General Sale Catalogue 14th February 2017

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1 A Poole Pottery mottled grey glaze part dinner service.

2 A decanter and other glass.

3 A collection of mostly coloured glass, including continental.

4 A set of six cut glass tumblers and other glass.

5 A collection of model dogs, etc.

6 A claret jug, a ships decanter and other glass.

7 A cut glass bowl and two other pieces.

8 A Colclough ivy decorated part tea service.

9 A Denby “Memories” pattern five mugs and six plates.

10 Four novelty teapots.

11 Four novelty teapots.

12 Six novelty teapots.

13 Resin model teapots, etc.

14 A Victorian red glass lustre with floral enamel decoration, an Art Deco floral painted vase and one other piece.

15 A Chinese blue and white vase painted with a landscape, an Imari vase and one other piece.

16 A tapering circular glass bowl.

17 A Wedgwood “Quince” pattern collection of serving dishes, plates, etc.

18 A collection of model figures.

19 A Dartington glass decanter, a set of seven similar large stemmed glasses and other stemmed glasses.

20 A set of six cut stemmed glasses in Waterford style and other glass.

21 A collection of blue and white and miniature teapots.

22 Two boxes of miniature spirit bottles.

23 A Copeland & Garrett gilt decorated vase and other china.

24 Two Blue Mountain Pottery models of a wolf and a duck, a Royal Winton leaf moulded jug, etc.

25 Six Nat West baby pig money boxes.

26 Two Nat West Annabel pig money boxes and a mummy pig money box.

26A A 1930’s Susie Cooper coffee service, each piece with a brown ground, decorated with leaves.

27 A Royal Winton part coffee service each piece with a rose bud moulded handle, together with a small matching footed bowl.

28 A Noritake floral swag decorated part tea service, other teaware and a rugby tankard.

29 An amber glass silver overlay powder bowl together a matching toilet bottle and scent atomiser.

30 Five clay two part model buildings with enamel decoration, two impressed to the base “Hand Work, Paula”.

31 Dinnerware, etc.

32 A collection of floral decorated teaware and a matching vegetable dish.

33 A pair of glass storage jars, a brown glass soldier bottle etc.

34 A Slyvac vase moulded with leaves No.4011 and a collection of models.

35 A pink glass vase with lines of blue and darker pink and one other glass vase.

36 A floral decorated tea service.

37 A collection of 1930’s basket and flower moulded bowls, jugs etc.

38 An extensive collection of Denby “Troubadour” pattern tea and dinner ware.

39 A set of four large stemmed glasses, other glass, etc.

40 Vases a part tea service, etc.

41 Two green glaze fish jugs.

42 Two dinosaur moulded teapots, “Designed and Made in Cornwall by Influential Friends”, each signed John Parson, one lacks lid.

43 Two carved and painted wood decoy ducks.

44 An early 20th century Art Nouveau blue glaze Amesk vase with four handles, probably designed by Moses Adams circa 1910, height 25.5cm.

45 A collection of Victorian tiles.

46 A Royal Copenhagen floral decorated plate, a Victorian plate with a puce border with three floral decorated panels about a gilt centre and four other plates.

47 A Victorian Westminster Pottery jug moulded as if in a basket holder, together with a Fulham Pottery black glaze vase with textured impressed sides.

48 An amber glass fruit set, matching pieces and other glass.

49 A white glaze bowl with fruit moulded decoration and four matching pieces.

50 A Ricard advertising decanter together with four matching glasses and an ashtray, etc.

51 A green glass vase, a studio pottery footed bowl and a similar twin handle vase.

52 A iridescent red glaze charger marked to the back with a W J N monogram and to one side Isaac, diameter 42cm and a lobed dish painted in middle eastern style.

53 Various plates including blue and white.

54 Three green glass fishing boats a glass rolling pin and a rectangular kitten decorated tray.

55 Celtic Pottery “Folksy” pattern coffee service and matching tray.

56 Two Marigold Carnival glass dishes and other glass.

57 A set of seven Johnson Brothers “Fresh Fruit” pattern dinner plates, other plates and a teapot.

58 A Brentleigh ware “Beech” pattern bowl a matching oval dish and four other pieces.

59 Teaware, a moustache cup, etc.

60 A set of four iridescent floral decorated plates, an oval floral painted vegetable dish and a matching gravy boat, etc.

61 A set of ten continental blue and white “Months” pattern plaques.

62 A blue and white lidded jar and a collection of glass.

63 A Royal Cauldon blue “Sorell” pattern part tea service and other matching pieces.

64 Cut and other glass.

65 Three part tea services, a stoneware brown and beige jar and a collection of plates.

66 Two part tea services and a part tea service on a wrought wire rack.

67 Teaware, models, serving dishes, etc.

68 A continental floral decorated vase and a large model of a Basset hound.

69 A pair of 19th century Meissen floral painted candlesticks on square base, each height 14cm.

70 Three Meissen “Onion” pattern bowls and a similar tray.

71 An Adderley “Floral” pattern tea service.

72 A Royal Doulton “Cascade” pattern tea service with teapot and other matching pieces.

73 A Victorian floral gilt decorated part tea service.

74 A Stewart crystal cut glass jug and a set of five similar stemmed glasses.

75 A set of eight Victorian vine cut liqueur glasses.

76 Models including Wade Nat West pigs.

77 A glass peacock and other glass.

78 A Ridgway floral decorated part fruit set an Adams “Cries of London” small dish etc.

79 A fruit decorated teapot, mugs etc.

80 A Capodimonte model of a boy carrying papers and three other pieces.

81 A floral decorated teapot and two chamber pots.

82 A late 19th/early 20th century floral decorated dressing table set.

82A Mugs, etc.

83 Tumblers and other glass.

84 A Royal Worcester “Palissy Game” Series pattern teapot and three matching pieces.

85 A 1930’s floral decorated tea service and one other piece.

86 A Wade Sandeman Port figure bottle and a blue glass decanter with matching glasses and tray.

87 A Victorian glass fly trap and three model cows.

88 A Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern bowl, diameter 25.5cm and a matching conserve jar.

89 A Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern lidded serving bowl and a matching ladle.

90 Limoges D & Co L Bernardaud for Maple & Co Art Nouveau gilt extensive dinner service, comprising 25cm plates, thirty two in total, 21.5cm plates, twenty in total, twelve soup plates, seven lidded tureens, eight oval graduated dishes and stands, the largest being 53cm and a bowl, together with a set of Royal Doulton gilt coffee cups and saucers in a similar style.

91 A quantity of matching lined curtains with pelmet coverings etc.

92 A bag of chintz sofa and armchair covers.

93 A large heavy duty canvas 1.6 x 8.9m.

94 A bag of draught excluders.

95 A pair of matching 1930s feather eiderdown single bed quilts.

96 A 1940s quilted bedthrow.

97 A goose down king size duvet.

98 A bag of brand new pillows.

99 Four brand new single duvets in three bags.

99A A Charlotte Andersen luxury super king goose feather and down quilt.

100 An assortment of cushions in three bags.

101 A bag of upholstery material.

102 A bag of lined dusky pink velvet curtains.

103 A bag containing two pairs of brown and beige lined curtains.

104 A double duck feather mattress cover.

105 A king size white Nimble Fingers quilt with lavender detail.

106 A double Laura Ashley blue and white patchwork quilt.

107 Two bags of bedding, curtains, cushions etc.

108 A pair of lined Laura Ashley curtains.

109 Two single wool Lan-Air-Cel blankets.

110 Two pairs of floral patterned curtains, one lined.

111 A bag of miscellaneous linen, some embroidered, other crochet.

112 A bag containing good quality miscellaneous items.

113 A Medena king size wool blanket.

114 A Medena king size wool blanket.

115 A Medena king size wool blanket.

116 A Medena king size wool blanket.

117 A Medena king size wool blanket.

118 Lined curtains with tie backs, pelmet coverings and matching cushion covers in two bags.

119 An assortment of wall hanging tapestries.

120 A large bag of miscellaneous to include rain poncho, travel rugs, beach bags, aprons etc.

121 A bag of mixed cushions.

122 A bag of bedding.

123 A brand new king size Silent Night duvet.

124 A bag of mixed towels etc.

125 Kitchen/garden seat cushions.

126 A floral cross stitch wall hanging panel etc.

127 A pair of Stronghold fleece blankets.

128 A bag of cushions.

129 A bag of miscellaneous clothing.

130 An assortment of ladies clothes to include a hound tooth jacket, sand coloured coat by Vyella, blouses etc.

131 A gent’s trench coat, Aquascutum of London at Harrods.

132 A gent’s quality brown leather fur collar flying jacket, possibly Italian.

133 A ladies quality brown leather fur collar flying jacket, possibly Italian.

134 A ladies Harris Tweed jacket and a riding jacket.

135 A ladies Aquascutum of London trench coat.

136 A ladies lambswool three quarter length coat with fur trim, styled by Tona Furs.

137 A ladies bolero style Astrakhan jacket and one other jacket.

138 A ladies full length faux fur coat with leather trim and belt.

139 A ladies navy blue duffle coat and one other coat.

140 A ladies textured cream coat by Gormont.

141 A ladies Jaeger multi colour plaid jacket.

142 A ladies Andrew Stuart mohair/wool plaid vintage cape.

143 Three wetsuits to include O’Neill.

144 Three buoyance aids.

145 A pair of ladies brand new brown leather boots.

146 A pair of gents leather brown Trickers shoes along with a pair of gents cream leather shoes.

147 A pair of gents black leather cowboy boots.

148 A pair of brown leather horse riding chaps.

149 A pair of hairy mules by Scarpa, possibly Kangaroo?

150 A British Army dress uniform made by Alkit.

151 A Cane three fold screen.

152 A box of books.

153 Two boxes of books.

154 A box of books.

155 A box of books.

156 Two boxes of books.

157 A box containing four albums of book marks.

158 A box of books.

159 A box of books.

159A A box of 33rpm records.

160 Two boxes of magazines and two postcard albums.

161 Two boxes of books.

162 A box of soft toys and a box of miscellaneous items.

163 A box of divers flippers and other equipment.

164 Two boxes of kitchenware, etc.

165 Picture frames, a photograph of two World War I soldiers, etc.

166 An oil on board of a stylish lady and other pictures and frames.

167 A folding chair in a matching canvas bag.

168 Six curtain poles with rings.

169 Two lengths of curtain rail.

170 A length of curtain rail.

171 A Step exerciser.

172 A brown leather cabin trunk.

173 A brown leather suitcase with catches by Drew & Sons, Piccadilly.

174 Four vintage suitcases.

175 A brown leather suitcase.

176 Two stainless pedal bins.

176A A box of miscellaneous china and glass.

176B A plastic kitchen swing bin.

177 A garden sprayer trolley.

178 A sack trolley.

179 A collection of advertising milk bottles.

180 Three external lights.

181 A pair of stacking garden chairs.

181A A painted slated wood garden bench and matching table.

181B Three crates of demi johns laboratory jars and other glass.

181C A camellia in a black plastic box.

181D A pair of aluminum garden decoration profiles of hares.

181E A pair of spelter model classical figures, three other garden statues and a galvanised trough.

182 NO LOT.

183 An aluminium step ladder.

184 A parcel shelf blind from an Audi A4 estate.

185 A collection of ceramic tiles.

186 A ship’s rectangular brass porthole on an iron mount, size of porthole 61 x 51cm.

187 A ship’s rectangular brass porthole on an iron mount, size of porthole 61 x 51cm.

188 A collection of garden canes etc.

189 A folding pet cage.

190 A collection of plastic danns and floats.

191 A stoneware jar.

192 A roll of wire and an anodised fire front and basket.

193 Three fuel cans.

194 A unicycle.

195 A fibreglass body board and a pair of flippers.

196 A Dolomite wheeled walking aid.

197 A bundle of gardening tools.

198 A folding fire guard.

199 Two bags of garden compost, a shovel etc.

200 A hardwood garden bench with a curved back set with iron panels and slatted seat, width 154cm.

201 NO LOT

202 A slatted wood garden bench on cast supports, width 127cm.

203 A slatted wood garden bench on wrought iron supports, width 138cm.

204 A crate of 1.5 litre green glass Grolsch bottles.

205 A three section extending loft ladder.

206 A Jerry can.

207 Various metal and plastic fuel cans.

208 A drum of heavy gauge red nylon rope.

209 A slatted hardwood garden bench, width 183cm.

209A Fishing boat steering gear etc.

