General Sale Catalogue 11th April 2017

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1 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug with four applied roundels, with the wording “Straight in the line of duty, curved is the line of beauty, follow the straight line thou shalt see the curved line ever follow thee”, and seven other Victorian jugs.
2 Eight Victorian jugs.
3 A blue glaze Victorian jug with leaf and mask moulded decoration and ten other jugs.
4 A leaded glass roundel decorated with a bird on a branch, together with two pairs of polished stone bookends and two other pieces.
5 A black resin model Buddha and to other model figures.
6 A small collection of Victorian Staffordshire teaware and two blue and white plates.
7 Commemorative mugs, etc.
8 A Wedgwood blue and white Jasper ware biscuit barrel with a plated mount, a Nigel Graham Studio Pottery vase made as a basket and two other pieces.
9 A Crown “Ducal” part tea for two set and other teaware.
10 A 1969 commemorative stemmed glass, signed to the base S.Wilson, in its original box, a Tudor crystal rose bowl and two other pieces.
11 A set of three Coalport floral decorated graduated jugs with mask spouts, a Royal Crown Derby lidded jar, cut glass vase and one other piece.
12 NO LOT.
13 A Coalport “Caughley” mask head jug, a Victorian jug with a band of vine moulded and painted decoration above a band of figures and a Harrods cup and saucer.
14 Three Imari dishes and two other pieces.
15 Sundae dishes and other glass.
16 A Sylvac model dog, a Royal Worcester “Polythanus” pattern coffee cup and saucer, etc.
17 A Royal Worcester “Regency” pattern tea service.
18 A collection of dinnerware mostly Minton, including “Persian Rose” and “Shelburne” patterns.
19 A collection of mostly cut glass.
20 A Royal Crown Derby “Rose” decorated part tea for two set.
21 An extensive collection of Minton “Stanwood” pattern coffee and dinnerware.
22 A Victorian Worcester part tea service each piece with a blue and gilt band, above floral sprays date mark for 1880.
23 A Royal Worcester yellow ground borders tea service, with the green and gilt border and floral sprays, together with other matching pieces, year date 1903.
24 A Victorian cut glass claret jug with stopper.
25 A Stuart crystal flattened oval vase, a stemmed glass with a green overlay glass bowl and two other pieces.
26 A Royal Worcester pale green glaze part coffee service, each piece with a cream and brown leaf pattern border, date mark for 1911.
27 A continental bowl made as a floral encrusted egg, supported by three cherubs.
28 Various plates including Mason’s 1981 commemorative and Doulton Burslem, etc.
29 A floral decorated jardiniere, a Mediterranean floral decorated jug, a Victorian dish a.f. and a chamber pot.
30 Decanters and other glass.
31 A Middleport Pottery blue and white toilet jug, a model figure and an eastern cork pagoda.
32 A Royal Doulton “Green Marble” pattern teapot a Wedgwood “Caroline” pattern coffee pot a West German vase and two other pieces.
33 A Victorian black glaze teapot with floral enamel decoration an E.P.B.M teapot, etc.
34 A Doulton “Lambeth” stoneware hot water bottle, a model of a 16th century dandy, a Prattware pot lid, etc.
35 An Adams blue Jasper ware biscuit barrel with a plated mount and three other pieces.
36 A Colclough floral decorated part tea service and a cut glass vase.
37 Three late 19th century bowls, etc.
38 The Koran China pink ground coffee service each piece decorated with a green and gilt dragon.
39 A collection of mostly cut glass.
40 A blue speckled glaze tea service.
41 A collection of floral decorated tea and dinnerware.
42 A Staffordshire china floral decorated tea service.
43 Miscellaneous teaware, a Ridgway floral decorated fruit set, a biscuit barrel, etc.
44 A possibly Italian art glass jug decorated with opalescent lines and other glass.
45 Four blue and white teapots.
46 A 1930’s chamber pot, etc.
47 A floral decorated part tea service and other teaware.
48 A collection of commemorative teaware mostly 1952-1977 Silver Jubilee.
49 A stoneware jug other stoneware, a Chinese hexagonal lidded jar, a ginger jar, a coral specimen, etc.
50 Glassware.
51 A collection of Willow tree and other blue and white china.
52 A collection of commemorative mugs.
53 A collection of blue and white mostly “Willow” pattern china.
54 Teaware, etc.
55 Three Sadler brown glaze graduated jugs with floral moulded decoration.
56 A glass double ended baby bottle and other glass.
57 Models including a Bonzo pepper pot and two soapstone carvings.
58 A collection of cups and saucers.
59 Model shoes, Crested ware, etc.
60 A collection of jugs.
61 A Sadler yellow glaze teapot made as racing car.
62 A Victorian black glaze tea kettle with floral enamel decoration, two teapots, etc.
63 A Mailing footed bowl, a Royal Winton leaf moulded cake plate and knife, etc.
64 A Victorian red glass lustre with floral enamel decoration other coloured glass, including Carnival, etc.
65 A set of eight Portuguese collectors plates, in their original boxes.
66 A collection of Victorian and other teaware.
67 A decanter other glass and small collection of china, etc.
68 A blue glaze coffee service.

69 A Victorian blue and white twin handle lidded servicing dish, the lid with an artichoke moulded finial.
70 A Japanese egg shell china tea service, each piece decorated with a figure before a building.
71 A Victorian part tea service, each piece with a band of floral decoration, together with a Doulton style miniature teapot, etc.
72 A Crown Fenton floral decorated tea/coffee/dinner service.
73 A circular cut glass bowl, a Dartington glass bowl, a 19th century stemmed glass and other glass.
74 A James Kent Old Foley “Eastern Glory” tea service and other matching pieces.
75 A circular continental bowl brown glazed as if marbled, the rim with three flower and leaf mounts, together with three model elephants and two other pieces.
76 A Churchill China floral blue and white part tea/dinner service.
77 A collection of studio pottery, including Celtic.
78 Mugs and other china.
79 A Spode Italian pattern plate and two other blue and white plates.
80 A Royal Doulton “Canton” pattern part tea service.
81 Three pendant glass lampshades and two other pieces.
82 A collection of Wedgwood Jasper ware.
83 Glassware.

84 Bedding etc. 6 x bags.
85 Towels etc. three bags.
86 Towels
87 Three bags of bedding.
88 Two bags bedding.
89 Bed throwover.
90 Mixed cushions.
91 A bag of good remnants, off cuts etc.
92 Blankets.
92A Curtains with tie backs.
93 Miscellaneous etc.
94 Two pairs of curtains with tie backs and cushion covers.
95 Two pairs of curtains.
96 Miscellaneous.
97 Miscellaneous.
98 Draught excluder.
99 An assortment of table linen and two single door curtains.
100 A duck feather and down duvet.
101 A pair of hopsack curtains.
102 Two bags of blankets.
103 Bedding etc.
104 A roll of patterned fabric.
105 A box of vertical conservatory blinds.
106 An officer’s military mackintosh 1952 pattern by Greengate and Irwell Rubber Co.Ltd.
107 A gentleman’s evening suit.
108 Military jackets, Royal Army Service Corps., Airforce etc.
109 Gentleman’s blazer and evening suit.
110 Two legal robes.
111 Two 1950s Royal Navy uniforms.
112 Ladies jackets and coats.
113 Ladies sheepskin coat, navy blue jacket etc.

114 A gentleman’s black leather bomber jacket.
115 A Barbour jacket, fleece liner, hat and trousers.
116 A gentleman’s Austin Reed cashmere overcoat.
117 A small collection of ladies vintage dresses.
118 A gentleman’s Barbour jacket.
119 A ladies brown leather jacket.
120 A lady’s Scotchmole fur coat.
121 A box of scarves etc.
122 A box of table linen.
123 A graduation gown and other clothing.
124 A double airbed.
125 An embossed leather bag, a fur hat etc
126 Two fur hats, a leather collars box, ties etc.
127 Three pairs of men’s leather boots.
128 A pair of lady’s Italian Kurt Geigein size 36.5 black leather boots.
129 A pair of ladies Doc Martens blue leather size 38/ UK size 5 boots.
130 A box of clothing, soft toys and footwear.
131 A box of leather handbags and other bags.
132 Two boxes of ladies clothing etc.
133 Two boxes of ladies clothing etc.
134 A box of ladies shoes..
135 A set of four garden chair cushions.
136 A box of soft toys.
137 A box of hats.
138 A box of ladies clothing.
139 A box of fur stoles.
140 A box of ladies shoes.
141 A parachute.
142 Three Scottish tartan kilts and a similar waistcoat.

143-150 NO LOTS

151 Four Doctor Who related cardboard signs.
152 Two boxes of books.
153 A box of books mostly about antiques.
154 Two boxes of books.
155 Two boxes of books.
156 A box of books.
156A Teapots, lidded jars, etc.
157 Alan Stark a watercolour of Brixham fishing boats, 30 x 47.5cm.
158 A box of books.
159 A box of books.
160 A box of books mostly about antiques and collecting.
161 A box of 33rpm records, including boxed albums.
162 A box of records, etc.
163 Two boxes of 33rpm records.
164 Two boxes of books.
165 A collection of internal doors, various sizes but most 83.5 x 198.5cm.
166 A surveyors extending staff.
167 A Victorian mahogany curtain pole with rings.
168 A folding camping table in a black canvas case, a pair of folding chairs in green canvas cases and a stool.
169 An Aspidistra plant in a terracotta pot.
170 An iron “Fire Resisting” safe with brass mounts, by George Titterton, Birmingham, height 56cm.
171 A camping/caravan Aquaroll drum with handle.
172 A toilet tent.
173 A bag of golf clubs.
174 A pair of teak steamer chairs.
175 A Aquasoothe Travel Light electric scooter recharger.
176 A chrome electric bike and a crash helmet.
177 A satellite dish.
178 A folding wheelchair.
179 A pair of aluminum stools.
180 Two ceramic basins with taps.
181 A mirror on a black plastic mount.
182 A large stoneware jug.
183 Five stoneware jars and a mirror.
184 A drilled aluminum animal transporting box.
185 Two bags of golf clubs and two golf trolleys.
186 A pair of VW roof bars.
187 A plastic shelf and a coil of trunking.
188 A wrought iron wall hanging plant holder.
189 A Macallister electric lawn scarifier with grass box.
190 A Webb 24in self driven cylinder mower with a Honda 5HP OHC engine (recently overhauled), with grass box and manual.
191 A Husqvarna Easy Start petrol self driven 21in cut, rotary mower with grass box.
192 A McCulloch petrol self driven rotary mower with grass box.
193 Gardening tools and a roll of wire netting.
194 An aluminum wheelbarrow.
195 A pair of wrought iron gates, each width 122cm excluding hinge.
196 A pair of white plastic sun loungers with cushions and a similar circular table.
197 Two sets of folding shelves.
198 A polished granite work top, 100 x 180cm.
199 A pair of life belts.
200 A pair of Glider Roll garage doors, one with electric motor.
201 A Black and Decker Workmate.
202 A metal four drawer filing cabinet.
203 A green painted metal four filing cabinet.
204 A metal airing cupboard.
205 A pair of pine gates, each width 75.5cm.
206 A bundle of gardening tools.
207 A box of pony tack, etc.
208 A slated wood garden table on cast iron supports and a pair of matching chairs.
209 A plastic box containing Christmas decorations.
210 A stoneware bussa, two plastic plant pots, a galvanised pail, etc.
211 Two oil cans, a Jerry can and a fuel can.
212 A child’s slated wood and cast iron garden bench, width 76cm.
213 A Unicycle.
214 A resin garden statue moulded as girl and boy harvesters.
215 A collection of terracotta plant pots.
216 A roll of lead, a collection of octagonal tiles and two wall baskets.
217 A small gas BBQ with cylinder.
218 A P shape fibre glass bath and a shower unit.
218A A pair of large eastern ceramic garden status made as Chinese lions on square cushion stands, each height 90cm.

218B A pair of concrete garden statues made as an eastern gentleman holding a dragon and a lady with a fan.
218C A pair of red painted concrete garden urns, each moulded Acanthus leaves.
218D Four concrete garden ornaments moulded as Chinese cash.
218E A concrete garden lantern holder moulded as a four tier pagoda.
218F A concrete garden lantern moulded as a Chinese pagoda.
219 A white plastic bath, length 126cm.
220 A slated wood and wrought iron folding garden chair and a sack trolley.
221 Gardening and other tools.
222 Five boxes of textured ceramic tiles.
223 A small palm tree in a large blue glaze pot.
224 A pair of cast aluminum garden bench supports.
225 A Hozelock hose on reel and two garden kneelers.
226 A set of four cast aluminum stacking garden chairs.
227 A larger circular BBQ and stand.
228 A set of three Britannia cast table supports.
229 A pair of cast iron garden bench supports and a similar back panel cast with flowers.
230 A circular hardwood garden table, diameter 130cm.
231 Danns and Buoys.
232 A collection of boat parts, including a wheel and throttle controls.
233 A circular concrete bird bath on a pedestal moulded as stones.
234 A pine chicken house, length 115cm.
235 A glass fish tank, width 91.5cm.
236 A wooden stepladder.
237 An aluminum two section extending ladder.
238 A set of four wheeled moving aids.
239 A reproduction Georgian cast iron fire infill with two stone hearths, width 94cm.
240 A pine stable door, the upper part with a glazed panel, width 75cm.
240A A Polytunnel frame and cover.
241 Various plant pots, etc.
242 A pair of cast aluminum garden chairs, together with a matching circular table.
242A Two walking aids.
243 A tree root garden stand.
244 A parlour lobster pot.
245 A white ceramic toilet pail.
246 A Seagull long reach outboard motor.
247 A Yamaha P65 outboard motor.
248 An adjustable exercise bench with barbell and weights.
249 A plastic dustbin with lid.
250 A Hollywood car mounted three bicycle transporting rack.
251 A plastic step exerciser.
252 A tub of tile cement, a bag of glass yarn and a tow hitch.
253 A stoneware jar and an earthenware jar.
254 Two packs of electrical trunking.
255 Two reels of heavy cable.
256 A slated hardwood garden bench, width 116.5cm.
257 A plastic pet transporting box.
258 A wheeled walking aid with cable brakes.
259 NO LOT
260 NO LOT
261 A Weslo exercise bike.
262 A child’s plastic battery powered quad bike.
263 A stainless steel churn.
264 A Seagull outboard motor etc.
265 A pine stepladder.
266 A pair of hardwood folding chairs, two plastic garden chairs.
267 Two bundles of gardening tools.
268 Three boxes of tools and a hose on reel.
269 Two wooden stepladders and a tubular metal ladder.
270 A slatted wood garden bench with a cast iron back and on similar supports, width 120 cm.
271 A galvanised wheelbarrow.
272 A set of four square tapering concrete planters.
273 A pair of circular tapering concrete planters.
274 A pair of square concrete tapering planters and a plant in a terracotta pot.
275 Two hydrangeas in glazed pots and a bag of multipurpose compost.
276 A concrete garden ornament made as a toadstool.
277 A concrete garden ornament made as a fawn and four other ornaments.
278 A sack trolley.
279 A set of three white plastic stacking chairs together with a pair of similar green chairs and a folding table.
280 A circular slatted wood folding garden table, diameter 110 cm.
281 A Belfast sink.
282 A collection of small garden ornaments in a galvanised pail.
283 A bag of golf clubs including Ryder, Ping and Browning.

