General Sale Catalogue 13th March 2018 10am start

Viewing Saturday 9-1pm, Monday 9-5pm


To search the catalogue, press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ simultaneously, or ‘Cmd’ and ‘F’ on a Mac, and scroll through the relevant lots.

1 Three green onyx cigarette boxes, a table lighter and an ashtray.

2 A green onyx perpetual calendar, an ink stand and two other pieces.

3 A collection of green onyx table lighters, a cigar cutter and an ashtray.

4 A collection of green onyx including an apple paperweight.

5 A Villeroy & Boch Jasperware tankard and a Royal Doulton matte black mother and daughter figurine.

6 A cut glass vase, other glass etc.

7 A pair of continental oval dishes in brass stands, an early 20th century German model of Henry VIII and other china.

8 A late 19th or early 20th century black glaze part tea service with coloured enamel decoration, a handmade Japanese part coffee service, the cups with Geisha girl lithophanes.

9 A 19th century black glaze cow creamer, other models etc.

10 A Dartington glass decanter, cut with a sailing ship, a cut glass decanter and three other pieces.

11 An Aynsley iridescent floral decorated dish, a pair of glass four section dishes etc.

12 A blue Art Deco style glass vase cut with abstract designs to all four sides and a cased glass bowl.

13 A small copper and brass hunting horn, a brass kettle stand, a copper crumb tray etc.

14 A Shelley part tea service, each piece with a leaf band and orange enamel motifs.

15 A W.T. Copeland & Son floral decorated part dinner service.

16 A small French eight day mantle timepiece in an arched oak case.

17 A pair of Victorian twin handle vases, each painted with a wading bird and each with ram’s head handles.

18 A 1930s cut yellow glass decanter and a pierced gilt metal bowl.

19 A red glazed fruit decorated Rumtopf pot.

20 A cut glass ship’s decanter, a pair of cut glass decanters and other glass.

21 A collection of Poole Pottery Twin Tone teaware.

22 Miscellaneous, including a brass bowl, a Redruth Brewery Codds bottle and a Skol beer pump.

23 An “Eternal Beau” pattern part tea service with teapot.

24 Two Victorian meat plates and two other oval plates.

25 A studio pottery vase, a Mason’s ‘Chartreuse’ pattern bowl and a 1930s Shorter & Sons bowl.

26 A pair of continental plaques each painted with a goat herd, together with an Eastern plaque painted with flowers and birds.

27 A model cockerel, an Eastern blue and white vase and three other pieces.

28 A Japanese black glazed tea kettle and other matching pieces.

29 Various plates and saucers.

30 A Paragon ‘Athena’ pattern part dinner service.

31 A collection of model cats etc.

32 Miscellaneous china, including a Crested Ware model monoplane.

33 An Eastern figure decorated teapot, one other teapot etc.

34 A collection of shaving and moustache mugs.

35 A teapot moulded as Elizabeth I, two butter dishes moulded as cows etc.

36 A 1930s floral painted posy vase, a Susie Cooper small plate and other china.

37 Two part tea services.

38 A decanter, a collection of stemmed glasses, two reproduction Staffordshire models of dogs, other models etc.

39 A set of four St Mawes Pottery blue glazed mugs, decorated with coloured spots and a similar bowl.

40 A 19th century mallet form decanter and other glass.

41 A collection of studio and art pottery.

42 A collection of studio pottery, including Lakes of Truro.

43 A Poole Pottery Carter Stabler and Adams floral decorated jug, a Coronet Ware 1930s jug painted as a flower with a butterfly beside it and two other jugs.

44 A Dutch Gouda twin handle vase with flower moulded decoration and two other pieces.

45 A cauliflower moulded serving dish with cover and stand.

46 A politician Toby jug with a top hat lid and one other piece.

47 A collection of Eastern blue and white china and a resin model Buddha.

48 A Japanese tea kettle, a Satsuma jug and one other piece.

49 A Royal Doulton Stone Ware jug advertising Old Highland Forest Glen Whisky, one other jug and three other pieces.

50 An Eastern figure decorated vase and two ginger jars.

51 A collection of glass scent bottles etc.

52 A lidded box made as a mother rabbit in a rocking chair, a Blackpool crested model pillar box etc.

53 Mugs and collector’s plates.

54 Pendant glass lampshades and other glass.

55 Plates, jugs etc.

56 A model of Donald Duck playing the accordion, a Bunnykins mug and one other piece.

57 A collection of teaware including 19th century.

58 A collection of old bottles.

59 Stoneware ink bottles, commemorative mugs, serpentine barometer and two green onyx dishes etc.

59A Fifteen blue and white plates.

60 Plates, a serpentine barometer etc.

61 A continental model of a fisherman, various commemorative mugs, a Dicken’s tankard etc.

62 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

63 Two Imari bowls and a similar vase.

64 A Brannam blue glazed jug with a fish head moulded snout, together with a Baron Barnstable blue glazed jug with a side spout.

65 An early 20th century glass biscuit barrel with flowerhead moulded decoration and plated mounts, together with a glass bowl.

66 A cut glass bowl with a silver mount, London, 1902, af.

67 A collection of French Apilco green glazed tea and dinner ware.

68 A collection of glass storage and preserving jars.

69 An Eastern blue and white dragon decorated lidded bowl and two other pieces.

70 A Hornsea Pottery floral painted vase and an H.J. Wood ‘Indian Tree’ pattern jug.

71 A Belgium H. Bequet leaf shape dish and one other piece.

72 Various novelty salt and pepper pots etc.

73 An Aynsley floral decorated part tea service.

74 Three Cooper Craft model dogs and two others.

75 A resin model of Laurel and Hardy holding a barrel.

76 A pair of Laurel and Hardy resin busts and a similar model.

77 Two resin models of Laurel and Hardy.

78 Two resin bar models of William Younger’s Keg Beers models of a bearded gentleman.

79 A collection of Johnson Brothers “Eternal Beau” pattern tea and dinner ware.

80 A set of six Eastern soup bowls, spoons and stands.

81 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

82 A pair of cut glass decanters and two cut glass lamp bases.

83 A pair of cut glass decanters and one other decanter.

84 Miscellaneous china etc.

85 A Nachtmann glass dolphin moulded candlestick, other glass, dolphin and fish models etc.

86 Glassware.

87 A set of four Victorian footed dishes each gilt decorated with a bird and bamboo together with three matching plates and a ginger jar.

88 A blue and white bowl, other china etc.

89 A British Anchor 1950’s Olympus pattern part dinner service.

90 A collection of model cats.

91 Miscellaneous china.

92 Two bags of curtains.

93 Bedding etc.

94 One turquoise double bed waffle blanket and a pair of blue Witney double bed blankets.

95 Two John Lewis blankets, one Super king cream pure wool blanket in its original packaging and the other Super king waffle cream coloured blanket in its original packaging.

96 Two bags of cushions.

97 Two bags of curtains.

98 Bedding.

99 A pair of lined curtains.

100 Two bags of bedding.

101 Two bags of bedding.

102 Misc.

103 Bedding.

104 A crochet patchwork throwover.

105 A pair of feather cushions.

106 Satin type fabric mattress pads.

107 A Cornwall Constabulary Sergeant’s jacket with badges and buttons.

108 A WW II Luftwaffe Officer’s jacket with cloth badge, together with a similar peaked cap with crossed swords and acorn leaf badge.

109 Three wetsuits.

110 A gentlemen’s Quicksilver brown leather jacket.

111 A Barbour quilted gilet.

112 A gentlemen’s Berghaus green Gore-Tex jacket.

113 A gentleman’s Arondear large tweed jacket.

114 A gentleman’s Barbour brown jacket, together with a Rohan green fabric jacket.

115 A gentleman’s blue charcoal blue striped three piece suit, two other suits and a coat.

116 A gentleman’s black herringbone Carling coat, together with a white jacket and a tweed jacket.

117 A gentleman’s Marks and Spencer’s brown velvet jacket, together with a two piece suit and a blazer.

118 Two waterproof jackets.

119 A lady’s wax jacket.

120 An extra large wax jacket.

121 A gentleman’s Country Clothing wax jacket.

122 A Yachtsman Helly-Hansen waterproof bib trousers and jacket, together with one other pair of waterproof trousers.

123 A lady’s fur jacket by M. Michaels, Exeter and Corfu.

124 A lady’s mink jacket.

124A A part roll of flame retardant upholstery material.

125 A ladies Cofi small brown leather jacket.

126 A collection of men’s trousers.

127 Three pairs of children’s crocks.

128 Two sleeping bags.

129 A simulated fur bag, a Stradivarius bag, cushion covers etc.

130 A bag of remnants, mostly Sanderson.

130A A bag of miscellaneous.

130B A bag of towels.

130C A box of new bedding.

130D A pair of lady’s size five cushion-walk red leather shoes.

130E A pair of lady’s size 39 (size 6 U.K.) black leather riding boots.

130F A box of lady’s shoes, including a pair of Lilley Doc Martens style white leather boots.

130G A pair of Moshulu Swedish clogs, one other pair of clogs and a pair of Rocket Dog trainers.

130H A pair of ladies Babycham black fabric trainers, size 5, in their original box.

130I A pair of ladies Doc Marten brown leather slip on shoes in their original box.

130J A pair of Doc Marten purple leather boots in their original box.

130K Two pairs of ladies Karrimor Excel trainers in their original boxes.

130L A pair of ladies Karrimor size 4 brown leather boots in their original box.

130M Two ladies Jacques Vert wedding type hats in their original boxes.

130N A pair of 1960s Lybro Americano denim jean trousers with their original label, priced at 35 shillings, together with a Classic Woman snakeskin print blouse and a floral wool pullover.

130O A Beatles t-shirt, other t-shirts etc.

130P A pair of gentleman’s short riding boots, a top hat by Herbert Johnson, New Bond Street, a sailor’s hat by Gieves Ltd, Bond Street with a badge marked RNSA etc.

130Q Three flat caps.

130R Two boxes of handbags.

130S A Jaeger green leather shoulder bag with its original fabric bag cover.

130T An Ri2K John Richmond beige leather handbag with its original purple fabric bag and a similar black leather purse.

130U A lady’s brown leather bag.

130V A box of wool.

130W A box of white cotton sheets, pillowcases etc.

130X Four pillows in their original packaging.

130Y Children’s bedding etc.

130Z A vintage suitcase containing table linen etc.

151 A pair of on oil on canvas furnishing paintings, one a river scene the other trees in a landscape each signed Corby, gilt frames.

152 A reproduction poster advertising Smithfield Club cattle show and one other piece.

153 A box of books.

154 Two boxes of books.

155 Two boxes of books.

156 Two boxes of books.

157 A box of books.

158 A box of 45 and 78rpm records.

159 A signed limited edition coloured print of a spaniel after John Silver and a coloured print of a pastoral scene.

160 A hardwood effect CD cabinet.

161 A box of 33rpm records etc.

162 A box of 45rpm records.

163 Three boxes of books.

164 Two boxes and a basket of books.

165 Three boxes of books.

166 A collection of 1914 – 1918 A Pictured History.

167 A pair of watercolours of two King Charles spaniels and a coloured print of harvesters.

168 An oil on board of a shipwreck signed L. Rowe and two other paintings.

169 A golf bag on trolley containing a small collection of clubs.

170 A pair wooden curtain poles with rings and fixings.

171 A carpenter’s pine tool box with rope carrying handles.

172 A copy The Jubilee book of Cricket by Prince Ranjitsnhhi and other books.

173 Two bundles of books about myths and legends.

174 A bundle of books including Cornish.

175 Elephant Bill a signed copy by J H Williams together with a similar copy of Bandoola.

176 Burks Peerage in two volumes.

177 A copy of From the Foreland to Penzance Ports and Harbours of the South coast by Clive Holland.

178 Two film related books and one other.

179 A jewellery box and contents.

180 A box of cigarette cards.

181 A mantle clock in an arched walnut veneered case.

182 A Braktita MTL3 camera body with a 45mm and 2.8/29 lenses and flash gun.

183 A Samsung 8mm video recorder and related items in a fitted case.

184 An Israeli green enamel metal lidded dish the handle and finial with coloured mosaic enamel.

185 A bag of golf clubs.

186 A step exerciser.

187 A pilates exercise machine.

188 Five tiers of chrome shelving.

189 A metal garden chair.

190 A black metal dress rail.

191 A unicycle.

192 NO LOT.

193 NO LOT.

194 An ice cream vendor bicycle with a front cool box, bar steering and rear pannier.

195 A stainless steel single drainer sink.

196 A stainless steel single drainer sink.

197 A green glass carboy.

198 A lifebelt.

199 A pine open dresser rack, width 124cm.

200 A leg exerciser etc.

201 Various Land Rover and other four wheel drive exhaust pipes.

202 A Grafter small aluminium step ladder.

203 A pair of painted doors each with four opaque glass panels and each 75.8 x 197.5cm.

204 A brown glaze garden pot.

205 A boat rudder.

206 A fibre glass surfboard, length 222.5cm.

206A A fibreglass surfboard, length 205cm.

207 Three pairs of swimming flippers.

208 A aluminium two section ladder and a decorator’s platform.

209 A sack trolley.

210 A Beldray Jobezer aluminium decorators platform.

211 Four plastic baskets containing mugs etc.

212 A plastic pet cage.

213 A plastic pet cage.

214 A crate of old milk bottles by various dairies.

215 Six advertising milk bottles by T Storey & Son, Hilltop Farm, Hurst Barber and others.

216 A plastic crate containing six soda siphons.

217 An aluminium “three way” step ladder.

218 An exercise bench with weights.

219 A bundle of gardening tools and two galvanised baths.

220 An aluminium step ladder.

220A A pierced chrome fire kerb, length 139 cm.

221 Two children’s scooters.

222 A plastic sand pit and other toys.

223 A box of paints etc.

224 A slated wood garden bench, width 122.5cm and one other bench.

225 A circular slatted wood folding garden table and a set of four similar chairs.

226 A plant tub etc.

227 A fire extinguisher.

228 A car roof box.

229 A Homelite petrol driven strimmer.

230 A Hornet petrol driven wheeled strimmer.

231 Two folding wooden chairs.

232 A bundle of plastic fencing posts.

233 A set of three coloured leaded windows each 81 x 65cm.

234 A garden statue moulded as an angel a.f.

235 A paraffin heater.

236 A bundle of bamboo paraffin torches.

237 A pond fountain moulded as a cherub holding a fish.

238 A pair of director’s chairs.

239 A roll of garden membrane and a pack of lawn edging.

240 A folding garden chair, a small circular table, a plant tub etc.

241 A folding garden chair.

242 A collection of garden pots.

243 A collection of terracotta and other garden pots etc.

243A A large collection of terracotta plant pots and four similar troughs.

243B A bundle of tools and a besom.

243C A slatted hardwood garden bench on cast metal supports, width 121cm.

243D A slatted wood garden bench on cast metal supports, width 94cm.

243E A slatted wood garden bench on cast iron supports, width 110cm.

243F A plastic boat fender.

243G An electric cement mixer with stand.

243H A slatted hardwood garden bench on metal supports, width 120cm.

243I An iron garden roller.

243J An Elu Super Jaws trestle.

