

276 A rack of Dexion type shelving, width 87cm.

277 A rack of Dexion type shelving, width 87cm.

278 A Singer treadle sewing machine on an iron base.

279 A Fisherman’s large keep net.

280 A galvanised folding cage.

281 A copper and iron milk churn with a central band advertising United Dairies Wholesale Ltd, the lid with the wording “Primrose Dairy Co, Hayle”, height 57cm.

282 A snooker table on folding legs, width 92cm, length 183cm, together with two boxes of snooker and pool balls and a large collection of cues, including extra long.

282A A pool table on folding legs, 91 x 181cm, together with two boxes of balls, two triangles and four cues.

283 A Toby jug table lamp and two other pieces.

284 A set of three 1930s storage jars painted with coloured bands, together with a stainless steel teapot etc.

285 A collection of leaf moulded china.

286 A Japanese Imari vase, a blue and white ginger jar and three other pieces.

287 Three shelves of glassware.

288 Teapots, jugs and other china and glass.

289 A Mdina glass leaf shape dish and other coloured glass.

290 A fish jug, a 1950s vase and other china.

291 Two Imari bowls and a similar dish.

292 Miscellaneous china, including a pair of 1930s Arthur Grindle serving dishes and a Spode “Italian” pattern bowl.

293 A green glass fruit set, a pink glass vase, etc.

294 A box of books.

295 A box of books.

296 A box of 45rpm records, including the Beatles “Twist and Shout” EP and other 45s.

297 A case of records, including 45rpm by Adam Faith and Marty Wilde.

298 A case of 33rpm records, including Joan Baez.

299 A box of 45rpm records, including Elvis, The Beach Boys and Blondie.

300 A collection of 45rpm records and a tin box.

301 Four prints on canvas.

302 A set of three wildlife prints in gilt frames.

303 Charlotte Cantor two oils on board one of a Mediterranean bay, the other a still life.

304 An oil on canvas view to the Moulin Rouge, signed Burnette, 59cm x 89cm.

305 An oil on canvas of boats on a beach, together with a print of a girl.

306 Fred Slocombe two signed engravings of rustic scenes.

307 L.Ruet two pairs of signed engravings, one pair of Cavaliers, the other pair of Soldiers and two other prints.

308 Two mirrors.

309 An oil on canvas of a woodland stream and two large prints, one of a river before mountains, the other sailing ships.

310 A collection of novelty teapots.

311 A collection of Wedgwood Beatrix Potter china, together with Royal Doulton Bunnykins and Brambly Hedge china.

312 An Aynsley “Cottage Garden” lidded jar, two egg coddles, models and other china.

313 Paperweights, a Murano style model fish and other glass.

314 A Beswick vase, a similar part fruit set, teaware, etc.

315 Eight pieces of Sylvac china including a fish shape dish.

316 A rectangular cane log basket and two other cane baskets.

317 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

318 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

319 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

320 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

321 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

322 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

323 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

324 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

325 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

326 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

327 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

328 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

329 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

330 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

331 A box of mostly Cornish history books.

332 A box of books.

333 A watercolour of a lake shore, signed Lac Leman, together with an Arabian scene, signed Jebco.

334 Two hunting prints framed as one and an engraving of figures on a street.

335 Mugs etc.

336 A set of six glasses with green stems and cut bowls and other glass.

337 Five top hats and a hat box.

337A A bouncy castle with an electric blower/inflator.

338 A Tonka tin plate model fire engine.

339 A hard plastic trolley case with combination lock.

340 Two aluminium cases,

341 A black bakelite telephone, the chrome spring loaded holder and one other telephone.

342 A glass Art Nouveau table lamp and three other lamps.

343 A brass hearth jack and a sun dial.

344 A Victorian brass kettle on spirit burner stand, a garden syringe and two other pieces.

345 A box of miscellaneous items.

346 A tray of flatware etc.

347 A pair of Mitsubishi SS7G speakers.

348 A Union vintage cast iron hand crank pedestal drill.

349 A walnut fire screen.

350 A hardwood ships wheel, diameter including handles 95cm.

351 A fantasy sign advertising Macdonagh & Son tobaccoonist, two religious prints, etc.

352 A box of kitchenware etc.

353 A box of miscellaneous china etc.

354 An architect’s drawing board, two wooden stands and an oil on canvas, view to mountains.

355 A DeLonghi Dragon electric radiator.

356 A portable gas fire, lacks cylinder.

357 A portable gas fire, lacks cylinder.

358 A Hewlett Packard computer printer.

359 A IQE Simplicity 25-30-35-20T-25T-30T gas central heating boiler. Apparently purchased 2015, fitted but never used, with its manual etc.

360 An Art Nouveau walnut book trough, width 88 cm.

361 A box of kitchenware.

362 A collection of spirit miniature bottles and a bundle of football magazines.

363 A Japanese lacquered musical jewellery box.

364 A melodian and a book of instructions.

365 A brass coal helmet.

366 Three witch dolls.

367 A small brown leather effect briefcase.

368 An Electrolux chest freezer, width 133 cm.

369 A British Airways Wall World map showing proposed Concorde destinations. N.B. This map originally hung in the Concorde factory where the vendor was employed, 17 x 114.5 cm.

370 Two boxes of books.

371 Three maps of Devon, one of Dartmoor the other two coastal.

372 An artist’s folding easel.

373 An artist’s Italian Mabef folding easel/stool.

374 A Miranda camera tripod.

375 An artist’s Boldmere “Combined Desk Easel”

376 A case of 33 rpm records.

377 A Vox guitar amplifier.

378 Two cased sets of fish knives and forks and two albums of 78 rpm records.

379 A suite of 1930s Dixon EPNS rats tail pattern flatware in a walnut veneered canteen.

380 An Aldis slide projector.

381 A paper shredder.

382 An oval fish steamer.

383 A Roneo green metal file case.

384 A projection screen in its original box.

385 LED light fittings and a telephone.

386 A first aid kit in a black canvas bag.

387 A deed box and an electric drill.

388 Two Junior Ready Beds in their original boxes, together with two girls Crystal annuals 1958 and 1959 and a Jena model bird a.f.

389 A Panasonic video camera accessories and a set of Dirt Devil vacuum accessories.


A camping stove, a Black and Decker jig-saw and a foot pump.


A Bosch electric leaf blower/vac.

390 A Sima video copy kit and a IQ video edit controller.

391 A Vax cylinder vacuum cleaner.

392 A pair of Sony speakers in hardwood effect cases on adjustable stands.

393 A pair of AR-4xa speakers in hardwood cases.

394 A Sovereign petrol driven chain saw.

395 A brass clad magazine rack embossed with figures.

396 An oval stick stand printed with a view of London.

397 A Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer and an extension cable.

398 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.

399 An oil on board of a country house, signed V.Temple-Jones and other pictures, etc.

400 An oil on board of a woodland stream, signed Cafieri, together with two other pictures and a mirror.

401 A mirror.

402 A Remington Monarch grey and white metal portable typewriter in a grey rexine case.

403 A collection of prints, including two Victorian fashion prints.

404 A travel cot.

405 An ironing board.

406 A Kinsman black metal folding stool/guitar stand and a similar music stand.

406A Two wooden folding clothes airers.

407 An artist’s folding easel.

408 A box of radio valves, etc.

409 A Mastra V35 camera, in a brown leather effect ERC, one other camera and a pair of Tasco 8 x 40 binoculars.

410 A collection of model buildings etc.

411 A cranberry glass scent bottle and five other pieces.

412 A box of 45rpm records.

413 A collection of “Carry On” films on DVD and a related book.

414 A collection of 78rpm records.

415 A bracelet display case, a box of jewellery display stands, etc.

416 A 19th century coloured print and other pictures.

417 A convector heater.

418 A 1950s Creda arched convector heater in grey and yellow enamel.

419 A coloured print of W.G.Grace advertising Colmans mustard and five picture frames.

420 A box of books.

421 A box of books, 33 and 45rpm records etc.

422 A box of kitchenware, etc.

423 A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched walnut veneered case.

424 A Backlife back pain relief device.

425 A box of cookery and other books.

426 Two boxes of Cornish history related and other books.

427 A box of Cornish history related and other books.

428 A Bush portable record player, in beige and brown rexine.

429 A box of tools.

430 A box of kitchenware etc.

431 A Kenwood Multipro blender with attachments.

432 A Murphy Majorette portable record player, in black rexine.

433 A Panasonic video cabinet in its original box.

434 An oil on canvas of offshore shipping and a heightened drawing of girls in a garden.

435 A collection of prints.

436 A map of Bristol in the 17th century, a copper printing plate of Bristol and one other map.

437 A coloured print of horse drawn carriages, after Cecil Aldin.

438 A Grundig Stereo 4017 multi band valve radio in a walnut veneered case.

439 Two aluminium briefcases with combination locks.

440 A Hotpoint larder fridge.

441 A silver metal Frigidaire larder fridge.

442 A Corby trouser press.

443 A CD illuminated juke box/radio in an arched case.

444 A Zanussi white enamel four ring halogen hob cooker.

445 A Eumi slide projector in its original box.

446 A LEC cream enamel small chest freezer.

447 A Hoover upright vacuum cleaner.

448 A DeLonghi dehumidifier.

449 A Samsung 32in flat screen television with remote control.

450 Three gas camping lanterns and a similar battery lantern.

451 Three boxes of 78rpm records.

452 A brass height adjustable standard lamp made as a column with Corinthian capital on a square base with lion paw feet.

453 A brass height adjustable standard lamp made as a column with Corinthian capital on a square base with lion paw feet.

454 A black metal uplighter.

455 A Sony three disc changer stereo system with speakers and remote control.

456 A green leather Radio Times cover, playing cards etc.

457 A BT corded telephone.

458 A black ash effect CD stand and contents.

459 Four brass table lamps.

460 A Breville Anthony Worrell endorsed mixer.

460A A Technics compact disc player.

460B A Logik stainless steel four slice toaster and a halogen heater.

460C A Tevion DVD player with remote control and a Panasonic VCR with remote.

460D A Brother electric typewriter.

460E A Zyon ‘Sus Vide Cooker’ in its original box.

460F A Morphy Richards ‘Spiralizer Express’ in its original box.

460G A Makita garden shredder.


A portable CD/radio/cassette recorder.

(was- A Homemedics Shiatsu massage cushion in its original box.)

460J A Panasonic combi VHS / DVD recorder with remote control, a Toshiba 37 inch flatscreen television with remote control.

460K A Lenovo computer together with an AOC flat screen monitor, an Epson printer and a cordless mouse.

460L A Handic 0050 ‘Micro computerised AM-FM scanner’.

460M A cased set of Wahl hair trimmers and a portable radio.

461 A small portable gas stove in a plastic case.

462 A Steepleton radio made in 1930s style in a walnut effect case.

463 A brass standard lamp.

464 A Neilsen petrol chain saw.

465 A security lamp, a boxed set of “The Twenty Four” television series, etc.

466 A Dual Deck laminator and a Network security camera.

467 A Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine in its original box.


A Grundig mini stereo CD system with three speakers.