284 A bag of golf clubs, mostly Great White.
285 A set of platform scales to weigh 20 stone by 2 once increments.
285A An Edwardian wrought iron height adjustable oil lamp standard, now converted to electricity.
286 A pine fire surround, lacks mantle shelf, width 34 cm.
287 A brass fire kerb, width 137 cm.
288 Five golf clubs in a blue canvas bag.
289 A pair of carved oak panels and other lengths of carved oak.
290 An engineers oak tool chest and contents with a hinged lid above a fall front, opening onto five graduated drawers.
291 Two galvanised watering cans.
292 Two graduated aluminium preserving pans.
293 A Jerry can.
294 A manual chain hoist and winch.
295 A box of leather gaiters etc.
296 Five ceramic models of giant matches.
297 A box of CDs.
298 A box of CDs.
299 A part suite of fish knives and forks with engraved plated blades and other flat ware.
300 A collection of plated flatware in an oval tureen with leaf cast handles, standing on four cast feet.
301 A collection of enamel kitchenware.
302 A Madagascar dragon tree house plant.
303 A rubber plant.
304 Thomas the Tank Engine a boxed set of books and a collection of table mats.

305 A set in eight card and leather bound volumes of The Illustrated War News, together with three other related books.
306 A copy of The Story of the Fourth Army, August to November 1918, by Major General Sir Archibald Montgomery, together with a box of related maps.
307 A bundle of books including Berry Cook, The Bumper Edition.
308 A serpentine table lamp.
309 A post WWII M1 type metal military helmet, together with a fibre helmet marked Celeron 1958.
310 A brass clad coal box embossed with figures.
311 A Chalon kitchen bin made as a wooden banded butter churn with lid, height including handle 80 cm.
312 A Stihl FS 70 RC petrol driven strimmer, with manual.
313 A Stihl MS 181 petrol chain saw, with manual.
314 Plates, bowls and a cake stand, together with an engraved eastern metal coffee pot.
315 A Marx toys, plastic E-Type Jaguar, a stoneware ginger beer bottle by W.Joules & Sons, Stockport, etc.
316 A box of books.
317 A teak folding garden table.
318 A teak folding garden chair.
319 Four albums of 78rpm records.
320 A framed poster of Concarneau, a reproduction poster and a painting on silk of an eastern jug, signed Chris.
321 Two oak cupboard doors, one with a dragon carved panel the other carved with an archer, together with eight lengths of oak leaf carved edging.
322 Five coloured stacking revolving plastic CD stands.

323 A painted metal street lamp head lantern with a circular post mount, full height 72cm.
324 A 19th century cast iron door lock, an oil lamp burner, etc.
325 A set of three gilt metal twin branch wall light fittings.
326 An early 20th century William Sykes “Regulation Croquet Set” in its original pine box.
327 A brass fire screen embossed with a sailing ship.
328 A brass coal helmet, two similar fire implements and a folding fireguard, etc.
329 A dolls house dining room, a collection of cufflinks, a blue glass bowl, a paperweight, etc.
330 Glass bowls, a cake stand, and other glass and china.
331 Two framed Baxter prints and a 18th century print.
332 A mantel timepiece in a burr walnut case with a French movement.
333 A mantel clock in oak case, the white enamel dial flanked by barley twist pillars.
334 A coolbox containing a stove top kettle, etc.
335 A boxed set of Casino gambling games.
336 A box of kitchenware.
336A A TV stand.
337 An oil on board of “Evening Near Nairn” by Nora.M.Robson and one other painting of a lake scene.
338 A coloured print of teddy bears.
339 Two 19th century coloured prints, one of girls by a path the other a village street.
340 A framed 18th century map of Farrington Ward, London with a table of references, 30 x 36cm.

341 An 18th century coloured map of Baynards Castle Ward and Faringdon Ward, inscribed to Sir Robert Ladbrook, the map with three pictures of church’s and the Arms of Robert Ladbrook and William Bridgen, dated 1755, 46.5cm.
342 A watercolour of a church, signed A.N.Chapman, 1971.
343 A stoneware flagon.
344 A leather bound family Bible, dated 1847.
345 A box of china dolls, most in their original boxes.
346 A box of china dolls, most in their original boxes.
347 An illuminated Coco Cola winter village.
348 A box of books, including a Manchester Guardian History of the War, 1914-18, in 9 Volumes and other World War I related books.
349 Two boxes of books.
350 A box of spirit and other miniatures.
351 A box of 33rpm and 45rpm records.
352 An encyclopedia and a black Bakelite book trough.
353 Three boxes of 1960’s Profile Publications of classic cars.
354 A box of books mostly World War I related.
355 A box of Great War related books, together with three volumes of “Deeds That Thrill the Empire”.
356 Two boxes of books.
357 Two boxes of World War I related books.
358 A blue canvas clad cabin trunk with bentwood bands.
359 A brown canvas clad cabin trunk with bentwood bands.
360 Two vintage petrol cans with brass taps.
361 A bundle of 33rpm records.
362 A collection of 45rpm records.
363 A watercolour a still life of fruit, signed C.H.Slater, one other watercolour of a riverside castle and two photographic prints.
364 An oil on board of a garden signed Angela Kevaes and five other pictures.
365 An artists folding wooden easel.
366 A pair of sash cramps.
367 A new ceiling spotlight fitting, in its original box.
368 A turned oak standard lamp with shade.
369 A brass and hardwood effect adjustable floor standing lamp.
370 A brass standard lamp on a cast iron base.
371 An oil on board a still life fruit and vase and two prints.
372 A pair of 19th century sepia prints one of moorland cattle, the other sheep by a cottage and one other pair of pictures.
373 A photograph of Wells Millenary festival 1909, together with an 18th century print of “February” and a 19th century print of Broadstairs.
374 Two oils on board, one of a farm the other a small bridge over a stream, each signed Nora.M.Robson.
375 A golf ball net, in its original box.
376 A Singer 222K electric sewing machine, in a black rexine case.
377 A oval tin hat box with a tapering lid.
378 A Dean’s Toys push along soft toy donkey etc.
379 Two fabric dog beds.
380 A Black and Decker electric hover mower.
381 A spin dryer.
382 A Bosch pressure washer.
383 A Sony surround sound system with remote control.
384 A Sharp RD-708V stereo reel to reel tape recorder, with detachable speakers.
385 A light oak effect DVD cabinet and contents.
385A A Bosch strimmer.
385B A Challenge strimmer.
385C A convector heater.
385D A Performance Power corded drill in a grey plastic case.
385E A “Four Section Wavy Mirror” in its original box.
386 A pair of KEF speakers in hardwood cases.
387 An oak trouser press by Hope Brothers Limited, London.
388 A paper guillotine.
389 A Tibet tent cover.
390 An Amcor dehumidifier.
391 An Amstrad Sky digibox with remote control, a Panasonic portable radio and a Russell Hobbs steam iron.
392 A Matsui portable CD player/radio/cassette recorder.
393 A Direct Bikes top box.
394 A CR-10T guitar amplifier.
395 A Performance Power bench grinder.
396 A Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer.
397 A Black and Decker circular saw, in its original box.
398 A box of Clout head nails.
399 A Leitz Pradovit slide projector, in its original box.
400 An 18th/19th century coloured map “Cow Cross being St.Sepulchre Parish and The Charter House”, showing parts of Clerkenwell parish and Farrington Ward, 19.5 x 32cm.

401 An 18th century coloured print of the South and East prospects of St. Bartholomew’s hospital, 35 x 24cm.
402 An 18th century map of Aldersgate Ward, including pictures of St. Botolph and St. Annes churches, 1754, 25 x 38cm.
403 An early 19th century coloured print of Bartholomew fair and a similar black and white print of St. Bartholomew hospital.
404 Two signed abstract lithographs, after Anita Ford, together with a coloured print of a farm.
405 A wall mounted projection screen.
406 A projection screen in a black rexine case and one other screen, in its original box.
407 A large coloured print of a racing Yacht “The Greatest Race”, after Montague Dawson and one other print “Thames Barges at Pin Mill, Suffolk”, after Frank Wootton.
407A A Duracraft dehumidifier.
407B A Sharp dehumidifier.
408 An ironing board.
409 A 19th century coloured map of Cambridge, a similar coloured print of Great Marlow and a photograph.
410 Three watercolours and a framed signed photograph of “North Shield’s Fish Quay”, after W.Holmes.
411 A large oil on canvas of a beachside cottage, signed P.Ascot, 50 x 60cm.
412 A large oil on canvas of a harbour scene, signed Jack.R.Mould, 49 x 60cm.
413 A set of four Military prints and two other similar prints.
414 A fire screen set with a woolwork of a country cottage.
415 A garden sprayer, in its original box.

416 A Velbon camera tripod, in a black canvas case.
417 A Dyson upright vacuum cleaner in grey and yellow plastic.
418 A Dyson upright vacuum cleaner in grey and yellow plastic.
419 A Henry vacuum cleaner with attachments etc.
420 A adjustable table lamp with a magnifying head.
421 A Dyson upright ball vacuum.
422 A Turbo Power electric garden rotavator.
423 A Hoover long reach cylinder vacuum cleaner.
424 A collection of baskets.
425 A McCulloch Virginia petrol driven hedge trimmer.
426 A large floor standing vase covered in sea grass.
427 A Morphy Richards steam cleaner.
428 A Sovereign petrol driven chain saw.
428A An Oregon “Zip Start” petrol driven 35cm chainsaw.
429 A Hyundai 4 stroke petrol driven strimmer, with spare blades, ear defenders, etc.
430 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.
431 A Performance Power electric strimmer.
432 A petrol driven chain saw.
433 A shelf of books.
434 A Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” pattern tea service.
435 A Wood & Sons 1977 commemorative tankard, in its original box and a similar plate, etc.
436 An eastern blue and white lidded jar.
437 A glass rummer, a chamber pot and one other piece.
438 A pair of brown leather pouches with shoulder straps, each opening onto a drilled wooden interior.
439 A box of leatherware, including belts and boots.
440 A Colclough floral decorated tea service.
441 Two cash tins, a jigsaw puzzle of sailing ships, a vanity case, etc.
442 A pair of polished stone specimen bookends.
443 A 1950’s dolls Cumfifolda double seat folding pushchair.
444 A cast iron cooking pot and a related book.
445 A Sunn Gas portable gas heater, together with a collection of full gas canisters.
446 Two roller blinds.
447 A camping folding wheelchair in a black and white fabric case.
448 A Lawnflite electric log splitter with manual.
449 A Miele yellow plastic cylinder vacuum cleaner.
450 Two artificial grass mats and an inflatable mattress, in its original box.
451 A Corby electric trouser press.
452 A 1950s dolls dropside cot.
453 A folding picnic table, in its original packaging, and one other folding table.
454 A hardwood effect folding picnic table.
455 A projector stand.
456 A brass standard lamp lacks shade.
456A A pair of green canvas trolley cases and a camp bed.
456B An ironing board.
456C A Dyson DC14 upright vacuum cleaner in grey and purple plastic.
457 A Mobo type tin plate rocking horse.
458 A woven fibre crib on stand.
459 A chrome three tier towel rail.
460 Three framed woolwork panels.
461 A watercolour of a coastal scene.
462 A coloured print of the “Laughing Cavalier”, after Fran Hals.
463 A watercolour of a beached boat, before St. Michael’s Mount and a photograph of St. Michael’s Mount.
464 An oval watercolour of a bearded gentleman.
465 An electronic typewriter.
466 A box of caravan connection cables and a box containing four dispensing machines.
467 A box containing a pair of dumbbells and weights, etc.
468 A box of tools, a hurricane lamp, etc.
469 Two boxes of vintage tools.
470 Two boxes of mostly vintage tools.
471 A box of old tins, etc.
472 A box containing a pair of dumbbells and weights.
473 A wood workers bench vice, etc.
474 An electric fretsaw.
475 A small electric circular saw table.
476 Two flat hoses on reel, two boot lasts, a dummy alarm box and a bag of charcoal.
477 A box containing a car horn, a steering wheel, a convex mirror, etc.
478 A dehumidifier.
479 A DeLonghi electric radiator.
480 An oval mirror bevelled glass, in an oak frame.
481 Two reproduction framed posters.
482 A sand and bead picture of an African lady.
483 Two coloured prints of children at the seaside.
484 An embroidery and bead work picture of an ancient Egyptian couple.
485 An oak butlers tray.
486 Two folding plastic covered wire clothes airiers.
487 A brass standard lamp.
488 A turned wood and painted standard lamp, with shade.
489 A Parkinson Cowan cream enamel four ring gas cooker.
490 A Hotpoint Aquarius 7KG automatic washing machine.
491 An Electrovita Circulation Enhancer, in its original box.
492 A Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer.
493 An Ocean Premier fridge/freezer.
494 A Tefcold shop display drinks fridge/cabinet.
495 A Breville deep fat fryer.
496 A Singer electric sewing machine, in a cream plastic case.
497 A food processor in its original box and a pressure cooker.
498 A halogen site lamp.
499 A Sharp five CD stereo system with speakers.
500 A Marshall MG series guitar amplifier.
501 A Bench DVD player with remote control.
502 A Samsung three CD changer stereo system, with speakers.
503 A Eumig cine projector.
504 A collection of small electricals, including hand mixers and hair dryers.
505 Two steam irons and a travel iron.