209B Floats and fenders.

209C A folding anchor.

209D A pair of life jackets and a lifebelt.

210 Four sections of wrought galvanised railings, each width 150cm x 103cm.

211 A Victorian wrought iron, height adjustable oil lamp standard with a copper lamp a.f.

212 An exercise bike.

213 A box of tools etc.

214 A garden table with a marble top on a cast iron treadle sewing machine base, width 91cm.

215 A garden table with a marble top on a cast iron treadle sewing machine base, width 77cm.

216 A copper compression cylinder.

217 A box of mostly gardening tools.

218 A small Belfast sink.

219 A bag of joist hangers.

220 A painted step ladder.

221 A child’s swing.

222 Three signs.

223 A slate fire surround, width of mantle shelf 139cm.

224 A fibreglass boot spoiler.

225 An electrically operated wheelchair with battery pack.

226 A wooden scythe.

227 A children’s croquet set.

228 A bundle of mostly gardening tools.

229 A car bottle jack.

230 Two rolls of rubber matting.

231 A Raleigh vintage gentleman’s three speed bicycle.

232 A vintage chrome car radiator surround, cast with an oval above wings together with a vintage radiator matrix.

233 A vintage car windscreen with its original push handle together with a pair of spoked wheels.

234 A step stool and three folding chairs.

235 A folding garden chair.

236 A panelled pine door, 58 x 196.5cm.

237 A white melamine folding table.

238 A rack of six wall mounted shelves, width 50cm.

239 A cast iron pot bellied solid fuel stove.

240 An Amby travelling cot on stand in a black canvas case.

241 A Cirrus Kites rucksack and contents.

242 A pair of pine oars.

243 A Phoenix Adorn brass curtain pole in its original packaging.

244 A Vixen Super Polaris D=102 F=1000 astronomical telescope on an equatorial mount.

245 An Astral D=60 F=700mm telescope on tripod.

246 Two folding card tables.

247 A watercolour of a market scene by Mary Barford 1996 and three other pictures.

248 An African oil on canvas of a busy market signed Nenek.

249 A world map on canvas of town and city names.

250 An arched mirror with bevelled glass.

251 A Delsey hard plastic trolley case with combination lock.

252 Two vintage suitcases.

253 Two framed bird identification posters.

253A A Go Go Elite Traveller electric motability scooter with charger.

253B An Invacare wheelchair.

254 A pair of Victorian photographs framed as one, a late 18th century coloured print in an oval frame etc.

255 A mirror in a gilt frame.

256 A watercolour of a coastal farm signed Chas H. Bronscombe 1909.

257 An oil on canvas of Irish harvesters by a loch and two coloured prints after Vernon Ward.

258 A watercolour of huntsman and hounds on a country lane by Charles H. Branscombe.

259 A pair of plated three nozzle candelabra.

260 A cane basket with an arched handle.

261 A Royal Crown Derby lidded box and matching trays in their original packaging etc.

262 Dennis the Menace three resin models and a pair of binoculars.

263 A box and a case of 78rpm records.

264 A box of miscellaneous items.

265 A box of books and a case of 33rpm records.

266 A box of books.

267 A box of four green metal ex WD hurricane lamps by Chapman Bros. in their original box.

268 Two boxes of films on DVD including classic movies and a box of CDs.

269 Two boxes of films on DVD including classic movies.

270 A Lion electric sewing machine in an arched walnut veneered case.

271 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

272 Two boxes of Beano comics.

273 Three boxes of kitchen glass etc.

274 A box of miscellaneous items.

275 A doll’s folding buggy.

276 A metal double locker, width 60cm.

277 An Efbe-Schott transformer steam mop.

278 A Panasonic cylinder vacuum cleaner.

279 A Dyson upright ball vacuum cleaner in orange and black plastic.

280 A vintage petrol can with brass cap.

281 A Bissell carpet shampooer.

282 A folding projection screen.

283 A Black and Decker cordless strimmer with battery and charger.

284 A Black and Decker electric strimmer and an umbrella.

285 An oleograph of a stylish lady.

286 An oil on board “Lilies 1″ by Jennifer MacKenzie.

287 A coloured print “Concentrated Minds” and two other pictures.

288 A coloured print of an elephant “The Old Tusker” after Terence Cuneo and a coloured print of leopards after William Huggins.

289 An oil on board of a country cottage by Alfred Drew.

290 An oil on board of a rocky stream by Alfred Drew.

291 A coloured print of Penzance Station after Stanhope Forbes a set of four hunting dog prints, framed as one and two other prints.

292 Six sofa/armchair supports in their original boxes.

293 A Gtech small vacuum cleaner.

294 A set of plastic storage drawers.

295 A pine bathroom cabinet.

296 A Beldray steam cleaner in its original box.

297 A Beldray Swivel Cordless Lite vacuum cleaner in its original box.

298 An oval brown “leather” magazine rack.

299 A pair of Seiko Precision QR-900 clocking in clocks.

300 Seven Carlisle handrail brackets in their original boxes.

301 A box of sea shells and two other pieces.

302 A CCTV colour camera in its original box.

303 Two Spy Hole Micromark cameras in their original boxes.

304 A Micromark CCTV colour camera kit in its original box.

305 A Micromark CCTV colour camera kit in its original box.

306 A Box of vintage Bakelite and other headphones, etc.

307 A Stone Grill in its original box.

308 A Weller Wetekom soldering iron station and related items.

309 A 1960’s medium/long wave radio a Brownie transistor radio and two other radio’s.

310 A cordless drill kit in its original box.

311 A box of Bakelite phone bases and receivers.

312 A black Bakelite 332L telephone.

313 A black Bakelite 332F telephone.

314 Three timer plugs a brown Bakelite radio dial, etc.

315 A Bresser USB microscope in its original box and a articulated mount.

316 A boxed set of snow chains.

317 A Sony Video Walkman recorder/monitor and related cables in a hard case.

318 A portable Sky mini box and related items in a black canvas case.

318A A Halfords angle grinder/sander/polisher in its original packaging.

319 A Bosch CEL jigsaw kit in a fitted case.

320 A Belgium vintage bell FTR black enamel telephone with gilt decoration and brass handle.

320A A retro style heat lamp with a blue body on a triangular base.

321 A pair of JVC speakers.

322 A pair of ceramic table lamps each on a stainless steel base.

323 A very large electronics valve in its original cardboard box.

324 A Television Manufacturing Co, Illinois, cathod ray tube.

325 An air pressure staple gun in a plastic case.

326 A cordless jigsaw and a cordless sander each in a plastic case.

327 A Russian 30/20 x 50 telescope in a plastic case.

328 A large AC/DC voltage gauge, diameter 23cm.

329 Various electric bell mechanisms.

330 A BBC radio box, a Czechoslovakia brass paraffin stove, a SAGOO brass stove in its original tin, etc.

331 A horseshoe shape stand with a brass centre engraved December 1905.

332 A BSR vintage microphone, a horn shape radio speaker and a blue plastic wall mounted telephone.

333 A Ferrograph, large reel to reel tape recorder with tapes.

334 A hardwood effect jewellery box with a hinged lid above two drawers and three jewellery trays.

335 A hardwood jewellery cabinet with two hinged opening above centrally hinged trays.

336 An Ebac dehumidifier.

337 A Grundig “3D sound” valve radio in a walnut case.

338 Two aluminum cases.

339 A JVC car radio/CD player and an air filter, a pair of speakers and a voltage gauge.

340 A Bosch plunge router in its original box.

341 A Zennox USB turntable in its original box.

342 A House and Home bathroom mirror in its original box.

343 A box of spanners, etc.

344 A box of tools.

345 A box of drill bits, hole cutters, etc.

346 A Stanton T.60 direct drive turntable and an aluminum case.

347 A box of soldering irons, etc.

348 A Frister & Rossmann electric sewing machine in a cream plastic case.

349 A Frister & Rossmann electric sewing machine in a cream plastic case.

350 A World War II officers camp bed, allegedly belonging to Colonel G.W.R.Bishop.

351 An Ashton KA100 keyboard amplifier.

352 A brass clad coal box embossed with figures at an Inn.

353 A paper shredder.

354 A black metal and brass companion set.

355 An Instanta chrome boiler and related pipes, etc.

356 A JBL SR-X series speaker and a speaker case.

357 A Carlsbro GRX7 Graphic Equaliser.

358 A pair of large Peavey Speakers with height adjustable tripod stands.

359 A metal gun cabinet with keys.

360 A Singer hand sewing machine in a arched oak veneered case.

361 A black “leather” briefcase with combination locks.

362 A folding aluminum sack trolley.

363 An oval mirror with bevelled glass.

364 A Stanley large spirit level.

365 An Ikea shower curtain rail in its original packaging.

366 A wet and dry carpet shampooer/vacuum cleaner with hoses.

367 A Henry vacuum cleaner.

368 A portable gas fire, lacks cylinder.

369 A portable gas fire, lacks cylinder.

370 A Beldgray bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner in its original box.

371 A Beldgray bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner in its original box.

372 A Hewlett Packard Photo Smart wireless printer/scanner/copier, in its original box.

373 A box of small electricals.

374 A Creative three speaker system.

375 A Eltax three speaker system.

376 A Fellows home laminator in its original box.

377 A box of tools.

378 A McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw, lacks chain.

379 A vintage black metal four tier cantilever tin box by Down & Bros. London.

380 An electric lantern with bracket mount.

381 An Hitachi cordless drill kit in a fitted case.

382 A Bosch 14.4 volt cordless drill kit in a fitted case.

383 A stainless steel ‘Massage Stone Heater.’

384 A McCulloch petrol driven chain saw.

385 A McCulloch petrol driven leaf blower/vac.

386 An Einhell garden vacuum/blower.

387 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.

388 A Flymo electric garden vacuum/blower.

389 An electric Garden Groom.

390 A collection of Torquay Pottery Motto Ware, a floral decorated jug and stand etc.

391 A plated four piece tea service and other plate.

392 A fruit decorated part tea/dinner service and other china.

393 A collection of Football League Review Magazine circa 1960s and other similar magazines.

394 A collection of films etc on DVD.

395 A copy of the ‘RHS’ Encyclopedia of House Plants’ and other books.

396 A marquetry panel of an Italian hillside town and four prints.

397 A watercolour of Upper Swell by Charmaine Williamson, 1988.

398 An oil on board coastal scene signed Emma Dale.

399 Two coloured prints of forest nymphs after H. Zaba.

400 A white leather effect massage couch.

401 A children’s plastic slide in its original box.

402 A Fisher Price ‘A Precious Planet Jumperoo.’

403 A folding high chair.

404 A Sergio wooden Cutty Sark construction kit in its original box.

405 A DeLonghi electric radiator.

406 A Singer electric sewing machine in a grey fabric covered case.

407 A Singer Electric sewing machine in a cream plastic case.

408 A Draper Mig welder.

409 An Alfa hand sewing machine in a brown leather effect case.

410 A Jones electric sewing machine in a grey rexine covered case.

411 An electric frying pan.

412 A box of bathroom fittings and a box of tools including a Karcher pump.

413 A box of electrical fittings and a box of fittings etc.

414 A 1960s portable gramophone in a red rexine case.

415 A Dimplex convector heater.

416 A Matsui electric radiator.

417 An Agfa Movector S 16 vintage cine projector with its original case.

418 A box of kitchenware including wooden bowls.

419 A plastic toolbox and contents.

420 A wooden toolbox and contents.

421 A box of fixings etc.

422 A box of parts and a box of taps etc.

423 An electric grinding machine.

424 A bag of golf balls.

425 A hand operated aluminium press.

426 Two electric heaters.

427 A plaster ceiling rose in its original box.

428 A 12kg garden umbrella stand in its original box.

429 A print on board of Sir Winston Churchill after Adam Blake.

430 A watercolour of a half timbered house by G. Burgess and two other works by the same artist.

431 A pencil drawing of a view to St Ives Harbour by G. Burgess and three other works by the same artist.

432 A pencil drawing of Bunker’s Hill, St Ives, 1904, by G. Burgess and a print of the same picture.

433 A cut out silhouette of figures at a market, framed and glazed.

434 A cut out silhouette of figures in a restaurant, framed and glazed.

435 A cut out silhouette of a knife grinder, framed and glazed.

436 A security system monitor.

437 A spotlight stand with two lamps.

438 A Bosch upright freezer, height 187cm.

439 A Beko A+ Class Frost Free upright freezer, height 146cm.

440 An electric fan.

441 A Lincat commercial six slice toaster.

442 A Russell Hobbs microwave oven.

443 A microwave oven.

444 A White Knight condenser tumble dryer.

445 A Bosch Classix dishwasher.

446 An anglepoise style adjustable table lamp.

447 A chrome countertop drinks dispenser with two clear plastic canisters on a rectangular stand.

448 A set of four BMW 22.5cm wheel trims, a set of similar 17.5cm trims and a bonnet badge.

449 A Brother MSC A3 computer printer/scanner/copier.

450 A cine film editor/viewer.

451 A Lettera green metal portable typewriter.

452 A Miele deep fat fryer in its original box.

453 A 1970s/80s wrought metal standard lamp with a floral pattern shade.

454 A turned pine standard lamp.

455 A brass standard lamp with fringe shade.

456 A box of tools.

457 A Goblin teasmade.

458 A Parkside belt grinder.

459 A collection of six tables.

460 A Steepletone stereo/radio/cassette/CD player in a hardwood effect case.

461 An LG DVD player, lacks remote control.

462 A Pioneer stereo amplifier.

463 A Philips DVD player, lacks remote control.

464 A 1930s valve radio in a arched black bakelite case.

465 A Panasonic five speaker/sub woofer surround sound system with DVD/radio and remote control.

465A A Funai DVD recorder, lacks remote control.