243K An aluminium step ladder.

243L An aluminium step ladder.

243M An aluminium two section extending ladder.

243N A small Beldray aluminium step ladder.

243O A Mirror Dingy, length 343cm, with mast, oars, rowlocks and trailer etc.

243P A pine workbench, width 151cm, mounted with a vice.

243Q A pine workbench, 245cm, mounted with two vices.

243R A decorator’s platform on folding legs etc.

243S Two plastic chests of drawers.

243T Two trays of glassware etc.

243U A box of kitchenware etc.

243V Three boxes of miscellaneous china etc.

243W Three pairs of bicycle forks.

243X Two crates of early 20th century green glass beer bottles.

243Y Three crates of early 20th century green glass beer bottles and a similar amber glass bottle by Halls, Oxford Brewery Ltd.

243Z A box of vintage bottles.

244 A pair of folding garden chairs.

244A A box of early 20th century beer bottles and a box of bottles, mostly with ceramic caps.

244B Four boxes of early 20th century green glass beer bottles and four boxes of mostly green glass beer bottles, with two amber glass Davidson & Son, Gateshead Ltd. bottles.

244C Four boxes of early 20th century green and amber glass beer bottles.

244D A large collection of newel posts, stair posts, spindles etc.

244E A square concrete bird bath on a pedestal.

244F A square concrete planter on a square pedestal and one other similar smaller planter.

244G Three glazed planters and a large terracotta planter.

244H A galvanized water tank, 74cm x 56.5cm.

244I A galvanized watering can and a similar scoop.

244J An iron balance with brass mounts.

244K A folding push chair, together with a plastic pet basket.

244L A metal office filing cabinet.

244M A circular plastic kick stool.

244N A Days wheeled walking aid with cable breaks.

244O A bundle of gardening tools.

244P A pair of deck chairs.

244Q A folding trestle table.

244R A folding sack trolley and a Flymo strimmer.

244S A pine step ladder.

244T A child’s Apollo 18 speed mountain bike.

244U A box of miscellaneous china etc.

244V Two boxes of miscellaneous china, glass etc.

244W A child’s Bantel scooter.

245 A pair of cast aluminium garden chairs.

246 A teak garden bench, width 152cm.

247 A cast iron crank operated pedestal drill.

248 A chrome mixer tap and other taps etc.

249 A folding saw trestle.

250 A wooden garden ornament windmill.

251 A concrete bird bath moulded as a cherub holding aloft a clam shell.

252 Four garden ornaments moulded as a girl on a bench, a classical figure, a pair of wellingtons and a model house.

253 A collection of garden ornaments.

254 A wall pocket moulded as a face and other plant pots.

255 An aluminium ice bucket on a wrought metal stand.

256 A tall clay chimney pot, height 110cm.

257 A tall clay chimney pot, height 123cm.

258 An aluminium step ladder.

259 Two concrete plant pots and a square terracotta chimenea pot.

260 A concrete garden ornament moulded as a Buddha.

261 A pair of circular concrete garden pots.

262 Five animal moulded garden ornaments and a small bird bath.

263 A rectangular shallow bird bath.

264 Two circular concrete pots.

265 An octagonal terracotta plant pot and a plant in a bark moulded terracotta pot.

266 A concrete garden ornament moulded as a tortoise and other ornaments.

267 A box of glassware.

268 A Roma wheeled walking aid with cable brakes.

269 A chrome revolving chimney cowl.

270 A wheeled walking aid with cable brakes.

271 A vintage chrome radiator with a central cream enamel panel.

272 A shovel.

273 A pair of wrought iron firedogs.

274 An aluminium step ladder.

275 An aluminium step ladder.

276 A small box of glasses and mugs.

277 A box of miscellaneous china etc.

278 A deck chair.

279 A spade and a plastic bin.

280 Wooden blinds.

281 A wrought metal bird cage on stand, height 115cm including finial.

281A A Wolf 2.HP electric air compressor.

281B Two electric motors.

282 A white and blue enamel sign ‘Insist upon having Coleman’s starch in cardboard boxes’, 91 cm x 96.5cm.

283 A Record electric wood turning lathe together with a box of related tools.

284 A brass and mesh fire guard.

285 A garden vac/blower.

286 A Fredrix cast iron etching press with brass adjusters.

287 A director’s chair.

288 A pair of folding wooden chairs.

289 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

290 An artist’s Windsor & Newton folding easel.

291 Three mirrors and a wooden panel carved with dragons.

292 An oval mirror with bevelled glass.

293 A large oil on board of a farm seen through trees, signed Rowley.

294 An oil on canvas of lakeside trees, signed M Bunton.

295 An oil on canvas of the Moulin Rouge signed Dechamp.

296 Douglas Hill, an oil on canvas of a harbour side church, 23.5cm x 23.5cm.

297 Douglas Hill, an oil on canvas of sailing boats on a calm sea, 49cm x 59cm.

298 A mirror in a gilt frame moulded with leaves.

299 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

300 An oil on canvas of a river scene signed D. Hinge and a print of a church.

301 An oval mirror in a cane frame, a mirror in a gilt frame and a coloured print of a sailing ship.

302 A cane laundry basket and a collection of soft toys.

303 A vintage pig skin suitcase with brass catches.

304 A pine tool chest, width 86cm.

305 A child’s Panpero car seat and one other piece.

306 A copper art nouveau jardiniere together with a coal helmet.

307 A copper jardiniere, a small rosewood veneered box and two other pieces.

308 A diver’s demand valve and gauge.

308A A collection of twenty three ‘Observers’ books.

308B A set of the Lord of The Rings trilogy printed by Harper Collins in a card sleeve together with a similar copy of the Hobbit and a paperback copy.

309 Two boxes of books.

310 Three boxes of books.

311 A box of books.

312 Three boxes of books.

313 Two boxes of books etc.

314 A set of three wall light fittings with white glass shades etc.

315 Two boxes of jigsaw puzzles and games.

316 A box of miscellaneous items.

317 A box of miscellaneous items.

318 A box containing The Great Artists magazines.

319 A box of books.

320 A ceramic elephant garden seat.

321 A Carmen Salon Styler hairdryer.

322 A two bar electric fire in its original box.

323 A Russell Hobbs kettle in its original box.

324 A Sony portable CD player/radio.

325 A Bell and Howell Moviemaster cine progector.

326 A stainless steel two slice toaster.

327 A pine box.

328 Four boxed set of garden lights.

329 Two boxes of books.

330 An Electrolux Mondo cylinder vacuum cleaner.

331 A tapestry frame in its original box.

332 A steam mop.

333 A Helix X03 angle cutting measure.

334 Six graduated spirit levels and one other spirit level.

335 Two oils on board, one of a woodland stream the other a still life flowers and two other pictures.

336 An oil on board of a woodland stream.

337 A brown and cream metal three drawer filing cabinet.

338 A Playstation 4Gamers Sportsboard in its original box.

339 A Flymo electric rotary mower with grass box.

340 A Blyss ‘local air conditioner’.

341 A Panasonic microwave oven.

342 A grey painted plywood vertical plan chest containing a large collection of ordinance survey and geological maps.

343 A Flymo electric rotary mower with grass box.

344 A cantilever bed table.

345 A Texas charcoal grill barbecue in its original box.

346 A ceiling lamp/heater in its original box.

347 A Cookworks mini oven in its original box.

348 An oil on canvas of a female nude and a nautical scene displayed in a glazed case.

349 A watercolour ‘On the Rhine’ by Richard Leitch and two other pictures.

350 A case of 33rpm records.

351 An Ilford portable enlarger in a hardwood case.

352 An Olympia portable typewriter in a grey and cream rexine case.

353 A steam mop.

354 A socket set in a fitted black plastic case.

355 A Beko AE+A class 7kg automatic washing machine.

356 A 1930s “Bunting” vertical single bar electric fire made a a yacht, with reflector sails.

357 A JCB electric hedge trimmer.

358 A floor standing lamp with an adjustable head.

359 An illuminated Santa Christmas decoration.

360 A bag of Ordnance Survey and other maps.

361 A 1600w table grill in its original box.

362 A Hotpoint A+ 6kg Futura automatic washing machine.

363 A Hotpoint First Edition automatic washing machine.

364 A Hotpoint Aquarius reverse action tumble dryer.

364A A Beko A+ Class frost free upright freezer.

364B A 1970s Marconiphone record player with speakers, together with a similar Sterophonic tuner, a Sharp cassette deck and a Radiomobile Stereo 8-track tape player.

364C A Mower “Shredder, blower’ vac.

365 A Sodasteam and related items.

366 A Black and Decker cordless drill and two other pieces.

367 A Roberts R606 – MB red rexine covered portable radio and two other pieces.

368 A Makita 110v hammer drill with bits etc in a fitted plastic case.

369 A Makita 18v cordless drill, jigsaw and circular saw and torch set with charger and two batteries in a fitted plastic case.

370 A Marksman 850w SDS drill kit in its original packaging.

371 A Makita 1800w circular saw in a fitted plastic case.

372 A box of CDs/cassettes etc.

373 A box containing Boss and other electric guitar reverb pedals.

374 An artist’s portable folding easel.

375 An oil on canvas of a stream ‘The Artist’s Garden, Ashburnham’ by Michael Tain and other pictures and prints.

376 A small 19th century watercolour of thatched riverside cottages and other pictures.

377 An oil on board of a river scene signed Bekay and other pictures.

378 Harry A Adnitt, six mounted engravings, various subjects including The School, St Bees and other pictures.

379 An oak firescreen set with a fabric panel worked with London landmarks.

380 A plaque moulded with figures and two other plaques.

381 An oil on canvas coastal scene by Don Austen and other pictures.

382 Two late 19th /early 20th century watercolours of river scenes.

383 Pamela Dawkes, an oil on board ‘Tuscan Evening’ together with a watercolour ‘Mill in Holland’ by James Chisholm Gooden and one other picture.

384 A convector heater.

385 A convector heater.

386 A Kelly’s of Cornwall icecream fridge with a bowed glass front and shaped sides, width 98cm.

387 Two camera tripods etc.

388 A Bosch electric hedge trimmer.

389 A Flymo electric strimmer.

390 A Platinum garden vac/blower.

391 A box of scart leads, extension cables and a box of light bulbs.

392 A Flymo electric hover mower.

393 A McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw.

394 A Ryobi petrol driven hedge trimmer.

395 A Dyson Root Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner in blue and grey.

396 A McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw.

397 A Black Decker electric strimmer.

398 A Flymo electric strimmer and an extension cable.

399 A Epson Stylus Photo 1400 computer printer.

400 A Flymo electric hover mower.

401 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

402 An alabaster lidded box and four other pieces.

403 China and glass.

404 A box of children’s DVDs.

405 Stainless steel teaware etc.

406 A box of corkscrews.

407 Victorian tiles etc.

408 A box of miscellaneous items including a vintage alarm clock, a stone carving and an Ideal babies bottle.

409 An Underwood green plastic portable typewriter in a black plastic case.

410 Two photographic lamps, an aluminium case etc.

411 An adjustable table lamp in its original box.

412 A pair of Miranda 10 x 50 binoculars.

413 A Lock & Co bowler hat.

414 Model elephants and other models.

415 Three small brass candle lanterns, model birds etc.

416 A collection of vintage milk bottles including a B.R.H. Park Farm Monks Orchard quart bottle and Hawkesbourne Farm Horesham pint bottle.

417 Flatware, darts, candles etc.

418 A Samsung CD recorder.

419 A Roberts DAB portable radio.

420 A Rex folding bellows camera with its original leather case.

421 A Corby electric trouser press.

422 Two river scenes furnishing paintings and three other pictures.

423 An oil on board of a coastal cottage by Norman Brand together with a furnishing painting of a riverside cottage, a heightened watercolour of Godrevy by Vivienne Morris and two other pictures.

424 Mary Brown, a pair of still life watercolours in gilt frames.

425 Marsden Prophet, an oil on board still life bowl of fruit and a model Buddha.

426 A watercolour ‘Bay Rose Cafe and Tea Gardens’ by Harry Cartwright and two other pictures.

427 An oil on canvas of a continental farm and five other pictures.

428 Two electric welders.

429 A box of steel files and a box of tools.

430 A Range Rover 2.5 TDI clutch kit in its original box.

431 A Defender V8/Discovery 1 clutch kit in its original box.

432 A Freelander clutch kit in its original box.

433 Two Land Rover water pumps each in its original box.

434 A box of guitar stands, cables etc.

435 Three boxes of cable, plumbing fittings etc.

436 Two boxes of cables etc.

437 Two boxes of tools, fixings etc.

438 Two boxes of Land Rover and other four wheel drive filters.

439 A box of four wheel drive clutch plates.

440 Two boxes of four wheel drive filters etc.

441 Two boxes of guitar cables, a guitar pedal etc.

442 An American early 20th century Davis sewing machine in an arched walnut veneered case.

443 A Champion pressure washer in its original box.

444 Two oils on board, one of Crown Mines, the other Cadgwith by Mini-Moon and three other pictures.

445 A watercolour of a harbour at low tide, an oil on canvas of a glider and other pictures.

446 C. P. Shapton, three oils on canvas, a beach scene, a fishing boat and a rural village.

447 Franz Hoepsner, a 19th century oil on canvas of a riverside cottage in a gilt frame, 25cm x 44.5cm.

448 Ernest Knight, an oil on canvas of Slapton Ley.

449 An oil on canvas of a coastal scene initialled AMC and two other pictures.

450 C.V. Parker, a pastel ‘Port Wrinkle Cornwall’.

451 A watercolour of Tehidy Woods by Dome Felix and two woolwork panels.

452 An oil on canvas ‘View from Richmond’ looking towards London by Fred Roots, 37cm x 49.5cm.

453 A fibreglass model aircraft fuselage, together with partially completed wings and other parts.

454 Two line telephones in yellow cases.

455 A Decca SRG 898 Radiogram in a ‘teak’ case, width 140.3cm.

456 A box of CDs.

457 A box of new chisels, planes and other tools.

458 A box of Granton Household knives in their original cardboard boxes.

459 A Curry’s Essentials small dishwasher.

460 A Beco A+A class 5kg automatic washing machine.

461 A Candy Ecosystem dishwasher.

462 A JVC portable CD system with detachable speakers and remote control.

463 A Samsung CD system with speakers and remote control.

464 A Grundig RCV370 stereo tuner with speakers.

465 An Erbauer 1500w 185mm circular saw in a black and blue canvas carrying case.

466 A Technik combi 21.5″ LED TV/DVD player with remote control.

467 A Toshiba 32″ flatscreen television with remote control.

468 A Nu-tool bench grinder.

469 An Amstrad vertical linear tracking record player/twin cassette music centre with one speaker.

470 An adjustable fluorescent table lamp.

470A Two wireless computer printers.

470B A Peavey 600w large subwoofer.

470C A Sky+ HD receiver with remote control.

470D A box of electric tools etc.

470E A box of drill bits and grinding discs etc.

470F A box of scart leads, other cables etc.

470G A Salton ‘Hotray’.

470H An Alba DVD player and TalkTalk You View box each with remote control.