506 A jug kettle, a portable radio and a radio alarm clock.
507 A box of light bulbs, extension cables, etc.
508 An Apple Mac computer, with 20″ screen and discs..
509 A Sony stereo digital audio video control centre, with five speakers and remote control, together with six speakers.
510 An Argus small cine projector.
511 A Camping Chef two ring cooker, in its original box.
512 An X-box 360 with transformer.
513 A vintage Remington portable black enamel typewriter, in a black rexine case.
514 An Anglepoise style, green enamel adjustable table lamp.
515 An Anglepoise style, black enamel adjustable table lamp.
516 A Seagate external hard drive, in its original box.
517 A Samsung DVD player, with remote control.
518 A Technics Stereo Receiver.
519 A Bush DVD player, with remote control.
520 A Panasonic Viera 32″ flat screen television.
521 A Sony Bravia 32″ flat screen television, with remote control.
522 A Toneworks electric guitar pedal.
523 A World War II vintage portable typewriter, in a metal case.
524 A Gaz camping cooker.
525 An early 20th century marbled enamel electric fire. (This fire does not comply with the Fire Regulation and is being sold for its decorative value only).
526 A Technika 19″ flat screen television, with remote control.
527 A Technika 23″ LCD television/ DVD player with remote control.
528 A Sony Blu-ray player, a similar DVD each with a remote control and a iPod mini FM transmitter.
529 A Roberts Swallow 2 portable CD player/radio and a Sony portable radio.
530 An Epson Stylus Photo R300 computer printer.
531 A Hornby HM 2000 Power Controller, in its original box.
532 A Zennox record deck.
533 A Prima mini CD stereo system, with speakers.
534 A Klarstein red enamel mini kitchen and a Red Bull ice bucket.
535 A Panasonic microwave oven.
536 A Hewlett Packard laser jet printer.
537 A Sony U-Matic VO-5850P Professional video cassette recorder.
538 A Sony U-Matic VO-5850P Professional video cassette recorder.
539 A Silverline Machete and an Inox kitchen knife.
540 A Record No.4 smoothing plane.
541 A 400/800W portable halogen heater, in its original box.
542 A heavy duty strop.
543 A Martek drill sharpener, in its original box.
544 A Gaz cooker, a similar heater and one other piece.
545 A collection of camping equipment.
546 A 12V cool box.
547 A set of wire and sisal CD drawers.
548 A Bush 24″ flat screen television, lacks remote control.
549 A Samsung 32″ flat screen television, with remote control.
550 A Roland Piano Plus 400 electric piano.
551 A brass coal bucket embossed with figures and a similar companion set, etc.
551A A Moulinex Ovatio 3 blender with attachments.
552 A Parkside electric chain saw.
553 A Silver Crest microwave oven, in its original box.
554 An iPod dock and a Micromark Home CCTV system.
555 A Mariner Goldfish Aquarium kit, in its original box.
556 Three ceramic table lamps.
557 A Titan electric garden shredder.
558 A Zanussi Aquacycle 1400 automatic washing machine.
559 A Bosch Maxx Advantage automatic washing machine.
560 A Zanussi Aquasave dishwasher.
561 An Indesit tumble dryer.
562 A Beko white enamel four ring electric cooker.
563 A Crown halogen heater.
564 A Titan 8″ table saw.
565 A Performance electric mitre saw.
565A A black glass three tier TV stand.
566 A sit up exerciser and a weighted hula hoop.
567 Two bed rolls, a folding camp table and one other piece.
568 A Singer hand sewing machine, in a red rexine case.
569 A folding back rest, a folding table, a small set of steps and three folding stools.
570 A framed woolwork of a Biblical scene and a coloured print.
571 An oil on board of a still life fruit and flowers, signed Lachlan, 76.
572 An oil on board of a harbour at low tide, signed Lindet, 75.
573 Oil on board, the head of a girl, signed Keith English.
574 An acrylic on paper of a cat “Fortywinks”, by Michael ‘Mouse’ Roberts.
575 A watercolour of a farm, signed A.Geanek and four other pictures.
576 An oil on canvas of a thatched riverside cottage, signed D.E.Groot.
577 An oil on board of a cascade before mountains.
578 Two oils on board, by Rebecca Watts and two other pictures.
579 A collection of photograph, including World War I and a watercolour of a windmill, etc.
580 A watercolour Harbour Study, by Peter Toms, two other paintings, a print and a charcoal.
581 A pastel “Just A Back” by Alan Haylock and five other pictures.
582 A box of books.
583 Books, including children’s, etc.
584 A watercolour of a figure on a cliff, signed A.Royall and six other pictures.
585 A watercolour of moored boats, signed Doris.C.Luxton and five other pictures.
586 An oil on board “A Cornish Village” inscribed to Winn with love from Caroline, 1928 and three other pictures.
587 An oil on board of the old harbour at Newlyn, signed N.Tames and signed limited edition coloured print of moored boat, after John Miller.
588 Three boxes of miscellaneous items, including kitchenware.
589 A box of miscellaneous items, including a glider kit and a shooting stick.
590 A small stencilled cupboard containing wine glasses.
591 A brass table lamp with a fringe shade.
592 A Queen Anne floral decorated part tea service.

593 A quartz clock with a Westminster chime, a table lamp, various boxes, etc.
594 A pair of Hydro 94 commemorative Scottish Pewter Quaiches and a small collection of china, etc.
595 A collection of blue and white china.
596 A collection of Beswick, Wade and other models.
597 Two mantel timepieces and a Liptons brass Empire Expedition 1925 tea caddy and two other pieces.
597A A pair of white painted turned wood table lamps.
598 Miscellaneous, including tins.
599 A set of six Danbury Mint, Wedgwood model figures.
600 A Walker and Hall plated coffee pot and a pair of open salts.
601 A pair of small plated taper sticks on octagonal bases, with concave corners, each height 11.5cm.
602 A pair of 19th century brass candlesticks.
603 A John Somers Brazil plated ice bucket with touch marks and lion mask handles.
604 A collection of spirit miniatures, etc.
605 A floral decorated four piece toilet set.
606 NO LOT
607 A serpentine sun dial and three other pieces of serpentine.
608 An African carving, the of a head of a girl.
609 A Bossons Turk plaque, a top of the head of a turk, a character jug, two Avon Sega Canon bottles, etc.
610 A set of three Royal Worcester graduated “Evesham” pattern flan dishes and four other similar dishes.

611 A 1930s green glass elephant mould lidded box and other glass.
612 A chemist’s pink glass jar with stopper.
613 An earthenware jar with splashes of green glaze and a brown stoneware flagon.
614 Two large earthenware jugs.
615 A stoneware crock pot with a band of impressed decoration and two graduated blue and white trays.
616 A crackle glass jug and other coloured glass.
617 A Cadbury’s chocolate tin the lid with a picture of Warwick Castle, together with an eastern cigarette case and a 1953 commemorative tin.
618 An EPBM plated vase made as a thistle, a half fluted jug and sugar bowl, etc.
619 A pair of Chinese blue glaze model birds.
620 A bronzed white metal sculpture of a female warrior with a bird of prey on her arm.
621 A brass twin branch table lamp with yellow glass shade.
622 A mantel clock in an arched oak veneered case and a biscuit barrel.
623 A pine model of a panelled mule chest, width 42.5cm, height 27cm.
624 A collection of Tremar Pottery storage jars, etc.
625 A Maisto model of a Jaguar 220 and a model Mercedes.
626 Two Burago models one a Bugatti type 59, the other a Mercedes Benz SSK and other models.
627 Eight Burago type model sports cars.
628 A blue glazed table lamp with shade.

629 A German band ware box and other boxes.
630 A plated teapot with an artichoke final, an entrée dish and two other pieces.
631 A EPNS half fluted three piece tea service.
632 An eastern bamboo decorated tea service and other matching pieces.
633 A 1930s green glass vase and similar bowl.
634 A Delphine china “Spring Song” pattern tea service.
635 A Paragon “Pandora” pattern part tea service.
636 A Royal Doulton 1930s poppy decorated tea service.
637 An extensive tea service, transfer printed with decorated with classical figures amidst gilt sprays.
638 A Minton “Shalamar” pattern tea/dinner service.
639 A Beswick red glaze jug moulded with a palm tree.
640 A Lamorna Pottery jug and four other pieces.
641 Cast metal model animals, plated ware, a cut glass bowl, etc.
642 A Denby pale grey sand glaze tea service.
643 A Poole Pottery “Carter Stabler and Adams” preserve jar, four other pieces and a cut glass bowl.
644 A pair of Staffordshire model dogs and a similar group, a.f.
645 A collection of pewter.
646 A collection of coloured glass etc.
647 A Vision multi coloured jardiniere, a matching vase and five other pieces.
648 A cased pair of fish servers, other plate and flatware and a pair of opera glasses.
649 A suit of twelve fruit knifes and forks, with vine engraved blades and ivory handles, in a mahogany canteen and two other boxed sets of flatware.
650 A Newlyn copper rectangular planished tray, length 51.4cm impressed mark.
651 A circular copper tray with a lobed border and planished centre.
652 A 19th century plated teapot, a matching jug and four other pieces.
653 A brass inkwell, a green glass sugar caster with a plated mount, a small leather bound copy of Longfellow “Divine Tragedy”, etc.
654 A Royal Mail Presentation ships decanter with stopper, in its original box and two other pieces.
655 An early 20th century glass match holder painted with leaves, a 1920’s pink and black plastic powder puff, etc.
656 A 19th century candlestick by Palmer & Co and two other brass sticks.
657 A pair of brass ejector candlestick.
658 A pair of early 20th century floral decorated twin handle vases.
659 A pair of Victorian lustre decorated Staffordshire Spaniels.
660 A 19th century Staffordshire model of John Wesley preaching and a Tom King highway man figure.
661 A turned and painted wood table lamp and one other.
662 A bronzed resin Art Nouveau style bust “Le Pintemps”, height 60cm.
663 An early 20th century print of a girl and one other print of breaking waves.
664 A George IV mahogany tea caddy, with a central glass jar, flanked by two lidded openings, on brass ball feet, width 25cm.
665 An Agfa Calck 33mm camera, made in Munchen, Germany and a Coronet box camera.
666 A pewter coffee pot.
667 A Hancock & Sons Corona Ware floral decorated four piece toilet set.
668 A fisherman’s cane creel with a brown leather shoulder strap.
669 A Spode “Abbey” pattern toilet jug and bowl.
670 A collection of stemmed glasses, a glass teapot, etc.
671 Two oak biscuit barrels with EPNS mounts.
672 A collection of old bottles and two related books.
673 A pewter jug with an acorn thumb piece, a pewter tankard with an ARP badge and two other pieces.
674 A Scandinavian pewter charger, cast with biblical scenes and an continental plated bowl, the border cast with scenes from rural life.
674A A Sadler 1953 gold lustre commemorative teapot, other china and glass, a pair of brass sailing ship cast bookends, etc.
675 A three piece toilet set, each piece with a lilac band.
676 Two Victorian blue and white “Asiatic Pheasant” pattern meat plates and two other plates.
677 An “Indian Tree” pattern bowl and a floral decorated part diner service.
678 An Aynsley “Onyx” pattern part coffee service, etc.
679 A jardiniere, a rose and gilt decorated part tea service, other china, etc.
680 A box of books.
681 A box of kitchenware.
682 A box of books.
683 A box of miscellaneous china, etc.
684 A box of kitchenware, etc.
685 A box of tools etc. a box of magazines etc. and a stand made from vinyl discs.
686 Two boxes of kitchenware, etc.
687 A Japanese floral gilt decorated tea service.
688 Blue and white china.
689 Five tall stemmed glasses.
690 Miscellaneous china and glass.
691 A collection of commemorative china.
692 Stemmed glasses and other glass.
693 Two coloured glass bottles, etc.
694 A flower encrusted teapot, a similar lidded jar, etc.
695 A Susie Cooper “Venetia” pattern part coffee service, other china, two Babycham saucers, etc.
696 A plated four nozzle epergne with cut glass spills.
697 A carved wood jug and goblet set on stands, together with three white glaze jugs.
698 A St. Endellion studio pottery large jug, scratched with a religious rhyme, height 21cm.
699 A cut glass decanter.
700 A studio pottery model of a hare looking upwards, scratched makers mark PA, height 26cm.
701 A box of books, mostly Great War related.
702 A box of books, mostly Great War related, including official history of the war.
703 David Shepherd two small signed coloured prints, one of a lion the other a elephant, together with a similar unsigned print of harvesters.
704 Two coloured hunting prints and a watercolour of a girl lost in thought “Tranquillity” by G.Penberton.
705 An oil on canvas of boats at low tide “Port Isaac”, by Eileen Dearden and two coloured prints.
706 A early 20th century photograph celebrating victory with World War I and one other picture.
707 A Chinese black lacquer panel mother of pearl decorated with cranes by a river.
708 A watercolour of a coastal scene and a equestrian print.
709 A print of a Mediterranean village and a reproduction British Railway poster of St. Ives.
710 An acrylic on tissue “Fish Tales” by Lyn Chapman and three other pictures.
711 A box of bicycle repair parts.
712 A box of board games, etc.
713 An early 20th century photograph of DCLI troops in tropical uniforms and pictures.
714 Three boxes of miscellaneous china, glass, etc.
715 An oil on board copy of Constables “Haywain” and four other paintings.
716 An oil on board coastal scene, signed K.Johns and a framed photograph of an alpine lake.
717 Two 19th century coloured prints, one of Penryn the other Municipal dignitaries of Penryn introduced to the Prince of Wales.
718 A box of miscellaneous items, including a cane cutlery tray and scallop shells.
719 A box containing baskets, a mirror and a plant pot.
720 A box of books.
721 A folder of prints, some from the studio of Paul Ritchie.
722 A photograph of a submarine and other pictures.
723 A pastel of harbour side cottages and two other pictures.
724 Two boxes of books.
725 Small oil on board of a riverside building, a watercolour of a forest path and three frames.