(was an Alba portable system …)

469 A stereo record play/radio.

470 An Epsom computer scanner.

471 A Talmo warning triangle, in its original box.

472 A 1960s Ekco portable case transistor radio, in rexine covered snake skin effect.

473 Two Linesman telephones in yellow resin cases.

474 A Qualcast electric hedge trimmer.

475 A 500,000 candle power rechargeable torch.

476 A Canon computer printer.

477 A Princess “Dish Warmer”, in its original box.

478 An Ignis microwave oven.

479 An electric hedge trimmer.

480 A Sony Bravia 26″ HD Ready flat screen television with remote control.

481 A Glima Plus compact portable gas cooker, in its original box.

482 A Roland ep.7 IIe black finish electric piano.

483 A brass clad fire kerb width 88.5cm.

484 An Advent “Naturally” steriliser.

485 A Prima bread making machine.

486 A Black and Decker electric steamer.

487 A “Martin Pump” the aluminum body with a rotating handle with three cylindrical rollers contracting a rubber tube.

488 A plaster table lamp mould with eastern scenes.

489 A Zanussi Aqua Cycle 1400 automatic washing machine.

490 An AEG OKO-Lavamant automatic washing machine.

491 A electronic cash register, with four boxes of till rolls.

492 A Creda Coldstore upright freezer.

493 A Pioneer stereo cassette deck.

494 A Bush type D.A.C. 90A. valve radio, in a brown Bakelite case.

495 A Bush 19″ flat screen television, with remote control, together with a computer keyboard.

496 A Cona plastic coffee maker with stand and heater.

497 A box of miscellaneous china, glass, etc.

498 A box of china, including a shorter part coffee service.

499 A box of miscellaneous items, including a boat pump and a riding helmet.

500 A set of four Kate Greenaway framed illustrated poems.

501 A set of four 19th century coloured hunting prints.

502 A modern sampler by “Gerry”.

503 A Victorian cast iron foot scraper.

504 A Tallis’s “Illustrated Atlas of the World” dated 1851 and a George Newnes Citizens Atlas.

505 A box of Rupert annuals etc.

506 A box of Kings and Queens pattern flatware etc.

507 A camera tripod, an Everhot type teapot and a plated circular stand etc.

508 A box of Great Western Railway related and other books.

509 A box of postcards.

510 A box of commemorative and other china and a lava lamp.

511 A box of American West related books, a replica pistol and a John Wayne jigsaw puzzle.

512 A HMV portable hand wind gramophone with a No.16 pickup in a black rexine case a.f.

513 A mirror in a gilt paster frame.

514 A box of iron weights.

515 A box of tiles.

516 An oil on canvas of a Cornish mine engine house, signed D.J.Philips and three other pictures.

517 A mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame and one other mirror.

518 Hugh E Ridge an ink and watercolour view to a church through trees, 19.5 x 30cm.

519 W.Wills a watercolour of a fishing boat before St. Michael’s Mount, dated 77, 21 x 24cm.

520 A coloured print of children flying a kite after Laura Knight and one other print after Forbes.

521 An oil on canvas a view to St.Michael’s Mount, signed R.M.Mitchell, 40.5 x 56cm.

522 A watercolour of St.Ives Harbour, signed T.J.Chapman, 27 x 35.5cm.

523 Mary Stella Edwards (Allets) an oil on board view to St.Michael’s Mount, 50.5 x 76.5cm.

524 Three mirrors.

525 An ethnic print on fabric of figures and two other prints.

526 A mantel timepiece in an alabaster case and two other timepieces.

527 A horn ship table lamp.

528 A Gibson bird and flower decorated four piece toilet set.

529 A pair of Viper 10 x 50 binoculars, in a brown leather case.

530 A blue and white ceramic timepiece made as a long case clock etc.

531 Two coloured glass vases, a similar lampshade and four other pieces.

532 Miscellaneous china and glass.

533 A pair of coach lamps.

534 A collection of plated ware and a silver lustre jug.

535 A collection of plated ware, etc.

536 An early 20th century leather bound unused “Cash Book”.

537 A toilet jug and two pendant glass lampshades.

538 A native carving of a three figure totem and a similar carved wood mask.

539 A painted brass 3.5cm single draw telescope by C.West, London, “Day or Night”.

540 A collection of souvenir spoons etc.

541 A Victorian rosewood sewing box the interior with open and lidded compartments and a removable shelf.

542 A copper model divers helmet and a similar brass model.

543 A Stanley No.45 plane with blades, manual etc in its original box together with an ebony and brass mortice gauge.

544 Children’s annuals, a Halma game by Jaques & Son in its original box etc.

545 Four Caithness coloured glass vases, a similar perfume bottle and other glass.

546 A set of four prints in gilt frames, a barometer and a thermometer on a pine stand etc.

547 A 19th century floral decorated part tea service.

548 Pewter tankards etc.

549 A Jamaica version of the “Go” game in its original box.

550 A multi glass paperweight, one other weight and a set of six cut amethyst glasses.

551 A pair of 3D viewers in their original packaging and a slide viewer.

552 A set of twelve James Ryals & Co fish knives and forks in an oak canteen and a plated four nozzle epergne stand etc.

553 A box of golf balls, tees etc.

554 A Fosters Pottery, Redruth, orange glaze vase painted with a band of green stylised leaves and two other pieces.

554A A collection of glass model animals and a collection of horse brasses.

555 Miscellaneous china including a Carlton ware lidded box.

556 A hardwood box containing electric motors etc.

557 A cased set of six fish knives and forks with ivory handles and other cased and boxed flatware.

558 A gentleman’s brown leather toilet case and two other pieces.

559 A large red and amber stemmed glass and three ink wells.

560 A Lladro table lamp moulded as a violinist beside a tree.

561 An eastern baluster table lamp painted as flowers.

562 A plaster bust of Michelangelo’s David.

563 A Marigold Carnival glass dish moulded with flowers and berries and two other pieces.

564 A set of three graduated gilt leaf decorated jugs, a pair of floral decorated jugs and a pair of Wade Beefeater advertising jugs.

565 A pink glaze four piece toilet set.

566 A Metropolitan Police helmet.

567 Miscellaneous china etc.

568 An oil lamp, a kitchen balance, a bronze tap etc.

569 A View Master 3D viewer, a box containing an album of slides and two model birds.

570 A coach lamp.

571 A Leonardo collection model of two foxes and five other pieces.

572 A Shorter jug moulded with fish together with a saddler coaching scene decorated keeper.

573 A collection of commemorative mugs, model figures etc.

574 A Capodimonte model of a horse drawn carriage with its certificate, length 43cm.

575 A Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern bowl, diameter 23cm and one other piece.

576 A Susie Cooper floral painted tea service for six, with teapot.

577 A Royal Standard yellow floral decorated tea service.

578 A set of twelve Minton “Haddon Hall” pattern, 27cm diameter dinner plates, together with a 32.5cm serving plate, five 20″ plates and a 16cm plate.

579 Six model figures.

580 Two Capodimonte models one of a cobbler the other a man reading, together with a set of three continental cups and saucers the centre of each with a textured image.

581 A collection of cine film, reels etc.

582 Model horses and other models.

583 A cream enamel “Bread” bin.

584 Two Russian type dolls, one a pirate the other a penguin, together with a pair of souvenir pewter beakers.

585 A collection of Wallace and Gromit figures.

586 A collection of spirit miniatures.

587 An oil lamp with a cut glass reservoir on a brass base and with a red glass shade together with an oval plated tray.

588 A large pendant white glass lampshade with its hanger and large bulbs.

589 A Swedish large copper twin handle bowl marked Ostersund to handles, diameter 43cm.

590 A model of a seated tiger and other china and glass including Edinburgh crystal.

591 An Indian brass tea kettle.

592 Three Wedgwood blue Jasper ware vases, a similar pin tray and two other pieces.

593 Four Wedgwood blue Jasper ware lidded boxes.

594 A collection of Wedgwood Jasper ware pin trays.

595 A collection of Wedgwood blue Jasper ware year plates.

596 A collection of plated ware.

597 A Coalport part tea service decorated with exotic birds and flowers.

598 A late 19th / early 20th century orange transfer floral swag decorated tea service and a set of four Furnivals blue and white crescent shape dishes.

599 Miscellaneous china including a set of four Royal Albert Devon pattern cups and saucers etc.

600 NO LOT

601 A box of 33rpm records.

602 A box of glassware.

603 A collection of 33rpm records including boxed albums.

604 A box of 33rpm records.

605 A box of books.

606 A box of books.

607 A brass magazine rack and three brass fire implements.

608 A box of books.

609 A box of miscellaneous items.

610 An Art Nouveau ceramic pedestal.

611 A Sylvac basket weave jug No.3009 and other china.

612 A Denby floral decorated part tea service with teapot and hot water jug.

613 Two cranberry glass spill glasses one other similar vase and four other pieces.

614 An extensive collection of Wedgwood “Hathaway Rose” pattern tea, coffee and dinnerware.

615 A Royal Albert 1930s tea service, each piece with a black, white and silver lustre geometric border.

616 Miscellaneous china including teapots, a Royal Doulton jug etc.

617 An extensive collection of Royal Doulton “Lisette” pattern tea, coffee and dinnerware.

618 A collection of model dogs mostly Coopercraft.

619 A pair of figure decorated ginger jars and a blue glaze studio pottery bowl.

620 A box of 33rpm records.

621 A box of 33rpm records.

622 Two boxes of kitchen ware etc.

623 A box of books.

624 A box of plated and other metal ware.

625 A box of books mostly sailing related.

626 A coloured print of St Marks square after Canaletto.

627 A large brass plaque embossed with figures.

628 An camouflage Ex W.D “Pri 45 litre Infantry Bergen”.

629 A watercolour a view of boats on a river signed Grace Bassett 1914 together a Vargas glamour print and a cross stitch panel.

630 A box of dolls including early 20th century celluloid with sleep eyes and fabric body together with a soft toy monkey.

631 An autographed photograph of Jock Mahoney as ‘The Range Rider’.

632 ‘The Magnificent Seven’ two photographs and a cast list framed as one.

633 A box of 33rpm records.

634 A box of 33rpm records including boxed albums.

635 Two boxes of books including Cornish history.

636 A box of china including Royal Doulton ‘Brambly Hedge’.

637 A coloured print of an osprey signed by the artist Ben Maile and Angus Ogilvy together with a pair of coloured prints.

638 A box of DVDs including The Avengers television series.

639 An oil on board of a fishing boat and other shipping signed W J Banner.

640 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

641 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in an oak frame.

642 A signed limited edition coloured print of the London Hospital after Robert Palmer and two other prints.

643 A pastel of of Carn Brea by W Pip Phillips together with a watercolour of a canal side windmill and a mirror.

644 A watercolour of a lakeside house signed Wynne Watson, two other watercolours, a framed poem about The Cape of Good Hope signed John C Hall and a picture frame.

645 Two coloured prints after Vernon Ward, a watercolour of a lake and two other prints.

646 A needlework picture of trees and two other pieces.

647 A 19th century framed Victoria gold prospecting licence dated 1852 and three other pieces.

648 A mirror in a gilt frame.

649 A set of four coloured prints of sailing ships.

650 A watercolour “The Village Shop” initialled H M 1907 together with a print and a decoupage of a sailing boat.

651 A late 19th or early 20th century Willcox & Gibbs American made chain stitch sewing machine in its original pine case and with its original accessory tin.