470I A pair of Elftone speakers, together with one other similar speaker in its original box.

471 A brass table lamp in Eastern style.

472 A Phillips vintage valve radio in a walnut case.

473 A Cook’s Professional yellow plastic mixer.

474 A Gaz camping stove and a similar lantern.

475 A Sony portable CD/Radio player with remote control.

476 A Sony S-Master 5.1″ digital amplifier with speakers.

477 A brass table lamp.

478 A pale brown glaze baluster table lamp with shade.

479 A brass mother and daughter lamp.

480 A Club fan heater made as a log effect solid fuel stove.

481 A Phillips stereo system with record deck and speakers.

482 A Lakeland hand held turbo vacuum cleaner in its original box.

483 A microwave oven.

484 A turned and fluted standard lamp with shade.

485 A brass mother and daughter lamp.

486 An illuminated Christmas decoration snowman in its original box.

487 An illuminated revolving Christmas decoration in its original box.

488 A Gelert two ring gas camping stove.

489 An Arcam ‘Alpha 3′ integrated stereo amplifier.

490 An HP computer printer etc.

491 A Galileo thermometer and a set of Setura straighteners.

492 A Street Wise 12v battery charger.

493 A Robert’s DAB portable radio and a Toshiba blu ray disc player, lacks remote control.

494 Miscellaneous including Logitech speakers and a fan heater.

495 A Canon scanner etc.

496 A Fellowes laminator and one other piece.

497 A Time laptop computer.

498 A Bush DAB portable radio.

499 A toolbox containing microphone and guitar cables.

500 A Kamasa Tools engineered bench vice.

501 A Fidelity UA10 record deck.

502 A Grundig with Receiver-R 35 Super Hi-Fi.

503 An electric staple gun, a glue gun and a tile cutter.

504 An Ion Pro File record deck.

505 Two ten piece screwdriver sets and a combination spanner set, each in its original box.

506 Five portable radios.

507 A Panasonic portable stereo radio/cassette recorder.

508 Two portable radios.

509 A Phillip’s radio cassette recorder in its original box.

510 A Blue Bird green enamel portable typewriter in a green rexine covered case.

511 A Carin car sat nav system.

512 A Kenwood mixer in its original box.

513 Two socket sets and a set of spanners in their original boxes.

514 A box of spanners and other tools.

515 Three socket sets in their original boxes.

516 Three socket sets in their original boxes.

517 Two socket sets in their original packages.

518 A socket set, a torque wrench and a combination spanner set, each in its original packaging.

519 A box of gas regulators etc.

520 A box of circular saw blades, tools etc.

521 A 1950s/1960s Alba small ‘teak’ radiogramme, width 104cm.

522 A 1960s GEC stereo valve radiogram in a teak case, width 141cm.

523 An Apple iMac blue and opaque plastic computer with keyboard and mouse.

524 A standard lamp turned as if bamboo.

525 An Optoma Projector in its original box.

526 A Casio Tone CT-300 keyboard with stand.

527 A Beko condenser sensor tumble dryer.

528 A Hotpoint Iced Diamond larder fridge.

529 A Hotpoint Iced Diamond upright freezer.

530 A Flavel Milano G60 white enamel four ring main gas cooker.

531 A Beko dishwasher.

532 A Superser small portable gas heater with cylinder.

533 A needlework panel, a pastel of a cat signed Brian J. and one other piece.

534 A 18th century coloured print, view of Bristol Hotwells and St Vincent’s dock.

535 A watercolour of geese and three animal prints.

536 A 19th century coloured print ‘Hunting Mare and Foal’ after G.F. Herring, together with a needlework panel and three other pictures.

537 A Hoover fridge/freezer.

538 A box of books.

539 Two boxes of books.

540 Two coloured prints of sailing ships.

541 A coloured print of two girls at a piano.

542 A set of four framed prints of medieval scenes and other pictures.

543 An oil on board of a tea clipper, signed Jackson and one other painting of a river scene.

544 A pastel of a coastal cove, signed H.C. Gilbert.

545 A coloured print of ‘The Rain, it Raineth’ after Norman Garstin, a photography of Newlyn Harbour and other prints.

546 A cross stitch sampler dated 1996, a coloured print ‘The Rain it Raineth’ after Norman Garstin and a reproduction poster for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

547 Robin Muller, four signed coloured prints in pine frames.

548 A coloured print ‘Hunting on Zennor Hill’ after Sir Alfred Munnings and four other pictures.

549 A signed limited edition coloured print of a fishing boat after Heather Bray and three other prints in matching frames.

550 Two boxes of books.

551 A box of miscellaneous items, including a wire egg basket.

552 A watercolour ‘Hayle Lifeboat’ and ‘The Escurial’ 1895, signed S. Driver and five other pictures.

553 A box of picture frames.

554 A box of books.

555 A doll’s house and furniture.

556 A blue painted oval tin hat box.

557 A woodgrained oval metal hat box.

558 A grained metal oval hat box.

559 A square copper lantern made as a head of a street lamp, height including ball finial 87.5cm.

560 A Walter Hick’s St Austell stoneware flagon.

561 A box containing leather purses, belts and a cigar case.

562 An Indian hardwood box, the lid carved with animals and an Eastern lacquered box.

563 A tray of flatware.

564 A reproduction cast metal automaton ‘Calamity’ moneybox.

565 A circular turnwood nut dish with a brass ship’s wheel screw action cracker, together with an engraved plated teapot and a Thermos jug.

566 A cane tray containing flatware, a serpentine dish, a fur stole etc.

567 A stoneware hot water bottle, a similar jug, and other stoneware etc.

568 A collection of stainless steel teaware etc.

569 A large Eastern vase decorated with figures before a river.

570 An Eastern blue and white lidded jar, a pair of similar enamelled vases on wooden bases and a Take Courage jug.

571 Two iron door latches, a square gilt candle lantern etc.

572 A Black Forest box with a bird carved mount above a pair of doors, opening onto three drawers above a drawer to the base, width 22cm, height 31cm.

573 An earthenware jug and two stoneware jars.

574 Glassware including a Codd’s bottle.

575 Brass and copperware, together with a Spelter model pheasant.

576 A yellow glass quatrefoil shaped bottle, a soda siphon and a pewter jug.

577 Woodware including a box and a pair of bellows etc.

578 An oak canteen containing a set of six fish knives and forks and pair of servers etc.

579 A Lamorna Pottery model cockerel, a similar vase, a Porthleven vase and four other pieces.

580 A pair of Gieves Ltd aluminium shoe stretchers, a pair of Alan McAffee wooden shoe stretchers, a pair of early 20th century ivory brushes and a shaving brush.

581 An Eastern brass gong on a fret cut stand.

582 NO LOT.

583 Two copies of The New Sporting Magazine, dated 1837, a pair of field glasses etc.

584 Two art pottery bowls, a serpentine vase and two other pieces.

585 A pair of Japanese Satsuma vases decorated with figures.

586 A collection of oriental china and a stone figure.

587 A brass oil lamp now converted to electricity.

588 A copper kettle with an acorn finial.

589 Three flags, the Stars and Stripes, the Swedish flag and the Brittany flag.

590 An artist’s easel/box.

591 A hardwood sewing box and a quillbox with a sliding lid.

591A A black leather briefcase.

592 A Spode ‘Italian’ pattern octagonal dish, a collection of mugs etc.

593 A metal table lamp cast as a female harvester.

594 An iron balance on a twist support.

595 A pair of blue ground cloisonné vases, damaged.

596 An Eastern resin jar moulded with figures and with elephant head handles.

597 A floral decorated toilet jug and bowl.

598 A bowed anodised metal fire front.

599 Glassware.

600 An oil lamp with a blue glass font, the base transfer printed with cottages before a church.

601 A brass oil lamp with a clear glass font on a wrought brass stand.

602 A collection of brass trays.

603 A Royal Doulton ‘Kingswood’ pattern part dinner service and a Noritake ‘Namiki’ part service.

604 A Smith’s nickel car clock now in an arched mahogany case.

605 A 1930s W. Benson mantle timepiece in a chrome and hardwood ziggurat case and one other mantle timepiece.

606 A complete set of ‘The Inspector Morse’ television series on DVD.

607 An album of glossy wildlife and other photographs.

608 A copper jardiniere standing on three brass feet, together with two similar jugs.

609 A copper and brass kettle on a brass spirit burner stand, together with an Eastern copper jug.

610 A part suite of cut stemmed glasses.

611 A pair of twin handle vases with flower moulded decoration.

612 A mahogany veneered writing slope, af, and a folding stool.

613 A Bush 1960’s cream enamel handbag radio.

614 A set of stemmed glasses.

615 A set of six stemmed glasses and one other piece.

616 A pair of brass fire implements.

617 A model gypsy caravan, a log trailer and one other model car.

618 Two cast metal fantasy models and a model of coal miner.

619 Two resin model cats.

620 A Viceroy lever operated red bakelite razor etc.

621 Glassware.

622 A Wedgwood and Co. ‘May’ pattern toilet jug and bowl, one other toilet jug and two chamber pots.

623 A resin statue of two dancers, a studio pottery vase shaped as a saucer on a stand and a horseshoe.

624 A collection of Alfred Meakin ‘Springwood’ pattern 25cm leaf decorated plates, together with a collection of Hornsea style salt and pepper pots, each with black and white vertical lines.

625 A blue and white footed bowl transfer printed with an Eastern pavilion, a pheasant decorated vase and a Dartington glass vase.

626 A St Ives Pottery flower decorated bowl, a white and gilt ceramic basket woven dish, a Norwegian vase etc.

627 A bag of resin and chrome Art Deco drawer and cupboard handles.

628 A brass plaque repousse decorated with leaves about a Tudor rose, a circular pewter tray, similar plated trays etc.

629 An Ambrotype of Victorian family outing, a hinged brass ‘Gas’ cover, a Fletcher Russel & Co. Ltd bunsen type gas burner etc.

630 A pair of DDR Zeiss Jena binoculars, serial No. 6048502 and a G.B. Bell & Howell model 605 Double Run Eight four lens cine camera.

631 A set of three graduated copper dip measures with iron handles, together with a Sunny Jim soft toy, a composition toy, a composition doll etc.

632 A pair of Hoya 8 x 40 binoculars and two cigarette boxes.

633 Wade whimsies, a stoneware bowl, a garden sieve etc.

634 A Spode ‘Chinese Rose’ pattern part tea service.

635 Two coloured prints of cats and two other cat pictures.

636 Two boxes of books.

637 Two oils on board, one St Ives Harbour, the other a fishing fleet at sea, each signed J. Hartnoll.

638 A 19th century oil on board furnishing painting of a riverside cottage signed S. Wilson and one other painting of a canal scene.

639 A box of books and two table lamps.

640 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

641 A Christmas carousel in its original box.

642 A box of books.

643 A Rolson 1200w pressure washer in its original box.

644 A box of flatware, kitchenware etc.

645 A box of Lee Child and Naomi Jacob books.

646 A box of coloured prints in hardwood effect frames.

647 Two bundles of books.

648 A pair of brass twist handle fire implements.

649 A pewter four piece tea service on a matching oval tray, together with a bag of flatware.

650 Pewter including a cocktail shaker and a sardine dish.

651 Three model plastic construction kits.

652 Two Corgi aircraft models in their original boxes and an electric screwdriver.

653 Two Atlas edition die cast model aircraft in their original boxes and a similar Corgi model aircraft.

654 A Victorian leaf decorated iridescent green glaze comport set and other china.

655 An opaque glass vase with ribbed vertical lines and a matching yellow glass vase.

656 Teaware, models etc.

656A A floral decorated part tea/dinner service.

657 An aluminium and green vinyl folding trestle table.

658 Two boxes of prints in hardwood effect frames.

659 A box of books and a box of toys etc.

660 A box of miscellaneous items.

661 A box of mostly classical vinyl.

662 Two boxes of books.

663 A box of Mojo, Strangles and other Pop magazines.

664 A box of 33rpm records, mostly Jazz.

665 Two boxes of books.

666 A box of books.

667 A case of mostly Sentinel label records.

668 A collection of mostly bird prints.

669 A box of DVDs etc.

670 A bundle of 33 and 45 rpm records, mostly 1980s/1990s.

671 Nine 19th century coloured prints of London.

672 N.J. Stammers, an oil on canvas ‘Portrait of a Lady’ dated 1933 and a self-portrait.

673 C.L. Stammers, an oil on canvas abstract painting and two coloured prints.

674 A wool panel worked with flowers and birds, four other needlework panels and two prints.

675 An ink and charcoal drawing of H.M.S. Benbow, Constantinople, January 1921 by H.W. Morris.

676 An oil on board of a river scene signed Nan Parker and a pastel of a thatched cottage signed Graham Wilde.

677 A watercolour ‘Forelands Beach, Bembridge’ by Margaret Gare and three other pictures.

678 A pine drawing board.

679 An oil on board, view to the sea and two other pictures.

680 A charcoal drawing ‘Beach Babe No. 3′ by Mary Anne Green, St Ives.

681 A coloured print of a coaching scene after Harry Elliott.

682 Three coloured prints in white painted frames and an oil on board of a woodland stream signed A.R. Sowden.

683 A reversal painting on glass of lakeside buildings, together with two oils on canvas, one of a sailing ship, the other a still life flowers.

684 An oil on board of African women carrying water jars, signed W. April.

685 Eric Ward, St Ives, an oil on board of a harbour scene, 29cm x 29cm.

686 Peter Smith, an oil on panel ‘Pines, Marazion Marsh’ and two other pictures.

687 An oval mirror in a gilt plaster frame.

688 Two pastels by R.W.V. one a view to a stream, the other a stream beyond trees.

689 A Bagatelle board.

690 An oil on board of a hunter with his rifle in a winter landscape, signed Tabo Trickart.

691 A box of mugs.

692 A collection of The Great Writer’s Magazines and books.

693 A collection of board games.

694 Two make-up mirrors and a collection of Tremar Pottery, and a collection of vintage transport models in their original boxes.

695 A case of HMV 1960s practical Wagner opera LP’s and other classical vinyl.

696 Three Cornish stoneware flagons, two retailed W & E.C. Kahn, Falmouth and Truro, the third underglazed and impressed E.G. Courtis, Helston.

697 A small stoneware jar retailed by Wigtownshire Creamery Co., Stranraer, together with a stoneware ginger beer bottle, a Calvados bottle and three others.

698 A Spelter figurine made as a man holding aloft a torch and two other figures.

699 Four vintage pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

700 Four vintage pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

701 A pair of pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

702 A pair of pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

703 A pair of pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

704 A pair of pint milk bottles red printed ‘T.S. Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.’

705 A painted polystyrene sign with a logo beside the wording ‘Airworks Ltd.’

706 A Space Shuttle scale model kit and a United Airlines kit, each in its original box.

707 Two Corgi Archive Collection models of Hawker Hunter Mk.6. aircraft.

708 An Atlas edition boxed pair of die cast WW II aircraft, a Kawasaki and a De Havilland Mosquito.

709 Two Atlas edition boxed fighter aircraft models.

710 A small tin trunk with a brass catch and handle, width 38cm.

711 Commemorative mugs etc.

712 A bundle of sheet music.

713 Miscellaneous china and glass including a cheese dish and cover and a pair of twin handle vases.

714 A jigsaw puzzle holder and a collection of serviettes.

714A A driftwood planter.