726 A strip map of Rippon and four other pictures.
727 An 18th century map of London, showing the extent of the dreadful conflagration in the year 1666.
728 J.Wrathall two oils on board, one of Barnard Castle the other Abbey Bridge.
729 Two baskets.
730 Two cane baskets.
731 A Peruvian soft toy llama.
732 Cut and other glass.
733 A Poole Pottery floral decorated vase, two commemorative beakers, a Torquay Pottery mug, etc.
734 A water set and other glass.
735 A Grindley “Cream Petal” pattern tea/dinner service, a Lamorna Pottery vase and other china.
736 Two steel spearheads, a pair of eastern brass tin trays, etc.
737 A small serpentine model lighthouse and three other pieces.
738 A Dartington style smoke glass decanter and other glass.
739 A Colclough ivy leaf decorated part tea service and two other part services.
740 A fishing boat decorated vase, two other vases, a jug of artificial flowers, etc.
741 Three Victorian black glaze cow creamers and a mottled brown glaze creamer.
742 A faceted 1952/1977 paperweight, a Caithness “Tempest” pattern paperweight, a Royal Crown Derby miniature cup and saucer a.f. and one other piece.
743 A Elkington & Co oval floral engraved footed sweet meat dish, with a swing handle and two other pieces.
744 A 1950s ebonised wood and white metal mantel timepiece and an alarm clock.
745 Three large glass paperweights and three other pieces.
746 Two 19th century pewter tankards, a white metal pepper pot cast as an owl, etc.
747 A large copper kettle with a brass handle and acorn finial.
748 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks.
749 A Joseph Lucas Luminator nickel plated carbide lamp.
750 A brass trench art shell case, the case repousse decorated with flowers and one other shell case.
751 A pair of Victorian glass vases, each floral decorated about a gilt bird.
752 A wooden carving of a naked man, a carving of Madonna and child and plated coffee pot.
753 Hip flasks, a cruet and other plate.
754 Two Minton breakfast cups and saucers, one floral enamelled the other with the “Cockatrice” pattern.
755 Six model owls and one other piece.
756 A Copeland Spode “Mayflower” pattern part tea/dinner service.
757 Decanters and other glass.
758 A candelabrum, rose bowls and other plate.
759 A floral gilt decorated vase, in a fitted box, a ginger jar and three other pieces.
760 A pair of pig moulded money boxes and a Cunard Queen Victoria paperweight.
761 A Corgi “For Your Eyes Only” die cast Lotus Esprit, in its original box.
762 A pair of Cloud Nine electric hair straightens, in their original box.
763 A wrythen fabric and cane lamp on a wire frame.
764 A pair of pink resin and white metal candlestick hung with lustres.
765 Two Japanese geisha girl dolls and a wall mask.
766 A bronze bell.
767 A Victorian mantel clock, in an arched inlaid walnut case, with a brass presentation plaque presented to Mr.A.Barbour on the occasion of leaving the L & Y Railway, by the Electric Traction Staff, height 31cm.
768 An Art Nouveau oak mantel clock with Egyptian style mounts, height 26cm.
769 A 1930s mantel clock with Westminster chime, in a walnut veneered case and a electric mantel timepiece.
770 Cut and other glass.
771 A set of nine stemmed glasses each with a pink cut glass bowl.
772 A Svaja green “hour glass” large paperweight, signed to the base Ray, height 21.5cm.
773 A Royal Doulton matte black model of “The Lovers”, a similar model of “Peace” and two Coalport shell moulded open salts.
774 An Iden Pottery Rye table lamp.
775 An Ikea “Midsommar” pattern part tea/dinner service.
776 A large modern Aimbry lighting cream crackle glaze lamp base and shade, height 36cm.
777 A large brass model tiger.
778 Stoneware jars, jugs, etc.
779 A Grimwades Royal Winton iridescent shell moulded dish, painted with a sailing ship, a Hornsea blue glaze swan moulded wall pocket, etc.
780 A Victorian part tea service, each piece with a gilt border and vertical lines, together with a Minton part service, each piece with an entwined wreath border.
781 A bundle of books about Canada in the first World War.
782 A bundle World War I related books.
783 A pair of oak card index drawers.
784 Two bottles of Chaumet Sparkling Perry wine, one other similar bottle and a bottle of Babycham.
785 Two Wade Bells whisky bottles.
786 A Johnson Brothers “Eternal Beau” pattern part tea service.
787 A rectangular EPNS tray with a scroll and leaf engraved centre, within a leaf and berry cast border, length including handles 60.5cm.
788 A plated teapot, a Victorian jug with figure moulded decoration, an eastern tray, etc.
789 A Chinese wooden carving of an immortal.
790 A set in five volumes of Canada in the Great World War.
791 A giant amber glass bandy balloon and a similar yellow stemmed glass.
792 A Zeiss Icon folding bellows camera, in a brown leather ERC, together with a Kodak cine camera and albums of trade cards.
793 An oak box containing a brass tap, etc.
794 Two shelves of commemorative mugs.
795 A glass floral painted water sets.
796 A pair of Bohemian lead crystal vases.
797 A collection of mostly Victorian jugs.
798 A Wedgwood “blue Jasper ware” stilton dish and cover.
799 Two Wedgwood “blue Jasper ware” jugs.
800 A Wedgwood “blue Jasper ware” teapot and five other pieces.
801 A glass and brass lustre hung table lamp.
802 A small oak table top chest of four drawers, with brass handles, width 29.5cm, height 44cm.
803 A Victorian walnut sewing box.
804 A small hardwood chest with two small drawers, above a deeper wider drawer, width 25cm.
805 A 1950s lustre table lamp, moulded as an oriental girl sitting cross legged.
806 A brass lamp made as a street lamp head.
807 Two clown dolls and one other doll.
808 A copper coal helmet.
809 An encyclopedia on an oval oak book table.
810 A pair of resin cherub moulded brackets.
811 A Caithness Wrythen pink glass vase and two other pieces of coloured glass.
812 A 1930s green glass cake plate, three pieces of amber glass and two other pieces.
813 A Poole pottery twin tone brown and beige part tea/coffee service.
814 A collection of plated ware.
815 A Victorian pale yellow glass baluster shape vase with floral enamel decorated and a large red stemmed glass.
816 A 1930s dolls house.
817 Three copper jugs and two other pieces.
818 A cuckoo clock in its original box.
819 Six green leaf moulded plates and a collection of vintage cigarette tins.
820 Two painted stone door stops, a cameo shell and two other pieces.
821 A silvered resin sculpture made as a dancing girl and one other similar sculpture made as a kissing couple.
822 A carved wood sculpture of a kissing couple and a jewellery box set with a timepiece.
823 A 1930s oak grandmother clock.
824 A studio pottery vase impressed mark S.B. and five other pieces.
825 A mantle timepiece in a white metal case, cast with a blacksmith and princess.
826 A pottery model of a crouching Australian aborigine, marked to the base D.W. and an African stone carving.
827 A jewellery box made as a chaise longue.
828 A 1930s brass clad coal box.
829 Three cut glass decanters and one other decanter.
830 A pair of Chinese figure decorated twin handle vases.
831 A Primus brass paraffin stove in its original tin and a Sievert brass blow lamp.
832 An earthenware jug and a green glass beer bottle by Bell & Sons.
833 A “Tire Gauging Device” in a metal box, two slide rules and one other piece.
834 Models etc.
835 An extensive collection of Midwinter Jessie Tait design “Spanish Garden” pattern tea and dinner ware.
836 A lady’s vintage brown leather handbag with a brass catch.
837 A pair of Chinese famille verte jardinieres, each decorated with birds and foliage and each height 20.5 cm.
838 A pair of Carl Zeiss Jenna 10 x 50 binoculars in a brown leather case.
839 A pair of Eikow Air Port 12 x 50 binoculars in a brown leather case.
840 A case and a bundle of 45 rpm records.
841 An American engraved nickel plated King trumpet by H.N. White, Cleveland, Ohio with mute, mouthpieces etc in a fitted case a.f
842 A machete in a green canvas sheet.
843 A diver’s knife with black plastic sheath and canvas belt.
844 A bundle of Toyah albums.
845 An oak cutlery tray and contents.
846 A Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oval dish and other matching pieces.
847 An aquarium lighting starter unit in its original box.
848 A Pelham ‘Guitarist’ puppet and a toy robot.
849 A set of six EPNS fruit knives and forks with engraved blades and ivory handles in a mahogany canteen.
850 A box of china etc.
851 A box of china, glass etc.
852 A box of kitchenware.
853 A box of books.
854 A tray of bicycle parts etc.
855 Two boxes of books etc.
856 Seven Airfix construction kits.
857 A watercolour of eastern coastal houses signed Ba San and other paintings.
858 A mirror advertising Duchy Bitter and four other pieces.
859 A set of three watercolours framed as one “Spiritual Garden Party” by Mandy Westcott and a coloured floral print.
860 A framed hunting woolwork and a pine cutting board.
861 C.M. Hart two coastal watercolours, each 23.5 x 34 cm, together with a related print.
862 An oval mirrored stand, reverse cut with a star to the centre.
863 A watercolour of a lake scene “Chillon” by W. Caulfield 1910 and a coloured print after Stanhope Forbes.
864 An oak tray.
865 A collection of pictures and prints.
866 A signed limited edition coloured print “Across Fields” after Michael Carlos
867 A box of wallpapers.
868 A set of six black and white prints of Devizes and one other print.
869 A first aid tin and an engraver.
870 A large David Sheppard signed print “Three Happy Jumbos”
871 An eastern black lacquer panel, mother of pearl set with a figure in a garden and two other lacquered panels, each inlaid with birds.
872 An eastern small lacquered four fold screen inlaid with figures.
873 A coloured print of a cricketer and other prints.
874 Two signed limited edition coloured prints after John Miller “Morning Tide” and “Morning Mist”, together with a coloured print of Newlyn harbour after Vernon Ward.
875 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a red painted frame.
876 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a mahogany frame.
877 A pair of wrought iron fire implements.
878 A Persian painting of hunters and dancing girls in a cashmere frame and five other pictures.
879 A box of plastic toys.
880 A collection of Tate Art magazines including issues 1 to 26.
881 A Remington portable “Quiet-Riter” typewriter in a cream and green rexine case.
882 A box kitchenware etc.
883 A Singer electric sewing machine in a hardwood case.
884 Two boxes of books.