652 A box of books, CDs etc.

653 Two Victorian pink and yellow fairy books and two other children’s books.

654 A box of books including Folio society.

655 A box of books including Folio society.

656 A 1970s oil on board of the Christmas Steps, Bristol, signed Fredrica 74, 67 x 39cm.

657 A watercolour of an estuary signed Barbara Wills together with a print and a map.

658 A pair of vintage binoculars by Ross of London in a brown leather case.

659 A pair of Hilkinson 8 x 30 binoculars in a black ‘leather’ case.

660 A Tombola game with a ball collector and other games.

661 A collection of early History of Devon cartoons after Wilfred Drake dated 1906 and other pictures.

662 Dartington and other glass.

663 Two Murano style coloured glass baskets with high hoop handles and other coloured glass.

664 A Sylvac jug moulded as an oak tree with a squirrel beside it, a similar vase and a set of four Limoges graduated bowls.

665 An African carved wood head of a girl, a Don Quixote figure and other wood ware.

666 A Nao model of a bride and groom and other similar models etc.

667 Models including cats.

668 A collection of model animals.

669 A box of model guitars and stand.

670 A mantel timepiece, three pewter tankards etc.

671 A box of flatware.

672 A box of model frogs etc.

673 A Sylvac flower moulded basket, a Poole Pottery green glaze mug a similar shell moulded vase etc.

674 A box of flatware.

675 A collection of Starburst Monthly magazines circa late 1970/1980s.

676 A Royal Couldon ‘Bittersweet’ pattern part dinner service and a small collection of glass including a pair of Dartington Glass flower dishes.

677 A collection of baskets.

678 A blood pressure machine, models etc.

679 Three Caithness glass vases with their original boxes and other glass and china.

680 A collection of commemorative china, glass and plate.

681 A Japanese egg shell china bird and floral decorated part tea service.

682 A J & G ‘Old English’ fruit decorated tea service.

683 A late Victorian pale blue glaze tea service each piece decorated with classical figures.

684 A copper coach horn.

685 A bundle of 78rpm records including Frank Sinatra.

686 A soft toy dolly, teddy bear and other toys and souvenirs.

687 A D-Link Ether Network Express in its original box.

688 A bundle of 33rpm records.

689 A collection of novelty teapots.

690 A carved wood model cat.

691 Miscellaneous china including a biscuit barrel.

692 A collection of fish knives and forks, a coffee pot and other plate etc.

693 Three Royal Doulton character jugs, two commemorative mugs etc.

694 Miscellaneous china including Victorian.

695 A pedigree black baby doll with sleep eyes.

696 A cut glass lidded jar, other cut glass and three red stemmed bohemian glasses.

697 A box of spirit and other miniatures.

698 A pendant brass light fitting.

699 A Celtic Pottery vase and a Bickleigh Mill, Devon floral decorated butter dish and cover signed S Pascal.

700 A small quartz mantel timepiece in an arched hardwood effect case and one other timepiece with a revealed movement.

701 A Capodimonte large model of “The Young Storyteller” by Cortese with it’s certificate.

702 Two 19th century glass rummers.

703 A Minton “Haddon Hall” pattern coffee service together with a wooden box.

704 Plated ware, pewter tankards, a brass figure cast door knocker etc.

705 A turned bowl, together with a similar vase and wood bowl.

706 A brass companion set cast with ships and a mantel timepiece.

707 A Royal Norfolk china bowl, a small tureen etc.

708 Cut and other glass.

709 A Woods Ware “Balmoral” pattern fruit set, a blue glaze biscuit barrel and other china etc.

710 A set of six cut glass dishes each diameter 16cm and two other similar bowls.

711 A set of six Bavarian floral decorated soup bowls and two matching pieces.

712 A Continental oval floral decorated serving plate.

713 A large Middle Eastern dish, diameter 42.5cm.

714 A pair of plaster models moulded as children.

715 A 1930s plaster model of an Egyptian dancing girl.

715A A set of Asco white metal bookends cast as leaping greyhounds.

715B A 2.5cm leather clad brass three draw telescope.

715C A black metal cash tin.

715D A resin model of a rearing cobra.

715E A pair of small oils on board of Arabian desert scene each signed C. Graham and each 14.5 x 23.5 cm

715F A Fredrikson simulated fur hat with ear flaps.

716 A collection of 19th century coloured prints and one other print.

717 A pendant coloured glass lampshade.

718 Two chamber pots.

719 A pair of hearth ornaments cast as Staffordshire spaniels.

720 A black leather cylindrical table lamp set with needlework panels.

721 Two mantel timepieces in arched oak cases.

722 A part water set painted with hares, two cameo seashells etc.

723 A Sylvac green glaze jug with a band of floral decoration, a Devon Motto ware small teapot impressed to the base N M Exeter and other china.

724 Two oval plaster plaques moulded with heads of Alsatians.

725 A collection of 45rpm records and tent pegs.

726 A box of costume dolls, related books etc.

727 A Victorian floral decorated toilet jug and two matching pieces.

728 A reproduction Egyptian blue ground vase decorated with cats and hieroglyphs on a brass stand.

729 A leaf moulded Jardiniere, a pricket twin branch candlestick wrought as a dancing girl and an alabaster vase.

730 An Eastern red lacquer glove box, a mantel timepiece and a candelabrum.

731 A vintage articulated plush teddy bear and a soft toy elephant.

732 A Yashica 35mm camera, one other camera etc.

733 A box of spirits and other miniatures.

734 A collection of ebony dressing table ware.

735 Five bottles of wine and an energy drink.

735A Five bottles of wine.

736 A box of mineral specimens, amethyst, seashells, a haematite etc.

737 A Radley black leather handbag and other bags.

738 A collection of Kings and Queens pattern flatware including ladles and serving spoons.

739 A case and contents including field glasses and trade cards together with a 1940s exercise book.

740 Four bottles of wine.

741 A Victorian rosewood sewing box and a walnut jewellery box with a domed lid and inset brass handles.

742 A box of clout head nails.

743 A brown leather Gladstone bag.

744 Three wooden slide boxes.

745 A “Blackrock” grill set.

746 A brass oil lamp on a classical column and with a white glass shade and spare chimney.

747 A cantilever sewing box.

748 A pair of Barr & Stroud 6 x 20 binoculars, in a brown leather case.

749 A ship’s copper and brass Port & Starboard lamps by Davey & Co, London, each height excluding ring handle, 22cm.

750 A ship’s brass Anchor lamp, height excluding handle 34cm.

751 A walnut writing box with a fitted interior.

752 An album of First Day Covers.

753 A box of coins and banknotes.

754 A box of plastic figures, mostly Cowboys and Indians.

755 An album of mostly black and white photographs of old St.Ives, most late 19th/early 20th century, including Alfred Wallis’ Store, dog fish skinning and laying the foundation stone for the Smeaton pier extension 1888.

756 A child’s Smiths mantel timepiece, the face with a marching bear with nodding head.

757 A bundle of Observer books.

758 A plated folding cake stand and egg cup cruet.

759 A British Airways grey Concorde scarf and a Olympic Games, Sydney 2000 baseball cap.

760 A Sony 14.1 Mega pixel Cyber Shot digital camera and related items, in its original box.

761 A Chinese white metal rickshaw cruet.

762 A possibly Hayle copper circular tray, engraved with a sailing ship and a cased set of dessert knifes with mother of pearl handles.


A clockwork flapping duckling, an iron bully beef can opener and an electronic toy.

764 A Dinky die-cast Klingon Battle Cruiser toy and three other pieces.

765 Four copies of the Punk Generation on CD and a Led Zeplin album.

766 A Nimslo 3D camera, together with stereo viewers and cards.

767 A stars and stripes flag and three others.

768 A box of 33rpm records, including boxed albums.

769 A white ceramic basin, in its original box.

770 A box of kitchenware.

771 A brown leather briefcase with a brass catch.

772 A brass and mesh four fold fire guard.

773 A mahogany stained fire screen set with Art Nouveau style tiles.

774 Two Old Master prints, ‘The Landlords Birthday and The Family Outing’.

775 Two oils on canvas, one a harbour scene, signed B.Hughes the other a coastal scene, signed A.Emery and a coloured print of a boat in a harbour.

776 Two floral decoupage pictures.

777 Two Harry Kain one pound notes, framed as one.

778 A brown leather briefcase.

779 Two boxes of vintage Christmas decorations.

780 A box of prints, magazines, etc.

781 A green painted folding magazine rack.

782 A collection of Concorde and other aircraft prints and postcards.

783 An oil on board of Newlyn harbour, signed P.S.Tunstill.

784 An oil on canvas boats in St.Ives Harbour, unsigned.

785 Two engravings, one of highland cattle, the other An Evening in Finisterre.

786 An oil on board of a church signed Howard, three marquetry pictures and one other piece.

787 An oil on board of a coastal cottage, signed Henderson, 1962.

788 An oil on board of a boat in a harbour.

789 An oil on board of a lobster pot, signed Dean Dak, an oil on canvas of a girl, initialled E.E.R and one other picture.

790 A watercolour of Bishop Rock, Newquay and other pictures.

791 A marquetry picture of a sailing ship, a James Dean wall clock, etc.

792 A bead and woolwork picture of a bird and five other pieces.

793 A brass draw plate embossed with a tavern scene and two eastern brass trays.

794 An oval mirror with bevelled glass, in a walnut frame.

795 A watercolour of a rose and a collection of prints etc.

796 A mirror with bevelled glass, in a reclaimed pine frame.

797 A mirror with bevelled glass, in a pine frame, size including frame 63 x 88cm.

798 A brass height adjustable twin branch table lamp.

799 A Robert R505 portable radio, a case set of forks and knifes and an aneroid barometer.

800 A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery green glaze jug, the upper part with leaf and berry moulded decoration, the lower with tapering ribbing and three other pieces.

801 Miscellaneous china and glass, including model figures.

802 A Noricake floral decorated tea for one set.

803 An Ashworth Brothers part tea service with floral and gilt decoration on a green ground, together with other teaware etc.

804 Miscellaneous china.

805 A box of hair clippers, etc.

806 A box of trade cards.

807 A large St.Georges cross flag, 120 x 266cm approx. by Chapman, North Street, Taunton.

808 A “Staunton” pattern wooden chess set, in its original box and a folding board.

809 A box of postcards.

810 A collection of plated trophies, medallions, etc.

811 A collection of commemorative china.

812 A folding table mounted wool winder.

813 A child’s Chinese Lark violin with bow, in case.

814 A Burleigh ware orange glaze five piece toilet set.

815 Two 1930s cake plates, other china, etc.

816 A doll’s stickback Windsor chair and a similar peacock chair.

817 A soft toy dog, two Gollys, two other soft toys, etc.

818 A Chinese hardwood standard lamp carved with a figure holding a lantern.

819 A collection of model dogs.

820 A wrought iron companion set.

821 A mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case.

822 A terracotta twin handle planter, a stone pestle and mortar and two other pieces.

823 A set of eight Babycham saucers.

824 A Chinese engraved brass bowl on a hardwood stand and two brass bell weights.

825 An iridescent glass decanter and one other piece.

826 A Palissey style trefoil basket flower encrusted and four other pieces.

827 Stoneware ink bottles, etc.

828 A collection of commemorative mugs and a Penzance crested candlestick.

829 A set of Hummel style model figures and a copy of the Quiver magazine, 1880.

830 A bundle of books.

831 A bundle of books and matchbox albums.

832 A fondue set.

833 An early 20th century composition doll, with sleep eyes.

834 Writing paper, a rocking blotter, a Rabone leather tape measure, etc.

835 A bundle of books.

836 A bundle of Navy related books.

837 A suite of Sanders & Bowers cutlery in a hardwood effect canteen.

838 A pair of 19th century twin handle blue and white urns, a pair of 1930s floral decorated vases and four other pieces.