466 An orbital sander, a Paramo plane and one other piece.

467 A Sharps 32ins flat screen television, lacks remote control and a set top box with remote control.

468 An Espresso coffee machine.

469 A Bang & Olufsen stereo stack system comprising a B&O Master 5000 a B&O Cord 6000 and a B&O Gram 5006.

470 A Sky Plus HD box with two controllers and a Panasonic DVD player with remote control.

471 A Sovereign petrol 26cc grass strimmer in its original box.

472 A Sony Video Hi8 Pro video camera and related items in a fitted case.

473 A Band & Olufsen Beosystem 10 portable cassette recorder/multi band radio.

474 A NASA Stingray Marine band radio.

475 A pair of Alba speakers.

476 A Pace Sky digi box and a Pace DVD player with remote control.

477 An Olivetti Lettera 25 portable typewriter.

478 A rechargeable touch.

479 A Aiwa mini CD system with speakers and remote control.

480 A Panasonic DVD recorder with remote control.

481 A pair of Bose Rhio 1 Series IV speakers.

482 A Sony stereo CD stack system with record deck speakers and a remote control.

483 A McKellar cordless drill with charger and battery.

484 A Black and Decker belt sander.

485 A Dual stereo record deck.

486 A Hacker Aviemore portable radio.

487 Two Sky Plus HD receivers each with a remote control.

488 A turned and barley twist standard lamp, lacks shade.

489 A socket set and a carpet beater.

490 A bowl of tools.

491 A Jackson Hallmark double oven four ring electric cooker.

492 A pair of Rega ELA Loud speaker system, speakers in hardwood effect cases.

493 A Fridja steam cleaner.

494 A Logik fridge/freezer.

495 A Panasonic microwave oven.

496 An AEG Micro Matt Duo microwave oven.

497 A Hotpoint Aquaris 1200 automatic washing machine.

497A An Epsom computer scanner.

497B A Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer.

497C A Bionare electric radiator.

497D A Honeywell wall mounted convector heater.

497E A Tefal convector heater.

497F A Rank International music centre and speakers.

497G A pair of plate glass three tier television stand.

498 An Electrolux small built-in fridge.

499 A Hoover 2100W upright vacuum cleaner.

500 A slide/cine to video to converter in its original box.

501 A pair of Italian Vibram brown leather steel toe cap boots.

502 A sculpture of a female nude, signed Aradas.

503 A green metal two door office cabinet, width 91.5cm.

504 An oil on board of Victorian beach scene, initialed A,B and a coloured print of St.Ives after Bowden.

505 Two coloured prints of St.Ives.

506 A rectangular mirror with canted sides.

507 A set of three 18th century petite “Marine Angelica” prints engraved P.C.Canot dated 1761 and an engraving of a hunting dog after Oudry dated 1809.

508 A pair of framed religious texts.

509 Two drawings of the Digey and Love Lane, St Ives by G. Burgess.

510 An early 19th century coloured print ‘Theatre of Anatomy’ dated 1815 and one other print.

511 Two watercolour studies of trees by G. Burgess.

512 An oil on canvas of children flying a kite and a similar oil on board.

513 Two drawings, one of St Paul’s cathedral, the other, an early 20th century traffic policeman, each by G. Burgess and four other pieces.
514 An oil on canvas of early morning fishermen and two other paintings.

515 An oil on board of an elderly gentleman enjoying a drink and two drawings, one of buildings and the other a lady and her cat.

516 A box of plastic picnic cups and saucers.

517 A large aluminium lidded saucepan and two other pieces.

518 A box of Cabbage Patch type dolls.

519 An inlaid frame and five other frames.

520 Five framed charts relating to Royal Doulton miniature character jugs.

521 A set of five paint and collage figures, in glazed display cases.

522 A shove ha’penny board.

523 An arched walnut mirror on a carved stand.

524 A Bernina pale yellow enamel electric sewing machine in a green plastic case.

525 A case of 78rpm records including Paul Anka’s ‘Diana,’ Johnny Ray ‘Just Walking in the Rain,’ and Pat Boone’s ‘That’s How Much I Love You.’

526 A box of plastic toys.

527 Four boxes and an album of 78rpm records.

528 An arched mirror in a mahogany frame.

529 A plastic scale model of the tug “The Lady Wooes” with twin electric motors and stand, length 98cm.

530 Two Minolta 7000 and 9000 camera bodies, together with a similar Program Back Super ’90,’ manuals etc.

531 A JVC video camera and related items in a black canvas case, together with two Faraday torches.

531A A Sony Video Hi8 PRO video camera and charger.

531B A small leather case containing shoe brushes.

532 A display of artificial flowers in a glass spaghetti jar.

533 A walnut writing slope a.f.

534 A large copper stove top kettle.

535 Plated wear, a bread knife with a pistol grip handle etc.

536 A slide box and a viewer.

537 A Doulton Lambeth tankard made as if of squashed leather and with a crown between the letters C R and a date 1646, together with a Cadbury jug etc.

538 A Poole Pottery twin tone blue and grey part tea/coffee service and other similar china.

539 A 19th century hardwood ratchet reel on a cushion base.

540 An early 20th century vase with silver lustre panels together with an Irish porcelain model duck etc.

541 A brass door knocker, a wine thermometer, a small bag of flatware etc.

542 A Johnnie Walker copper advertising tray and a small oil on board of an Arabian street scene, the initialled WGN.

543 A small banded oak keg on stand.

544 A French 19th century gilt metal clock cast with a classic figure beside an anchor and fruit on an alabaster stand with a floral swag and giltwood base AF.

545 A Zeiss Ikon 35mm camera in a brown leather ERC and a plated tankard.

546 A Leonardo collection model of a dog in a basket ‘With Love.’

547 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks, a cast brass lizard etc.

548 A claret jug with a plated mount and a cut glass decanter.

549 A sheet metal hand lamp with original burner, maker’s mark of Bullpit, Birmingham 1916, three bevelled glass panels, height including handle 24cm, together with a brass companion way lamp by J.C.& W. Lord Birmingham.

550 Miscellaneous including a small display case and a pair of candlesticks.

551 A box of Ty soft toys, together with a Roland Rat soft toy and others.

552 Two boxed sets of glass and a boxed set of Evesham flan dishes etc.

553 A Spirit of St Louis port quartz wall clock and a plated tray, the border carved with vine leaves and grapes.

554 A vintage snakeskin handbag.

555 A blue glaze jardiniere.

556 Miscellaneous including dashboard dials and a horn.

557 A pair of Regent 10 x 50 binoculars.

558 An early 20th century brass kettle on a spirit burner stand.

559 A glass flask with a silver mount Sheffield 1900 in a brown leather case lacks lid, together with a cast iron grill pan.

560 A brown leather satchel case, on four brass stud feet.

561 A collection of mostly children’s film on DVD.

562 A transparent two part telephone etc.

563 A pair of cased plated fish servers.

564 Miscellaneous including a set of chisels.

565 A plated dish with a swing handle and a set square.

566 Two box irons, one with plug, two flat irons and a gas iron etc.

567 A gentlemen’s brown leather toilet case and a photo album.

568 A set of ten Timelife ‘The Old West’ books, an early 19th century leather bound Bible and a box camera.

569 A part suite of cutlery in a hardwood effect canteen.

570 A Royal Doulton ‘Piller Rose’ pattern part tea service and a Denby “Greenwheat” pattern serving dish.

571 A 1930s yellow glass table lamp, moulded as a girl on a rock, together with a plaster table lamp moulded with classical figures.

572 An oak banded pail with a rope handle.

573 A brown ceramic jar in a sisal holder.

574 A 1930s companion set on a horseshoe stand.

575 A plated four piece coffee service and a similar tray.

576 A satin walnut desk top set of two drawers.

577 A mantle clock in an arched walnut veneered case retailed by Letcher, Truro.

578 A mantle clock in an arched case.

579 A copper and brass coal bin with a swing handle.

580 A pink glaze vase shape table lamp and shade and a white glaze lamp.

581 A large ceramic model Spaniel.

582 A Portmeirion ‘Pomona’ pattern bowl, diameter 35.3cm, one other similar bowl and an ‘Oranges and Lemons’ pattern breakfast cup and saucer.

583 Commemorative and other china together with plated jugs.

584 A brass companion set.

585 A set of Asco white enamel fan scales to weigh two pounds by half ounce increments.

586 A pair of Pathescope 8 x 30 binoculars in their original box.

587 A brass garden syringe, a photograph of the Mounts Bay Club Committee 1972, a Ful-Vue camera etc.

588 Six carved wood model birds.

589 Two African carved wood figures, an eastern joss stick box and three other pieces.

590 A large pink glaze vase in a sisal cover.

591 A collection of model figures, in period costume under a glass dome and a collection of ceramic thimbles.

592 Miscellaneous including toys and a marble rolling pin.

593 A collection of rowlocks, etc. in a circular wooden bin.

594 A pair of floral decorated vegetable dishes and other matching pieces.

595 A brown glazed vase with sgraffito decoration containing bulrushes.

596 A box of flatware.

597 Three plated teapots, other plate and a silver napkin ring.

598 An 19th century blue and white jug and other china.

599 A kitchen balance with brass pans and iron weights.

600 A pair of Regent 10 x 50 binoculars.

601 A pair of ‘Indian Tree’ pattern table lamps with matching shades.

602 A Victorian apple blossom decorated biscuit barrel with a plated mount.

603 Two large fixed spool reels.

604 A Smiths 1950’s mantle clock in a walnut case, a Royal Doulton cottage decorated plate and two other pieces.

605 A Poole Pottery floral decorated part tea service, etc.

606 A projection screen.

607 A Regency mahogany sarcophagus shape tea caddy with central bowl opening flanked by compartments, lacks one ring handle and on four turned feet, width 37cm, height 21cm.

608 An Anglo Indian inlaid quill sewing box.

609 A Swinnertons “Silverdale” pattern blue and white part dinner service and a floral decorated part tea service.

610 A box of crucifixes, reproduction icons, rosaries, etc.

611 An eastern carved hardwood tray.

612 A Janet Slade Pottery charger, a continental fruit decorated bowl, a cut glass jug and one other piece.

613 A early 20th century copper kettle the spout with a brass tap and turned handle.

614 A box of keys and a dragon decorated vase.

615 A quartz timepiece in a serpentine mount, two serpentine bowls and an aneroid barometer on a turned wood mount.

616 A collection of CD’s.

617 A 1960’s Chinese battery operated bus, an Avon Bugatti after shave bottle, etc.

618 Two ceramic model ducks and two brass models.

619 A set of boules in a blue canvas bag.

620 A box of books and maps.

621 A record deck and a collection of 33rpm records.

622 A box of books.

623 A box of china.

624 Five boxes of miscellaneous items including light bulbs.

625 A wooden bird transporting box.

626 Two boxes of books, etc.

627 Two Wedgwood commemorative mugs, Royal Wedding 1981 and Investiture 1969, each designed by Richard Guyatt and in its original box.

628 Two boxes of stemmed glasses.

629 Five boxes of artist materials.

630 Miscellaneous china.

631 Glassware.

632 A boat decorated tankard with a musical movement by Thorens, a Wade 1977 commemorative ashtray, four leaf moulded plates, etc.