885 A late 19th/early 20th century oak Tantalus by Betjeman’s London, the three bottles each with a plated label.
886 A small Edwardian mantle timepiece in an arched inlaid mahogany case by T. Braybrooke Dorchester.
887 A mantle clock in an arched oak veneered case with a brass dial.
888 A collection of commemorative mugs.
889 A collection of model cats and three lidded jars.
890 A Carn Pottery blue glaze vase made as a cat facing forward with flowers before it, signed to the base J. Beusman, height 30 cm.
891 A Carn Pottery blue glaze model of a cat chasing mice with a flower before it, initialled J. Beusman, height 21 cm.
892 A Carn Pottery blue glazed model of a seated cat facing forward, signed J. Beusman, height 23 cm.
893 A Carn Pottery blue glaze model of a seated cat with a fish before it, signed J. Beusman, height 16 cm.
894 A Carn Pottery green glaze model of a seated cat facing forward with flowers about it, signed J. Beusman, height 22.5 cm.
895 A Carn Pottery green glaze fan vase signed J. Beusman, height 12 cm.
896 A pair of letter carved bookends, a large gilt tassle and one other piece.
897 A model violin and bow in a black rexine covered case.
898 Models, shell case ashtrays etc.
899 Storage jars, paperweights etc.
900 A pair of cherub moulded white ceramic brackets etc.
901 A pair of bookends each carved with a cowled monk.
902 A small pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 36.5 cm, height 36.5 cm.
903 Four carved wood model birds.
904 A pair of Wade Heath green glaze flower moulded wall pockets, a pair of 1930s plaster bookends moulded with dogs and one other piece.
905 A set of six Limoges plates each painted with a loch scene and each initialled to the back K.M.C. and each diameter 22.5 cm.
906 A set of eleven Victorian floral decorated tiles.
907 A Royal Tuscan “Love in the Mist” tea service with teapot.
908 A mahogany cutlery tray and contents.
909 Miscellaneous.
910 Two cut glass vases.
911 A set of boules.
912 A 1930s jug with floral moulded decoration, a chamber pot, a continental bowl etc.
913 A box set of soup spoons and boxed set of six white metal model dogs.
914 A pair of West German speckled brown glaze vases, each height 38 cm.
915 A pair of brass twin branch candelabra.
916 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks.
917 A metal model of a tug, length of hull 34 cm.
918 An oak and brown leather effect magazine rack.
919 An African circular basket with a domed lid, diameter 52 cm, height including turned wood finial 30 cm.
920 A Royal Doulton “Baronet” pattern part coffee/dinner service.
921 A set in ten volumes of “The Masters” art related books and other books.
922 A pair of glass and alabaster table lamps, together with a servants bell.
923 A pink ceramic Everhot type teapot and other china and glass.
924 A Marazion pottery conserve jar, a God Speed The Plough mug etc.
925 A Duchess china Indian tree pattern part tea/dinner service.
926 A gemstone terrestrial globe on a brass stand set with a compass.
927 A Victorian black floral printed toilet jug and bowl and one other piece.
928 An oval cane basket with a hoop handle.
929 A Nigerian raffia and leaf sewing basket.
930 A Royal Stafford chintz pattern tea service with tea pot.
931 A Christ College bowl printed with a coat of arms, a green glass fruit set etc.
932 White glaze china
933 A Royal Worcester Evesham pattern lidded serving dish and two matching pieces.
934 A Victorian gilt decorated tea service.
935 Victorian and later commemorative ware etc.
936 An early Victorian blue and white meat plate, transfer printed with an oriental scene of buildings and figures, together with other blue and white including a Victorian hot water plate.
937 Five Henry Watson pottery earthenware storage jars and one other piece.
938 A Dynatron radiogram with a Garrard SP25 deck, in a walnut veneered cabinet, on cabriole legs.
939 A Royal Doulton Beefeater character jug and three other pieces.
940 A Galt Toys Montage construction game, in its original box.
941 A bag of fishing tackle, including six hand lines.
942 A box of perfume bottles.
943 Miscellaneous china, including an Art Nouveau part dinner service.
944 A collection of stemmed glasses.
945 A Billing Boats wooden construction model of the tug St. Canute, in its original box.
946 A box of miscellaneous items, including a set top box and a course plotter.
947 A box of 45rpm records.
948 A collection of Victorian and later teaware, etc.
949 A collection of pint and half pint glasses.
950 A collection of black glaze dinnerware and collection of flatware.
951 A box of flatware, etc.
952 A collection of boxed, cased and loose flatware.
953 A pair of small brass candlesticks.
954 A GWR Cornish Riviera Express jigsaw puzzle.
955 A pewter three piece tea service, a wooden jack plan and a lacquered box.
956 A Wedgwood blue and white oval meat plate.
957 A copper coal helmet.
958 A Joseph Sankey copper jug and five other pieces.
959 A green plastic stool.
960 A dolls harmer folding pram.
961 A shopping trolley.
962 Two square tapering lampshades.
963 Plated ware, pewter, etc.
964 Stemmed and other glasses.
965 A pair of Spode “Italian” pattern octagonal dishes and a matching gravy boat and stand.
966 Miscellaneous, including stair carpet clips, a Swiss music box and a small Osborne plaque.

967 Miscellaneous, including a chamber pot and a pewter tankard.
968 A beech effect magazine rack and one other magazine rack.
969 A cylindrical cane picnic basket with a fitted interior.
969A A “Geological Map of the British Isles”.
969B A South American painting on bark of village life and two other pictures.
970 A suite of Sheffield plate flatware, in a wire tray.
971 A green glaze table lamp, a small collection of china, books, etc.
972 A collection of photography related paper, etc.
973 A collection a clay and other pipes.
974 A punch bowl and cups.
975 Miscellaneous china and glass.
976 Kitchen glass, a yellow glazed teapot, brass picture frames, etc.
976A An LED Ferris wheel, in its original box.
976B An Art Deco style silvered resin table lamp, moulded as a naked dancer holding aloft a lamp with a glass ball shade.
976C A large floral decorated ceramic clock case, a French alarm clock, a model figure, etc.
976D A pine stationery rack.
977 A signed coloured print of the steam locomotive “Scotsman 34″, after David Shepherd.
978 A signed coloured print of a steam locomotive “Snow Hill Station”, after Terence Cuneo.
979 A signed limited edition coloured print of a steam locomotive “Castle on Coast”, after Terence Cuneo.
980 A folding picnic table.
981 A box of miscellaneous china.

982 A box of kitchenware, including a pressure cooker.
983 A vintage Oliver No.5 “Butterfly Wing” vintage typewriter.
984 A bundle of 33rpm records.
985 A chrome stand.
985A A rectangular mirror in a naturalistic branch frame.
986 A Masonic case and contents.
987 A Masonic case and contents.
988 Three mantel timepieces and three torches.
989 A box six pint glasses.
990 Stemmed glasses, etc.
991 A 1930s plated candlestick cast as a dancing girl, a pair of thistle cast candlesticks, other plate, etc.
992 Eight pine wine boxes.
993 A box of rugby programmes.
994 A toilet jug, a chamber pot, etc.
995 A pink plastic dial telephone.
996 A set in five volumes of London Recollected.
997 A Royal Worcester set of six floral decorated coffee cans and saucers, in their original box.
998 A large signed coloured print of “In the Thick Stuff”, after David Shepherd.
999 A signed coloured print “The Happy Jumbos”, after David Shepherd.
1000 A signed coloured print “The Scavengers” after David Shepherd.
1001 A signed coloured print “Greater Kudu”, after David Shepherd.
1002 A signed limited edition coloured print “African Bull Elephant”, after David Shepherd.
1003 Baskets and a cane stool.
1004 A wire and wood effect CD rack.
1005 Two suitcases.
1006 A vanity case and a painted box with a seahorse mount.
1007 A holdall.
1008 A black canvas covered dome top cabin trunk, with leather mounts.
1009 A rectangular mirror in a hardwood effect frame.
1010 A blue suitcase with leather mounts and one other case.
1011 A dome top tin trunk.
1012 C.B.Holloway a set of six engravings, mostly river and canal scenes.
1013 An oil on canvas portrait of an Army Officer and other pictures and prints.
1014 Two Rhodesian copper plaques, cast with wildlife and other pictures.
1015 A 1950’s/60’s black metal hat stand with yellow plastic ball terminals.
1016 A rectangular mirror in a white frame.
1017 A collection of photograph frames.
1018 A vintage Winship Migratop suitcase.
1018A Two red suitcases.
1019 A matching set of four fabric and leather effect suitcases.
1020 A box of books about art.
1021 A collection of “The War Illustrated” in seven volumes and other books.
1022 A box of books, including History of Core of Royal Engineers.
1023 A box of CD/DVD cases.
1024 A hardwood briefcase with combination locks.
1025 A black leather briefcase.
1026 A collection of glass jars, in a cane case.

1027 A basket made as a frog eye and standing on four webbed metal feet.
1028 An oil on canvas coastal scene, signed S.Dresser.
1029 A wood effect magazine rack/occasional table.
1030 A black metal deed box.
1031 A bundle of books, including “Birds Eggs of the British Isles”.
1032 A sign advertising coffee and two prints.
1033 A black canvas trolley case.
1034 A Delsey hard plastic suitcase.
1035 A metal dome top trunk.
1036 A metal clad cabin trunk.
1037 An eastern circular brass tray, diameter 62cm.
1038 A Riccard Relint 404 electric sewing machine, in a black and white rexine case.
1039 A late 19th century, early 20th century gilt and mother of pearl decorated hand sewing machine, in a inlaid walnut case.
1040 A box of kitchenware including a Piquot Ware three piece tea service.
1041 A collection of plated ware including tankards.
1042 Flatware, a Chinese small ceramic dish in a wooden box etc.
1043 A Royal Winton leaf moulded jug, a Wade model of a dog in a basket, other Wade etc.
1044 A Finepix digital camera.
1045 Two Liskeard ‘Cheesewrings’, souvenirs etc.
1046 A quartz timepiece on a resin stand moulded with a pair of classical female figures, a cut glass vase, etc.
1047 Three white metal model boats and a model of an eastern oil lamp.
1048 A bundle of 33rpm records.
1049 First day covers, In Memorium cards etc.
1050 A Victorian small “Improved Shuttle” sewing machine in a burr walnut case with brass and chequered inlay.
1051 A Victorian Willcox & Gibbs hand sewing machine in a walnut case.
1052 A box of six IKEA plastic stemmed glasses.
1053 A late 19th, early 20th century stage makeup box and contents with a hinged lid with a mirror to the inside and with a fall front opening onto a drawer and a shelf.
1054 A resin model soldier.
1055 A bag of flatware including labels and WMF tongs.
1056 Plated ware including trays and a candelabrum.
1057 A seagrass log basket.
1058 A ladies brown leather bag.
1059 An oak tripod now as a table lamp.
1060 A late 18th blue and white cups and saucers, each with a transfer printed with an eastern river scene and with a band of fine?? painted gilt, together with a Chinese Samuel Verte figure decorated dish marked to the back Preney Carde 1869.
1061 A Royal Crown Derby “Old Avesbury” pattern small square footed dish and a similar small beaker.
1062 Two Royal Worcester match holders, each decorated with a bird with a circle, together with a pair of similar pin trays and one other pin tray.
1063 A Dominion modern brass carriage clock.
1064 A Royal Dalton Thelwell model “Detecting Ailments” with its original box.
1065 A Royal Doulton Thelwell model “Ice Cream Treat” with its original box.

1066 Three Royal Doulton Thelwell models “He’ll Find You, Ideal Pony for a Nervous Child” and “Body Brush.”
1067 A Royal Doulton figurine “A Paisley Shawl”
1068 A Royal Doulton figurine “Janet” HN 1537.
1069 Two small continental figurines of children.
1070 A Royal Doulton large character jug “Paddy”.
1071 A Victorian tobacco jar made as a black boy wearing a cap.
1072 A Beswick matt glaze model of a quarter horse, height 20.5 cm.
1073 A brass candlestick cast as an eastern figure holding aloft a torch, height 22 cm.
1074 A Mdina marbled glass vase, the bulbous body with a flared neck, height 18 cm.
1075 A Queen Victoria 1887 glass jubilee plate, and two other pieces of Victorian glass and an Edward VIII pressed blue glass plaque.
1076 A pair of Poole Pottery model rabbits.
1077 A Victorian walnut ink stand the back with a raised stationery box.
1078 A model of a crouching African warrior, and a white glazed model of a gorilla.
1079 A French set in three volumes of Memoires DeGuerre by Charles De Gaulle dated 1954, special edition for Monsieur Gaston Burlemont, one copy with gilt roundall De Gaulle, the other two with The Cross of Lorraine.
1080 A signed Jimmy Greaves poster and a print of Henry Cooper and Cassius Clay.
1081 A brass Prelude Bach trumpet, lacks mouthpiece in a black plastic case.
1082 A circular copper tray and an Italian inlaid oval tray with a brass gallery.

1083 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in an inlaid mahogany frame.
1084 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in an inlaid mahogany frame.
1085 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a walnut frame.
1086 A Jaques of London early 20th croquet set in a pine box.
1087 A copy of The Kings Regulations and Orders for the army, 1st June 1837 and one other book.
1088 A trunk of costume jewellery.
1089 A box of Wade and other model animals.
1090 A box of Wade Disney and TV related whimsies.
1091 A bag of glass model animals.
1092 Model horses etc.
1093 A bag of costume jewellery.
1094 A bag of costume jewellery.
1095 A bag of costume jewellery.
1096 A bag of costume jewellery.
1097 A pendent oil lamp hanger with a brass Veritas lamp, now converted to electricity.
1098 A pendant naturalistic metal, three branch oil lamp with white glass flowerhead shades and a pair of matching wall lights.
1099 A hexagonal brass hall light with three lamps.
1100 An eastern two tier copper plant hanger and a pair of matching wall lights.
1101 A rectangular wrought wire bird cage.
1102 A circular pendant wrought wire bird cage.
1103 A pendant floral decorated ceramic and brass three branch light fitting and a matching twin branch wall light.
1104 A pair of naturalist metal wall light, each with a leafy branch and a bunch of grapes shade.
1105 A pair of brass twin branch wall light fittings made as if oil lamps with opaque glass shades.
1106 Two boxes of books etc.
1107 A pair of woolwork panels, a copper panel etc.
1108 A box of 33rpm records.
1109 Two boxes of books.
1110 A box of books, mostly children’s annuals.
1111 A box of CDs etc.
1112 A box of china and glass.
1113 A box of children’s books including Enid Blyton and Ladybird books.
1114 A box of books.
1115 A box of books.
1116 A box of books.
1117 A natural and green cane picnic case with a fitted interior.
1118 A cycle helmet and two other pieces.
1119 Two stove top kettles, each with a turned wood handle and a wooden block plane.
1120 A collection of Woman’s Weekly magazines circa 1960s etc.
1121 A collection of commemorative newspapers, magazines etc.
1122 A collection of calendars.
1123 A collection of 19th century keys, a breast drill and three other pieces.
1124 An Alessi stove top kettle, a continental oval tray etc.
1125 A suite of Viner’s Kings pattern cutlery in a mahogany effect canteen.
1126 A copy of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management dated 1907 and a cane basket.
1127 A box of mostly classical sheet music.