838A A 19th century bronze “Quart” tankard.

839 A steel and brass miners lamp by the Protector and Lighting Co Ltd, Eccles.

840 A Noritake “Desert Scene” decorated twin handle vase and a matching dish, etc.

841 Two copper saucepans and a similar dish.

842 An Art Nouveau brass table lamp.


An Everhot type four piece tea service.

844 A blue and white meat plate on a folding wooden stand and three other pieces.

845 A large specimen Bailer shell.

846 Two good specimen yellow helmet shells.

846A A good specimen yellow helmet shell.

847 A collection of Wedgwood Blue Jasparware etc.

848 Two copper lustre jugs, together with a similar mug and bowl.

849 An exercise wheel, a doorbell etc.

850 A cranberry glass on a plated stand, a Cadbury stoneware jug etc.

851 A glass claret jug with a plated mount and other glass.

852 Games etc.

853 A painted boomerang and a similar box.

854 A bed slipper.

855 A floral decorated part dinner service and a collection of place mats.

856 A floral decorated sandwich set, two leaf moulded plates, a Sylvac vase etc.

857 Six pieces of Royal Doulton Bunnykins ware.

858 A 1950s part tea service and other teaware etc.

859 A Smith’s mantel clock in a brown Bakelite case.

860 Boxed and cased flatware and a 1935 commemorative mug, a brass tray and a head dress.

861 A Black and Decker wallpaper stripper in its original box.

862 A chrome table lamp, a clock on a brass stand and two other pieces.

863 A pair of eastern square brass candlesticks.

864 An Indian brass jug, other brass plates etc.

865 A box of stemmed glasses.

865A A pine wine box.

866 Three cut glass decanters and a similar claret jug.

867 A Dymo Qwerty keyboard labelling machine and related items.

868 An electric fan.

869 Three Pusser’s Rum bottles.

870 A pair of brass candlesticks.

871 A brass coal helmet, a companion set etc.

872 A collection of Mason’s china including fruit basket and Mandalay pattern.

873 An Edinburgh crystal bowl in its original box.

874 A white wood ‘bread’ bin.

875 A box of sports racquets etc.

876 A box of books.

877 A box of mostly early 20th century children’s books and a poster of a harbour scene after Marion.

878 A box 78rpm records, books etc.

879 A Gurst photographic enlarger in its original box.

880 A late 19th early 20th century blue and white part dinner service including terrines and graduated oval plates.

881 A Ridgway Golden Amber part tea service.

882 A Crown Ducal ‘Astra’ pattern tea/dinner service.

883 Flatware, plated dressing table set etc.

884 A J & G Meakin part tea/coffee service decorated with stylised flowers.

885 An extensive collection OF Wedgwood ‘Hathaway Rose’ pattern dinner and teaware.

886 A Wood & Sons ‘Yuan’ pattern coffee/dinner service and other blue and white china.

887 Plates, a footed bowl and other china.

888 A collection of model figures.

889 A pair of blue glass vases decorated with classical figures, an Italian pink and white glass vase etc.

890 Two plated teapots, two German tankards and two other pieces.

891 A collection of oriental teaware.

892 Caithness and other glass.

893 A large shallow bowl.

894 A Gyro Max remote control helicopter in its original box.

895 A Breville toaster sandwich maker, telephones etc.

896 A box of miscellaneous items.

897 A box of 45 and 33rpm records.

898 A box of table lamps, lampshades etc.

899 A collection of vintage Meccano, mostly red and green, together with boxes of wheels, cogs, a clockwork motor etc.

900 A standard lampshade.

901 Two Capodimonte model figures, one a tailor, the other a tramp on a bench.

902 A Royal Doulton ‘Smuggler’ large character jug, a black glazed tea pot etc.

903 Two Krosno art glass vases.

904 Two coloured glass scent bottles, other glass and two baluster shape lidded jars etc.

905 A pair of octagonal white glaze table lamps with shades.

906 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

907 A box of plastic display stands.

908 A rectangular art glass tray, other glass and china, a horn bird, brassware etc.

909 A litre bottle of Drambuie and a bottle of Pimm’s No. 1.

910 A boxed bottle of Glemorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky and a bottle of Southern Comfort.

911 A bottle of Taylor’s 10 Year old Tawny Port in a pine box.

912 A boxed bottle of Glenfiddich 15 Year old Single Malt Whisky.

913 A boxed bottle of Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Special Reserve Whisky

914 A litre bottle of Phillipe Roschelle French Brandy.

915 A litre bottle of Three Barrells V.S.O.P. ‘Rare Old’ French Brandy.

916 Ernest & Julio Gallo, a boxed pair of Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 and Chardonnay 2002 wines.

917 Glassware etc.

918 A copy of The Guardian Angel by Auguste von Kotzebue, 1802 and two other books.

919 An album of first day covers.

920 A standard lampshade.

921 A red painted tin trunk.

922 A box of books including The History of England in five volumes.

923 A wooden propeller, length 116cm.

924 A Kent acoustic guitar.

925 A Marx Toys Arnold Palmer’s Pro Shot golf game.

926 A collection of cleft sticks and others, including antler handles.

927 A large bundle of mostly antler handled walking sticks.

928 A large collection of antler handled and other sticks.

929 A large collection of antler handled and other sticks.

930 A collection of mostly cleft sticks and others including antler handles.

931 A mirror in a gilt frame.

932 A Wenger black canvas holdall.

933 A hard plastic suitcase with combination lock.

934 A mirror in a gilt frame, size including frame 69.5 x 100cm.

935 A box of Cricket Quarterly magazines.

936 An artist’s studio folding easel.

936A Two cane baskets, a collection of three sports rackets and a hockey stick.

937 A pine CD rack.

938 A pine DVD rack.

939 A cane rectangular basket with a brass catch.

940 A cane rectangular basket with a brass catch.

941 A large teddy bear.

942 A magazine rack.

943 A Chinese camphor wood chest, width 51cm.

944 A cut glass tray, table lamp etc.

945 Four coloured glass fishing floats.

946 Two boxes of books.

947 A box of books.

948 A box of construction kits and other toys.

949 A box of Lego.

950 A Concept blue canvas picnic rucksack.

951 A box of books.

952 A box of books.

953 A box of miscellaneous items, a bathroom cabinet etc.

954 Two boxes of Illustrated London News magazines, circa 1950s.

955 A box kitchenware.

956 A box of 33rpm records, including a box of albums.

957 Two boxes of books.

958 A Victorian wrought iron and sheet metal footman.

959 A triple dressing table mirror on a bentwood stand.

959A Stemmed glasses, other glass and a collection of china etc.

959B Four 1940-60s photograph album and a box of postcards.

960 A brass roccoco table lamp.

961 A Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern footed dish, other china and a Dartington glass decanter etc.

962 A Japanese black tulip decorated coffee service.

963 A collection of commemorative mugs.

964 A black glass part tea/dinner service, other glass etc.

965 Brassware.

966 A box horse brasses and an iron door stop cast as a ram.

967 A German 1950s gilt decorated tea/dinner service.

968 A collection of stone hand coolers, glass, a pine spice rack etc.

969 A glass fruit set, a similar sandwich set and a cut glass vase.

970 A collection of floral and gilt decorated teaware etc.

971 A Victorian slate and marble mantle clock.

972 A pair of wrythen gilt candlesticks and one other piece.

972A A New Home electric sewing machine in a fitted oak table.

973 A pendant marbled glass shade and three other pieces.

974 A Camel china coffee service, each piece painted with an Arabian desert scene and signed K. Asals.

975 A floral and gilt decorated toilet jug and bowl and other china.

976 A miniature pine chest of two tiers of short drawers and one long drawer.

977 An oak barleytwist and fluted standard lamp.

978 A quartz timepiece in a gilt resin case, mounted with a peacock.

979 A pair of Dartington glass ‘Splash’ bowls.

980 A Beswick matt model of a golden retriever with an oval base, three model castles and one other piece.

981 A brass model of Leonidas and three other pieces.

982 Brass models, horse brasses etc.

983 A Union flag, 120 x 192cm, and two similar smaller flags.

984 Two school caps, one with the badge of West Cornwall School, the other blue with yellow circles, together with photograph of a soldier in a fret cut frame and a Victorian leather bound family bible.

985 A black Bakelite circular plastic View Master and a collection of books.

986 A square majolica with flower moulded decorations, together with a Sadler ‘Sophie Chintz’ pattern teapot.

987 A Victorian green and opaque glass lustre.

988 A pair of green painted Staffordshire spaniels.

989 A collection of Victorian china, including Amherst Japan pattern bowl and tea ware.

990 A Japanese Imari bowl and a collection of plates.

991 A Hawthorne pattern blue and white trefoil dish, a pair of Victorian oval blue and white dishes transfer print decorated with camels before pyramids and two other pieces.

992 A 19th century lustre jug moulded with Victoria and Albert, a Japanese cup and saucer etc.

993 A collection of brassware including a giant Zippo type lighter.

994 Glassware including models.

995 Miscellaneous china etc.

996 A Celtic Pottery grey glaze lamp base.

997 A litre bottle of Three Barrels French Brandy.

998 A litre bottle of Courvoisier cognac.

999 A 70cl. bottle of Napoleon Brandy.

1000 A litre bottle of Smirnoff Blue vodka.

1001 A litre bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and a 70cl. bottle of Bacardi.

1002 A litre bottle of Martel cognac.

1003 A 70cl. bottle of Southern Comfort and a similar bottle of Safeway whisky.

1004 A bottle of 2002 D-Day commemorative wine, a bottle of Madeira, a bottle of Cherry Brandy and a bottle of Creme de Cassis.

1005 A Lladro model of a boy in a hat, a bird perched on his foot.

1006 A pair of late 18th century floral painted hard paste tea bowls, two Staffordshire model sheep and three other pieces.

1007 A pair of turned green serpentine candlesticks, each height 11cm.


A ceramic model of a crouching African warrior.

1008 A Newlyn planished copper dish, diameter 19cm.

1009 Three Beswiick Beatrix Potter models of Jeremy Fisher and a similar resin model.

1010 A set of ceramic models of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

1011 A Mdina glass chess knight paperweight, one other similar paperweight, three blue glass model animals and one other piece.

1012 A pair of late 18th century blue and white tea bowls and one other similar bowl.

1013 Seven Disney related figures.

1014 A Beswick model of a crouching snarling tiger and two Beswick models of Siamese cats.

1015 A Beswick stylised model of a seated fox, a similar model of a seated cat and two other pieces.

1016 A Beswick model of a young giraffe, together with a Nao model of a duck.

1017 A Beswick model of a lion No.2089 facing left.

1018 A Beswick model of a lioness and two cubs, one facing right the other left.

1019 Three Capodimonte models, one of a boy with marbles, the other a man with corn cobs, the third a boy and his dog.

1020 A Beswick Henry VIII character jug No.2099, height 18.5cm.

1021 A Royal Doulton, Field Marshall Montgomery character jug, height 15.5cm.

1022 A carved wood duck, together with a small Scandinavian black glass dish, signed and dated 63.

1023 A Coalport Limited Edition figurine of Visiting Day, together with a Nao model of a demure girl holding flowers and a Murano style glass model clown.