715 NO LOT.

716 NO LOT.

717 NO LOT.

718 A wall fountain pump in its original packaging.

719 A continental plaque moulded with an embracing couple, together with a 1930s plaster model of an Alsatian dog.

720 A pair of Imari models of seated cats.

721 A pair of Eastern models of seated cats decorated with flowers and butterflies.

722 A pair of Imari models of recumbent cats.

723 A pair of Imari models of crouching rabbits.

724 An Imari model pig and an Eastern lidded box made as a duck.

725 A turned wood gavel, a stars and stripes flag and a mahl stick.

726 Three T.G. Green blue and white Cornish Ware mugs.

727 Glassware including cake stands.

728 A set of seven green stemmed glasses with blue glass bowls and a set of six sundae dishes.

729 A cast brass model of a retriever and two other pieces.

730 A colour system enlarger C7700 and one other photographic enlarger.

731 A pair of Boots Pacer 8 x 30 binoculars etc.

732 A 1970s red plastic dial telephone.

733 A quartz wall clock and one other piece.

734 A Kenwood ‘Tri Blade System’ mixer and related items.

735 Two bags of buttons.

736 A set of three Lipton’s brass souvenir tea caddies, British Empire Exhibition 1924 and one other similar caddy, dated 1925.

737 Five bags of buttons and a tin of buttons.

738 A wooden model butter churn, bakelite box and one other piece.

739 A box of Rolls razors, other vintage razors and related items.

740 Stone specimens etc.

741 A Parkside 18v cordless drill with two batteries.

742 A brass and black metal coach ramp.

743 Two 1950s coloured plastic lampshades, one spherical, the other circular tapering.

744 Taxidermy, ‘A Roach’ by George Cowper, Leamington Spa in a glazed case on a painted background, width 45cm.

745 Taxidermy, ‘A Perch’ by Roland Woods, Folkstone, in a glazed case on a painted background, width 45cm.

746 A serpentine lighthouse mounted with a celluloid thermometer.

747 A brass preserving pan with an iron swing handle.

748 A brass stand.

749 A pair of vertical extension plugs.

750 A brass sculpture of a wood gatherer on a naturalistic wooden base, height including base 38cm.

751 A Victorian blue glass vase painted with a bird and flowers, a Torquay Pottery jug, commemorative ware etc.

752 Three Border Fine Arts models of a robin, a mouse eating strawberries and a duck and ducklings.

753 Two Border Fine Arts models of mice, one eating cheese from a trap and one eating an apple, together with a Crown Staffordshire similar model of a mouse eating Hawthorne berries.

754 Three Border Fine Arts models of mice, two on bananas and one eating an orange, together with three other resin model animals.

755 A Picquot aluminium four piece tea service and matching tray.

756 A Japanese Tominaga floral decorated hors d’oeuvres dish.

757 A pair of Hungarian Herend shell moulded dishes, each painted with flowers, together with a pair of similar lidded twin handled jars painted with fruit.

758 A Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ posy basket, a Foster’s Pottery teapot, other teaware etc.

759 A box of 45rpm records 60s, 70s and 80s.

760 A collection of 19th century coloured mounted prints of London.

761 Models etc.

762 A bundle of 33rpm records, including The Police and Elton John.

763 A box of wine and spirit miniatures etc.

764 Two Shelley ‘Carnation’ pattern vases, a Crested Ware model ambulance and two other pieces.

765 A box of mineral specimens.

766 A pair of brass clad bellows, a vintage mincer etc.

767 A Mason’s ‘Brocade’ pattern ginger jar, together with a matching teapot and caddy.

768 A Fortnum and Mason tea caddy, a continental vase moulded with flowers and cherubs and one other piece.

769 Eastern vases, models etc.

770 A collection of 33rpm records, shaving mirrors etc.

771 A General Electric (GE) vintage electric fan.

772 Two French Cristel stainless steel saucepans.

773 A Miners large wick lamp the spout with a hinged cap.

774 An early 20th century brass magazine rack on a a rectangular wooden base with ball feet.

775 A collection of glass butterfly moulded trinket boxes in their original boxes etc.

776 An opaque glass vase with an everted rim and other glass.

777 Brass and copper plaques etc.

778 NO LOT.

779 Mugs, other china, a collection of wool etc.

780 An unopened Wade bottle of Bells Whisky commemorating the birth of Prince William of Wales 1982.

781 A bottle of Dimple 12 year old Scotch whisky in its original box.

782 A box of Lego Technic.

783 A polished stone carved with a dolphin and other stone.

784 A bundle of CDs.

785 A German zither.

786 A stoneware twin handle jar impressed in blue print beneath the glaze ‘A.G Moir Grocer and Wine Merchants, 39 Lothian Road, Edinburgh 129 made by M.W. Buchan Portobello’ height 16.5cm.

787 A serpentine doorstop with a brass ring handle, height including handle 26cm.

788 A stoneware flagon.

789 A coloured leaded tapering circular lampshade worked with yellow flowers against a black ground.

790 A coloured leaded Tiffany style table lamp worked with dragonflies.

791 Three chamber pots.

792 A Smiths 1950s style Noddy wall clock together with a collection of hardwood model elephants etc.

793 Eighteen clown head money boxes.

794 A model of a terrier in a basket etc.

795 A box of paperweights.

796 An ‘oyster’ shell lampshade, a Victorian dish transfer printed with a bird in a manner of the Aesthetic movement etc.

797 Plated ware etc.

798 A brass clad coal box embossed with sailing ships.

799 A Tiffany style table lamp coloured and leaded with butterflies and flowers.

800 A resin Tiffany style table lamp the shade coloured and leaded with flowers.

801 A Tiffany style table lamp, the shade coloured and leaded with flowers.

802 A table lamp coloured and leaded as a peacock.

803 A square Tiffany style table lamp, the shade coloured and leaded with flowers together with a treen bottle.

804 A Tiffany style table lamp, the shade coloured and leaded with a geometric design together with a square shade coloured and leaded with flowers.

805 A table lamp the base mounted with a resin figure of a man playing a mandolin, the metal arm with naturalistic leaves and marbled glass shade.

806 Glassware etc.

807 A collection of Nintendo and Playstation games.

808 A box of mostly children’s DVDs.

809 A box of audio books on CD.

810 A box of mostly audio books on CD.

811 A bundle of sportsman related books.

812 A Staffordshire model castle, other model buildings etc.

813 A continental floral decorated part coffee service each piece with a blue crossed swords mark etc.

814 A collection of lidded boxes including enamel.

815 Models etc.

816 Two carved wood model seagulls and a pair of elephant carved bookends.

817 A John Allen & Co Camborne and Falmouth stoneware flagon with its original stopper together with a stoneware jar advertising ‘Cornick’s Jams and Marmalade, Bridport’.

818 Five stoneware jars.

819 Two stoneware ginger beer bottles, one advertising R. Whites, Camberwell London, the other Lee & Green, Skegness and other stoneware bottles.

820 A walnut floral marquetry box.

821 Vintage bottles, an ammolite fossil etc.

822 Two Royal Caulden ginger jars decorated with birds and foliage.

823 A Tremaen Pottery tapering flattened oval vase embossed with flower heads to both sides, height excluding light holder 35cm.

824 A reproduction ancient figure moulded frieze, an Amphora style jug and two other pieces.

824A Candlesticks and other plated ware.

825 A brass stick stand embossed with a 19th century domestic scene.

826 A brass oil lamp with a white glass shade.

827 An Aladdin chrome oil lamp.

828 Two Harry Potter audio books read by Stephen Fry.

829 An album of stamps.

830 A French Noblet clarinet in a fitted case together with a book of related music.

831 An EX W.D. ‘Compass Magnetic Marching Mark l’.

832 A Lucas King of the Road nickel carbide lamp.

833 An aneroid barometer on a circular serpentine mount.

833A An oil on canvas of Miles Davis and other pictures.

834 Stone pots and other stone.

835 A small oil on board of a river scene in a gilt frame.

836 Three resin Laurel and Hardy figures.

837 A pair of plaster Laurel and Hardy bookends.

838 A 1970s mirror with bevelled glass on a ‘teak’ mount.

839 A quartz mantel clock and a wall mounted display rack.

840 A brass fire screen embossed with a ploughing scene.

841 A 1930s oak fire screen with a crinoline lady poker work mount.

842 A shaped mirror in a gilt frame together with one other mirror and a print.

843 A resin plaque moulded with harvesters in an ebonised and gilt frame.

844 A pair of coloured prints after Kevin Platt, other pictures and prints and a mirror in an oval frame.

845 A marquetry panel of a harbour scene and three other pieces.

846 A 1970s rectangular mirror on a ‘teak’ mount.

847 Two boxes of books.

848 An oil on canvas portrait of a gentleman and three other pictures.

849 A coloured impressionist print of two girls and one other similar print.

850 A brown leather briefcase and two simulated leather cases.

851 A case of 33rpm records including Troggs, Genesis and AC/DC.

852 Two 19th century French coloured prints of children.

853 Two coloured prints of game birds and one other print of a stag.

854 Two boxes of books

855 Five coloured prints of animals.

856 An oil on canvas of Polperro signed Sullivan and two other paintings.

857 An oil on board of riverside trees signed D. Donald and one other painting.

858 An oil on board of silhouetted trees signed Whitehead and a coloured print of a sailing ship together with two watercolours.

859 An oil on canvas of a female nude and a furnishing painting of a thatched cottage.

860 An oil on canvas furnishing painting of riverside houses and a painting of moored boats.

861 Two Charlie Chaplin prints and a related book.

862 A pair of African resin model figures in pine cases and an oil on board of flowers.

863 A small oil on board ‘View from the window’, one other painting and a set of four mounted postcards of early 20th century beauties.

864 Two reproduction posters advertising tobacco.

865 Three coloured Dickens prints after Cecil Aldin and five other pictures.

866 A framed Laurel and Hardy photograph/film cell montage and six early 20th century postcards framed as one.

867 A framed Lord Snooty comic strip from the Beano 1944 after D.D.Watkins.

868 A collection of late 1990s video shop posters for Star Trek, Aladdin, Casino and other films.

869 NO LOT.

870 Three reproduction 19th century photographs of Penzance and two other pictures.

871 Frederick Dainton, an oil on canvas of a shipwreck together with an oil on canvas of a sailing ship initialled K.J.B.

872 An oil on board of farmyard fowl signed Donald Macleod and other pictures.

873 Two mirrors, one in a red frame the other green.

874 A Bush steam cooker.

875 Carved stone and other models.

876 A small collection of souvenir ware and other china.

877 Four Laurel and Hardy model figures.

878 A boxed collection of Laurel and Hardy films on DVD.

879 A bundle of Laurel and Hardy DVDs and a similar CD.

880 Two Devon mead bottles made as farmers.

881 A carved wood pineapple finial, a coloured glass basket with a hoop handle etc.

882 Various rolls of flatware.

883 Four cased sets of flatware.

884 Two Victoria Biscuit Company tins made as books, an Edwardian Maynards Perfection tin and others.

885 A collection of tobacco pipes.

886 Two bowler hats.

887 Five turned wood candlesticks.

888 A pair of brass candlesticks cast as cherubs.

889 A 1930s style resin table lamp moulded as a dancing girl.

890 Two Corgi Aviation Archive models of a Boeing Strato Cruiser and a Boeing C-97G together with an Easy model of a P51 Mustang.

891 Two Atlas Edition boxed pairs of WWll fighter aircraft and an Italeri Wessex helicopter construction kit.

892 A brass standard lamp made as a classical column with a Corinthian capital.

893 A reproduction cast metal Uncle Sam automaton money box.

894 A reproduction cast metal ‘Artillery Rank’ money box.

895 A collection of wood ware.

896 Paperweights etc.

897 A modern pine toilet mirror.

898 A wooden toy double decker bus advertising Mobil.

899 Jigsaw puzzles etc.

900 A turned wood gavel, a brass Dinant inkwell etc.

901 Two bottles of Sherry and a bottle of Dubonet.

902 A bottle of VSOP Brandy and a bottle of Martini.

903 Two brass shell cases, one dated 1917 the other 1905.

904 A collection of turned wood ware etc.

905 A box of ceramic stands etc.

906 A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1960s.

906A A walnut veneered cutlery box.

907 A dolls house and furniture.

908 Six bottles of wine etc.

909 A box of wine.

910 A box of vintage tins.

911 A box of flatware.

912 A box of Meccano etc.

913 A box of model aircraft.

914 A Mohammed Ali related book in its original card cover.

915 A brass magazine rack embossed with a ploughing scene.

916 A cane female torso display mannequin.

917 A toilet jug and bowl.

918 A walnut sewing box.

919 Glassware, mugs etc.

920 A Royal Albert “Heirloom” pattern tea service.

921 A pink glaze jardiniere with floral moulded decoration.

922 Japanese coffee ware and other china etc.

923 A copper coal helmet.

924 A brass bell / gong on a naturalisticly cast stand and a matching mallet.

925 An Eastern octagonal brass bin engraved with animals.

926 A box of soft toys.

927 A Middle Eastern brass lantern with coloured glass roundels, a yellow glass oil lamp and a brass shell timer.

928 A Kodak Baby Brownie special camera and two other cameras.

929 Flat ware, a serpentine dish etc.

930 A timepiece under dome, two other timepieces etc.

931 China, glass etc.

932 A black glaze “Bread” bin.

932A A pair of iron door stops cast as Punch and Judy.

933 A stoneware jar by Dunns, Glasgow, a miniature flagon etc.

934 Three flat irons, an iron trivet and a brass kettle stand.

935 A walnut picture frame, other wood ware, a pair of brass tongs etc.

936 A clockwork torch etc.

937 Cigarette card albums, a DC comic book, other books etc.

938 “Willie & Jo” The World War II years by Bill Mauldin in two volumes with card sleeve together with other books, a 1970’s brass ashtray and a wrist watch.

939 A table lamp made as an oil lamp.

940 A Guinness advertising quartz timepiece and three similar tankards.

941 A collection of pub jugs.

942 A cut glass fruit bowl, four matching dishes etc.

943 A collection of cottage moulded table ware.

944 A plywood box with aluminium edging the top with a label Explosive Department BXTL HMS Excellent No. 5 restoring camera.

945 Two table lamps.

946 An Aynsley rose decorated part tea service.

947 Books, playing cards etc.

948 Two cut glass vases and four other pieces.

949 A box of plastic toy soldiers.

950 A box of die cast model vehicles.

951 A box of die cast model vehicles.

952 Two wooden garlic presses and one other piece.

953 A black bakerlite dial telephone.

954 Two oil lamps, a paraffin stove etc.

954A Two statue of liberty models in their original boxes, two souvenir baseballs and a mini helmet.

955 A box of scent bottles.

956 Three iron line markers and twine.

957 A box of beer mats and other pub mats.

958 A bundle of Al Jolson and other 33rpm records.

959 A collection of vintage glass and stoneware bottles.

960 A box of centre pin fishing reels.

961 A box of tools etc.

962 Roasting dishes, glass jelly moulds etc.

963 An early 20th century glass jar etched Meredith & Drew Ltd with its original aluminium lid together with a stoneware flagon retail by Haworth & Son Nelson 1926.