1128 Two crackle glass jugs each decorated with a hunting scene, together with a small collection of coloured glass.
1129 Four cut glass wine rinsers.
1130 A Victorian rummer and cut glass tumbler.
1131 Cut glass tumblers and other glass.
1132 Two glass tazzas etc.
1133 A collection of brassware.
1134 A model violin and bow etc.
1135 A Shurflo diaphragm pump and one other piece.
1136 A set of six floral and gilt decorated plates and other china.
1137 A Motorola digital baby monitor and a small mixer.
1138 A Pure Dab radio and two cable tidy kits.
1139 Two boxes of Ty beanies and other toys.
1140 A Middle Eastern circular bowl, diameter 41cm, and other china
1141 A turned wood standard lamp with shade.
1142 An oak barley twist and turned standard lamp.
1143 A bentwood hat stand.
1144 A Helios reflector telescope on a tripod with an equatorial mount.
1145 A doll’s Royale orange fabric pram on a chrome folding chassis.
1146 A Victorian burr walnut and ebony box with brass inlay and an oak box.
1147 A banded wood plant pot, lacks base.
1148 A circular tapestry frame on stand.
1149 A turned wood smoker’s stand.
1150 A toilet bowl, a jug enamelled with butterflies and leaves etc.
1151 A paper guillotine, a quartz wall clock a pair of binoculars etc.
1152 Commemorative ware and other china, together with a silvered plaster plaque.
1153 The “Beatles Box”, a set of eight recorded cassettes and related booklet in their original box.

A Collection of good records
1154 The Who, ‘Tommy’ double album on Track Records and a copy of ‘The Who Live at Leeds’, beige cover with inserts.
1155 The Rolling Stones ‘Rolled Gold’ and ‘Undercover’ albums and eight other albums.
1156 Yes, ‘Yes Songs’ and ‘Going for the One’ albums together with a copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.
1157 A copy of The Velvet Underground ‘Live at Max’s Kansas City’, John Male’s ‘Blues from a Laurel Canyon’ and two other albums.
1158 Frank Zapper ‘Hot Rats’ album on Bizarre Records, Pink Floyd’s ‘Relics’ album and others.
1159 A collection of albums by various artists including Steppenwolf, Roxy Music and Boz Scaggs.
1160 David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and ‘Hunky Dory’ albums together with John Cale’s ‘Slow Dazzle’ and ‘Helen of Troy’ albums.
1161 A bundle of albums including Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Smash Hits’ and the ‘Cry of Love’ albums on Track Records.
1162 Various albums including Roy Harper’s ‘Flat Baroque’ and ‘Berserk’, three Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel albums and a copy of The Clash’s ‘Sandinista’ album.
1163 A copy of Crazy Elephants album’ Crazy Elephant’ on Major Minor Records and other albums including Curved Air and Deep Purple.
1164 Jethro Tull, ‘Aqua Lung’, ‘Stand Up’ and ‘This Was’ albums and others.
1165 Led Zeppelin albums ‘ll’ and ‘lll’ together with Free’s ‘Tons of Sobs’ and Iron Butterflies ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ album.
1166 Cream ‘Wheels of Fire’, ‘Disraeli Gear’ and ‘Live Cream’ albums.
1167 Bob Dylan four albums ‘The Time’, ‘Nasville Skyline’, ‘New Morning’ and ‘Highway Revisited’, together with three Eagles albums.
1168 The Beatles, ‘1967-70′ album, together with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and George Harrison’s ‘Extra Texture’ albums.
1169 The Beatles ‘Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ on yellow vinyl LP, on the Odeon label, gate fold sleeve with inserts.
1170 The Edgar Broughton Band on the EMI Harvest label, textured gate fold sleeve, Boldwyn Pig ‘Getting to This’ on Chrysalis and Jimmy Cambell ‘Half Baked’ album on the Vertigo label.
1171 John Mayall with Eric Clapton ‘Blues Breakers’ album on Decca mono LK4804, together with John Mayall ‘Looking Back’ on Decca and a copy of the Eric Clapton album on Polydor Super label.

1172 A large collection of Robinson Golly brooches.
1173 A collection of World bank notes.
1174 An album of stamps, including Victorian and other albums of stamps and loose stamps.
1175 A box of loose stamps including Victorian.
1176 An album of stamps including Victorian.
1177 Two albums of stamps and two albums and a box file containing stamps.
1178 A bag of costume jewellery.
1179 A bag of costume jewellery.
1180 A bag of costume jewellery.
1181 A bag of costume jewellery.
1182 A bag of costume jewellery.
1183 A bag of costume jewellery.
1184 A bag of costume jewellery.
1185 A bag of jewellery stands.
1186 A bag of jewellery stands.
1187 A bag of scarf rings, a collection of large rings cast as flowers, butterflies etc.
1188 A bag of polished and other stone specimens.
1189 An album of stamps.
1189A A set of six Walker & Hall butter knives with mother of pearl handles, cased.
1190 A case of costume jewellery, wristwatches, etc.
1191 A bag of costume jewellery.
1192 A bag of costume jewellery.
1193 A bag of watches.
1194 A box of costume jewellery, etc.
1195 A Monet necklace with matching earrings and other jewellery.
1196 A “London Magazine Saving Bank” made as a tin with adjustable slot, containing pre-decimal copper coins.
1197 A boxed set of seven The Kropp cut throat razors, the back of each blade with a day of the week.
1198 A Victorian VW & Co plated fish slice, with a pieced gallery and ivory handle.
1199 A copy of the Cornish Riviera and Isles of Scilly with illustrations, by Claude.M.Hart.
1200 An early 20th century copy of Dailliere’s ‘Popular at Atlas of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Human Body”.
1201 An iron cannon ball.
1202 Badges, including DCLI, together with a collection of military buttons and spent 303 cartridges.

1203 A survival knife with sheath and a collection of playing cards.
1204 A collection of ten knifes, a Champion whistle, a Home Guard cloth badge, etc.
1205 An early 20th century ivory small box.
1206 A diver’s type wristwatch.
1207 A silver engine turned napkin ring and a turquoise set silver bangle.
1208 A tin of coins including pre decimal copper and Irish.
1209 A gentleman’s Casio Wave Ceptor wristwatch.
1210 Three RAF fabric badges and a metal ribbon.
1211 A Railway Timekeeper wristwatch, five British Railway badges and a Zippo lighter.
1212 Two Swatch watches.
1213 A bag of world coins.
1214 NO LOT
1215 A Swavoriski coloured glass Components necklace and an imitation pearl necklace.
1216 A white metal belt buckle cast as ram’s head etc.
1217 A Beefeater Gin ceramic bottle pourer and a German Black Forest animated pourer.
1218 A bag of costume jewellery.
1219 A basket of costume jewellery.
1220 A basket of costume jewellery.
1221 A basket of costume jewellery.
1222 A silver capstan inkwell, Birmingham 1920.
1223 An engine turned silver cigarette case.
1224 A silver cigarette box Birmingham, 1896.
1225 An early 20th century ladies 9ct gold wristwatch in its original box from W.B. Michells, Penzance.

1226 A key wind silver pocket watch, a silver watch chain and four other pieces.
1227 A pair of 19th century wire framed glasses, one lens with revolving eye tester in an original red leather case.
1228 A bundle of postcards.
1229 An antler vesta case, a plated sovereign case etc.
1230 A collection of pre decimal coins.
1231 A basket of costume jewellery.
1232 A Maria Theresa thaler, dated 1780, other coins etc.
1233 A wooden carving of an heraldic beast by Julian Sinclair, 1935.
1234 Three commemorative medals, an AA badge etc.
1235 A mother of pearl card case.
1236 A jewellery box and contents.
1237 A collection of silver and other jewellery and an inlaid box.
1238 A Ponckle, St Ives, black cat profile letter rack dated ’93.
1239 A French 1920s floral enamel wall hanging shelf.
1240 Three miniature coastal watercolours framed as one.
1241 An oil on canvas, a still life vase of flowers, signed James Gilroy.
1242 An early 20th century inlaid mahogany hall mirror/shelf.
1243 A wall sculpture made as the Santa Maria.
1244 A bundle of peacock feathers.
1245 An Edwardian brass clad fire curb, width 129cm.
1246 A Samick evolution longbow kit in a fitted plastic box, together with a quiver and one other bag of related equipment.
1247 A bundle of umbrellas, walking sticks and a shooting stick.
1248 A CScope metal detector.
1249 A circular mirror.
1250 An arched mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.
1251 A 1930s arched mirror with stepped wooden sides.
1252 A President quartz wall clock.
1253 A Samsung laptop computer in a black canvas bag.
1254 A walking pole and a shooting stick.
1255 A bundle of walking sticks.
1256 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.
1257 A Snow Break .22 underlever air rifle with telescopic sights.
1258 A Chinese violin with a two piece 36cm back with bow in a black rexine covered case.
1259 A brass and mesh four fold fire guard.
1260 Two walking sticks.
1261 A painted didgeridoo.
1262 An ebony walking stick with a silver mount.
1263 A shepherd’s crook.
1264 A continental inlaid walnut drop case clock, the dial with roman numerals.
1265 A folding stool/walking stick.
1266 A Czechoslovakian B&H student’s cello with two bows and stand in a soft plastic case.
1267 A Shine electric bass guitar in an Ashton black canvas case.
1268 A Victorian oak longcase clock case.
1269 An acrylic on canvas ‘Jenny’ by Phil Johns, 76 x 76cm.
1270 A collection of vintage souvenir photograph wallets, greetings cards etc.
1271 A Parker 45 fountain pen and a Burnham No. 60 fountain pen with a 14ct gold nib.
1272 A wrought iron pricket floor standing candle stick.
1273 A large cut glass powder bowl, one other piece of glass, a shell moulded oval dish and a small collection of plate etc.
1274 A collection of 1950s Boy’s Own Paper magazines.
1275 A collection of John Bull magazines, circa 1950s.
1275A Olympus camera lenses etc.
1276 A collection of Picture Post magazine, circa 1950s.
1277 A 1930s photograph album including local scenes.
1278 Three Beatles albums and a Stones album.
1279 A collection of Elvis Presley albums and a collection of 45rpm records.
1280 A collection of 33rpm records, mostly Chris Barber jazz.
1281 A bundle of 33rpm records including David Bowie’s ‘Hunky Dory’ album.
1282 A box of prints including WWII aircraft.
1283 A poster advertising Opium fragrance.
1284 Three copies of Victorian nude photographs.
1285 Pictures and prints.
1286 A chessboard and boxed set of chess men.
1287 A 19th century coloured print of a stable scene in a gilt frame.
1288 A folding picnic table.
1289 An arched mirror with bevelled glass in a painted frame.
1290 A folding metal stand.
1291 A coloured print of Hurricane fighters after Robert Taylor, signed by Wing Commander Stanford-Tuck DSO and a print of a Sea Harrier.
1292 A coloured print of Spitfires ‘Winged Victory’ signed by various pilots including Johnnie Johnson.
1293 A coloured print of HMS Cavelier, signed by the artist Robert Taylor and Earl Mountbatten of Burma.
1294 A limited edition colour print of a Britannia Airway aircraft 767-200 signed by the artist Jo Caulson, two other aircraft prints and a print of German warships and aircraft.
1295 A collection of Albrighton Hunt and other prints.
1296 Harold Altman, five prints, two of which are signed.
1297 A collection of mostly aircraft prints.
1298 A collection of mostly WW II aircraft prints including Luftwaffe Battle of Britain.
1299 Two David Bryant presentation copy signed prints of WW II aircraft ‘Clash of Aces and the Courageous Few.’
1300 A coloured print of a De Haviland, Over the English Channel 1951 after Frank Wootton, a signed limited edition portrait of a jet fighter, Portrait of Power by Keith Woodcock and other prints.
1301 Two oval mirrors in painted frames.
1302 A box of knitting needles, cottons etc.
1303 A fuel tank and a car first aid tank in a blue canvas bag.
1304 An early 20th century photograph of a rugby team, one of the shirts marked RFBC by Prothero The Photographer, Wine Street, Bristol, a Jack Thomas, Swansea photograph of a rugby team, the ball dated 1932-33.
1305 A box of pictures and prints.
1306 A collection of wooden jewellery display stands.
1307 A green plastic ‘Flight’ suitcase with combination lock.
1308 A Vango Omega 350 tent, two sleeping bags etc.