633 Two sewing baskets and contents and a Pyrex saucepan.

634 Two Studio Pottery tankards etc.

635 A Wedgwood Battle of Hastings 1066-1966 commemorative tankard a Humphry Davy 1778-1829 by centenary commemorative tankard and a Sir Humphry Davy by centenary tankard.

636 A pair of plaster brackets each moulded with a head of a Turk and a stone model of a crouching cat.

637 A pair of elm bellows, two miniature paintings, still life’s in gilt frames, etc.

638 A copper tankard two other pieces of metal ware and eastern sequin decorated basket.

639 An early 20th century plated leaf engraved four piece tea service and two similar tankards.

640 A coloured print of a woodland stream.

641 A coloured print of Mediterranean boats and a bird print.

642 A Victorian chromolithograph print “Prince Charlie’s Farewell to Flora Macdonald” and three other pictures.

643 Two 18th century prints of Pomona and Ceres and three other prints

644 Oil on board a view to mountains signed H.Emmet and other pictures and prints.

645 Two boxes of books.

646 A box of films on DVD.

647 A collection of Commando and similar magazines.

648 A box of 1960’s Parade and Picture Post magazines, etc.

649 R.E.Wilkins four oils on board two of woodland scenes one of a stream, the other a study of leaves.

650 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a white painted frame.

651 A watercolour “Village Fields” by Iris Debley, two other pictures and a mirror.

652 An early 20th century floral painted mirror with bevelled glass in an oak frame with gilt mouldings.

653 A watercolour of a cockerel “The Boss” signed Meg Pickering.

654 Two boxes of books.

655 A New Sewland small electric sewing machine in its original box.

656 A coloured print of ducks rising after Vernon Ward and three other pictures.

657 A watercolour of a seagull and a reproduction railway print.

658 A box of CDs.

659 Two watercolours one of a riverside building signed A.Craven the other a thatched cottage possibly by the same artist.

660 A watercolour of coastal houses signed Chas.H. Branscombe 1913.

661 An oil on board of St. Michael’s Mount signed Wilson.

662 Four table lamps.

663 Models and other china.

664 A collection of glass.

665 A model of the Bishops Rock lighthouse in a bulb and two ships in bottles.

666 A pair of “Six Lens” binoculars in a canvas case, a small telescope and tripod and an alarm clock.

667 An eastern carved wood box, one other box and a bowl of artificial fruit.

668 A box of glass photographic negatives including mountain scene.

669 A box of model parts including a DC motor, together with an Arthur Sallis Wave meter and a box of electrical brushes.

670 A companion set on a bronzed stand cast as a Dutch boy.

671 A plastic model “Fire” boat, length 88cm.

672 A Brodie helmet and an ammunition canister.

673 A plastic motor boat, a brass vintage fire extinguisher, two cut throat razors and a safety razor.

674 A folding music stand.

675 A collection of plated ware, etc.

676 An ESP Witness colour home TV surveillance system in its original box.

677 An ESP Witness colour home TV surveillance system, together with a similar monochrome system both in their original boxes.

678 A Royal Doulton “Cobblers Shop” pattern plate a Ridgway Homemaker plate a set of six 1953 commemorative stemmed glass, etc.

679 A red glaze vase other china a white metal serviette ring cast as a bird, etc.

680 Two box wood parallel rules, together with similar ebony and perspex rulers and a rolling rule.

681 Glassware.

682 A dry plant display in a twin handle vase.

683 A Leonardo collection model greyhound in its original box.

684 Two Royal Crown Line die cast veteran cars, one a Peugeot 1899 the other a Peugeot 1892 together the Crescent model die cast Saladin Scout Car, in its original box.

685 A copper coffee pot with a turned wood handle a similar teapot a stopwatch, etc.

686 An octagonal wood bowl with brass handles.

687 A collection of glassware, including a ships decanter.

688 A pair of Newlec monochrome domestic CCTV systems, in their original boxes.

689 A pair of Newlec monochrome domestic CCTV systems, in their original boxes.

690 A pair of Newlec monochrome domestic CCTV systems, in their original boxes.

691 An A4 home laminator in its original box.

692 A fibre glass speed boat hull and two other pieces.

693 A fibre glass model racing boat with a petrol motor, length 67cm.

694 A wooden model rowing boat, length of hull 74cm.

695 A box of flatware.

696 A small mantle timepiece in an inlaid walnut case.

697 A Victorian slate mantle clock the gilt dial flanked by female busts within niches, above a brass plate, Annie E.Duke from W.J.Graber in commemoration of the “Queens Diamond Jubilee, June 22nd 1897″.

698 Six Joseph Roger & Sons Sheffield boxed sets of flatware.

699 A ladies Italian Giacomo leather bag, together with a small collection of china, etc.

700 Five china dolls in their original boxes.

701 Miniature bottles of champagne, a collection of glass negatives and a small collection of postcards.

702 A Commax colour video door phone in its original box.

703 An Aurine multi door entry pad and three other pieces.

704 Various cables, etc.

705 A “1 Door 2 Door i-system” an Aurine phone and two similar outdoor cameras.

706 A CB radio and a router.

707 Two Commax multi door camera entry systems in their original boxes.

708 Various Aurine door cameras, etc.

709 A Meakin 1950’s “Ascot” pattern part tea/dinner service.

710 A Doulton Lambeth Pottery stoneware “Reliable Foot Warmer”.

711 A white metal cast metal horse, a sweet meat dish with a swing handle and a toaster.

712 A blue enamel sign advertising “Mazawattee Tea”, width 61cm.

713 A large pierced black lamp base and a matching smaller base.

714 A pair of Bodum Kira wine coolers.

715 An early 19th century rosewood sarcophagus shape tea caddy with mother of pearl inlay, together with a rosewood jewellery box.

716 A 19th century copper scoop with a small turned wood handle, engraved with swan by J.G.Limited.

717 A ceiling lamp with opaque plastic cover.

718 A claret jug with an engraved plated mount and two other pieces.

719 A Wedgwood “Wild Strawberry” pattern lidded jar, a bag of magazine advertisements, etc.

720 A pair of painted silhouettes signed Trenville.

721 A collection of die cast models, etc.

722 Two robot dogs a toy robot, etc.

723 A Parasene cool frame heater in its original box.

724 A pair of Wray 8 x 30 binoculars and a Yashica EE35mm camera in a black leather ERC.

725 Three Darol Dr Who figures in their original blister packs, together with a pair of Corgi Dr Who and Davros models and a similar Bessie and Dr Who model, all in their original packaging.

726 A box of acrylic paints, together with a floral needlework panel.

727 A pair of Chinese 8 x 30 binoculars and a Praktica LTL 35mm camera in a black leather ERC.

728 A cream plastic reproduction telephone with a digital dial and two other pieces.

729 A set of six oval “Southern Plantation” dinner plates and a Portmeirion game dish.

730 A box of CDs including Queen and Michael Jackson.

731 Two glass sweet jars and a cut glass bowl.

732 A cut glass decanter.

733 Three blue glass bottles on a pine wine rack to hold eight bottles.

733A A comic sign.

734 A mahogany veneered box and two other boxes.

735 A pair of Bushnell Sportview Insta-Focus 7 x 50 binoculars.

736 A Logik portable CD player/cassette recorder/radio and a Bell Yoghurt Maker, in its original box.

737 A collection of Denby “Arabesque” china, etc.

738 A set of six Walker & Hall engraved fish knifes and forks in an oak canteen.

739 Seven collectors plates in their original boxes.

740 A pair of brass clad bellows.

741 A pair of Wedgwood Richard Guyatt design commemorative tankards 1953 and 1977.

742 A 1930’s twin handle vase a shell moulded vase and three other pieces.

743 A pair of Indian brass cobra candlesticks.

744 Wade Wimsies and other models.

745 An Olivetti Lettera 22 portable typewriter in a brown plastic case.

746 A coloured print of two girls after Gustav Klimt and one other print.

747 A collection of Esquire calendar prints of pin-ups after Varoa.

748 A bundle of books.

749 Two bundles of World War II related publications.

750 A box costume jewellery.

751 A tin of costume jewellery.

752 A box of Dutch Masters Perfecto cigars together with various packets of unopened cigars and a tin of tobacco.

753 A Newlyn and Gulval Ice Works, Penzance, Codds bottle.

754 A box containing Military headphones, model soldiers, spent bullets, etc.

755 Glassware.

756 Three Zippo lighters a pocket watch, a brass trivet, etc.

757 Costume jewellery a ladies Pulsar watch and a Papermate pen.

758 Two Union black “plastic” boxes, one with an Ambrotype of a young man the other now fitted for handkerchiefs.

759 A bag of watch movements, etc a 1960’s Beatles and Monkees scrap albums.

760 An Inspired 1960’s style portable radio in its original box.

761 A mirror in a G-Plan style frame.

762 A mirror in a white painted frame.

763 An oil on board of fern leaves, signed R.E.Wilkins and one other painting.

764 Two watercolour studies of chairs and other pictures.

765 A pastel of “Mystery Cat” and two other pictures.

766 A coloured print, a forest scene and one other picture.

767 A coloured print of an abandoned boat.

768 A watercolour a still life flowers, signed Tomkin and other pictures.

769 A pastel a still life study of grapes and leaves, signed R.E.Wilkins, one other picture and a pair of clip frames.

770 A watercolour of a plaice and knife, signed R.E.Wilkins and four other pictures.

771 An oval mirror in a pink painted frame.

772 World War II and later gas masks.

773 A box of envelopes.

774 A coloured print of a female flasher after Beryl Cook and two other prints.

775 A watercolour of an owl on a branch and coloured print of the SS Titanic, after Adrian Rigby.

776 A coloured print “Alpha” and two prints of breaking waves.

777 Two 19th century coloured prints one of the harbour, Serk, Guernsey 1820 the other Havre Sere, published by M.Moss, Guernsey and one other print.

778 A wall mounted light fitting with a coloured glass shade.

779 A collection of Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, in their original boxes.

780 Various die cast model vehicles, in their original boxes.

781 Various die cast model vehicles in their original boxes and other models.

782 A white enamel bread bin.

783 A brass companion set, etc.

784 A collection of 77cm brass stair rods with fixings.

785 Three watercolour miniatures, two cross stitch panels, a Staffordshire type plaque moulded with a cow, etc.

786 A Hammersley flower and bird decorated part tea services.

787 A early 20th century egg cruet, a dish moulded with a fish and two other pieces.

788 Mugs, etc

789 Two 19th century Brownfield & Sons rectangular dishes decorated with a cottage and birds, in the manner of the Aesthetic Movement and a set of four matching circular plates.

790 Continental jugs, an Italian conserve jar and stand and a straw box.

791 A glass vase with a broad base.

792 A pair of Victorian white pressed glass tankards each decorated with fruit and with a serpent handle.

793 A pair of brass twin branch height adjustable table lamps.

794 A copper domestic watering can and a jardiniere.

795 A box of Betty Boop related items.

796 A Carlton ware apple moulded teapot.

797 A collection of miniature character jugs and ceramic thimbles in three glazed cases.

798 Two boxes of dolls house furniture, decorations and fixings.

799 A brass coal helmet.

800 An Art Nouveau oak coal box with iron hinges and handle.

801 A large eastern bird decorated vase.

802 Tins and boxes.

803 A copper coal helmet and a brass jardiniere.

804 A Booths “Floradora” pattern tea for two set.

805 A Royal Crown Derby “Derby Posies” pattern milk jug and sugar bowl, together with a Royal Grafton green and gilt decorated part tea service.

806 A Shelly floral spray decorated tea service with teapot.

807 A pair of gilt metal candlesticks and a pair of silhouettes.

808 Two flower encrusted vases, etc.

809 A boxed set of classic CD’s other CD’s, a golf putt re-turner and bud vase in its original box.

810 A circular copper coal bin standing on three brass lion paw feet.

811 A mantle clock in a walnut veneered case and a Dominion mantle timepiece.

812 A floral decorated toilet bowl.

813 A circular plated and glass hors d’oeuvre dish.

814 A digital indoor aerial, in its original box.

815 A large mantle clock with Westminster chime in a walnut veneered case.

816 A pair of adjustable table lamps.

817 A pair of 19th century blue and white “Asiatic Pheasant” pattern dishes and two other pieces.

818 A Royal Norfolk white glaze part tea/dinner service.

819 A Crown Ming part tea service and a collection of Hornsea teaware.

820 A Johnson Brothers “Indian Tree” pattern part tea/dinner service other teaware, a Jersey Pottery jug and a small collection of commemorative ware.