964 Two boxes of books.

965 A box of 00 gauge railway building track etc.

966 A box of 33, 45 and 78 r.p.m. records.

967 A box of resin models etc.

968 A box of toiletries.

969 A box of books.

970 Two boxes of mostly gardening related items.

971 A box of kitchenware etc.

972 A box of film posters including ‘Eating Raoul.’

973 A box of books.

974 A dartboard.

975 Two boxes of books.

976 Two boxes of books.

977 Two boxes of books.

978 Two oil lamps and three other lamps.

979 A pair of Chinese carved bamboo brush pots.

980 Four carved wood figures.

981 Two pairs of bookends and other wood ware.

982 A studio pottery lidded jar.

983 A box of miscellaneous items, including books and a small paper guillotine.

984 A box of eggcups.

985 A bottle made as the Queen Elizabeth Tower and five other pieces.

986 Plated and other metalware.

987 Two 19th century cow creamers, one af, a part tea service, a plated sugar helmet, an album of Victorian scraps etc.

988 Two vintage garage oil jugs, a Jaeger speedometer etc.

989 A Corgi Aviation Archive model of an Avro York and a Hobbymaster model of a Phantom II Aircraft.

990 Two Corgi Aviation Archive aircraft, a Hawker Hunter and a McDonald Phantom, together with a die cast model truck and a collector’s plate.

991 A Schatz brass and glass mantle timepiece on a brass and bakelite bracket.

992 Model dogs, a 1981 Celebration Ale etc.

993 A bundle of books.

994 Two timepieces, a resin model Buddha etc.

995 A cut glass bowl, other glass, a small collection of plated ware and a 1930s resin napkin ring.

996 A bundle of early 20th century Doidge’s West Country Annuals.

997 Two medal related books, a bag of miscellaneous items etc.

998 A bundle of 33rpm records.

999 A bag of flatware.

1000 A National Panasonic portable radio and two other pieces.

1001 A Hornby Dublo railway controller and a collection of 1950s Meccano magazines.

1002 Two cut glass decanters and other glass.

1003 A collection of stones in jars etc.

1004 A bundle of books, a mirror etc.

1005 A wooden cantilever sewing box.

1006 A hardwood bracket.

1006A A glass water set and other glass.

1007 A pair of brass candle lanterns with yellow glass shades.

1007A An American mantel timepiece in a walnut veneered case the door with a glass panel printed with a nautical scene.

1008 A red glass and brass table lamp.

1009 Two brass bowls and two serving spoons.

1010 A banded oak plant tub standing on three legs, joined by a low shelf.

1011 An adjustable camera tripod.

1012 A Swallow Toys tin plate churn etc.

1013 DVDs etc.

1014 A collection of astrology related magazines.

1015 A box of costume dolls.

1016 A collection of mostly children’s films on DVD.

1017 Two circular cane baskets.

1018 A cane magazine rack.

1019 A painted rocking horse on stand.

1020 A Spode floral decorated cake plate and a matching octagonal plate.

1021 A collection of cased boxed and loose flatware, together with a jewellery box.

1022 Two Royal Doulton large character jugs ‘Sairey Gamp’ and ‘Beefeater,’ together with a continental floral decorated jelly mould.

1023 A collection of die cast model vehicles including a Corgi Ford Thunderbird.

1024 A Poole Pottery floral decorated jug, a Crown Devon jug and two others.

1025 A collection of boxed glass jewellery boxes etc.

1026 A box of books.

1026A A hardwood case.

1026B A box of toiletries.

1026C A basket of books.

1027 A C. Giant acoustic guitar.

1028 An acoustic guitar.

1029 A Hi Spot acoustic guitar.

1030 A plastic document tube.

1031 A circular cane log basket etc.

1032 An oval iron saucepan with an iron swing handle.

1033 A clothes tidy mounted with a barometer etc.

1034 A saw guide rail.

1035 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

1036 An artist’s folio case and an Art Care folder.

1037 An artist’s folio case.

1038 A pair of reproduction Art Nouveau prints on board.

1038A A large framed woolwork hunting scene.

1038B An oil on canvas, possibly Italian, still life flowers, initialled J.B.

1039 An oak firescreen with a masked carved panel.

1040 A roller blind.

1041 A set of four 1980s black and white posters advertising West Cornwall with photographs by Geoff Hichens, Julian Essam and Clive Vincent.

1042 A coloured print of a lady in a hammock after A.J. Munnings.

1043 A coloured print of a horse fair after A.J. Munnings.

1044 Two charcoals of female nudes, an oil on board of an embracing couple and a pastel of a kissing couple.

1045 A signed and limited edition coloured print of ‘A Swordfish Attack, May 26, 1941.’

1046 A rectangular mirror in a carved wood frame.

1047 A coloured print of ducks rising after Peter Scott.

1048 A print on fabric of an Indian battle with elephants.

1049 A coloured floral print.

1050 A framed photograph of a basking shark.

1051 A stainless steel print of Penzance and a similar quartz timepiece framed as one.

1052 Three abstract oils on board and two prints.

1053 An oil on canvas of a model in an artist’s studio and one other painting.

1054 A banded wood barrel.

1055 A wooden projector stand.

1055A A grey plastic suitcase.

1055B A brown canvas clad suitcase decorated with floral scraps.

1055C A PX Mountain Rangers black canvas rucksack.

1055D A grey and red canvas rucksack.

1056 A box of ceramic model wheelbarrows etc.

1057 Two metal waste bins containing a safety helmet, HDMI leads etc.

1058 Five rectangular baskets.

1059 A pine wine rack to hold eight bottles.

1060 A bag of sports rackets.

1061 A large Becoy teddy bear.

1062 Three picture frames and a print.

1063 An oil on board, a still life tulips and six other pictures.

1064 A large oil on canvas abstract work and other pictures.

1065 A small copper clad fire curb, width 87.5cm.

1066 Two oils on board, one a furnishing painting signed A. Smith, the other a coastal scene signed G. Dow.

1067 A gold painted magazine rack.

1068 A pine push-along toy horse.

1069 A cantilever sewing box.

1070 A sewing basket.

1070A A radiator rail and an exercise mat.

1071 A vintage suitcase with leather mounts and one other case.

1072 A bundle of 78 rpm records.

1073 A 1970s pendant lime green enamel metal lampshade.

1074 A rucksack.

1075 A John Letters canvas bag.

1075A A white metal four tier shoe rack.

1076 Two standard lampshades.

1077 A coloured print of ‘Bubbles’ and five other prints.

1078 A collection of framed prints.

1079 A case and a box of 33 and 45 rpm records.

1080 A box of cameras etc.

1081 V. Warren, an oil on canvas ‘A Maritime Fantasy,’ together with a still life pastel of bottles and a mandolin by Spencer Ford.

1082 A black and white 19th century print, ‘The Huguenot’ after Millais and a needlework of a bandstand.

1082A A box of OO gauge railway carriages, buildings etc.

1082B A box of books.

1083 A box of beer mats.

1084 A box of buttons etc.

1085 Two boxes of books.

1086 Two boxes of books.

1087 Two boxes of books.

1088 Two boxes of Observer and other aircraft related books, DVDs and CDs.

1089 Two boxes of books.

1090 A box of books.

1091 Three boxes of classical CDs.

1092 A box of books and DVDs.

1093 A box of books.

1094 Two boxes of classical CDs.

1095 A turned wood standard lamp with shade.

1096 A square oak standard lamp on an octagonal base.

1097 A square oak table lamp on an octagonal base.

1098 A box of camera filters, parts etc.

1099 Two Canon 35mm cameras, a Kodak Brownie Starmite camera etc.

1100 A Disney camera made as the head of Mickey Mouse, a Kodak Colour Snap camera, a waterproof camera case and two cine cameras.

1101 A resin table lamp made as a classical urn.

1102 A Swiss Silcro copper bottomed stainless steel lidded saucepan.

1103 A 1930s Zenith Comet black bakelite camera and three other cameras.

1104 An Olympus Camedia digital camera and related items in a blue canvas case.

1105 Models etc.

1106 A Lumar toy gramophone in its original box and a Duracell bunny.

1107 Models, glassware etc.

1108 A ‘Blue’ microphone and one other microphone.

1109 An Xbox 360 with games controller etc.

1110 Three blue and white plates, a German stoneware vase, a brass tray etc.

1111 A Victorian Staffordshire model spaniel and a model elephant.

1112 A pair of oak barley twist candlesticks.

1113 A French Spelter model of fisher girl and a Pedigree black baby doll.

1114 A pair of brass candlesticks and two similar chamber sticks.

1115 A box of ‘Classic Plastic’.

1116 A Kosta Boda glass 33cm plate moulded with leaves and with its original box.

1117 A boxed set of four Royal Worcester ‘Grand Chateau’ glasses etc.

1118 A collection of tins.

1118A A table lamp made from a large turned wood bobbin.

1119 A circular plated tray on a folding stand.

1120 A collection of boxed and cased flatware.

1120A Boxed flatware.

1121 A brown glaze coffee service.

1122 A glass part dressing table set, a commemorative mug etc.

1123 A box of toys.

1124 A box of stone specimens etc.

1125 A pair of baluster shape table lamps on brass bases.

1126 A collection of boxed and cased flatware.

1127 An oval Hayle Copper tray, together with a copper tea kettle on a spirit burner stand.

1127A A steel and brass height adjustable table lamp with a green enamel shade.

1128 A wooden pond yacht with sails, length of hull 67cm.

1129 A bundle of DC Superman comics.

1130 A bundle of DC Superman comics.

1131 A bundle of DC Lois Lane comics.

1132 A bundle of DC and Marvel Horror comics.

1133 A bundle of Legion of Super-Heroes comics.

1134 A box of clay pipe parts and other tobacco pipes.

1135 A large Eastern vase, scraffito decorated with views through windows, height 50cm.

1136 A resin stand made as a classical column with an Ionic capitol.

1137 A wrought iron plant stand.

1138 A Royal Doulton model of Lydia H N1908.

1139 A Royal Crown Derby Imari model of a sleeping cat with its original contents.

1140 Two Nao models, one of a boy with his puppy, the other a girl and her cat.

1141 Glass paperweights including Caithness and other glass.

1142 A Royal Crown Derby “Derby Posies” pattern crescent shape butter dish and knife in its original cardboard box.

1143 Two Royal Doulton posy baskets and a Capodimonte floral moulded model.

1144 Two abalone shells and two pearlised shells.

1145 A pair of Japanese Imari model figures.

1146 A cast metal taper holder made as a crouching deer and a pair of similar standing deer.

1147 A Selangor pewter disc cast with characters above a Chinese river scene, together with a copper dish the centre with a brass roundel embossed with a steam and sail powered ship.

1148 A Langham glass apple moulded paperweight and two other weights.

1149 A Sabia pyramid shape scent bottle, an Edinburgh crystal bottle and three toilet bottles with silver mounts.

1150 A Hugh West Raku footed bowl, diameter 14.8cm, together with matching dish, diameter 24cm.

1151 A Kerry glass paperweight, a Mappin and Webb scent bottle with a silver mount one other silver mounted bottle and a set of four small glass dishes, each reverse moulded with classical figures.

1152 Three Wade Natwest piggy banks.

1153 A collection of paperweights including Selkirk, Medina and Caithness.

1154 A Royal Doulton Sandeman Port figure bottle.

1155 A Melba Ware Hereford bull, height 26cm.

1156 A pair of Chinese children’s inlaid wooden shoes and three other pieces.

1157 A Nao model of a girl and her kitten.

1158 Four Royal Doulton Nelson’s Victory decorated tankards.

1159 Three Wade Sandeman Port figure bottles and a Sandeman lady model figure, height 28cm.

1160 An iron model hearth cast with figures, candlesticks etc, width 15.8cm, height 30.3cm.

1161 A mah-jong set.

1162 A Wade little girl piggy bank and a glass paperweight.

1163 A Moorcroft green glaze decorated dish with anemones, diameter 13cm.

1164 A bundle of art related and other books.

1165 A box of books, mostly about local artists.

1166 A box of books and maps.

1167 A bundle of books, mostly local artist related, together with two videos, one marked ‘Newlyn School’ the other ‘A Breath of Fresh Air: Stanhope Forbes.’

1168 A signed copy of ‘The Way of Raku,’ by Christa-Maria Hermann.

1169 A France ’98 World Cup small leather football advertising Phillip’s Lighting and a toy Dalek in its original packaging.

1170 A set of five Pendragon resin models of dragons on rocky crags.

1171 A pair of Davidson slag glass vases.

1172 A Rosenthal model of a fox with its front paws pressed together.

1173 A Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern jug, a Crested match holder/striker made as a top hat and four other pieces.

1174 A Russian red cased glass bowl, diameter 24cm.

1175 A copy of the Daily Mail motorcycling book circa 1950s advertising various motorcycles.

1176 A bag of thimbles and a tin plate letter balance.

1177 A box of ceramic half dolls.

1178 A collection of Victorian pink glass decorated in Mary Gregory style.

1178A A cut glass toilet bottle, the silver stopper/pourer cast with a pheasant’s head, together with a Royal Doulton ‘Long John Silver’ miniature character jug.

1179 A Hohner Super Chromonica mouth organ and a similar Echo Harp harmonica, together with an oval tin, the interior with directions for the use of the improved enema syringe.

1180 Four Arcadian China model figures.

1181 A Swedish Maleras glass tea light holder in its original box.

1182 An oval hardwood bowl and matching servers with mother of pearl inlay.

1183 A bottle of unopened Chivas Royal Salute 21 years old blended Scotch Whisky in its original box and with its original cloth bag.

1184 A bottle of Fine Old Original 15 years old Dimple Scotch Whisky in its original box.

1185 A D.J.I Phantom One Drone with accessories and remote control in a ‘Go Professional’ hard plastic case, the GPS, af.

1186 A pair of pendant circular glass light fittings each with an opaque white glass shade.

1187 A pair of pendant circular stainless steel light fittings.

1188 An Eastern pierced brass pendant candle holder.

1189 A pendant iron balance and one other piece.

1190 A pendant five branch light fitting.

1191 A 1950s pendant circular ribbed plastic lamp shade.

1192 A native carved and painted wall mask.

1193 A pair of Spro chest waders.

1194 A shaped rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.

1195 An oak wall clock.

1196 A small Andaluz acoustic guitar in a grey soft plastic case.

1197 A collection of mostly Pop 78rpm records, including Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, Rock Around the Clock, Bill Haley and the Comets, Love Letters in the Sand, Pat Boone and The Garden of Eden by Frankie Vaughan.

1198 A bag of costume jewellery etc.

1199 The Jimi Hendrix Experience, three 7 inch singles on Track Records, Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary and Burning of the Midnight Lamp, together with Hey Joe on Polydor Records and four other singles.

1200 A collection of Elvis Presley albums, including a Canadian tribute on yellow vinyl and The Happy Girl and Harem Holiday Film album.