1024 A Royal Doulton matt model “Thanksgiving”.

1025 Two Royal Doulton figurines “Hilary H.N. 2335 and Lynne H.N. 2329″.

1026 A Royal Doulton model figure “Fat Boy”, height 10cm.

1027 A Royal Doulton figurine “Officer of The Line”.

1028 A Royal Doulton “The Balloon Clown” figurine.

1029 A Royal Doulton “Drummer Boy” figurine H.N. 3679.

1030 A Royal Doulton “The Boatman” figurine H.N. 2417.

1031 A Royal Doulton” The Helmsman” figurine H.N. 2499.

1032 A Royal Doulton group “Song of the Sea” H.N. 2729.

1033 A Royal Doulton “Shore Leave” figurine H.N. 2264.

1034 A Royal Doulton “The Lobster Man” figurine H.N. 2317.

1035 A Royal Doulton “A Good Catch” figurine H.N. 2258.

1036 A Royal Doulton “Sea Harvest” figurine H.N. 2257.

1037 A Royal Doulton “All Aboard” figurine H.N. 2940.

1038 A Royal Doulton “Captain Cook” figurine H.N. 2889.

1039 A Royal Doulton “The Captain” figurine H.N. 2360.

1040 A Royal Doulton “The Lifeboat Man” figurine H.N. 2764.

1041 A Royal Doulton “John Doulton 1793-1873″ character jug.

1042 A Lladro model of a girl holding a lamb, height 27cm.

1043 A Lesley Clarke blue glass dish, dated 99, together with a small dish and pin cushion.

1044 Nine Hummel figures.

1045 A box of miscellaneous items, including carbide lamp and a parallel rule.

1046 A ceiling fan/lamp.

1047 A replica .44 magna pistol, in a brown leather holster.

1048 A box of tropical sea shells, including cowries and crown of thorns starfish.

1049 A box of die-cast toy vehicles.

1050 Three stamp albums etc.

1051 Two boxed sets of Portmeirion ‘The Complete Angler’ plates and a pair of matching breakfast cups and saucers.

1052 A pearlised nautilus shell and a good specimen white murex.

1053 Two Triton shells.

1054 A pair of eastern hardwood bookends, each carved with a bird taking an egg.

1055 A bag of costume jewellery.

1056 A bag of costume jewellery.

1057 A box of costume jewellery.

1058 A box of costume jewellery.

1058A A box of 45 rpm records mostly 1980s.

1058B A box of 45 rpm records including punk.

1058C Three Charged G.B.H. albums, ‘Attacked by Rats’, ‘Leather Bristles’, ‘Studs and Acne’ and City Baby’s ‘Revenge 101 Ways to Kill a Rat’.

1058D The Exploited, three Punk Albums, “Punks Not Dead”, “Lets Start a War” and “Troops of Tomorrow.”

1058E Four punk albums, The Clash “London Calling”, The Stranglers “Collections 72-82″, Discharge “Fear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” and The Anti Nowhere Leagues “Live in Yugoslavia” albums.

1058F Four Punk albums, The Fits “You’re Nothing, You’re Nowhere”, The Angelic Upstarts “We’ve Got to Get Out of This Place” and The Dead Kennedys “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” and “Holiday in Cambodia”

1058G Five Punk albums, The Exploited “Red Vinyl On Stage”, A Flux of Pink Indians “Strive to Survive”, The Chaos ‘U.K L.P.’, Subhumans “Time Flies” and Vice Squad “No Cause for Concern” albums.

1058H A bundle of 33 rpm records including Yazoo, Talk Talk and Judie Tzuke.

1058I A bundle of 33 rpm records including The Thompson Twins, Judas Priest, Robert Plant and The Boomtown Rats.

1058J A copy of The Rolling Stones “Through the Pass Darkly” and “World of Marianne Faithful” albums.

1058K Three Beatles albums, ‘Abbey Road’, ‘Revolver’ and ‘Sergeant Peppers’, together with Wings “Band on the Run” and George Harrison picture disc “Got My Mind Set on You”

1058L Five albums on Marble Arch Records, The Kinks “Well Respected Kinks” and “Kind of Kinks”, The Best of the Loving Spoonful “Vol 2″, “A Boy Called David” by David Garrick and Donovan “What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid”

1058M A bundle of albums including The Small Faces, mono, on Decca Records, Corner, The Rascals Greatest Hits. The Sandy Shaw Supplement, two Osmonds Albums and a Donny Osmond picture disc.

1058N A bundle or 33 rpm records including “Far From Home” by Fairfield Parlour, Sugar Box “Then Jerico” (giant poster), Green Jelly “Anarchy in the U.K.”, Rick Wakeman “Myths and Legends of King Arthur” and “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” album and Ssssh “10 Years After”

1059 A box of costume jewellery.

1060 A box of costume jewellery.

1061 A box of books and two Cornish tin mining related posters.

1062 A black leather briefcase with combination locks containing cricket related books.

1063 A box of costume jewellery, etc.

1064 A box of costume jewellery.

1065 A silver photograph frame.

1066 A tin of military and other badges, together with a J.F.K. badge and welcome ribbon.

1067 A hard stone intaglio seal with a head of a man, in a gilt mount, etc.

1068 A bag of costume jewellery, fans, etc.

1069 A bag of coins, including pre-decimal copper and silver and six one pound notes.

1070 Five pound coins, commemorative crowns, etc.

1071 A gentleman’s Sekonda quartz divers wristwatch.

1072 A cased 1985 set of Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s 85th birthday coins.

1073 A bag of wristwatches, including Tissot.

1074 A bag of costume jewellery.

1075 A continental engraved silver wristwatch the blue enamel dial with Roman numerals.


Jewellery including two 9ct. gold crosses and a silver chain, together with a Society Jewel etc.

1077 A pair of engine turned silver napkin rings and one other silver ring.

1078 A bag of pre-decimal coins.

1079 A Victorian key wind pocket watch, the silvered face with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial and one other pocket watch.

1080 A glass match holder/striker with a silver mount, a silver napkin ring, two plated rings, etc.

1081 Two Mickey Mouse pocket watches, a Mini Mouse watch and a Snoopy watch.

1082 Wristwatches, a Hohner mouth organ etc.

1083 A lady’s snakeskin clutch bag.

1084 An engine turned silver cigarette case and a leaf engraved silver cigarette case, 7oz.

1085 A Japanese Satsuma porcelain belt buckle, the gilt decorated interior scene with three seated Geisha girls, the metal back signed to the centre, diameter 5.5cm.

1086 Two albums of cigarette cards, etc.

1087 The handwritten Will of Thomas Grimsey of Hadleigh, Suffolk, dated 1790.

1087A A set of three pink coral studs in their original box.

1087B A boxed set 1934 Maundy money.

1087C A silver bookmark, and a conservative medal etc.

1087D A collection of pre-decimal copper, thrupenny pieces etc.

1087E Wristwatches, a stopwatch etc.

1087F An ivory cigarette case “To Ruffy from Bundy December 1945″.

1087G A silver backed hairbrush and a similar nail buffer.

1087H A bag of badges.

1087I Five Zippo lighters with their original boxes and related booklets.

1087J A cased set of fish knives and forks and a similar set of coffee spoons with bean knop finials.

1087K A gentleman’s full hunter pocket watch in a Dennison case.

1087L A lady’s 1930’s embroidered evening bag, a similar celluloid hairbrush and clothes brush etc.

1087M A box of costume jewellery.

1088 A Sylvac three piece dressing table set.

1089 A low filled silver candlestick, a silver Killarney souvenir teaspoon and one other piece.

1090 Two tins of coins, including commemorative crowns, etc.

1091 A set of four World War II medals, The 1939-45 Medal, The Defence Medal, the 1939-45 Star and the France and Germany Star, together with two epaulets with shoulder pips.

1092 A tin of costume jewellery.

1093 A bag of costume jewellery.

1094 A small oval floral embossed silver dish, three compacts, a 1935 commemorative money box and a cigarette lighter.

1095 A Lignum Vitae truncheon and a “The Metropolitan” whistle, by J.Hudson, Birmingham.

1096 A turned wood gavel.

1097 A silver ring set with an oval tigers eye and a pair of small 9ct. cufflinks.

1098 A gentleman’s Rotary automatic 21 dual wristwatch, with a day and date window, at 3 o’clock.

1099 A collection of souvenir teaspoons.

1100 A Zippo lighter with an enamel crest of Honor Guard, inscribed to the back, Seoul, Korea 8th Army Honor Guard, together with a Chinese “Permanent Match” lighter and a bullet casing.

1100A A silver pepper pot decorated with flowers and leaves and with a leaf finial, together with a similar mustard pot and two pieces of plated ware.

1101 A collection of lighters.

1102 A Hohner Pro Harp, in its original case and one other harmonica.

1103 A collection of pens, including Parker and a Conway Stewart blue marbled plastic, No.12 with a 14ct. gold nib.

1104 A part suite of plate EPN flatware.

1105 A Norwegian TH.Marthinsen 377 conserve spoon the handle enamelled with a flower, together with a ladle, a basting spoon and two other pieces.

1106 A bundle of postcards, mostly local and including Mabel Lucie Atwell, Penzance.

1107 A box of pre-decimal copper coins.

1108 A photograph of Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger, with facsimile autograph.

1109 Two studio photographs of John Wayne, an autograph photograph of Richard Widmark and two others.

1110 A Garrard 1970s mantel timepiece in a brass case.

1111 A 1930s mantel timepiece with engine turned silvered coloured metal case, by Garrard & Co Ltd.

1112 A bag of costume jewellery.

1113 A bag of costume jewellery, etc.

1114 An AA badge, in its original wrapping and with its original fixings and packaging, together with an accompanying letter, dated 23rd Sept 1963.

1115 A collection of penknives, including four with antler sides, together with an early 20th century theoretical botany exercise book.

1116 A box of mostly pre-decimal copper coins.

1117 A small brass 2cm three draw telescope etc.

1118 A small oval heightened coloured photograph of a girl, one other similar picture and two other pictures.

1119 Two Baxter coloured prints one of Lord Nelson, the other one “The Empire”.

1120 Three Zippo lighters in their original boxes and with related paperwork, together with a brown leather Zippo belt holster.

1120A A gentleman’s Majex automatic 18 jewel incabloc stainless steel wristwatch with a date window at three o’clock, three other watches etc.

1121 Three electronic lighters and two wristwatches.

1122 A 9ct. gold bangle in its original box and three other bangles.

1123 A box of costume jewellery including gold coloured necklaces and a silver shoe pincushion.

1124 A small box of silver coins, including threepenny pieces.

1125 A box of costume jewellery, two fans and a collection of plated teaspoons.

1126 Costume jewellery and a box of wristwatches.

1127 Two cameo brooches, a large silver coloured metal ring, a pair of earrings, etc.

1128 A copper warming pan, with a turned wood handle.

1129 A brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1130 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on a shaped wooden mount.