821 An early 20th century table lamp made as a column, a pair of vintage binoculars, an eastern carved wood box, etc.

822 A circular copper coal bin on three twist supports.

823 A sewing basket and contents and a tin of buttons.

824 A box of cigarette and trade cards.

825 A set of three wrought metal wall light fitting with shades.

826 A Breville “Toastie” maker in its original box.

827 A pair of table lamps made as if lidded metal canisters, each with paper labels of monarchs and with matching shade.

828 A large aluminum stove top kettle and two saucepans.

829 Garden lights, a hairdryer, etc.

830 A Victorian walnut veneered sewing box and one other box.

831 A cylindrical copper bin with a swing handle.

832 A copper saucepan, a stainless fish pan and a set of knifes.

833 A Stay Safe safety gate with its original box.

834 A small rectangular mirror in a floral stenciled frame.

835 A small mirror in a ribbon painted frame.

836 A signed limited edition coloured printed of St.Endellion church, after Gillan.M.Hobbs, two other pictures and an oak frame.

837 Two Papier Mache pictures one of a motorcyclist the other an angler.

838 An oil on board of children flying a kite.

839 An oil on board of children paddling, signed G.Burgess.

840 A blue enamel bread bin and matching bins.

841 A stainless steel “Bread” bin, etc.

842 Three boxes of books.

843 Four boxes of books.

844 Five boxes of books.

845 Four boxes of books.

846 A box of CD’s.

847 A box containing a cine viewer, etc.

848 A box of mostly art related books.

849 A box of mostly art related books, etc.

850 An artist’s drawing pad, pastels, watercolour pencils, etc.

851 A box of artist materials, including a posable figure.

852 Two boxes of artist materials and a box of inks.

853 Artists pads, brushes, etc.

854 A wooden box made as a Swan Vesta match box and a flower tray.

855 A Bosch electric rotary mower with grass box.

856 A Fortnum & Mason cane picnic basket with a partial fitted interior.

857 A bag containing digital cameras.

858 A Sony digital video mini cassette recorder, and a Toshiba CD player.

859 Five Sony DVD recorders, lack remote controls.

860 A Sony Video 8 waterproof camera housing, together with a Braun cine camera with a Schnider-Kreuznach lens and one other cine camera.

861 Two Epson computer printers.

862 A Sony picture computer XV-T600 and a similar digital video super imposer XV-T500, together with a pioneer DVD player.

863 A grey metal and wood effect computer trolley.

864 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.

865 Two cine projectors and a Braun viewer.

866 A pair of Canoscan 2700F negative scanners.

867 A cable free weather station, in its original box.

868 A bundle of books.

869 A collection in 23 volume of books about artists.

869A Two boxes of books.

870 A Sony video multi-coloured corrector and three VCRs.

871 A Sony digital multi audio system and a similar video multi colour corrector, together with a pair of speakers.

872 A pine hi-fi cabinet with a leaded glass door.

873 A box of radio controlled car parts, etc.

874 Four cases of 33rpm and 78rpm records.

875 A Silver Reed electronic typewriter, in a black plastic case and a bag of tools including an electric drill.

876 A Singer hand sewing machine, in a brown rexine snake skin case.

877 A case of 33rpm records.

878 A box of small electrical, etc.

879 A square white metal panel.

880 Two boxes of books.

881 A box of cable clips.

882 A Dimplex wall mounted log effect electric fire, width 120cm.

883 A circular saw in a fitted plastic case.

884 A Makita jigsaw in a plastic case and two coloured photographs of sailing boats.

885 A box of glassware, etc.

886 A box of books.

887 A marquetry jewellery box.

888 Copies of the Ultimate Doll book and Teddy Bear Encyclopedia.

889 A box of 45rpm records, including a copy of Vice Creems “Won’t You Be My Girl”.

890 An adjustable floor standing lamp.

891 Two wrought metal CD racks.

892 A wrought metal CD rack made as a guitar.

893 Two leaf moulded plates, a chamber pot, etc.

894 A collection of mostly stainless steel kitchen ware.

895 A Prestige pressure cooker, in its original box and one other piece.

896 A tabletop easel.

897 An artists Daler Rowney folding easel.

898 An RDX punch bag with chain hanger.

899 A camping chair in a canvas bag.

900 A Yamaha F-310, acoustic guitar with a grey fabric soft case.

901 A Gym Deacon acoustic guitar in a black canvas soft case.


A Yamaha model FX370C electric-acoustic guitar in a padded black canvas soft case.

903 An Intex inflatable Kayak with pump, in a canvas case.

904 Two sports bags.

905 A IT green canvas case.

906 A cane magazine rack and six similar coat hangers.

907 A wine rack.

908 A fibre glass boat hull, length 87cm.

909 A brown leather suitcase.

910 A dome top tin trunk.

911 A cane and sisal dome top box.

912 A rectangular tin trunk.

913 A mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame, size including frame 75 x 105cm.

914 An arched mirror in a painted frame, with a Wilb Wreath mount.

915 An arched mirror in a cream frame.

916 A walnut dressing table mirror and a pair of arched mirrors.

917 A 1930’s style wall hanging display case.

918 A blue painted hall mirror.

919 Two artists folio cases.

920 Tim Cox a large coloured print of a horseman “Just for the Heck Of It”.

921 Tim Cox a large coloured print of a cowboy “Between Heaven and Earth”.

922 Tim Cox a large coloured print of a cowboy “Ahead of the Storm”.

923 A brown leather case with combination locks and a black canvas laptop case.

924 An oil on paper “Land and Sea” by Tom Brooke.

925 A coloured print after Paul Signac of St.Tropez and one other print.

926 An oil on board of fisherman at sunset and a woolwork panel.

927 A folding picnic table.

928 A pine bathroom cabinet.

929 A framed floral woolwork panel.

930 A large trolley case.

931 A DCE hard plastic case with combination lock.

932 An Easy Camp pop-up tent.

933 A Jaques & Son bagatelle board.

934 An oil on canvas of a Parisian street by signed by Delon, size 50 x 74cm.

935 A set of three watercolours of boats in harbours by Burgess.

936 Three watercolours of thatched buildings and a back lane in St.Ives, by Burgess.

937 A large pencil drawing of “The Sloop in St.Ives” by G.Burgess and a similar print.

938 Two clock collages by G.Burgess, one “Times Past” the other “Fish on the Quay”.

939 Two boxes of books.

940 A box of Ordnance Survey and other maps.

941 Two boxes of books.

942 A box of computer disc’s.

943 A box of books.

944 Two boxes of books.

945 Two boxes of books.

946 Two boxes of books.

947 Two boxes of books.

948 A box of Ordnance Survey maps.

949 A box of Ordnance Survey maps.

950 Two boxes of books.

951 Two framed photographs of Helston “Furry Dance”, together with a set of six prints and two other pictures.

952 An oil on canvas a still life flowers.

953 A walnut wall clock case.

954 A Noritake “Humoresque” pattern part dinner service.

955 NO LOT.

956 A metal sculpture of a spider and a white metal wall hanger carved as a bat.

957 A watercolour of two spaniels signed M.C Walter and a coloured print of a pointer after Cecil Aldin.

958 Two white metal profiles of Jack Russell dogs.

958A Two French Caille model birds.

958B A set of four continental tiles painted with animals together with two plaques, one moulded with a Medieval court scene, the other cherubs.

959 A bundle of books about Bob Dylan.

960 A bundle of books mostly Shakespeare.

961 A bundle of poetry and other books.

962 A bundle of books including Penzance the biography by Michael Sagar-Fenton etc.

963 A Tasco reflector telescope in its original cardboard box.

964 A case of stemmed glasses.

964A A floral decorated tea service.

964B A Victorian blue and white willow pattern meat plate.

965 A Spode Copeland China “Arundel” pattern part tea service.

966 Two bundles of Cornish and other books.

967 A set of six Cash’s framed floral silks.

968 A pendant turned wood and brass five branch light fitting with amber glass bead tassel shades.

969 A Kodak digital Easy Share camera and dock etc.

970 A pair of ceramic model elephants and a glass candlestick.

971 Flatware and tins.

972 Two brass trays, an Artid brown bakelite tray the centre moulded as a sailing ship etc.

973 A box of flatware.

974 A collection of cased flatware.

975 A cased three piece carving set and a pair of cased fish servers.

975A A tray of cutlery.

976 A collection of Old Cornwall Society magazines, a copy of the poems of John Harris the Cornish poet 1820 – 1884 by David Everett and A Royal Albert “Cosmos” pattern trio.

977 Saucepans, glassware, knives and other kitchen ware.

978 A bundle of 33rpm records.

979 A pair of glass three branch wall light fittings hung with lusters.

980 A blue glass Jardiniere on a wrought metal stand.

981 Four static OO gauge size model railway locomotives.

982 Six static OO gauge size model railway locomotives.

983 A set of 25 die cast Grand Prix model racing cars in their original boxes and with related paperwork.

984 NO LOT.

985 A box of small framed cross stitch panels and footed glass bowl.

986 Two boxes of small framed cross stitch panels etc.

987 Two cast brass model horses and carts.

988 A copper kettle and a 19th century framed photograph of St. Ives harbour.

988A A crocodile skin, length 200cm.

989 A bundle of mostly poetry books.

990 A turned wood standard lamp and shade.

990A An oak barley twist table lamp.

991 A turned wood standard lamp with a yellow silk shade.

992 A Royal Doulton model “Bedtime Story” and one other similar model “Christmas Time” a.f.

993 A cut glass sugar caster with a silver mount London 1964.

994 A Victorian “Half Pint” rummer.

995 A Beswick model of a boxer bitch.

996 Two Sylvac vases each modelled as a tree, one with a rabbit beside it, the other a squirrel numbers 4240 and 4243.

997 A Sylvac oval leaf moulded vase and a similar circular vase numbers 3903 and 4535.

998 Two Sylvac vases one moulded with classical figures number 4608 the other leaf moulded number 4215.

999 A 19th Century Wedgwood Etruruia small tea service each piece transfer printed with figures beside a river comprising teapot, four saucers, four cups, a jug and a sugar bowl.

1000 A Staffordshire pastel burner cottage.

1001 A 19th century Meissen style blue and white miniature cup, other blue and white china and a blue cased glass bottle a.f.

1002 A set of five late 19th century Meissen blue and white plates painted with flowers and insects, each diameter 15.5cm.

1003 A Wedgwood blue Jasperware doll’s part tea service and matching tray.

1004 An octagonal table lamp with a blossom decorated shade.

1005 A wooden vine carved flower display stand.

1006 A white enamel kitchen balance with iron weights.

1007 Two Border Fine Arts Border Terrier Collection models.

1008 A Country Artists resin model “Alsatian Standing” and a model rottweiler.

1009 A Thoune lidded jug and a powder bowl.

1010 Two Royal Worcester “Evesham” pattern serving dishes and a pair of matching flan dishes, each with their original boxes.

1011 A carved and fluted standard lamp with fringe shade.

1012 An Irish style 34 string harp (one string broken).

1013 A plate glass counter top display case with sliding glass doors to the back, width 90cm.

1014 A display counter with a glass top, front and sliding glass doors, width 120cm.

1015 An oil on canvas of a continental street scene signed Burnett.

1016 An oil on canvas of a continental street scene signed Burnett.

1017 An oil on canvas of a river scene in the manner of Constable, signed D. Smith.

1018 Two cross stitch panels, each of a 1920’s fashionable lady.

1019 A set of four South African prints, a needlework of flowers and fungus etc.

1020 A large Union flag, 115 x 230cm.

1021 A possibly World War II black and white roundel swastika on a red ground, diameter of roundel 48cm, total size 87 x 75cm.