1201 Four Joy Division albums including Still, with gatefold sleeve, Unknown Pleasures, Closer (Black Vinyl) and Substance, 1977-1980, together with Two Gary Numan albums and a copy of The Modern Lovers at Gloucester High.

1202 Five Psychedelic Furs albums.

1203 Four Iggy Pop albums, Blah, Blah, Blah, Parties, Instinct and Brick by Brick, together with Iggy Pop and James Williamson’s album Kill City.

1204 Two The Stooges albums, their first album ‘The Stooges’ on Electra EKS 74051 and Fun House, gatefold sleeve, EKS 74071.

1205 Three Iggy Pop and The Stooges albums, Raw Power on CBS 3164, Raw Power pink vinyl on Revenge Records and I’m Sick of You, white vinyl on Line Records L1LP 4.00093 J.

1206 A collection of Lou Reed albums including Transformer, Rock and Roll Animal and Berlin.

1207 Devo, two albums, Are We Not Men on green vinyl and Duty Now For the Future, together with four singles.

1208 Six Hawkwind albums and a Hawklords album.

1209 A collection of albums including Blues Brothers, John Cale and Ultravox, together with a small collection of 7 inch singles,

1210 The Velvet Underground and Nico produced by Andy Warhol on Verve Records 2315 056 Super, together with a copy of White Light White Heat 2353 024 Select.

1211 Three Velvet Underground albums, The Velvet Underground, Another View and Velvet Underground Live with Lou Reed, double album.

1212 Fourteen David Bowie albums including Hunky Dory, The Man Who Stole the World, Aladdin’s Sane, Diamond Dogs, Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders and Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and two 7 inch singles.

1212A Four Doors albums, ‘The Doors,’ ‘Waiting for the Sun,’ ‘L.A. Woman,’ and ‘Strange Days.’

1213 A case of 33 rpm albums, mostly Frank Sinatra and Al Jolson.

1214 A box of 33prm records, including With the Beatles, mono.

1215 An early 18th century leather bound, ‘History of England,’ the frontispiece with an engraving of the ancient Britons and the more civilised Britons, the last chapter relating to George I.

1216 A set of eleven leather and card, small volumes of ‘The Works of Lord Byron,’ Paris, 1826.

1217 Three 19th century books, ‘Antiques, Crosses and Antiquities of Cornwall,’ ‘The Wallford Antiquarian’ and Charles Dickens ‘Master Humphrey’s Clock,’ Volume I, 1840.

1218 A box of 18th and 19th century iron keys, together with a wooden mortice lock.

1219 A boxed set of Beatles albums on CD.

1220 A bundle of Cornish booklets.

1221 Three John Beresford watercolours, two of coastal scenes, the other a christmas card of a building.

1222 A 1960s ‘Radio Luxumbourg Book of Record Stars’ book No. 5, together with a box of matchboxes, including 1960s.

1223 Three Derek Tangye books, one signed.

1224 A box of costume jewellery.

1225 A silver and malacite pendant and three ballpoint pens etc.

1226 A box of costume jewellery.

1227 An Eastern carved stone roundel with a central dragon, surrounded by an inner twist ring and two further stylised dragons vying for a ball diameter 6.8cm.

1228 A collection of aircraft squadron cloth badges and a bag of aircraft related stickers, postcards etc., together with a Soviet military cap.

1229 Four pairs of ladies kidskin and leather gloves.

1230 A brass R.A.F. badge and other badges.

1231 A Tremaen Pottery, Newlyn, rectangular dish painted with two fish and a Shelley, York crested small dish.

1232 A Playboy collector’s edition, January 1979.

1233 A box containing a WW I Victory Medal presented Private W. R.G Payne, DCLI, a National Defence Company Edward VIII badge and other badges and coins.

1234 A pair of low filled silver candlesticks.

1235 Two engine turned silver napkin rings.

1236 Two engine turned silver napkin rings.

1237 A box of miscellaneous items including an Eastern carved wood model boat etc.

1238 A silver backed hand mirror and brush, cased.

1239 A marcasite brooch made as a bird in flight and one other similar brooch.

1239A A Wade Mr Plod and other models.

1239B A box of military badges, a 1935 commemorative tin etc.

1239C A Viners silver napkin ring, a powder compact, a stopwatch etc.

1239D Seven Isle of White ‘Violets’ scent bottles moulded as cottages, other novelty bottles etc.

1239E A WWll bayonet, a lock knife and a paper knife.

1239F A J. W. Benson ‘Tropical’ gentleman’s wristwatch with a subsidiary seconds dial at six o’clock and two other wristwatches.

1239G Costume jewellery, a tin of Kensitas silks etc.

1239H A silver cased key wind pocket watch retailed by H.Samuel, Manchester, together with a half hunter in a Dennison case, marked Bravington Renown.

1239I A box of costume jewellery.

1240 A compact made from a seashell with a silver coloured mount and hinge, and two other pieces.

1241 A brass carriage clock, the white enamel dial with roman numerals.

1242 A box of Indian carved mother of pearl gaming tokens in a pewter box.

1243 A box of fountain pens etc.

1244 A bag of mostly foreign coins.

1245 A Charles II half crown dated 1679, now as a brooch, a Queen Anne shilling dated 1708, and other coins.

1246 A tin of costume jewellery.

1247 WW II medals, the 1939-45 Star,the ‘France and Germany Star’ and the ‘Africa Star,’ together with a brass RAF badge.

1248 A Gat air pistol in its original box.

1249 Two Dunhill cigarette lighters, one in a textured brass case, the other a crosshatched plated case.

1250 Two mobile phones, one Samsung, the other ZTE, together with two Blackberry phones with chargers.

1251 A silver backed hand mirror.

1251A A 9 ct. gold bangle (24 grams), other jewellery etc.

1252 Wade and other models etc.

1253 An Eastern opium balance in a hardwood fish shape case with a brass weight and pan, the quill beam marked with a scale of black dots, length 27cm.

1254 A bag of mobile phones.

1255 A bag of costume jewellery, including a malachite pendant etc.

1256 An gentleman’s Armani wristwatch.

1257 A jewellery box and contents.

1258 Pens including Sheaffer, a bag of coins and two wristwatches.

1259 A collection of buttons in a circular Rowntree’s Chocolates tin.

1260 A jewellery box and contents, including a French Jet locket.

1261 A bag of costume jewellery.

1262 A box of coins etc.

1263 A bag of Ladies quartz wristwatches.

1264 Two Kukris.

1265 A collection of fishing poles, including Maver in a Maver platinum 8-10 tube bag.

1266 A Sensas fishing rod holder in a fitted black canvas case.

1267 A Daiwa sea fishing rod fitted with a Storm 380A Multiplier Reel.

1268 An Uptider 9′ 6″ fishing rod fitted with a Vigor LN fixed spool reel.

1269 Two fibreglass fishing rods.

1270 A rod holder in a platic tube etc.

1271 A pair of Extreme walking poles.

1272 A pair of Solomon Space Frame skiis.

1273 An Art Deco fan shape mirror.

1274 An octagonal mirror with bevelled glass in a oak frame.

1275 A crystoleum of a classical female figure with a rose garland.

1276 A pair of rectangular wooden plaques, each mounted with a white metal figure of a knight standing on a bracket, within an arch, each height 60cm.

1277 A President 31 day wall clock in a walnut veneered case.

1278 A wrought iron cream scoop and one other similar smaller scoop.

1279 A 1970s/80s Marx Toys Sound-O-Power military rifle in its original box.

1280 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1281 A copper and brass coach horn.

1282 An artist’s folding easel.

1283 A copper warming pan with a mahogany handle.

1284 An iron stick stand cast with dragons’ heads

1285 A riding crop with an antler handle, together with a shoe horn.

1286 Two walking sticks.

1287 A Lillywhite Frowd, London, cricket bat.

1288 An Eastern sword with a double sided blade and carved wood handle in a carved wood scabbard.

1289 A reproduction Medieval broadsword, the blade marked Carlos VI, the handle with wire whipping.

1290 A Toledo souvenir rapier and a spear.

1291 A brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1292 A reproduction Katana with a dragon carved handle together with a matching Wakizashi sword..

1293 Three sports raquets.

1293A An oak stage construction jug with brass mounts, two walking sticks etc.

1293B A hickory and leather lacrosse stick.

1294 Various keepnets and a landing net.

1295 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on a hardwood mount by Beringer Stelston.

1296 A Betima circular dial clock in a hardwood case, now with a quartz movement, sold with its original brass movement.

1297 An early 20th century dial clock in a circular mahogany case with a single fusee movement, the dial marked H. Denton, East Cowes I.O.W., diameter 38.5cm.

1298 A Medieval style machine tapestry of Royal figures about a fountain and a Jonathan Pike print.

1298A Three tubes of posters.

1298B An eastern carved wood plaque of six dolphins.

1299 Bendell-Bayly, a watercolour ‘Reclining Nude’ 23cm x 40.5cm, together with one other similar watercolour.

1300 Neil Miners, an oil on canvas, an oil on board of yachts.

1301 Clive Williams, an oil on board of Mulfra, 1997, 23cm x 61cm.

1302 A circular mirror with bevelled glass in a bentwood frame.

1303 Hyman Segal, a red pencil drawing ‘In a Taverna, Majorca,’ 22.5cm x 25cm.

1304 A copper panel repousse worked with an image of ‘The Right Honourable D. Lloyd George,’ 16.5cm x 12cm.

1305 A signed, coloured print of tropical fish by J.W. B. Couvier and one other print.

1306 A signed limited edition coloured print of a continental landscape after F. Gore and a coloured print of the London skyline.

1307 Two oils on board, one of St Michael’s Mount, the other a still life.

1308 A watercolour of an isolated farm by David Newton, one other picture and a floral needlework panel.

1309 A green rexine covered cabin trunk.

1310 An aneroid barometer on a turned serpentine mount, and a similar vase.

1311 A 1960s/70s Mattel ‘Barbie Doll Box.’

1312 A mantle clock with Westminster chime in an arched oak veneered case.

1313 An Icon hand held marine band radio.

1314 A pair of plaster resin model cherubs.

1315 A wooden model tipper truck, a similar pond yacht and a carved wood bird.

1316 A Staunton pattern chess set.

1317 An early 20th century lady’s bag with a brass expanding neck and pierced hinged lid, together with a bead purse.

1318 Two brass bell weights.

1319 A bronzed spelter model elephant cast sculpture, height 16cm.

1320 A wide neck one pint milk bottle, etched C Pengelly & Sons, Dairymen, Elm Way, Newlyn.

1321 A plaster roundel moulded with the head of a young Queen Victoria, diameter 29cm.

1321A A Waterford Crystal John Rocha trumpet shape vase the rim cut with rectangles, height 21cm.

1322 Two model figures, a mug with a nude model handle, a pig skin wallet etc.

1323 A Crosscast-X5000LD 6 spool fishing reel with its original box.

1324 A Crosscast-X5000LD 6 spool fishing reel with its original box.

1325 A Squirrel Confections vintage tin. a perpetual calendar and two other pieces.

1326 A set of six Palissy Game Series 23cm diameter dishes.

1327 A box of die cast model buses.

1328 A box of stone specimens.

1329 A Corgi Eddie Stobart close coupled trailer lorry in its original box.

1330 A pair of Zenith 10x50 binoculars.

1331 A pair Carl Zeiss Binockpar 7x50 binoculars.

1332 A pair of Hilkinson 12x50 binoculars.

1333 A pair of Pathescope 10x50 binoculars.

1334 A pair of Zenith 7x50 binoculars.

1335 A camera case and contents.

1336 Two books about medals.

1337 Various coin and other reference books etc.

1338 A collection of coin related books and magazines etc.

1339 A radio controlled model submarine, length of hull 93cm, lacks controller.

1340 A Marx Toys ‘Climbing Fireman’ tin plate clockwork toy.

1341 Two biographies of Sir Alfred Munnings by Reginald Pound and Jean Goodman.

1342 A bundle of books including Barbara Hepworth by Sally Festing

1343 Twelve Persephone books.

1344 Twelve Howard Spring novels.

1345 Nine Radclyffe Hall novels.

1346 Leicester sports teams related and other similar books.

1347 Pre-Raphaelite related and other art books.

1348 Four boxes of stone specimens.

1349 Two Caithness style glass vases and an Art glass ashtray a.f.

1349A Stoneware bottles and jars advertising Dundee marmalade, mustard etc.

1350 A large mantel clock with Westminster chime in an arch mahogany veneered case.

1351 A stone model of the Taj Mahal, other stone etc.

1352 Two boxes of children’s drinking glasses in clown decorated boxes together with a box of sunglasses and a box of rubber snakes.

1353 A collection of Matchbox type die cast model vehicles.

1354 Eight Classico die cast model vehicles in their original boxes.

1355 A collection of Shell gift die cast model vehicles in their original boxes.

1356 A collection of die cast model vehicles including a Rover SDI.

1357 A collection of die cast model Jaguars.

1358 Frederick Gore, two signed limited edition coloured prints each with certificates of authentication.

1359 An amber glass beer bottle retailed by Allen & Co. Falmouth and Camborne together with seven Codds bottles and one other.

1360 Two square glass storage jars and a circular glass jar advertising Stephens Jams.

1361 A collection of stoneware advertising jars and bottles including Blanchflower & Sons. Great Yarmouth etc.

1362 A tray of corkscrews.

1363 An Oxo Good Grips mandolin slicer in its original box.

1364 A box of miscellaneous items including a letter knife with a polished stone handle and an onyx vase.

1365 A collection of vintage tins including a Mazawattee Tea, a cleft shape Maison Lyons Turkish Delight tin and a miniature Sharps toffee tin made as a house.

1365A An Irish shamrock carved bog oak paper holder, a carved wood box and a Mercedes badge.

1366 A box of green stemmed glasses.

1367 A sun face mobile.

1368 A Kenyan stone carving of two figures.

1369 A car radio, a car cassette player and a pair of Omega speakers in their original boxes.

1370 A box of stone carvings etc.

1371 A copy of the Constance Spry cookery books, other books etc.

1372 Miscellaneous items including a pair of field glasses, a small metal block plain etc.

1373 A box of miscellaneous items including a small microscope.

1374 A collection of resin models mostly pigs.

1375 Various glass vases etc in their original boxes and goblets.

1376 A stove top kettle.

1377 Two stuffed toads made as a playing dominoes at a table together with two Churchill crowns and one other coin.

1378 Miscellaneous including an oil on canvas of a river scene, a collection of whistles and a Viewmaster.

1378A A brass clad magazine rack embossed with a coaching scene.