1131 A copper and brass coach horn and a brass toasting fork.

1132 A large mirror with bevelled glass, in a gilt frame, size including frame 105 x 137cm.

1133 A collection of maritime charts in two cylinders.

1134 A five string banjo.

1135 A Spanish Admira acoustic guitar.

1136 A folding music stand.

1137 An Alden red electric “Jazz Style” guitar, with black canvas case and an Ultimate support stand.

1138 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1139 A fibreglass bow with quiver and arrows.

1140 A Chinese .177 air rifle.

1141 A set of Tasco 6-24 x 40 telescopic sights.

1142 A split cane three section fly fishing rod, with three graduated tips.

1143 An Alan Brown fibreglass 8ft two section fishing rod, with case, together with a landing net, a stool and two fisherman’s bags.

1144 A split cane two section 10ft fly fishing rod and a similar 9ft three section rod, with two tips.

1145 A two part snooker cue.

1146 A 1930s grandmother clock, in a cross banded walnut case.

1147 An oval mirror with bevelled glass, in a gilt frame.

1148 A bundle of cleft sticks and sticks with antler handles.

1149 A collection of antler handle walking sticks.

1150 A walking stick with a ram’s horn handle.

1151 A walking stick with a ram’s horn handle.

1152 A walking stick with an antler handle, set with a Victorian penny.

1153 A walking stick with a brass unicorn handle.

1154 A walking stick with an antler handle.

1155 A walking stick with an antler handle.

1156 A walking stick with an antler handle.

1157 A walking stick with an antler handle.

1158 A walking stick with a Chinese silver coloured metal handle.

1159 A circular mirror with bevelled glass, in a red plastic frame.

1160 A set of four Newlyn School prints, framed as one.


Two John Miller coloured prints.

1161 An eastern circular lacquered plaque set with mother of pearl and bone figures about a wagon.

1162 A collection of ebony dressing tableware.

1163 A late 19th/early 20th century Lachenal & Co, patent concertina, in hexagonal mahogany case.

1164 Three die-cast Matchbox models.

1165 A wall display of replica flint lock pistols and a similar rifle.

1166 A pair of Praktica 10-30x25 zoom binoculars.

1167 An oval mirror in a gilt frame.

1168 An early 20th century violin bears a spurious label together with two bows in a black rexine covered case.

1169 A Minolta 7000 35mm camera with lens, flashgun etc. in a blue canvas case

1170 A set of twelve Victorian plated dinner knives and forks with mother of pearl handles and silver mounts by Rogers Brothers, dated 1847.

1171 A 1930s Runbaken, Manchester, ‘Dual Speed Complete Coil Condenser and Machine Tester’.

1172 A collection of Dinky and other die cast military vehicles and an Action Man figure.

1173 A case of 45rpm records and a similar bundle of records.

1174 A Phillip’s two telephone system.

1175 A box of fishing flies and other tackle in a green canvas bag.

1176 A Farlow’s London, Serpent 31/2inch drilled aluminium fishing reel in its original leather case.

1177 An Intrepid Super fly reel, a Yorkshire Game Fishing tackle reel and a Condex drilled black metal reel by J W Young and Sons.

1178 A Wildlife Collection biscuit barrel made as a squirrel.

1179 A suitcase of ephemera including photographs, newspaper cuttings, a copy of Burke’s and Oxon Advertiser 1884, an indenture dated 1765 etc.

1180 A bronze ‘Cornishman’ bell.

1181 A Vitology book dated 1930.

1182 An EPNS cocktail shaker, a similar funnel together with two plated wine labels and two ceramic labels.

1182A China, glassware, model figures etc.

1183 An oval plated tray with a pierced gallery and a Carltonware dish a.f.

1184 An oil lamp with a wall mount and a lamp stand mounted on a hardwood board.

1185 Two 1990s glamour prints on board and one other similar print.

1186 A collection of posters and posters etc.

1187 A framed chart of Cornish shipwrecks.

1188 A pierced brass fender, width 108cm.

1189 A pierced brass fender, width 128cm.

1190 A pine and plywood magazine rack.

1191 A small suitcase containing purses, spectacles etc and one other case.

1192 A 19th century mahogany tea caddy and similar box.

1193 A bottle Dows Vintage Port 1995 and a bottle of Taylor’s 1998 Port.

1194 A bottle Porto St Clare Tawny Port and a bottle Cockburn’s Ruby Port.

1195 Two bottles of Gordon’s London Dry Gin.

1196 A bottle of Grant’s Scotch Whisky and a bottle of Tia Maria.

1197 Glass table lamps.

1198 A bronzed resin Art Nouveau styled bust of ‘Le Printemps’ height 60cm.

1199 A pair of brass poker rests and an oval plated tray with a pierced gallery.

1200 A collection of speckled brown china, a rabbit biscuit barrel, a Pendelfin ‘Pieface’ model etc.

1201 A collection of stemmed glasses and a cake stand.

1202 A box of vintage Christmas decorations.

1203 Four 1950s dolls and a plastic handbag.

1204 Two brass table lamps with glass shades and an electric photograph frame.

1204A Stoneware, cider jar, stoneware ink bottle’s etc.

1205 A Society jewel case.

1206 A collection of Beswick model birds and other models.

1207 Five Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge model figures and two Winnie the Pooh figures.

1208 Eight coloured glass paperweights.

1209 A Coalport model sea lion, a similar polar bear and five other pieces.

1210 Royal Doulton and other teaware etc.

1211 A copper ladle and four copper plaques.

1212 A shelf of china including model figures.

1213 Jugs, a tea kettle etc.

1214 Bowls, vases and other china.

1215 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a wood grained frame.

1216 A bagatelle board.

1217 A limited edition coloured print of a moorland scene signed Eric Gilboy.

1218 A bag of ground sheets.

1219 Two boxes of miscellaneous china.

1220 Fourteen ‘Cries of London’ prints.

1221 A box of building blocks.

1222 A box of 33 and 45rpm records.

1223 A pine box and two other pieces.

1224 A rack of cane wall hanging shelves and a hall shelf.

1225 Two boxes of films on DVD.

1226 A collection of the Works of Charles Dickens.


A box of miscellaneous china.

1228 Two boxes of china and glass.

1229 Two boxes of china etc.

1230 A box of books.

1231 A box of miscellaneous items.

1232 Two boxes of miscellaneous china.

1233 A twelve piece dinner service in its original box.

1234 A 19th century door lock and three ceramic finger plates.

1235 An Art Pottery vase, a similar rectangular tray and six other pieces.

1236 A Celtic Pottery wimsey pattern tea kettle and one other piece.

1237 A pair of brass bellows, an Art Nouveau style frame and other metalware.

1238 A collection of penknives etc.

1239 A combination sheath knife/knuckle duster.

1240 A Sussex Armoury bowie type knife inscribed to the blade Texas with a black leather sheath.

1241 A bowie type sheath knife with brass guards and antler handle.

1242 A bowie type knife with a wooden handle and a black leather sheath.

1243 A bowie knife, the blade inscribed Siege of the Alamo 1836, Jim McBowie’s Final Stand.

1244 A machete, a turned wood truncheon and two knives.

1245 A brass oil lamp lantern, a clip on table lamp etc.

1246 Two stoneware Calvados bottles and a similar twin handle jar.

1247 A Goss ‘First and Last House’ and a brass and wood model cannon.

1248 Three ebony elephants, a set of four carved wood bottle stoppers etc.

1249 Four African carved wood figures.

1250 Two Eiffel Tower moulded bottles, a glass eagle, a ceramic model lighthouse and one other piece.

1251 A pair of Japanese eggshell china cups and saucers with geisha girl lithophanes, a model figure etc.

1252 Cut glass decanter, stemmed glasses etc.

1253 A circular copper bowl with repousse moulded flowers.

1254 A collection of leather belts, a similar mask, belt buckles etc.

1255 Four carved wood model crocodiles and a similar lizard.

1256 A box of cutlery and a tray of flatware etc.

1257 A tray of flatware.

1258 Miscellaneous china etc.

1259 Scrap albums, a copy of The New York Herald Tribune, Kennedy assassination copy, November 23rd,1963 etc.

1260 A tray of flatware.

1261 A turned wood bowl and a dog lead.

1262 A Goblin teasmade.

1263 A white enamel ‘bread’ bin and a similar ‘flour’ bin.

1264 A pair of table lamps painted with birds and with matching shades.

1265 A collection of tools etc.

1266 A box of miscellaneous china and glass.

1267 Two timepieces, a collection of flatware, a cased set of tea knives etc.

1268 A pair of small binoculars, a mirror, a brass horn and a decanter.

1269 Two boxes of miscellaneous china and glass.

1270 Two boxes of miscellaneous china etc.

1271 A box of kitchenware etc.

1272 A box of miscellaneous china.

1273 A box of tapes, 33rpm records and a collection boxed albums.

1274 A Panasonic video camera etc.

1275 A box of seashells and seashell souvenirs.

1276 A foil decorated cheese dish and cover, a large German tankard and other china.

1277 A pair of copper candlesticks cast and made of coins etc.

1278 Miscellaneous china etc.

1279 A masonic case containing regalia and jewels.

1280 A collection of Royal Brierley crystal in its original boxes and a Regency Crystal decanter etc.

1281 Various plates including commemorative, a biscuit barrel etc.

1282 A Bavarian iris decorated coffee service, a decanter and five glasses etc.

1283 Jugs, vases etc.

1284 Three decanters, a set of six cut glass tumblers and two other pieces.

1285 A cut glass bowl, an ink stand and other glass.

1286 A pair of glass candlesticks, other glass, a pair of pewter candlesticks etc.

1287 Miscellaneous.

1288 A collection of stemmed glasses.

1289 Plated ware and a Royal Winton floral decorated sugar caster.

1290 A collection of commemorative mugs.

1291 A large vase, a table lamp and a shade.

1292 A 1953 commemorative cup and saucer, other china etc.

1293 Two knives, a blood pressure gauge etc.

1294 A Poole Pottery table lamp, a Tremar Pottery lamp and a teddy bear etc.

1295 A collection of cut and other glass.

1296 Miscellaneous.

1297 A punch bowl and one other piece.

1298 Glassware.

1299 A box set of six cut stemmed glasses.

1300 Three plated teapots.

1301 A collection of Pat Clowes resin models in their original boxes.

1302 Three model figures and a model swan.

1303 A Carlton ware iridescent shell and weed moulded butter dish and cover, together with a Beswick model spaniel etc.

1304 A collection of flatware in a walnut canteen.

1305 Books and prints.

1306 A Yashica 8 mm editor and a touch lamp.

1307 A collection of blue and white china including meat plates.

1308 Two Japanese Imari lidded jars.

1309 Two Shelley commemorative mugs and a similar cup and saucer.

1310 A cased set of drawing instruments and two cased sets of flatware.

1311 An EPNS wine bottle holder with floral relief decoration, together with a similar six section egg cup stand with spoons.

1312 A EPNS plated bowl with a pierced rim and a similar gravy boat and three other pieces.

1313 A pair of Indian elephant carved bookends.

1314 A pair of Swift Apollo 8x30 binoculars in a brown leather case.

1315 A 1930s Gray’s Pottery lidded jar painted with stylised fish and clouds, height 22 cm.

1316 Two Capodimonte figures, one of a flower girl with a goat, the other a boy fishing.

1317 A pair of cut glass decanters and a ships type decanter.

1317A An earthenware jug, a Belgium Art Nouveau vase and other china.