1022 A pendant brass and ceramic three branch light fitting.

1023 A pendant stainless steel five branch light fitting.

1024 A verdigris effect wrought metal five branch light fitting with opaque glass shades.

1025 A pendant coloured leaded lampshade light fitting in Art Nouveau style.

1026 A pendant coloured leaded lampshade light fitting in Art Nouveau style.

1027 A pendant wrought metal five branch light fitting with floral patterned fabric shades.

1028 A cane shopping trolley and a similar basket.

1029 A tin of costume jewellery, pens etc.

1030 A collection of silver and other sporting medallions.

1031 An autographed photograph of Gerald Baker, a collection of comic and other postcards etc.

1032 Two white metal thimbles.

1033 A ten shilling note, a Penzance Rotary International jewel etc.

1034 A Concorde grey leather calf skin wallet and two Smythson snake skin wallets etc.

1035 Earrings and watches.

1035A Six 17th century leather bound volumes of ‘Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy Who Lived Five and Forty Years Undiscover’d at Paris.’ Volumes I, II, V, VI, VII and VIII, printed by J Leake, Fleet Street, 1691 and three other books.

1035B A watch repairer’s plastic chest of 12 drawers containing movements, cases, parts etc.

1035C A bag of costume jewellery.

1036 A bag of costume jewellery.

1037 A bag of pre decimal coins.

1038 Compacts and watches.

1039 A pair of gold coloured ball earrings, rings and other jewellery.

1040 A frog skin purse.

1041 A bag of wrist watches.

1042 Four pocket watches.

1043 A box of costume jewellery.

1044 A box of costume jewellery.

1045 A bag of costume jewellery.

1046 A bag of costume jewellery.

1047 A bag of costume jewellery.

1048 A bag of costume jewellery.

1049 A bag of costume jewellery.

1050 A bag of costume jewellery.

1051 A bag of costume jewellery.

1052 A bag of costume jewellery.

1053 A bag of costume jewellery.

1054 Beatles ‘Help’ album, Parlophone, G & L sleeve. outline mono.

1054A Beatles, ‘Rubber Soul’ album, Parlophone G & L sleeve, second pressing, mono.

1054B Beatles two E.P.’s ‘Beatles for Sale.’ and ‘All My Loving,’ both mono.

1055 Nurse With Wound, a Limited Edition of the “Psilotripitaka” 3 LP album with bonus LP and leather bag, 1 of 1000 only.

1056 Aerosmith, an autographed special collector’s edition 12 inch poster bag copy of “Janie’s Got A Gun”.

1057 Faith No More, “Epic” signed picture disc.

1058 Helloween, signed copy of the “I Want Out” album.

1059 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, a signed copy of the Limited Edition gatefold sleeve album.

1060 The Damned, a copy of the “Final Damnation” album signed by Captain Sensible.

1061 The Dogs D’Amour, a signed copy of the “Satellite Kid” album, special Limited Edition gatefold bag containing cartoon picture disc.

1062 The Dogs D’Amour, a signed copy of the “Wild And Glamorous” album.

1063 The Dogs D’Amour, a signed copy of the “Errol Flynn” album.

1064 Motorhead, a signed copy of the “No Sleep At All” album.

1065 Prong, a signed copy of the “Live At CBGB” album.

1066 The Red Hot Chili Peppers, a Limited Edition numbered square disc, single cased “The Pain” together with L7 “Pretend We’re Dead” on red vinyl and The Jesus Lizard’s “Fly On The Wall” on green vinyl.

1067 Nirvana, “The Jesus Lizard” picture single together with the same record on blue vinyl and a copy of the “Heart Shaped Box” on red vinyl.

1068 Motorhead, a copy of “The Iron Fist” single on red vinyl, a copy of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Where’d You Go?” on blue vinyl and a copy of L7 “Monster” single on green vinyl.

1069 The Ween, a copy of the “I’m Fat” single on clear vinyl, a copy of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” unopened collector’s edition poster bag and a copy of The Scorpion’s “Every Minute Every Day” on red vinyl.

1070 The Black Flag, a copy of the single “Louie, Louie” on blue vinyl, an unopened copy of Guns and Roses “Night Train” Limited Edition single with free fabric patch and a copy of the Propagandhi single “How To Clean A Couple Of Things” on orange vinyl.

1071 Anthrax, a “Got The Time” picture disc and a similar unopened copy of “In My World”.

1072 Mudhoney, “Touch Me I’m Sick” on pink vinyl together with copies of Rage Against The Machine “Killing In The Name” and The Offspring “All I Want” on fluorescent green vinyl.

1073 Babes In Toyland, a copy of the single “Bruise Violet” on purple vinyl together with copies of “Monster Magnet Evil” on rainbow vinyl, Lemonhead’s “Luka” on black and white vinyl and Rage Against The Machine “Bullet In The Head” on red and white vinyl.

1074 Three Faith No More singles, “A Small Victory”, “Mid Life Crisis” and “I’m Easy” on coloured vinyl.

1075 Aerosmith, a copy of “Love In An Elevator” single with a cloth badge, with a Faith No More “Falling To Pieces” with cloth badge and ACDC “Donnington ’91” single.

1076 Faith No More, “Anne’s Song” the picture disc and three other picture discs by Kate Bush, Sound Garden and Mama Tick.

1077 Guns And Roses, “Sweet Child Of Mine” single with transfer cross together with D.A.D. “Sleeping My Day Away” in Limited Edition special sleeve, Motley Crue x-rated Limited Edition and Van Halen “Feels So Good” in a black string vest cover.

1078 The Cure, “Love Song, Love Box” a strictly Limited Edition copy includes original linen prints.

1079 Wild And Wonderful, a Limited Edition in a 7 inch tin.

1080 Guns And Roses, a “Paradise City” gun shape picture disc with embossed cardboard holster cover. a copy of Motorhead Girlschool “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” and a copy of The Jesus Lizard “Liar” picture disc album.

1081 Motorhead Girlschool, “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” and a copy of The Jesus Lizard “Liar” picture disc album.

1082 The B-52s “Roam” 12 inch special Limited Edition 3D sleeve disc.

1083 Paul McCartney, 10 inch “Figure of Eight” Limited Edition etched disc.

1084 Thunder, “Gimme Some Lovin'” a Limited Edition first anniversary red vinyl 10 inch disc and a copy of David Lee Ross EP “Crazy From The Heat”, Aerosmith 12 inch single with cloth badge and Megadeath “Anarchy In The UK” Limited Edition etched vinyl.

1085 Motorhead, “The One To Sing The Blues” picture disc.

1086 The Rocky Horror Picture Show picture disc LP.

1087 The Cult, “Sun King” 12 inch Limited Edition hologram wallet disc.

1088 ACDC, “Thunderstruck” picture disc.

1089 Faith No More, numbered Limited Edition 12 inch picture disc.

1090 Faith No More, “From Out Of Nowhere” 12 inch picture disc.

1091 Motohead, two picture discs, “Orgasmatron” and “The One To Sing The Blues”.

1092 Aerosmith, “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” picture disc.

1093 ZZ Top, two picture discs “My Head’s In Mississippi” and “Sleeping Bag”.

1094 Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” special Limited Edition.

1095 The Scorpions, “Passion Rules The Game” Limited Edition cut to shape picture disc and The Cramps, “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” picture disc.

1096 Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Higher Ground” Limited Edition picture disc.

1097 Soundgarden, special edition 4 track EP “Hands All Over” and Mudhoney “Superfuzzbigmuff” on orange vinyl.

1098 Megadeath “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “Holy Wars”picture discs.

1099 Aerosmith “Greatest Hits European Tour 1989″ 12 inch picture disc.

1100 ACDCs “The Money Talks” unopened 12 inch single and Ministry Limited Edition 10 inch album.

1101 Anthrax, “Bring The Noise” picture disc, Soundgarden 4 track EP and Girlschool “C’mon Let’s Go”.
1102 A furnishing painting of a cascade in a gilt frame.

1103 An oil on board of coastal seas signed Alfred D. Drew.

1104 An acoustic guitar.

1105 A KC333 acoustic guitar.

1106 A bundle of walking sticks etc.

1107 A copper and brass hot water warming pan with a turned wood handle and a folding stool.

1108 A copper and brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1109 A copper and brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1110 A copper and brass warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1111 A pair of Swix walking poles.

1112 A bundle of golf clubs.

1113 A shooting stick, an African carved ebony stick etc.

1114 A “Featherwate” shooting stick.

1115 A telescope tripod with an equatorial mount.

1116 A Mustang fishing rod with a fixed spool reel.

1117 A pair of bentwood Winter Hiker snow shoes.

1118 A garden umbrella and one other umbrella.

1119 Fishing rods etc.

1120 A cricket bat and a two part snooker cue.

1121 A Slazenger Challenge No. 1 Tennis racket and press.

1122 A roll of Ordnance Survey coastal charts.

1123 An Arts and Crafts oak wall clock, the square dial with brass numerals.

1123A A brass and mesh folding fire guard.

1123B A collection of brass stair rods and fixings.

1124 An aneroid barometer/thermometer on an oak mount.

1125 A large mirror with bevelled glass in a pine frame, size including frame 102 x 131cm.

1126 A coloured print of The Fountain Tavern after Stanhope Forbes, other prints and a framed needlework.

1127 A 19th century print of the battle of Balaclava, a framed advertisement for Oxo and two other pieces.

1128 A filled lead model pig and two similar piglets.

1129 A mantel clock with a white enamel dial in an oak case.

1130 A circular pierced copper container with a swing handle the lid with a cross stitch of a lyre and leaves and a copper hot water bed warmer.

1131 A Compact Oxford Dictionary in its original card sleeve.

1132 A floor standing tapestry frame.

1133 A grey canvas suitcase.

1134 A box of small framed cross stitch panels.

1135 A black leather combination lock briefcase in its original box.

1136 A fibre glass model yacht hull, length 122cm.

1137 A circular Chinese white metal plaque cast with characters, diameter 33.5cm.

1138 An Italian Fiocci brown leather briefcase.

1139 A Targus black and grey canvas laptop case.

1140 Neil Miners, oil on board of a cottage in a landscape, 30 x 31cm.

1141 Brenda Wootton an oil on board of Lanyon Farm 1964 inscribed to the back, 35 x 46.5cm.

1142 A 1983 signed Service of Thanksgiving 40th Anniversary No. 617 (Damn Busters) squadron order of service together with a framed photograph of Hampden bombers over Lincoln.

1143 Three 19th century coloured prints of Lincoln and a similar print of Stamford town, Lincoln.

1144 Three 19th century coloured prints including Tintagel Castle, one other similar print and a framed photograph.

1145 A small moorland watercolour signed G Stanfield, a coaching scene print and two other prints.

1146 An oil on board, a still life of flowers in a gilt frame.

1147 An oil on board of a tractor and crates before a field.

1148 A 19th century coloured print “Going to the Christmas Party” after Harrison Weir.

1149 A coloured print of a horseman signed to the mount Tony Hudson 88.

1150 Two oval terracotta plaques moulded with classical female heads.

1151 Two boxes of Victorian and later books.

1152 A box of books.

1153 A 1930’s green enamel flour bin etc.

1154 A Canon AL-1 35mm camera and a Yashika camera.

1155 A box of costume jewellery, watches etc.

1156 A native dagger with a leather handle and sheath.

1157 An oval plated tray with a pierced gallery.

1158 A Japanese Satsuma figure decorated vase a.f., blue and white soup bowls, stands etc.

1159 Two blue and white model cats initialled A G together with a Royal Albert Canada “From Sea to See” pattern cup and saucer etc.

1160 A brass coal helmet and a companion set.

1161 Two Studio Pottery jars each with a floral decorated lid and each marked to the base C P.

1162 A brass coal helmet.

1163 A Kiwi full face crash helmet.

1164 A suite of Eastern bronze and hardwood flatware in a black painted canteen.

1165 A set of twelve Time Life Natural History books.

1166 Two Micrometers and an engineers level all in their original cases.

1167 A collection of dolls house pictures made from watch parts etc.

1168 Copper jugs and other metal ware.

1169 Two early 20th century coloured prints one of a convalescing sailor the other a sailor and his sweetheart.

1169A A stone tumbling machine.

1170 A 4.5cm brass single drawer telescope lacks eyepiece.

1171 An oil on board of a bridge beside Loch gates signed Woodcock 1986 and a coloured print a view across the Thames after Monet together with a set of three cartoons of geese framed as one.

