Antiques Sale

Coming Soon

In our next Antiques Sale on Sept 22nd and 23rd, we have fabulous pieces in all sections. These include some very fine diamonds in the jewellery & silver section, an extremely rare Doulton figure ‘Pan on a Rock’ in the ceramics, plus some exquisite Sheraton style furniture and good historical items with Arctic interest.

Past Successes

Every now and again, something really special comes up.  In this case, our ‘something really special’ was an unassuming looking Ancient Egyptian bronze cat’s head, discovered in a little old house near Penzance.  It’s a majestic thing, greened with age, but you can still just about make out the patterned engraving to the neck, its lightly modelled whiskers and the lines around its big, wise eyes.  During a clear-out, owners were tempted to throw it in the skip, but David rescued it, and in our February Antiques Sale, it eventually sold for £52,000.

Why Choose Lay’s

Our antique sales are renowned for being expertly catalogued, beautifully presented and terribly exciting.   They encompass a large range of antiques, including jewellery, ceramics, furniture, oriental art and silver.  We routinely advertise across the county, but also work closely with the national press when items of particular interest are brought to us for sale, such as our sale of an important Ancient Egyptian cat in 2015 for £52,000 or a rare Chinese vase that sold for £60,000 in 2016. Contact our office for more details, or send an email to for a free valuation.