1318 An early 20th century EPNS wading bird cast epergne stand, a pierced bowl with a vine cast border and a small collection of flatware.

1319 Four bottles of wine, a bottle of Wadsworth bitter and an 18.7 cm bottle of champagne.

1320 Three boxed pairs of wine glasses on brass stems.

1321 A collection of glass and a bag of coins.

1322 Vases including Sylvac etc.

1323 Four model boats.

1324 Miscellaneous glass and china.

1325 A chrome two tier folding trolley with plywood trays.

1326 Three boxes of kitchenware etc.

1327 Four boxes of miscellaneous china etc.

1328 A standard lampshade.

1329 A pair of African carved wood busts of girls, together with three carved wood animals.

1330 A letter knife carved with the head of a dog above a brass collar.

1331 A Royal Doulton twin handle vase printed with ‘Katarina’, together with a pair of alabaster parakeet bookends.

1332 A pair of bronzed resin models, one of two cats, the other a cat and kitten, together with a resin ballerina and a soft toy.

1333 Two bronzed resin models of female figures.

1334 A 1930s style bronzed resin table lamp moulded with a scantily clad girl before a circular glass panel.

1335 A cut glass waisted vase and other glass.

1336 Two carvings, one of dolphins, the other of birds, together with a timepiece and a knife block and contents.

1337 A tray of BBC Radiovision boxes etc.

1338 Glassware, together with an oval carved wood tray, china etc.

1339 A copper kettle on a brass spirit burner stand and a clock under dome.

1340 Vegetable dishes, 1930s floral painted cake stand etc.

1341 A plated stand, a carving of an embracing couple, a stone footed dish and three other pieces.

1342 A Kershaw Eight-20 Penguin folding camera in a brown leather case, together with a heightened charcoal of St Ives.

1343 A cut glass vase and other glass and china.

1344 A cased set of six fish knives and forks and two plated toast racks.

1345 Miscellaneous including a skipping rope and a water container.

1346 A Victorian green transfer print tea service

1347 A glass rolling pin, other glass, a 1930s Prices jug with bird moulded decoration etc.

1348 A box of vintage toys, games and jigsaw puzzles.

1349 A box of toys including doll house furniture and jigsaw puzzles.

1350 A Victorian watercolour of a path beside houses, signed B.J. Spiers 1885, and two other watercolours.

1351 ERIC SCOTT, Tribesmen, a pair of oils, each signed, one dated 1990, each 76 x 61cm

1352 ERIC SCOTT, Tribesmen, a pair of oils, each signed , one dated 1990, each 76 x 61cm

1353 ERIC SCOTT, Bull and Yellow Nude, 250 prints, each image size 53.5 x 40cm

1354 A collection of prints.

1355 The Holman Group, a collection of 1950s/60s magazines, together with calendars, stationery etc.

1356 Three pieces of carnival glass, a collection of trade cards and a tambourine.

1357 A box of American year books, other publications etc.

1358 Toys, china, a table lighter etc.

1359 A circular convex mirror in a painted frame and a print “Stepping Stones” in a gilt frame.

1360 A leather music case and two other leather bags.

1361 A painted key box.

1362 A box containing chandelier light fittings and drops.

1363 A Portmerion Pottery ‘Totem’ coffee set, Susan Williams-Ellis design.

1364 A Mdina glass fish vase.

1365 A Mdina glass lollipop vase.

1366 A bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a drawer.

1367 A pine companion table.

1368 A limed wood chest of three drawers.

1369 A pine toilet mirror, the base with a hinged lid.

1370 A hardwood effect magazine rack/occasion table.

1371 A wood effect filing cabinet.

1372 A 1920s oak wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, width 116cm.

1373 A late 19th or early 20th century pine bedside cabinet, the door with an arched panel.

1374 An oak sewing table.

1375 An oak sewing table.

1376 A hardwood effect bedside cupboard with a drawer above a door.

1377 A mahogany effect TV/Video cabinet.

1378 A walnut glazed bookcase, the upper part with a pair of doors opening onto shelves, the base with a pair of panelled doors, width 81cm.

1379 A Victorian mahogany music cabinet, the back with a raised shelf above mirrors, the door with mirrors about a carved panel, width 61cm.

1380 A narrow hardwood chest of ten drawers, width 38cm.

1381 A modern pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, width 89cm.

1382 A pair of 1970s hardwood effect bedside cabinets each with a drawer above an open shelf and cupboard.

1383 An Edwardian octagonal mahogany centre table on turned and fluted legs, joined by a low shelf.

1384 A modern oval Sutherland table.

1385 An oak bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors on turned legs, width 88.5cm.

1386 A 1970s stylish oval dining table with a smoked glass top on chrome pedestals, together with a set of four matching chairs.

1387 A mahogany bookcase with open shelves above a pair of panelled doors, width 107cm.

1388 A melamine mahogany effect cabinet with a pair of drawers above a pair of glazed doors, width 92cm.

1389 A set of eight elm dining chairs, each with a turned stick back seagrass seat and on turned tapering legs.

1390 An oak refectory table on shaped supports, 213 x 88cm.

1391 A set of four 1950s dining chairs, each with a curved back, padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1392 A 19th century walnut open arm chair on square section tapering legs.

1393 An oak chair with a leather back and seat.

1394 A Victorian high back chair on carved and turned legs.

1395 A black metal office chair with a black fabric back and seat.

1396 A low easy chair upholstered in green fabric on cabriole legs.

1397 An Edwardian walnut chair with a curved low back, cane seat and on cabriole legs.

1398 A modern panelled pine blanket box.

1399 A low panelled oak cabinet with two doors heavily carved with stylised fish and vases.

1400 A light oak effect wardrobe with a pair of doors.

1400A A set of three folding chairs with cane backs and seats.

1401 A painted blanket box.

1402 A hardwood effect open bookcase.

1403 A hardwood effect open bookcase.

1404 An oak open bookcase.

1405 A light oak effect desk with a kneehole flanked by drawers, width 160cm.

1406 A woven fibre ottoman.

1407 A lloyd loom gold painted rectangular linen basket.

1408 A pine cupboard with a pair of panelled doors opening onto shelves, width 89.5cm.

1409 A painted pine cabinet with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 143cm.

1410 A Lloyd Loom style square tapering linen basket.

1411 A green painted open bookcase, with shelves above a drawer.

1412 A pair of brown leather chairs on oak square section tapering legs.

1413 An black leather office swivel chair.

1414 An easy chair on cabriole legs.

1415 A black leather office swivel chair.

1416 An office swivel chair upholstered in green fabric.

1417 An oak brown rexine upholstered open arm chair on cup and cover supports.

1418 A stool with a black leather back and seat with square section legs.

1419 An office swivel chair upholstered in black fabric.

1420 A set of four ladder back dining chairs.

1421 A pair of modern pine lath back Windsor chairs.

1422 A set of four modern ladder back dining chairs on square section legs.

1423 A set of six reproduction Regency dining chairs including a pair of carvers each with a padded seat and on sabre legs.

1424 A pair of 1950’s style dining chairs each with a curved back and padded seat.

1425 An American stick back armchair on turned legs joined by a stretcher.

1426 A child’s hoop and stick back stool.

1427 A stick back open arm chair on turned legs and a matching rocking chair.

1428 A hoop and lath back dining chair.

1429 An oak veneered dresser the arched back with open shelves the base with a drawer above a pair of doors, width 81cm.

1430 A 1950s style grey painted wardrobe with a central sliding mirror door flanked by floral decorated doors standing on brass legs, together a matching dressing chest with three drawers flanked by cupboards and a chest of four drawers.

1430A An oak cabinet with an open shelf above a pair doors.

1431 A blue painted rack of open shelves, width 113cm, height 25cm.

1432 A pair of white melamine double wardrobes each width 81cm.

1433 A melamine mahogany effect side cabinet, the upper part with open shelves flanked by glazed doors the base with drawers above doors, width 138cm.

1433A An oak box with brass handles.

1434 A divan bed with spring interior mattress.

1435 A 5ft two part electrically adjustable bed with Dunlopillo pillow mattress’s and headboard.

1436 A pair of 3ft spring interior mattresses.

1437 A hardwood 5ft bedstead.


A carpenter made 5′ Gothic hardwood bedstead.

( was – A hardwood 5ft bedstead.)

1439 A pine 4ft 6″ bedstead.

1440 An iron 4ft bedstead.

1441 A Myers 4ft 6″ spring interior mattress.

1442 A hardwood 4ft 6″ bedstead with slatted ends.

1443 A white melamine single headboard.

1444 A pair of pink fabric single headboards.

1445 A pine 4ft 6″ headboard.

1446 A pine 3ft headboard.

1447 A pine dresser, the upper part with glazed doors opening into shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 116cm, height 122cm.

1448 A pine dresser in George III style and possibly of the period, the upper section with open shelf, the base with drawers, panelled doors and bracket feet, width 144cm.

1449 An oak desk with a tambour top above a drawer and a knee hole flanked by two tiers of four drawers, width 122cm.

1450 A 1920’s Art and Craft style oak cabinet, the upper part with a pair of glazed doors opening onto a shelf the base with a brushing slide above a long drawer and a pair of doors with carved panels, width 108cm, height 191cm.

1451 A turned wood towel rail.

1452 A pine dresser the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, the base with a pair of drawers above a panel flanked by cupboard doors, width 128cm, height 197cm.

1453 A glazed hardwood wall hanging bow front corner cupboard.

1454 A G-Plan gold label teak corner desk with a secretaire drawer above a pair of cupboard doors.

1455 A pair of painted chairs each with a curved back.

1456 A Victorian ebonised bedroom chair with gilt decoration, cane seat and on turned splayed legs.

1457 A Victorian walnut balloon back dining chair on turned and octagonal tapering legs.

1458 A set of four modern oak lath back dining chairs each with a padded seat..

1459 A Victorian ebonised balloon back bedroom chair painted with flowers and gilt.

1460 An Edwardian walnut bedroom chair.

1461 A set of three G-Plan teak dining chairs each with a ladder back, padded seat and on turned legs.

1462 An Edwardian carved walnut dining chair with a padded seat, on turned tapering legs.

1463 A stick back stool on turned legs.

1464 A set of four modern pine lath back dining chairs on turned legs.

1465 An Edwardian mahogany dining chair on turned legs and a similar bedroom chair.

1466 A pair of dining chairs each with a padded seat and on square section legs.

1467 A set of four modern pine dining chairs each with a fret cut splat and on turned legs.

1468 An Edwardian walnut dining chair with a fret cut vertical splat, padded seat and on cabriole legs.

1469 A Victorian walnut pedestal dining table.

1470 An oval pine extending dining table with a fold out leaf.

1471 An oak gate leg table on barley twist supports.

1472 An oval oak gate leg dining table on turned supports.

1473 An oval occasional table with a brass tray top on folding legs.

1474 A substantial pine dining table with drawers to one side and one end, on turned legs, 184 x 91cm.

1475 A hardwood effect drop leaf dining table.

1476 A reproduction Regency D-end twin pedestal extending dining table, length with leaves inserted 244cm.

1477 An oak side pedestal desk with a tambour shutter opening on to a fitted interior, width 91cm.

1478 An American walnut large coffee table the top with glass panels, on cabriole legs, 127 x 76cm.

1479 An early 19th century oak drop leaf table.

1480 An American walnut effect extending table with brass mounts, size with both leaves inserted 246 x 105cm N.B. this table matches the chairs in LOT 1481.