1309 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.
1310 A folding bed tray.
1311 A pine folding plate rack.
1312 A circular hardwood cutting board with chrome handles.
1313 A pair of Hornby Intercity locomotives, a Lima part railway set and other railway accessories.
1314 A Hornby OO gauge, King George V locomotive and tender, similar Western Gladiator locomotive, rolling stock, track etc.
1315 An Hornby Intercity OO gauge intercity railway set with two engines, a small steam locomotive etc.
1316 A box of costume jewellery.
1317 A ‘History of White’s’, two limited edition volumes, 1892, published by the Honorable Algernon Bourke.
1318 Two vintage jigsaw puzzles.
1319 A Zenit 11 35mm camera, a Japanese Topcon 35mm camera in a brown leather case and other related items in a blue canvas bag.
1320 A Magellan Road Mate satellite navigation system in a black canvas bag.
1321 A 1930s mantel clock with Westminster chimes in a walnut veneered case.
1322 A George Jones Abbey pattern bowl, a Wood & Sons ‘Yuan’ pattern part coffee service etc.
1323 A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery jug moulded with a budgerigar on a branch, height 21.5cm and a similar vase a.f.
1324 NO LOT
1325 Two Imari dishes and a similar bowl.
1326 Two Clarice Cliff Crocus pattern jugs together with a matching bowl, two saucers and a conserve jar, lacks lid.
1327 A Clarice Cliff floral decorated small jug, three orange and green banded egg cups and a similar leaf moulded pin tray.
1328 A square studio pottery grey glazed jar.
1329 A pair of Jasper Conran Waterford Crystal large stemmed glasses each 23cm. and a set of six small octagonal glasses.
1330 An unopened bottle of Haig Dimple 70% proof whisky in its original box.
1331 An Edinburgh crystal engraved glass bowl in its original box and three other pieces.
1332 Three cut glass decanters and four cut glass tumblers.
1333 A collection of mostly aircraft prints.
1334 A white glazed mixing bowl etc.
1335 Four boxed sets of model WWll aircraft.
1336 A collection of CDs.
1337 A large Middle Eastern blue glazed vase painted with a geometric design, height 45cm.
1338 Miscellaneous including an oak box and office equipment.
1339 An early 19th century coloured print of ‘Pollock’s Scenes from the Sleeping Beauty’ and a stoneware crock pot.
1340 A brass ladle, a small paper guillotine etc.
1341 A Beswick model fox a.f., a model of a Manx cat, three other pieces of china and two cut glass vases.
1342 A Celtic Pottery ‘Medallion’ pattern bowl, diameter 35cm.
1343 A glass chamber oil lamp, a 1977 commemorative teapot etc.
1344 A Hungarian floral decorated candlestick etc.
1345 A plaster head of a boy in classical Greek style.
1346 A portable DVD player, a telephone etc.
1347 Sheet music, related books etc.
1348 Saucepans, lampshades and light fittings.
1349 A collection of flatware in a copper container, a 7lb iron weight and a small collection of picture frames.
1350 A walnut furniture mount.
1351 A suite of EPNS flatware in an oak canteen.
1352 Nine collectors plates in their original boxes.
1353 A brass wall mounted shaving/make-up mirror on an articulated arm.
1354 An oval plated tray with a pierced gallery and a souvenir dish.
1355 A collection of French Impressionist posters.
1356 A collection of charts etc.
1357 A pendant white marbled glass floral decorated lamp bowl.
1358 Four turned wood bowls.
1359 A cut class vase and other glass.
1360 A filter jug and a set of heated curlers.
1361 A plastic female shop display head.
1362 A female shop display torso.
1363 A caravan light in its original box.
1364 A pair of Eastern straw pictures, an early 20th century Aviation board game etc.
1365 A heavy duty belt.
1366 Three Cezanne mounted prints.
1367 A collection of films on DVD etc.
1368 A box of books.
1369 A box of cables.
1370 A rucksack and a camp bed.
1371 A fire pit BBQ.
1372 Two aluminium cases.
1373 A telephone system, etc.
1374 A collection of Cornwall Today magazines, including Issue 1.
1375 A bundle of 33rpm records, including pop and classical.
1376 A bag of wool, etc.
1377 A box of books.
1378 Glassware, etc.
1379 A plastic folding step, a quartz clock and two lamps.
1380 China and glass.
1381 Miscellaneous china and glass including cake plates etc.
1382 A pair of brass plaques embossed with sailing ship.
1383 A tin of pre-decimal coins.
1384 An Air Flow rucksack.
1385 A cane laundry basket.
1386 A standard lampshade.
1387 Two lampshades.
1388 A dressmakers dummy on an adjustable stand.
1389 A collection of pre-decimal “silver” coins and bank notes.
1390 A collection of camera’s.
1391 A box of china, glass, etc.
1392 A box of kitchenware, etc.
1393 A box of miscellaneous china, etc.
1394 A tin toolbox and contents.
1395 A box of miscellaneous china and glass.
1396 A box of camping cookware, etc.
1397 A David Shepherd, signed coloured print of a Lancaster Bomber “Winter of 43 Somewhere in England”, with the facsimile signatures of Barnes Wallace and Arthur Harris.
1398 A John Miller coloured print “Morning Sun”, a map of the world and two other pieces.
1399 A eastern rectangular mirror, in a broad frame decorated with cranes and flowers.
1400 A large brass plaque embossed with figures.
1401 A pair of green fabric standard lampshades.
1402 Plates racks, kitchen glass, etc.
1403 Two box irons and other iron.
1404 A pair of wooden bookends, each mounted with a fret cut of a bird.
1405 A collection of commemorative mugs etc.
1406 A collection of die cast models in their original boxes and a coloured print of dancing girls after Letice Apperly.
1407 A collection of OO gauge railway line.
1408 A box of serving trays and placemats.

1409-1430 NO LOTS
1431 A small pine chest of five drawers, width 37cm.
1432 A wrought metal chest with five cane drawers, width 35cm.
1432A A pine bedside two tier trolley.
1433 An office hardwood effect chest with a shallow drawer, above a file drawer.
1434 Two wood effect bedside chests, each with two drawers.
1435 A small hardwood effect wall hanging rack of three corner shelves.
1436 A Edwardian stripped satin walnut wardrobe, with a central carved panel, flanked by mirrored doors, width 109cm.
1437 A gilt console table.
1438 A 1960’s green plastic covered linen box.
1439 A wood effect computer desk.
1440 A pine bathroom cabinet, with a mirrored door, above an open shelf.
1441 An Edwardian walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door, flanked by carved and fret cut panels, width 101cm.
1442 A modern pine double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 74.5cm.
1443 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany double wardrobe with a central panel, flanked by mirrored doors, width 158cm.
1444 A wall hanging rack of three shelves.
1445 A white painted armoire with a single mirrored door, width 85cm, height including carved mount 213cm.
1446 A hardwood three fold screen, each panel with a pane of glass, above fabric.
1447 A Lloyd Loom green painted corner linen basket.
1448 A melamine wood effect cupboard.
1449 A set of five mahogany dining chairs, including one carver each with a drop in seat and on square section tapering legs.

1450 A set of nine wheel and stickback dining chair, each with padded seat and on turned legs.
1451 A painted pine table, on square section legs, 103.5 x 70cm.
1452 A circular wood effect drop leaf dining table.
1453 A 1950’s small drop leaf dining table, with a grey formica top.
1454 An oval cane table with a glass top.
1455 An oak shoe cleaning box.
1456 An oak plan chest of six drawers, width 120cm.
1457 An oak plan chest of six drawers, width 122cm.
1458 A set of six oak dining chairs, including a pair of carvers, each with a padded back, drop in seat and on turned legs.
1459 A pine corner cabinet the upper part with open shelves, the base with a panelled door.
1460 An American good quality easy chair with a padded back and seat, on moulded legs with spade seat.
1461 A reproduction open armchair with a padded back and seat, on cabriole legs.
1462 An early 20th century chair with cane back and seat on turned legs.
1463 A stripped pine blanket box, width 101cm.
1464 A Nathan “teak” corner unit with open shelves, above a cupboard flanked by matching half round units.
1465 An Edwardian walnut centre table on cabriole legs, joined by low shelves, above cupboards.
1466 A Victorian walnut step commode.
1467 A set of three black ash effect square coffee tables and matching pedestals.

1468 A pale green painted kitchen island with a polished granite top, above drawers and open shelves, 135 x 62cm.
1469 A modern pine dining table on turned legs, 105 x 80cm.
1470 A nest of three melamine wood effect tables.
1471 A 19th century inlaid oak corner cabinet with a panelled door, above a drawer, width 84cm.
1472 A pair of circular fibre board occasional tables.
1473 A George III oak wall hanging corner cabinet with open shaped shelves, width 89cm.
1474 A large painted pine chest with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 143cm, height 111cm.
1475 A 1950’s easy chair upholstered in floral patterned fabric, on ebonised legs.
1476 An open armchair upholstered in patterned red fabric.
1477 A 1930s oak chair/table with a tilt top opening onto a circular padded back and curved seat above a carved stretcher.
1478 An Edwardian low easy chair upholstered in buttoned lilac draylon on square section tapering legs with brass castors.
1479 A blue leather reclining swivel chair.
1480 An Edwardian folding walnut chair the back with a shield shape fret cut centre.
1481 A small armchair upholstered in olive green draylon.
1482 A woven fibre armchair.
1483 A woven fibre easy chair.
1484 A office swivel chair upholstered in charcoal fabric.
1485 A pine stool with a raised back.
1486 A pair of Victorian balloon back dining chairs each with a padded seat and on turned octagonal legs.
1487 A Victorian kitchen chair with a horizontal scroll splat on turned legs.
1488 A set of four 1950s style dining chairs each with a curved back, padded seat and on square section tapering legs.
1489 A bentwood dining chair.
1490 A 1950s dining chair with a curved back.
1491 A painted bedroom chair with a cane seat.
1492 A stickback chair on turned legs.
1493 A set of five lath back dining chairs each with a padded seat and on turned tapering legs.
1494 A pair of modern dining chairs each with an arched back and padded seat.
1495 A set of four dining chairs each with a curved stick back and on turned legs
1496 A pair of Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs on cabriole legs.
1497 A Victorian inlaid walnut mirror with bevelled glass, 80 x 101.5cm.
1498 A melamine wood effect TV/video cabinet.
1499 A mahogany chest of four long cock beaded drawers, width 77.5cm.
1500 An oak office cabinet with a pair of doors opening onto shelves above a fall front, the base with a pair of cupboard doors with inset handles, together with a pair of matching low cabinets, each width 90cm.
1501 An elm tool chest, width 82cm.
1502 A plywood tool chest with metal mounts.
1503 A 1950s style grey painted wardrobe with a central sliding mirror door flanked by floral decorated doors standing on brass legs, together a matching dressing chest with three drawers flanked by cupboards and a chest of four drawers.
1504 A blue painted bedside cabinet with a panelled door.
1505 A hardwood floor standing open bookcase, width 91.5cm.
1506 A modern pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above three drawers beside one long panelled door, width 114cm.
1507 A mahogany bow front wardrobe with a dentille cornice above a single panelled door, width 130cm.
1508 A pine dresser the upper part with open shelves flanked by glazed doors, the base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 138cm, height 193cm.
1509 A melamine light oak effect bedside cabinet with a drawer above an open shelf.
1510 A melamine wood effect chest with two tiers of four drawers, width 54.5cm.
1511 Five bedroom chairs, an armchair with a re-caned seat and a Victorian ebonised folding chair with a cane back and seat a.f.
1512 A 4’6″ white tubular metal and brass bedstead with a Salus Collection memory foam cool touch mattress.
1513 A 6′ bentwood and black metal bedstead.
1514 A 3′ bed with spring interior mattress and a matching trungle bed and mattress.
1515 A 3′ memory foam Coolmax mattress.
1516 A pair of 3′ spring interior mattresses.
1517 A Layezee 3′ bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress.
1518 A 4’6″ pine bedstead.
1519 A 3′ spring interior mattress.
1520 A 4’6″ spring interior mattress.
1521 A mahogany three tier folding cake stand.
1522 A circular pine pedestal dining table, diameter 94cm.
1523 An oak occasional table/magazine rack.
1524 A coffee table with an oval plate glass top on a resin base moulded as two dolphins.
1525 A mahogany veneered twin pedestal desk with a red leather set top, width 152cm.
1526 A mahogany veneered twin pedestal desk with a brown leather set top, width 137cm.
1527 A heart shape occasional table.
1528 A nest of three tables on cabriole legs.
1529 A reproduction pedestal drum table.
1530 A circular two tier book table on turned legs, diameter 73cm.
1531 An oak twin pedestal desk, width 135 cm.
1532 A Victorian mahogany bedside cupboard with a panelled door and three quarter gallery.
1533 A pine cupboard with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 70cm.
1534 A white painted turned wood towel rail.
1535 An inlaid mahogany bookcase, with a pair of glazed doors above a pair of panelled doors, width 108cm, height 198cm.
1536 A pine dresser, the upper part with glazed doors opening into shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 116cm, height 122cm.
1537 A 1930s oak four drawer filing cabinet with brass handles and name plates. width 43.5cm, height 136cm.
1538 A circular light oak effect table on turned legs, diameter 62cm.
1539 A white wood effect coffee table on square section legs.

1540 A stool with a seagrass seat on turned legs.
1541 A pair of painted chairs.
1542 A hoop and stick back dining chair.
1543 A Victorian walnut balloon back dining chair on cabriole legs.
1544 A pair of Victorian inlaid walnut low saloon chairs each with a fret cut back, padded seat and on turned legs.
1545 A bentwood armchair.
1546 A dining chair with a tapering stick back.
1547 A Victorian stick back Windsor armchair with a circular seat on turned legs a.f.
1548 An Edwardian chair the curved stick back with a raised pad, on square section tapering legs.
1549 An Edwardian inlaid walnut bedroom chair on cabriole legs.
1550 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chair with a floral woolwork seat.
1551 A lath back dining chair on turned legs.
1552 A pair of ebonised dining chairs each with a seagrass seat.
1553 A set of four modern dining chairs each with a hoop and lath back on turned legs.
1554 A set of six of reproduction Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs, each with a padded seat and on turned and fluted legs.
1555 A set of four modern dining chairs each with a red fabric back and seat on a silvered metal frame together with a circular matching stool.
1556 An Edwardian walnut salon chair with a green draylon seat on turned legs.
1557 A pine settle with a plank back and shaped sides, width 86cm.
1558 A carved panelled oak monks bench, width 86cm.
1559 Two Eastern small graduated carved circular tables with brass inlay.
1560 An Eastern triangular inlaid leaf carved occasional table.
1561 A pair of circular black plastic stools on tubular metal legs.
1562 A square oak plant stand.
1563 An octagonal hardwood coffee table on cabriole legs.
1564 A stool with a curved seagrass seat on turned legs.
1565 An American good quality bespoke circular mahogany pedestal table with a leather set top on four legs with brass caps, diameter 110.5 cm, padded loose cover.
1566 An American good quality bespoke circular mahogany pedestal table with a leather set top on four legs with brass caps, diameter 110.5 cm, padded loose cover.
1567 A wine table with a green leather set top.
1568 An oak veneered sewing table with a circular hinged top.
1569 A plastic wood effect stool on a tubular metal frame.
1570 An octagonal bamboo occasional table.
1571 A turned wood towel rail.
1572 A turned wood towel rail.
1573 An oak valet.
1574 An oval pine extending pedestal dining table, length, with both leaves inserted, 225cm.
1575 A hardwood effect oval extending dining table with a fold out leaf on a substantial pedestal, length extended 160cm.
1576 A child’s low easy chair.
1577 An Edwardian carved walnut chaise longue upholstered in cut moquette on turned feet.