1379 A doll’s hoop and stick back chair etc.

1380 A 19th century Staffordshire teapot, a similar jug and an amethyst glass vase.

1381 A Wedgwood ‘Wild Strawberry’ pattern circular lidded box with two matching pieces and three other pieces.

1382 Four pieces of Wedgwood blue jasperware.

1383 Five pieces of Wedgwood green jasperware.

1384 Black, pink and blue jasperware etc.

1385 A collection of jigsaw puzzles etc.

1386 A hatbox and other boxes.

1387 A box of loose stamps.

1388 Glass models etc.

1389 A brass spring balance to weigh 30lb by 4oz increments, a brass kettle stand etc.

1390 A small plastic chest of four drawers containing craft and related items.

1391 A pair of Laurel and Hardy resin figures etc.

1392 A coloured print of a huntsman after M.J. Mullings.

1393 A coloured map of Cornwall after Speed.

1394 A hardwood ship’s wheel with brass mounts, diameter including handles 98cm.

1395 A rectangular mirror in a white leaf painted frame.

1396 Two board games.

1397 Three boxes of framed prints.

1398 A black rexine covered briefcase with combination locks.

1399 A box of coloured prints.

1400 A box of books etc.

1401 Three boxes of books.

1402 A box of 78 and 45rpm records etc.

1403 A collection of Cornish booklets etc.

1404 A box of War Picture Library and other similar comics.

1405 NO LOT.

1406 An oak tray with brass mounts.

1407 An arched wooden birdcage.

1408 A small hardwood chest with five pairs of blue and white ceramic drawers, three other matching pieces etc.

1409 Stone carvings, other models etc.

1410 Six Thai pewter plaques with stands in their original boxes.

1411 A turned wood spinning wheel.

1412 A life size carved wood model cockerel.

1413 A pair of metal model herons.

1414 A pair of metal model ducks.

1415 An Indian carved wood model elephant.

1416 A carved and turned wood stand.

1417 A large lidded jar moulded with fruit and leaves, a teddy bear moulded biscuit barrel, a Russian doll etc.

1418 A plated four piece tea service, an iron recipe rest, other metalware etc.

1419 Miscellaneous china including teapots.

1420 Playing cards, two small blue jasperware jars etc.

1421 A pair of cups and saucers decorated in a manner of the aesthetic movement etc.

1422 Various coloured leaded hangers.

1423 An album of Elvis Presley LPs, costume jewellery etc. (jewellery in cabinet)

1424 An oval Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern serving dish, other china etc.

1425 Miscellaneous.

1426 A pair of brass candlesticks, two collectors plates, two model cats etc.

1427 A blue glass bell on a wrought metal stand and two other pieces.

1428 An extensive collection of Royal Stafford stylised leaf decorated tea and dinnerware.

1429 Miscellaneous.

1430 A studio pottery leaf shape dish etc.

1431 A green enamel balance with brass pans and bell weights.

1432 A folder of Spanish language books etc.

1433 A table football game.

1434 A hardwood tray, one other tray and a print.

1435 A pair of African antelope carved bookends.

1436 A pair of African zebra wood elephant carved bookends.

1437 A pair of carved wood model elephants with pagoda shape howdahs together with a quill box etc.

1438 Two pairs of plated candlesticks.

1439 A knitting basket and contents.

1440 Two part tea services, three copper lustre jugs etc.

1441 A Titan camera tripod in its original box.

1441A A Victorian rectangular meat plate green transfer printed with a river scene in the manner of the aesthetic movement and one other plate.

1441B A box of flatware etc.

1441C Decanters and other glass.

1442 An abstract painting on board, other paintings and prints etc.

1443 A large collection of horse brasses on leather straps.

1444 A large collection of framed prints.

1445 Three boxes of books etc.

1446 A bin of books.

1447 Two boxes of books etc.

1448 A box of flatware, kitchen utensils etc.

1449 A box of books.

1450 A box of books.

1451 A box of books.

1452 A box of china, plated ware etc.

1453 A white enamel ‘bread bin’, a cast metal coffee mill and a teapot made as an apple.

1454 An American Ansonia black slate and green marble mantel clock.

1455 A jewellery cabinet made as a small bow front chest of six drawers.

1456 A straw and wrought metal model chicken.

1457 Coloured glass.

1458 Model birds.

1459 An early 20th century Grindley ‘Chameleon’ pattern part tea service, other teaware etc.

1460 Glassware and a painted clay nativity set.

1461 A Zeiss Ikon folding bellows camera with its original leather case and two other pieces.

1462 A Haviland Limoges floral decorated part tea/dinner service etc.

1463 Various Wedgwood blue jasperware plates in their original boxes.

1464 A set of six Waterford large stemmed glasses, a pair of matching smaller glasses and other glass.

1465 An oval copper tray engraved with a sailing ship and a Coronet clockwork cine camera in its original case.

1466 A Victorian Staffordshire Dick Turpin figure a.f. other model figures etc.

1467 A set of six cut stemmed glasses and other glass.

1468 A collection of trays.

1469 Two Spy Mission toy guns in their original boxes together with a collection of BB bullets.

1470 A box of Epsom printer cartridges.

1471 A box of books.

1472 Two boxes of books.

1473 Two boxes of books.

1474 A box of books.

1475 Three tall carved wood model cats.

1476 Two Pierrot dolls, a small collection of costume jewellery etc.

1477 A box of mineral specimens etc.

1478 A collection of mostly coloured glass.

1479 A Garmin Street Pilot GPS.

1480 A sailor’s board game and a rechargeable spot light.

1481 Two pewter tankards, a box camera etc.

1482 Two bundles of books including early 19th century.

1483 Ten Graphic Novel books.

1484 A French “Linen” pattern part tea/dinner service, together with various collector’s plates etc.

1485 A brass oil lamp with an opaque glass shade.

1486 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks and three other pieces.

1487 An arched mirror reverse cut with flowers and leaves.

1488 A 19th century black and white print of the ‘Last Supper,’ engraved by F.G. Smyth in a mahogany frame.

1489 A mirror in a hardwood effect frame.

1490 A rectangular mirror in a painted frame.

1491 A pine ironing board.

1492 Cross stitch panels, other fabric pictures etc.

1493 A pair of watercolours, Arabian scenes, each signed H. Linton.

1494 A small hardwood effect chest, lacks one drawer, a collection of pictures, a table lamp etc.

1495 An Aiwa Ultra Compact MD Recorder and two other pieces.

1496 A circular willow and cane basket, together with a magazine rack.

1497 A circular cane linen basket.

1498 A child’s pine rocking elephant.

1499 A folder of 7″ 45rpm records.

1500 Four Beswick model birds, a pair of Hummel figures etc.

1501 Eleven Beswick Beatrix Potter model figures, af.

1502 Miscellaneous including a carved soapstone vase, a serpentine egg cup and a can opener.

1503 A set of four Seasons resin plaques on oak mounts and three other plaques etc.

1504 A Trade Winds part tea/dinner service, together with a Royal Worcester blue and white part coffee service.

1505 A bundle of 33 and 45rpm records, including Wings and Billy Connolly.

1506 A Jokari game and one other game.

1507 A resin model owl, other resin models etc.

1508 Resin model elephants and other models.

1509 A ceramic model elephant and two other models.

1510 A bundle of books.

1511 A bundle of books and leaflets.

1512 Five pieces of Tregurnow Pottery china including a teapot, together with a collection of glass.

1513 A collection of vintage tins.

1514 A polished coal paperweight, the one side with an image of Lansford Colliery and the wording ‘Old Companies Lehigh’ to the other a steam locomotive above the wording ‘Mr Lea,’ and one other piece.

1515 A pair of possibly WW II German Dienstglas 6 x 30 binoculars.

1516 A modern hardwood effect writing slope.

1517 A part dressing table set, each piece painted with a riverside house.

1518 Four boxed sets of china.

1519 A mahjong set and a Go game.

1520 An Eastern scribe’s calligraphy set, together with a boxed miniature tea service and dominoes.

1521 Various Eastern plates.

1522 A twin handle vase, an Eastern blue and white lidded jar and two other pieces.

1523 Model cats etc.

1524 An Xbox 360 and related items etc.

1525 An album and a box of footballer cards.

1526 A box of flatware.

1527 An electric wood turning lathe.

1528 A Triton work centre MK3 circular saw table.

1529 An Elu large band saw.

1530 A collection of frames.

1531 A box of soft toys.

1532 Two boxes of books etc.

1533 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

1534 Two boxes of miscellaneous items and a box of books.

1535 A box of books.

1536 A box of ‘The Great Writers’ books and magazines.

1537 A box of books.

1538 Two boxes of soft toys.

1539 A Johnson Brothers ‘Grey Dawn’ pattern coffee service in a cane basket.

1540 A box of miscellaneous items including a china doll.

1541 A box of books.

1542 A box containing two Thermos jugs, china etc.

1543 A box of jigsaw puzzles etc.

1544 A box of miscellaneous items.

1545 A large teddy bear.

1546 A camera tripod.

1547 Miscellaneous china.

1548 Two fixed spool fishing reels in their original boxes.

1549 A jardiniere, two corkscrews, together with a quartz timepiece and barometer on a wooden mount.

1550 Toys, games etc.

1551 Glassware.

1552 A brass desk lamp with a green glass shade.

1553 An Eastern twin handle vase decorated with figures by a river, together with three Sadler Shakespeare’s Plays teapots and a Royal Doulton vase.

1554 A bundle of books.

1555 A bronze resin model of two competing race horses.

1556 A backgammon game etc.

1557 Miscellaneous including two turned wood and bone pastry wheels and a Merit table loom.

1558 An adjustable iron kettle stand and a pair of brass candlesticks.

1559 Mugs including commemorative, together with a cheese dish and cover, glassware etc.

1560 Blue and white and other china.

1560A A Victorian oval mahogany toilet mirror on a bow front base with three drawers.

1560B A white glaze serving dish with vine moulded decoration.

1560C A resin table lamp with a coloured leaded shade.

1560D A doll’s rocking cot etc.

1560E A box of fishing tackle.

1560F A box of fishing tackle.

1560G Two boxes of beads.

1560H A box of boot laces etc.

1560I A box of zips etc.

1560J A box of miscellaneous items.

1560K A lampshade.

1560L A Bontempi BT 805 electronic keyboard.

1560M A box of paintbrushes etc.

1560N A bundle of books and a commemorative magazine.

1560O A Eurohike Avon tent.

1560P Victorian and other china, together with a pair of prints of hares after Tom Bolton.

1560Q A Minton ‘Spring Bouquet’ pattern tea service.

1560R A Jodowns handmade glass dish decorated with starfish and fish with its original box.

1560S A suite of King’s pattern flatware in a hardwood effect canteen.

1560T A mariner’s needlework panel ‘Malta Present’ above a crown and a photograph of an officer within a lifebelt, with flags to either side.

1560U Pictures, prints etc.

1560V A 1930s Losol Ware part dressing table set, a Wedgwood Blue Jasperware ‘Police Federation’ plate, a part tea service etc.

1561 An Edwardian walnut bedside cupboard.

1562 A tapering square mahogany commode with brass carrying handles.

1563 A red painted bedside cupboard.

1564 A modern pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, width 91.5 cm.

1565 A modern pine bedside chest of three drawers.

1566 A white painted cupboard, width 50.5 cm.

1567 A white melamine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 78 cm.

1568 An oak coffer with an arched top, the sides arcaded.

1569 A 1930’s walnut veneered double wardrobe, width 160 cm.

1570 An Edwardian stripped satin walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door, width 101 cm.

1571 A hardwood laundry box.

1572 A woven fibre ottoman.

1573 A stripped pine blanket box, width 95.5 cm.

1574 A 1920s oak wardrobe with a central mirrored door, width 104 cm.

1575 An Art Nouveau oak hall mirror/coat-rack, width 91.5 cm.

1576 A wall hanging rack of three open pine shelves, width 48.5 cm.

1577 An Old Charm style oak coffer, the sides with linen fold panels, width 81 cm.

1578 A melamine pine effect double wardrobe, width 86.5 cm.

1579 A hardwood wall hanging corner cupboard with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 47 cm.

1580 An open sewing trolley with a hinged lid above a door and open shelf, width 62 cm.

1581 A 1920s oak cupboard with a pair of doors opening onto shelves, width 68.5 cm.

1582 A hardwood effect jewellery cabinet with a hinged lid above five drawers on cabriole legs, width 40 cm.

1583 A pair of stickback kitchen chairs.

1584 A pair of kitchen chairs each with a turned stick back and on turned legs.

1585 A pair of stick back kitchen chairs on turned legs and a pair of similar chairs.

1586 A pair of kitchen chairs each with a curved stick back circular seat and on turned legs.

1587 An early 20th century glazed walnut bookcase with a pair of astragal glazed doors opening onto adjustable shelves, width 110 cm.

1588 A teak effect drop leaf dining table.

1589 NO LOT.

1590 A 1960s wood effect formica covered, drop leaf dining table, size deployed 90.5 cm x 80 cm.

1591 A bentwood dining table on turned tapering legs, the top af.

1592 An Edwardian circular occasional table on leaf carved cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.

1593 A square wrought iron plant stand.

1594 A small oval oak turn top drop leaf occasional table.

1595 A 1930s circular mahogany coffee table on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, diameter 61 cm.

1596 A 1920s walnut veneered octagonal cross banded coffee table.

1597 A teak veneered extending dining table with a fold out leaf on turned legs, size deployed 60 x 86 cm.

1598 A walnut dining table on substantial square section legs, 185 x 92 cm.

1599 Two woven fibre armchairs.

1600 An Edwardian walnut nursing chair on turned barley twist legs.

1601 A pine wine rack with seven shelves to hold fourteen bottles, flanked by half round mouldings, width 48.5 cm.

1602 A set of four cream leather effect dining chairs on chrome frames.

1603 A gold painted woven fibre armchair.

1604 An early 20th century oak bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors above a pair of panelled cupboard doors, width 105 cm.

1605 An oak veneered coffer with linen fold panels, width 104 cm.

1606 A hardwood wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, opening onto hanging space above two pairs of cockbeaded drawers, width 123.5 cm.

1607 An adjustable posture chair.

1608 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 86 cm.

1609 A pair of hardwood double wardrobes, each with a pair of bowed panelled doors above drawers and each width 115 cm.

1610 A hardwood cabinet with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 54 cm.

1611 A white painted cabinet with a mirror set top, three glazed sides and an opening on to adjustable glass shelves, 76.5 x 55.5 cm, height 94.5 cm.

1612 A child’s stick back stool.

1613 A set of three hardwood effect dining chairs, each with a padded back and seat on square section moulded legs.

1614 A set of four hardwood effect dining chairs, each with a cane back, padded seat and on turned legs.

1615 A woven fibre armchair.

1616 A tub chair upholstered in beige “damask” fabric on cabriole legs.

1617 A red painted height adjustable fibre glass kitchen stool on a chrome base.

1618 A set of four 1950s chairs each with a curved plywood back, padded seat and on a black painted frame with tapering legs.

1619 A cane armchair.

1620 A cane armchair.

1621 A turned stickback carving chair with a padded seat on turned legs.

1622 A gentleman’s turned stickback carving chair on turned tapering legs and a similar ladies chair.

1623 A wheel and stickback dining chair.

1624 An Edwardian inlaid walnut chair on square section tapering legs with pad feet.

1625 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chair.

1626 A set of eight oak dining chairs including a pair of carvers, each with a padded seat and on turned legs.

1627 A pair of modern pine ladder back dining chairs, each with a sea grass seat.

1628 A hardwood effect cabinet with ten open niches, width 71.5 cm, height 166.5 cm.

1629 A teak single wardrobe with a panelled door opening onto hanging space, width 64.5 cm.

1630 An Old Charm style oak stool with an arcaded apron on turned legs.

1631 An Edwardian rectangular walnut trolley/table.

1632 A pine TV/video stand, width 90 cm.

1633 A two tier trolley.

1634 A grey and red painted side pedestal desk, width 121 cm, together with a matching glazed cabinet.

1635 A grey and red painted chest of four drawers, width 78.5 cm.

1636 An American walnut effect side cabinet, the upper part glazed and with a glazed door, the base with a panelled door, width 112 cm.