1481 A set of eight American walnut lath back dining chairs including a pair of carvers each with a padded seat and on square section legs N.B. these chairs match the table in LOT 1480.

1482 A set of six cane dining chairs including a pair of carvers. N.B. These chairs match the table in LOT 1547.

1483 An Edwardian bedroom chair on turned legs.

1484 A white metal folding stool with a hardwood seat.

1485 A square oak stool with a floral woolwork seat on cabriole legs.

1486 A folding bed tray.

1487 A footstool / sewing box upholstered in floral pattern fabric on turned feet.

1488 A circular bathroom stool with a cork seat on square section tapering legs.

1489 A Stag Minstrel dressing stool.

1490 A hardwood stool with a red leather seat.

1491 A square oak stool with a coloured sisal seat.

1492 Two stools.

1493 A director’s chair.

1494 A Victorian long stool with a pink dralon upholstered seat, the legs carved with initials.

1495 A late 19th/early 20th century two seat sofa with one drop end upholstered in its original floral patterned fabric.

1496 A cane two seat conservatory sofa and a pair of matching armchairs each with floral pattern cushions.

1497 A pair of 1930’s oak reclining armchairs with cushions.

1498 A wing armchair upholstered in red and cream check fabric.

1499 An Edwardian armchair upholstered in white fabric on square section tapering legs.

1500 A pair of brown buttoned leather wing armchairs on square section legs.

1501 A three seat metal framed bed settee, the cushion covered in patterned fabric.

1502 A circular hardwood stool.

1503 A tub chair upholstered in buttoned pink fabric.

1504 A white painted stool with a padded seat.

1505 A hardwood effect step stool.

1506 A circular stool the seat carved with a kitten.

1507 A piano stool with a height adjustable seat.

1507A A Regency style walnut three seat sofa upholstered in buttoned green dralon and with out scrolling arms.

1507B A Stressless two seater green leather double reclining sofa on a hardwood frame together with a matching stool.

1508 A metal action three seat bed settee upholstered in blue fabric.

1509 A two seat sofa upholstered in beige “Damask” fabric.

1510 A G-Plan cream leather electrically operated reclining armchair.

1510A A cream leather armchair.

1511 A black leather two seat sofa.

1512 A Chinese blue ground cut pile carpet, 77 x 156cm.

1513 A Chinese blue ground cut pile carpet 90 x 152cm.

1514 An Indian white ground cut pile carpet, 95 x 190cm.

1515 An eastern cut pile and flat weave carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral cut border, 132 x 220cm approximately.

1516 An eastern carpet the blue ground with a central floral medallion within a broad patterned border, 117 x 176cm approximately.

1517 An eastern red ground bag face rug, 59 x 108cm approximately.

1518 An eastern hand knotted black ground carpet with patterned stripes within a floral patterned border, 64 x 184cm approximately.

1519 A “Kasbah Gold” carpet, 120 x 170cm approximately.

1520 A machine made rug of Heriz design, the madder field with a large polychrome medallion with floral sprays within an ivory scrolling vine and palmetter border, 190 x 140cm.

1521 A machine made rug of Ziegler design, the indigo field with a lobed medallion with scrolling vines, leaves and palmettes within an ivory arabesque border, 280 x 200cm.

1522 A Tibetan hand made wool carpet, the rose field within a polychrome border, 300 x 200cm

1523 A white ground carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border a.f. 250 x 330cm approximately.

1523A An eastern hand knotted red ground rug.

1524 Two red ground rugs.

1525 A nest of three tables on cabriole legs.

1526 An octagonal painted occasional table.

1527 A reproduction Regency mahogany serpentine front sideboard on cabriole legs.

1528 A melamine wood effect open bookcase.

1529 An oak occasional table on barley twist legs.

1530 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long drawers, width 99cm.

1531 An oak bureau with a slope front above two open shelves, width 62cm.

1532 A pine open bookcase, width 82cm.

1533 A metamorphic two tier trolley / table, width 160cm.

1534 An oak two tier cake stand.

1535 An Edwardian oval walnut occasional table on cabriole legs with fret cut struts.

1536 A melamine wood effect three tier corner whatnot.

1537 A bow front mahogany effect sideboard on tapering fluted legs, width 170cm.

1538 An oak occasional table on square section tapering legs.

1539 An octagonal oak two tier occasional table.

1540 A mahogany veneered desk with three drawers above a central cupboard flanked by two tiers of three drawers, width 122cm.

1541 A 1950 / 60’s G-Plan teak and ebonised room divider the upper part with open shelves and cupboards, the base with drawers beside a cupboard, width 92cm.

1542 A teak effect glazed bookcase, width 76cm.

1543 A Stag oak veneered chest of drawers, 82cm.

1544 A mahogany veneered bureau / bookcase the upper part with an astragal glazed door, the base with a slope front above four drawers, width 52.5cm.

1545 An Ercol 1960’s light elm oval coffee table on turned legs joined by a magazine shelf.

1546 A rack of three open shelves, width 83cm.

1547 A cane dining table with a plate glass top, 81.5 x 142.5cm. N.B this table matches the chairs in LOT 1482.

1548 A hardwood bed table with a turned gallery.

1549 An Indian hardwood coffee table on square section tapering legs with metal mounts, 111 x 60.5cm.

1550 A hardwood effect extending dining table with a fold out leaf, size extended 180 x 83cm.

1551 A chrome wire three tier stand.

1552 A 1950 / 60’s bow front bar with a glazed panel above “quilted” brown plastic and a marbled formica foot rest, width 88cm, height 99.5 cm.

1553 A 1950 / 60’s grey formica draw leaf dining table.

1554 A nest of three hardwood tables.

1555 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 122 x 76cm.

1556 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror.

1557 A nest of two mahogany tables.

1558 An oak veneered office cabinet with a shallow drawer above a filing drawer.

1559 An American walnut effect coffee table the top set with glass panels, 140 x 62cm.

1560 A 1970’s hardwood effect draw leaf dining table.

1561 An open rack of five pine shelves, width 84cm.

1562 A 1930’s oak kneehole dressing table, 106cm.

1563 A wine table.

1564 A small oval oak gate leg table on barley twist supports.

1565 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror.

1566 A circular walnut veneered coffee table on cabriole legs.

1567 A 19th century mahogany serpentine front sideboard with a central drawer with two drawers to one side and a double cellarette drawer to the other, on square section legs.

1568 A nest of two copper painted tables on moulded legs.

1569 An Indian hardwood occasional table on substantial square section legs.

1570 A wine table.

1571 A walnut sideboard with a door above a kneehole flanked by drawers above cupboards, width 119cm.

1572 A burr walnut veneered coffee table on turned supports.

1573 An Art & Crafts style oak cupboard, width 101.5cm.

1574 A cantilever bed table.

1575 A bureau with a slope front above a drawer and a pair of sliding glass drawers, width 76cm.


An Arts and Crafts oak sideboard with a pair of doors above a pair of panelled doors, width 138cm.

1577 An eastern octagonal occasional table, the top carved with a dragon on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.

1578 A G-Plan style chest of three long drawers, width 77cm.

1579 A good large oak bookcase with an egg and tongue carved freeze above a vertical division with adjustable open shelves to both sides, width 185.5cm.

1580 A Stag Minstrel chest with three short drawers above two long drawers, width 82cm.

1581 A Stag Minstrel dressing table with drawers above a kneehole, width 152cm.

1582 An oval occasional table with folding sides.

1583 An oak display cabinet with a glazed door above a cupboard door box, 60 x 198.5cm.

1584 A walnut veneered display cabinet on cabriole legs.

1585 An Ercol “Golden Dawn” three tier drop leaf trolley.

1586 A melamine wood effect four tier corner whatnot.


A walnut desk (WAS – dressing table) with three drawers on cabriole legs, width 122cm.

1588 A melamine wood effect bow front four tier corner whatnot.

1589 An Art & Crafts oak dressing chest of three long drawers, width 83.5cm.

1590 A 19th century mahogany corner drop leaf table on cabriole legs.

1591 An Edwardian oak chest of four long drawers, width 99.5cm.

1592 An occasional table with a chessboard inlaid top on square section legs.

1593 An early 20th century oak cabinet with two drawers above a panelled door, width 67.5cm.

1594 A Chinese 1950 / 60’s reverse breakfront hardwood sideboard with a fall front above a drawer flanked by cupboards, width 152cm.

1595 A Chinese 1950 / 60’s carved hardwood cocktail cabinet with a fall front above a pair of drawers and a pair of cupboard doors, sold together with a collection of cut stemmed glasses, width 96cm, height 138cm.

1596 A painted pine five tier open stand, width 83cm.

1597 A Stag Minstrel chest with four short drawers above two long drawers, width 106cm.

1598 A Stag Minstrel chest of drawers, width 81.5cm.

1599 A white melamine rack of pigeon holes, width 75cm.

1600 A melamine mahogany effect two tier corner whatnot.

1601 An Edwardian satin walnut dressing chest of two short and two long drawers, width 91.5cm.

1602 A pine open five tier rack of shelves, width 75.5cm.

1603 A modern pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 84.5cm.

1604 A pine open rack of five shelves, width 77.5cm.

1605 A wood effect chest of three long drawers with brass handles, width 84.5cm.

1606 A modern pine effect chest of four drawers, width 84cm.

1607 A chrome four tier rack with effect shelves, width 48cm.

1608 A circular table with a planished copper top on a wrought iron base, diameter 47cm.

1608A A George III mahogany drop leaf table on square section legs.

1609 A hardwood bow front corner cabinet with a pair of doors with metal grills above a pair of drawers, 92cm.

1610 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 151 x 75cm.

1611 A hardwood occasional table with a tile set top.

1612 A melamine wood effect drop leaf dining table.

1613 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 152.5 x 75cm.

1614 A pine desk with a removable rack, width 122cm.

1615 A modern pine draw leaf dining table, size extended 162 x 76cm.

1616 A hexagonal cane occasional table.

1617 A reproduction snap top pedestal table.

1618 A modern pine chest of two short and two long drawers, width 80cm.

1619 A Stag Minstrel small chest of four drawers, 52cm.

1620 A mahogany effect corner cupboard with a glazed door above a cupboard.

1621 A turned wood towel rail.

1622 A wine table.

1623 A wine table.

1624 An oval mahogany effect drinks cabinet with a single door opening onto a sliding shelf.

1625 An oak veneered chest of three long drawers, width 73.5cm.

1626 A walnut bureau with a slope front above three drawers, width 74.5cm.

1627 A limed oak effect bedside cabinet with a brushing slide above two doors.

1628 A painted melamine bedside chest with three drawers.

1629 A white and pink melamine chest of three drawers, width 101cm.

1630 A narrow oak bookcase with a leaded glass door, width 36.5cm.

1631 An Edwardian oak bureau with a slope front above a drawer and a pair of panelled doors, width 68.5cm.

1632 A hardwood effect roll top bureau with four long drawers, width 87cm.

1633 A teak effect bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard.

1634 An oak effect bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard.

1635 A Victorian walnut purdonium with a panelled front.