1578 A 1950s long stool upholstered in cut striped green fabric on ebonised legs.
1579 A doctor’s hardwood examination couch with one adjustable end, the base with three drawers on square section legs, width 183cm.
1580 A painted circular table on a bobbin turned pedestal.
1581 A square hardwood occasional table.
1582 An Ercol ‘Old Colonial’ coffee table on turned legs joined by a magazine shelf.
1583 An oak extending refectory table with a lengthways fold out leaf, on cup and cover turned supports.
1584 A melamine wood effect blanket box.
1585 A modern pine double wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above three tiers of two drawers, width 164cm.
1586 A melamine wood effect low chest of two drawers.
1587 A folding posture stool.
1588 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany piano stool with a box seat.
1589 A Victorian walnut open armchair upholstered in buttoned green fabric on turned legs.
1590 A Norwegian brown leather swivel armchair and a matching pouffe stool.
1591 A brown leather effect square pouffe/box.
1592 NO LOT
1593 Two oak dining chairs.
1594 A set of seven modern hardwood dining chairs, including one carver, each with a tall stick back, padded seat and on square section legs.
1595 A set of four modern dining chairs each with a black rexine seat and turned tapering legs.

1596 A Victorian balloon back bedroom chair with a horizontal splat on turned legs.
1597 A set of three dining chairs each with a curved stick back and on turned legs.
1598 An inlaid walnut corner chair on turned legs.
1599 A painted lath back chair.
1600 A set of six substantial modern ladder back dining chairs each with a seagrass seat and on square section legs.
1601 A stickback stool on turned legs.
1602 A bobbin turned bedroom chair with a seagrass seat.
1603 An inlaid bedroom chair with a cane seat.
1604 An Edwardian walnut dining chair with a brown rexine seat, on turned legs.
1605 A modern lath back Windsor rocking chair.
1606 A wrought metal revolving dressing stool with a circular padded back and seat upholstered in lilac fabric.
1607 A footstool on turned legs.
1608 An oak stool with a sisal seat.
1609 A 19th century oak stool with a rectangular curved seat on turned legs.
1610 A circular reproduction Victorian footstool with a floral woolwork top.
1611 A circular stool on a green painted base.
1612 A low square stool on turned legs.
1613 A bobbin turned stool with a cane seat.
1614 A circular stool on turned legs.
1615 A pine dressing stool with a buttoned beige draylon seat.
1616 A two seat sofa with loose pale yellow covers.

1617 A late 19th/early 20th century two seat sofa with one drop end upholstered in its original floral patterned fabric.
1618 A Victorian style three seat Chesterfield type sofa upholstered in green draylon on turned legs.
1619 A brown ‘leather’ reclining armchair.
1620 A black leather corner sofa.
1621 A three seat Knowle sofa upholstered in patterned red fabric.
1622 A three seat sofa with loose pale yellow covers and a matching armchair.
1623 A square stool on turned legs.
1624 A dark maroon leather two seat double recliner sofa.
1625 A dark maroon leather electrically operated relining armchair.
1626 A pair of red leather spring operated reclining armchairs.
1627 A black leather armchair.
1628 A red ‘leather’ swivel armchair and matching stool.
1629 An early 20th century oak office swivel chair.
1630 An early 20th century two seat sofa upholstered in a floral pattern fabric on turned legs.
1631 An Eastern hand knotted carpet, the pale terracotta ground with three guls within a geometrically patterned border, 124 x 188cm approximately.
1631A A Tibetan hand made wool carpet, the rose field within a polychrome border, 300 x 200cm
1631B A machine made rug of Heriz design, the madder field with a large polychrome medallion with floral sprays within an ivory scrolling vine and palmetter border, 190 x 140cm.

1631C A machine made rug of Ziegler design, the indigo field with a lobed medallion with scrolling vines, leaves and palmettes within an ivory arabesque border, 280 x 200cm.
1632 A Monaco carpet cut with coloured lines, 120 x 160cm. approximately.
1633 A Turkish shag pile carpet, 123 x 160cm. approximately.
1634 An Indian white ground cut pile carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral pattern border, 126 x 188cm. approximately.
1635 A green ground rug patterned with an abstract design and a terracotta rug.
1635A A brown ground runner rug patterned with floral sprays within a floral patterned border, 70 x 226cm. approximately.
1636 A white ground rug patterned with floral sprays within a patterned border, 80 x 150cm. approximately.
1637 A cotton carpet in Eastern style with four rows of guls within a patterned border, 180 x 260cm approximately.
1638 A Belgium Tekke-Turkmen ‘Samarkand’ patterned carpet runner, 81 x 285cm. approximately.
1639 A jute carpet runner, 66 x 180cm. approximately.
1640 A Chinese brown ground cut pile carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 179 x 255cm. approximately.
1641 A Belgium Louis De Poortere wool carpet in eastern style, the red ground pattern with three rows of gulls, within a broad border, 200 x 300cm approx.
1642 A pine mule chest, width 115.5cm.
1643 A pine stand with open shelves and a drawer, width 90cm.
1644 A small oak bookcase, width 32.5cm.
1645 A Victorian mahogany veneered chest with a cushion drawer, above five long drawers, width 125cm.
1646 An Ercol “Golden Dawn” five tier book stand/room divider, width 90cm.
1647 NO LOT.
1648 An Edwardian oak chest of three drawers, width 91.5cm.
1649 A pine telephone table.
1650 A 1930’s walnut veneered coffee table on square moulded supports.
1651 A bow front cabinet with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 77cm.
1652 A nest of three oak tables, on turned legs.
1653 An Indian hardwood cabinet with a pair of lattice panelled doors, above a drawer, width 72.5cm.
1654 A glazed wall hanging cabinet, width 78.5cm.
1655 A white melamine wood effect chest of five drawers, width 76.5cm.
1656 A pine side cabinet, with an arched top, above open shelves the base with a drawer, above a cupboard, width 60cm, height 191cm.
1657 A pine open bookcase, width 94cm.
1658 A hardwood effect dressing chest with four drawers and a cupboard, width 108.5cm.
1659 A small pine open bookcase, width 78cm.
1660 A modern pine chest of four drawers, width 83.5cm.
1661 A small oak open bookcase, width 55.5cm.
1662 A mahogany effect telephone table.
1663 An G-plan oak chest with four long grey painted drawers (gold mark), width 96cm.
1664 A G-plan (gold mark) dressing table the top with a pair of circular adjustable mirrors, the base with a teak top, above a pair of short grey painted drawers, on ebonised legs, width 118.5cm.
1665 An Edwardian sideboard back with open shelves about a mirror above a row of floral moulded tiles, width 102cm.
1666 A walnut corner cupboard with a broken swan neck pediment above a blind fret cut frieze and astragal glazed door, the base with a frieze above a pair of glazed doors, width 73cm.
1667 A G-Plan style teak effect coffee table.
1668 A walnut effect coffee table with a drop leaf to either end on turned supports.
1669 A pine kitchen table on turned supports, 152 x 76cm.
1670 A three tier trolley.
1671 A nest of three Indian hardwood tables on square section legs.
1672 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 76 x 152cm.
1673 A mahogany effect circular extending dining table with a fold out leaf on a turned pedestal standing on four legs, length extended 152cm.
1674 A Victorian mahogany extending dining table on turned and fluted legs on brass castors with wooden feet, size, with single leaf inserted, 184 x 122cm.
1675 A small hardwood cupboard with a single panelled door, width 40cm.
1676 A painted tool chest, width 60cm.
1677 An oak court cupboard with a pair of drawers a pair of panelled doors, width 113.5cm.
1678 A nest of three oak tables on turned legs.
1679 An Edwardian walnut dressing chest of three long drawers, width 92cm.
1680 A yellow painted open bookcase, width 82.5cm.
1681 A blue and green painted sideboard with concave shelves and glazed cupboard above drawers flanked by cupboards, width 122cm.
1682 A nest of three white wood effect tables.
1683 An oak sideboard with a panelled doors on turned legs, width 107cm.
1684 A walnut two tier trolley.
1685 A wine table.
1686 An oak veneered chest of five drawers, width 74cm.
1687 A white painted toilet mirror.
1688 An occasional table with a cane top on a wrought metal frame and matching smaller table.
1689 A square oak plant stand on barley supports.
1690 A pine sideboard with three drawers above a shaped apron on cabriole legs, width 152cm.
1691 A modern pine open bookcase, width 92cm.
1692 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers on turned feet, width 110cm.
1693 A small oak side pedestal desk on turned legs width 96cm.
1694 A 1930s cross banded mahogany bow front sideboard with a pair of drawers flanked by bowed cupboards with concave cross banding by Stephen Bindon, Eastbourne, width 150cm.
1695 A bamboo hall table with a drawer above an open shelf.
1696 A 1950s oak veneered cocktail cabinet sideboard with a half round door to one end opening onto a drinks cabinet, the front with a shelf above a pair of cupboard doors, width 116cm.
1697 A child’s folding chair.
1698 A wood effect console table on turned and fluted legs.
1699 An Edwardian oak washstand with a black marble back and top, the base with a panelled door, on square section legs, width 93cm.
1700 A pair of Edwardian dressing table mirror supports.
1701 A teak coffee table.
1702 A George lll mahogany bow front chest of four graduated cockbeaded drawers on splayed feet, width 99cm.
1703 A glazed oak bookcase with a pair of doors opening onto shelves, width 90.5cm.
1704 A walnut veneered bedside cabinet with a drawer above a cupboard.
1705 A record cabinet with a pair doors opening onto vertical dividers.
1706 An early 20th century chest of three long drawers, width 91cm.
1707 A nest of three tables on turned legs.
1708 A hardwood sideboard with central drawer flanked by smaller drawers on square section legs, width 120cm.
1709 A 1930s walnut veneered cabinet with a slope front above a drawer and a pair of cupboard doors flanked by glazed doors opening onto shelves, width 123cm.
1710 A pair of small reproduction sofa tables.
1711 An inlaid walnut cabinet with a drawer above a pair of panelled doors, width 67cm.
1712 An oval inlaid mahogany occasional table.
1713 A hardwood sideboard with three drawers flanked by cupboards, width 137cm.
1714 An Old Charm style bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors above a pair of doors with linen fold panels, width 91.5cm.
1715 A pair of melamine wood effect bedside chests each with three drawers, width 40cm.
1716 An Edwardian mahogany and cross banded cupboard, the door with an inlaid shield shape panel, width 77cm.
1717 A pair of pine bedside cabinets each with a drawer above panelled door, width 52cm.
1718 A pair of white painted bedside cabinets each with a drawer above a cupboard and each width 35.5cm.
1719 A 1930s walnut veneered bow front display cabinet with a pair of glazed doors on cabriole legs, width 87cm.
1720 A Continental cabinet with a drawer above a pair panelled doors, width 94cm, height 160cm.
1721 A teak effect floor standing cabinet with two pairs of glazed doors above a pair of drawers with raised panels, width 81cm, height 196.5cm.
1722 A floral painted bedside cabinet with a panelled door, width 47.5cm.
1723 A Ducal style wardrobe base with cupboard doors, width 147.5cm.
1724 A rectangular coffee table on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet.
1725 A rectangular oak coffee table on turned legs.
1726 A Habitat 1970s coffee table on chrome supports joined by a magazine shelf, 120 x 60cm.
1727 A turned wood highchair.
1728 A circular pine stool on turned legs.
1729 An inlaid bow front wall hanging corner cupboard.
1730 A pair of Edwardian walnut dressing table mirror supports.
1731 A teak effect hi-fi stand with an open shelf above a record store.
1732 An oak veneered gateleg dining table.
1733 A circular hardwood effect dining table on turned supports, diameter 115cm.
1734 A reproduction mahogany effect Pembroke table with a drawer to one end, on turned supports.
1735 A circular coffee table on cabriole legs.
1736 An elm refectory table on cup and cover carved supports, 181.5 x 91.5cm.
1737 A square occasional table with plate glass top on a brass frame.
1738 An Eastern hexagonal table with all over carving and fret cut sides.
1739 A coffee table the top set with running horses beneath a glass panel, on square section legs, 107 x 46cm.
1740 A Victorian Pembroke table on a substantial pedestal and quatrefoil base.
1741 A square oak plant stand.
1742 A circular table with a planished copper top, on turned on legs, diameter 59cm.
1743 An Edwardian octagonal mahogany and cross banded centre table on square section legs joined by a low shelf.
1744 A large hardwood effect coffee table on square section legs, 120 x 80cm.
1745 A circular pine toilet mirror, the stand with a pair of drawers.
1746 A pine blanket box width 122cm.
1747 A mahogany effect corner cupboard with a glazed door above a cupboard door.
1748 A hardwood effect valet.
1749 An oak bureau with a panelled slope front above two long drawers on barley twist legs joined by a stretcher, width 76cm.

1750 A Lloyd Loom pink painted bow front linen basket.
1751 A pink painted bedside cupboard with a single door, width 40.5cm.
1752 A hard wood effect small chest of five drawers, width 52cm.
1753 A modern pine bedside chest with three drawers.
1754 A pine companion table with open shelves flanked by magazine racks.
1755 A metal office four tier stand.
1756 A small reproduction sofa table.
1757 A bedside cabinet with a drawer above a panelled door.
1758 A yellow painted plate rack and a matching shelf with five drawers.
1759 A walnut bureau with a slope front above four long drawers, width 60.5cm
1760 A yew veneered blanket box with brass mounts, width 86.5cm.
1761 An Indian hardwood TV stand with a pair of cupboard doors flanked by shelves, width 90cm.