1637 A green canvas camp bed.

1638 A pair of 3ft spring interior mattresses.

1639 A white metal 3ft bedstead with spring interior mattress.

1640 A cot with mattress.

1641 A 4ft 6″ spring interior mattress.

1642 A 4ft 6″ spring interior mattress.

1643 A 4ft 6″ divan bed with spring interior mattress.

1643A A pine cot/bed with mattress.

1644 An under bed drawer.

1645 A 2ft 6″ sprint interior mattress.

1646 A 2ft 6″ spring interior mattress.

1647 Two wall hanging plate display racks.

1648 A pine dresser the open rack with two shelves the base with a pair of drawers above cupboard doors, width 120cm, height 178.5cm.

1649 A pine dresser the open rack with a shaped apron above two shelves the base with a pair of a drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 130cm, height 218cm.

1650 An oak dresser the rack with open shelves and cupboards with panelled doors the base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 137cm, height 197cm.

1651 A Minty seven tier sectional bookcase with sliding glass doors, width 89cm, height 224.5cm.

1652 A Victorian mahogany bookcase with a pair of brass grill panelled doors above two cock beaded drawers, width 109.5cm, height 137.5cm.

1653 A child’s blue painted woven fibre armchair.

1654 A continental pine dresser the upper part with three glazed doors the base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 144.5cm, height 191cm.

1655 A carved panelled oak coffer in 17th century style, width 104.5cm.

1656 An Eastern heavily carved wood cabinet the front with a pair of doors opening onto two short and two long drawers, width 100.5cm, height 63cm.

1657 A walnut bedroom chair on turned tapering legs.

1658 A chapel chair.

1659 A bedroom chair with a sea grass seat on turned legs.

1660 A child’s chair / stool with a turned arcaded stick back.

1661 A walnut chair with a fret cut ladder back, sea grass seat and on turned legs.

1662 A child’s ladder back chair on turned legs.

1663 A set of four Edwardian carved walnut dining chairs each with a fret cut vertical splat, over stuffed seats and on cabriole legs.

1664 A Hepplewhite style carving chair with a fret cut vertical splat, padded feet and on square section tapering legs.

1665 A pair of hardwood dining each with a X back, padded seat and on square section legs.

1666 A Regency style oak carving chair on turned legs.

1667 A 19th century oak dining chair.

1668 A set of three bentwood dining chairs each with a cane back and seat.

1669 A set of six modern hoop and stickback dining chairs on turned legs.

1670 A pair of grey painted lath back kitchen chairs on turned legs.

1671 A hoop and stickback dining chair.

1672 A folding hardwood effect table.

1673 A circular white bedside table with three bowed drawers on cabriole legs.

1674 A mahogany veneered and cross banded cabinet with a hinged lid above a pair of cupboard doors, width 86cm.

1675 A reproduction mahogany veneered circular pedestal dining table on three moulded legs with brass lion paw feet, diameter 106cm.

1676 A 1930’s circular walnut veneered drop leaf dining table on square section legs, diameter 126cm.

1677 An oval carved oak gate leg table on barley twist supports joined by low moulded stretchers, size deployed 110 x 97cm.

1678 An oval pine extending dining table with fold out leaf on turned legs, size extended 138 x 120cm.

1679 A walnut bow front sewing table on moulded legs, width 43cm.

1680 An oak veneered dressing chest of two drawers, width 76.5cm.

1681 A pine floor standing open bookcase, width 86cm.

1682 A nest of three oak tables on bobbin turned legs

1683 An oak parquet style coffee table.

1684 An oval mahogany veneered pedestal coffee table.

1685 An Ducal style oval pine extending dining table with one fold out leaf, size extended 218 x 106cm.

1686 A museum style display case, with three glazed doors opening onto adjustable glass shelves, width 184cm, height 183cm, together with a smaller matching cabinet, standing alone or joining to form an L shape with 84cm, height 185cm.

1687 An Edwardian oak music cabinet with a glazed door opening onto three shelves, width 63cm.

1688 A square cane coffee table.

1689 A rectangular cane coffee table with a glass top.

1690 An Art Nouveau inlaid walnut armchair with a shaped padded back, padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1691 A pair of Edwardian inlaid walnut armchairs each with a padded back, padded seat and on square section tapering legs with spade feet.

1692 A set of six early 20th century oak dining chairs each with a horizontal splat and on turned legs and each bearing a makers label beneath the seat for J & S Schoolbred & Co, London.

1693 An Eastern carved wood circular table and two other occasional tables.

1694 A white painted half round mirror front shelf.

1695 A square stool with a black vinyl seat.

1696 A square lidded box upholstered in green dralon.

1697 A white painted kidney shape dressing stool on cabriole legs.

1698 An oak coal box with a floral woolwork seat.

1699 A square oak stool with a sisal seat on bobbin turned legs.

1700 A walnut piano stool with a box seat on square section tapering legs.

1701 A walnut piano stool with a turned spindle gallery on turned legs.

1702 A oak thistle carved spinning chair.

1703 A small beige fabric two seat metal action bed settee.

1704 A square buttoned brown leather stool on cabriole legs.

1705 A two seat hardwood futon the cushion / mattress with a white cotton cover.

1706 A pair of wing armchairs upholstered red dralon each on oak square section leg joined by carved stretchers.

1707 A wing armchair upholstered in cut orange fabric.

1708 A brown leather electrically operated reclining armchair.

1709 A pair of 1950’s style green vinyl upholstered tub chairs.

1710 A hardwood futon the cushion / mattress covered in beige dralon.

1711 A 1930’s low walnut armchair the back and seat upholstered in pale green “Damask” fabric.

1712 A Eames style chrome armchair with a bentwood light oak back and base and with tan leather back, seat and arm covers.

1713 A black leather effect modern office swivel chair.

1714 An Ercol Gina “Golden Dawn” ash three piece suite comprising a two seat sofa, a pair of swivel reclining armchairs and a footstool.

1715 An oval elm stool on turned legs.

1716 A hand woven flat weave beige ground carpet patterned with a geometric design, 122 x 184cm approximately.

1717 A red ground carpet with a central stylized floral medallion within a patterned border, 173 x 230cm approximately.

1718 A red ground carpet with a central medallion within a patterned white border 140 x 203cm approximately.

1719 A pine TV / video stand with an open stand with an open shelf above a pair of panelled doors, width 85cm.

1720 A Victorian pine table with a drawer to one end on turned tapering legs, 91.5 x 67.5cm.

1721 A square pine stool on square section legs.

1722 A small hardwood coffee table.

1723 A mahogany veneered chest the front stimulating four long drawers.

1724 A set of library steps made as a lath back chair.

1725 A two tier trolley with tray shelves.

1726 A light oak veneered chest of five long drawers, width 68.5cm.

1727 A rectangular oak occasional table on barley twist legs.

1728 A G-Plan style teak veneered chest of five drawers, width 67.5cm.

1729 A mahogany veneered and cross banded cabinet with a pair of small drawers above a niche and a long drawer, width 53.5cm.

1730 A square hardwood five tier stand.

1731 A white painted chest of two long drawers, width 91cm.

1732 An oval toilet mirror on a bow front stand with three drawers.

1733 A nest of three oak tables on turned legs.

1734 An early 20th century hardwood sideboard with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors each with brass handles, width 111cm.

1735 A nest of three green painted tables decorated with playing cards.

1736 A cream finish dressing table with gilt mouldings on cabriole legs, width 121cm.

1737 A pine bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a cupboard with a panelled door.

1738 A white painted double step.

1739 A walnut double sided folding cake stand with three shelves to one side and two to the other.

1740 A pine chest of two short and two long drawers on turned feet, width 88cm.

1741 An Old Charm style carved oak court cupboard, width 122cm.

1742 A nest of three teak effect tables.

1743 A blue painted three tier cake stand with barbola moulding floral mounts.

1744 A mahogany sideboard with two pairs of cupboard doors on cabriole legs, width 95cm.

1745 A rectangular pine coffee table on substantial legs.

1746 A walnut veneered console table on cabriole legs.

1747 A light oak veneered twin pedestal desk, width 152cm.

1748 A children’s hardwood two seat bench/storage box.

1749 A G-Plan style circular teak veneered coffee table with a glass top, diameter 72cm.

1750 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 90cm x 153cm.

1751 A gilt metal three tier trolley.

1752 A coffee table with a tile top on square section legs.

1753 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on square section tapering legs.

1754 A 1950s kitchen table.

1755 A pair of black square melamine occasional tables.

1756 A pine work bench with two drawers above a low shelf mounted with an engineer’s vice, width 149cm.

1757 A white melamine cabinet with adjustable open shelves together with a matching smaller cabinet, width 70.5cm and 42.5cm.

1758 A white melamine open cabinet with adjustable shelves, width 78cm.

1759 A white melamine open cabinet with adjustable shelves, width 70.5cm.

1760 A white melamine open cabinet with adjustable shelves, width 70.5cm.

1761 A white melamine open cabinet with adjustable shelves, width 78cm.

1762 A white painted serpentine front dressing table on cabriole legs, plate glass top, width 120cm.

1763 A square pine plant stand.

1764 A hardwood effect side pedestal desk, width 111cm.

1765 A black metal two tier trolley with black ash effect shelves.

1766 A pine Ducal style TV/video cabinet.

1767 A 1950s coffee table, the white top patterned with roses on black tapering legs.

1768 A 1970s teak veneered sideboard, the central tier of four drawers flanked by drawers above cupboards, width 186cm.

1769 A square oak occasional table on barley twist legs.

1770 A small reproduction sofa table with a drop leaf to either end on lyre shaped supports.

1771 A 1930s oak office cabinet with two tiers of twelve shallow drawers flanked by panelled doors, width 139cm, height 121 cm.

1772 An Italian inlaid musical sewing table.

1773 A folding table.

1774 A teak veneered sideboard with a tier of three drawers beside two pairs of cupboard doors, width 212.5cm.

1775 An oval occasional table on twin supports.

1776 A circular oak sewing table with a hinged lid on square section legs.

1777 A circular pine pedestal occasional table on a tripod base.

1778 A rectangular oak bench on shaped fret cut supports.

1779 An oval occasional table on twin supports.

1780 A small oval oak gateleg table on barley twist supports.

1781 A pine side cabinet with a pair of shallow drawers above a pair of cupboard doors beside a niche with shaped shelves and a drawer above a niche with an open shelf, width 210cm, height 88.5cm.

1782 A 1950s walnut veneered display cabinet on cabriole legs, width 56cm.

1783 A circular oak plant stand.

1784 A white metal office chest with a shallow drawer above a file drawer.

1785 A folding table.

1786 A G-Plan (Red Label) teak veneered chest of six drawers, width 55.5cm.

1787 A pine rack of open shelves, width 84cm.

1788 A mahogany veneered bookcase with a pair of glazed doors opening onto shelves, width 91.5cm.

1789 A pair of folding tables on tubular metal legs.

1790 A small pine sideboard with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 95cm.

1791 A mahogany effect small cabinet with a pair of glazed doors opening onto shelves and a mirror back, on cabriole legs, width 55.5cm.

1792 A pine twin pedestal dressing table, width 136cm.

1793 A white finish rectangular table on turned tapering legs painted to the apron with flowers and leaves, 115cm x 42cm.

1794 A pine twin pedestal desk, width 139cm.

1795 A mahogany bedside table with a single drawer on square section tapering legs, width 45cm.

1796 A square mahogany veneered occasional table with serpentine sides on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.

1797 A G-Plan (Gold Label) teak veneered and ebonised sideboard with a pair of cupboard doors above a pair of drawers, width 132.5cm.

1798 A nest of three hardwood tables.

1799 A pine chest with a tier of six long drawers beside a tier of six short drawers, width 177cm.

1800 A small oak veneered gate leg table.

1801 A modern pine chest of four long drawers, width 80cm.

1802 A pair of oak joined stools on turned legs.

1803 A 1930s oak chest of three long drawers, width 88cm.

1804 A small white painted open rack of six shelves, width 40cm.

1805 A white finish serpentine front chest of four long drawers painted with leaves and butterflies, width 85.5cm.

1806 A rectangular inlaid walnut occasional table on four turned supports, 79.5cm x 38.5cm.

1807 A 1950s hardwood veneered chest of five long drawers, width of 76cm.

1808 A rectangular white melamine table on black metal legs, 90cm x 50cm.

1809 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and two long drawers on turned feet, width 91cm.

1810 A G-Plan ‘Red Label’ occasional table.

1811 A white painted chest of four long drawers, width 72.5cm.

1812 A hardwood effect telephone table, width 46cm.

1813 A small white finish circular occasional table painted with flowers and leaves, diameter 38cm.

1814 A 1950s walnut veneered dressing chest of three long drawers, width 106cm.

1815 An oak bureau with a slope front above a drawer and two open shelves, width 70cm.

1816 An oval cane breakfast table with a pair of nesting benches.

1816A A circular plant stand on a barley twist column.

1816B A square plant stand on a barley twist support.

1817 A hardwood effect extending dining table with a fold-out leaf, size extended 165cm x 95cm.

1818 A reproduction D-End twin pedestal extending dining table, size with single leaf inserted 220cm x 100cm.

1819 A square walnut plant stand.

1820 A square oak plant stand.

1821 A folding card table.

1822 A small hardwood cabinet with a pair of glazed doors opening onto shelves, width 56cm, height 74cm.

1823 An oak refectory table on carved cup and cover supports, 137cm x 66.5cm.

1824 An early 20th century child’s stick back chair with a seagrass seat.

1825 A hardwood effect display cabinet glazed to the sides and with a pair of glazed doors, opening onto shelves, width 75cm.

1826 An Ercol Golden Dawn corner cabinet, the upper part with three open shelves, the base with a panelled door, width 68cm.

1827 A hardwood effect bureau with a pair of short drawers above two long drawers, width 82.5cm.

1828 A pine wall hanging open corner cupboard, two shelves each with a turned gallery.

1829 A small white painted chest with three drawers, width 42cm, together with a similar small pine chest.

1830 A 1930s oak bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors, opening onto shelves, width 88.5cm.

1831 A 1930s walnut veneered bureau with a slope front above three long drawers, width 74cm.

1832 A hardwood effect wall hanging open shelf.

1833 NO LOT.

1834 A teak veneered bureau with a slope front above three long drawers, width 73.5cm.

1835 A large stripped and painted pine blanket box, width 98.5cm.

1836 A Ducal style pine bureau with a panelled slope front above a pair of panelled doors, width 80cm.

1837 .A 1950s oak veneered bedside cabinet with a drawer above a cupboard.

1838 A narrow white painted chest of five drawers, width 53cm.

1839 A white finish jewellery cabinet with a hinged lid above two drawers and a cupboard, painted with leaves and flowers.