1172 A circular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame with a ribbon mount.

1173 Four Sat Navs and two dashboard mats.

1174 A Sony video camera in a blue canvas bag.

1175 A Sony video camera and related items in a blue canvas bag.

1176 A German carved wood chess set in its original box.

1177 A collection of 33rpm records mostly 70’s / 80’s pop.

1178 A box containing Victorian and later photograph albums, scrapbooks etc.

1179 A large magnifying lens diameter 15cm.

1180 An aneroid barometer / thermometer in a chrome housing on an oak mount.

1181 A framed photograph of a tree in a landscape and other pictures.

1182 Drill attachments etc.

1183 A B & M champion ukulele in a grey rexine case.

1184 A pair of brass Georgian style coal tongs.

1185 A B & H 400 Bosey & Hawkes nickel cornet in a fitted case.

1186 Two Japanese Imari dishes on hardwood stands.

1187 A wooden marble run game in its original box.

1188 A Linguaphone language course on 45rpm records and a Canon wide screen digital camcorder.

1189 T H Victor a watercolour of Newlyn 17 x 30cm.

1190 A watercolour of a coastal scene with a beach side thatched cottage and one other watercolour.

1191 A watercolour of St Hilary Church signed H L Matthews together with a collection of prints and a circular plated tray.

1192 A Chinese figure decorated ginger jar and a crane decorated lidded mug.

1193 A pair of oak book ends each mounted with a lead figure, one of a huntsman the other a hunts woman together with two commemorative churns and a Roddas Cornish cream jar.

1193A A pair of Latin natural wood bongos with heavy-duty chromed steel rims and bottoms.

1194 A Poole Pottery boat shape dish painted with an abstract design.

1195 A 1970’s coloured resin lamp base.

1196 A plush covered articulated teddy with brown fabric pads and one other teddy bear.

1197 A Gardena garden pressure sprayer in its original box.

1198 An ironing board.

1199 A Encyclopedia and dictionary.

1200 A Czechoslovakian floral decorated part tea / dinner service etc.

1201 Three small oils on board of Victorian beach scenes.

1202 Two oils on board of girls at the seaside in gilt frames.

1203 Three watercolours one of children at the beach and two others each by G Burgess.

1204 Three metal collages each set with a time piece and each in a glazed case by Burgess.

1205 Three black and white watercolours on canvas each of a man and his dog.

1206 Two oils on board of children at the seaside and a similar oil on canvas.

1207 Two pastels of silhouetted buildings and a pastel of a silhouetted dock side scene.

1208 Two oils on canvas of fishermen at sunset by G Burgess.

1209 Three oils on board of thatched and half timbered buildings by G Burgess.

1210 A box of frames.

1211 A coloured print “Misty Morning Polperro” after Vernon Ward.

1212 A framed 1965 newspaper announcing the death of Winston Churchill and an oleograph of still life flowers.

1213 Two sports rackets in black canvas bags.

1214 A Whitefriars ribbed conical amber glass vase, height 25.5cm.

1215 The Protector Lamp and Lighting Company Limited, a “Ministry of Power Type” GR.6S steel and brass miners lamp, height excluding suspension hook 25cm.

1216 A heavy white leather case.

1217 A box of 16 small paintings by H G Burgess.

1218 A box of pre-recorded audio cassettes and CD’s.

1219 A box of books and a hose on reel.

1220 A box of books.

1221 A box of Dandy and Beano annuals.

1222 A box of books.

1223 A large collection of 45rpm records in five boxes.

1224 Four Beach Boys albums and a copy of The Six-Five Special album.

1225 A folding play-pen.

1226 A white painted cane cot on stand.

1227 A box of books.

1228 A bag of china dolls.

1229 A box of books.

1230 A bag of rug making templates and wool.

1231 Two boxes of books.

1232 A box of small framed paintings.

1233 A box of fixings.

1234 A box of books about railways and locomotives and a box of railway related DVDs.

1235 A Singer hand sewing machine in a simulated crocodile skin clad case.

1236 A basket of stamps, etc.

1237 A box of spanners, etc.

1238 A box of wool and tapestry blanks, etc.

1239 Two boxes of miscellaneous items, including a jug kettle and a touch lamp.

1240 A ceiling lamp/fan.

1240A A Stanley Bailey No.4 ½ plane in its original box, etc.

1241 A box of 1950’s accounts for Leith harbour, etc.

1242 A case of artist’s materials.

1243 A box of books.

1244 Three boxes of stainless steel saucepans and other kitchenware.

1245 A mirror in a grey painted frame with a ribbon mount, size including frame, excluding mount 100 x 90cm.

1246 A pair of Anton Pieck decoupage pictures of 18th century street scenes.

1247 An artist’s table top easel.

1248 A 1920s/30s fire screen set with a Cries of London print.

1249 A draft excluder made as a dachshund.

1250 A coloured print of a busy harbour and two pencil and watercolour pictures, one of St Ives, the other Los Christianos, Tenerife, each by G. Burgess.

1251 A watercolour of a half-timbered house by G. Burgess and four other works by the same artist.

1252 A watercolour of a moored sailing ship by G. Burgess and two other paintings.

1253 An oil on board of St Michael’s Mount by G. Burgess and five other works by the same artist.

1254 A hardwood valet disassembled.

1255 Three boxes of books.

1256 Two boxes of 33rpm records.

1257 A Patricia Dearden acrylic on board, ‘Windows at Light’ and other work by the same artist.

1258 A Patricia Dearden acrylic on board of ‘Faces’, together with one other acrylic ‘Flowers in a Vase’ by the same artist.

1259 A Nancy Bailey, oil on canvas,’Off Shipmans Head, Bryher, Isle Of Scilly,’ signed and inscribed to the back, 50 x 76cm.

1260 A pencil drawing of a female nude by Jim Ward.

1261 A watercolour still life of berries by Bertha Fowle.

1262 Two signed limited edition prints, one of a view to mountains, the other, a shuttered window.

1263 An oil on board of trees among buildings, indistinctly signed.

1264 A pencil drawing of a girl working at her computer by R J Lloyd, 2001.

1265 A signed watercolour by G Ashworth, 22 x 38.5cm.
1266 A signed oil on board by Paula Stockford, ‘Rocks in Mounts Bay,’ inscribed to the back,

Rocks in Mounts Bay, 63 x 76cm.
1267 Alison Cox, two signed limited edition coloured prints of harbour scenes.

1268 A 1950s doll’s pram.

1269 A Suncamp Day Room tent.

1270 A case of watch part collage pictures.

1270A A floor standing adjustable spotlight.

1270B A shooting stick and a walking stick.

1270C A painted cane log basket.

1270D G. C. Newman two marine watercolours of moored sailing boats.

1270E A collection of maps.

1270F A box of 33rpm records.

1270G A print on fabric of an antelope and birds.

1271 A glazed pine bookcase, width 76cm.

1272 A pine laundry box.

1273 A sisal and wire chest of three drawers.

1274 An oak veneered double wardrobe.

1275 A Stag Mistral double wardrobe.

1276 A white painted single wardrobe with a panelled door, width 60.5cm.

1277 A painted laundry box.

1277A An oak veneered small cabinet with a pair of doors, width 38cm.


A 1930s small walnut veneered cabinet with a pair of doors opening onto glass shelves.

1279 A stripped pine blanket box with iron carrying handles, width 80.5cm.

1280 A 1920’s painted wardrobe with a central mirrored door, width 103cm.

1281 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe with a central mirrored door, above one long drawer, width 138cm.

1282 An oval cane breakfast table.

1283 A light wood effect circular pedestal dining table, diameter 90cm.

1284 A pine cheval mirror.

1285 A white painted cheval mirror.

1286 A pair of hardwood effect coffee tables on square legs.

1287 A square white painted table, together with a set of four matching chairs with orange vinyl seats.

1288 A white formica covered drop leaf kitchen table.

1289 A mahogany veneered twin pedestal desk with a green leather set top, width 137.5cm.

1290 An oval elm bench on shaped supports.

1291 An office swivel chair upholstered in grey fabric.

1292 An office swivel chair upholstered charcoal grey fabric.

1293 An office swivel chair upholstered in black fabric.

1294 An open arm chair with a cane back, on cabriole legs, lacks seat.

1295 A pair of white wood effect small cabinets, each with a single panelled door and each width 33cm.

1296 A set of four cane armchairs.

1297 An oak veneered bow front Ottoman.

1298 Two white melamine bedside chests, each with three drawers.

1299 A white painted cabinet with a fall front, opening onto three drawers.

1300 A walnut veneered commode.

1301 A stripped pine blanket box with iron carrying handles, width 79cm.

1302 A pine double wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, above one long drawer, width 133cm.

1303 An Arts and Crafts pine wardrobe with a single panelled door, above a drawer, width 106.5cm, height 200cm.

1304 An Edwardian walnut wardrobe section with a single panelled door, width 61cm.

1305 A cane sewing table with a hinged top and fall front.

1306 A Lloyd Loom pink painted bow front linen basket.

1307 An oval woven fibre linen basket.

1308 A Lloyd Loom white painted rectangular linen basket.

1309 A bespoke craftsman made elm side cabinet, in Arts and Crafts style the upper part with a pair of linen fold panel doors, above a black marble panel the base with a pair of matching doors, width 152cm, height 185cm.

1310 An Old Charm style oak corner cabinet the upper part with a pair of leaded glass doors, the base with a pair of panelled doors.

1311 A set of six oak dining chairs, each with an arched studded brown leather back and seat, on turned legs.

1312 An open armchair in 18th century French style, with a floral woolwork back and seat, on cabriole legs with gilt carvings.

1313 A pair of high back chairs on cabriole legs, each upholstered in blue and white floral patterned fabric.

1314 A Lloyd Loom blue painted armchair.

1315 An oak joined chair in 17th century style with a carved arched back, horizontal splat and on turned legs, joined by a stretcher.

1316 An open armchair with a sea grass seat on turned legs.

1317 A Victorian pitch pine bedroom chair on turned legs.

1318 An Ercol dark elm dining chair with a tapering stick back.

1319 A set of four mahogany effect folding dining chairs, each with a slatted back and padded seat.

1320 A set of three blue painted lath back Windsor dining chairs, on turned legs.

1321 A set of four light wood effect lath and hoop back dining chairs, on turned legs.

1322 A set of six G-Plan “Teak” lath back dining chairs, including a pair of carvers each with a padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1323 An Arts and Crafts open oak bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 137cm.

1324 A chrome stand with four wood effect open shelves.

1325 A pair of white melamine chests each with two tiers of three long drawers, each width 160.5cm.

1326 A hardwood effect open bookcase, width 47cm.

1327 A hardwood effect three tier kitchen trolley.

1328 A grey painted three tier trolley.

1329 An Edwardian green painted walnut wardrobe with a mirrored door, beside a cupboard door over three short drawers and one long drawer, width 114cm.

1330 A hardwood effect floor standing open bookcase, width 91cm, height 216.5cm.

1331 An early 20th century pine dresser the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, the base with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 89cm, height 180cm.

1332 A painted pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, width 108cm.

1333 A bed chair upholstered striped fabric.

1334 A 5ft divan bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress.

1335 A pine bunk bed the base with two drawers.

1336 A dolls cot.

1337 A wrought white metal 5ft headboard.

1338 A 3ft spring interior mattress.

1339 A 3ft spring interior mattress.

1340 A 3ft bed with a drawer base and spring interior mattress.

1341 A pair of Victorian style 4ft brass and iron bedsteads with drop in side irons, one with pine base boards.

1342 A pine 4ft 6″ bedstead.

1343 A pine 4ft 6″ bedstead.

1344 A pine 3ft bedstead.

1345 A pine 3ft bedstead.

1346 A pine 2ft 6″ bedstead with spring interior mattress.

1347 A pair of continental 3ft gilt wood bedsteads, each with a padded headboard flanked by columns.

1348 A buttoned brown dralon 3ft headboard.

1349 A 3ft divan bed with spring interior mattress.

1350 A glazed pine cupboard, width 60.5cm.

1351 A 1950 / 60’s drop leaf kitchen / dining table with a grained white formica top.

1352 An oak bureau/bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors above a slope front and three long drawers, width 89.5cm.

1353 An early 20th century mahogany bookcase the upper part with a pair of astragal glazed doors the base with a pair of cupboard doors, width 123cm, height 228cm.

1354 A pair of Ikea birch effect floor standing open bookcases each 80 x 203cm.

1355 A bespoke craftsman made floor standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 120.5cm, height 200.5cm.

1356 An Old Charm Style floor standing corner cupboard with open shelves above a panelled door.

1357 An Edwardian oak stickstand on turned supports.

1358 An elm ladder back open armchair with a sisal seat on turned legs.

1359 An open armchair with a seagrass seat.

1360 A set of four Edwardian walnut dining chairs each with a padded seat and on turned legs.

1361 A pair of oak ladder back dining chairs on square section legs.

1362 A pair of dining chairs in 18th century style each with a padded seat and on moulded square section tapering legs.

1362A A pair of Victorian inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs, each with a padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1363 A mid 19th century mahogany dining chair on tapering octagonal legs.

1364 A Victorian chair with a fret cut vertical splat padded seat and on cabriole legs.

1365 A Victorian mahogany step commode the top set with a woolwork panel.

1366 A nest of three Chinese tables with leaf and berry carved aprons.

1366A A nest of three tables on turned and fluted legs.

1367 A melamine wood effect coffee table with a glass top.

1368 A painted coffee table the top set with three glass panels.

1369 A circular pedestal coffee table.

1370 A circular occasional table on turned legs joined by stretchers, diameter 60cm.

1371 A reproduction Regency mahogany sideboard with a door above a niche flanked by cupboards, width 153cm.

1372 An Edwardian low walnut salon chair with a padded crest rail and seat on cabriole legs.

1373 A hardwood highchair.

1374 A set of four Edwardian mahogany dining chairs each with a padded crest rail, fret cut back and on square section tapering legs.

1375 A dining chair with a curved back circular seat and on turned legs.

1376 An Edwardian walnut bedroom chair.

1377 A pair of bedroom chairs each with a cane seat and on square section tapering legs.

1378 An oak ladder back dining chair and one other chair.

1379 A child’s hoop and stickback stool on turned legs.

1380 A re-production Regency armchair a.f.

1381 A set of four oak dining chairs each with a drop in seat.

1382 A pair of mahogany dining chairs each with a vase shape splat, padded seat and on turned tapering legs.

1383 A brown leather two seat sofa.

1384 A red leather two seat Chesterfield.

1385 An electrically operated reclining armchair upholstered in grey fabric.

1386 A wing armchair upholstered in gold coloured fabric.

1387 A lever operated reclining armchair upholstered in patterned red fabric.

1388 A armchair upholstered in floral patterned beige fabric.

1389 An electrically operated reclining armchair upholstered in floral cut dusky pink fabric.

1390 A walnut piano stool with a box seat above a panelled cupboard door.

1391 A “teak” piano stool with a box seat on square section legs.

1392 A Victorian circular mahogany veneered foot stool.

1393 A pair of red leather armchairs on hardwood frames.

1394 A two seat sofa upholstered in textured wheat colour fabric.

1395 A cane day bed with cushion.

1396 An oval stool upholstered in floral patterned green fabric.

1397 A cream leather two seat sofa with a hardwood frame and a pair of matching armchairs.

1398 An oak sewing box on shaped supports.

1399 A camel stool lacks cushion.

1400 A buttoned green leather reclining armchair.

1401 A wing armchair with lose blue covers.

1402 A brown leather foot stool on bentwood supports.

1403 A wing armchair upholstered in pale pink fabric.

1404 A cast iron screw action height adjustable piano stool with a circular seat.

1405 A pine rocking chair the seat front with a drawer, together with a cantilever bed trolley.

1406 A two seat sofa upholstered in floral cut pale green fabric together with a matching armchair, open armchair and footstool.

1407 A pine dressing stool with a lilac fabric seat.

1408 An oak stool with a floral woolwork seat.

1409 A rocking footstool upholstered in patterned black fabric.

1410 A metal action three seat sofa upholstered in sand colour alcantra.

1411 A 1920’s/30’s two seat sofa upholstered in white fabric.

1412 An armchair upholstered in striped yellow and blue fabric.

1413 A three seat sofa upholstered in floral cut beige fabric.

1414 A brown leather effect armchair on square section tapering legs.

1415 A late 19th early 20th century low back two seat sofa upholstered in orange dot patterned fabric.

1416 A two seat sofa with yellow “damask” lose covers.

1417 A three seat sofa with white shabby chic loose covers.

1418 A modern office swivel chair upholstered in black fabric.

1419 A Regency mahogany open armchair on reduced turned and fluted legs.

1420 A buttoned red leather swivel armchair.

1421 Two goat skin rugs.

1422 A brown shag pile carpet 120 x 156cm.

1423 A Laura Ashley Home beige ground carpet, patterned with a central medallion and flowering tendrils within a floral patterned border 195 x 278cm approx.

1424 A Kashan design machine made carpet the ivory field with a lobed pole medallion within a madder arabesque border 230 x 160cm.

1425 A Kashan design machine made carpet, the indigo field with a lobed pole medallion, within an indigo arabesque border, 280 x 200cm.

1426 A Heriz design machine made carpet, the ivory field with a central polychrome medallion, within an ivory arabesque border, 280 x 200cm.
1427 An eastern hand knotted grey ground carpet patterned with a geometric design, within a patterned border 135 x 200cm approx.

1428 A pink ground carpet patterned with flowering tendrils, within a patterned border 108 x 168cm approx.

1429 A beige ground carpet with a central floral medallion and flora sprays, within a patterned border 230 x 330 approx.

1430 A Chinese blue ground cut pile carpet with a central floral medallion, within a floral patterned border 278 x 375cm approx.

1431 An open oak bookcase, width 86cm.

1432 A wood effect corner television stand.

1433 An oak open bookcase, width 83cm.

1434 A white painted small sideboard with a pair of drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, width 92cm.

1435 A modern oak chest in Arts and Crafts style with a pair of deep drawers, above three long deep drawers with ring handles, width 110cm.

1436 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror.

1437 An Old Charm style oak two tier trolley the upper shelf with a drawer to one side, width 72cm.

1438 A stripped pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 101cm.

1439 A hardwood effect bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors, width 91cm.

1440 A 1920’s oak chest of two short and two long drawers, width 104cm.

1441 A white painted two tier trolley.

1442 A carved oak rectangular table on turned legs 59.5 x 39.5cm.

1443 An Edwardian mahogany chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, on square section tapering legs, width 121cm.

1444 A hardwood occasional table with a drop leaf turn top.

1445 A hardwood chest of two short and three long graduated drawers with brass corners and inset handles, width 81.5cm.

1446 A mahogany stained fold top card table on turned and fluted legs.

1447 A Victorian mahogany straight front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers, width 108.5cm.

1448 A nest of three tables on square section legs.

1449 A blue and floral painted corner cabinet with three open shelves, width 68cm.

1450 A white finish dressing table on cabriole legs, width 120cm.

1451 A pine corner cabinet with open shelves, above a panelled door, width 72cm.

1452 A pair of silver painted nesting tables the legs set with mirrored shards.

1453 A 1930s octagonal walnut dining table on two rectangular supports, 156 x 80cm.

1454 A wooden highchair.

1455 A 1930s chair with a padded back and seat on sabre legs.

1456 A large ebonised coffee table, the top with a raised gallery, on turned ‘X’ legs, 120 x 68cm.

1457 A G-Plan style refectory dining table, 163 x 81cm.

1458 A small oak draw-leaf dining table, size extended 113 x 60cm.

1459 A mahogany effect D-end extending dining table, length with single leaf inserted, 200cm.

1460 A mahogany effect bedside table with an open shelf on cabriole legs.

1461 A small pine chest of two short and two long drawers on turned feet, width 84cm.

1462 An Ercol, dark elm court cupboard, width 127cm.

1463 Two bamboo, two tier occasional tables.

1463A A white painted chest of four drawers, width 51cm.

1464 A light painted open bookcase, width 76cm.

1465 A light painted open bookcase, width 76cm.

1466 A light painted open bookcase, width 76cm.

1467 A light painted open bookcase, width 76cm.

1468 A G-Plan style ‘teak’ sideboard with two tiers of two drawers, width 130cm.

1469 A pair of G-Plan style chests, each of five drawers, width 80cm.

1470 A nest of three oak tables.

1471 A walnut veneered coffee table.

1472 A white painted chest of five long drawers, width 76cm.

1473 A white painted chest of four long drawers, width 76cm.

1474 A white painted chest of three long drawers, width 76cm.

1475 A modern pine dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 92.5cm, height 184cm.

1476 An open oak bookcase, width 63.5cm.

1477 A Victorian mahogany fold top breakfast table.

1478 An Ercol 1960s light elm, three tier bookcase/trolley.

1479 A pine effect twin pedestal dressing table, width 137.5cm, together with a matching triple mirror.

1479A A black painted three tier corner what not.

1480 A G-Plan style bookcase with a pair of glass doors, opening onto shelves, the base with a pair of cupboard doors, width 85cm, height 172.5cm.

1481 A cane three tier telephone table.

1482 A small 1930s painted wardrobe with a pair of doors opening onto hanging space and shelves, width 82cm.

1483 A pair of square painted plant stands.

1484 A two tier bow front corner table.

1485 A blue painted sideboard with a pair of drawers above a pair of cupboard doors, width 121cm.

1486 A bedside table.

1487 A three tier plant stand.

1488 A melamine wood effect chest of five long drawers, width 76.5cm.

1489 A square oak occasional table on turned legs.

1489A A circular turned wood plant stand.

1490 A hardwood stool.

1491 A mahogany stained chest of five long drawers, width 76.5cm, and a matching narrow chest, width 41cm.

1492 A pair of modern pine bedside cabinets each with a drawer above an open shelf.

1493 A pine wall hanging corner cabinet with a glazed door opening onto three shelves, width 75cm.

1494 An oak occasional table on moulded legs.

1495 A G-Plan style sideboard with a pair of cupboard doors flanked to one side by drawers, to the other a fall front, width 204.5cm.

1496 An Eastern circular occasional table with all over carving.

1497 A walnut centre table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.

1498 An oak cabinet with a drawer above a panelled door.

1499 An American Ethan Allen sideboard the back with a raised shelf on a wrought bracket, the base with a polished top on a cream base with floral stencils to the three drawers and pair of cupboard doors, width 147cm.

1500 An oval oak turn top drop leaf table.

1501 A circular pine occasional table, diameter 52cm.

1502 A 1950’s blue painted cocktail cabinet with a revolving centre with glass doors and shelves to one side and an open shelf with a mirror back flanked by cupboard doors, width 119cm.

1503 A pair of bedside cabinets and each with a white marble top on a cream painted base with a drawer above a panelled door on cabriole legs.

1504 An small oval oak gate leg table on shaped supports.

1505 A large panelled oak coffer, width 155cm.

1506 A walnut bureau with a slope front above three drawers, width 75.5cm.

1507 An Eastern octagonal hardwood table with a carved top and fret cut sides, width 45cm.

1508 An Eastern octagonal hardwood table with a carved top and fret cut sides, width 60cm.

1509 A small Eastern octagonal occasional table with a carved top and fret cut sides, width 36cm.

1510 A mahogany veneered dining table on turned and fluted legs, 118 x 103cm.

1511 A circular inlaid mahogany centre table, width 55cm.

1512 A circular G-Plan style wood effect coffee table set with a glass panel, diameter 59cm.

1513 An octagonal chess board table top.

1514 An Eastern hardwood coffee table/box with a hinged lid, 89.5 x 91cm.

1515 A late 19th, early 20th century quatrefoil top table on square section legs joined by a shelf.

1516 A square hardwood plant tub.

1517 A mahogany effect circular pedestal table.

1518 A circular mahogany table on turned and fluted tapering legs, diameter 60cm.

1519 A mahogany shield shape adjustable fire screen.

1520 A pine cricket table on a painted base with three turned legs.

1521 A hardwood corner bookcase.

1522 An extending twin pedestal dining table, size with single leaf inserted, 184 x 102cm.

1523 A hardwood effect display cabinet with a pair of glazed doors above a pair of cupboard doors, width 89.5cm.

1524 A cream painted oval toilet mirror on a drawer base.

1525 A pair of G-Plan style ‘teak’ bedside cabinets, each with an opening shelf above a cupboard.

1526 A wood effect wardrobe with a mirror flanked by doors, width 114cm.

1527 An oak veneered bedside cabinet.

1528 A pine bedside cabinet with a drawer above open shelves.

1529 A chest of three drawers, width 17.5cm.

1530 A mahogany effect TV stand.

1531 A square cane plant stand.

1532 A pine bedside cabinet with drawers above an open shelf.

1533 A circular occasional table on four cabriole legs.

1534 A G-Plan style teak effect chest of three drawers, width 76cm.

1535 A white painted chest of four drawers, width 40.5cm.

1536 A pine bedside cabinet with a drawer above an open shelf.

1537 An early 20th century oak wardrobe with a central mirrored door flanked by carved panels, width 121cm.

1538 A folding table.

1539 A walnut veneered display cabinet on cabriole legs.